Horizon:Kimitoasamade 2A Afterword

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That was Kimitoasamade 2-A that continues right after the previous one. I finally got them in the bath.

Yes, I had established Suzu’s family as running a bathhouse and I had always wanted to find a chance to get the characters there in the main novels, but I never could find a chance. I feel like I finally managed it here.

Anyway, I think I was given a very valuable opportunity here. It isn’t often you get to write “separate main novels” that have a decent page count and are separate from the main novels. In fact, you never get to do that.

I already know how many of these I get to write and there’s a clear deadline, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hold back or set an upper limit for myself. I want to make sure I won’t have any regrets. I hope this will be a valuable addition to the Horizon series.

Now for the chat.

“Did you see the final episode?”

“Yeah, it was pretty exciting. …All the previous Hero Sentais showed up.”

“That’s getting pretty recent!!”

“I have it recorded on my machine, but I’m missing Episode 7.”

“You should buy BD Volume 4 for that. It comes with commentary, so you benefit twice. You sure were lucky to have missed Volume 7!!”

“What is this, a religious proselytization?”

“Yeah, I was starting to think that too. That isn’t the best way to do things.”

“But you should advertise.”

“This will be in Volume 5.”

“Oh, wow! That’s so cool! Really!? I want it so bad! I’m buying that for sure!”

“That’s going a little too far.”

“Fine then. So what’s this about? Did you ever finish your previous series?”

“Do I have to explain everything from the very beginning!?”

Is there anything you can do about people who leave all this stuff behind once they get married?

Anyway, some dragons showed up and made a mess of things. My background music while working was the Musashi Song. I have what’s basically a demo version, but the gap of having those two sing like this is pretty powerful. It creates a nice atmosphere.

Anyway, this volume was about, “Who was the most well-prepared?” The next one will be with BD Volume 7 in two months, so wait just a little longer.

February 2012. A morning showing some snow.

-Kawakami Minoru