Iris on Rainy Days: Execution- The Day

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The Day[edit]

Two days after the 'death sentence' happened, and the eighty fifth day that I arrived at the construction site.

Late night.

At the instant when the last truck that moves the waste materials appears at the construction site.


Lilith shouted loudly. A small microphone was in her hands.

"Listen closely!"

Her voice resounded in the construction site. It's because I stealthily set up speakers on the back of a few other robots (Of course, other 'spoils' that we got from the waste materials.).

Besides that, we have another trick on our sleeves.

"From now on— everyone— leave— this place—!"

Lilith gave her order— the 'inspectors voice that rang from the recorder.

The familiar words that we've heard every morning rang.

"This is an order—"

The effect was instantaneous.

Speaking the order with the inspector's voice caused the robots to run round the place.

Everyone ran on the muddy ground, some ran towards the gut, while some ran towards the intestines.

The sudden escapade caused the inspector to panic.

"What are you doing! Stop! Everyone stop! This is an order!"

Thus, the escaping robots stopped their movements like they're playing a game.

However, we've expected this to happen.

"From now on— everyone— leave— this place—! This is an order—!"

The table was turned. Receiving the new order, the robots ran hither and thither as though they were released from a curse. The scene sank into confusion once more.

Lilith's initial plan was to use the other robots as 'bait'. We would replay the inspector's edited orders, while the three of us would run away in the confusion.

I added— "Then let's just remove all of their safety circuits so that they could run away."

The removing process was quite simple. Since the safety circuits of the robots were cheap stock from a discount store, we just needed to forcefully pull them off. Thus, we removed the safety circuits of eighty over robots yesterday. Though Lilith was mumbling 'We're actually doing this......', she still helped out a lot.

That's how our plan turned to 'Robot Escapade'.

"Emergency stop! Emergency stop!"

The blaring sirens rang, and I saw the inspector frantically pressing the emergency stop button hung on his belt. However, that did not have any effect on the robots that lost their safety circuits.

Up till now, everything happened according to our plan.

In the confusion, only Volkov maintained the posture of moving the waste materials, not moving. His knees were bent slightly, looking like a statue. Lilith couldn't remove his safety circuit, so the emergency stop button still affected him.

"Right— move— number Fifteen- here!"

Lilith played the recording, ordering the robots nearby. Though the robots who had their safety circuits removed do not have to follow the orders, they still gathered around Volkov because of the overwhelming fear that formed because of following orders all year long.

Four robots carried the paralyzed Volkov. Though Volkov was large, the robots that were already used to moving waste materials easily moved his huge body to the back of the truck.

"Eek!" The driver of the truck ran away in a flash. Lilith turned the key on the car, starting the engine. It seems that the most crucial part of the plan— getting the car has succeeded.

"From now on— everyone— leave— this place—!"

Lilith played the recording again, while the robots who moved Volkov moved away like children who realized that they were tricked. Some of them waved and shouted "Bye!" "You guys are great!"

"Good- good bye! I hope that all would be well for you......"

I waved my arms with all my might, bidding farewell to them. We probably wouldn't be able to see them again— I had that feeling in my heart.

The resounding sirens, the escaping robots, the angry shouts of the inspector, the fake orders of the inspector that echoed all round the place— the construction site reached its maximum confusion at late night.

"Iris! We're going!"

Lilith's shouts came from the driver's seat. The sound of the engine pressed me on like the whinnying of horses.

"Ah, wa- wait!"

I hurriedly moved towards the truck.

"Alright, catch hold of me!"

Lilith extended her arms. After using much force, Lilith pulled myself, who was unable to get onto the car successfully with my continuous track, onto the truck. It was at these moment that I experienced myself her overwhelming strength.

"Let's go!"

As though we weren't actually riding a truck, Lilith shouted happily.

She stepped on the accelerator, then the engine roared. The escaping car finally went on its road with three fugitives on it.

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