Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu

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"Iriya's Sky, UFO's Summer" ("イリヤの空、UFOの夏"; "Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu") is a light novel written by Mizuhito Akiyama (秋山瑞人), illustrated by Eiji Komatsu(駒都えーじ), and serialized in Dengeki Bunko (電撃文庫). It is animated as 6 episodes of OVA from Feb - Jun 2005, and the episodes were first broadcast on the web.

The series is complete at 4 volumes.

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In the summer break, Naoyuki Asaba spent his summer days searching for UFOs in the mountains, together with Kunihiro Suizenji, the self-proclaimed President of Sonohara Radio News Club (園原電波新聞部).

Then, on the last night of the summer break, Asaba sneaked into the school pool, and met the mysterious girl called Kana Iriya.

An SF youth story, with light but touching encounters of boys and girls.


  • Naoyuki Asaba (浅羽直之)
#1, Class 2-4, Sonohara Junior High. A member from the beginning of Sonohara Radio News Club. Though he does not notice himself, he is easily influenced by the surroundings, and is frequently pushed around by President Suizenji's reckless actions. His home runs a barber shop, and he is good at hair-cutting, so he also runs a barber shop for students using a club room. He is always concerned with Iriya who cannot mix well into the class, but he is such a klutz that he do not know what to say when the time comes. Also, he does not notice at all Akiho's affection towards him.
  • Kana Iriya (伊里野加奈)
The girl Asaba met at the pool on the last night of the summer break. She is transferred into Asaba's class. She claimed that she was in a foreign military base with her brother, who was an officer of the Air Self-defense Force. However she holds many mysteries: a silver bead is embedded in her wrist; she sometimes suddenly nosebleeds and passes out; and she carries around with her large amounts of medicine. Also, she often leaves school early and takes leave from school. She is isolated in the class due to a certain includent. From the first encounter by the pool, she is attracted towards Asaba.
  • Kunihiro Suizenji (水前寺邦博)
President of Sonohara Radio News Club. #12, Class 3-2. He is 175cm tall, scores a deviation value of 81 in the mock national exam, runs 100m in 11 seconds, and has a pretty good face, but he is a complete wacko who seriously writes down "CIA" in the prefered career survey. He has the threatening mobility that will do just anything in his quest for the truth. However his target of interest changes pretty quickly, and he investigated on supernatural power, and then ESP before his interest in UFO. With a bottomless stomach, he holds the unsurpassed title to finish an ironman meal in the youngest age. His family is a great landlord, and he lives in the warehouse of his family premise. He is not good at handling his elder sister.
  • Akiho Sudou (須藤晶穂)
Same grade as Asaba. #14. A member of Sonohara Radio News Club. Fighting every day to reform the always-amock Sonohara Radio News Club under President Suizenji. A serious and dependable character, she regards Asaba who always gets pushed around by Suizenji as pathetic. She is also always in opposition with Suizenji, as they have different opinions towards club activities. Same as Suizenji, however, she has the supersized appetite despite her looks. She has a secret crush towards Asaba, and does not like Iriya who got close with Asaba.
  • Enomoto (榎本)
Self proclaimed "Elder bro of Iriya." He is always concerned with Iriya, and has a gentle side in his character, but he is mostly a mysterious figure with deep secrets beyond measure. His hobby is star-gazing while sipping instant ramen on the roof.
  • Mayumi Shiina (椎名真由美)
The new school doctor. With great looks and affable character, she gains great popularity among students. In reality, she is an intelligence officer of the Ground Self-Defense Force.


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Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu/イリヤの空、UFOの夏 by Mizuhito Akiyama

This novel is translated by Nanodesu.

Vol I

Vol II

  • The Right Way to Steal Gen-Chari (2/2)
  • 18:47:32 (1/2)
  • 18:47:32 (2/2)
  • Extra: Washing the Corpse


  • The Legend of Dining-Without-Paying
  • Answer, Suizenji! (1/2)
  • Answer, Suizenji! (2/2)
  • Extra: ESP's Winter

Vol IV