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Chapter 2 - PraniFire Drake and Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon[edit]

“... A special envoy?”

Sophia Obertas tilted her head as she sat with a vacant expression. She let out a small noise.

Sophie was a close friend of Ellen and Mira. She was a tall beauty with beryl eyes and golden hair which gently shook. She was wrapped in a light green dress and exuded a mysterious charm, even to those of the same gender.

In her hand was a bishop staff which shined a brilliant gold, giving way to her alias of Presuvet[Brilliant Princess of the Light Flower]. Though a young girl of 20 years, she was still the eldest of the Vanadis.

She was currently in Silesia, the Royal Capital of Zhcted Kingdom. She kneeled in a room deep inside the Royal Palace before an elderly man sitting atop a throne. Currently, only Sophie and this old man were present.

“That is correct. I wish for you to go once more, though I just sent you to Brune at the end of autumn.”

The old man was the King of Zhcted, Victor. Though his beard and hair were graying, he had a dignified atmosphere. He had dark skin, and, despite his weakness, his eyes showed an impressive vitality. Extending from his luxurious, purple, silk clothes were hands of skin and bone.

“The Muozinel Army has invaded, and the situation in Brune has changed drastically. Eleanora Viltaria has also been gone for half a year. Though it is good that her duties are still being done, but any longer and I will be forced to pull her back.”

--- I wonder if that really is the reason. There must be something more.

While muttering those words in her mind, Sophie accepted the King's words.

Though he left the territories in the care of the Vanadis, it was still not good to leave the country for half a year.

Though the King had a solid opportunity to reduce the power of the Vanadis, he wanted to avoid a situation which would badly influence the entirety of Zhcted.

“I shall give words of thanks to His Majesty for his consideration on behalf of the Vanadis not present. However, I must tell you that Ludmira Lurie is currently acting as an investigator to watch over Eleanora's actions. When considering the relationship the two have, I believe Eleanora would not do anything foolish.”

The discord between Ellen and Mira was well known in the Royal Palace. When Sophie brought this to the King's attention, she wondered why he had not thought of it.

“As you say, their relationship is not good.”

The voice of the old man withered like a dead tree; there was a sense of admiration.

“This is information I have not heard before. Sophia, I believe you are quite close with Eleanora, and you returned from Brune just the other day. I wish for you to go back.”

“... I respectfully accept your orders.”

Hearing her orders, Sophie turned about without saying any more. With her head hung, she thought about what the King was planning.

--- He is trying to make use of Ellen and Mira's bad relationship...

As the King said, Sophie had been ordered to act as a special envoy though she had just recently visited Brune.

Though there were diplomats who specialized in dealing with Brune Kingdom, the opponent could not act poorly toward the Vanadis, who were second only to the King. She was obviously effective as a messenger.

After leaving the meeting, as she walked down the corridor at a lax pace, Sophie continued to think.

--- His Majesty is using my good relation with Ellen to get rid of me until after the war is over.

Sophie realized King Victor's aim.

It was not unusual. It was not limited to King Victor and was done by various rulers of the past.

There were many Kings who thought to reduce the power of the Vanadis, and there were others that thought to exploit it but could not.

--- King Victor is, without a doubt, the former.

However, Sophie did not know how far he intended to hinder her friend. She only prayed that nothing worse would come of it.

“--- If it isn't Sophia Obertas.”

A calm voice interrupted Sophie's thoughts. When she looked up, she saw a young woman walking toward her.

A white rose shined in her blue-black hair, giving her a distinct impression. Bright red and purple roses adorned her snow-white dress, and as if to destroy any sense of harmony, she wielded a mysterious scythe.

Surprise leaked from Sophie's voice and beryl eyes.


“It has been quite some time, Sophia.”

The beautiful woman was called Valentina. She gave a delicate smile that made her seem fragile, as if she would shatter with a single touch. Sophie, one step behind, returned a smile of her own.

Vanadis V05 - 086.jpg

“Yes. It has been quite a while. Why are you in the palace?”

“I wish only to remain in my country, but there is information I must find by all means; however, there are more than one thousand men in the Palace. It is far too lively for me, and I have become exhausted.”

While pressing her hand to her mouth, she let out a yawn.

Valentina Glinka Estes was a Vanadis like Sophia and was known as the Shervid[Illusionary Princess of the Hollow Shadow]. The reason she had two names was because she was an aristocrat since birth.

Valentina governed the territory of Osterode in north Zhcted. Though Valentina rarely left, she was not in poor health.

Though she appeared occasionally, she would return at once, using her physical condition as an excuse.

“You do look tired. You should be healthy enough to use your ViraltDragonic Tool, right?”

Her beryl eyes looked toward the scythe in Valentina's hand.

Her Dragonic Tool, Hollow Shadow Ezendeis, had the second name of Fuyou no Rekku[Rending Void of the Supernatural Seal]. From what Sophie knew, it gave her the ability to travel anywhere, ignoring distance and the thickness and heights of boundaries.

“I cannot.”

Valentina slowly shook her head with a smile.

“The further the distance, the more stamina I use. It is far too much for me... The other day, I traveled between rooms and was tired for the next three days.”

Valentina stroked the large scythe lovingly as if it were a child as she complained. Sophie decided to change the subject.

“However, it is quite unusual for you to come to the Royal Palace. We should have some tea.”


Valentina looked down in thought then looked up immediately with a smile.

“If you wish to, then please.”

--- Now then, I wonder if I can learn anything from her...

While walking alongside Valentina, Sophie thought such things without breaking her smile. She invited someone she was not particularly intimate with for a few reasons.

Sophie did not believe her to be sickly. Though she had no evidence, she could not help but think so. Also, she wanted to learn more of Valentina's purpose. Valentina rarely appeared before others, so there was little opportunity to learn about her.

Sophie could not help but think she was hiding some unknown ambition.

As the day broke, tension filled the conference room in Perucche Fortress. Tigre, Ellen, Lim, Massas, Mira, and Regin surrounded a table.

“Why did he burn it down?”

Ellen started the meeting, frowning with her arms crossed, swaying in frustration. Massas was the one to answer.

“According to the message, Duke Ganelon set fire to his city himself...”

“Is there a mistake? Perhaps it was a small fire somewhere in the city and it was exaggerated.”

Mira tilted her neck. Massas responded with a deep face as he stroked his beard.

“It is not uncommon for fires to start in this season. Lutetia is in the north and is colder than the rest of Brune, but it is difficult to imagine something like that could happen so close to Duke Ganelon's home.”

“If such a large city burns, it is natural to think the enemy started it... But Thenardier's Army, they're still south of Nice, right?”

Lim nodded. According to the scout's report, Duke Thenardier's Army was slowly pushing Duke Ganelon's Army while heading north.

--- If not Duke Thenardier, then who...?

While Tigre was brooding with a serious expression, he noticed Regin appeared pale. More so than his own, the shock must have been larger for her.

“Your Highness. Our schedule will not change. We will move to Artishem as planned.”

He smiled to reassure her, though he could not help but feel the irony in his mind. Because Regin was a Princess, she did not think she had anyone she could rely on, yet the damage was unexpectedly mitigated by the people with her now.

“Thank you, Lord Tigrevurmud.”

Regin smiled bravely and slightly nodded her head.

Though Thenardier's Army had accepted the twenty thousand soldiers from Ganelon's Army who surrendered, creating a force exceeding forty thousand, he cast them aside far from Nemetacum when in view of the Royal Capital.

“Weak soldiers are unnecessary. It takes time to kill them all, so don't bother with those that run away.”

He beheaded an aristocrat with more than one thousand troops inside his territory. The remaining twenty thousand threw aside their arms and were tossed away without provisions.

Thenardier never had the intention to accept them.

He had twenty-five thousand troops and five Dragons. If his army doubled, of course the required food and fuel consumption would double as well. Though Thenardier might have been able to prepare that, he was not in the mind to do so.

Nevertheless, he had a reason to allow them to march with him until then.

One reason is because the battlefield they surrendered at was close to Nemetacum. Even if he had taken their arms and food, they might have devastated his territory, so it was necessary to pull them away.

Also, there would be too many allies. He would need to divide the territory he gained from battle amongst them all.

He was further worried that they might run to Tigrevurmud Vorn. Though his army might have been large, they held little loyalty to him. By doing this, he planted a fear inside their minds.

Regardless, if the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] accepted them, it would only increase their food and fuel consumption.

However, the biggest reason was what Thenardier had told them.

Thenardier hated weak and incompetent people.

The only exception was his son.

The next day, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] left Perucche Fortress. They had left three days ahead of schedule.

Alongside the troops led by Tigre, Massas, and Augre, at the core were the LeitMeritz troops led by Ellen and the Olmutz Army led by Mira. Though there was dissatisfaction that a foreign army was part of the main force, Massas managed to persuade them.

Other than that, there were soldiers from the aristocrats that joined during the battle against the Muozinel Army.

As they advanced down the road leading to Lutetia, Tigre had many scouts move in various directions. Some looked for excellent hiding places in the surroundings, others went to explore the movements of Thenardier's Army, and some investigated the situation in Lutetia.

A sharp wind came from the sky and pink flowers bloomed along the road, making the transition from winter to spring.

As they advanced, they received more information which would likely be increasingly accurate. Occasionally, they encountered merchants and travelers. Tigre would invite them to his tent and talk to them over a meal and alcohol.

Incidentally, Ellen, Mira, and Batran also attended these talks.

As for Massas, his hands were tied up commanding the entire army. Lim and Rurick took charge of the LeitMeritz Army while Gerard took care of the supply line behind the scenes.

Regin did not make an appearance because her presence made Tigre anxious. Though she was the one who most wanted to hear about the state of Lutetia, Tigre did not know what kind of answer they would hear and what reaction she would have.

“Where did all of you come from?”

“From Lutetia.”

A middle aged man who seemed to command the caravan responded with the utmost bravado. His attitude was natural, since many caravans which encountered an army were stripped of all they had.

Even if they were an army, it was possible they were enemy spies. There were many reasons to remain suspicious of possible mercenary armies. What was important was to make sure his cargo was not stolen.

Though Tigre examined their property, he did not deprive them of a single copper coin. Although it took time, it did not present a problem, since he had made the majority of his army move ahead.

“I heard Artishem of Lutetia was burned. Have you heard the circumstances?”

“All the rumors are true.”

The man spoke falteringly.

“Our Lord lost the battle and went mad. Ignoring the residents, he set fire to the city... Though Artishem is enclosed by walls, there are fight gates. However, they were all shut.”

Hearing this story, Tigre and the others had difficult complexions. It was a difficult story.

Still, Tigre collected his thoughts at once and continued listening to the story while asking questions. Once the conversation was over, Tigre let out a small breath.

“If this story is true, then this is no simple matter...”

Ellen snorted provokingly. Mira knit her brows.

“We will reach Lutetia in two days. Duke Thenardier's Army will pass Nice and continue north.”

It was a difficult situation. Batran, who had been standing silent with a difficult expression until now, stood before Tigre having made up his mind.

“Young Lord. I do not believe this situation to be difficult. If he has abandoned his land, then we can simply take control of the castle.”

“Turn it into a defensive battle?”

Tigre wanted to protest against his old servant's words, but gave it thought seeing his earnest expression.

--- Is it really a bad idea to take control of the castle?

Artishem, though burned and collapsed, was the center of Lutetia and Duke Ganelon's city of residence. It would be effective politically if the flag of the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] was placed there.

Drawing a map of Brune in his head, Artishem was in the middle of north Brune. If he suppressed the area, he would grasp the majority of the northern supply lines.

--- More than anything, if their city has been burnt down, I would like to help them.

Tigre looked back at Ellen and Mira while giving it thought.

However, their reaction was not pleasant at all. Ellen's brow was wrinkled and Mira stared sternly into Tigre's eyes.

“It is a risky gamble with a high probability of defeat.”

“I agree with her for once. Abandon this plan.”

“... Is it really that difficult?”

Tigre flinched seeing the two veteran Vanadis oppose the idea.

“It is the largest city in the north of Brune where the residents number double our own. We will not be able to take control.”

“There is also the possibility that half the city has been burned down. With corpses in such high quantities, there will be disease throughout. Also, it would be a problem if Duke Thenardier appeared while we give aid to the citizens.”

What the two said was justifiable. The Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] did not have the food or fuel to support them above all else.

“It is possible we could appeal to the Royal Capital to help supply food and water through Lord Massas or Her Highness.”

Ellen shrugged her shoulders to Tigre's desperate proposal.

“Well, it's better than doing nothing. It's a good idea to ask the Royal Capital for help. After that, we can ask all the surrounding nobles and the Knights to help defend the castle.”

“That is not a bad idea from you. Depending on their reaction, we could even incorporate them into our troops.”

“Ho ho, to think you would give a compliment. Is this a harbinger of heavenly blessings or a natural calamity?”

“Naturally it would be a natural calamity if we follow whatever is going on in your head. It seems you have been spoiling him too much.”

The beautiful expression on the face of the two girls was lost in an instant as they glared and elbowed each other. A wind and cold air began to envelop the tent, causing everyone inside to shudder.

“Please stop fighting. I'm depending on both of you.”

Though Tigre tried to calm down them down, his words were counterproductive.

“Aren't I obviously more reliable than her? You won't get anywhere if you indulge this spoiled girl.”

“There is nothing to be gained from this veteran who can only boast of her size, Tigre.”

Tigre knew this would take time and turned away from the two to signal to Batran to stand outside. Enduring the cold, he returned to the two once again.

The quarrel lasted for a quarter koku.

The next day, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] stopped their march about a half day's walk from Artishem. They knew Thenardier's scouts would be approaching Artishem as well.

“Duke Thenardier's Army is approximately fifty to sixty belsta (about fifty or sixty kilometers) away. If both armies continue at their current pace, we will meet by the end of the day.”

Tigre decided to stop. He did not want his soldiers to be attacked when they were tired from a long day's march.

There was also a need to reorganize the troops. A group of soldiers from Duke Ganelon's Army appeared three days ago. With an extra seven thousand troops, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] numbered twenty thousand.

“We can handle no more than this, whether it be a dog or a cat, let alone a soldier. Please set a condition that they must bring one hundred spears, fifty horses, or food for fifty if they wish to join.”

Gerard Augre was in charge of the distribution of food, fuel, and arms, and reported with a spiteful attitude. Tigre flinched before the threatening atmosphere emanating from the youth with brown hair.

“It's that bad?”

“I will say this bluntly. Our soldiers are strangely sensitive to the decrease in their food. For instance, the vegetable soup---”

Gerard's eyes and tone became sharper.

“Assume the normal soup has carrots, beans, potatoes, and salt. We have gotten rid of the beans and have thinned out the salt. Though we can deceive them for a time, it will be discovered within four or five days.”

Gerard leaned over with a pile of papers in his hand and continued.

“There is some speculation amongst the soldiers that the food is being taken from them by the enemy, and that their allies are being incompetent. It was expected to some extent, but with a powerful opponent looming ahead, there are more who are thinking of fleeing.”

He continued to speak rapidly. Needless to say, Tigre understood his point. Since they were so close to Thenardier's Army, they stopped accepting soldiers because there was the possibility of Thenardier's men disguising themselves.

In a tent with the BayardRed Horse Flag of Brune, ZirnitraBlack Dragon Flag of Zhcted, and the flags of house Vorn and LeitMeritz above it, Tigre held a war council.

“Duke Thenardier was thought to lead an army of forty thousand, but that is an exaggeration.”

Claiming to control more troops was not unusual.

It would be profitable if the enemy troops believed it, It would foster suspicion between new soldiers, and simply by increasing the number of flags, they could easily deceive scouts.

“Though it is an exaggeration... when you gather all the reports, they certainly have more than twenty thousand.”

Massas stroked his beard and made a bitter face. He had enough power in his hands to pull the hair off his face.

Tigre had a cold sweat mentally. The Unstoppable Silver FLow[Silver Meteor Army] had a mixture of twenty thousand men.

Also, while he could not, Duke Thenardier could return to Nemetacum to replenish his supplies and reorganize his troops.

“We can't wish for any more, rather, we should be grateful we have closed the gap this far.”

“Still, Duke Thenardier's Army barely reduced in his last battle with Duke Ganelon.”

Lim tilted her head expressionlessly. Massas responded to her doubt.

“There are five Dragons in Duke Thenardier's Army. The battle ended quickly because they took the lead.”

Dragons. Tigre and Massas trembled after hearing the world. Only Ellen and Mira remained calm. Lim as well showed no sign of tension in her face.

“Well, we'll take care of them. We can't let the soldiers do everything.”

Ellen spoke nonchalantly. Tigre bowed while bitterly gripping his knee.

“I apologize that I must leave it to you.”

“No need to worry. The right man at the right place. Though you are the General, it would be useless for you to make a move.”

Tigre nodded wryly after hearing Mira's words of comfort.

“Duke Ganelon is out of the picture. This fight against Duke Thenardier will likely become our final battle.”

Regin gazed at the map tensely. She looked toward Artishem. Those present knew the tragedy which took place in the city.

It was a hideous thing which simply made them nauseous.

There were two signs that something would happen. One was a carriage traveling back and forth numerous times between the northern gate and Duke Ganelon's mansion. The other happened to be soldiers working beneath Ganelon creating many fuel depositories across Artishem.

Those with sharp intuition saw these two events happening, and, after four or five days, left the city with their family; however, they were a very small minority in a large urban environment. Most residents remained.

Of course, they were all uneasy. To begin with, Duke Ganelon was known for his outrageous brutality, and for carrying out cruel acts on a whim. Furthermore, news of Ganelon's defeat by the Thenardier Army reached their ears, though it was still a rumor.

Still, it was difficult for anyone to leave the city where they lived for many years simply out of anxiety.

Anyone who could think their Lord would burn down the city and its residents of his own volition would not be a normal human.

The fire began at midnight, and it was started in Ganelon's residence. The luxurious, three story mansion which towered high above in a place where he could overlook most of the city was wrapped in flames, flickering before a backdrop of darkness.

The fire reached the fuel depositories throughout the city. In each depository, barrels were filled with oil, lined with fat, and had piles of firewood surrounding them, which caused them to quickly erupt into flames. The sparks were fanned by the wind from the north, spreading the fire in an instant.

Artishem was a city with history. It existed before Brune Kingdom came to power.

Though it was developed, and there were more shops and residential areas in the city, the central landscape was still the same as it once was.

There were stone buildings with beam ceilings and wooden doors and floors. The fire eventually spread there.

The greatest reason the people could not run away was because it began at midnight. Some jumped out of the houses, and a few managed to reach the castle gates.

A river flowed through the center of Artishem from the northeast, so many jumped into it to escape from the flames; however, few survived.

Though signs of winter's end approached, the river water was cold in the dead of night. With the flames fueled by the wind, there was a long wall of fire lining the river. Many were forced with the choice of death by drowning or inhaling the smoke and suffocating.

With the cold wind blowing from the north, the fire ran rampant and quickly reached the southeastern part of Artishem.

Security guards desperately fought the fire throughout the city with the cooperation of the citizens; but the fire burned much of the city. By the time it disappeared, dawn had arrived. The sun began to rise, and the moon could be seen sinking in the western sky.

There were numerous corpses accompanying the city burning to ruins.

At the same time, news of Ganelon's death circulated about northern Brune. To say nothing of the various cities throughout Lutetia, the aristocrats who did not fight in the war alongside Ganelon's troops were deeply impacted in the midst of the public turmoil.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the Ganelon Army which was defeated by the Thenardier Army simply scattered in all directions.

Those who were not accepted in either the Thenardier Army or the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] were left to wander the lands of Brune.

“... Before we defeat Duke Thenardier, let's apply for a truce.”

Tigre looked around as he proposed that to his friends. Ellen reacted quickly, her red eyes shining keenly.

“To save Artishem?”

Tigre nodded. He thought of words to say before he spoke again.

“When the Muozinel Army attacked from the sea, it was Duke Thenardier who defended the cities near the water.”

If Thenardier was aiming for supremacy in Brune, he would eventually aim to make Artishem his own. If possible, rebuilding it quickly would be advantageous.

Though Tigre gave that explanation, he did not receive a good reaction.

“Your idea is good, but Thenardier will not likely accept it.”

Ellen said this, and Mira shook her head.

“Tigre. Even if you offer this now, they would only suspect you of buying time. You could be gathering more troops using your reputation from your battle with the Muozinel Army.”

The two Vanadis opposed him. Tigre stared at Massas and Lim, but, as expected, no response returned.

“If I were in Duke Thenardier's position, I would give priority to destroying Lord Tigrevurmud's Army. Given your situation now, you should not give aid immediately. If you win, you can place responsibility on his shoulders.”

“Tigre. Your heart is in the right place, but you cannot do everything. It is only after you defeat Duke Thenardier that you will be able to bring about change.”

“... I understand.”

It was a reasonable argument. Tigre was saying unreasonable things, after all. If he took this action, he may jeopardize the twenty thousand soldiers following him. It was a mistake to confuse the means and the end.

“Lord Tigrevurmud.”

Regin, who had remained mute until then, spoke to Tigre in a steady voice.

“I must take responsibility for myself. Please do not suffer any more than necessary.”

“But, Your Highness...”

What she said was not wrong, and it was the right time for her to say so. From outside, a soldier requested a meeting. Massas stood up and received the report. When the old Earl returned, he reported with a difficult face.

“A message from Duke Thenardier came.”

Duke Thenardier's messenger reported his demands for the war. They were for Tigrevurmud Vorn's neck to be presented to him and for all aristocrats who supported him to be relieved of their territory and titles.

[Furthermore, Eleanora Viltaria and Ludmira Lurie are not to interfere and are to return to the Kingdom of Zhcted.]

--- There is nothing about Regin...

“What will you do, Tigre?”

The messenger was made to wait for a response, so Ellen asked Tigre.

“Will you offer the truce you presented a while ago?”

Massas said that, though it was clear he was suppressing his anger.

It was difficult to place any trust in the enemy. Thenardier would not possibly allow Massas and Augre, who supported Tigre from an early stage, to get away with just their territories and titles revoked. Even if he did not do anything now, he might make a move in one or two years.

Furthermore, he would secretly bury Regin. Thenardier's wife was King Faron's niece. As someone who has a connection to the blood of the Royal Family, all obstacles would be gone if Tigre were dead.

He would not permit Regin's existence.

“I feel like I should make a demand rather than ask for a truce...”

“You could recommend they surrender and give them an equally coercive demand.”

Hearing Ellen's words, Tigre made the messenger return with his response.

[Don't you still owe me reparations for your son's solleret on Alsace?]

The solleret refers to one's iron greaves. In this case, it signified his command over an army.

With this, negotiations broke down.

To the southeast of Artishem were the Villecresnes Plains. There were narrow forests to the north and south and a river connecting them, as well as small hills to the east.

There, the twenty thousand strong Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] faced off against the twenty-four thousand strong Thenardier Army.

The Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] divided its encampment between the central force, the right and left flanks, and the reserves to the rear.

The central unit consisted mostly of soldiers from Ganelon's Army with Tigre commanding them. Massas and Lim were by his side. The right wing was controlled by Mira and Ellen, and held the Zhcted Army. To the left were the soldiers and Knights that joined him after the war with Muozinel.

Though Tigre wanted to fight the Dragons alongside Ellen and Mira, he did not due to the overall situation.

“Certainly, we can get rid of the Dragons quickly with the power of your bow, but we will have a disadvantage without you taking charge at the front.”

Commanding the Zhcted Army in the right flank, Ellen laughed and comforted Tigre. Mira also smiled fearlessly after giving him a parting remark.

“There is no need to look like that. There is no one either here or in Zhcted that could defeat an army with two Vanadis.”

“Got it. Though it goes without saying, take care, you two.”

Though Tigre saw the two with a smile and words of encouragement, he could not relieve his anxiety.

He had learned the fear of a Dragon firsthand.

His first encounter with a Dragon was when he was hunting in the mountains. His second time was in the fight against Zaien.

“... Lord Tigrevurmud.”

His face looked difficult as he recalled the past. Lim called to him from the side.

“Please rest assured. Neither Eleanora-sama nor Ludmira-sama will be defeated.”

“That's right...”

Tigre nodded as he grasped the black bow in his saddle.

“Lord Massas. What do you think of the enemy's appearance?”

“They are calm. They will fall back, though... in the way they did against the fight with Duke Ganelon's army. We have no room to relax.”

They would lure the enemy back and bring the Dragons forward. That was the plan Thenardier had used before.

Thenardier's soldiers, like the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army], had a textbook formation.

Ten thousand infantry were in the center. Both wings had five thousand troops. Behind the main unit, the five Dragons were waiting, and four thousand enemies stood even further behind with Duke Thenardier. There were three thousand even further back as a reserve force.

This eccentric formation only displayed Duke Thenardier's arrogance and confidence. Rather than overwhelm the enemy with numbers, he would simply crush them from the front.

In the middle of the morning, while the sun continued climbing, a cold wind blew across the land. The two armies marched.

The moment the Zhcted Army fired a rain of arrows, Thenardier's men stopped and blocked the attack with their shields.

Screams tore through the air as countless men who could not block the arrows fell. Still, there were no openings in the troops.

After exhausting their arrows, the Zhcted Army retreated and sounded a horn. Both armies raised a cry and clashed. At first glance, they looked even.

Soldiers held up their shields to block spears, not allowing them to pass further, swords cut men down, axes crushed through helmets, and others followed after from all directions to carve the enemy apart.

Killing and being killed. As if it were a chain reaction, the earth was littered in corpses and screams, the grass was dyed dark red with blood.

Soldiers slumped over, their eyes hollow, trying to push their entrails back into the corpses of their comrades.

Because I am right, because the enemy is alive, because the enemy is cruel, because the enemy is fighting, in order to survive, everyone had their own reason to wield a sword or spear, a reason to brandish a hammer or an axe.

Of course, they believed the Commander they fought under was correct; however, the enemy before them had blades smeared with blood. The reality of attack ahead was trivial. Only the desperation remained in their mind.

While the central forces were in an intense exchange of offense and defense, the Zhcted Army in the right wing gradually pulled back. Thenardier's left army began advancing, carrying on this momentum. This was a trap set by the Zhcted Army.

Taking notice, Mira gathered five hundred men and attacked Thenardier's left wing from the side.

At that time, the Zhcted Army began a quick counter-offensive as planned. The left wing of the Thenardier Army was almost crushed in an instant. The men retreated to rebuild their formation.

--- Good.

Ellen smiled happily while commanding the Zhcted Army. At this time, under Tigre's command, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army], began moving forward slowly. The Zhcted Army would soon approach the river and forest. It looked difficult to attack at a glance.

However, that was the goal. Ellen made a large detour and ran around the forest, joining with Mira to attack the Thenardier Army from the side. Although it was a rash action which left the right side open, there was a high chance of victory.

The left wing of the Thenardier Army, while recovering their formation near the forest and river, was assaulted. Furthermore, under Tigre's orders, Lim led the reserve troops to replace the right wing of his army. If the enemy attacked aggressively, there would have been a severe loss in her soldiers.

Lim had received another instruction from Tigre, so she separated from Tigre and took command of the reserves.

“Lord Massas. How is the left wing?”

The old man shook his stocky body and looked sternly at Tigre.

“You are the General. You should not use honorifics here.”

“Though I understand...”

He was about to speak formally again, but Tigre looked at Massas awkwardly as he began. Massas shook his head bitterly.

“The Knights of Perucche, Lutece, and Calvados are here. They won't lose to such an absurd opponent.”

“... It's odd hearing you speak so formally.”

“Please get used to it. It will be an interesting experience.”

Batran looked upon their conversation happily.

A half koku had passed and the sun approached its nidus. Suddenly, a change occurred on the battlefield. The Zhcted Army commanded by Ellen and Mira heard a cry from Thenardier's left wing.

“Don't be left behind.”

“I should return those words to you.”

Though they were the Commander and inspector, they stood at the head of the troops. Command was left to Rurick who remained behind.

The bald Knight had separated from Tigre long ago to carry out this important task. He was clearly bathed in a tense atmosphere.

Holding up the longsword which manipulates wind, brandishing the short spear covered in ice, the two Vanadis rushed into the enemy without hesitation. The Thenardier Army, surprised at the surprise attack, held up their shields and thrust their spears forward between the gap.

However, the spearheads did not touch Ellen or Mira. In a moment, their shields were crushed and their horses danced atop the enemy. Every time the wind flew from Ellen's sword, blood and brains painted the ground, only to be frozen shortly after as Mira thrust her spear into the earth.

Although three or four Thenardier soldiers challenged them with spears and swords, they were eliminated immediately by a counterattack. They saw the beautiful Goddess of death right before their eyes.

As if tearing through ragged clothes, the Zhcted Army divided the Thenardier Army in two equal portions. Those who fought back bravely could not last, as the cavalry ran by them with spear in hand.

“... Reinforcements.”

After breaking through the enemy, Ellen frowned. There was a change in the enemy; a fresh unit was likely moved in.

They wore sturdy armor with thick shields. Between the gaps, they used a weapon which combined an axe with a polearm, a halberd.

The halberd was used to handle enemies on horseback. Though it was like a small axe, there was a projected tip which acted as a spearhead. The weapon could pierce, cut, and act as a hook to drag the enemy off his steed.

The disadvantage was how difficult it was to handle as well as its length and weight.

Though three kinds of attacks were possible, for those who could not properly use them, it still acted as a spear. Thenardier arranged it so the unit could use the weapon in that manner.

“But don't think this is enough against us.”

“--- Yes. I must say the same.”

Next to Ellen, who had just used a plural form of language, Mira added her words with a sarcastic tone. The bright red pupils and brilliant blue pupils crossed for a moment, letting off a spark of hostility.

In fact, the soldiers with the halberds could not stop Ellen or Mira. If they used the weapon as an axe, the handle was quickly severed. If they used the weapon as a spear, the cold air stopped their movements.

“Once we break through here, we'll see the Dragons.”

“What are the colors of the Dragon's scales?”

“Nothing black.”

Ellen returned a short reply to Mira's question. In Zhcted, young Dragons and Dragons with black scales were not to be killed due to their importance in the mythology of the founding of Zhcted. It was common sense to the two.

Soon, the five behemoths came into view.

Three had scales the color of yellow ochre, and another had red-brown scales reminiscent of brick.

The last, and most conspicuous, was the color of iron. Though it had shades of black along it, they were simply large chains fitted to the Dragon.

“This is my first time seeing a Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon...”

Mira muttered in disgust. Though Ellen did not say it, she agreed.

The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon was a malformation and was an ill omen in Zhcted. Though they did not know what might happen, it was not simply an issue of nerves.

Ellen had one thing to be nervous about.

--- The PraniFire Drake and the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon aren't being sealed with those chains. In the first place, there is no chain which can restrain a Dragon, so what is that...?

“How did they get them? Even in our country there are no examples... What kind of hand did they play?”

“I can't say I'm not interested, but it certainly won't be anything decent.”

At that moment, the two Vanadis heard an odd sound which resembled tinnitus. The two frowned and exchanged glances, but they had no room to speak.

After they broke through the wall of enemy soldiers, dozens of alsin away, the Dragons let out a roar. All six cries drowned out the sound of battle. Man and horse, enemy and ally alike simply stood still in terror.

Ellen and Mira lightly bent backwards. Their horses did not run forward; their bodies were trembling as they snorted in fear.

A wind blew, originating from the Dragons' breath, and blew a foul odor across the field. At that moment, the three SuroEarth Dragons with ochre scales began to move.

The Dragons ignored enemy and ally alike as they advanced. Their thick, tough forelimbs struck the ground like pillars. A Thenardier soldier was unable to escape and was crushed underfoot, leaving only a lump of dark, red flesh.

The Thenardier soldiers escaped to the side to avoid being killed by its rampage. They pushed one another as the three SuroEarth Dragons rushed straight ahead. The ground shook with every step, clouds of dust and blood swelled.

“--- To save time, we'll finish them off together.”

“True. There are five. It would not do to fight them individually.”

Even with the huge beasts approaching them, Ellen and Mira remained calm. A swirl of wind gathered at the tip of the longsword held by the Vanadis of silver-white hair. A cold air formed along the short spear held by Mira.

It was no lie that they lacked the time. If they took too much time against the Dragons here, Duke Thenardier would have time to escape; however, Ellen had a separate aim.

So long as the Thenardier and Ganelon Armies fought, these Dragons would be a war potential difficult to surpass. The soldiers of Thenardier knew this.

She wanted to crush their morale by dealing with the Dragons in a single blow.

The wind formed an invisible blade, and crystals emerged in the air.

The Dragons approached the Vanadis.

Ley AdmosCleave the Air!”

Shero Zam KafaFreeze the Sky!”

Ellen swing Arifal down, while Mira thrust Lavias forward. The two ViraltDragonic Tools crossed. A whirlwind of ice shot forward as the cold stuck to the blade of wind.

It was as strong as a winter storm which occasionally blew violently in the northernmost lands of Zhcted. The torrent gouged the ground and altered the atmosphere. The Dragons bathed in the shining blade were bound in ice, unable to escape.

The Dragon scales were covered in countless cuts which were immediately frozen as they burst. The ocher scales crumbled like withered petals, dark red blood seeped from the Dragons before freezing.

Their claws and fangs were carved away by the wind and frozen; they shattered with a single strike.

The soldiers of the Thenardier Army who had escaped from the Dragon were hit by the shock wave. They were unable to escape the aftereffects and were frozen to the spot, unable to move their bodies.

The three SuroEarth Dragons, without letting out a cry, fell to the earth frozen. The Thenardier soldiers could not let out a single sound, some were unable to stand.

Ellen and Mira did not bother to claim victory. They pulled on their horses' reins and rushed past the Dragons' corpses.

“... Can you do it again?”

“Surely you are not asking me that?”

While retorting with a rare smile, the two Vanadis continued forward, followed by the Zhcted Army who raised a battle cry. On the other hand, the Thenardier soldiers were unable to move, barely able to hold a weapon in their trembling hands.

In the main force, the dark-haired Duke watched the battle with a grim expression.

Vanadis V05 - 120.jpg

--- So that's the power of the Vanadis

Though he was astonished, his face showed no sign of it. He and his aide, Steid, maintained their complexion, allowing the remaining staff officers to recover.

“Like I thought, our central unit should use a Four Spears Formation.”

Steid muttered as usual, despite his slightly pale face. The Four Spears Formation was something Duke Thenardier devised for the infantry. Its results were unsurpassed in battles thus far.

He did not use it because the Dragons were used to lure the Vanadis in. If the Vanadis were superior to the Dragons, they would take care of the Dragons first.

Strictly speaking, a thin layer of troops was placed behind the Dragons, and once the Vanadis passed the five Dragons, they would be engulfed in soldiers. So long as the Vanadis could be crushed, he was willing to lose all five Dragons.

However, because the Dragons were between his base and the central unit, the instructions could not easily be given, so the Four Spears Formation could not be readily used due to a necessity for quick command.

If the Vanadis were lost, the Zhcted Army was sure to collapse, and a remarkable change in morale would happen in both friend and foe. With numbers on his side, his chance of victory would skyrocket.

However, Thenardier and Steid had to quickly modify the plan. They were not sure what the two Vanadis had done, but they had quickly dispatched all three SuroEarth Dragons.

“Quickly reorganize the troops. Enclose the Vanadis that defeated the Dragon and crush them.”

His words were filled with fatigue.

“I don't care if it takes six thousand soldiers to attack two people. Kill them.”

Thenardier gave out cold instructions without mercy.

Mira and Ellen approached the remaining two Dragons. They had quickly passed the three SuroEarth Dragons they defeated and divided to the left and right to fight the PraniFire Drake and Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon respectively.

Because of the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon's bulk and the PraniFire Drake's ability to spit fire, they separated the two so they could fight in a large space.

“I'll leave the left to you.”

Both Ellen and Mira advanced after that short phrase. Ellen ran to the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon while Mira moved to the PraniFire Drake.

“We took out those SuroEarth Dragons before, so I would rather not play with you, but we need you to leave the war right now.”

As she said that, a sound rung in the depths of her ear yet again. It was a sharp noise which drowned out the clamor of the battlefield.

However, there was no room to think about it.

The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon raised its head and glared at Ellen with its four eyes. Its eyes showed it had energy to spare.

The atmosphere let out a hum as a tornado surrounded Arifal, forming a blade of wind.

Ley AdmosCleave the Wind!”

With a shout, Ellen struck the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon. Though it was tough, its bones would break and not even a fragment would remain if it took a direct blow.

However, while the earth was gouged out as the wind tore through the air, it stopped shortly before the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon, as if it were protected by an invisible wall. After the two struggled, the wind disappeared.

“... What?”

It was something Ellen had not expected at all. She looked on in blank surprise, though only for a single breath.

After a time which was not even a moment, the Vanadis wielded Arifal once again.

“--- VerniShadow Wind.”

Removing her feet from the stirrups, she jumped up as soon as the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon attacked. It bit through the horse's neck and backside. A deep, slow sound rumbled from its maw as blood sprinkled to the ground.

Both the Zhcted soldiers and the Thenardier soldiers turned pale, their bodies quaking in fear. Though Thenardier's central force was still clashing with the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army]'s main force, those in the surroundings had forgotten the battle.

Ellen escaped from the Dragon's jaws and landed on the ground. The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon closely observed her. After she had used [Shadow Wind] to escape, she attacked the Dragon's head, but there was no sign of any wound.

--- Even if it was a shallow blow, it was not damaged by Arifal's blade.

The PraniFire Drake turned its gaze to Mira who had run to challenge it.

At that moment, Mira attacked the PraniFire Drake with her VedaDragonic Skill.

Shero Zam KafaFreeze the Sky!”

A huge amount of cold air was emitted from Mira's Frozen Wave. In a single moment, innumerable pillars of ice formed about the PraniFire Drake, stabbing it.

However, like Ellen, the Dragonic Skill was stopped by something, as if hampered. The PraniFire Drake opened its mouth, a bud of flame shining from the back of its black throat.

Ellen and Mira ran quickly and rolled on the ground, colliding into one another.

Immediately afterward, an inferno was expelled from the PraniFire Drake's mouth, melting the ice created by Mira. The heat burned Ellen's back and shoulders. If she had been exposed to the flame directly, her body would have been carbonized immediately.

--- Somehow, it missed for now...

Because the two were fighting Dragons separately, they had created a considerable distance between them. Even with the speed of Shadow Wind, however, she was barely able to avoid the flame.

“Eleanora! Why are you...”

Mira glared in fright at Ellen who protected her from the fire. Ellen raised her face and smiled, enduring her pain.

“You... weren't acting like a Vanadis. Your movements were thrown out of order for a moment.”


Using her spear, Mira emitted a thin film of ice to cover Ellen's wound. The PraniFire Drake continued to vomit flames toward the two.

The bright red flame wrapped about the two Vanadis and spread radially like a lotus, engulfing many Zhcted soldiers. Those touched by the flame died instantly, their bodies carbonizing and collapsing to the grass as ashes.

The Zhcted soldiers not harmed by the flames looked toward their Lords engulfed in fire with bitter expressions. Even the Thenardier soldiers were not in a state of mind to cry for joy as they stared at the fire breathing Dragon.

“--- I see.”

A dignified, stony voice was heard from beneath the flames. A cold wind brewed from within the fires, dispersing the heat. The people looked on in disbelief, as if they had seen a dream or illusion. It was a miraculous scene beyond the reality they knew.

Mira held her spear of ice with a firm expression as Ellen protected her. A huge amount of cold emitted from Lavias, and Arifal had formed many films of air about them. They were protected from smoke, heat, and flames.

“Our VedaDragonic Skills do not work on you.”

The Vanadis were safe. When faced with the flames of a PraniFire Drake, all turned to ash without exception; however, these two people remained uninjured. It was a mystery to the beast.

On the other hand, Mira had formed large lumps of ice as she looked up at the PraniFire Drake. She was calmly constructing a method to kill it in her head. Still, nothing appeared in her mind.

The earth shook; the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon looked elsewhere. Even Mira found it difficult to keep focus on the Dragon with twin heads upon which her Dragonic Skill would not work.

The stampede of thousands of horses approached with a tremendous force, corpses were trampled upon, soldiers were separated, and screams mixed in the air. It was the sound of war.

The Thenardier soldiers were split apart as cavalrymen, led by Lim, cut through them.

“Eleanora-sama, Ludmira-sama. Are you safe?”

Lavias was pointed to the ground, as Mira was about to thrust her spear into the earth. She stopped her movements in reaction to the shout and turned back to see Lim.

“You... Why are you here? What of Tigre?”

“I have come at Lord Tigrevurmud's instructions. He said to assist with your withdrawal---”

While Lim was answering, Mira noticed Ellen begin to fall before her.

“Help Eleanora. She is injured.”

Before Mira's words were finished, Ellen's body moved. Supporting herself with her sword, the Vanadis with silver-white hair struggled to stand.

“My body hurts... but I can manage myself.”

“Please get behind me.”

Ellen rode the horse behind Lim. After making sure Ellen was on, Mira deprived an enemy of his horse as she watched the PraniFire Drake approach.

Shero Zam KafaFreeze the Sky!”

Mira used her VedaDragonic Skill for a third time. The earth was torn away, and a large pillar of ice spread, forming a wall of ice to prevent the Dragon's flames.

The PraniFire Drake fiercely hurled fire at the wall of ice, two, three times. The earth shook with every blow. Soon, the barrier of ice shattered, scattering fragments of ice across the battlefield.

However, by that time, every soldier from Zhcted had withdrawn.

Duke Thenardier and his adjutant, Steid, calmly looked at the soldiers of their army. There was a succession of surprises but their complexion remained unchanged.

“... They got us.”

Duke Thenardier vomited words in annoyance. Though the surrounding attendants trembled, Steid responded indifferently.

“It was a severe loss with the three Dragons.”

“Certainly that is true, but I did not grasp their movements.”

Without hiding anything, Thenardier strongly grasped his fist. He had pulled the soldiers back to lure Ellen and the others in so he could show his superiority.

“Have the Dragons attack the enemy. We will throw our men at the Vanadis.”

It was the second time Thenardier had to change the actions of his soldiers and the Dragons in this battle because he had too little information on the Vanadis. Furthermore, because of the Dragons, his soldiers had not moved as instructed. It was unpleasant for Thenardier.

His left wing was partially destroyed, and the three SuroEarth Dragons had been destroyed, yet the Vanadis were not killed.

“What of the center and the right wing?”

“The right wing is holding its ground, and the center is pushing forward.”

Steid answered promptly. The situation was as expected. With the Knights in the enemy's left wing, it was unlikely they would destroy it, and their central force of ten thousand faced off against the enemy's seven thousand troops.

“However... That has ended as well.”

When Tigre sent Lim away, he awaited a report as he was tormented with anxiety and impatience.

--- There's nothing to worry about. Ellen easily killed the Dragon when we fought against Zaien. She has Mira with her this time.

Even if he said that to himself, he could not dispel the worries in his mind. He recalled the fear he had when he confronted a Dragon before.

However, he could do nothing more than send Lim out. He could not just focus on them as the General of the army.

For the time being, it was necessary to overcome the situation of the central forces, since they were outnumbered.

“Lord Massas, do you have any ideas?”

“It's difficult... We are short three thousand troops. We have done well considering that deficit. All we can do now is to believe in the Zhcted Army.”

The old Earl's response was gloomy. Ellen and the others would break through the enemy's left wing and head toward the central unit, attacking them from behind.

If they succeeded, the enemy would lose its momentum. That would be a good chance for the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army]. Thinking of the abilities of Ellen, Mira, and the Zhcted Army, it was a feasible plan.

--- Change... Change.

He grasped his black bow and clenched his teeth. As the General, he was forced to watch from behind. It was painful.

Something changed at that time.

Hearing the cry of [Betrayal], Tigre and Massas understood. A traitor had appeared at the front of the central unit.

“--- Lord Massas. I leave it to you.”

Tigre gripped his black bow. He had confirmed the condition of his bow and the number of arrows many times already.

“... What do you intend to do?”

Massas asked with his usual tone, though his face was pale.

“I won't do anything unreasonable. I will meet them, that is all. I leave command and Her Highness to you.”

In his voice was a powerful presence. Though words rose to stop him, Massas said something different. He called his subordinate and ordered him to follow Tigre.

“Don't die. Got it? You must not die.”

Tigre responded by holding his bow up and jumping on a horse. The situation was urgent. The Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] could collapse in an instant. Agitation was already running through his soldiers.

--- Can I get through?

The central unit was a mixture of the former Ganelon Army. When they surrendered to them, there was already a high possibility that this would happen. Though Tigre and Massas investigated them as much as possible, there was a limit given the short time.

Tigre waded through the waves of soldiers as he nocked an arrow. A man of approximately 30 years moved toward Tigre after locating him. He was an impressive man with a thin mustache beneath his nose, and he held a shield and mace in his hands.

--- I think he's Baron Digne.

In the Brune Kingdom, barons were not given territory or titles. They received a yearly salary from the Kingdom and had to make the rest of their livelihoods on their own. Because they usually had aristocratic relatives, they were often entrusted with governing towns and villages.

However, Simon Digne was only interested in traveling and training himself. Since he had a presence of mind in the face of adversity, and his talent was a certainty, Tigre entrusted him with five hundred soldiers at Massas' recommendation.

“Why are you here, General?”

“Who called out traitor?”

He did not answer Digne's question and simply asked his question. Digne's eyes probed Tigre with an indistinct light before he responded.

“It was Viscounts Chateauroux and Batan. They suddenly shouted [We support Duke Thenardier]...”

“Thank you for meeting me and answering my question.”

After expressing his gratitude, Tigre moved ahead to look for Chateauroux and Batan. Tigre remembered their faces from the interview when they offered their troops. Though it was tedious, Massas and Lim made absolutely sure he memorized their appearance.

--- I didn't want to use it for this.

As he looked for them, he pulled his bow back strongly and shot an arrow. The arrow flew overhead at great speeds and pierced through Viscount Chateauroux who stood up with a sword a moment before.

He did not watch Chateauroux topple to the ground. He turned around as he pulled out another arrow. As expected, the old man who had served by his side for many years was present. After a nod, Batran clutched his spear, and turned to the soldiers.

“Louder! Drown everything else out!”

Batran shouted loudly beyond what one would expect of his small body. The soldiers, with Tigre's consent, raised their swords and spears and let out a battle cry. Against this backdrop, Tigre searched for Batan with his bowstring drawn to its limit.

He found Batan immediately, but he was running away with those from the Thenardier Army who were fleeing from battle. He was barely within visible range, but Tigre would not let him go.

In this case, Tigre's concentration was heightened by anger, excitement, and tension. He had nocked three arrows and drew his bowstring back, then fired and killed three Thenardier soldiers standing in a line. While the bowstring was still trembling, Tigre had nocked his bow and fired yet again.

When Batan's body fell to the ground, a strange silence fell on the battlefield. Batan and Chateauroux's soldiers who had just betrayed them stood rooted to the spot. Both the soldiers of the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] and the Thenardier Army stared wide eyed at Tigre's feat of skill.

Tigre rode forward proudly and shouted to his soldiers.

“Stand your ground! If we retreat here, we will gain nothing! Show me what you men are here for!”

He nocked another arrow and targeted the nearest Commander. Though two hundred alsin away he understood it was a Thenardier Commander based on his uniform.

Following the sound of the wind being cut was a dry sound of flesh being gouged away. The man was one who commanded hundreds of soldiers, although he was not necessarily occupying an important location.

However, it changed the atmosphere of the battlefield. Batran's men gave a battle cry once again, encouraging themselves and recovering their energy.

The Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] which was on the verge of collapse held their ground, took one step forward, and clutched their swords and spears soaked in blood. They charged toward Thenardier's soldiers on the hill, swallowing Chateauroux and Batan's men in an instant.

With the General in the center of the battlefield, morale would surely increase. Their blistering counter-offensive overturned their preceding inferiority; however, the Thenardier soldiers resisted stubbornly, blocking with their shields, thrusting their spears forward, and some even threw stones.

Though Tigre did not move from the midst of the battlefield, he was unable to show his normal skills with the bow.

There were no soldiers as capable as Ellen and Mira who had once defended him. His escorts fell, one after another. With swords and spears coming at him, Tigre had no choice but to concentrate on evasion.

Lacerations marked Tigre's arms and legs, his clothes were dyed red. Many soldiers fell defending Tigre.

When the sun reached its zenith, the Thenardier Army slowly began to retreat. They were not being pushed back by the strength of the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army]. It was an order to retreat.

--- This is a temporary retreat. I should also quickly reorganize...

Tigre looked up at the winter sun and ruffled his dull red hair with a sigh.

They took short shifts to rest. Wounds were treated and soldiers with severe injuries were pulled away from the battlefield. Food and arms were replenished, and water was distributed. No alcohol was passed around, because their bleeding would worsen, and there was still an intense battle coming afterward.

They ate thin, hard bread and some roasted vegetables. There was neither meat nor fish. Rather than recovering the soldiers' physical condition, it instigated their desire to win and survive.

While maintaining the tension of the battlefield, the soldiers devoured their food and drank their water.

Though Tigre went to meet Ellen and the others who had returned, he could not be happy upon seeing their injuries and rough breathing. Mira's fatigue could not be hidden, and Lim was supporting Ellen who had a burn down her back.

“I'm sorry. We only managed to kill the SuroEarth Dragons.”

While the Vanadis with silver-white hair did not meet him with a smile, she spoke with a bright voice

Tigre entrusted the reorganization to Massas and asked for the details from Ellen. There was no time to set up a tent, so the soldiers surrounded them as they held their meeting.

Though they had killed three Dragons, the PraniFire Drake and Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon had unexpectedly remained. On the other hand, the Vanadis' faces clouded over after hearing the situation with the central troops.

“You were the one who told us not to overdo it.”

Ellen gazed painfully at the injuries on Tigre's arms and legs. Tigre had taken his clothes off and was being treated by Teita.

“That's true, but given the situation, it was the only hand I could play...”

Mira also looked at Tigre with both blame and concern in her eyes. Lim also showed her concern.

“Lord Tigrevurmud. I must ask that you do not concern yourself with this battle.”

Hearing her calm voice, Ellen and Mira collected themselves at once. Tigre was thankful for Lim's words in his mind. She looked down at him less coldly than usual.

“I will tell you this now. This conversation is only postponed for now.”

It meant she would scold him whenever she had time. Though he repented, he regretted leaving reorganization of the troops to Massas. Tigre meekly surrendered with a shrug.

“By the way, why didn't your VedaDragonic Skill work on them?”

Mira held her hand to her hip and tilted her head. Ellen was the one to answer.

“Perhaps the chains anchoring those Dragons are blocking them.”

“It was negated?”

Mira looked at Ellen with eyes of suspicion and anger.

“I'll say this beforehand. It is possible to cancel a Dragonic Skill.”

“Unfortunately, I did not know this.”

Ellen's eyes turned to Tigre.

“The holy sword Durandal belonging to Brune Kingdom exerted a mysterious force which counteracted my Dragonic Skill. Sophie's as well.”

In the fight against the Black Knight Rolland who led the Navarre Knights, it had happened. Even if he received an attack from a ViraltDragonic Tool, or even an attack from Tigre's bow, Durandal remained unscathed.

“There's no telling what it was made of, but the sword was made from some metal which was unearthed. It wouldn't be surprising if they could forge chains as well.”

Ellen could calmly think and speak this far because it was her second experience with it; however, Mira's reaction could not be helped.

“If what you say is true, it will be a nuisance...”

Mira let out a groan from the bottom of her heart.

Though they were called Vanadis, their bodies were flesh and blood. Their bodies would not hold their original form and would be corpses if they took an attack from a Dragon's claw.

“We have two options.”

Ellen spoke with a confident smile.

“Say it quickly. Time is more precious than gold right now.”

“What Ludmira-sama says is reasonable, Eleanora-sama.”

As Ellen was reproached from two directions, she looked for help. Tigre simply shook his head, and Teita tilted hers in doubt as she continued rolling bandages. Ellen sighed.

“No matter. We can try and cut the chain directly. Though I don't know what it's made of, our Dragonic Skill will work without it there. If that's impossible, then we'll aim directly for the Dragon. Though they're unexpectedly tough, they'll likely take some damage if they're hit with my Silver Flash or your Frozen Wave.”

“And the second method?”

“We kill the guy controlling the Dragons.”

Ellen smiled fearlessly.

“When I approached the Dragon, I heard a strange sound many times. It's probably someone giving a command to the Dragon. I could see no other signs of commands being issued.”

Lim agreed as well. She did not recall seeing anyone nearby or riding the Dragon to issue commands.

Nevertheless, the Dragons did not move until the Zhcted Army reached them. Furthermore, they attacked the Thenardier soldiers as well.

“While the Dragon is fighting others, I'll use Arifal to search for the sound and take care of the one making it. When it becomes impossible to control the Dragons, they won't use them. Like this, we---”

Ellen suddenly glared at Tigre as if she remembered something.

“If you have the time to think about that, then think of a way to fight the enemy forces.”

She preemptively stopped Tigre from speaking.

“Right. Leave the Dragons to us. You should concentrate on Duke Thenardier.”

Mira also teased him. Ellen further raised the bar.

“Tigre. You are the General. It isn't a role Lim or I can take. I doubt Massas or Regin could do it, either.”

If Ellen and Mira, who were from a foreign nation, became the General, the soldiers of Brune would not follow them. Though Massas had dignity, he had no authority, and Regin's position was too unstable.

“--- I understand.”

Tigre nodded. He would do it for Ellen and Mira, Lim, Massas, Batran, Teita, Rurick, and Gerard. He would accomplish his task.

--- It's still a difficult problem.

Based on the previous battle, Thenardier would adopt a new strategy. It was necessary for him to outsmart Thenardier, who had lived twice as long as Tigre had.

“Then...I will start preparations.”

Lim took out a map with a somewhat theatrical tone and gesture. Realizing she was trying to relax in her own way, Tigre simply nodded with a smile.

“I'm counting on you.”

After two koku, the armies confronted each other once again. The sun had fallen far to the west, and the clouds would soon dye vermillion.

Duke Thenardier's army was down to twenty thousand. The dead and severely injured numbered two thousand in total, but those with slight injuries were moved to the back as well. Though the right and left wings had not changed significantly, the center was thin.

The all important Dragons were behind the central force, and Duke Thenardier was further behind.

On the other hand, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] had at most sixteen thousand men; however, those with slight injuries were made to remain on the battlefield. Their morale was high. Tigre had punished the traitors on the battlefield, and every time his bowstring sounded, another enemy was felled.

It was not only the numbers that differed.

The Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] had retreated significantly. The left wing remained on the hill, and the central force had a column formation at the base of the hill.

The central unit was not well equipped.

Those with leather armor were more prominent, those with spears did not have swords at their waist, and those with swords lacked a shield. They were terribly unbalanced, and every weapon was damaged in some way.

“... What do you think the enemy intends to do?”

Thenardier received the scout's report and asked his adjutant, Steid. Though the same question was thrown to the remaining staff officers, but they were satisfied with thinking the enemy did not have a sufficient amount of equipment because an Earl from the country could not supply them. He did not receive a satisfactory answer.

“The Knights will descend from the left.”

The Knights had mobility and a strong rushing power. They could apply an intense charge to come to the aid of their allies as they watched the battlefield from the top of the hill.

“If that is the case, why not place the Zhcted Army on the hill?”

“The Zhcted Army is strong as it is. They will fight either the right or left wing early on and retreat before we can use the Dragons.”

“What of the equipment of their main unit?”

Steid did not immediately answer, trying to draw a conclusion he could be convinced of.

“I doubt they were unable to procure enough arms. It's possible...”

The fair-haired, blue-eyed adjutant continued to speak.

“To avoid a fight with the Dragon, it is best to create a situation where friend and foe is confused. Their will to fight has been stimulated, so it will likely become a melee.”

Thenardier folded his thick arms and gave thought to what Steid said. He considered it likely, since the enemy was clearly preparing to attack aggressively. It was simply a show, since they would quickly retreat to avoid the Dragons. He had also thought that far.

Once again, he looked at the enemy camp in the distance.

--- He's buying time by creating a dogfight in the center while the left and right wings are attacked. He'll have his men retreat to escape from the Dragon. Is he going to approach me?

He did not believe Tigre would retreat because he was a coward, and he did not accept that Tigre was unable to procure weaponry. He was an enemy and the fastest growing power. Half a year ago, he had led only one hundred soldiers. He would have a plan to win.

“I got it. We'll move according to this plan.”

The wind had grown cold and the clouds became thicker.

It was the second battle of the day. Rather than a battle cry, it was a trumpet which sounded from the central unit of the Thenardier Army that marked the start of the conflict.

The Thenardier Army showed strange movements. Some moved to the right or the left quickly, while others slipped behind their allies.

A wide road was open between the two wings of the Thenardier Army. It was wide enough for the Dragons to easily pass through.

A strange sound, like that of a flute, echoed through the battlefield. Though it did not reach the ears of half the people, those who did hear it frowned in pain.

However, thoughts of the sound was blown away from the soldiers who had heard it with the appearance of the PraniFire Drake and Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon, as the two rushed quickly through the path made by the Thenardier Army.

--- So this is how they're playing it...!

Behind their central force, a loud cry was heard. Tigre stared at the two mountainous behemoths as they approached.

How is it possible to use a Dragon? Though Tigre desperately thought about it, he could only think of two methods.

One was to bring them at the beginning of battle and force it into the enemy camp. The other was to use it as a reserve power for the end of the battle.

There was actually a third method. In the first battle, the Dragons were placed behind the main unit to act as a decoy since the Vanadis were an existence which could fight a Dragon. They would be lured in and surrounded. It was a cunning plan, because, even if there were no means to defeat the Dragons, the Vanadis would still be forced to jump into the trap.

--- However, the plan Ellen and Mira are carrying out is dangerous.

Ellen and Mira certainly defeated the SuroEarth Dragons, but they could not handle the PraniFire Drake or Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon.

He did miss this. Thenardier had seen what happened in the first battle and thought of a different plan.

--- He'll have thought of another plan, since he knows Ellen and Mira's attacks won't work against the Dragon.

Because he knew that, he would choose one of the other two options.

Massas believed he would not act conservatively.

“It is true he still has the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon and PraniFire Drake, but he lost the three SuroEarth Dragons. To ease the fears of the soldiers, he will bring the Dragons out early in battle. He will likely attack the troops from the Ganelon Army.”

“I agree with Lord Massas. From the previous battle, it is clear it is difficult to use the Dragons when ally and enemy are mixed.”

Lim spoke up as well. Based on the two opinions, Tigre conceived counter-measures. It was a dangerous gamble, but to trick a powerful man like Duke Thenardier, it was unavoidable.


The moment he saw the Dragons, Tigre shouted. Massas and Lim, rather than giving orders, remained indifferent and calm.

The central unit of the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] began to retreat at a pace which surprised the enemy. It was disorderly. They ignored formation and rank in all forms, threw their weapons aside, discarded their helmets, and ran away desperately from the Dragon.

It was disgraceful conduct they did not expect from the enemy they had fought just a short time ago. The soldiers from the Thenardier Army could do nothing but stare in blank surprise. The Dragon chased after the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] as ordered. Dozens who could not run away were bathed in flames or devoured by the two heads.

Some soldiers fell, their every bone shattering as the Dragon walked over them. Some had their torsos blown away with a graze of the claws.

If their breathing was off a little or if they stumbled slightly, a horrific death awaited them.

Hundreds of alsin away, a group, lead by a fierce shadow, galloped fiercely toward the center. The wind roared with the sword, and cold air drifted from the spear.

Having knowledge of the enemy's existence, the Dragons stopped their advance for the first time.

“All right, they stopped. Now to discipline it properly.”

The girl with silver-white hair calmly got off her horse and held her blade to her shoulder. She was smiling.

“The sound reaches even out there. I suppose it does not matter. We will drag him out eventually.”

On the side opposite the Dragons was a girl with a spear. She dismounted her horse and looked up.

Ellen and Mira; the two Vanadis.

Further away, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] had retreated. The two now stood in a field littered with innumerable arms. They silently waited for signs that their troops had completely retreated.

The two ranks, a distance away, gathered together. They recovered their breathing, took up new arms, and reorganized their formation. One group was led by Tigre while the other was led by Massas.

“Lord Massas. May the fortunes of war be with you.”

Tigre and Massas shook hands.

“You as well. Limlisha, please do not let him act recklessly.”

“I understand.”

Lim nodded indifferently as she stood beside Tigre. The young man ran his hand through his dull red hair awkwardly to disguise his embarrassment. In place of the Vanadis, Tigre would help cover the right wing with the Zhcted Army, while Massas would help the troops on the hill to cover the left wing.

Suddenly, Tigre turned around and thought about what happened in the distance. He thought of the unreasonable battle being held by Ellen and Mira.

His face was tense, and he gripped his bow strongly. At that time, his back was struck lightly.

“Lord Tigrevurmud. It is time we leave.”

It was Lim. Tigre returned from his thoughts and turned back. Though her facial expression and indifferent voice were as normal, it was rare for her to hit him on the back.

“If Eleanora-sama and Ludmira-sama cannot concentrate on their battles, they will scold you later.”

“That's a bit rough... But you won't be scolding me?”

“Since my leadership would be insufficient, I would be scolded as well.”

Her earnest words wiped all his hesitation and tension away.

Tigre braced himself and grasped the reins as he smiled at Lim.

“Thank you.”

“I did what was natural as your adjutant.”

“Is that so. Let's go, Limlisha-sensei.”

Hearing his last word, which was spoken as a joke, Lim's face dyed red. Even without looking, it was easy for Tigre to tell what her reaction was. The young General raised a shout to his soldiers.

“We fight back!”

The fight between the Vanadis and the Dragons approached the end.

The Vanadis did not take the battle into a one-on-one fight. They fought the PraniFire Drake, using it to shield them from the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon as it charged. It was a fight they were dominating.

“The Black Knight Roland was a much more frightening opponent---”

Ellen spoke to herself as she thrust her longsword into the PraniFire Drake's forelimbs. The sound of rocks being crushed sounded as her sword clad in wind smashed through its scales. Dark red blood immediately erupted and coagulated from its body heat, flowing like lava. It was a strange pattern.

The PraniFire Drake gave a roar of anguish. It swiped outward with its foreleg and cleaved the ground with its tail; it sprayed its flames across the skies and the ground. It was a rampage forceful enough to make the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon retreat a few steps.

However, its thick, sharp claws and tail as large as a tree trunk could easily mow down all in their path. The flames were dissipated by a wall of cold air.

“It was not Roland's capability as a soldier but his abnormal willpower that made him a difficult opponent. He would not be so strong if he only had the ability to block my VedaDragonic Skill.”

The Dragons were not a powerful enemy. Though the flames which could burn everything were terrible, it was blocked with the wind and the cold. Though her body ached from the burns, she did not lag behind at all.

However, the two were still at a stand still. Though they had found many opportunities to attack the chains, not a single scratch was left behind.

“It might be easier just to cut through the scales to kill it...”

Mira spoke up.

They had focused their attacks to the chain wrapping about the Dragon. After Ellen had used her wind to cut the PraniFire Drake with a series of quick attacks before taking distance, then Mira would move forward, gouging the PraniFire Drake deeply in its chest before it could use its flames.

Mira called out. At that moment, a wind was sent forth.

The small body of the blue-haired Vanadis danced in the air, her short spear in hand, as she jumped away from the danger of the flames.

It was a disappointing death; it was quiet. The flames did not come from the fang-lined furnace, nor did it leak out any death throes.

Its eyes were wide open, and the place it fell to was scorched as its body generated an intense heat. A small fire flickered from its mouth.

The two did not have room to relax with the death of the PraniFire Drake. The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon rushed toward them as its two heads let out an intense roar.

Its two jaws lined with fangs that could tear through iron and rock approached Ellen from either side. The pain from the burns in her back delayed Ellen's movements for a moment.

Though she barely dodged its fangs, they grazed Ellen's clothes. A laceration was carved into her fair skin. Her entire body was clad in a storm with frightening vigor as Ellen was thrown to the ground.


Mira ran up in a hurry and attacked the left neck of the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon. The right head attacked Ellen who was still on the ground.

“Get away!”

A lance of ice shot from Mira as she screamed in anger, forcing the Dragon to bend its neck backward. While Ellen rolled along the ground to avoid it, Ellen thrust her sword forward. The Dragon's right head thrust into the ground, bringing up earth and sand in copious quantities.

Its left head moved violently as it groaned. Mira looked on in frustration, as the wound was smaller than she had anticipated.

“This is far harder than any SuroEarth Dragon or PraniFire Drake...”

Mira cursed at the chain hanging from the neck of the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon.

“It will be a bit hard to get through that...”

Ellen skillfully took distance from the Dragon as she pulled some dirt from her silver-white hair. She called out for Mira.

“Ludmira. Help me.”


Mira responded with a sharp tone. Ellen's smile reached her bright red eyes in surprise.

“You're quite honest.”

It was normal for her to not even bother listening to a request. The blue-haired Vanadis responded with a sarcastic smile.

“I expect a wonderful proposal. I will mock you for it later if it is terrible.”

Ellen moved close and whispered into Mira's ear. Though the Dragon likely could not understand human tongue, it was a battlefield and there was a need for caution. Sure enough, Mira's face distorted as she frowned reluctantly.

“You want to drop it into a pit you make in the ground, and you want me to close it off with ice.”

“There's no proof it will die. My idea certainly is weak, but I will kill it with this hand, with this sword. Do you have a better plan?”

Mira shook her head without responding, a sign of her agreement. Looking at the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon, Ellen shouted.


Responding to its master's will, a pale blue light tinged its blade. Ellen's body was wrapped in a fierce wind, throwing sand up in the air. Ellen and Mira ran forward.

The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon let out a roar and attacked, but Ellen was much faster. The sound of the wind and air bursting could be heard throughout the forest. The two jumped high into the air as its claws pierced the ground.

The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon was surprised by the pain in its forelimb. It pulled its arm out of the ground and recovered its posture while Ellen and Mira looked down on it from the sky.

“Let's not argue at this height.”

Supported by the wind Ellen created, Mira brandished the Frozen Wave.

Shero Zam KafaFreeze the Sky!”

The spear of ice produced numerous crystals from the atmosphere which rained down on the Dragon.

The blocks of ice would blow a human body to pieces. Even so, the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon received only a few scratches on its scales. Though it staggered, the Dragon held its ground and looked up at Mira, seeing a threat before it.

At that time, the Dragon noticed the other person was no longer in the sky.

Immediately afterward, the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon felt something small pierce it from behind.

“I only needed a little momentum to get this into you.”

Ellen was on her knee on the back of the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon. Her hair was dirty with mud, and her body was covered in wounds, but she still laughed fearlessly. The longsword clasped in both her hands had pierced deep inside its body through its thick scales, almost to the base.

With its strength exhausted, they could inflict damage to its scales.

Because it was tired today, they had been able to inflict damage to the Dragon's scale. If Ellen fired her VedaDragonic Skill, it would simply be negated by the black chains.

Therefore, using the momentum from her fall, increased with Arifal's wind, Ellen moved toward the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon at a terrifying speed. The Dragon could not react because of the rain of ice Mira had created.

Though Ellen had pierced through the Dragon's scales, she was also injured due to its movements to the extent that she had momentarily lost consciousness. Still, the Vanadis of silver-white hair endured it all.

She took a deep breath and put power in her hands.

--- If it's useless from the outside, then I'll attack from the inside.

Ley Admos--- Cleave the Wind!”

A storm was born from Arifal's blade within the Dragon's body. Its meat was scooped out, its bones were crushed. Everything within the Dragon turned to powder.

A thick black liquid spilled from the mouths of the two heads. The Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon fell down, its body convulsing on the ground.

Ellen was thrown aside with Arifal from the momentum. The sword bathed its Lord in wind and gently brought her body to the earth. When the aid from her sword ended, Ellen, with her purpose of killing the Gara DovaDouble Headed Dragon gone, fell to the ground.

“... Finally, it has ended.”

Mira walked to her with the Frozen Wave over her shoulder. Still, she was not the type to boast of her victory.

Before the corpses of the Dragons, fatigue wrapped about the two. They had the strength to cut through one thousand soldiers, but never had they felt so tired, both physically and mentally.

“Are you going to help Tigre and the others?”

“I'm in no state to help in this condition.”

Ellen responded curtly.

The horses they rode had run away.

“We did what we needed to do. All we can do is leave it to Tigre to finish his task. Well, I suppose I could fight another one hundred cavalry if I need to.”

“How weak. I can handle another one-hundred-fifty.”

“... My mistake. Two hundred.”

“Is that so. Then go. Walk.”

In the end, the two could not stop moving until the battle had come to an end.

While Mira and Ellen waged battle against the Dragons, Tigre led the fierce attack on the outskirts of the battlefield. He had to get his men to rest and reorganize twice before they reached the Zhcted Army.

The Zhcted Army had been attacked from the front and the left by the enemy. In addition, half the troops from the enemy's central unit had begun to attack from the other side.

Though Rurick commanded them to remain on the defensive, they were nearing their limit. It was only a matter of time.

Tigre charged straight before stopping. The reason he took two stops was for this reason.


When Tigre shouted, the infantry placed their weapons on the ground and threw the stones in their hands at the Thenardier Military. They had expected a charge, and so were unprepared for this incoming assault.

“He really is a country aristocrat. He's willing to use stones, he must have no sense of shame.”

Even so, the enemy's offense was stopped with this. Their pace was thrown into disorder.

“So you came. I was waiting for you.”

Rurick smiled joyfully. He would not miss this opportunity to counterattack.

Tigre saw his movements, and, with Lim's assistance, charged fiercely behind the enemy.

The Thenardier Army which attacked the Zhcted Army from two directions was now being attacked from two directions themselves.

Furthermore, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] was strong. Tigre's participation in battle increased their courage. In response, they fought boldly. As for Tigre, he shot down the enemy Commanders in one hit.

Even without a Commander, it would make no significant difference. Still, the appearance of the General with a black bow was enough to make the enemy falter, and the Zhcted soldiers let out a shout of victory with every arrow that pierced the enemy.

SilvrashStar Shooter! SilvrashStar Shooter!”

The Zhcted soldiers used Muozinel's words of praise. Though it was strange to those from Brune, the Thenardier Army could only think of it as a curse of some kind. The soldiers quickly collapsed, turned about, and retreated.

On the other side, Massas rode to the rescue of the aristocrats and Knights of the left wing based on a plan formed by Auguste of the Calvados Knights. Auguste was a Knight born in Alsace, and he was an old friend of Massas, not to mention Tigre.

“I see... Something does seem strange.”

Massas accepted Auguste's proposal and sent orders to the top of the hill at once.

Soon after, the soldiers from the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] who had remained on the defense at the top of the hill descended at the same time and joined Massas' force.

“It's impossible to defend it any longer. Are you abandoning it?”

Thenardier Army had judged, based on Auguste's actions, that they would not leave the hill. They had sent two units to storm the hill, competing with each other to see who would raise their banner at the top of the hill first.

The Thenardier Army restructured their formation at the top of the hill to attack the enemy below. Being above the enemy, their will to fight had been amplified.

As the Thenardier Army ran down the hill in a fierce charge, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] at the base ordered a retreat. Their shields were held forward, not leaving a single gap. Massas ordered the soldiers to retreat while his men held them off with stones. The Thenardier Army thought the enemy had lost their nerve and were running in desperation.

Immediately afterward, a new change occurred. A battle cry was called from atop the hill.

The eyes of the Thenardier Army looked back and saw their allies, which had remained at the top, were being driven away by the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] which suddenly appeared.

“First abandon the hill, then attract their attention after they have taken it. Lord Auguste will go around the hill and occupy it once again when the enemy is thin.”

Massas muttered to himself as he watched the panic-stricken enemy. It was a plan Auguste proposed when he noticed the enemy disliked his advantage of elevation when defending the hill.

“We are Knights. It won't take us long to wrap around the hill, and the run will give us some energy.”

His insight was certain. Auguste made a detour and had gotten behind the enemy without them noticing. Their line had been unnecessarily thinned out from their attack against Massas, and now they had lost their ally at the top of the hill. Their movements were now limited.

After a half koku, the Thenardier Army was attacked from the front and the back and was dispersed. Some retreated immediately, while those who resisted eventually gave up. Their formation collapsed rapidly.

Massas did not give chase. The western sky was crimson, and, above all, his men were at the height of fatigue.

In this battle, Duke Thenardier lost 20% of his entire army as well as all his Dragons.

10% were killed in battle while 10% retreated and did not return. They either died or escaped.

The casualties of the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] had not even reached one thousand.

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