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The day after Kurou was discharges.
The day after Kurou was discharged.
Kurou was standing inside the grove of trees about a hundred metres away from his new house.
Kurou was standing inside the grove of trees about a hundred metres away from his new house.

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There can Only be One Victor!

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The day after Kurou was discharged.

Kurou was standing inside the grove of trees about a hundred metres away from his new house.

Wearing the uniform of the academy, both his chew were gripped tightly onto his sword as he lifted it into a raised position.

In a sibei relac mood, he all of a sudden bring the sword down rike rightning. Returning the sword to the raised position, he repeated swinging his sword.

Obviously while he was in the hospital he ai practice also buay sai practice. Then yesterday he had spent the whole of yesterday moving his things around in the new house, so other than cleaning he simi daiji also buay sai settle.

Because he hadn’t been able to do rehabilitation, this training was essential. As expected, his current state was super cui.

Even so, Kurou didn’t feel like he would lose to Sefi now. Although it might seem he see her no up, he had the confidence if they were to fight a hundred battles limpei would win every one of them.

This is your loss, Kurou—

How many times had the Sword Saint Hyouka, who was also his master, said those words to him?

The Seven Swords were a title given to the super up there Swordies.

Within the Seven Swords, the most up there was given the title of Sword Saint.

Kurou had spent the better part of seven years crossing blades with her on a daily basis. And each time he had been beaten by her. For the strongest swordswoman amongst the Swordies, a chao ta por like Kurou going up against her was super buai hiao bai, and Hyouka’s victories were confirm guarantee plus chop one.

However, he didn’t plan on feeding anyone else other than the Sword Saint. No matter what the circumstances.

Even if his body cui, or his skills lan tiao, Kurou wasn’t going to use those as excuses to feed.

Kurou swung his blade down even harder.

Again, and again, he repeated the motion.

After reaching two hundred repetitions— Kurou stopped.

Tilting his neck slightly, he slowly sheathed his sword. As he onry just discharge from the hospital, it would be best if he didn’t siao on to the point where he might as well sign on. There was a fine line between training and ruining his body.

Using a towel to wipe his sweat, he decided to deng chuu.

Cos today Monday, he obviously not gonna pontang class, but there was still time. Taking a shower now would be a hassle, but at the very least he felt he should wash his face.

Last time home was just a small cottage with very little floor space, but now it was a two story building, so the number of rooms had increased.

The living room, kitchen, bath, toilet and Kurou’s room were located on the first floor. Sefi’s and Hinako’s rooms were on the second floor, but Kurou buai sai go up. As this moment, Kurou didn’t wanna kuai lan that rule. If he was going to ninja up there, it would only be after he had prepared everything swee swee.

Entering the house, he headed to the washroom.

Some si eh nice smell wafted over, which probably meant Sefi was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Cooking was one of her interests, and she was quite zai. The proof of that was the meal she had prepared yesterday, which had satisfied Kurou.

“Every day can eat good food shiok sia!”

Kurou and Hinako both couldn’t cook. Especially Hinako, who ah kar ah chew over something as simple as preparing instant ramen. Now that Sefi was here, Kurou felt damn heng over his meals.

While imagining what was for breakfast, Kurou opened the door to the washroom.


“… Hm?”

Kurou tilted his head slightly.

It had totally slipped his mind, but the washroom in the new house also doubled up as the changing room for the bath.


And because of that, Sefi being in the washroom in a stage of undress was quite ko leng.

On the contrary, Sefi was the one with a strange look on her face as she stared at Kurou, who had just entered the washroom.

“Eh, morning, Sefi.”

“Morning… Morning li eh lan, why you even come in the first place!?”

Sefi looked like she was just about to shower, because she was wearing nothing but a pair of white panties.

As soon as Kurou had entered she had pao her neh bu with her chew, but the rest of her skin was fully exposed. Sefi’s neh bu were reasonably dua and nice nice shaped, and with them wobbling like jelly they looked soft to the touch.

“Well, already here, might as well shower lor.”

“wah lao so kan cheong for what sia? cannot wait for me to finish first ah!”

“But if we shower together we can save water mah.”

“No need. You lemme settle the water bill, and meh meh zao!”

There was no real to gong until liddat, but Sefi panic so whatever come to her mouth she just say.

“Oh ya, cannot really see your dua neh bu so li eh chew siam a bit can?”

“Your si lan tao ah!”

She had already removed her bra, so other than her chest being covered by her hands, Kurou had a clear view of everything else. Even so, because he damn selfish he seeing her hands bra also still not enough to steam.

“Wah piang eh! Why are we talking normally like nothing’s wrong!? Ka kin lah! If you don’t zao in three seconds, I will smash this changing room and you!”

“Wah this is gonna be damn terok man...”

Kurou murmured like it was someone else’s daiji.

The truth was, with Sefi’s power, she could easily destroy the whole house, to say nothing of a single room.

“Bo pian lo…”

Kurou spent two seconds burning the sight of Sefi’s chest into his eyes, before fleeing out of the washroom like there was a new hello kitty toy being released in mcdonalds.

It was only because Kurou physical ability was siao eh that he was able to move that quickly.

“Pu bor lan jiao bin puar chee bye—!”

He could hear Sefi’s stream of abuse from behind the closed door.

Considering that he had stared at her half-naked body with all his might as well as continued to stay inside the toilet, the fact that Sefi hadn’t resorted to violence meant she was super nice can.

Although, if he did go too far with his ti ko behaviour, who’d know what Sefi might do then.

“Still, early in the morning limpei see something so shiok...”

“Ups lor…”

“Sia la!”

As Kurou was having a super ti ko bin, a voice suddenly cut him off.

When he finally noticed his surroundings, Hinako was already standing next to him, staring at Kurou intently.

“As always Kuro, you’re being a ti ko peh again…”

“Eh people see chiobu don’t steam how can? It’s like saying their body got problem ok.”

“Kuro, li sibei eh hiao gong wei sia…”

From the bottom of her heart, Hinako kena stun by Kurou.

Today Hinako was wearing that nurse outfit again. Having said that though, she hadn’t nursed him yesterday. She was just a girl who suka suka wear outfits without doing any work in particular.

“Hm? If Sefi’s in the bath, why got this damn nice smell? Did she already cook breakfast?”

“I made breakfast this morning. Almost ready liao, so go the living room prease.”

“HAAARRH, Hinako cooked!? Gong jiao wei ah!”

“Wah lao, you don’t have to tio stun until liddat…”

No, limpei tio stun got valid reason one, thought Kurou as he gazed as Hinako suspiciously.

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