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Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I am Takedzuki Jou.

Thanks to MF Bunko J this time, I was able to publish this book. Truly a cause for celebration.

If "hello again" applies to some of you, dear readers, instead of "nice to meet you," then I am truly grateful. The reason why I can squeeze into the edges of this industry and continue working is all thanks to the loving support of every reader. For this I express my utmost thanks.

Reaching this point took quite a convoluted turn of hardships.

Most prominent of all was the story content. In the beginning, I said "I'd like to try writing a fantasy work about parallel worlds" just to test the waters, but the editorial side vetoed it, saying "too many people are writing about this subject."

"Then how about a romantic comedy or a heartwarming slice-of-life?"

"What are you talking about? Just continue as usual with those battle stories."

"I'm already writing that type of series elsewhere, one that drains massive energy from the body and mind, so I was thinking I'd like to try to challenge the cliched routes of the light novel industry and write a pure moe-style novel."

"Can't you show off your vast knowledge of gods and mythology?"

"The market only needs one series of that type, right?"

"Don't be like that. Anyway, just write a battle story that takes place all over the world."

After an intense debate, the story concept was finally determined.

No, apart from this one point, I am truly grateful for the great freedom afforded in my writing environment. But to think that I could do whatever I wanted during the writing process, this actually makes me a little worried (wry smile).

Next up, I'd like to acknowledge the assistance I've received from many people again.

First comes the editing, designing, proofreading and production etc. I hereby thank everyone who dutifully dedicated their efforts in the process of turning this story into a book.

Especially Nimura-sama the illustrator, because I caused a lot of trouble for you with my slow writing speed and repeated modifications to the original draft.

I am truly thankful to you for adding to this book's visual effects. With so many miraculous colored sketches whose quality were enough to be published directly when all you needed to do was make a quick sketch, you really helped me a lot in the process of conceptualizing characters and fantasy creatures.

Then there is Kimura Kou-sensei who prompted me to come up with this story's concept.

Thanks to you, I finally actualized my wish to join this brand and become your junior. Please continue to edify me with your guidance.

As a side note, this story has essentially two main heroines.

While stuck in dilemma to determine who is the number one heroine, as the author, I once suggested "it must be Orihime, I guess. After all, her femininity is so high."

"Recently there's a new trend in the industry to let the girl who lacks femininity to become the main heroine."

But after hearing that from the editor in charge, I finally slapped my thigh in enlightenment. Hence, the "dual heroine" format was officially decided and a certain girl was honored with the cover of Volume 1.

But losing out in the area of feminine charm, she will definitely face tough trials ahead of her.

Will she be unable to turn the tides? Or is her dormant potential about to awaken? Or perhaps a third main heroine will arrive, further backing her into a corner? None of this can be known.

If possible, please confirm for yourself in the next volume.

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

Oh my goodness, Takedzuki-sensei's new series is beginning, my dear wife.

Although I know that Sensei has written other interesting series, I'm really curious whether this Covenant series will be able to continue as an equal match...

Nimura Yuji

Hazumi-san ...Expected to be kind of like this?

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