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Volume 1 Cover

Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) is a light novel series written by author Mizue Tani and illustrated by artist Asako Takaboshi. The series is published by Shueisha in the Cobalt magazine. The series has currently 33 volumes (April 2014).

Story Synopsis[edit]

Victorian England: Lydia Carlton is a Fairy Doctor, one of the few gifted to see fairies. Her quiet life changes rapidly as she meets Edgar J.C Ashenbert the legendary Blue Knight Earl.


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  • 2nd May 2010
    • Hakushaku to Yousei teaser project initiated.

The Hakushaku to Yousei series by Mizue Tani[edit]


Volume 1: He Is an Elegant Scoundrel[edit]

Volume 2: Beware of the Sweet Trap[edit]

Volume 3:Gentle With Thy Proposal[edit]

  • Chapter 1:A Bridegroom for the Fairy Queen.
  • Chapter 2:The Disturbance at the Ball
  • Chapter 3:The Scarlet Moon, the White Moon
  • Chapter 4:The Spy from the Robin Hood's Gang of Thieves
  • Chapter 5:The Released Archer's Arrow
  • Chapter 6:The Blue Knight Earl's Blood
  • Chapter 7:A Promise with a Liar
  • Afterwords

Volume 4:A Ghost as A Lover[edit]

  • Chapter 1: The Earl's Naughty Lie
  • Chapter 2: The Secret Art of Resurrection
  • Chapter 3: Gatherers at the Ancient Battlefield
  • Chapter 4: The Sea and Selkies
  • Chapter 5: Just a Little More to Fall in Love
  • Chapter 6: The Mystery of the Fortress
  • Chapter 7: The Dream of the Aquamarine
  • Afterwords

Volume 5:With Love to the Cursed Diamond[edit]

  • Chapter 1:The Earl is the root of misfortune
  • Chapter 2:Daydream and Nightmare
  • Chapter 3:The Legend of the Royal Family
  • Chapter 4:Crissed-Crossing feelings
  • Chapter 5:The beautiful Harem princess
  • Chapter 6:The golin's maze
  • Chapter 7:Stronger than a Diamond
  • Chapter 8:A Silent presentiment
  • Afterwords

Volume 6:The Exchanged Princess[edit]

  • Chapter 1:Anguish of an adulterer
  • Chapter 2:Pirates have come!
  • Chapter 3:The hidden changeling
  • Chapter 4:My true feelings?
  • Chapter 5:Blue Knight Earl's fluorite
  • Chapter 6:The dragon's forest and magical thorns
  • Chapter 7:The promises of the fairy world
  • Afterwords

Volume 7:Tell me the reason of your tears[edit]

  • Chapter 1:The anxiety of being apart
  • Chapter 2:To the island of the merfolk, once again
  • Chapter 3:Bad omen
  • Chapter 4:A lonely night alone
  • Chapter 5:My remaining time
  • Chapter 6:The golden haired noblewoman
  • Chapter 7:In exchange with your life
  • Afterwords

Volume 8:Wait for a Moonlit Night to Elope[edit]

  • Short Story 1: A Fairytale on a Silver

Moon Night

  • Short Story 2: A Fairytale of the Snow


  • Short Story 3: Love fortune-telling, as

you wish

  • Short Story 4: Wait for a Moonlit Night

to Elope

  • Original Short Story: Magic for me to

reach you

Volume 9:A requiem for a goddess[edit]

Volume 10:A star lit on the London Bridge[edit]

Volume 11:Bridal Training at the rose labyrinth[edit]

Volume 12:Lessons on how to win the heart of a gentleman[edit]

Volume 13:Wishing to a crimson knight[edit]

Volume 14:For Whom the sacred land dreams[edit]

Volume 15:Do you believe in the red string of fate?[edit]

Volume 16:A kiss of pledge before dawn[edit]

Volume 17:A fan book for Ladies and Gentlemen[edit]

Volume 18:Magic for a wonderful wedding[edit]

Volume 19:The honeymoon invitation to the magical fortress[edit]

Volume 20:On a moonless night, capture me in the mirrorland[edit]

Series Overview[edit]