Horizon:Kimitoasamade 3B Afterword

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With that, I deliver Kimitoasamade 3-B to you all. I feel like the page numbers grew a fair bit, but that just seems to happen sometimes, so whatever. It makes things more interesting.

This time, everyone was preparing for the Spring School Festival and Gagaku Festival, Naito and Naruze began to move, and some other movements began. More and more, you’re able to see their shape and their connections to others during this formative period before the main story begins.

While writing the main story and this, I got to thinking about how everyone has their own process for decision making and you can see their individuality in what they place more weight on. Some people will start on it right away, some will think about the best way of doing it while they start, and some will decide to start but then search for something to give them that final push to get moving. It seems to me like a lot of people end up wandering even within their decision.

To go further, this seems like something you decide on just once in life, but it’s generally something you repeatedly and continually do day by day.

That’s where you choose what you want to go “higher” in or what you want to be “different”, but I think you gain the most if you choose to head down that path as far as possible and change your everyday life as much as possible.

Asama, Masazumi, Naito, Naruze, and the others are figuring all that out, realizing they can do things they never expected, feeling surprise at the unexpected sides of others, and either rediscovering or confirming those things. I kind of wish I had written these things in the main story.

Anyway, now for the chat, starting with the other person this time.

“Oh, yeah. When I was cleaning, I found a PC-98 porn game in my storeroom.”

“What have you been hoarding in your storeroom?”

“Anyway, my 98 UV was in the closet, so I pulled it out and it actually still worked.”

“My 68 works too. Computers from back then really were sturdy.”

“Right, right. It had been so long, so I booted it up and was shocked to find how much my tastes had changed. I used to like short hair… Oh, but my love of green hair remains unchanged.”

“That information is completely and utterly useless to me.”

I’ll take that to mean people really can change.

And with that, my background music was the expected Eisen: Commercial Song by Eisen. I feel like you can see a lot of their everyday life in that performance.

Anyway, the question this time was, “Who put in the most effort?”

Now, wait just a bit for 4-A.

September 2012. An early September morning.

-Kawakami Minoru