High School DxD: Names and Terminology Guidelines

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This page is a list of unique/semi-unique terms and names for translators and editors to maintain consistency with. If anything significant needs to be done, such as any large additions, disputes to listed translations to a term or name, or formatting issues, please feel free to post them at the High School DxD - Names and Terminology discussion thread.

Format Standard

Style of English

All edited translations are to be in British English.

Narrative Tenses

Translators are allowed to use whichever tenses they need, so editors have to fix any errors for tenses when you find one. Narrative tense should be in present tense. Narrative does not mean the character dialogues.


For proper nouns and common nouns or adjectives used as essential parts of proper nouns, the stuttered letters should be capitalised.

Example 1: “Er... B-Buchou, are you here?”

If the stuttering occurs at the beginning of the sentence, then the stuttered letters should be capitalised, regardless of the word's nature.

Example 2: “Eh? B-But, don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

If the stuttering occurs in the middle of the sentence, on a word that isn't a proper noun, a common noun or adjective used as an essential part of proper nouns, then the letters should be in lower case.

Example 3: “I've g-got to p-pick up a new b-book on vampires.”

Japanese Honorifics

Since there are no equivalents to Japanese honorifics in the English language, Japanese honorifics will be kept.

Japanese Loanwords

There are some words in the Japanese language that do not translate into the English language, for such instances it is recommended to keep the Japanese loanword. For example, Torii.

Translation Notes

Akuma means both devil and demon, the Japanese do not differentiate between the two. Similar to how nezumi means both rat/mouse. In lieu of the context in High School DxD which involves a war between Angels vs Fallen Angels vs Devils. We will be using Devil as the official english translation of Akuma. Youkai will substitute for demons like nekomata and etc.

Maken means magic sword, but we're translating it as demon-sword in lieu of the setting of this series.

The Japanese naming standard has the family name followed by first name. For example, Hyoudou Issei. Hyoudou is the family name, while Issei is the first name.


Kuoh Academy(駒王学園, Kuō Gakuen)

Occult Research Club

Hyoudou Issei (兵藤 一誠, Hyōdō Issei) - 2nd year high school student. Holder of the Sacred Gear "Boosted Gear" (Longinus). Former human. Rias's Pawn (x8).

  • Nicknames
    • Ise
    • Sekiryuutei (The Red Dragon Emperor)
    • Chichiryuutei (The Bust Dragon Emperor)
    • Oppai Dragon (Boob Dragon)
    • Harem King

Rias Gremory (リアス・グレモリー, Riasu Guremorī) - 3rd year high school student. Daughter of a High Class family. King of the Occult Research Club.

  • Nicknames
    • Buchou (President)
    • Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess
    • Princess of Destruction
    • Switch Princess
    • Crimson Bust Princess
    • Rias-oneesama
    • Onee-sama

Asia Argento (アーシア・アルジェント, Āshia Arujento) - 2nd year high school student. Former human. Holder of the Sacred Gear "Twilight Healing". Rias's Bishop.

  • Nicknames
    • The Holy Priestess

Himejima Akeno (姫島 朱乃, Himejima Akeno) - 3rd year high school student. Former human/fallen angel hybrid. Rias's Queen.

  • Nicknames
    • Priestess of Thunder
    • The Ultimate Sadist
    • Priestess of Thunder and Light
    • Akeno-san

Kiba Yuuto (木場 祐斗, Kiba Yūto) - 2nd year high school student. Former human. Holder of the Sacred Gear "Sword Birth". Rias's Knight.

  • Nicknames
    • Prince Charming
    • Kiba-kun

Toujou Koneko (塔城 小猫, Tōjō Koneko) 1st year high school student. Former nekomata. Rias's Rook.

  • Nicknames
    • Shirone
    • Hellcat

Xenovia Quarta (ゼノヴィア・クァルタ, Zenovia Kwaruta) - 2nd year high school student. Wielder of the holy sword Durandal. Former human. Rias's Knight.

Gasper Vladi (ギャスパー・ヴラディ, Gyasupā Vuradi) - 1st year high school student. Holder of the Scared Gear "Forbidden Balor View". Former human/vampire hybrid. Rias's Bishop (Mutation Piece).

  • Nicknames
    • Gya-suke
    • Gya-kun

Rossweisse (ロスヴァイセ, Rosuvaise) - Teacher at Kuoh Academy, same age as Ise. Former Valkyrie. Rias's Rook.

Irina Shidou (紫藤 イリナ, Shidō Irina) - 2nd year high school student. Former human. Michael's Ace.

  • Nicknames
    • Angel-chan (Tenshi-chan)
    • Self-Proclaimed Childhood friend

Ravel Phoenix (レイヴェル・フェニックス, Reiveru Fenikkusu) - Riser's younger sister, and the daughter from House of Phoenix.

  • Nicknames
    • Bird Girl
    • Grilled Chicken Girl (Yakitori Musume)

Azazel (アザゼル, Azazeru) - The former Governor of the fallen-angels that has 12 Black Wings. The Hell Teacher in Kuoh Academy and the Advising Teacher of Occult Research club.

  • Nicknames
    • Governor (Before his resignation)

Student Council

Sona Sitri (ソーナ・シトリー, Sōna Shitorī) - Student Council President of Kuoh Academy, 3rd year high school student. Next heir of the Sitri house, Rias's childhood friend. Her real name is Sona Sitri, while Souna Shitori is her alias at Kuoh Academy.

  • Nicknames
    • Kaichou (President)
  • Aliases
    • Shitori Souna (支取 蒼那, Shitori Sōna)

Shinra Tsubaki (真羅 椿姫, Shinra Tsubaki) - Student Council Vice President, 3rd year high school student. Holder of the Sacred Gear "Mirror Alice" (追憶の鏡 (ミラー・アリス), Mirā Arisu). Sona's Queen.

Saji Genshirou (匙 元士郎, Saji Genshirō)- Student Council Secretary, 2nd year high school student. Begins with possessing one of Vritra's Sacred Gears, "Absorption Line" (黒い龍脈 (アブソープション・ライン), Abusōpushon Rain). Sona's Pawn (x4).

Yura Tsubasa (由良 翼紗, Yura Tsubasa) - 2nd year high school student. Close combat specialist. Looks like a taller version of Xenovia in appearance. Sona's Rook.

Meguri Tomoe (巡 巴柄 Meguri Tomoe) - 2nd year high school student. Described as being slim. Hails from a family specializing in destroying evil spirits. Sona's Knight.

Hanakai Momo (花戒 桃, Hanakai Momo) - 2nd year high school student. Was given white hair by the anime, and appears in the Volume 5 illustrations holding a blood pack. Sona's Bishop.

Kusaka Reya (草下 憐耶, Kusaka Reya) - 2nd year high school student. Has pig-tails. Sona's Bishop.

Nimura Ruruko (仁村 留流子, Nimura Ruruko) - 1st year high school student. Appeared with Saji in the Volume 5 Rating Game and is depicted in the illustration with Koneko. Sona's Pawn.

Other Students

Matsuda (松田) - One of Ise's best friends that make up the perverted trio. Stated to be a lolicon.

  • Nicknames
    • Perverted Baldy
    • Sexual Harassment Paparazzi

Motohama (元浜) - One of Ise's best friends that make up the perverted trio. Has the ability to calculate a female's BWH sizes just by looking.

  • Nicknames
    • Perverted Glasses
    • Three Sizes Scouter

Kiryuu Aika (桐生 藍華, Kiryū Aika) - Asia's friend. Has the ability to calculate a male's "manhood" size just by looking.

Abe Kiyome (安倍 清芽, Abe Kiyome) - 3rd year student. Captain of the school's Tennis Club and also a beast tamer.

  • Nicknames
    • The Beast Tamer

Hoderi Yukihiko (火照幸彦, Hoderi Yukihiko) - Elementary sixth grade student. A member of Sona's team in the Rating Game World Tournament.


Four Great Satans(Yondai-Maou)

Sirzechs Lucifer (サーゼクス・ルシファー, Sāzekusu Rushifā) - Originally from the House of Gremory. Rias's older brother.

  • Nicknames
    • Crimson Satan
    • Satan Red (Maou Red)

Serafall Leviathan (セラフォルー・レヴィアタン, Seraforū Reviatan) - Originally from the House of Sitri. Souna's older sister.

  • Nicknames
    • Maou Shoujo (Satan Girl)
    • Satan Pink (Maou Pink)

Ajuka Beelzebub (アジュカ・ベルゼブブ, Ajuka Beruzebubu) - Originally from the House of Astaroth. Diodora's older brother. Creator of the Evil Pieces system.

  • Nicknames
    • Satan Blue (Maou Blue)

Falbium Asmodeus (ファルビウム・アスモデウス, Farubiumu Asumodeusu) - Originally from the House of Glasya-Labolas.

  • Nicknames
    • Satan Green (Maou Green)

72 Pillars

Names with slash in them are extinct household (Though some of them have descendants alive by breeding with humans).

  • Bael
  • Agares
  • Vassago
  • Gamigin
  • Marbas
  • Valefor
  • Amon
  • Barbatos
  • Paimon
  • Buer
  • Gusion
  • Sitri
  • Beleth
  • Leraje
  • Eligos
  • Zepar
  • Botis
  • Bathin
  • Sallos
  • Purson
  • Marax
  • Ipos
  • Aim
  • Naberius
  • Glasya-Labolas
  • Buné
  • Ronové
  • Berith
  • Astaroth
  • Forneus
  • Foras
  • Asmoday
  • Gäap
  • Furfur
  • Marchosias
  • Stolas
  • Phoenix
  • Halphas
  • Malphas
  • Raim
  • Focalor
  • Wepal
  • Sabnock
  • Shax
  • Viné
  • Bifrons
  • Uvall
  • Häagenti
  • Crocell
  • Furcas
  • Balam
  • Alocer
  • Caim
  • Murmur
  • Orobas
  • Gremory
  • Ose
  • Amy
  • Oriax
  • Vapula
  • Zagan
  • Valac
  • Andras
  • Flauros
  • Andrealphus
  • Cimeries
  • Amduscias
  • Belial
  • Decarabia
  • Seere
  • Dantalion
  • Andromalius

House of Bael

Sairaorg Bael (サイラオーグ・バアル, Sairaōgu Baaru) - Rias's cousin and the next heir of the Bael house.

  • Nicknames
    • The Great King
    • The Strongest Youth

Misura Bael - Sairaorg's mother. She originally came from House of Vapula.

House of Agares

Seegvaira Agares (シーグヴァイラ・アガレス, Shīguvaira Agaresu) - The next heiress of House of Agares/Arch-Duke.

House of Vassago

Eneely Vassago - Next heiress of House of Vassago. The House of Vassago orginally had good ties with House of Astaroth until their downfall. Due to that, she bears a grudge against Rias and her group.

House of Amon

Iolava Amon - The second son from House of Amon, and Eneely's fiance. Looks down on Low-class devils, but is also perverted. Created a Cerberus which can use long-range Dress Break after witnessing the beauty of Ise's Dress Break.

House of Glasya-Labolas

Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas (ゼファードル・グラシャラボラス, Zefādoru Gurasharaborasu)

House of Astaroth

Diodora Astaroth (ディオドラ・アスタロト, Diodora Asutaroto) - Next heir of House of Astaroth. Antagonist of Volume 6.

House of Phoenix

Riser Phoenix (ライザー・フェニックス, Raizā Fenikkusu) - Rias's first opponent in a rating game and her ex-fiancé. Antagonist of Volume 2.

Lord Phoenix - Riser, Ravel, and Ruval's father and the current Head of House of Phoenix.

Lady Phoenix - Riser, Ravel, and Ruval's mother and the wife of Lord Phoenix.

Ruval Phoenix - Riser, and Ravel's brother. The next heir for the House of Phoenix, and a professional Rating Game player.

House of Gremory

Lord Gremory - Rias and Sirzechs's father. The current Head of House of Gremory.

Venelana Gremory - Rias and Sirzechs's mother, and Lord Gremory's wife. She originally came from House of Bael, therefore the reason why Rias and Sirzechs has inherited the Power of Destruction.

  • Nicknames
    • Brunette Madame of Extinction

Millicas Gremory (ミリキャス・グレモリー, Mirikyasu Guremorī) - Son of Sirzechs and Grayfia.

Grayfia Lucifuge (グレイフィア・ルキフグス, Gureifia Rukifugusu) - Maid of Gremory, Sirzechs' queen and also his wife.

  • Nicknames
    • The Strongest Queen
    • Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation
    • Satan Yellow (Maou Yellow)

Extra Demons


Grigori Leaders

Shemhaza (シェムハザ, Shemuhaza) - Current Governor and former Vice-Governor of the fallen-angels and Grigori. Azazel's right hand.

Baraqiel (バラキエル, Barakieru) - One of the leaders of the fallen-angels and Grigori, and the current Vice-Governor. A friend of Azazel's and Akeno's father. Has 10 wings.

Kokabiel (コカビエル, Kokabieru) - One of the leaders of the fallen-angels and Grigori. Antagonist of Volume 3. Has 10 wings.


Raynare (レイナーレ, Reināre) - Disguises herself as Yuuma-chan and later killed Issei at the end of their date. Antagonist of Volume 1.

  • Aliases
    • Amano Yuuma (天野 夕麻, Amano Yūma)
    • Yuuma-chan

Dohnaseek - A fallen-angel who tried to kill Issei in Volume 1.

Valper Galilei (バルパー・ガリレイ, Barupā Garirei) - Exiled from the Church for conducting human experiments in order to find people compatible with holy swords.

Freed Sellzen (フリード・セルゼン, Furīdo Seruzen) - An exiled exorcist that initially sided with the Fallen-Angels and later joins the Khaos Brigade.

Slash Dog - Possesses the Sacred Gear "Canis Lykaon" and works for the fallen angels.


Four Great Seraphim

Michael (ミカエル, Mikaeru) - The leader of the angels. King of Spades.

Gabriel (ガブリエル, Gaburieru) - Is said to be the most beautiful woman in heaven. King of Hearts.

Uriel - Has the "Holy Fire of God". King of Diamonds.

Raphael - Only named in Volume 2. Yet to appear. King of Clubs.

Brave Saints

Dulio Gesualdo (デュリオ・ジェズアルド, Dyurio Jezuarudo) - Reincarnated as an angel. Joker. Known to be the strongest exorcist ever and possesses the second strongest Longinus "Zenith Tempest".

Quarta Griselda - Reincarnated as an angel. Gabriel's Queen, Queen of Hearts. A former nun who was among the Top-5 female exorcists. Currently the boss of the headquarter Irina belongs to, and also Xenovia's former boss before she was reincarnated as a devil.

Khaos Brigade

Vali Team

Vali Lucifer (ヴァーリ・ルシファー, Vāri Rushifā) - Descendant of the original Lucifer and possessor of Divine Dividing. Human devil hybrid.

  • Nicknames
    • Hakuryuukou (White Dragon Emperor)
    • Ketsuryuukou (Butt Dragon Emperor)

Bikou (美猴, Bikō) - Descendant of Sun Wukong (Son Goku).

  • Nicknames
    • Saru (Monkey)

Kuroka (黒歌) - Koneko's older sister. Former nekomata that is now an exiled devil.

Arthur Pendragon (アーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsā Pendoragon) - Descendant of King Arthur.

  • Nicknames
    • The Strongest Holy Sword User

Le Fay Pendragon (ルフェイ・ペンドラゴン, Rufei Pendoragon) - Arthur's sister. Descendant of Morgan le Fay.

Fenrir (フェンリル, Fenriru) - Loki's pet. It's fangs are powerful enough to kill God, a Satan, or a Dragon King.

Gogmagog (ゴグマゴグ, Gogumagogu) - An ancient golem created by God and abandoned in the dimensional gap.

Hero Faction

Cao Cao (曹操, Sōsō) - Descendant of Cao Cao.

  • Nicknames
    • The Strongest Human
    • The Man with the Holy-Spear

Siegfried (ジークフリート, Jīkufurīto) - Descendant of Siegfried (German form of Norse myth's Sigurd).

  • Nicknames
    • The Demon Sword User
    • Demonic Emperor
    • Sieg-kun

Georg (ゲオルク, Georuku) - Descendant of Johann Georg Faust.

Leonardo (レオナルド, Reonarudo) - Descendant of Leonardo da Vinci.

Jeanne (ジャンヌ, Jannu) - One who inherited the will/spirit of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc).

Heracles (ヘラクレス, Herakuresu) - One who inherited the will/spirit of Heracles.

Marsilio (マルシリオ, Marushirio) - Possessor of the Sacred Gear called Dreamlike Curse.

Old Satan Faction

Shalba Beelzebub (シャルバ・ベルゼブブ, Sharuba Beruzebubu) - Descendant of the original Beelzebub.

Cattleya Leviathan (カテレア・レヴィアタン, Katerea Reviatan) - Descendant of the original Leviathan.

Creuserey Asmodeus (クルゼレイ・アスモデウス, Kuruzerei Asumodeusu) - Descendant of the original Asmodeus.


Norse Mythology

Chief God:

Odin (オーディン, Ōdin) - The leader of the gods in Norse mythology.


Loki (ロキ, Roki) - A god from Norse mythology that tried to kill Odin and create Ragnarok.

Thor - A hammer wielding god that is associated with thunder, lightening, and storms.




Greek Mythology

Chief God:

Zeus (ゼウス, Zeusu) - The ruler of the gods in Greek mythology.


Poseidon (ポセイドン, Poseidon) - The god that rules the sea.

Hades (ハーデス, Hādesu) - The god that rules the realm of the dead.








Grim Reaper:

Pluto (プルート, Purūto) - Hades Grim Reaper. He is the legendary ultimate-level Grim Reaper.


Heavenly Emperor:

Śakra - Known as Taishakuten(帝釈天) in Japanese. King of the Devas and Lord of Svargaloka in Hindu mythology. He is also the God of War, Storms, and Rainfall. His other name is Indra (インドラ, Indora)

Four Heavenly Kings:

-Dhṛtarāṣṭra: Known as Jikokuten(持国天) in Japanese.

-Virūpākṣa: Known as Koumokuten(広目天) in Japanese.

-Vaiśravaṇa: Known as Bishamonten(多聞天) in Japanese.

-Virūḍhaka: Known as Zoujyouten or Zouchouten(増長天) in Japanese

Sun Wukong (孫悟空, Son Gokū) - The Monkey King from the classical Chinese epic novel Journey to the West. Also known as Victorious Fighting Buddha, and the ancestor of Bikou.

Nezha - A deity.

Hindu Mythology






Kunou (九重, Kunō) - The young ruler of Kyoto. A nine-tailed fox youkai.

Yasaka (八坂, Yasaka) - Kunou's mother.


Dragon God

Ophis (オーフィス, Ōfisu) - Known as the Ouroboros Dragon (ウロボロス・ドラゴン, Uroborosu Doragon). Leader of the Khaos Brigade.

  • Nicknames
    • Mugen no Ryūjin (無限の龍神, Infinite Dragon-God)
    • Ryūjin (龍神, Dragon-God)

Lilith (リリス, Ririsu) - A spawn of Ophis.

True Dragon

Great Red (グレート・レッド, Gurēto Reddo) - Known as the Apocalypse Dragon (アポカリュプス・ドラゴン, Apokaryupusu Doragon). Currently resides in the dimensional gap.

  • Nicknames
    • Shin naru Sekiryuushintei (真なる赤龍神帝, The True Red Dragon God-Emperor )
    • Sekiryuushintei(赤龍神帝, The Red Dragon God-Emperor)
    • Shinnryū (真龍, True-Dragon)

Two-Heavenly Dragons

Ddraig (ドライグ, Doraigu) - Sealed inside "Boosted Gear".

  • Nicknames
    • Welsh Dragon
    • Sekiryuutei (赤龍帝, Sekiryūtei, The Red Dragon Emperor)
    • The Red one (赤いの, Akaino)
    • Tennryuu (天龍, Tenryū, Heavenly Dragon)

Albion (アルビオン, Arubion) - Sealed inside "Divine Dividing".

  • Nicknames
    • Vanishing Dragon
    • Hakuryuukou (白竜皇, Hakuryūkō, The White Dragon Emperor)
    • The white one (白いの, Shiroino)
    • Tennryuu (天龍, Tenryū, Heavenly Dragon)


Vritra (ヴリトラ, Vuritora) - Known as the "Prison Dragon" (黒邪の龍王 (プリズン・ドラゴン), Purizun Doragon). Sealed inside 4 different types of Sacred Gears: 'Absorption Line', 'Blaze Black Flare', 'Delete Field', and 'Shadow Prison.' Has its consciousness restored after Azazel implants all 4 types into the same host.

Fafnir (ファーブニル, Fābuniru) - Known as the "Gigantis Dragon" (黄金龍君 (ギガンティス・ドラゴン), Gigantisu Doragon). Sealed inside Azazel's artificial Sacred Gear "Down Fall Dragon Spear" (墮天龍の閃光槍).

Tiamat (ティアマット, Tiamatto) - Known as the "Chaos Karma Dragon" (天魔の業龍 (カオス・カルマ・ドラゴン), Kaosu Karuma Doragon). The only female dragon among the Dragon Kings. The only active legendary dragon, apart from Ophis and Tannin, which has not been sealed or dormant.

Yulong (玉龍, Ūron) - Known as the "Mischievous Dragon" (西海龍童 (ミスチバス・ドラゴン), Misuchibasu Doragon). Originally the Dragon Prince who served as the monk Tripitaka's horse in the Chinese classic novel "Journey to the West". Until recently, retired from world affairs along with Sun Wukong.

Midgardsormr (ミドガルズオルム, Midogaruzuorumu) - Known as the "Sleeping Dragon" (終末の大龍 (スリーピング・ドラゴン), Surīpingu Doragon). Also Loki's 2nd son, Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando) the Midgard serpent of Norse legends. It sleeps at the bottom of the sea around Scandinavia, waiting for Ragnarok.

High Level Dragons

Sprite Dragon

Flame Dragon

Blizzard Dragon

Rassei (ラッセー, Rassē) - A baby sprite dragon and also Asia's familiar. Hinted to be male.

  • Nicknames
    • Rassei-kun

Low Level Dragons

Earth Dragon

Evil Dragons

Apophis (アポプス, Apopusu)

  • Nicknames
    • Eclipse Dragon
    • Primal Eclipse Dragon

Aži Dahāka (アジ・ダハーカ, Aji Dahāka)

  • Nicknames
    • Diabolism Thousand Dragon
    • Forbidden Dragon of Demonic Origin

Crom Cruach (クロウ・クルワッハ, Kurō Kuruwahha)

  • Nicknames
    • Crescent Circle Dragon
    • Darkness Dragon
    • Dark Dragon of the Crescent Moon
    • Mr. Black

Grendel (グレンデル, Gurenderu)

  • Nicknames
    • Crime Force Dragon
    • Berserker Dragon of Great Sin

Ladon (ラードゥン, Rādun)

  • Nicknames
    • Insomniac Dragon

Niðhöggr (ニーズヘッグ, Nīzuheggu)

  • Nicknames
    • Abyss Rage Dragon
    • Extrajudicial Death Dragon

Yamata no Orochi (やまたのおろち, Yamata no Orochi)

  • Nicknames
    • Venom Blood Dragon
    • Ethereal Devouring Mad Dragon

Other Dragons

Tannin (タンニーン, Tannīn) - Former Dragon King known as the "Blaze Meteor Dragon" (魔龍聖 (ブレイズ・ミーティア・ドラゴン), Bureizu Mītia Doragon). Reincarnated as a devil and is said to have power rivaling that of a Satan's. Currently Ultimate class and within Top 10 of the Rating Game. The author calls him "poor dragon #3" due to his unfortunate front seat role in many of Issei's embarrassing power ups.

Bova Tannin (ボーヴァ・タンニーン, Bōva Tannīn) - Youngest son of Tannin.

Samael (サマエル, Samaeru) - Has the upper body of an angel and the lower body of an Asian dragon. Also known as "Dragon-Eater" (龍喰者 (ドラゴン・イーター), Doragon Ītā). Samael's curse is fatal to snakes or snake-related beings like dragons.


Evil Pieces

Rating Games (レーティングゲーム, Rētingu Gēmu) - Games played between devils who have gained a peerage. The game takes the form of a strategic battle between the king and his/her pieces. Only matured devils are allowed to participate in official Rating Games. Participants are placed into four categories: Power, Technique, Caster, Support.

Evil Pieces (悪魔の駒 (イーヴィル・ピース), Īviru Pīsu) - Based on the game chess, a total of fifteen pieces (1 queen, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks and 8 pawns) are given to high-class devils with a peerage. These pieces are used to reincarnate other beings into devils and become servants of the high-class devils. Created by Ajuka Beelzebub to replenish the number of devils after the war. Each piece has a corresponding value. These values are used to determine which piece may be used to reincarnate someone, their strengths, talents or skills play a role in determining their value. Different evil pieces cannot be used together. Evil pieces can also be exchanged between high-class devils with peerage.

Queen (女王, Kuīn) - Equivalent to 9 Pawn pieces. Traits of Queens have all the characteristics of Rooks, Knights, and Bishops.

Rook (戦車, Rūku) - Equivalent to 5 Pawn pieces. Traits of Rooks is immense strength and defense.

Bishop (僧侶, Bishoppu) - Equivalent to 3 Pawn pieces. Traits of Bishops is enhanced magical abilities.

Knight (騎士, Naito) - Equivalent to 3 Pawn pieces. Traits of Knights is speed and mobility.

Pawn (兵士, Pōn) - Equivalent to 1 Pawn piece. Traits of Pawns is the ability to promote into a Queen, Rook, Knight, or Bishop in enemy territory.

Mutation Pieces (変異の駒 (ミューテーション・ピース), Myūtēshon Pīsu) - They are bugs inside the Evil Piece system kept for fun. Mutation pieces can create the phenomenon where its possible to reincarnate a person worth multiple Pawns using just one mutation piece. Mutation pieces can be either Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop or Pawn. They are said to be very rare. About one in ten high class devils own a mutation piece.

Brave Saints

Brave Saints (御使い (ブレイブ・セイント), Bureibu Seinto) - Cards used by the Angels to resurrect other beings into angels to increase their numbers. Created soon after the alliance of devils, angels and fallen angels in Volume 4. The Saint cards are modeled on the Evil Piece system of the devils. Each Seraph receives a deck of 13 cards (Ace to King), retaining the King for himself which allows 12 cards for the creation of reborn angels -- a reference to the 12 apostles.

Joker Cards - Special cards outside of the usual 13 card deck of Brave Saints. Not much is known about them except that they exist. Michael's Joker Dulio, the former top Church Exorcist, would suggest Jokers are some type of trump card.

Sacred Gear

Sacred Gear (神器 (セイクリッド・ギア), Seikuriddo Gia) - Special items created by the original God that certain people are born with. Sacred Gears carry different effects ranging from healing to battle related effects, a Sacred Gear may only have one effect. It is said that many people who are recorded in history were possessors of a Sacred Gear. Only humans or half-humans may be born with a Sacred Gear.

Balance Breaker (禁手 (バランス・ブレイカー), Baransu Bureikā) - The evolved form of the Sacred Gear. The intense feelings of the possessor trigger this evolution.

Juggernaut Drive (覇龍 (ジャガーノート・ドライヴ), Jagānōto Doraivu) - A special ability of Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing which allows the full power of the original Heavenly Dragons to be unleashed temporarily at the cost of the user's lifespan.

Longinus (神滅具 (ロンギヌス), Ronginusu) - The ultimate Sacred Gears which have more than one ability (compared to a normal Sacred Gear which only has one). There are 13 Longinus in total.

True-Longinus (黄昏の聖槍 (トゥルー・ロンギヌス), Turū Ronginusu) - The first and ultimate Longinus, takes the form of a spear. It was the spear used to kill Jesus Christ. A single stab by it can kill and vaporize a high-class devil instantly. (Holy-Spear)

Counter Balance (鬼手 (カウンター・バランス), Kauntā Baransu) - The Balance Breaker form for Artificial Sacred Gears.

Balance Adjust (鬼手化 (バランス・アジヤスト), Baransu Ajiyasuto) - Rather than say "Counter Balance", it seems that possessors say "Balance Adjust" instead when activating it.


Senjutsu (仙術, Senjutsu, lit. Sage Arts) - The power to control the flow of life. By controlling the flow of ki/life force/chakra, a person can strengthen physical bodies or cause surrounding vegetation to bloom or wither. Knowing Senjutsu allows the reading of ki and auras and to spy on a target's state from afar. Disrupting the opponent's ki or severing it can cause direct damage to living things. There are very few ways to defend against Senjutsu. Senjutsu has a white aura.

Youjutsu (妖術, Yōjutsu, lit. Youkai Arts) - Youkai magic. allows the user to cast offensive, defensive, or status spells, which can be further specialised to be effective on a particular target.

Touki (闘気, Tōki) - A type of energy a person obtains by training their body to the uttermost limits or through senjutsu. An external materialization of their life force that acts as armour.

Holy Swords (聖剣, Seiken) - (Caliburn, Excalibur, Durandal, Ascalon) A small scratch from a holy sword is enough to cause lethal damage to devils and fallen angels alike. Only a select few have the capability to wield a holy sword.

Demonic Swords (魔剣, Maken) - (Gram, Balmung, Nothung, Tyrfing, Dáinsleif)

Underworld (冥界, Meikai) - The place where Devils and Fallen Angels reside.

The Dimensional Gap (次元の狭間) - Between the Underworld, Earth, and Heaven.

The Azazel Cup (アザゼル杯) - International Rating Game Tournament.

Devil Society Social Classes

Ultimate Class Devils (最上級悪魔, Saijōkyū akuma) - Satan, Great King, Archduke, Prince/Princess.

High Class Devils (上級悪魔 Jōkyū akuma) - Marguess, Margrave/Margravine, Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, Baron/Baroness.

Middle Class Devils (中級悪魔, Chūkyū akuma) - Baronet/Baronetess, Knight/Dame.

Low Class Devils (下級悪魔, Kakyū akuma) - Newly reincarnated devils.

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