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The flag fluttered in the evening wind.

Tigre, Elen, and Lim moved ahead of the Zhcted Army and returned to Celesta.

Some soldiers, including Bertrand, returned to Celesta earlier to inform the people of their victory and to prepare a feast.

Even if it was a small form of gratitude, Tigre wished to greet the soldiers of Zhcted. He also wanted to restore the beauty of his town. Its revival would begin tomorrow.

Incidentally, Tigre had emptied the eight quivers Bertrand held for him.

Usually, archers carry two quivers at most. Any more and it would hinder movement. He could only use that many in a fierce battle.

Later, after hearing this, Rurick muttered solemnly.

“--- All right.”

With a new cloth wound about Tigre's hand, Elen laughed quietly.

“Thanks. You really saved me.”

Tigre gave his thanks. The cloth Titta wrapped around his hand was drenched in blood, so he had it changed.

“For the time being, consider this a victory.”

“For the time being, it is.”

Tigre repeated Lim's words.

That was the truth of the matter; fate had made its move. It was impossible for there to be no retaliation.

Thenardier, after this defeat, would not forgive Tigre.

He would kill Tigre no matter the cost. He would surely try to destroy Alsace.

He had many things to think about besides Thenardier.

It was not just Duke Ganelon and Thenardier, he worried about the reaction of the King and the various aristocrats. He was also anxious about Zhcted and Elen.

Above all, he was worried about the black bow in his hand.

--- Though it isn't reacting now, it definitely did back then.

He communicated with it. Was it telling him its intent?

--- It resonated with Elen's Silver Flash...

Elen did not understand the reason for this.

“Amongst the many Viralt[Dragonic Tools] wielded by the Vanadis, there is no bow. I have never heard of a weapon which could call upon the power of a [Dragonic Tool], either...”

Tigre had heard of such weapons, though he thought of them as fairy tales and legends. Still, he had seen the Silver Flash first-hand.

Why did the [Silver Flash] respond?

Though he looked in interest at the Silver Flash at Elen's waist, the wind only blew, as if teasing him.

After thinking for a time, Tigre sighed and gave up.

It was meaningless to worry about something he did not understand for the time being. It was enough that he could use it.

“A mysterious bow.”

Lim began speaking, as if she remembered something.

“I have heard of only one such bow, though it is a legend.”

Hearing Lim's words, Tigre looked at her in interest while touching the bowstring.

“A man received a bow from a Goddess. As long as he wielded it, he would not be defeated by his enemies. It is said he became King and was called the Madan no Ou[King of the Magic Bullet].”

“This King, is he the incarnation of the Black Dragon?”

Lim shook her head at Tigre's question.

“The Goddess does not come out in the founder's story, so it is possible the story is even older. Since I did not see the power of your bow, I can't say anymore.”

Madan no Ou[King of the Magic Bullet], is it?”

Elen glanced at Tigre and laughed as if pleased.

“Not bad. I'll call you that from now on.”

“Then I'll have to call you [Vanadis-sama] or Silvfrau[Wind Princess of the Silver Flash] from now on.”

She poked his head.

“It's fine. It just means you've got the mettle to become a King. It's not like I was making fun of you.”

“At least fix your facial expression.”

Though she spoke formally, Elen's mouth was loose as she held back a smile. Tigre scratched his head and sighed without any tension.

“The story is interesting, but it has nothing to do with my bow.”

Certainly, the voice Tigre heard was female.

However, the bow had no tasteful decoration or adornment. It was simply a black bow.

--- Above all, it is never good to joke about becoming King.

Such stories were numerous in the land of nobles.

“Do you not want to become King?”

Elen tilted her head, as if she had read what was deep in Tigre's heart.

Though he had not given it much thought, he responded in such a way.

“Sleeping until noon, going out for a hunt.”

Tigre shrugged his shoulder and smiled bitterly. Elen's ruby irises sparkled as she recalled his words

“Tigre, I have something to say to you.”

Looking at Tigre, Elen took a deep breath and bewildered Tigre with a smile suiting her age.

“--- You belong to me now.”

Tigre recalled that he was still a prisoner of war.

“That's right. First of all, how about you tell me more about that maid of yours? You were so desperate to help her before.”

Running his hand through his red hair, Tigre looked away from the smile of the girl with silver-white hair, which waved in the wind.

--- How should I answer...

It was not just Elen. Titta was waiting in the town. If he explained that he was still a prisoner of war, what would she say?

Though Tigre looked to Lim for help with a glance, he was ignored.

“I'm looking forward to it, Tigre.”

Before long, Celesta came into view, lights shining throughout the town.

The people were waiting.

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