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Translator's Notes and References for

GOTH リストカット事件

GOTH: Wristcut Incident

GOTH 暗黒系


A French clown who has a black teardrop under one eye.

photo booth pictures

The Japanese is プリクラ; purikura, short for "Print Club." You take photos in a booth and get photo stickers.

keychain mascot

The Japanese is キャラクターもの; kyarakutaamono - small, cute, character keychains. It may refer to anime character keychains, like those you get from a Gashapon Machine. It can also refer to normal, character keychains (for example, a cute looking cat).


語呂合わせ "goro-awase" literally means "combined words". It is basically a game with words/numbers. For numbers in particular, you can use them to make sentences, which are often rude or shocking. Some examples given in the Japanese Wikipedia article are:

427 = "死にな" = "shinina" = "shininasai" = "die (command)"

37564 = "皆殺し" = "mina-goroshi" = "everyone killed; the murder of everyone" = "mass murder; total annihilation"

So the numbers '37564' can be easily remembered with the phrase 'mass murder'.

prefectural road

Prefectures are akin to states in the US. So prefectural roads are like state highways -- meant for traffic within the prefecture.

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Wristcut リストカット事件

Death and Motive

'Death' (死亡) and 'Motive' (志望) share the same pronunciation (Shibou, しぼう) in Japanese.

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