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Volume 1 Cover

Kenkoku no Jungfrau (剣刻の銀乙女, Yomigana: けんこくのユングフラウ), which loosely translates to Silver Maiden of the Blade Seals, is a Japanese light novel written by the author Teshima Fuminori and illustrated by artist Yasaka Minato. The series has concluded at 7 volumes.

Story Synopsis[edit]

In a certain Legend from a bygone era. Many kings, many countries and many faiths intermingled and clashed in an era without order. In this era, one who was known as a devil appeared.

Many kings challenged him; one king because demon’s territory and citizens had become too great. Another king just to display his bravery and earn prestige.

And many countries were destroyed. Every kind of blade was taken up, every kind of magic was chanted and all types of wisdom were employed but the devil’s body carried no wounds — it is here that the legend begins.

Of the countless countries that had existed only twelve remained. There was a king that called the others unto arms to take down the devil. There was king who proudly thought that, with his own power, he could take down the devil. There was a king who, fearing the devil, closed his countries borders. It was at that time that a sage cut off one of the devil’s arms and said—

"There are blades that can kill the devil. I seek people of great skill for them. Isn’t there anyone who will follow me?"

There were twelve blades. Each of the twelve kings dispatched their greatest knights.

The twelve knights and the sage challenged the devil, splendidly killing it. Thus the sage became king and the twelve countries one. The twelve knights became known as the Knights of the Round Table and the ideal of every knight. Then time passed unto the present.

Now the 12 blades have re-emerged in the form of <Blade Seals>. However greed has caused conflict over ownership of the <Blade Seals>.

Follow Heath, a fairly average guard, as he gets unintentionally wrapped up in the conflict.


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Project Status[edit]

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The Kenkoku no Jungfrau series by Teshima Fuminori[edit]

Volume 1 Cover

Volume 1[edit]

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Series Overview[edit]

  • 剣刻の銀乙女 ( October 20,2012 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4367-0 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 2 ( February 20,2013 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4408-0 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 3 ( May 20,2013 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4433-2 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 4 ( August 20,2013 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4472-1 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 5 ( November 20, 2013 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4498-1 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 6 ( February 20, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4529-2 )
  • 剣刻の銀乙女 7 ( May 20, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-7580-4554-4 )