Horizon:Kimitoasamade 1A Afterword

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Now, this begins the bonus novel Kimitoasamade. I can only do this thanks to all of your support. Thank you very much.

This isn’t really a spinoff or a prequel. It’s really just following the usual gang before the big change in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. It will follow Asama as the Gagaku Band named Kimitoasamade is born, the others will think about what they want to do with themselves, and they’ll decide on a path and get into some conflicts. Instead of being the entrance to the main series, this is more like the stairway leading up to that entrance. I hope you can see what Asama and the others were like a year before and see what happened then.

At a year before the main series, everyone is still lacking in strength. Even Asama’s arrows are wea-…well, let’s not be ridiculous. Anyway, monsters are showing up, a girl with a bow is the protagonist, and her party includes a werewolf and a dancer. In other words, this is an orthodox fantasy story.

Since this is a bonus included with the anime, I guess I should discuss that too. Things got pretty crazy right away with Episode 1 included in this volume. Just how much are they going to move? They even included Naito and Naruze’s attack as well as Adele and Hassan’s charge which were cut from the novel for space. As the original author, I have nothing to complain about. I am thankful to the staff and everyone else involved. They’re putting in a ton of work.

Now for a chat with a friend.

“How do you like the Ho-nime?”

“Don’t let this go to your head.”

“That’s the first thing you have to say!?”

“I’ve only seen the first episode, but am I right in thinking the teacher and the odd-eyed girl are the heroines?”

“Wow, now that’s a new reaction. I need to write that one down… Also, do you have any memories about Sunrise anime?”

“Hmm, the first theatrical anime I went to see had a decapitation at the very beginning. I didn’t like anime for a while after that.”

“Oh, dear. What an ominous beginning for this first volume.”

Now, my BGM while working was Star Festival. I was kindly given the data while proofreading, so I got the rare experience of working to the music sung in the novel itself. In fact, I’m having that experience right now. What am I supposed to do about this reality? I think I’m going to work even harder.

Anyway, the next bonus novel comes with Volume 3 in two months. Volume 2 comes with a special CD by Naito and Naruze. Wait just a bit longer for both of those.

October 2011. A rainy morning that was supposed to be sunny.

-Kawakami Minoru