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But Professor, my Professor was indeed standing there, she was smiling at me.

I lost all my energy, but was relieved. An emotion surged in the depths of my body, and I gazed at Professor absentmindedly.

Ahhh, Professor. You're alive. Why didn't you tell me earlier.

Professor, wait for me. I'm coming now.

By the way, Professor. Why do I feel that you look rather different today?

Why aren't you wearing your glasses today? Did you leave your glasses at home?

Why aren't you wearing the cigarette case on your neck today? Ahh, it's because it's in my hands. I'll return it to you right away.

Why are you wearing a snow white dress today? It's different from the white coat that you wear usually. Do we have this dress at home?

And, and, Professor, Professor—

Why are you standing at the center of the fountain today?

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