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Prologue - You Have Early Morning Company[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It's a refreshing warmth.

The bed sheets are absorbing the heat from the sun. Undoubtedly this is the closest thing to human paradise these days.

Wrapped in the warming heat, anyone would wish to indulge themselves in it.

"Ah ......"

Listy ‧ El ‧ Da ‧ Sherfied's awareness is still hazy.

Half asleep and half awake, she feels calm and relaxed.

Listy is continuing to bask in it - sincerely hoping this bliss would never end.

However, past experience clearly tells Listy that this desire can never be achieved.

That is because her chief maid Valkyria will soon awaken Listy.

The meticulous maid has no room for compromises, not only does she completely control Listy's bedtime, but always at the exact same time wakes up the sleeping Listy to the second.

The cold-blooded woman, I wish she'd catch hypo-tension – however is low blood pressure a disease?

At this moment, Valkyria's appearance painfully crosses Listy's still sleepy mind.


Laughing under her breath, Listy closes her eyes.

...... Wait a minute, not like this.

Continuing to stay in bed under her warm blanket that will surely be ripped opened.

Listy simply grabbed the blanket to cover her head.

Then she shrank her body inside the blanket, thus completing preparations to resist foreign enemies.

Hmmm, see? It is impossible to break through this kind of impenetrable defensive formation.

Bring it on you cold-blooded woman. I will never succumb to threat of force, today I am going to beat you.

In the eyes of others, she clearly gave a "do not disturb" look.

Listy maintained the same posture for several minutes.

After waiting a while for Valkyria's attack, Listy is slightly surprised and pokes her head out from the bedding.

Suddenly a strange room appears before her.

"Huh ......?"

Listy winks her sleepy eyes awake. Where is this place?

"Come to think of it, I came with Akatsuki ... ..."

After muttering, Listy sat up in bed.

She just remembered where she is.

Right, this is Akatsuki's home, and also Akatsuki's world.

Listy's world is the alternate world - Alayzard. Looking around this home there is no doubt that she is in a "different world".

Not long ago, Listy was Alayzard's young Queen from the magical kingdom of Sherfied.

Listy met Akatsuki five years ago, when she was still the Princess of Sherfied.

Akatsuki was summoned from this world to the one called Alayzard. On both occasions he saved Alayzard.

The first time, he became the "rogue hero" after overthrowing the Demon King Garius.

The second time, he became the new Demon King and resolved the extinction crisis the Demons faced, then helped shape a post-war peace.

Listy is well aware of Akatsuki's accomplishments throughout Alayzard and how much of an undertaking it was.

However Akatsuki never boasted about his exploits, or the great effort it took. He considered it to be proper and to be expected as a matter of course.

Listy became fascinated with Akatsuki because of that. When Akatsuki was going to leave Alayzard again, Listy also returned together with him to this world.

Until the last minute, Listy remained reluctant to express her feelings to Akatsuki.

But Akatsuki sensed Listy's desire of not wanting to be split between worlds again.

That is reason why Listy ‧ El ‧ Da ‧ Sherfied is now here.

...... Wrong.

Listy shook her head, and took a deep breath.

She is no longer Sherfied's Queen. Starting today, Listy no longer has to worry about their positions, and can pursue her feelings for Akatsuki. However, this kind of feeling is all new to her, and Listy can't forget her beloved country.

Her new name is Listy • Sherfied. Born in the magical Kingdom of Sherfied, who after coming to this world became just an ordinary girl.

"You say Akatsuki, huh ... ...? ”

After lightly speaking, Listy folded her arms, tightly embracing her pajamas. Listy is wearing Akatsuki's cotton v-neck t-shirt.

Listy didn't expected to actually go to this world, therefore she doesn't have any other clothing at hand and had to borrow one of Akatsuki's t-shirts to use as pajamas.

She hugged her body, Akatsuki's t-shirt fit snugly against her skin just like being held in his arms. Listy can vaguely feel Akatsuki's warmth.

Some time later, Listy gave off a big happy smile. She sat up quietly on the bed.

"Ah ......"

After softly nodding, Listy opened her eyes and slowly got down off the bed.

Then she starts walking towards Akatsuki's room.

Today - starting from today Listy is going to follow her feelings for Akatsuki.

Today Akatsuki's day must start with the sound of Listy's voice.

After making it to the hallway, Listy headed towards Akatsuki's room.

The morning air contained a slight chill tickling her thigh.

This ticklish feeling reminds Listy about her shameless appearance, her lower half was only covered by underwear.

However Listy doesn't stop, instead a smile floats in place.

..... I seem to be more and more open-minded.

Even if Akatsuki saw her appearance now, Listy wouldn't have minded.

This represents the degree of which the distance between Listy and Akatsuki has shortened.

Quietly reaching Akatsuki's room, Listy took a deep breath and leans her hand on door.

Listy doesn't knock on the door, in order to prevent Akatsuki from being awakened by the noise of a knock.

Akatsuki must be awakened by her voice, and not the sound of knocking on the door.

Therefore Listy softly opens the door and enters the room, trying as much as possible to not make a sound.

Inside the room stood a bed. Positive that Akatsuki was lying on the bed, Listy tiptoed to the bed, and carefully took measure of Akatsuki's appearance.

Akatsuki's body is covered by a thin sheet, his robust muscles clearly visible. Akatsuki's chest is faintly moving up and down according to his breathing. It looks to Listy like Akatsuki is sound asleep.


As Akatsuki's serene sleeping posture came into view, Listy's heart became overwhelmed with happiness, and she couldn't help but softly say:

"Akatsuki...... Thank you for bringing me to this world ......"

As soon as the Akatsuki opened his eyes, Listy found it exceedingly difficult to stay calm.

While taking advantage of the situation she said thank you to him.

- After a period of time ......

Akatsuki was just staring at Listy, and then suddenly she moved closer to him. Her golden hair around her shoulders suddenly poured down onto Akatsuki, almost covering his face. Listy gently pushes aside her long hair with her hand, and slowly moves her lips closer. The goal isn't Akatsuki's lips, but his ear.

As of now Listy doesn't have the courage to kiss Akatsuki.... But –

...... Someday, I will ......

Secretly making up her mind, Listy approaches Akatsuki's ear and whispers.

After all, Akatsuki's day should begin with the sound of her voice.

"Morning Akatsuki. Time to get out of bed."

Responding to Listy's wake up call, Akatsuki slowly opens his eyes.

After finding Listy standing beside the bed... ...

"Oh ...... you specifically came to wake me up?"

Akatsuki smiled and at the same time sat up straight.

The sheets covering his body suddenly fell off Akatsuki's body as he sat up.

As soon as Akatsuki's bare upper body was revealed, Listy's cheeks became bright red and she quickly turned her head to the side.

"It's umm, I'm thankful ...... Huh?"

She stops halfway through, Listy sees something unbelievable.

Listy is involuntarily stunned as to what popped up from under the sheets.

"Er ......? What's wrong?"

Akatsuki had a puzzled look——

The peacefully sleeping Miu was clinging to Akatsuki's body.

Part 2[edit]

Listy's complexion changed immediately.

After all, what's going on? Akatsuki scratched the back of his head.

....This shouldn't be one of those out of date early morning salutes...right?

Akatsuki looked down at his lower body.

Right on cue, his soldier displayed a man's indomitable spirit, that is always ready to go to war.

However, Ousawa Akatsuki unexpectedly doesn't want her to misunderstand, furthermore doesn't think there's anything wrong with it. It's actually more of a natural physiological phenomenon, proof that he is a healthy man and not a taboo. So there is no need to feel ashamed.

Pulling back the bed sheets allowed her to have a good look. After making up his mind, Akatsuki raised his head to look at Listy.

However Listy's eyes didn't drop down to Akatsuki's waist.

Judging from Listy's stiff expression, she apparently seems to have another reason.

Consequently, Akatsuki re-examined the present situation. It wasn't Listy's first time being acquainted with Akatsuki. She knew that Akatsuki doesn't like to wear clothes when sleeping, so there is nothing to make a fuss about.

Miu next to him is clearly wearing pajamas, and her waist is covered with her panties. Although the first few buttons on her pajamas have become untied, it shouldn't surprise Listy to such an extent.

Everything is normal, where is the problem?

Suddenly, A thought crossed through Akatsuki's mind, and his lips immediately revealed a confident smile.

"Haha, I got it! Must be my hair is out of control like a Super Saiyan, right?"

At this time -

"...... Uh? Miu?"

Akatsuki looked at the sleeping girl, at the same time said the girl's name.

"- Ah ...... ah ...... huha Good morning."

After rubbing her eyes, Miu sat up on the bed.

Miu appeared to have an innocent expression and simply kneeled on top the bed. She stretch out both of her hands and slightly bent her back. This posture emphasized her massive boobs even more and caused them to slightly shake. The open pajama buttons further accentuated her figure, giving her astonishing destructive power.

......First thing in the morning to witness such a nosebleed scene......

Akatsuki couldn't help thinking that.

Opening his eyes because of Listy's soft wake up call, closely followed by Miu displaying her impressive boob attack.

Today certainly is my lucky day.

-But that said...why did Miu get into my bed?

From the beginning Miu stayed in the room that Akatsuki's little sister used.

However yesterday after returning from Alayzard, Listy had temporarily moved into that room. With regards to space, two people living in the room is absolutely not a problem. The real problem is the bed. While in Alayzard Miu and Listy could have both slept on the bed, but unfortunately this bed is a lot smaller, so someone would be forced to sleep on the floor. It seems that Miu gave the bed to Listy, forcing her to sleep of the floor. However that kind of thing can't continue. Replacing the single bed with a bunk bed seemed to be top priority.

- Why didn't she suggest that I buy a bunk bed for her earlier?

.....Well, isn't this fine.

No matter what the reason is, it wouldn't change the fact that Miu wanted to sleep in the same bed as Akatsuki.

In that case, Akatsuki naturally doesn't have a reason to refuse.

.....Besides last night nothing should have happened.

If Akatsuki had lost his head while sleeping, and if he did whatever he wanted... ...

For the next three days, I'm afraid Miu will be in a state of heaven the entire time, and not even able to stand up.

Thus Ousawa Akatsuki is now certain about the current situation, that there aren't any problems.

"Akatsuki, take a minute.”

Listy's shoulders trembled.

"Why, how do you want me to dress?”

"I want you to come over here!”

In her rage Listy pinched Akatsuki's ear and dragged him out of the room.

Part 3[edit]

After Akatsuki and Listy left the room, immediately Listy's voice could be heard from outside the door lecturing Akatsuki.

Miu can't help but sigh in relief.

"It's okay ... ..."

Thinking of her disheveled appearance, Miu blushed and quickly fasten her buttons up on her pajamas.

Until now, everything was going smoothly.

--In Ousawa Miu's heart –- lies a little-known secret -- strictly speaking, it should be her secret to happiness, and that is her admiration for Ousawa Akatsuki. No matter what happens she is unable to shake this kind of feeling.

However, the relationship between Miu and Akatsuki is extremely complex.

For Ousawa Miu this is an unfamiliar alternate world. Miu's native world is Alayzard, and her real name is Myuu.

In addition, Miu's status in Alayzard, is the Demon King's beloved only daughter.

Miu's father--is Alayzard Demon King, Garius. That's right, it's the Demon King that Akatsuki overthrew. Exactly, Garius's daughter is Miu.

As for the reason why the Demon King's daughter is living with Akatsuki in this world, Miu certainly has a reason for it. In fact, her father Garius's dying words.

"If a person that can defeat me appears, from that point on, you should follow him and live with him."

Thus Akatsuki brought about her father Garius's last wish.

Akatsuki concealed this from his comrades and secretly brought Miu to this world. At the same time the whereabouts of his little sister were unknown. Allowing Miu to use her name and identity, he helped her start a completely new life in this world.

Yet for Miu, Akatsuki remained a foe who killed her father.

Therefore she can't help but reminisce about past events.

....At first I hated that man to the bone, so much so that I wished to kill him.

However, after living together for some time, Miu gradually loosened the knots in her heart.

The main reason was Akatsuki's never give up attitude. He is brave enough to own the fact he killed Garius, and he accepted the hatred in Miu's heart. Not only did he genuinely accept Miu, furthermore he repeatedly saved Miu from crises and even confronted the assassin from Alayzard. He won't give up on her.

What is most important, Akatsuki claimed that "Miu belongs here".

At that time Miu became aware of her feelings for Akatsuki.

After the two once again returned to Alayzard. In order to save the Demons from crisis, Akatsuki chose to fight his old comrades. After learning that, Miu's feelings for Akatsuki intensified. This feeling called "liking" is almost overflowing from her chest.

"It's known as a crush ... ...? ”

Trying to find the words to describe her feelings, Miu can't help but smile wryly.

--But because of this, she will never give Akatsuki to Listy.

Ousawa Miu is very clear, Listy also holds exactly the same feelings for Akatsuki.

That is also a given. Thinking back on Listy's former position and how see dealt with her bad situation, and how Akatsuki was always at her side, there aren't any reasons for her not to like Akatsuki. Learning this fact a few days ago, surely must have deepened her feelings for Akatsuki. Snuggled against Akatsuki and letting out her tears, she was just like Miu, just like a girl incapable of not liking Akatsuki.

Deciding to bring Listy to this world, was none other than Akatsuki.

However, Mui had no objections to Akatsuki's decision. After all, this is Akatsuki style of doing things, so his decision was a given. Further, if Akatsuki had abandoned Listy while she was weeping like a heartless man, Miu would probably not be so attracted to him.

The most significant point rests with Miu, and how she empathizes with Listy's plight. Although both situations were different, the fact is that their fates to leave their native homes for this world were the same. Now that two people felt the same way for Akatsuki, Miu just wanted to leave the past behind them and get along in this world.

After all, Akatsuki must protect both Miu and Listy, not just one of them.

....If a conflict between us is tantamount to betraying the faith of that person.

That is a situation Miu desperately hopes to avoid.

However Miu cannot watch with folded arms and do nothing. After all Listy has already spent several years together with Akatsuki, but Miu only knew Akatsuki for several months.

Of course, the intensity of feelings and the length of time are unrelated. Miu doesn't think Listy's feelings for Akatsuki are inferior to hers, but as to whether her feelings surpassed Listy's, she doesn't have that kind of self-confidence.

Feelings built over time are very scary. Akatsuki and Listy must have experience many situations together that Miu is unaware of, creating an inseparably close relationship that's difficult for anyone to shake.

Ousawa Miu calmly judged the situation. Perhaps before Listy starts to fight over Akatsuki she could be considered as the ultimate winner, but the present situation is still very unfavorable for her. Since it is this way, now what should she do? The answer is simple, to try hard to catch up at once. In short, it is to compensate for disadvantages in other ways. In order to achieve this goal, Miu secretly made up her mind.

......It doesn't hurt to be daring......!

Love is a war, resorting to force is necessary.

Thus Miu formulated a battle plan. Precisely, the plan was to infiltrate Akatsuki's bed. This battle plan required considerable courage. Past experience told Miu that when Akatsuki is half asleep he was like a dangerous beast, and if by chance history repeats itself again, heaven knows what would happen in the end. As a result, Miu embraced extreme determination to infiltrate Akatsuki's bed, and her heart would also have to be ready to face the worst situation that may occur.

Thankfully Akatsuki was sleeping soundly and was not aware of Miu's infiltration. It can be said that Miu's battle plan was perfectly executed. Unraveling the first few buttons on her pajamas for Akatsuki to see, without a doubt that was just one part of the battle plan.

"Practice makes perfect......"

In fact Miu infiltrated Akatsuki's bed before, and in her room she practiced a few times.

In short, she stationed a mirror in front of her to arrange the perfect posture.

After repeated practice she finally master it, she found a safe boundary between fully clothed and fully exposed and even considered the best time to sneak in. Saying "Oh Oh" or "Oh Oh Oh Oh" both wont do. "Oh Oh Oh" is just right, increasing an "Oh" will be too long, and reducing "Oh" will be too short. This kind of faintly discernible cry can have the biggest impact on him.

The magazines that Chikage often reads also write about how important the above-mentioned behavior is. This outstanding talent can tantalize the highest state of a man.

Miu was satisfied that the battle plan was successful. Listy nagging lecture is the best proof. After listening carefully, it seemed that Listy required Akatsuki to sit seiza on the floor behind the door.

Indeed befitting Sherfied's former Queen, Listy style is really majestic. To her surprise she made the stark-naked Akatsuki kneel on the spot.

But now, Miu finally overcame some disadvantages.

Although the operation succeeded, Miu didn't come out unscathed.

...... Re-really major change......

Miu heard about a man's physiological phenomena in the morning, but today was the first time to see it with her own eyes.

A man's body was mysterious, like the wonders of the world -- while remembering the scene, Miu couldn't refrain from blushing.

Actually Miu didn't have the intention of peeping. The reason why she opened her eyes a little was to keep herself awake, in order to prevent herself from accidentally falling asleep, that's all.

After some time, Miu was gradually becoming accustomed to the darkness under the sheets and she discovered that ominous thing out of the corner of her eye. After identifying the thing's true identity, Miu almost screamed and ran out the door. However for the purpose of sticking to the plan, she forced herself to remain on the battlefield. Fortunately witnessing Akatsuki naked many times in the past to a certain extent also produced immunity. Like the frame of mind of a sniper carrying out a mission who suddenly discovers a viper in his ambush spot, only probably much worse than that.

......Hur-hurry up and forget about that image......!

The plan had barely started when immediately her mood changed. In order to bridge the gap between Listy and herself, the battle plan's next phase must also be carried out. However Miu is confident in herself, after all Listy is unable to face up to her own feelings. At this point, undoubtedly Miu is temporarily in the leading position, but Listy catching up was only a matter of time. Only when both of them are neck and neck, and not until then, will an agreement be proposed to Listy.

An agreement concerning Ousawa Akatsuki.

Miu therefore made up her mind. Through the door came the sound of punches striking the human body. Listy presumably is trying to kill him.

Make steady footsteps and proceed with caution. Love is like a war, at any time there might be an emergency situation.

In order to defend the place where she feels she belongs, this is a must win war.

Ousawa Miu - must go to war!

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Hey, What am I in your heart?

Akatsuki, what are you to me?

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