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During a desolate winter day covered with gray clouds, while Tigre was waiting for Roland's return, a soldier visited Tigre and the others.

“I have come on behalf of the Vanadis, Alexandra-sama.”

After saying that, the soldier presented a letter to Ellen. She read it in silence.

Ellen sank into silence and had a sour face all day. Though Tigre spoke to her several times, she only responded vaguely.

The next day, Ellen spoke to Tigre.

“Shall we go for a ride?”

“Around here?”

Tigre asked her on a whim, but he noticed Ellen look at him with a startled face. Though the Vanadis looked at him with a smile, her pupils were serious.

At this time, Roland had not yet arrived at the King's Capital, and no one knew what would happen to him. Tigre and Ellen, to the best of their abilities, were holding the surroundings and grasping the movements of those around them.

“No... I understand. I needed a way to distract myself anyway.”

Tigre and Ellen took a horse and left the camp.

How far had they run on their horses? In Territoire, there were many large meadows, and the scenery scarcely changed. They could only see forests and mountains far into the distance.

While looking at the gray sky, Tigre vaguely thought about where they were going. Surprisingly, Ellen looked back at him as he was thinking. Though he was surprised, he swallowed any words he had after seeing Ellen's expression.

Her face was dark and gloomy, as if she was brooding over something.

“... Tigre.”

Ellen called Tigre's name as she looked away. Twice, Ellen called out to him. Tigre simply waited patiently.

Tigre knew Ellen. She was the Vanadis, Eleanora Viltaria; she would speak what was on her mind. Though they had only known each other for half a year, Tigre understood.

After the third time, Ellen did not look away. She opened her mouth while she looked at Tigre, as if enduring something. Suddenly, she let out her words.

“... Just this once, may I return to Zhcted?”

Because they had traveled so far before she spoke to Tigre, he had prepared himself. It was not that he was not surprised. He simply could not react immediately upon hearing her words.

Anxiety, unrest, and dismay violently swelled within him. Emotional words almost left Tigre's mouth; he had nearly lost his control.

Arifal remained at Ellen's waist. It blew a wind toward Tigre's face, as if it were waiting for him to react, given the timing. Rather than words, he sneezed.

He could not understand the intent of the Silver Flash. It may have been its usual mischief, or it may have been supporting Ellen. Still, Tigre was able to regain his composure because of it.

He rubbed his red hair and frowned. Zhcted was a considerable distance away, and it would not be possible to arrive at the border so easily. The distance was beyond Tigre's imagination. It would take time.

Ellen understood that more than anyone.

Although she was worried, she had called out to him. Still, he was hesitant to respond.

--- In other words, it must be a difficult matter.

When he thought calmly, many things came to his mind. It would take more than a month to even get there, and it was likely not an issue which would be resolved in two or three days.

Even if it did not take that long, she would be gone for at least two moons. Furthermore, without her lead, the main force amongst Tigre's troops, the Zhcted Army, may very well collapse in that time.

He continued to think, tearing his hair out in the meanwhile.

--- But...

He only made it this far because he cooperated with Ellen. Without her, he would not have been able to leave LeitMeritz, he would not have stopped the Thenardier Army from burning down Alsace. He probably would have learned of it from a rumor after the fact.

He took a deep breath and stood firmly. Ellen could tell at a glance he was ready to listen to her.

“... I hope you have a good reason.”

Ellen smiled bitterly. Tears could be seen at the edge of her eyes.

“There are two territories bordering LeitMeritz. One is led by Ludmira, who you know. The other is controlled by Sasha... Alexandra, my benefactor and best friend.”

They first met two years ago when she had just become a Vanadis.

They got along well and talked for a long time at their meeting. Ellen learned many things from Sasha.

“There is a Vanadis invading Legnica, the territory Sasha governs. I wish to defend her.”

Tigre frowned. He did not know what to say to Ellen. He only knew she wished to fight for the Vanadis known as Sasha.

Seeing Tigre's expression, Ellen bowed her head bitterly.

“Soon after I met her, Sasha's illness became more severe. When I saw her last summer, she was barely able to walk on her own. Though I say that, Sasha's ViraltDragonic Tool is not one that decides its master by power. Even though she does not have the strength to defend...”

Tigre remembered their conversation during their battles at the Tatra Mountains.

--- I see. If she did not have her Dragonic Tool, she would no longer be a Vanadis...

Even if she was ill, she was still required to continue with her duties as a Vanadis, so long as it did not part from her.

“We swore to each other. Should crisis visit either of us, we would abandon anything we were doing and would rush to give aid.”

It was a sacred oath between two people which could never be forgotten.

“--- I understand.”

Tigre slowly, but firmly, nodded.

“I will somehow manage while you're away.”

If they had not ridden separate horses, Ellen may have clung to Tigre. She would have concealed her face which was on the verge of tears. It took all her will to force down her emotions.

“Thank you, Tigre. Really... Thank you.”

One thousand soldiers, including Rurick, were left behind with Tigre. Ellen and Lim left with the remaining soldiers for their native land together with Sophie.

“Lord Tigrevurmud. We will meet again.”

While holding the young Dragon, Lunie, the PresuvetBrilliant Princess of the Light Flower smiled gently, even while understanding Tigre's predicament. She really was optimistic.

“With the Zhcted Army gone, the Knights of Brune will be your allies for a short time. Please bear with it. I also wish to speak to you much more.”

“Thank you. We will meet again.”

Tigre grasped Sophie's hand with a smile. Though he had accidentally touched Lunie's head, the young Dragon simply felt ticklish.

Lim, as usual, was more indifferent.

“Eleanora-sama and I will return in no time. Until then, please refrain from being so reckless.”

Her expression and voice was as usual, but she held Tigre's hand strongly enough that he felt pain. Tigre bore with the pain, as if he had not noticed it at all. She did not let go of his hand until Ellen, who was staring at them, put in a word.

Tigre understood the pain she felt quite literally.

After seeing them off, Tigre spoke to Rurick.

“Why did you remain here?”

The bald Knight laughed as though it were natural when he responded.

“It is warmer during winter in Brune than our country. Without hair, my head is quite sensitive.”

Ellen told the soldiers they would return to Zhcted and up to one thousand would be chosen to remain with Tigre.

The soldiers from Brune were also approximately one thousand in number; Massas took command of them.

Several days after reorganizing the troops, news of Roland's death reached Tigre.

“Roland is...?”

It was unbelievable. Such a strong Knight had died outside the battlefield.

His surprise was ended early, however, when more bad news was brought to him.

[The Muozinel Army, approximately twenty thousand strong, have crossed the southeastern border. We request reinforcements immediately.]

It was different from the Zhcted Army Ellen led. An invader in the truest sense had appeared.

The winter of Brune Kingdom was wrapped in yet another war.

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