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That was Girls Talk, a backstory or flashback story for Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

I set this a bit outside the main story so people could start reading here without too much trouble. It’s all about the characters teasing each other through flashbacks of their middle school days.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have some time left over even after writing the main story volume and there have been some reader requests for single-volume Horizon stories. There were also a fair number of readers saying they wanted more stories similar to the Kimitoasamade BD bonus novels.

That’s why I decide to write this by coming up with a plot based on a character’s personal history.

I’m doing this alongside the main series, so I still have a schedule to keep up, but I’m managing well enough.

The protagonist of this volume was Mito because she’s easy to make a main character since there’s so much outside information about her. A lot happens with her around middle school, so I decided to use that.

Anyway, this story was about the Battle of Okehazama. I always think of that as the most reckless battle in Oda history, but everyone tends to focus on their victory, so it feels like not many people know that they were essentially abandoned by their subordinate clan, forcing them to fight a lot harder, and Matsudaira sided against them to make for one hell of a battle. It’s honestly amazing Nobunaga forgave Matsudaira after that. Maybe that’s a sign of how well they got along.

Anyway, time for the usual chat with a friend.

“So what did you do in middle school?”

“Well, I was on the tennis team.”

“Oh, so Wimbledon and all that. Did you make a lot of cool-looking shots?”

“For some reason, a bunch of delinquents joined the team with me.”

“That’s not quite the kind of ‘cool’ I was thinking of.”

“You don’t know the half of it. We all kept our modified uniforms in the clubroom, so the place looked like a trade fair. We’d all come in for morning practice in our track suits and, once we were done, we’d do our hair up all delinquenty and put on our modified uniforms. But we’d make sure to take a shower and put on our track suits before heading home, so our parents didn’t have a clue. And our grades were pretty good, so the teachers couldn’t really get after us. …Oh, and our team made it to the Kantou tournament.”

That is a weird sort of double life you were living there. Now, my writing background music this time was Nibun no Ichi by Back-On. Those lyrics really have a way of inspiring courage. But anyway…

“Who had fallen the furthest behind?”

Until the next time I write a cannibalistic discussion outside the main story.

July 2014. The morning of a typhoon.

-Kawakami Minoru