Iris on Rainy Days: Rebirth- Day 73

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Day Seventy-Three[edit]

In the gray world that lost all color, I go back and forth in the construction site as usual. The waste materials accumulated in the gut are slowly moved to the intestines, and are then digested.

The rain is getting heavier. The vision on my right side is especially blurry, and vertical bars were present in the surrounding scenery. The noise of the pouring rain troubled me, as usual, causing me to be unable to hear the voices of the others clearly. Even so, the angry roars of the inspectors could still be heard.

Apart from that, there's another thing that I'm rather conscious of.


When I moved the waste materials, the noise rang again.

—clank, clank.

The noise rang in my skull. It's like a small rock is bumping on the interior of my skull.

The noise emerged after I had this body, and it might just be caused by the incident when I rammed into the mirror. Though it decreased for awhile, it seems that it became rather rhythmic now. Even when I turn my neck, the clear noise would be heard.

What on earth is that noise— I pondered on the question when I moved about.

Actually, it wouldn't even trouble me when compared with the rain, just that it would cause a clanking noise. Probably it's just a loose screw or nut.

I walked forward in the clanking noise, and I couldn't help but feel that I'm just like a toy that would give out noise whenever I walk.

After the work ended for the day, it's finally time for reading again.

"On that silent night, Flo Snow left the castle of the demon god. ...... to be continued."

I finished the sixth volume of 'Third-Rate Demon God Visa Darke'. There's just two volumes left.

After about three months, Darke finally returned. However, he wouldn't answer whenever Flo asked him where he went. While Flo was relieved by his return, she was hurt because of his silence. Hence, she 'ran away from home' at the end of the sixth volume. That's because she felt that she was a presence unneeded by Darke.


Lilith moaned, as if she couldn't take it anymore. Then, she shouted loudly: "Disqualified!"

"What?" I looked up from the book.

"Flo is already so troubled! Darke actually didn't explain anything, he's not qualified to be a master!"

Lilith protested furiously. It's rare that she would get so agitated.

"Darke is really strange recently. He's probably obsessed with his new tools, forgetting about the ones that he owned."

Lilith stared at me as though she's asking for my opinion.

I believe in Darke, and don't agree with her. So I rebuked her a bit.

"There's no such thing. See, it says so right here." I flipped through the pages, "The Demon God glanced at the white ring. However, he didn't say anything— that's the proof that Darke noticed Flo's troubles."

"Then why didn't he say anything?" Lilith bit her lips in disagreement.

"It's because Darke is worried of her. Darke respected Flo's feelings and honor, so he's just watching over her."

"Hmm...... But I don't think so......"

Lilith seems to think for Flo a lot recently. That's why my thoughts differ from hers because I believe in Darke.

Volkov did not speak. He silently gazed at Lilith without saying anything.

The start of the seventh volume is even worse.

How could this......!

I was taken aback as well.

After Flo Snow ran away from home, Darke did not look for her, but made a new ring with his magic!

"Satisfied, Darke lifted his new ring and observed it. It's a pristine white ring that gathered the beauty of all the silver in the world on a single point."

"Enough, enough enough enough!"

Lilith started to shout angrily like a mooing cow[1]

"I- I- Isn't that too stupid!? Why didn't Darke go look for Flo!? And he even made a new ring, the devil! Inhumane!"

"I- I- It's the same even if you tell meeeeee!"

Lilith caught hold of my neck and started to shake me. The clanking noise rang again in my skull.

"Darke must have some plaaaaaaaaaaans!"

Though I said that, but I have no idea what Darke is thinking about this time.

Why would Darke make a new ring at this time? Fixing broken tools is is job, but he didn't fix them this time, but made a new one. Also, he didn't even try to search for Flo......

Not hiding her displeased feelings, Lilith continued to press me on: "Continue, continue!"

I felt anxious about the next part of the story as well, so I continued to read.

"At that time, Flo Snow who left home- reached- a- place- far- away...... from—"

At this moment, I stopped. "...... Iris?" "Mnn?" They emitted sounds of confusion at the same time.

—this is bad.

It's pouring. Like a road with large amounts of traffic, the white lines interweaved on the words, preventing me from continuing to read.

I calmly adjusted my focus of my pupil settings. However, the reason of the situation is not because my vision is unfocused, but that my vision is blocked, so I cannot se anything at all.

"Hey, Iris, what's with you?" Lilith used her fingers to lightly touch my arm.

"No...... I'm okay."

I focused my attention on the book again.

The situation improved. The flow decreased.

"At that time, Flo Snow who left home reached a place far away from the castle of the demon god, near the river of the demon world. Usually, it would be the time that she's talking to Darke at home......"

The rain was still pouring.

The monochrome view that was like an old movie was cut into a few parts.

I didn't mention the rain to anyone.

Not to Lilith, not to Volkov.

I like the small book club meeting.

Liking the Lilith who urges me to continue reading with her eyes sparkling.

Liking the Volkov who's listening silently with anticipation written on his face.

I like the time that flows gently and silently like this very much.

"Alone, Flo felt so lonely that she wanted to cry. The memories that surfaced in her mind were all about Darke......"

In the splattering rain, I continued to read.

The rain probably wouldn't stop now.

I would probably lose my sight in the near future.

Then, God, I wish to you. This is a prayer that I bet my life on.

Just give me a little more time.

Please don't take my vision before the gentle book club meetings end.


  1. In Japanese, enough= mou, similar to mooing sound.

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