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The truck accelerated. I glanced at the conveyer belt area of the 'intestines' area, then the waste materials on it scattered on the ground due to the collision with the car.

The first barrier is the guardhouse at the exit of the construction site.

"The truck over there, stop!"

The speaker barked out an order for us to stop. The automatic gate descended, and cone-shaped road blocks blocked us.

"People who are in our way will be squashed into pancakes!"

Lilith said her over-enthusiastic words, did not stop, but accelerated the truck instead.

"Uwaa, whoa! We're hitting them!"

We collided at the moment when I shouted. Quite a few road barriers were rammed away, the wooden pole of the lever snapped as well, and that was how the truck directly went past the first barrier.

"Hmph, piece of cake!" Lilith said. Holding the steering wheel, a radiant glow was glimmering in her eyes, and a scary smile as though she changed into another person surfaced on her lips. Sitting beside her, I could only shout 'Ah, uwaaaa.......", frantically putting on the safety belt. The truck rocked violently, I've already bumped into the top of the car three times.

The truck ran on the gravel road like a mad horse that lost its reins, arriving quickly at a normal road.


"What is it!"

"Would everyone be able to run away safely?"

"Who knows! But we've done everything that we could! The rest would be their own responsibility! ...... That's right, Iris!"

"What is it?"

"Do you think cars can fly?"

"...... What?"

"Second barrier!"

A signboard with 'No Entry' written on it was in front of us, and there was also a large, deep pit on the road. If we rush over there like this, we'd definitely fall into it.

"B- Brake!" I immediately hugged my head.

"We'll lose if we stop!" Lilith continued to accelerate the car.

"Hey, Lilith!?"

At the instant when I shouted, the huge 'no entry' signboard collided with the truck, while the truck used the soil dug out from the pit as a springboard, flying onto the sky— then fell back onto the ground with a large bang.

"It's done!"

Lilith shouted happily after perfectly flying past the pit. This really can't be said as driving carelessly anymore.

"Iris, turn on the radio!"

"Didn't bring it!"

"No, the radio on the car! Press that button!"

"I- is this it?"

"That's the emergency warning light! Below that, that's right, that one!"

I hurriedly pressed the button of the radio. White noise started to echo in the car.

"Choose a station!"

"Wait a minute!"

In the vigorously rocking truck, I changed the radio stations. However, all of them were playing music or songs, there weren't any stations informing us the traffic information.

"No traffic information!"

"No! I want music, music!"

"Eh? Music? Why?"

I asked in surprise, while Lilith continued to shout energetically.

"Of course it's to liven up the atmosphere!!"

After a few seconds, blaring rock music rang in the car. Following Lilith's instructions, I raised the volume to the max.

"E- Erm!" I shouted while covering my ears.

"What is it, Iris!?" Lilith shouted as well.

"Is this really okay!? Playing these rock music!"

"It's okay! These! Feels better! ...... Look, the third barrier!"

A row of cars lined up in front of us. It seems that they were waiting for the green light— before I even had time to think about things, Lilith stepped on the accelerator again, rushing forward. The rock singer in the radio was screaming, and I wasn't sure what he's shouting about already.

"Step aside step aside step asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!"

Lilith smoothly turned the steering wheel, moving the truck to the right side of the rode. She wanted to move between the cars and the railings, but the space isn't enough for a truck to pass through.

"Master Lilith told you to get out of the way!!"

Lilith sounded the horn quite a few times. The drivers of the cars in front turned over in confusion, then fear immediately on their faces. These cars immediately sped away.

After that, Lilith rammed the right side of the truck with the railings while scraping away the rearview mirrors of the other cars at the left side, going past five cars waiting for the green lights in one go.

"Wait, Lilith, a junction!"

Unsurprisingly, a junction full of cars appeared before us.

However, the word 'brake' doesn't exist in Lilith's mind. She sounded the horn repeatedly as though she was playing with a toy, and continued to accelerate. The rock singer was singing in a chorus of 'GO! GO! GO!' as well.

The truck that suddenly went on a rampage at the junction caused the other cars to brake, screeching noises of friction rang all around, while we sped through the road like a bullet. Sounds of collision rang behind us, but I didn't even feel like turning around to confirm it anymore.

While thinking that I'm still alive, unexpectedly, the rock singer was already happily singing a ballad in falsetto. Lilith happily hummed along with the song as well.

"I say, Lilith, isn't it about time to slow down a bit......"

"Request denied!"


"Behind you! The forth barrier!"

Through the windows, I looked behind us. Three cars with sirens on it were chasing us.

—the police!

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