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Greetings, this is Yonezawa Honobu.

About 60% of this novel was pure fiction while the rest was based on historical facts. This story is based on meagre events chronicled in local newspapers.

By the way, for the art of fusing fiction and historical facts, anything that you can come up with a conclusion would be fiction, while historical facts would be the part that you could not nothing about. That's the gist of it. However, for this novel, while basing it on a historical background, I had difficult in thinking out ideas in how to resolve the fictional part.

In order to finish a story, one must imagine a deflationary spiral. I think Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was aired on NHK-E a while ago, does a better job at that.

This book would not have seen the light of day without the assistance of many people. Especially the following:

Yamaguchi-san and Nakai-kun, who provided important hints for me at the eleventh hour. Saitou-san, who urged me to make this story likable and interesting. Tada-san, who has been patiently waiting for me all this time. Akiyama-kun, who has tirelessly warned me not to get too complacent.

I give my sincere thanks to these people. Thank you all. As it's nearly the season for yellowtail sushi, you're cordially invited over to my place to try some.


To everyone from the selection committee who has given this novel a chance, from S-san in charge of the whole thing, to Uesugi-san, who designed the cover illustration (for the first edition), Hyouka would not have been possible without your contribution. You have my deepest gratitude.

By the way, the other day a friend invited me to have some sushi. As the sushi there was befitting of its price, I was glad he offered to drive me there, yet my friend didn't seem to be in a hurry as I was when he drove.

As it's nearly dinnertime, the car park was slowly getting full. To be honest, it was troubling, yet no matter how I rushed my friend, he merely smiled ambiguously as the car moved slowly.

I knew my friend wasn't the sort to tease people, rather he was quite prudent and serious. So I had no idea what's gotten into him that day.

Perhaps I'll reveal the truth in a later opportunity.

Until then, thanks for reading.

Yonezawa Honobu

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