Houkago no Pleiades: Minato no Hoshizora

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Wish Upon the Pleiades: Minato's Universe (放課後のプレアデス みなとの星宙(ほしぞら)Houkago no Pleiades: Minato no Hoshizora) is a light novel tie in to the 2015 TV anime Wish Upon the Pleiades (放課後のプレアデス), penned by multi-time Seiun Award and Mystery Writers of Japan Award Suga Hiroe (she's also married to Gainax founder Takeda Yasuhiro) and published on 1st August, 2015.

Story Synopsis[edit]

Minato has spent all his life in a hospital, until one day, meteors come shooting by! Together with a mysterious boy called Elnath, they search for pieces of crystallized potential. Where will their search lead them? What encounters, what events, what truths? What are the limits of a person? And who are these magical girls that Minato must battle? Follow Minato's tale of hope this novelized of anime Houkago no Pleiades!


  • Tankoubon (paperback): 320 pages
  • Publisher: Ichijinsha (1st August 2015)
  • Original title: 放課後のプレアデス みなとの星宙(ほしぞら)
  • ISBN-13: 978-4758014601
  • Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Mahou Shoujo, Mahou Shota, Astrophysics
  • Author: Suga Hiroe
  • Illustrator: Kinoshita Sumie


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  • 18th September, 2015 — Teaser project initiated, 7/320 translated
  • 7th November, 2015 — Part 1 (34/320) translated. Story synopsis edited.
  • 5th April, 2016 ― Part 1 (0-34) revised. Part 2 (35-50) translated. Link to full version has been taken down; the full version will not be further updated until the whole novel is translated. Apologies for the slow progress; I was held up by another translation project.
  • 25th March, 2017 — Parts 1 and 2 heavily revised and many errors in both grammar, translation and general readability fixed. Part 3 (51-87) translated. Translation progress: finally over 25%.

Minato no Hoshizora[edit]


Although the novel has no chapters as such (see the contents page), it is divided into sections of plot. Translation will proceed section by section.

Minato no Hoshizora[edit]

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