Iris on Rainy Days: Letters- News Report – "National Defense Force Suppresses Robot Breakaway"

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Chapter 4 - Letters[edit]

"Iris, I love you the most." (Wendy von Umbrella)

August 10 'Oval Times' Evening Edition excerpt[edit]

National Defense Force Suppresses Robot Breakaway

The incident of the mass robot breakaway that happened at late night on ninth of August at RL Composite Construction Co. Ltd. was suppressed by the National Defense Force in the end.

A large robot that resisted at the outskirts of Ovalite City was successfully suppressed with the attacks of the military. After investigation, it was found that the robot was a military robot of model 'F-110' that once took part in the northern wars, and was the main force of the Mech Corps of the name 'Ouroboros'.

As for the reason that the abandoned robot weapon was used at the construction site, RL company did not make a public statement. Besides that, the military department and robot manufacturer, Galosh Company, that took part in the development of 'F-110' model shall be hold on account. ......

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