Iris on Rainy Days: Letters- News Report – "Paper Slips at the Scene Identified as Children Literature"

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August 14 'Oval Times' Social Edition excerpt[edit]

Paper Slips at the Scene Identified as Children Literature

The public relations department of the military made an official statement about the incident of the mass robot breakaway that happened at RL company on the ninth of August.

When the body of the large 'F-110' model robot that resisted till the end exploded, large amounts of papers were scattered on the scene. Citizens were concerned about the papers, therefore the contents of the papers are announced.

The papers were from a number of books. The remains of the burnt papers were confirmed to be from the children literary books 'Third-Rate Demon God Visa Darke' (Eight volumes in total, Highcut Publications), written by Sandy Windbell.

As for the relationship of the books with the mass robot breakaway, it is still in investigation.

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