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Incredible Loli Change (不可思议的萝变) is a Chinese web light novel series written by LOSly.Hoy (net name), with about 2.4 million read count to date.

Story Synopsis[edit]

The main character is called Azumabashi Jin-ichi, he's just a completely normal guy until he received an uncontrollable ability to transform into a cute loli, by getting hit by a shooting star. Then weird things started to happen around him, which ruined his normal life.


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10/15/15: Volume 2 Chapter 1 added

10/5/15: Volume 1 Final Chapter added

10/4/15: Volume 1 Chapter 7 added

6/24/15: Volume 1 Chapter 6 added

6/22/15: Volume 1 Chapter 5 added

6/20/15: Volume 1 Chapter 4 added, Full Text for Volume 1 added

6/19/15: Volume 1 Chapter 3 added

6/18/15: Teaser started, Volume 1 Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 added

The Incredible Loli Change series by LOSly.Hoy[edit]

Volume 1 (Full Text)[edit]

Volume 2 (Full Text)[edit]

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More information[edit]

Goal: Finish translating all 8 Chapters of Volume 1 by 6/26/15 (Not achieved)

The character Mukomi Natsuka won 2nd place during the 2010 moe queen competition in - the largest Chinese light novel site.

There are 7 books under this title as of now (6/18/15), the series is still going on, more translation will come soon.

Original Book in Chinese can be found here: