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Ludmira bore all damages from the battle.

Ludmira had made a promise with Tigre to declare her neutrality. This had a powerful effect in both Brune and Zhcted. Duke Thenardier had lost a powerful ally.

“We will meet again.”

At the border between LeitMeritz and Olmutz, Tigre and Ellen shook hands with Ludmira before separating.

“I have many things I must apologize for.”

“There's no need to worry. I spoke poorly a number of times as well.”

Tigre laughed and spoke in a joking tone.

“Earl Vorn. When your fight ends, please stop by Olmutz. I will serve you an even more delicious tea.”

“Unfortunately, Tigre will never be going to Olmutz again. How regrettable.”

Without hiding her annoyance, Ellen pulled on Tigre's sleeve as she moved forward on her horse. When he looked back at Ludmira, about ten steps away, he saw Ludmira glaring at her with her tongue stuck out.

Tigre was amazed to see her far-too-childish gesture. He heard Ludmira speak; however, the words were directed more toward Ellen than Tigre.

“If you get tired of that woman, I will always welcome you.”

“Tigre is mine!”

Ellen's yell was heard clearly in the winter air and melted into the sky above.

Like that, they returned to LeitMeritz.

By the time Tigrevurmud Vorn returned to Alsace, one month had passed.

He returned alongside five thousand troops fighting beneath the ZirnitraBlack Dragon Flag, led by Ellen.

In Alsace, he met with Viscount Augre who rode with one thousand men.

“Though it is a patchwork army, you may use them as you please.”

The previous autumn, he was a young man who could lead one hundred cavalry at best; now he had sixty times this number and would soon attempt to face his enemy.

There were many things he felt uneasy about. There was not yet a response from the King's Capital.

Massas' safety was also a concern, for he was making his appeal to His Majesty, the King.

Tigre marched to the west of Territoire toward Nemetacum, the land Duke Thenardier governed.

A light snow drifted down from the ash-gray sky. Winter had finally begun.

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