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Flag 1: The Day the Knight Raised the Flag[edit]

Hatagaya Academy.

Situated on a vast campus where you can see the Yoyogi Park that is beside Meiji Jingu Shrine in Shinjuku City Center, it is a grand school system teaching kindergarten to university.

Not only are their exam results second to none, the reason the school is famous is also due in large part to the noble character of the students and the excellent well-rounded education they receive.

The students of Hatagaya Academy are synonymous with kindness in the local area, so the people in the neighborhood have a good impression of them.

Needless to say, the school has students coming from thousands of miles away to study there, so it has also prepared perfect dormitories for these students.

Thanks to the end of the Golden Week holiday, the high school freshman Class F’s classroom had a sluggish atmosphere, but due to the appearance of a transfer student, the atmosphere suddenly brightened.

When it comes to an interesting transfer student, it is generally a beautiful girl, but it is still exciting to have a normal-looking boy.

This is because of the relatively high proportion of girls in the school, which is about 6:4 to 7:3.

In short, the male transfer student stood beside the teacher on the podium. When the teenager wrote his name on the blackboard, there were whispers about the transfer student from between the classmates below the podium.

“But having said that, a transfer during the semester is really strange.”

“It’s not the Emperor of Tokyo again.”

Don’t bring up The Emperor of Tokyo! [1]

Getting back to the point, the student sitting in front of the lectern… Nanami Knight Bladefield was opening her cherry-like mouth in surprise, looking up at the transfer student who seemed uncomfortable under all the attention.

In front of her line of sight, feeling a bit gloomy… the transfer student with a hazy expression and attitude… he was… “Hello everyone… I’m Hatate… Souta.”

“The guy who ruined other people’s business talk this morning on the way to school!!”

Nanami shouted with a volume loud enough to make a window vibrate as she pointed at Souta, making him jump off the podium.

The sound of welcoming clapping was about to start, but the atmosphere was replaced by Nanami’s exclamation.


“Talk what business…?”

“Ruin…? Business…?”

“Wow! What a tragedy…”

“But, why talk about business on the way to school…?”

“In this situation, isn’t it usually something like ‘The perverted wolf who sneakily peaked at panties on the way to school this morning!’, right…?”

The welcoming applause scattered, and the teenagers of Class F were all talking about business.

This class would surely be able to win first place in the first-year group of the ‘Talk Business’ competition. Although they’re still not as good as the students of the business school. Wait, that doesn’t count as first place at all!

“Hey, isn’t Hatate Souta the one…”

“Yeah, the only survivor of the luxury cruise ship accident…”

The accident of the luxury cruise ship the Premium Ambriel -- it was a mysterious event that caused a sensation in society a few weeks ago.

The ship didn’t send any help signal for its sinking and suddenly disappeared into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan. Later, people accidentally found a lifeboat floating in the sea like a leaf.

The lone person on the lifeboat was the unconscious Souta.

But he lost his memories of the ordeal.

The mysteries of the event were so numerous that it went completely unsolved. Later, after listening to it, the public quickly lost interest up until today.

However, the young man at the center of the incident was now standing in front of them.

The whispers of the class passed into Souta’s ears, making his expression more gloomy.

When his classmates saw this, the curiosity surrounding him was more mixed with sympathy.

At this time, an exclamation greater than Nanami’s came from behind her. In the classroom, there was originally a strange atmosphere of disturbance mixed with silence. This exclamation made this atmosphere even more chaotic.


This time it was a girl with a slightly more mature temperament than other students. She stood up from her seat with an exaggerated movement and pointed at Souta.

In fact, ever since Souta appeared in the classroom, she had been staring at Souta.

Her long hair was tied with a dotted ribbon into a ponytail to her side. It was obviously not a housekeeping class, but she was wearing an apron on the side of her uniform. This slim girl was more like a mature girl than a beautiful girl. She raised her fingers and pointed at Souta, her mouth wide open. If the mouth opened and closed frequently you might need to be careful of being mistaken for a goldfish, but she did not have this problem because of her appearance.

Faced with the young lady who shouted his name, Souta also looked at the other person with his mouth wide open for a while. He found that the girl matched a certain person in his memory and unconsciously called out the familiar name:

“... Okiku-nee[2]?”

“You were actually Sou-kun!”

The girl who jumped for joy upon her unexpected reunion with Souta was called Shokanji Kikuno.

Seeing that someone who knew Souta appeared, there was more commotion among the class that was different than before.

“Sou-kun and Okiku-nee…? They feel so close…”

“This transfer student’s face is really wide[3]...”

“Is he a famous transfer student?”

“After all, transfer students are usually unknown…”

It’s unknown whether she heard her classmates’ whispers or saw their doubtful eyes, but the calm Kikuno seemed to have clarified the situation - and it seemed to lose face. She waved her arms frantically to explain.

“Oh, Sou-kun is my childhood playmate! He transferred in middle school! And then! It’s just! I haven’t seen him in two years!He’s grown so big! Become so handsome! It’s so great!”

“Don’t be so excited!” “Calm down first!” This kind of persuasion was mixed with bitter smiles all over the class in an attempt to calm the passionate Kikuno.


Kikuno and Souta had been neighbors from kindergarten until their second year of middle school[4], and the two were like brother and sister. Kikuno, who didn’t have any siblings, especially loved Souta as a younger brother. People who didn’t know this thought that they were real siblings.

Later, because Souta’s family moved, the two separated, but they now unexpectedly reunited, so Kikuno’s excitement kept rising.

“Sou-kun… You really are Sou-kun, right? Woohoo! Sou-kun just moved!”[5]

Can’t move either… Souta had a thinking face. The more Kikuno’s excitement reached unprecedented levels[6], the more obvious the contrast was with Souta’s inexplicable calmness.

“Listen! I was always ~ always really worried about you, Sou-kun! Always unable to contact Sou-kun… Uncle and Auntie also… Because of that incident…”

Kikuno suddenly lowered her voice, and Souta added:

“There’s also my big sister, too…”

“Big sister? Sou-kun, aren’t you an only child?”

“... Right.”

Understanding again that his older sister wasn’t here anymore, Souta showed a completely dead expression and lowered his head.

“I can’t reach Souta again…”


Seeing Souta become depressed, Kikuno became flustered and waved her hands chaotically.

“Ah, ah! Onee-chan doesn't blame Sou-kun! Don’t show that face, Sou-kun! Ah! Onee-chan will let you lie on her lap and help clean out your ears, okay!? I remember that Sou-kun likes that, right? Does that make you feel better?”

“That’s too much.” “She’s doting on him.” The class had felt that they couldn’t keep watching the way the older sister doted on her little brother too much.

Feeling his classmates’ sharp gazes, Souta couldn’t help but want to change the subject to get rid of it.

“It’s no use, but… Okiku-nee, I remember that you are one year older than me…?”

“Uh!! Last year, I went to study abroad for almost a year! So, studying one year late makes me a first-year high school student! But, I didn’t think that Sou-kun would transfer and be in the same class as me, so I, Onee-chan, thank the heavens very much! Super amazing! It’s pretty much destiny!”

Although Kikuno’s words did not have the feelings between a man and a woman, it was purely a sisterly feeling, her enthusiastic speech still caused a whistles of ridicule in the class.

However, let’s not mention this matter first. On the other hand, a certain famous girl had a very different emotion and was inwardly fuming.

That girl was Nanami.

“My[7] touching reunion was washed away by the censorship[8]!!”

Nanami, who was diverted from her topic, revealed her grudge from a close range. Souta, who was completely confused, felt troublesome, was covered in cold sweat and tried not to look at Nanami as much as possible.

At this time, the teacher, who was wearing an apron embroidered with a cat pattern sewn from the chest to the abdomen, clapped her hands with a smile to call everyone’s attention (although the teacher did not realize that Souta really wanted to escape). The amount of aprons in this classroom was really high.

“Okay, everybody, please welcome new friends more warmly~”

After the clapping suddenly resumed, the teacher nodded in satisfaction, putting her hand to her forehead as if hiding from the sun in an exaggerated fashion similar to a certain fruit sister children’s show host[9] and looked around the classroom.

“Where should Souta-chan sit~?”


Even the untalkative Souta inadvertently let out a cry, but the teacher was completely unmoved and continued to look around the classroom.

“Ah, Miyuki-sensei, I think it would be difficult to assimilate into the class in the back row, how about my row moves back a row to leave space for him to sit. Since Shokanji-san and the transfer student seem to know each other, arrange them to sit next to each other!”

Behind Nanami, the blonde-haired student with pierced ears who seemed frivolous at first glance made a friendly proposal, and others automatically packed their things and vacated their seats, leaving space for Souta.

“Then, Souta-chan will sit behind Nanami-chan~”

Souta didn’t want to bother the teacher, who was waving her hands saying bye-bye, and walked around to the seat behind Nanami.

Then, Souta faced the person seated behind him - the frivolous-looking blonde-haired ear-pierced classmate - and gently nodded in greeting.

“... Sorry.”

“It’s alright… Ah - also, our class’s teacher taught the kindergarten children until last year, so she hasn’t fully adjusted yet.”


Don’t say adjusted, she hasn’t changed at all!

“Nice to meet you.” Although the speech and attitude of the blonde-haired ear-pierced boy was as frivolous as his appearance, he seemed to be far more kind than the first impression.

Watching Souta ambiguously nod his head in reply, Kikuno, who originally was mentally all over the place and shaking nonstop, laughed.

“Sou-kun really grew up~ Onee-chan was obviously taller in middle school.”

“Okiku-nee also changed a lot, you have become prettier.”

“Oh, nasty Souta! How can you say such polite words~ Sucking up to Onee-chan won’t get you any benefits!”

Kikuno reached out and poked Souta’s forehead, laughing and scolding him.

Seeing Kikuno as hearty as ever, Souta felt a bit empty. He was already different from before, feeling sad, uneasy and guilty~He had mixed feelings.

“Huh? Sou-kun, why are you so listless? Shouldn’t you… feel a bit different?”


Kikuno noticed sharply, and her words made Souta reveal a more lonely expression. But she deliberately pretended not to notice, smiled softly, and said,

“Ah, you seem to have become more masculine…”

“Those are polite words.”

Although Souta understood that Kikuno had good intentions, because of this, Souta also pretended to be unaware of that intention and responded with a gentle smile very similar to Kikuno’s.

However, his slightly lonely smile actually worried Kikuno.

“Back then, he was a cheerful and smiling child… but now it seems to have changed. Was it because you were too nervous about the transfer… Am I seeing it wrong? He really hasn’t stepped out of the shadow of the accident…” Seeing Souta’s lack of vitality and saying that his personality had changed a lot, Kikuno just couldn’t help but feel worried.

In short, because they felt each other’s goodwill, the two did not continue to talk at this time. It’s just that the inexplicable attitudes, words, and actions of the two people seemed to be full of affection for the people around them. Because of this, Nanami, who was sitting in the front seat, constantly looked over her shoulder as if peeking.

Faced with her piercing gaze, Souta behaved abnormally and tried not to look at her, sweating cold sweat.

“Why…??? Why do you keep looking at me…? Hmm? Ah, yeah! This woman kept staring at me during the accident this morning…!”

“Sure enough… This guy!! That suspiciously terrible guy!!”

At first, Souta didn’t expect to be suspected for so long. He might have been a little negligent, and secretly cursed his carelessness; Nanami stared at him with an extremely proud attitude.

Nanami Knight Bladeflield, a young girl as beautiful as she had a strong sense of presence, and she was very stubborn and super aggressive. Regarding her fierceness and toughness, the students in the class even believed that Nanami repeated school. But they wouldn’t think so about Kikuno.

At the same time Nanami was indifferent to irrelevant things, but she held on to things she cared about like a rabid dog. Rabid dogs drool a lot, so Nanami may one day also drool a lot. It is said that sour plum is effective for drooling people, and even Soviet physiologist Ivan Pavlov has experimented with dogs. The Soviets are really unpredictable.

Then, the similarly unpredictable Miyuki-sensei somehow made a gesture like “Clench fist and open fist”[11], showing a kind smile to the students.

“Okay, okay~ Everybody, look at the teacher. Let’s have everybody get along well with the new friend~ Today, we must be full of energy and work hard at playing and going out for a walk~”

“What ‘playing games’…” “We’re not going for a walk, right…” The class heard Miyuki-sensei’s exaggerated tone for talking to children in kindergarten, and despite the cold sweat in their hearts, they still stood up and saluted according to the class representative’s call.

Under Nanami’s fierce rabid dog-like stare, as soon as class was over, students unafraid of death came happily next to Souta’s seat.

“Where did you move from?”

“... A place called Kobata[12]... in Nagoya.

“Oh, the future capital, Nagoya.”

“He’s from the future.” “The future person’s uniform is all new.” Hearing Souta’s response, his classmates started talking all at the same time.

“His uniform’s new because he’s a transfer student! It has nothing to do with the future!!”

Nanami couldn’t help but invalidate the theory, surprising Souta and making him shudder.

The class gave a thumbs-up to Nanami, praising her great deduction while thinking that the transfer student was quite skinny. A male classmate who was kind but had no luck with girls leaned forward with a cheerful, friendly smile and said:

“Hatate, you just transferred and don’t know many things, right? Just ask me if you have any questions. Especially things regarding girls, asking me would be the right choice.”

It seems that he was the kind of boy who was a diehard follower of the protagonists of those games with beautiful girls. His behavior seemed to be well-known, as his classmates' reactions were “Again?”

Having said that, his outspokenness made Souta nearly relax his expression a bit.


When Souta unconsciously glanced at the space above his classmate’s head--

His expression suddenly sank and he silently considered the words. His eyes seemed to be full of heartache, sadness, and loneliness, and he said:

“... I’m already very popular, so I won’t need to.:

Nanami and the others heard his lie, looking at Souta in confusion while the male student became angry with a monkey-like grimace.

“Wow! And I thought we were buddies!”

He somehow suddenly spoke in the Kansai dialect, and left without another word.

Everyone present believed that his reaction was a half a joke and laughed.

However, in Nanami’s eyes, the male classmate’s reaction was genuine.

And another thing…

Only Nanami, who had been observing Souta’s suspicious behavior, seemed to have noticed something.

Souta felt Nanami’s gaze become fiercer. He felt pressure and didn’t want to get into trouble, so he tried not to look at her. At this time, a female student stood in front of Souta with an attitude not quite like Nanami’s but still arrogant like a queen.

“You! I will accept you as my servant! First, you must join my club. As for what type of club it is, you’ll know after you join…”

The girl spoke as if she had taken it for granted.

Again, Souta inadvertently looked at the space above her head, his expression sinking, and silently considered the words with eyes full of heartache, sadness, and loneliness. He said with a little disgust:

“Sorry, but my type of person is super S.”

But Souta obviously didn’t look like an S, and even looked easily discouraged. As such, Nanami mentally vomited and thought: “Who are you kidding?”

But the female student showed a devastated expression and replied:

“Someone so obviously gloomy is an S?! Two sadists don’t fit together!”

She was indeed sadistics… The other classmates watched her huff and puff and leave the space in front of Souta, nodding to confirm this convincing fact.

As for Kikuno, from the point of view of a sister worried for her brother, she looked at Souta having fun and making friends (although it doesn’t look that way from an objective point of view).

After that, the students who were interested in Souta kept talking to Souta, similarly repeating these interactions before leaving.

After seeing Souta’s interactions several times, Nanami discovered something.

“This guy…”

After the classmates spoke to him, he looked above the other party’s head and his expression sank[13]

After Souta refused, before the other party deliberately gave up, he would still look at their head again to confirm

-- As if confirming that they would never interact again.

“Very suspicious… Too suspicious…”

Every time after class, there were repeated episodes of acquaintance and repulsion;. Gradually, fewer and fewer classmates came to see Souta, and not even half of them came by lunch break.

Although Nanami did not deliberately wait until this time to act, she stood up confidently, looking down at the Souta seated behind her.

“May I talk to thee aside?”[14]

“... I refuse.”

“Thou cannot say no.”

Even though she wasn’t that tall standing up, her attitude made it seem like she was standing on top of Mt. Fuji and her tone allowed for no excuses, making Souta raise his head slightly.

“Here it comes again.”

Nanami glared in front of her at Souta, who nodded his head.

Because of her noble birth, Nanami had seen many people who looked at people’s faces, but this was the first time she met someone who looked above people’s heads. There are cats who look above people’s heads though. According to this logic, Souta was more like a cat - the Licking Sou-kitty.[15]

Of course, the idea of licking did not occur to Nanami, who was boldly blocking Souta’s front side.

“I think that not associating with me will be better for you.”

The words may have been cold, but it was Souta’s way of expressing his thoughts in his clumsy way. However, Nanami was completely unconcerned, drew a circle on her head with her index finger, and showed a slightly evil smile.

“I think ‘tis better for thou to step aside and talk.”


“How troublesome…” Souta frowned. Although he didn’t know how much the girl in front of him knew, he was at least sure she didn’t want to talk about it there, so Souta stood up reluctantly.

“What’s wrong, Sou-kun? Do you want Onee-chan to go with you?”

Looking at Souta worriedly from the side, Kikuno couldn’t help but suggest this.

However, when they accidentally heard this sentence, the classmates around Souta reacted more strongly than he did, sweating cold sweat.

“It’s too overprotective to say that kind of thing in this situation…”

“How can he be spoiled like this…”

“Sisters dote too much…”

Although he couldn’t hear their inner thoughts, Souta shook his head with a bitter smile.

“It’s okay, Okiku-nee.”

Hearing this reply, Kikuno still seemed uneasy. Under her gaze, Nanami and Souta left the classroom.

Nanami brought Souta up the stairs to the roof, where she stood majestically facing Souta. After Souta shrugged his shoulders, she said:

“First of all, I cannot ignore odd things. It should be said that I am very concerned about thy nature. It is a strange phenomenon. If thou dost not unravel the truth, thy body shall become awkward. Thou shouldst understand this.”

Nanami coughed and cleared her throat, approaching Souta.

“So, please speak the truth!”

“Uh… What, what do you want me to say…?”

Souta wasn’t pretending to be dumb. Nanami proudly believed that others would understand her ideas, which was the reason for the poor communication.

“Why dost not thou understand what I want to say?” Although Nanami was very annoyed, she patiently explained:

“... Thou always looketh above other people’s heads… this area, to judge a certain something, correct?”


Seeing that Nanami move her index finger on her head just like she did before in the classroom, Souta revealed a loathful expression.

This admitted half of it. It’s just like a pizza, fried chicken, Caesar salad, French fries, creamy bacon pasta, and a tuna salad shown in the mouth of the thief. It was supposed to be sneaky, but it might as well have been officially his meal!

“A-ah… I don’t understand what you’re talking about…”

Although Souta was caught a little off guard at first, he immediately showed the attitude of adding garlic in the end. It can be said that he ate everything.

“It’s useless to pretend! Stop adding garlic! The evidence has flashed!!”[16]

Although the words didn’t make sense to others, in short, Nanami boldly closed in on Souta.

Souta’s intuition told him he had provoked this girl’s troublesomeness, and he sighed helplessly. Then he inexplicably peeped at the top of Nanami’s head, seemingly waiting for something to happen.

“Look!! Thou looked again!! What in the world does thou see there?!”

“... If I told you, would you agree to stop pestering me?”

“Of course, it depends on what thou says!”

Souta scratched the back of his head, wondering why that woman only knew how to shoot straight to the point.

“It’s just an action to calm oneself. If I do this, then I will think positively - that’s all.”

“Who does that trick?! Aren't the things thou say after looking at their heads negative?! More importantly, first ask the other person not to trouble thou instead of making up those lies! How can that even work?!”

Souta looked up at the sky, thinking that this was also true.

“Look!! There is a video to prove it! Thou are obviously watching something! This video, too! Also this video! And this one! And this one!!”

“... Excuse me, what’s wrong with the video of you wearing a tank top, skirt, and uniform…?”

Because of the continuous playing of too many videos, she accidentally pressed too fast, and unrelated videos were shown.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! D-don’t look, nyaa[17]--!!”

In fact, the video not meant for sharing was of Nanami wearing a middle school uniform for the last time during the spring vacation. What a pity.

“Anyways, since I let thou see something not meant for others, thou must tell me what thou does not want to say or else I will not spare you!!”

Saying this yet showing it of her own accord also doesn’t make sense, but Nanami was a terrifying girl who would casually move out of the realm of reason. Specifically, the terrifying part was poking another’s eyes while talking.

“Aaahhhh, my eyes!! My eyes!!”

Her scariness already made no sense.

“Don’t just go through the motions! Give an honest confession!!”

“My eyes--!! My eyes--!!”

Covering his eyes while rolling on the ground, Souta looked quite happy from another angle.

After rolling for a while, Souta, who was both mentally and physically exhausted, finally gave up and stood up, ready to tell the truth.

“... What I say next, if possible… I hope you can keep it secret.”

“Unless thou deletes the memory of the video, I will remove the hippocampus from your head.”


Souta didn’t know how to respond, and smiled painfally for a few seconds. The atmosphere no longer allowed him to speak, so he sighed again, and in his usual somber tone, he further exacerbated the gloomy atmosphere.

“Do you know… what a ‘Flag’ is?”


After hearing this, a translucent sea creature floating around appeared in Nanami’s mind. Only one syllable is the same, though. [18]

“Survival flags, death flags, love flags, victory flags, loser flags… Human actions and states, different phenomena etc. have a concept seriously related to the future, which is called a flag. It is often said that someone could be planting a flag or pulling a flag. For instance, if the death flag is raised, the person with the flag will die; if a love flag is planted, the other party will like said person… etc.”

This reminded Nanami of that morning. When the traffic accident was about to happen, the office worker did say something raising a death flag.

“I… can visually capture flags.”

“... Meaning thou can see… the flags…?

Souta nodded.

“As long as you look at the flag, you will know… what to say to break that flag…”

“Break… the flag?”

Nanami scratched her chin to think.

“Then… the office worker who almost had a traffic accident this morning…”

“That was the death flag…”

“The guy who recommended himself to provide information about girls…”

“That was the friendship flag.”

“The girl who invited you to join her club…”

“That time it was the love flag…”

As Nanami listed them out, Souta thought about them one by one and answered with their corresponding flag.

“So basically a Flag Crusher… right?”

Nanami, who didn’t believe it at first, didn’t believe it in the end.

Although she didn’t believe it, disregarding what happened in the classroom, the truck accident that morning was too ridiculous even if a supernatural force interfered.

“... Okay, the death flag makes sense, but why break the friendship flag or the love flag? Don’t you want a friend or a lover?”


It’s unknown whether it was because the thoughts inside him that he didn’t want to think were said, but Souta’s expression sank and he sat down on the steps leading up to the roof, lowering his head.

“Nevermind. I already…”

“How is this ‘nevermind’...”

In Nanami’s opinion, Souta’s attitude of dropping his shoulders more gloomily than usual did not mean that he really thought so.

“If they’re too deeply involved with me, misfortune will happen. I don’t want to see other people hurt anymore.”

Souta, who said this, was the person who suffered the most to Nanami.

Was it because his amazing power scarred his heart, making him become like this?

Or was it because he was the only survivor of the luxury cruise ship accident, so he blamed himself?

Or, was it both?

Nanami didn’t know the answer.

Despite this, Nanami looked down at Souta with a bit of worry, since she discovered that Souta only knew how to use his power to save people like this morning and to alienate himself from others like he did in the classroom. Awkward.

Nanami’s own social skills were not high - in fact, it could be said that it was very poor. Her lack of direction was not the same as Souta’s but it can still be said to be extremely low.

So… looking at the side of Souta’s face with a lonely smile, she found that she resonated with him, which made her quite unhappy.

In one instant, really only a moment, an expression similar to Souta’s appeared on Nanami’s face. She seemed to crush her feelings just then, and after grinding her molars, she opened her mouth:



“I have no feeling for thee ~ neither love nor friendship. It is impossible to raise a flag! It can even be said that when I saw thy cowardly appearance, any flag was instantly thrown to the ground!”

Nanami stood pretentiously with a very arrogant attitude:

“I don’t need to worry about breaking things that haven’t been raised nor breaking things that have already been broken! So! I will complain to thou when I want to complain and yell at thou when I want to yell!!”


Not only were Nanami’s attitude and tone full of anger, but even the content itself was far from good intentions. Thus, Souta looked at her in a daze when she said these words.

However, after the words sank in and he understood Nanami's meaning, Souta’s expression brightened slightly.

Perhaps like Nanami before, because both people were equally clumsy people, Souta had certain thoughts and feelings about Nanami’s thoughts from the bottom of her heart.

“... You’re a really good person. Thanks…”


Although Souta himself was quite shy when he said this, he was not as shy as Nanami.

Her snow-white clear skin was obviously red. At that moment, even her neck was red, and Nanami approached him with a low roar against Souta’s nose.

“M-my name is Nanami! Nanami Knight Bladefield! Just call me Nanami, because I hate it when other people use surnames. -San and other suffixes are also exempt. Those who dare use a nickname will be punished with death!”

With this belated introduction, Nanami calmed down a bit, and the blush on her face subsided. Souta nodded to her.

“Okay, Nanami-s… Nanami. Me… Me too, just call me Souta.”

He almost said ‘Nanami-san’, and Nanami stared at him as Souta smiled wryly.

It might have been because he was already a little angry with Nanami. He felt that even if he was completely troubled in the future, he would not feel too much pain, so he thought back…Man, it had been a long time… a really long time since Souta had met someone he could be friends with like this.

There was no sign of a flag on her head, making Souta feel very relieved.

Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. Apparently it’s another work of the author, but I couldn’t find it from a quick google search so it might go by a different name. I’m using the literal translation of the Chinese text that says 东京皇帝.
  2. Nee means big sis, if you didn’t know before.
  3. I’m guessing it’s in a surprised way.
  4. In Japan, this is the equivalent of eighth grade I think.
  5. It should be noted that in this case, ‘moved’ refers to actual movement rather than moving to a new place.
  6. The Chinese literally says it broke through the sky.
  7. She refers to herself in a way an empress would here, and most of the time too I think.
  8. It says 洗版文, basically ‘clean text version’ if taken literally, so that’s my best interpretation.
  9. No idea what this references.
  10. The suffix -chan is used for little children I think.
  11. A Japanese children’s song originally made by Rousseau according to the Chinese translator
  12. The Chinese text says 小旗 (Small Flag) so I put it in Google translate as Japanese kanji and got the pronunciation. I may be completely wrong in this case.
  13. That’s a more literal translation that I used before and here, but it is probably more like his expression became neutral or something along that line.
  14. Nanami talks archaically, but I won’t do it too much since my Shakespearean English sucks.
  15. Chinese says 飒喵舔舔, literally the first part of Souta + meow + lick + lick, and it’s apparently some sort of reference to K-ON!
  16. From the Flash anime of White Album apparently.
  17. Nanami makes a cat noise
  18. The pronunciation of ‘flag’ and the word for ‘jellyfish’ are similar in Japanese, but only one syllable is the same according to the Chinese TL.
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