Hyouka:Volume 1 Chapter 9

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9 - Letter to Sarajevo[edit]

Dear Sis,

I'm writing to you as there's something I wanted to ask you. I'll just have to trust that the hotel you said you're staying in gets this to you.

Just how much do you know about the Classics Club?

Why did you have me join the Classics Club?

You probably know very well what my lifestyle is like. Yet ever since enrolling in high school, I've been surrounded by Satoshi and other people that you've not yet met. As I watched these people with a completely different lifestyle from me, I somehow felt uncomfortable. It was a feeling you wouldn't feel unless you joined the Classics Club. Had I remained unaffiliated, I probably wouldn't have thought of questioning my own motto.

Could it be that it was your expectation all along for me to waver?

And then there's "Hyouka".

I joined the Classics Club according to your letter from Benares, and looked for the safe in the Biology Room based on your letter from Istanbul. But it doesn't end there. Upon opening that safe, I was placed in a fix in trying to find out the truth concerning Sekitani Jun from 33 years ago.

In short, the students of 33 years ago were living in an active style that was overflowing with energy. The so-called rose-coloured life is probably borne out of this style and the style of "Hyouka". Ever since discovering the truth of that event, I no longer feel as uncomfortable as I did before. While I wouldn't say my own style is good, at least I now know at least it's not that bad.

Sis, I...

No, this can't be.

This has got to be a bad joke, it's as though you're trying to manipulate my mind. But that's impossible.

Anyway, no need to be too concerned about that. I've written all I could about my present status now. Any further would just be a bother for me.

Have a fun trip.



P.S. Thanks for the advice.

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