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"The truck in front! Stop immediately!" The police car ordered, "Move the truck to the left and stop!"

"E- Erm, the police are behind us!" I shouted in a panic.

"Police!?" Lilith asked in an angry tone.

"They asked us to stop!"


"Eh, well...... what should we do?"

"Of course we'll have to shake them off our trail!"

Lilith continued to step on the accelerator.

The engine roared, and the truck that went past the speed limit rammed into the side of the road. The momentum pressed my body onto the left door.

"How is it!? How far are we!"

"Q- Quite far! But they're chasing us again...... Ah!"

"What is it, Iris!"

"S- Something's coming out!"

"Explain clearly!"

"Something small is coming out!"

Lilith poked her head out of the windows, shouting "Then what is it!". Her hair fluttered in the wind like a living creature.

"Whoa, aren't those 'traffic robots'?"

A few robots chased us from the rear. Their upper torsos are humanoid, while there are four wheels at their lower torso— simply said, they're robot cars. The sirens on top of their heads proves that they're police cars as well.

"Traffic robots?"

"Police robots that govern the traffic! They're followers of the police who chase cars that drive disregarding the speed limit."

"Th- They're getting closer!"

"I know!"

Lilith continued to step on the accelerator. However, the speed of the traffic robots are evidently much faster. The distance between us gradually shortened.

"The car over there, stop immediately. Or I will forcibly stop your car. The car over there......"

An electronic voice gave us a warning from the back. The voice was full of sternness.

"Lilith, th- they're holding weapons!"

"What weapons!"


"They're planning to burst the tires, huh...... Iris!"

"What is it!"

"I order you to attack!"


"There's probably a toolbox by your feet, right!"

I lowered my head to take a look, a toolbox was indeed under the seat. Lilith used it before when she was opening my skull.

"Pour the things inside onto the road!"

"Eh? Why?"

"Stop asking, just hurry!"

I don't understand the reason for doing so, but since the traffic robots were starting to shoot, I don't have any time to consider.

"Take that!"

I followed Lilith's instructions, pouring the screws in the toolbox onto the road from the windows. A tinkling noise rang on the night road as the screws scattered on the ground.

At the next moment, a traffic robot tripped after stepping on a screw.

"More, more! Pour all of them out!"

"G- got it!"

I overturned the toobox, pouring out all of the things in it. The illegally thrown screws, nuts, nails, chains and so on rolled on the road with a clanking noise.

The effect was instantaneous. The traffic robots stepped on the parts one after another, then slipped on the road or sliding out of the road.

"This is...... oil?"

After having a close look, I saw stains of black oil in the toolbox. The reason that the traffic robots fell down so easily is probably because of this.

"How's that? That's called being prepared." Lilith grinned happily, "Right~ Let's just rush to a neighboring town—"

Just at that moment.

"Lilith, in front of you!"

I shouted. Lilith yelled "Blast......!", then her face immediately fell.

Countless sirens were flaring at the road in front of us, quite a few large tanks that were larger than our truck blocked our road like a steel wall.

"This is bad!"

Lilith rapidly braked, but it was too late.

The tank shot out a ray of light, then our sights were immediately drowned in white light.

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