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Chapter 3 - The Unchanging Truth[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After Akatsuki ended the conversation and left Sherfield Castle.

The trio went together to the market within Sherfield’s capital Erdia.


Among the crowd, Miu constantly looked around, and was unable to conceal her surprise.

The battle had just ended, the people’s minds and bodies had still not yet recovered from the war, but there were smiles among the pedestrians, and the market on the side of the road was even bustling with vitality.

“There’s so many people, is there a festival being organized?”

“No, it is that lively almost every day.”

Akatsuki said beside her.

“This could be called Sherfield’s cargo distribution center. Naturally it will gather merchants and goods from all over the world.”

“Isn’t it not appropriate for us to walk openly in the crowded streets?

Haruka revealed an incredulous look.

“Aren’t you the hero of this country? Everybody should know you right? If others notice you, wouldn’t it seem as if we were seeking for trouble?”

Haruka’s warning wasn’t unreasonable; in fact, Miu also felt the same way. If everyone discovered that their hero Akatsuki was walking together with the demon king’s daughter, it was bound to set off an uproar. To all the leaders of the world, the information of Miu and Akatsuki showing up together was absolutely a big problem that could not be ignored.

Although Sherfield’s citizens might not recognize Miu, but nothing is impossible. There was no guarantee that there are no exceptions to the situation.

This also meant that the possibility they would be recognized wasn’t zero. Once they would be recognized, things would become trouble. It might even cause panic at that time.

“Relax, we won’t be recognized.”

Akatsuki seemed to smile carelessly.

“You see, isn’t there no one that pays attention to us in this street?”

That was true. Even while walking among the crowd of people, there really was no one that noticed Miu and the others.

Miu and Haruka were considered to be foreigners, so perhaps they could be passable; but the citizens on the streets actually did not notice Akatsuki’s existence. This was really strange.

This was Sherfield’s capital, which was also right inside of Erdia. Akatsuki had lived in Sherfield for many years, so he had become part of the locals. Not to mention that Akatsuki was the hero everyone knew about. According to this, he should have been in the spotlight at any location. The passersby would not ignore him. Perhaps noticing Miu’s suspicion, Akatsuki laughed.

“The reason is simple, I hid my true ki. Even if others were able to see me, they wouldn't notice my presence. It is the same as being invisible.”

Besides that……

“I also controlled your true ki, to avoid others noticing the demon king’s daughter appeared in Erdia’s market. So hold onto my hand tightly and do not let go.”


A slightly flushed Miu nodded her head.

“Vice president, what about you? My other hand is still free.”

“There’s no need, nobody in this world knows me.”

Facing Akatsuki’s taunt, Haruka coldly replied with a “Hmmph”, and immediately looked away. Akatsuki shrugged and continued to walk forward. After some time……

“——We’re here, this is the place.”

Under Akatsuki’s instruction, Miu and Haruka both stopped. Here was an intersection of a small alley and the main road. In the alley, there was a restaurant. Haruka looked up at the sign hanging on the outside.

“ “Mountain Cat Cabin[1]” ……The place you wanted to visit is here?”

“Yes. I have already promised the boss, if I were to visit Sherfield, I must eat a meal here.”

Akatsuki replied faintly.

“But it is hanging a sign saying it is currently preparing, and if we were to be recognized ……” Miu could not conceal the restlessness inside her heart.

“Rest assured, nothing will happen. Okay, let’s go.”

Thus, Akatsuki pulled Miu’s hand and forcibly dragged her inside.

After entering the restaurant, what appeared in their vision was the small shop front.

On top of the store were a few tables of differing sizes. The walls made of stone bricks were covered with posters and flyers. Installed on the ceiling was a huge fan, which helped circulate the air inside.

This restaurant, Mountain Cat Cabin, served Sherfield’s local cuisine. When he was staying in Alayzard before, Akatsuki often came together with Listy, Zechs and Loutier and dined here. To Akatsuki, the furnishment in the store was undoubtedly a view from the past. He narrowed his eyes and felt the endless emotions while looking around the store.

……This place was the same as before.

An inexplicable nostalgia swept over him.

“There seems to be no one in the store, can we really come in?”

“That’s strange, there should be people here at this time.”

Facing Haruka’s question, Akatsuki could not help but scratch his head.

“Hey——! Auntie, are you here?”

Akatsuki raised his voice and called out a few times.

“……Coming, who is it?”

From the kitchen, a female voice came over.

“It can’t be that I forgot to hang the sign……I’m really sorry, we are currently preparing, can you please come back a little later?’

“Why do you treat me as an outsider? Auntie, it can’t be that you forgot my voice right?”

Akatsuki smiled while he talked.

A few minutes later, a woman stuck her head outside of the kitchen.

Seeing Akatsuki, her expression gradually changed, from surprise to joy.

“Hey Hey——Isn’t it Akatsuki? I really wondered who it was!”

The female boss wiped her hands on her apron, then hurriedly ran over.

“Long time no see, Auntie. Are you still okay these days?”

“Couldn’t be better, Auntie’s body is extremely healthy.”

The female boss issued a hearty laugh. Then her gaze fell upon Miu and Haruka.

“Even bringing along two cute girls? You really have guts, aren’t you afraid that Listy-sama would get angry?”

“Too late, I was just scolded by her.”

Akatsuki gave a wry smile while he shook his head. The female boss narrowed her eyes.

“You don’t even tell me when you’re coming, it really surprised me. Everybody should stand here and talk, come and find a seat and relax! I’ll prepare something for everybody to drink!”

After saying this, the female boss immediately turned and headed to the kitchen. Then Akatsuki yelled at the female boss.

“Can we get something to eat first, I’m starving.”

“Why is that isn’t a problem? However, most of the ingredients are not prepared yet. I can, at most, only make some simple dishes, is that okay?”

“Of course, auntie’s dishes will not lose to the hotel cuisine.”

“Your really know how to sweet-talk……Okay, I’ll go prepare it now.”

The female boss slightly smiled and entered the kitchen.

“She’s really kind……”

This was Miu’s first impression towards the female boss.

“Is she?” Akatsuki laughed and randomly picked a chair to sit down.

“Not only does auntie manage this shop alone, she is also a committee member of the People’s Council. She is passionate and enjoys helping others. It is almost impossible to find a resident in Erdia who does not know auntie. Before, I, along with Listy and the others, was always taken care of by auntie.”

A bustling sound came from the kitchen, probably because she was currently preparing dishes.

“Right, why did you suddenly come over today? Didn’t you return back to your own world?”

Facing the female boss’s question, Akatsuki casually replied.

“The people here found out that I secretly brought the demon king’s daughter back to my own world. Disdia even sent pursuers, which troubled me. So I simply returned to Alayzard and explained it to the Queen, Emperor and Pope of the three country alliance, hoping that they would not bother me again, and by the way, asked them to stop their aggressive actions towards the demon race.”

Immediately after Akatsuki finished speaking, the sound of kitchen pots and pans falling to the ground rang out.

“W…What did you say……?”

The female boss stuck her head outside of the kitchen. She had both a surprised and a puzzled expression.

Akatsuki shrugged, revealing an innocent smile.

“Haha……Isn’t it like my style?”

Part 2[edit]

Although she said it was just a simple dish, the female boss’ dishes that were placed on the table were all made carefully.

For Miu, who was experiencing Sherfield’s local cuisine for the first time, each dish had a refreshing taste.

“How is the taste?”

The thoughtful female boss asked. Miu immediately nodded without hesitation.

“Yes, every dish is very tasty.”

“It really is delicious. Preparing that many dishes in such a short period of time, but the main point is that every dish is extremely tasty, it really isn’t that simple.”

Haruka was also full of praise.

Waving her knife around, Miu glanced at Akatsuki. Akatsuki, who was taking in a big mouthful of meat, revealed a joyful expression. Miu thought to herself that although she had often cook, her dishes had never had this taste. It looked like it should be the female boss’s special flavor formed by her character and her culinary skills. Besides the color, smell and taste, each dish had a sense of intimacy and warmth.

……This is the taste from a mother.

A taste that she would not be able to imitate.

Miu accidently blurted out her true feelings:

“Being able to enjoy such delicious dishes every day, auntie’s family must be very lucky. It really makes one jealous.”

“Really? Thank you, this was the most enjoyable compliment I’ve heard.”

Then she seriously faced Akatsuki.

“……I did not imagine that it would actually turn into this kind of situation.”

“Yes. When I came back, the two sides were at a explosive state.”

Akatsuki replied.

“Is there no information from the People’s Council?”

“Our side only knew about the information of the surveillance forces being wiped out, but this military action did not notify the militia and the council. Listy-sama currently believes that they cannot confirm if it was done by the demon race, they do not have an active attitude for participating in the war. If it was not for the three country military alliance agreement, I believe she had never planned to send forces out.”

The female boss stared at the empty sky.

“Only because Disdia’s attitude for revenge was extremely unyielding, Sherfield was forced to take action. In addition, the surveillance forces included part of Sherfield’s soldiers. Listy-sama could not just observe the situation, as it may lead to discontent within the country.”

So that was what happened, Akatsuki muttered.

“How did the council view this incident?”

“The council’s position was to remain neutral, but it is still sincerely looking forward to determine whether the situation of the surveillance forces being attacked is related to the demon race.”

The female boss’s expression was very bitter.

“After all, this was the peace you and Listy-sama had earned through your hard work. We have already shed too much blood, how can we easily destroy the hard-won peace.”

It really was too much.

“This short period of peace came at the expense of many precious lives.”

The female boss had a sorrowful tone. Miu and the others were suddenly moved, and gently put down the cutlery. Every word she had spoken was sincere and meaningful. Once she thought that there were humans with similar ideas as herself, Miu could not help but be moved.

……If only everybody was just like her……

War would probably never happen again.

Then she saw the female boss lift her head and look at Akatsuki.

“Since you are standing on the demon race’s side, does this mean that the event of being attacked is unrelated to the demon race?”

“At least the demon race currently targeted by the joint forces are innocent.”

Akatsuki replied.

“Currently the three country leaders have decided to temporarily retreat until an impartial third country re-investigates, then they will decide. This means that……the demon race temporarily gained a chance to breath.”

“I see……”

The female boss nodded with a strict expression, then she suddenly revealed a wry smile.

“But to stop the war and join the demon race’s forces, your method of doing things is too extreme.”

“I don’t think so.”

Akatsuki casually replied.

“I only do not like to leave things half-finished.”

“The moment you come back, you turn to this act. Listy-sama must be very angry?”

“Haha. If I could concede, I would, but when I need to be stubborn, I will also be stubborn till the end. For her position, being angry is natural.”

But once that remark had been said……

“——Actually, she worked really hard.”

The female boss quietly said.

“The recent work of transferring power to the People’s Council is gradually on track. The scope we, the committee members, are involved with has gradually increased.”

Saying up till here, the female boss could not help but sigh.

“Seeing that the elections are about to be held, I could not imagine……”

“Sorry, the election is……?”

Miu curiously asked.

“The election is to decide the new representative of Sherfield. Sherfield took great damages during the war against the demon race. As the last member of royalty, that person has decided to bear all the responsibility.”

Akatsuki replaced the female boss to reply.

“In short, it is to abolish the Royalty system, allow Sherfield to become a democratic country where the citizens elect representatives to manage the national policies.”

Ousawa Akatsuki thought back to the past.

What he thought back to was a moment after they recovered the capital Erdia from the demon race’s grasp.

At that time, Sherfield’s king had decided to enter the world, causing the country to be in turmoil. The citizens were all suffering from the threat of war. As the remaining survivor from the royal family, Listy regretted the actions of her father, and began to seriously consider what she could do for the country.

The gentle Sherfield princess finally made two decisions. One was to defeat the demon king Galious, the other was to democratize Sherfield. The people who decide the fate of Sherfield shouldn’t be the king, but the citizens. In order to create a democratic country, Listy brought Akatsuki, Zechs and Loutier to establish the system, creating the People’s Council and the militia ——which were not loyal to the royalty, but a political organization and military that belonged to the people. Currently, the final decision for policies resided at Listy’s hands, but all the policies would have to pass through the People’s Council.

The only area that the People’s Council could not interfere with was matters related to the previous war.

“That person once said, the battle was because of a wrong decision from the royal family.”

“S…So the goal of her becoming the successor of the throne is……”

Akatsuki nodded, confirming Miu’s prediction.

“Besides an armed coup d’etat, only royalty members are able to abolish the monarchy. But it just so happens that the country’s people all love Listy very much……”

That is also saying……

“The purpose of that person taking the throne was to deal with the mess that the royal family had left to their people. As Sherfield’s last queen, it is a responsibility she must take.”


After learning the ins and outs of the matter, Miu was dumbfounded.

Miu had abandoned the responsibility of the demon king’s daughter. Of course, this was a decision she was forced to make.

After all, the demon king was dead now, and the demon king’s daughter would only become a source of unrest. That was why Galious had decided to entrust Miu to Akatsuki; and Akatsuki believed that the most appropriate solution was to take Miu away from Alayzard, and return to his own world. Even after they had left Alayzard, Disdia still sent pursuers, attempting to harm Miu. If she had decided to stay in this world, the consequences could have been disastrous.

However, the reason did not change the fact that Miu, as the demon king’s daughter, ran away from her responsibilities. They were both the leaders of their countries. Listy decided to face the responsibility and up till now, continued to fight restlessly. The gap between the two was clear to see.

Ignoring the transfixed Miu, Haruka quietly asked.

“Ousawa Akatsuki, do you really not have any regrets? Even knowing how much effort Queen Listy has given for the country, you still want to have a duel with her?”

“To prevent the battle between humans and the demon race, and promoting a peaceful coexistence between the two sides, I have no other choice.”

Akatsuki replied.

“Also, this is not only for the demon race. For the sake of that person, I must stop this war.”

Is it not?

“To prevent her, who absolutely hates wars, from being forced to go down this path, I must stop the war, and stop the tears from her that will flow down because of a war.”


Facing Akatsuki’s passionate speech, everyone fell into silence.

In Miu’s heart, there was a bit of self-loathing.

……Really now, what was I thinking in the end……

Even though she knew she shouldn’t have this thought, once Miu heard that Akatsuki was willing to fight for Listy, she felt a bit bitter. Including the sense of self-loathing, it made Miu feel even more painful.

“——If you say so, then what do you plan to do?”

Haruka asked a question towards Akatsuki.

“I think you should also know right? In order to reach a peaceful agreement, the battle happening in three days must be won. But in case you win, and the impartial third-country investigation results prove that the attack was unrelated to the demon race, humans and the demon race will successfully sign a peace treaty……At that moment, Sherfield will definitely be in a dilemma.”

“Are you referring to the domestic and foreign hostile forces that disagree with the peace treaty? Of course I understand this.”

Akatsuki gave off a hmmph, then revealed a confident smile.

“Disdia’s fourth prince isn’t a simple character to deal with, but I have my own plan.”

Part 3[edit]

After finishing their meal.

Miu prepared to get up and help the female boss clean up the dishes on the table.

“It’s okay, just sit down. Cleaning the dishes has always been my job.”

The female bossed smiled and declined Miu’s act of kindness. Miu could only obediently sit back down.

“——Oh, yes, auntie. Is it okay if I say hello at the back of the store?”

Akatsuki suddenly remembered something and asked.

The reply from the female boss came back from the kitchen.

“Of course, there’s no problem. You haven’t met each other for a long time, so there must be a lot to say. Take it slowly, there’s no need to rush.”

“Thanks……You guys should also come.”

Akatsuki left his seat, went through the kitchen door and walked towards the back door of the restaurant.

Miu and Haruka glanced at each other, and could only follow.

Opening the back door, Akatsuki walked outside. What he saw was a family vegetable garden.

The ten square meter vegetable garden was organized neatly. It was covered with various natural vegetables on top of Sherfield’s fertile land. The vegetables that were used in the restaurant probably came from this location. But if you looked closely, there wasn’t a person in sight at the vegetable garden.

“There isn’t even a person here, who are you going to greet?”

Haruka frowned, but Akatsuki only said “Come here”, and walked to the other side of the vegetable garden. Behind the fence was a large forest. Akatsuki pushed open the wooden door of the fence and entered the forest. Miu followed him into the forest and stood next to Akatsuki.

“This is……a grave……?”

Seeing three large boulders acting as a gravestone side by side. The furthest boulder was a different color than the other two boulders in front, it should be a person who had recently died.


The gravestone was inscribed with the word “Leon”. Miu suddenly turned pale.

“Could it……”

Miu stared at Akatsuki. Only to see Akatsuki nod, his eyes remaining at the gravestone.

“Here is Sherfield’s true hero, and also Leon’s home. This is a private family cemetery. There is no need to go to the cemetery near the castle to pay respect to the dead.”

“Could it be that auntie is……”

Miu turned and looked back at the back door. The female boss, who treated them earlier, was located near the back door and inside the kitchen.

“She is called Selina Aceperio……and is Leon’s mother.”

Replying to Miu’s question, Akatsuki suddenly sat down.

“Sorry……Compared to here, the cemetery’s level of alert is too high, there is no way to have a good chat with you.”

Akatsuki’s face revealed a solitary smile.

“The idiot that destroyed the tomb was already defeated by me. Valkyria also said that they will help rebuild your grave, you can relax.”

Akatsuki said towards Leon’s grave. Although Ousawa Miu heard this, she did not understand the meaning of Akatsuki’s words. When she regained consciousness, she noticed that she was sitting down on the ground, completely powerless, and even standing up was difficult for her.

The hero Leon ——The person who killed him was none other than the demon king, who was also Miu’s father, Galious.

……Could it be……

Under the situation where she had no knowledge of this, she enjoyed Leon’s mother’s elaborate dishes.

What should I do? Her chest was clutched together, making it hard for her to breathe. This unpleasant feeling must have come from the guilt within her heart.

Miu wrapped her arms around her chest, and tightly held onto her trembling body.

However, her body still did not listen to her, and began to shake.

“——Calm down, don’t get overly excited.”

Just before Miu was about to be swallowed by the sense of guilt, Akatsuki put his arm around her shoulder. He gently and firmly pushed Miu into his arms.


Only by doing this, Miu’s body remembered how to breathe.

The moment the oxygen entered her lungs, her body was shrouded with an unbearable chill.

“There is no need to feel guilty, after all, I did not tell you in advance and brought you to this place.”

Akatsuki apologized.

“However, if I had told you auntie’s identity in advance, you would probably not eat at all, and it would maybe turn auntie’s wishes of not having war with the demon race turn into a fake lie.”


“I only wanted you to taste auntie’s dishes, listen to her voice. Within your knowledge, perhaps humans are only a crowd of selfish animals who randomly try to find a reason to eliminate the demon race, but within this pack of selfish animals, there are still people like auntie, who loves peace, is kind and honest.”


Miu was speechless, but she still nodded towards Akatsuki. Akatsuki accepted Miu, accepted the truth that he killed the demon king Galious. Knowing that Miu views him as the murderer of her father, he was still considerate to her, even willing become Miu’s place to stay, and allowing Miu’s wandering heart find a place she could call a home. Now he had also come forward to help the demon race from the threat of a war.

Listy was also the same. She did not avoid her responsibility as the royal family. Even since the end of the war until now, she was still fighting for her ideals. That being the case, Miu should also accept the truth that she was the demon king’s daughter, and bear responsibility for the deaths that her father had caused. Even if these sacrifices were the product of the war, it was the price they had to pay in order to create a world where the demon race could live in peace, Miu also had no excuse to avoid her responsibility.

“……Thank you, I am much better now.”

Miu slowly stood up.

Then she walked towards the kitchen, planning to take up her own responsibilities.

“It was me who first brought you here, I’ll accompany you.”

Akatsuki immediately followed, but Miu shook her head.

“Please, let me go by myself.”

Ousawa Miu recalled the phrase she had said earlier.

“Being able to enjoy such delicious dishes every day, auntie’s family must be very lucky, it really makes one jealous.”

Those were her feelings that escaped when she had no knowledge of the situation, there were absolutely no evil intentions. Even if it was because she did not know the situation, that was not an excuse to forgive it.

Ousawa Miu——No, Myuu knew about Leon’s life very clearly. During the battle, he had lost his father and his sister. From an identity of a civilian and joining the army, he made numerous contributions and finally became a knight. Beside Leon’s grave were two more tombstones, this must be his father and sister’s final resting place. Selina already could not let her family members enjoy the meals she had personally made.

Standing in front of the backdoor, Miu gently turned the handle and quietly pushed open the door.

After entering the kitchen, Selina, who was standing before the sink and washing the dishes, noticed Miu’s existence.

“Yes? Is there a problem?”


Miu attempted to speak, but she did not know what to say.


Her inner emotions surged out, but Ousawa Miu could not find the appropriate words. Out of desperation, tears began to emerge from her eyes.

……No, she absolutely could not cry.

Crying at such a time is undoubtedly a despicable act. Miu bit her lower lip tightly and fought back the tears.

She was not qualified to cry for Selina and Leon. If, at this important moment, she begins to cry, it will no doubt make her seem like a pitiful victim.

Therefore Ousawa Miu must not cry, but she also did not know how to begin.


Miu closed her eyes, desperately searching for the appropriate words in her head.

“——It’s okay.”

A gentle voice entered her ears. She opened her eyes and saw Selina standing in front of her. Selina’s face had a calm smile.

“I am a committee member for Sherfield, how would I not know who you are?” Selina’s remark made Miu widen her eyes.

“Why……? Then how would……”

“Well, I operate a restaurant, so naturally I will encounter all sorts of guests.”

Selina explained.

“Honest guests, cunning guests, guests that attempt to deceive others, gullible guests. Even guests that are kind-hearted, but after a few cups of millet wine, they will go into a drunk-frenzy, and become touchy with the young female guests……After being in touch with many people, I naturally can distinguish what kind of people are trustworthy, and what kind of people I must not trust.”


“From the moment I saw you, your eyes told me everything. That’s right, you are a trustworthy person.”

“But, I……”

“That war stole away my husband and my two children, but you also lost your parents as well. And you should understand what Leon had done right? Maybe he, too, had killed your loved ones, friends and companions on the battlefield.”


Miu was silent.

“Whether it was humans or the demon race, losing the closest people would still make us feel sad, feel painful, and produce the mentality of hating wars.”

Selina tightly hugged Miu, she whispered in her ear.

“It must have been difficult for you……”


The moment this phrase entered her ears, Miu felt that her entire body trembled.

The suppressed feeling overflowed and burst out. Tears began to appear from her eyes.

Miu was still fighting back against the tears. Selina gently patted her back.
HYnA vol 04 011.jpg

“It’s okay. Right now you have Akatsuki beside you, there is nothing to worry about.”


“That child may be a bit perverted, but he is a person you can trust. He must have thought of a plan to solve this problem. Besides, you have lived with that child for a long time, you should also know about that ridiculous aesthetic he insist upon right?”


Miu wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I believe in him……If I had not met that person, I would not be standing here right now.”

“…I see, so you are already fine.”

Selina narrowed her eyes.

“Quickly stop the senseless war together with that guy.”


Miu firmly nodded, then headed towards the back door, preparing to call Akatsuki and Haruka.

“After the issue has been settled, come over and have a seat again.”

Selina’s gentle voice came from behind her.

“Next time come at the operation hours. I will bring out my skills and entertain you nicely.”

“Yes……After we prevent this war and resolve the conflict with the humans and demon race……”

Ousawa Miu turned her head back, smiled and made a promise with Selina.

“I will come back with that person, and enjoy auntie Selina’s handmade dishes!”

Part 4[edit]

The faraway sky was gradually being colored by rosy clouds.

As the fiery-red sun released a soft orange light, Akatsuki brought Miu and Haruka to walk around Erdia’s market.

Three days later, they would have to duel. During this period, Akatsuki and the others must stay at Sherfield’s capital Erdia. The current destination for Akatsuki was located at the corner of the market.

“…Is it really here?”

Miu, who was following behind, anxiously said. Whether it was the surrounding buildings or the pedestrians, it was filled with a distinct atmosphere that was different than the lively and bustling main street.

Akatsuki nodded, then casually replied.

“There’s no other way, we cannot let others notice our existence. If we select a normal inn, the news will suddenly spread, so we must find a reliable location.”

“That is true, but……”

Haruka frowned and looked around.

“……The security around this area doesn’t seem to be good.”

“That is true……”

Akatsuki answered with a smile. It couldn’t be helped that Haruka would have this feeling. The three people were currently walking down the famous red light district of Sherfield’s capital Erdia. Only after the sun went down would it reveal its true appearance as the sleepless city.

After walking a lengthy distance, the three of them finally reached their destination. Under the sunset, the alley was lined with white walls, only the black building was particular striking.

“——We’re here, this is it.”

“This is an inn? Although there is a sign hanging above, but……”

Within Miu’s tone, there was some doubt. The dark walls made the sign very eye-catching. On the sign, there was the word “Melissa” written in a golden artistic font. Haruka looked at the entrance of the building, and could not help but express her suspicions.

“The doormen of an inn are always these big block of people?

On the left and right side of the entrance, there stood a muscular and strict black clothed person.

Even the tall and slender Akatsuki seemed extraordinarily small when standing in front of them.

“They are the doorman and bodyguard, this inn’s service is fully complete.”

Akatsuki laughed and directly walked to the two muscular men.

“Good work, is the boss here?”

The black-clothed people coldly stared at Akatsuki.

“——Sorry, it is currently not the operation hours of the store, please come back later at night.”

“I’m not a guest, I only wish to visit old friends.”

Akatsuki shrugged.

“Please inform Melissa.”

“I’m sorry, the boss did not explain that a visitor would be coming today.”

Although the black clothed person was using polite words, his attitude was extremely stern. The two men took half a step forward, their burly body exuding thick killing intent, apparently wanting to intimidate Akatsuki.


“……You two are just newcomers that have only recently started to work right?”

Akatsuki sighed.

“Although following your duties is good……But this type of inflexible mind will easily offend guests.”

Feeling reluctant, Akatsuki could only change his strategy.

“Please convey to Melissa that Akatsuki came. You can even describe a bit of my appearance, I believe that she will immediately let me in. If Melissa says she does not know me, then throwing me out won’t be too late.”

“Sorry, the boss is away.”

The black-clothed people were still unmovable.

“Then find a person who can make decisions. If I really am an old friend of Melissa, then at the time, the ones that are unfortunate will be you guys. For the sake of your living fees, it might be best to ask.”


The black-clothed people glanced at each other.

Then one black-clothed person entered the door, while the other remained outside.

“……There shouldn’t be an issue right?”

The worried Miu whispered beside Akatsuki’s ear.

“Relax, it was always like this here.”

Akatsuki’s reply made Haruka give a nasty look.

“I bet that they treated you as a dangerous individual who does not look like an old friend of the boss.”

After saying this, a sudden scream came from behind the door.


Miu and Haruka simultaneously changed the direction of their gaze. The inn’s heavy doors suddenly burst open and a beautiful woman rushed out in panic.


A beaming woman entered their vision. Miu suddenly gasped. Beside her, Haruka also revealed an embarrassed expression. The woman was only wearing shorts, her upper body was completely naked, her appearance very arousing. Although a lock of red hair covered her chest, it still created a considerably exciting visual effect. However, facing the nearly naked beauty, Akatsuki did not budge and raised his hand to greet the other.

“Yo, Cecily, how are you recently?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Akatsuki, it really is you!”

The woman named Cecily rushed forward and hugged Akatsuki.

The two round meat balls in front of her chest pressed on Akatsuki. Cecily could not conceal her excitement.

“Didn’t you return to your own world? Why would……?”

“Yes, I did go back. But there was a little private matter that must be handled, so I came back again.”

Akatsuki hands wrapped around Cecily’s waist. His tone was extremely calm.

“To tell you the truth, there is something I wish to ask Melissa……it can’t be that she’s not around right?”

“Melissa went off to buy some stuff, but she should come back soon, come in first before we talk.”

After Cecily answered Akatsuki question, she looked at the stunned Miu and Haruka.

“These two ladies are……?”

“Ah, they are my friends.”

“Oh……They are quite cute, mom will be very happy. Come, let us enter.”

Cecily pulled on Akatsuki’s arm and was about to enter, but the two black-clothed people blocked the path in panic.

“Miss Cecily, please do not randomly bring strangers in.”

“If the boss knows that we let them in, she will scold us.”

“None of your business, quickly move away. Ranke, Somde[2], you two are still new here, not recognizing is tolerable and forgivable. However, Akatsuki is our benefactor. No one is allowed to be rude to him, or else not just me, but even mother would not let go easily.”

Cecily cuddled beside Akatsuki, and gave off a ferocious stare at the two black-clothed people.

“If you still refuse to let them go, then I could only act and use mother’s authority to fire you two. That way, there is no reason for you to block Akatsuki. How is it, did you make up your mind yet?”


The black-clothed people’s awkwardness made Akatsuki smile slightly. He reached his right hand and gently rested his palm on Cecily’s head.

“Don’t make things difficult for them, they are just trying to do their duties.”


After appeasing Cecily’s discontent, Akatsuki faced the two black-clothed people.

“Sorry, I did not mean to make things difficult for you. How about this, let one of you follow us to monitor us, this should be okay right?”


The two black-clothed people fell into silence. They absolutely did not expect that Akatsuki, who pushed them to this state, would think for their sakes. After considering for a moment……

“……Okay, the three of you please enter.”

The black-clothed people finally stepped down and opened up the road.

Behind the door was a dim hallway.

…This building was larger than it seems.

Miu thought while walking down the hallway that this definitely was not an ordinary inn.

However, Miu’s attention was completely focused on Akatsuki and Cecily who were in front.

Cecily linked her arms around Akatsuki’s. The joy from the reunion seemed to make her extremely excited.

……Aren’t they too close now.

A sulking Miu quietly followed behind those two. Melissa wasn’t just the name of the shop, it seemed to also be the name of Cecily’s mother. The purpose of Akatsuki’s trip here seemed to be requesting help from Melissa. Cecily’s appearance was extremely beautiful, so her mother should also be a beauty as well right? Miu finally noticed that the rumors of the Rogue Hero being fond of women were actually true. After walking for some time, Cecily pushed open the doors at the end of the corridor.

“It can’t be.”

The scene that appeared made Miu dumbfounded.

The space at the end of the corridor seemed to be from an entirely different world, a luxurious space that was comparable to a palace hall. The design and style of the walls, floors and ceilings, even the furnishings such as the red carpet, fresh flowers and flower pots were almost all valuable and high-quality items. Even compared to Erdia’s castle, it would not lose.

The three-floor building structure made the interior even more spacious.


Facing this extravagant view in front of them, Haruka was also astonished. She could not even speak a single word.

……Wait a minute.

Miu suddenly noticed that the second floor and third floor had several doors. Perhaps it is the guest rooms, Miu thought. What emerged out of her mind were luxurious hotel facilities.

“Everyone, Akatsuki is back!”

Cecily’s voice echoed throughout the building. Then at the next moment.

Gacha Gacha Gacha[3]

The doors on the second and third floor almost all opened at the same time.


Miu was suddenly frozen. The people that walked out from the rooms were all young females.

Right now it was probably free time, and everyone was resting in their own room. Some people were wearing loose pajamas, some were wearing sexy lingerie, some were only dressed in a towel, and some were even completely naked as well. The common point between these girls was that they were all pretty and young. Once they saw Akatsuki, they immediately stopped their actions. After a brief silence, someone with a trembling voice took the lead.

“It can’t be……Is it really Akatsuki?”

“Yes, long time no see.”

Akatsuki slightly smiled at the females upstairs in order to greet them.

The atmosphere immediately shook. The females all issued a shrill scream and rushed to Akatsuki, as if they were trying to be the first one there. After a short period of time, Akatsuki was immediately surrounded by over twenty beauties.

“W…What are these people?”

Terrified of the momentum of the female army, Miu took a few steps back. Even if they were completely nude in front of Akatsuki, these young females did not seem to care. Akatsuki turned his head around, and replied to Miu’s question.

“Didn’t I say it before? While I was staying at Alayzard, I once served as a bodyguard at a brothel.”

“Huh……? Then……?”

Miu could not help but viciously try to recall. Before, when she was accompanied by Akatsuki, Chikage and Kuzuha while purchasing lingerie, Akatsuki had a fateful situation where he had to help Miu try out her lingerie.

“So this place is……”

A dizzy Miu took a few steps back, and suddenly bumped into the person behind.

“Ah, sorry……”

The instant she turned around to apologize, Ousawa Miu’s movements stopped.

A hard and firm feeling made Miu think that she had bumped into the black-clothed person who was following behind them. But turning around, the black-clothed person wasn’t at her back.

“Uh……! ?”

The person Miu bumped into was a male even more burly than the black-clothed person, but his body was wearing a big red female dress. He kept a head filled with long black shiny hair. Miu attempted to treat him as a woman, but she was not able to convince her own conscience.

A large and flat round-shaped face, a burly body, even his arms and legs were very thick. He would even win against a giant sumo wrestler’s body, and his eagle-like sharp eyes would absolutely make the children in the world cry. Under the circumstances where she saw this man without warning, Miu was nearly scared to the extent of wetting herself.


Miu powerlessly feel onto the floor. Beside her, Haruka seemed to have been shocked to the point where she lost consciousness. The shock caused by this man seemed to make Miu break past her mental limits.

At this moment, Akatsuki, who was behind her, seemed to have made an incredible greeting.

“Hi, Melissa……Long time no see.”


Miu was completely surprised and looked at Akatsuki and Melissa.

……It is him?

Sorry, it should be “Zangief” or “Rodriguez”[4] to be correct right?[5] It was completely different from the Melissa Miu had imagined.

Only to see the beast extend his arms and slowly open his thick lips.

A deep, rich voice forced Miu to accept the reality.

“Welcome to the members-only high class brothel “Melissa”.”

Part 5[edit]

After handing Miu, who could hardly stand, and the unconscious Haruka to Cecily, Akatsuki entered the innermost room under Melissa’s leadership.

“Here is still as empty as before.”

Entering the room he hadn’t seen for a while, Akatsuki gave a wry smile.

For a private room of a high class brothel boss, the room’s furnishings were very simple, there were no extra decorations whatsoever. This was Melissa’s belief and also one of the reasons why Akatsuki trusted Melissa.

“If you can’t get used to it, then please return.”

Melissa gave off a hmmph, then dragged her heavy body and sat on the couch.

The person in charge of a special industry usually enjoys comparing their place, comparing the price, comparing costumes, but the amount of money Melissa had on her was considerably little. The hard-earned money was mostly spent on the store, the girls of the shop and the staff workers. He understood more than anyone that providing the utmost service to their guests was the only way to sustain their services. At the same time, Melissa was also the leader of the brothel guild. This kind of stoic management method could not avoid clashes from the other industries. However, Melissa continued to stick to her belief, and there was no room for compromise. As a result, it made the other industries rebound back and caused the development of a fierce brawl. Akatsuki and Melissa met during that time, and the two of them were sympathetic and appreciative of each other. Thus, Akatsuki served as the store’s bodyguard, and forced the other guild to disappear from Sherfield.

“Seeing that you are still the same makes me less worried. Are the people from the store still okay?”

Akatsuki sat on the sofa across from Melissa.

“You aren’t coming here to specifically have a chat right?”

Melissa’s sharp gaze shot towards Akatsuki.

“Suddenly coming back is fine, but this time you even stood on the side of the demon race.”

“You are well informed.”

Akatsuki slightly smiled.

“The guild has also obtained the information?”

“No single matter that appears in this city or country can escape my eyes.”

Melissa replied.

“Queen Listy just recently gave an emergency order to the ministers and the People’s Council, and at the same time, gave instructions to all the personnel within Sherfield. In order to assess how much damage it would cause to Sherfield, Queen Listy and the Council reached an agreement, and decided to release the current status to the country. That is also saying, your duel with Queen Listy for the peace treaty of the human and demon race will be formally published tomorrow morning to Sherfield, Disdia and Aleclasta’s people. At that time, it is bound to cause an uproar.”

“I see……As I expected.”

The development of the situation was within his expectations; Akatsuki could not help but give a slight smile.

Whether it was war or peace, there will be both support and opposition. Instead of quietly carrying it under the table, and waiting until it was over to publish the results, why not just make it public at the very beginning in order to reduce the strength of the rebound at the final stage.

……No one is willing to be kept in the dark.

At the same time, the goal of informing Disdia and Aleclasta’s people about this matter was primarily to announce that this was a decision made under the three countries’ agreement.

Listy’s intention was extremely clear; despite the limited effect, she would still make the two countries share the responsibility.

“Besides that, there is probably no other way. The duel at that time should also be shown to the public.”

“Quite likely. Witnessing the results of the duel to make the people accept the outcome.”

Melissa replied.

“Free entrance tickets should be sent throughout the world within these two days. At that moment, under every country’s civilians, it will decide on the fate of humans and the demon race. However, Queen Listy insisted that you acted as the demon race representative and set up the peace agreement, the main reason was to prevent the outbreak of war. Looks like she doesn’t want to ruin your image.”

“That idiot, wouldn’t this make it even more difficult for her? If you need to ruin it, then do so, anyways I don’t care.”

Akatsuki was a “Rogue Hero”; even if he was to be cursed by people throughout the world, he would not feel the pain. However, for the peace between the two sides, before the signing of the treaty, they must still try and obtain the support of their citizens.

……The part about the duel was just about this.

Akatsuki stuck out his upper body.

“——You should know about the surveillance forces in Galevain being attacked right? Did you hear any rumors about it? The point about the demon race being the culprit, how high is the possibility?”

“That information is rather complicated, but the highest credibility information is still the official statement saying that it is the demon race’s activity. However, there is also rumor saying that it was a self-conspiracy made by the developed militaristic Disdia in order to promote their weapons.”

“Ah……It really is this.”

Akatsuki looked up at the ceiling. Truthfully, Melissa’s statement coincides with Akatsuki’s predictions.

When Phil Barnett attacked, he had generously acknowledged that Disdia was planning to use Miu to start a new war. Of course, this was under the premise that Phil’s statement was credible.

“However, you joining the demon race’s camp, persuading the three countries to retreat their forces from Galevain forest, also changed people’s view of the incident. Perhaps in the near future, I will be able to get new information.”

Well, what about now?

“If you decide to hide here until the day of the duel, I will not kick you out. After all, I owe you one, and the girls in the shop must also be very happy. Just live in the room from before. The furnishings are still the same as before, there are no changes whatsoever.”

“Sorry to bother you……By the way, I want to ask you for something.”

Akatsuki said.

“I’m looking for an item, would you know where I can buy it?”

After saying this, Akatsuki pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it over to the leaning Melissa.

After opening the paper, Melissa suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“It really is a considerably special antique. Isn’t it for children? It has no practical value by itself, and has long been discontinued. What do you need this kind of thing for?”

“About this……Just treat it as some kind of guarantee. Where can I find it?”

“I know an antique dealer that sells these specialized items. You should be able to find it in his shop. Unfortunately, that antique dealer is hostile to the people from the guild, so I probably can’t help much.”

Melissa attempted to conceal his displeasure, but Akatsuki actually smiled.

“No problem, I will directly find him.”

I don’t mind.

“Where is the antique dealer’s shop? I plan to resolve this matter by today.”

After Akatsuki and Melissa left the hall, Miu and Haruka finally woke up. Under Cecily’s guidance, the two of them entered the attic that they would normally not use.

“This was the room that Akatsuki used when he served as the bodyguard.”

Cecily gave off a slightly wry smile.

“Although I called it a room, but originally it was a warehouse.”

“S…Sorry to bother…”

Miu followed Cecily into the room and looked around. In a corner of the room was a wooden table and a chair. In the middle, there was a large bed. What Cecily had said was correct, the innermost wall had an old dresser that could already not be used.

Although no one was using this room, there was not even a hint of dust.

“It was cleaned very well.”

Once Haruka’s muttered words entered her ears, Cecily suddenly stood up with pride.

“Of course. This was Akatsuki’s room……We will maintain its original appearance.”

“I see……”

Hearing Cecily’s emotional speech, Miu suddenly looked up at the ceiling.

The scenery of the sky entered her vision. There was no window below the attic roof, but directly above the bed, there was a skylight. Cecily quickly noticed Miu’s gaze.

“Isn’t the skylight on the roof nice? Akatsuki really likes skylights. In order to watch the stars before he sleeps, he specially moved the bed from the wall to underneath the skylight.”

“Can’t believe that person also has a romantic side, it really is surprising.”

Haruka, who was surprised, sat down on the bed. She lifted her head and watched the red sunset.

Miu also followed and sat down on the bed.

Cecily looked at the two of them.

“Are you two going to stay here tonight?”

“Ah, Yes……It seems that that person has this intention.”

“Then just sleep here. The bed is big enough, three people sleeping together isn’t a problem.” Cecily had a matter of fact look on her face. Miu and Haruka eyes suddenly turned into two black dots.

“W…Wait a minute, why do we have to sleep together with that person?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“Of course there is a huge problem! How could we possibly sleep together with that sexual harassment machine!”

Haruka protested loudly, Miu also nodded.

This made Cecily a bit puzzled.

“Huh……? Aren’t you two his women?”


Miu and Haruka denied it in unison.

“——You’ve at least been in bed with him right?”

“ “NO!” ”

Both of them stood up and loudly denied it while blushing. Looks like it was a misunderstanding. Only to see Cecily reveal a sympathetic gaze.

“How sad……You two are even so cute, but it looks like Akatsuki actually does not treat you two as women.”

“T…This is unrelated to whether we have female charms!”

“T…That is correct! It was us who refused him!”

Miu and Haruka desperately tried to explain.

“Refuse? Why?”

While speaking, Cecily suddenly showed off an breathtaking and sexy expression.

Witnessing Cecily’s attractive expression, Miu suddenly gasped.

……W…What happened?

Miu suddenly felt her body become hot. Even if they were both female, she could not resist Cecily’s charm.

The question about whether they had been in bed with Akatsuki, it made Miu’s body react even more.

A closer look showed that even Haruka was completely red, and her body was involuntarily trembling slightly.


In order to suppress her trembling body, Miu wrapped her arms and embraced herself.

“Sorry, we do not need this kind of thing.”

“Really? As women, you should know how that wonderful feeling is.”

Cecily’s face had an enchanting smile.

“You two have been with Akatsuki for so long, but you really did not feel a man’s charm from him?”


Seeing Miu’s embarrassed and hesitant appearance, Cecily already knew that she had said what was within Miu’s heart.

“The answer should be yes right? I guess that you two must secretly imagine being wrapped in his arms right? That must be……the long awaited scene you two hope for.”

“…T…There isn’t such a thing!”

“No, there must be. Anyways, you two are also females who are in puberty……”

Miu and Haruka attempted to avoid Cecily’s gaze, but they could not do it. The two of them were deeply attracted to Cecily’s eyes, so they could only stand still, completely immobilized.

Cecily began to slowly move towards the two——

“Being attracted to a strong male is always a woman’s instinct, there is nothing to be shy about.” Come.

“Be honest with your own desires, you two are absolutely more of a woman than you had imagined.”

Cecily extended her hands towards the two of them——

“——Stop playing with the two innocent girls, Cecily.”

A deep rich voice suddenly came. The burly Melissa was leaning on the entrance of the door.

“Are you planning to go see people like this? Quickly go and prepare.”

Even though the person being named was Cecily, Haruka still involuntarily stepped back a few steps. Perhaps because the experience of being scared to the extent of unconsciousness was still fresh, her body immediately reacted defensively. She only saw Cecily reluctantly say “Okayyyyyy——“, her face had returned to normal.

“Sorry, you two. If it wasn’t because you said bad things about Akatsuki behind his back, I would not have deliberately teased you.”

Cecily stuck out her tongue. Her hands rested on the shoulders of Miu and Haruka and she whispered.

“However, when you’re following Akatsuki, it’s best not to suppress your own emotions. Otherwise, you might regret it in the future——That person is the best example.”


Cecily’s tone was extremely serious, but Miu did not understand and subconsciously asked.

However, Cecily had already turned around and walked straight out of the room. Melissa sighed, and slowly walked towards the two of them.

Only to see Miu timidly ask.

“Uh…Has the conversation between you two already ended? That person……”

“Akatsuki went to find something and wanted me to take care of you two. Is there any problem?”


Melissa’s eyes flashed. Miu hurriedly avoided his gaze.

“Akatsuki has already told me clearly about your reasons for coming. Staying here isn’t a problem, but your identities cannot be exposed, so be sure to follow the rules of this shop during your stay.”



Fearing the oppressive pressure that was generated by Melissa’s huge body, Miu and Haruka could only obediently nod. Only to see Melissa hand over the two soft cloths that were hanging on his arm to the two of them.

“T…This is……?”

Haruka was slightly surprised, then she slowly spread open the soft cloth, and suddenly issued a shrill scream.

“W…What the hell is this!”

“……This is just an ordinary camisole cutie, the reaction doesn’t have to be so exaggerated.”

Miu and Haruka had never seen such sensational, revealing and sexy lingerie, but Melissa seemed to have a nonchalant look.

“Take off your clothes and switch to this set of lingerie. After you’re ready, immediately come down. Starting today, you will work in this shop, your salary will be directly used to pay for the cost of accommodation.”

“W…Work? I…We can’t do it……!”

A panicked Miu repeatedly shook her head.

“Relax, I won’t ask you to receive the guests.”

Melissa slowly said.

“However, cooking, laundry, cleaning and like works shouldn’t be difficult for you two right? Or did you think that you would not have to pay, and intend to freeload while hiding here?”

“B…But……For cooking and laundry work, there isn’t a need to wear this breezy clothing right?”

Haruka’s rebuttal instantly aroused Melissa’s disapproval.

“Could it be that you plan on continuing to wear that distinctive clothing and dangling around the shop? What if a guest or a person from the same industry notices it? At that time, the people that will be unfortunate wouldn’t be just you two, even me and the other girls inside my shop would also be pulled in, don’t you even have a little bit of guilt?”

“I…I did not mean this……”

“The duel is in three days. If you two do not need to go to the toilet, shower, wash clothes and completely do not leave the room even one step within these three days, then I don’t have any say……How is it?”

“T…That is probably a bit difficult……”

“Anyways, how could you do things if you are just hiding in the room? Even though the risks are shared between us, you are only going to hole up here and enjoy?”


Miu and Haruka glanced at each other, completely unable to say a word. At this moment, Melissa dragged his huge body towards the door, and looked disdainfully at them before leaving the room.

“Hurry up and change into the clothes and help. Once I count to 100, you must show up, or else I will make you two wear even more revealing clothes.”

After saying this, Melissa directly left the attic.


Under Melissa’s abuse of authority, Miu and Haruka hurriedly removed their clothes.

Part 6[edit]

A breeze within Forestnium brought in a surge of sweet aroma.

It should be a product of the forest’s grassy smell merging with the air.

The gently blowing breeze was no doubt a cool and comfortable gift that the nature gives to all things.

Within this forest, the demon race was raising livestock or planting rice, living a life without wars. Right now in Forestnium’s city square, there stood a tall and slender female Izumi Chikage. As Chikage closed her eyes and tried to concentrate, a faint light appeared in front of her outstretched palms. Unfortunately this only lasted a few seconds, then the light faded.

“……Looks like it still doesn’t work.”

Chikage shook her head and sighed.

“——Still cannot use magic?”

A flat tone suddenly appeared from behind her.

“Yes.” Chikage turned around and saw Doumoto Kuzuha, who was behind her, shrug helplessly.

“Today is already the third day, looks like we still need a little more time.”

“I’ve also just tried it as well, the results were still the same.”

Kuzuha, who was sitting on the floor, moved her line of sight downwards. A dark elf girl was currently leaning against Kuzuha’s lap and sleeping, Kuzuha gently stroke the girl’s hair. Under these circumstances, Chikage could not help but narrow her eyes.

“……It seems like she likes you.”


Kuzuha stared at the sleeping Riruru. Her expression was somewhat confused.

“I’ve never touched such a small child before. I do not know what to do.”

“Just act naturally, just like now. Intentionally trying to please the kids could easily lead to unnecessary resentment.”

“I’m so sorry……I was born in the way where no one likes me.”

“I did not mean this……”

Chikage shook her head with a wry smile.

“Class rep, showing your truest side won the goodwill of Riruru, this is also the best way to get along. And once you win the trust of a child, it is equivalent to have won the trust of an adult.” Chikage looked down at herself. The clothes she was wearing were exactly the same style as Miu. This clothing was particularly lent to Chikage by a women in the village, and Kuzuha also had one but with a smaller size.

“At the beginning, everyone only accepted us because we were Miu’s friends. But this relationship is too weak, we still had to think of a way to win everybody’s trust.”

Saying up to here, Chikage turned back and look back at the city square.

“…But having such a good relationship seems to be too exaggerated.”

A slightly smiling Chikage stared at the village children playing around with Kaidou.

“Kaidou, it’s your turn to be “it”!”

“You must count to 100, you can’t cheat! Or else you will have to recount again!”

Although the children’s tone was quite rude, but Kaidou didn’t seem to care.

“Cheat? Don’t joke around. Facing you little brats and I still have to cheat? In just a few moments, you’ll be found by me.”

This sentence seemed to enrage a few of the girls.

“Kaidou, you can’t take it easy on the girls, or else we won’t play!”

“Okay Okay……Then let’s begin!”

While Kaidou began to count, the village children suddenly screamed out and dispersed in all directions. Chikage seeing this, could not help but sigh.

“Playing hide and seek with the village children every day, he really doesn’t get bored. It really makes one impressed.”

After saying this, Chikage suddenly remembered something.

“Class rep, did you know? I’ve heard that some of the forces surrounding this forest seemed to have started to retreat.”

“I’m not too sure about that, who said it?”

“The investigation team just came back, I’ve heard them say it. Looks like Akatsuki’s actions seem to be working quite well.”

“Yes……That’s good.”

Kuzuha was relieved, and she gazed at the distant sky.

Standing beside her, Chikage also looked up at the blue sky.

“I wonder what their circumstances are, but……”

Chikage’s tone seemed to be filled with confidence.

“War will certainly not break out between the human and demon races.”

“……100. Hahaha, you guys acknowledge your fate now!”

Kaidou, who had finishing counting to 100, began to search for the whereabouts of the children.

At this moment——


Kaidou glanced at Chikage and Kuzuha. But he did not greet the two of them, but quietly continued to move forward.

Walking at the same time, Kaidou Motoharu muttered to himself. His expression was extremely serious, but his voice was as quiet as a mouse.

“……It’s not time to relax yet.”

Part 7[edit]

The time when Sherfield’s nightlife was coming to the end……

Haruka and Miu, who had been busy for the entire night returned to the attic.

“……Finally finished.”

A worn-out Haruka muttered, and powerlessly lay on the bed. Although Haruka and Miu’s work had ended, the brothel still had not closed. The nightclub’s operation hours had always been from midnight to until the sun has risen; it was the industry’s unwritten rule. However, since Haruka and Miu both were busy from evening till now, Melissa specially allowed them to rest upstairs.

“……Manual work really isn’t easy.”

Haruka expressed her feelings. At JPN Babel school, Haruka, who was the vice president and the disciplinary committee chairman, was also extremely busy everyday, but this was after all only mental work, and was completely different than the manual work she did today. After an entire night of practice, Haruka finally understood that the seemingly easy household chores were in fact not as easy as she had imagined.

“Are you alright……?”

Facing Miu’s concern, Haruka could only barely turn her head around, her body completely unable to move.

“Your stamina is really good……”

Haruka could not help but feel admiration. For the entire night, both were cooking, doing laundry or sweeping together. Miu’s hands and legs were extremely well-executed, her movements were swift. This left a deep impression on others. If just comparing the workload between the two of them, Miu was definitely far ahead.

After being praised by Haruka, Miu suddenly felt embarrassed.

“R…Really? I only did chores every day, so I was probably used to it.”

“What? That guy threw all the chores to you?”

If Akatsuki treated Miu as a maid, this was a problem that could not be ignored.

Only to see Miu frantically wave her hands in denial.

“No, it was something I wanted to do. Since I was being cared for by that person, I should at least do something in return.”

“I see……If it’s like that, then it’s still okay.”

Haruka sighed, then slowly sat up on the bed.

Seeing Miu who was sitting on a chair, Haruka could not help but have personal feelings.

……She really is beautiful.

After removing the ponytail, her soft and smooth long hair spilled downwards. Coupled with the black and red camisole, it further emphasized her enchanting sexiness and charm; it was nothing like the Miu at the Babel school. Since they were working at a brothel, makeup was naturally the most basic courtesy.

Under the assistance of the other ladies, Miu had also applied a thin layer of makeup, but this instead made her young appearance more mature.

……But the main point was her boobs……

Although Haruka was confident about her own figure, she could only be put into shame.

The camisole was originally a 3/4 cup size design, but Miu’s boobs were just too overwhelming, forcing it to become a 1/2 cup size.[6] Coupled with the small strap that was supposed to stick to the chest, it was also pushed open due to the huge boobs. Even Haruka, who was the same gender, was embarrassingly staring at Miu’s boobs.

At this time, Miu seemed to have noticed Haruka’s gaze.

“D…Don’t keep staring at me……”

Miu twisted her body in shame.

“Sorry, I did not mean to. Only that you are too beautiful so it was difficult to not look a few more times.”

“How can it be……Vice president is also very beautiful.”

Miu sat beside Haruka, and indicated for her to look at the corner.

Turning her head around, she noticed that the mirror at the corner reflected her and Miu’s appearance.

Nanase Haruka carefully looked at the herself who had applied makeup and was wearing a black camisole. The people in the mirror were her and Miu who had turned into a prostitutes, teasing men’s lust, and were existences waiting to be conquered by men.


Although both of their appearances looked incredibly obscene, they were also exceedingly glamorous.

Haruka could not help but feel goosebumps. The her in the mirror was more beautiful than any moment in the past.

……Wait, what am I doing!

Haruka hurriedly shook her head, attempting to get rid of the random thoughts she had. That was really risky. The surrounding environment was filled with makeup and scantily dressed prostitutes. It paralyzed her own feelings, but thinking carefully, this appearance was really disgraceful. Haruka could not imagine how the ladies at the store could wear this type of clothing.

……Still have to dress up as this appearance to continue work tomorrow.

“Ahhh, the thought of it gives me a headache……”

Helplessly, Haruka could not help but moan and sighed.


Miu bowed her head, her face was very apologetic.

“This is all my fault, I should not have involved vice president.”

“This……I did not mean that way……”

Strictly speaking, she had meant that she would have complained anyways. Haruka could not help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“However, I am still glad, especially that vice president came forward during the peace talk, and spoke for us.”

Miu lifted her head, exposing a happy smile, then she turned around and faced Haruka.

“Thank you, vice president. Even if that person’s battle is over, this incident probably will not end that quickly, but I will still try and end this as soon as possible and let vice president return to her own world. Until the end of the incident, can vice president temporarily bear with it?”

Nanase Haruka stared at Miu, and noticed that her shoulders were slightly trembling.

……She must be very upset.

If the peace agreement was broken, humans and the demon race will explode into a full out war, and the sacrifices on both sides will be absolutely difficult to predict. Even if Miu was confident about both sides having peace, it was difficult to ignore the pressure after the breakdown of negotiations. In addition, Miu must be worried about the situation in Forestnium, and could not wait to immediately head back. However, Miu’s inner anxiety was never expressed out. When both of them were working at the store, Miu did not once complain about this and that. She maintained a cheerful and positive attitude, and faced every single task. As the demon king’s daughter, Miu’s life must have not been very well, she may have experienced various bitterness and pain that was unknown to others.

As JPN Babel school’s vice president, Haruka still had not made up her conclusion, and was currently observing. However, Nanase Haruka understood clearly, her heart was facing towards Miu’s side, so she decided to be loyal to her own feelings.

“——Of course there’s no problem.”

Haruka’s tone was very calm, so Miu slowly looked up.

Facing the uneasy Miu, Haruka responded with a gentle smile.

“No one dragged me into this, it was me who dived in myself. And I have already decided, no matter what happens, I will witness it to the very last minute.”

Haruka paused for a moment——

“So I decided to help you achieve your goal.”

“R…Really? I’m very grateful, vice president!”

The overjoyed Miu hurriedly expressed her inner gratitude, but Haruka put a finger gently on Miu’s lips.

“Just call me Haruka, vice president is too long-winded.”

At this time, Miu finally revealed her smile. The corners of her eyes were leaking slight tears of joy.

“Yes……Thank you, Haruka.”

Haruka nodded, and the topic between the two of them ended.

Just when Haruka was about to open another topic, an idea suddenly flashed through her brain.

“Since we talked so long, I’m a bit thirsty.”

“Just let me go downstairs and get the drinks, I also wanted something to drink as well.”

Miu immediately got up.

“The table had a teapot and cups, inside should be boiled water.”

Under Haruka’s indication, Miu picked up the crystal bottle, opened the bottle and took a sniff.

“It isn’t boiled water……There is a indescribable sweet scent, just like fruits……No, it should be the scent of flowers.”

“Is it Fruit wine?”

“Just smelling it seems that there is no alcohol in it, it probably is a juice with added extracts of flowers.”

“Then let’s just drink this. The store hasn’t closed yet, we should not trouble the others.”

“That’s true……please drink.”

After accepting the cup carrying an unknown liquid from Miu’s hand, Haruka took a sniff.

“It really smells like the fragrance of flowers.”

Then she gave it a sip. The scented liquid gently slid down her through, it should be a juice from blueberries or strawberries, etc. The sweet and sour taste was extremely attractive and the taste entered Haruka’s dry throat.

“Hey, this is pretty good. There is no alcohol in it, and it seems like a rich fruit juice.”

“This is really good to drink……I like this taste.”

Haruka and Miu both drained the liquid in the cup in one go.

“Fuuuu……Shall we have another cup?”

“Yes…I also want another cup.”

Miu took the crystal bottle, and after pouring the liquid into Haruka’s cup, she also helped herself to another.

“That’s right, we should still request them to prepare another room for us.”

Haruka lifted the cup to the front of her chest, then she suddenly remembered one thing.

“Even if you kill me, I do not wish to sleep together with that person. This is a major crisis to our chastity.”

“And we also need a change of clothes……we cannot keep wearing the store uniforms.”

Miu chimed in.

“That’s right. If our appearance was seen by him, who knows what he would do.”

Haruka and Miu both looked at each other, then unanimously nodded. After a short silence, the two girls could not help it but laughed.

Following this, Haruka and Miu both raised their cups, and gently clinked them in midair.

The girls’ cheers seemed to be blessing their new friendship.

The two of them once again drained the liquid within the cup.

In the middle of night, Akatsuki finally finished the matter he had.

The antique shop that Melissa had talked about was easily found, but the owner went out, so Akatsuki could only wait at the shop, but once he waited, he had to wait till the middle of the night.

“Wasted so much of my time.”

However, at least he found the thing he was looking for.

Everything’s in place now, Akatsuki thought.

……And now he found another interesting thing.

Bowing his hand and holding two paper bags, Akatsuki gently smiled. After returning to the brothel, Akatsuki immediately headed to the 3rd floor, but at the staircase, he met Cecily who was walking down.

Cecily, who was wearing a pure white nightgown, exuded a unique temperament that only prostitutes have. Compared to her look in the evening, there was a strong contrast. After seeing Akatsuki, Cecily was little relieved.

“Thank god, you finally came back. How come you came back so late, it made me worried.”

“Sorry, the two of them didn’t cause any trouble right?”

Akatsuki pulled out an apple from a paper bag and handed it to Cecily.

“That’s right, shouldn’t it be busy right now? Why do you still have time to walk around?”

“As the number one card[7] of our shop, do I look like I have nothing to do?”

Cecily joked around with Akatsuki, then she took a bite from the apple.

“The guest has a peculiarity, he must wait until near the end of the hour before his body would react. Right now he should be sitting on the bed naked, waiting for his little brother [8] to wake up.”

“The world really is filled with wonders.”

Akatsuki could not help but smile slightly.

“——Ah! It is not time to chat right now, quickly follow me!”

Cecily grabbed onto Akatsuki’s arm, and went up the stairs to the attic.

“Why are you so nervous? What happened to the two of them?”

“You’ll known when you see it……Okay, quickly come in.”

After Cecily pushed open the door, Akatsuki went into the room, and a sudden burst of a flower fragrance entered his nose. He noticed that the room was filled with a strange sweet smell, Akatsuki frowned.

“What just happened……”

After a grunting sound, Akatsuki’s gaze fell onto the center of the room.

The moonlight penetrating from the skylight, as if it was a spotlight, illuminated the bed in the center of the room.

Miu and Haruka were lying on the bed writhing their bodies. There was even an attractive sound coming from their mouths.


Akatsuki did not say anything, and slowly walked towards the side of the bed.

Carefully looking at the two of them, he said with emotion:

“What are you two doing?”

After noticing that Akatsuki was looking at her, Miu with her flirtatious expression thought——

At least you came back.


……Ah, This is bad……Still haven’t changed clothes……!

Miu suddenly remembered, she and Haruka were still wearing that sexy and sensational camisole. Once she thought that her own nearly fully nude appearance had been seen by Akatsuki, Miu could not help but blush.

However, this is not the time for her to be embarrassed. Her entire body was hot and had intolerable itches, almost as if she could not control herself. Miu vaguely knew the reason behind this, it must be that the bottle of juice was a bit strange. Beside her, Haruka was also the same as Miu, she could not help but constantly twist her body; this was the best evidence. It can’t be wrong, the fruit juice must have added something else.

Akatsuki scratched the back of his head, then he began to converse with Cecily.

“……When did this happen?”

“I also don’t know. Approximately 5 minutes ago, I was bringing over some clean clothes during my break at work, and they were already like this.”

“What did they do? How did they become like this?”

“Looks like they drank mama’s Romantic Night Juice on the table.”

“Wait wait, isn’t Melissa’s Romantic Night Juice known as the “As long as a virgin women drink, their lewd nature will immediately be exposed” aphrodisiac?”

“……L…Lewd nature?”

“T…This is a joke right?”

When Akatsuki’s statement entered their ears, Miu and Haruka could not help but break out in cold sweat.

However, reality speaks louder than words, forcing them to believe it.

——Actually, they wanted to wait until Akatsuki arrived before talking about it. At first, in order to suppress their heating body, they could only try to hold back their sense of shame, and attempted to comfort themselves.

The result was a unbearable intense pleasure, and eventually they had to abandon this approach. Then both of them attempted to comfort each other, but the slightest touch on each other’s body would bring both of them into the upmost pleasure, they simply couldn’t continue it. Just as they entered into a dilemma, their bodies would become more and more hot, their consciousness would become more and more misty, until finally they could only lie on the bed and frequently gasp, unable to do anything at all.

They only saw Cecily reveal a pained expression.

“Usually, it is drank by first diluting it with water, but they both seem to have drunk the original mixture, and they also completely chugged the entire bottle at once.”

“Overdose……There won’t be problems right?”

“When mama is concocting the aphrodisiac, she will not use any ingredients that harm the body, so there is no worry. Only that the effects are several times stronger, so I’m afraid it will continue for some time.” What to do?

“I know a trustworthy secret doctor, but they insisted that they do not have to see the doctor. How is it, should I find the secret doctor?”

Akatsuki thought for a while.

“……No need. First, I do not wish to bother you again, secondly, their identities have to remain secret, and cannot be found out by others.”

Akatsuki looked at the two people on the bed.

“You two must have considered this point, so you insisted on waiting till I came back right?”


Miu nodded. The signing of the peace agreement was the ultimate goal of this movement, all the negative effects should be avoided. And Akatsuki had previously used Renkan Keikikou to remove the deadly poison from Zahhark. At that time, he not only dispelled his own body’s poison, but even resolved the inhaled toxins from Miu’s body.

Thus Akatsuki turned and said to Cecily:

“Leave this to me. If you don’t go back, the customer may have to perform a fully nude show.”

“Oh……? Okay, if you say so……If you need any help, don’t forget to notify us.”

“Yes, thanks.”

Akatsuki raised his right hand, and signaled his thanks to the leaving Cecily.

The attic entered into a state of silence.

Akatsuki slowly sat on the chair beside the bed.

“Looking at your troubled appearance……So you want to know about your own true nature?”

“T…That’s not it……”

The heat in their body was unbearable. A crying Miu used a moaning tone to defend herself.

“At that time we only wanted to drink water……Table had a bottle…... Want to say people downstair are all busy, so we do not want to trouble others……This outfit was worn because of Melissa……”

“Actually you don’t have to say anything, I can probably guess what happened. You see, how great this is.”

“Don’t blame her……In fact, it’s all my fault.”

There were a few tears coming from the corner of Haruka’s eyes.

“At first I was the one who saw the bottle……AH! The one who wanted to drink the juice was also me……”

“No, blame me instead. If it wasn’t me who said it was juice inside……AH!”

“You would actually shield each other……Looks like during the time I wasn’t here, your relationship has rapidly progressed.”

Akatsuki suddenly put away his smile.

“——Fine. Even though you didn’t mean it, I’ll help you two relax a bit.”

After saying this, Akatsuki slowly approached the two of them.

“……W…Why do you have to climb into the bed?”

“Silly kids, of course it is to help you remove the poison.”

“……W…Why are you removing our clothes?”

“Silly kids, of course it is to help you two relax a bit.”

“B…But! Can’t Renkan Keikikou control our true ki through clothing? If you only have to activate the true ki within our bodies, even if we are wearing clothes, it shouldn’t matter right?”

Miu’s eyes were almost pleading, but Akatsuki only helplessly scratched the back of his head.

“Yes, that’s true, but the best way is still to use the body’s immunity and resilience to neutralize the toxin. It’s not that I can not activate your bodies’ true ki, but extracting the aphrodisiac out of your body in one go, it will equal to removing the feeling you have right now several times. Not only will it cause a burden on the body, in severe cases, it may even burn out the nervous system or cause a heart attack.”

After saying this, Akatsuki suddenly smiled. It was a beaming smile.

“So I have a more efficient and safe method.”


Bad, the current situation at hand is definitely bad!

Ousawa Miu understood better than anyone else, in this situation, Akatsuki will absolutely not be lenient.

……What can I do? If I do not find a way, we will end up having a miserable fate……!

Storm out of here? But the body cannot use any power, even lifting up their body is a problem.

“W…What do you want to do……?”

Haruka nervously asked. Akatsuki sighed, then stared at an empty spot.
HYnA vol 04 012.jpg

“Do you know what moles represent?”


Ignoring the confused pair, Akatsuki tirelessly talked.

“A mole is a product of rich pigment cells formed together. At the same time, it is a location where true ki can easily hold up. This naturally also includes the aphrodisiac ingredients.”


“Just by sucking out the stagnant true ki, it will naturally activate the true ki to flow, at the same time, allowing the aphrodisiac ingredients to be brought out of the body. It is no doubt the best plan to achieve both.” Okay.

“……I have said enough to understand, now you should have understood.”

Akatsuki solemnly declared to both Miu and Haruka.

“Listen carefully, right now I will locate all the moles on your body, any piece of the skin, any corner, and not sparing any areas. Whether it is the boobs, or the buttocks, or even the inner parts of your thighs are all important locations to find the moles. Once I found the moles, even if it grew at the private parts, I will also suck out the stagnant true ki and the aphrodisiac ingredients out. That’s right, using my mouth.”

Then he deliberately pulled a long face.

“But the moment when I suck out the aphrodisiac, a sense of pleasure that would be enough to shatter your chastity and values would dominate your minds. But you do not have to worry, once I suck twice or thrice, no matter what fear, shame, or even your pointless modesty, all would be thrown into the back of your head.”

Ousawa Akatsuki revealed a compassionate expression.

“To race against time, you two would have to go in turns. The stimulation of continuous sucking would be too strong, you would not be able to resist it. Now get back the spirit you had earlier of encourage each other, and bravely hang on until the end. I will later use all my concentration to search for the moles on your bodies, and would not be able to remember every location of the mole. The same location may be possibly sucked twice, so you have to bear with it.”

“Huh, W…Wait a minute……”

“S…Shouldn’t there be another method?”

Miu and Haruka desperately resisted, but Akatsuki exposed a malicious smile.

“——Very sorry, this is the only way.”

A clear-cut response.

“And you two have been shedding painful tears, it made me distressed so I must immediately relieve you two.”

“T…This feeling is indeed painful, but it absolutely is not sorrowful tears!”

Haruka hurriedly denied. Akatsuki, seeing this, deliberately pressed the corner of her eyes.

“Why pretend? Your expressions have already been so sad, there’s no need to act strong.”

“Do not continue to pretend! You obviously know everything!”

Facing Miu’s protests, Akatsuki quietly nodded.

“Yes, I really understood your pain.”

No one can stop Akatsuki. Filled with many emotions, the rogue hero had already prepared for his attack. Ousawa Akatsuki’s aesthetics, ACTIVE!

“——Do not be nervous, I’ll make you two relax a bit.”

Seeing Akatsuki’s demonic palms heading towards them, Miu desperated struggled in the bed, attempting to escape her expected danger.

But her shoulder was pressed down by Akatsuki. The moment Akatsuki’s palm touched her body, Miu felt a shock surge through her body.


After shouting, her tense body suddenly slumped down.

Akatsuki immediately pulled the two straps down both sides of Miu and directly removed it.


The cloth of the camisole only gently grazed her boobs, but that was enough to make Miu nearly unable to resist it.

Right now, Miu’s voluptuous boobs were naked in front of Akatsuki. Her sweaty skin was bathed under the moonlight, and released a touch of brilliance. Miu could only tightly bite her lower lip to resist the pleasure coming from her boobs.

……Nnnn, just touching the cold air……

It really was impossible to believe it. To Miu, the flow of the air was currently equivalent to a passionate caress.

However, Akatsuki did not have any intention of stopping there.

“Your first location has been decided.”

Akatsuki bowed her head and stared at Miu.

“I’ll begin on the mole between the boobs.”

“H…How is it possible for there to be a mole……”

Miu hurriedly denied.

“If I say there is, then there is one.”

Akatsuki’s tone was completely certain, but Miu could not help but have doubts. Even Miu, herself, did not know that there was a mole in that secret place of hers, how would Akatsuki know?

“——I saw it at when I was helping you try out lingerie previously at the lingerie shop.”

Under these chaotic circumstances, he could still be that leisurely and carefree! Miu could not help but want to rebuke, but she was unable to say a single word. Her body completely could not use power, so it was left to Akatsuki’s mercy.


Even lying on the bed, Miu’s large boobs would not be hanging down to the left and right side. Akatsuki hands could only enter the cleavage, and pushed out the soft white meat balls to the side, revealing the rarely exposed white chest.

“See, there it is……”

Akatsuki’s deep voice made Miu shudder.

……Ah, it really came……

Lifting her head, Akatsuki’s face was slowly approaching her chest, the two lips were even entering the depths of the cleavage and gently sucking Ousawa Miu’s mole.


At that instant, the surrounding sounds suddenly disappeared, even the pleasure that troubled Miu evaporated.

……Huh……? Once was enough to heal it?

Miu froze for a moment, after the feeling of nothingness lasted for a few seconds.

The situation suddenly had a major change.

“Nnnn, a…A…Ahhhhhhhhh——!”

A high-pitched scream. The word “pleasure” already could not be used to describe this unknown feeling that clashed within Miu’s body. Miu unconsciously hugged onto Akatsuki, attempting to find a point where she could use some strength for her uncontrollable body. Seeing her hands wrapped around Akatsuki’s body, her legs clenched onto Akatsuki’s waist, as if saying that she would not let go. However, the trembling within her body did not stop, but instead she enjoyed an endless torrent of pleasure. The unforgettable pleasure was deeply engraved into her heart. Ousawa Miu only noticed now that it could only temporarily remove the feelings, the reason behind is the stormy pleasure had already gone beyond the limits of her perceiving it. Now under Akatsuki’s stimulus, her sensitivity had increased dramatically. Now, Miu’s body only truly understood what a supreme pleasure is.

……So that’s it……

Ousawa Miu already knew that her body was completely opened by Akatsuki, it was no longer the original her. Miu’s body had already remembered this more intense, deeper pleasure.

……W…What can I do……If this continues on……

Just when her sense of shame emerged in her heart, another large wave of pleasure engulfed her.

This fearful sweet pleasure made Miu’s body tremble constantly. Her huge boobs were also producing seismic waves on the surface.

“A…Ahhhhhhhhh……Fuuuu! E….EhhhAhhhhhhh!”

While she was moaning sweetly, Ousawa Miu had to face the reality in front of her eyes. What Akatsuki said was correct, in this world, there exists a pleasure that is beyond common sense and concept. Today, Miu’s misty eyes were looking at Akatsuki who brought her to this unknown new world. Only to see Akatsuki reveal a calm smile.

“You’ve worked hard, the first location has ended.”


Miu gasped. Yes, things haven’t ended yet, it has only just begun.

……The same experience……has to be repeated several times right……?

The situation is not good. If it continues on, her body will have problems. Even a resigned sigh would become a sweet moan.

While her body was being cradled by pleasure, the confused Miu suddenly remembered one thing.

……Right, the next turn is Haruka.

At least there was a temporary break. At the beginning, Miu hated that she could not end everything instantly. But right now, Miu sincerely hoped that Akatsuki could use a bit more time on Haruka’s body, delaying her turn—the longer, the better.

Her entire body being dominated by pleasure, Nanase Haruka clearly heard her own heartbeat.

In her confused state, her mind pictured Miu after being sucked by Akatsuki, she could not help but moan and hum emotionally.

Her flirtatious expression and her wriggling body.

Seeing all this, Haruka could not help but tremble slightly.

……I will also become like this......?

Haruka clearly understood that in order to extract the ingredients of the aphrodisiac, this was a method that she had to do, but she could not suppress the fear in her heart. In fact, during the situation when Miu and her were comforting each other, Haruka had already achieved an unprecedented pleasure. If now she would go through Akatsuki’s catalyst, who knows what will become of her in the end.

But her entire body was filled with a sweet fragrance. Not only did it strip away Nanase Haruka’s thinking abilities, it even made her indulge in a dream-like kingdom of pleasure.

“——Kept you waiting, vice president. Next is your turn.”

Akatsuki slowly climbed up.

“During the glimpse at Forestnium……If I remember correctly, the inside of your left thigh had a mole right?”


Haruka bit her lower lip, and shyly looked away. What Akatsuki said was correct, Haruka also knew that there was a mole there. This moment of silence undoubtedly represented that she admitted it.

Thus Akatsuki touched Haruka’s knees.

……! He only touched my knees, why is……!

Why is there such a strong feeling? Ignoring Haruka’s surprise, Akatsuki slowly separated her legs. Haruka attempted to clamp her legs tightly, to defend her very last line of defense, but her legs continued to open more and more, as if she did not even mean to resist.


A powerless moan came out from Haruka’s mouth. She had never known that she could actually issue such a weak and such an ecstatic sound. Her legs were quickly separated completely by Akatsuki. Haruka did not have the ability to resist.

Right now, she was showing an unimaginably lewd posture. Even she did not know herself, and was lying completely naked in front of Akatsuki. This was a whole new side to Nanase Haruka.

“Okay, let’s begin.”

Akatsuki’s face slowly entered the depths of Haruka’s legs, a private place that did not allow outsiders to infringe upon. Right now this holy area was being invaded slowly by Akatsuki.

“D…Don’t look……”

Nanase Haruka knew what state her panties were in, and also understood what this state represented.

However, Akatsuki shook his head.

“Sorry, I can’t close my eyes. If I did it in the wrong spot, it is equal to doing nothing. You should be able to understand right?”


Haruka tightly bit her lower lip and closed both her eyes. Since she could not escape from Akatsuki’s eyesight, then she could only choose to pretend to not see anything. Then Haruka stretched out both her heads against Akatsuki’s head, attempting to block Akatsuki from entering further. However, Haruka’s resistance was far too weak, it basically could not prevent Akatsuki’s slow invasion.

……If this continues, doesn’t it look like……

It looks like she actively requested Akatsuki to enter. Haruka’s true meaning was to resist Akatsuki, but this was only her method of attempting to persuade herself, but it was not what she truly felt. In fact, even Akatsuki’s breath already made Haruka enter ecstasy.


While she quietly moaned, Haruka clearly felt that the feeling within her body was gradually warming up. Her belly felt a bit hot, it must be the temperature from Akatsuki.

“Found it……”

Akatsuki’s voice entered her ears. Haruka could not help but gasp, then the next moment, Haruka, who had her eyes closed, only felt an empty feeling.


Haruka could not help but open her eyes. Her field of vision was still completely blank.

Then Haruka remembered, before Miu, who had her boobs kissed by Akatsuki, also had a brief empty feeling before she issued out waves of ecstasy.

……Could it be?

At this moment, an unimaginable powerful pleasure engulfed Nanase Haruka.


Nanase Haruka could not help but open her mouth. She opened her throat but was almost unable to make the slightest sound. Her entire body’s pores seemed to be filled with a sweet pleasure. Haruka unconsciously clinged onto Akatsuki’s head. She only wanted to find a location where she could use some strength, but instead made Akatsuki’s face enter her private spot, causing an even more intense pleasure.

“I…Iiiiiiiiii Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Nanase Haruka cried out aloud. Her upper body arched upwards, and her figure violently trembled.

This pleasure was able to deprive her of all her thinking abilities and even make her forget who she was.

Under Akatsuki’s guidance, Nanase Haruka stepped into an ecstasy level where people can forget about themselves.


After a period of time, the residual pleasures in her body were completely used up, bringing Haruka back to the real world.

Her field of vision gradually became clearer.


Haruka’s throat let out a meaningless moan. Akatsuki quietly stared at the completely spaced out Haruka.

“Good work, Rest for a bit.”

Akatsuki’s deep, gentle voice entered her ears, and spread slowly throughout her body.

Nanase Haruka was immersed in sweet happiness and slowly closed her eyes.

Ousawa Akatsuki looked at the Miu and Haruka, who were both in trance, and contentedly announced to the two of them:

“Listen carefully. That was just the first time, so I specifically gave some mercy, in case you couldn’t bear it. Next I won’t take it easy, so it will absolutely be more intense than just now. Your bodies shouldn’t have recovered yet, so you could only endure it.”

Miu and Haruka did not even have the strength to answer.

The night had just began for the two of them.

Several days later, some customers who visited Melissa’s brothel on that day all mentioned one thing in unison.

That night at the attic, time to time, came moans and cries that did not exist in this world.

Until the gray dawn sky had appeared, the sweet sounds never ended.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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  3. Sound of door opening(ガチャ)
  4. ロドリゲス Not sure who the LN is referring for this.
  5. Both should be Muscular Video Game Characters
  6. I'm assuming it means that it should originally cover 75% of her bust, but Miu's boobs were too big so it could only cover 50%.
  7. Means the top employee, usually getting the most sales
  8. Probably needs a new term, in Chinese, a person’s 小兄弟 is basically little brother, but it is a slang for dick.
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