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Like a puppet that lost its strings, Lilith's body bent, lying down on the ground.


"Uuu......!" Lilith pressed her hand on her chest, curling up on the ground. Large amounts of black machine oil surged out from her body, spreading on the ground like a puddle of blood.

"Don't move! This is an order!"

An angry roar reverberated in the small alley, two men wearing military clothing ran towards us. Laser guns were held in their hands.

"What's that, there's another one."

One of the men seemed to have noticed my presence.

"Are we dealing with 'this one' as well?" "Mnn, that's right." They casually decided on my death as though they were discussing the menu of their lunch.

A gun was pointed at my face. The heat remaining in it caused it to smoke.

—Ahhhh, am I dying?

I stare at the gun blankly. Like the time when I was dismantled, I could not feel the incoming death, and started to run away from reality—

At that moment.


Lilith stood up while roaring like a wild beast, ramming the man in front. The man immediately lost his balance.

Using this chance, Lilith grabbed my left arm, running away quickly.

A familiar sentence 'Stop! This is an order!' came behind us, but she continued to run like the wind.

After we passed through the alley, we arrived at a wide road. Quite a few cars were passing through the road before us.

"Ahh! What's that!?"

A female who passed by screamed after seeing Lilith and I. Seeing myself with only my upper torso left and Lilith, who had machine oil seeping out of her chest and had only one arm, the surrounding crowd started a commotion.

The angry roars of the military people came closer from behind. After thinking for a moment, Lilith ran towards the road.

"Lilith, where are you goin—"

"We're riding that!"

There was a small truck waiting for the lights to turn green at the direction where Lilith was shouting at. At the instant when the lights turned green, and the truck started to move, Lilith threw me into the trailer and slipped in after me as well.

After that, the truck moved.

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