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At the northern end of Brune Kingdom, in a port city not yet touched by spring, there were two men.

They were wrapped in slightly soiled travel wear. One man was short in stature like a child and wore a hat on his head which grew no hair. The other was tall and was naturally clothed in a noble atmosphere.

They were Ganelon and Greast. After setting fire to Artishem, the two had hidden in a nameless port town. After receiving certain information, they decided to leave Brune.

As they stared idly at ships in the distance moving toward Zhcted Kingdom, they were called to from behind. It was a woman.

When they looked back, they saw a woman in a dress who was clearly out of place for the small port town. She was around 20 years old and had blue-black hair down to her waist. Her snow-white dress was decorated with roses.

Though her skin was a pale white, giving her a sickly impression, the large scythe in her hand strongly countered it.

“I apologize for having kept you waiting, Duke Ganelon, Marquis Greast.”

“It has been a long time, Lord Glinka Estes.”

The beautiful woman bowed. Ganelon returned her greeting with a smile. The woman standing before them was the Shervid[Illusionary Princess of the Hollow Shadow], the Vanadis Valentina Glinka Estes.

“Let us go. Though winter still lingers in Zhcted, you will be safe.”

Valentina spoke as she smiled radiantly at the two.

Tigrevurmud Vorn passed beneath the gates of the King's Capital of Nice as a hero and savior of the country. It was nearly ten days since the end of the Battle of Mereville.

His garb, of course, were not his normal leather armor and hempen clothes. He wore a jet-black silk coat with silver cuffs and a white mantle. It was prepared quickly by the Royal Palace.

Teita and Regin both said “It suits you” the evening before.

Ellen, Mira, and Massas smiled bitterly. Lim looked at him as if troubled. Rurick said “It was quickly constructed, after all,” and Gerard commented that they gave off the impression of being “a waste of money.”

They continued down the road from the southern gate to the Royal Palace, following after a marching band. Carriages laden with various flags and armor collected from the battle with the Muozinel Army followed behind.

The trumpet was a performance reserved for victory against a foreign enemy. It was formally an honor praising his service of defeating the Muozinel Army.

Finally, Tigre rode in on a carriage slowly pulled by four horses.

Along both sides of the street, residents of the Royal Capital surged to see the hero who had saved the country. They threw flowers and enthusiastic shouts of joy. It was a celebration of Tigre's victory as well as a celebration for the return of peace to the country.

Next to Tigre was Regin in formal attire. She wore a white dress decorated with pearls along her neckline and cuffs. Beside her, Teita sat as the lady-in-waiting.

“Lord Tigrevurmud.”

As Regin whispered to Tigre, his entire body went stiff with tension. She was a beautiful woman wrapped in a dazzling dress. It was impossible for Tigre to look directly at her.

“Really, thank you so much. I owe you for all you have done.”

No. Tigre could not think of words to respond with. Teita pouted further down.

Following behind the three were Ellen and Mira. The two wore a mantle over their battle uniform out of courtesy which highlighted their normal dignity. They were bathed in applause, regardless of gender.

Though the two advanced on horseback with resolute attitudes, they were secretly smoldering in discontent. They had wanted to sit next to Tigre, and, if possible, not in their battle uniforms.

Regarding their dissatisfaction, Tigre persuaded Ellen to endure, since they would return to LeitMeritz afterward. He said the same to Mira, though replacing LeitMeritz with Zhcted.

Behind the Vanadis were Lim and Massas.

Reading their minds from behind, Lim let out a small sigh. Massas noticed her and smiled sympathetically.

Finally, the Knights and well known aristocrats with distinguished military services and the brave men that served them appeared. Those who cooperated with Tigre, such as Rurick, Gerard, and Augre, were amongst them.

Pierre Bodwin returned to the King's Capital of Nice the day after Tigre had killed Duke Thenardier on the battlefield. The next day, he cleaned off his uniform and reported the issues regarding Tigre and Regin to King Faron.

The following day, King Faron officially recognized Regin as Princess. He also ordered for a celebration recognizing Tigre's actions be held. The cat-faced Prime Minister quickly sent a message to the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army].

Upon hearing this, Tigre and the others were stunned. As for Massas, he looked petrified with terror.

However, they could not simply remain in stunned silence. While the King and Bodwin were preparing the King's Capital to accept the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army], Tigre and the others were busy giving rewards to the subordinates. Those who surrendered completed the cleaning of the battlefield and burial of the dead.

Finally, the Unstoppable Silver Flow[Silver Meteor Army] rushed to the Royal Capital and were greeted with a triumphant celebration.

Since the King was still ill, Bodwin took care of the celebration.

In the temple on Ruberon Mountain, Tigre reported his victory to the Pantheon of Gods and the founder of the nation, King Charles. He expressed his gratitude for their divine protection. Afterward, Bodwin praised Tigre and the others for their distinguished services in the banquet hall of the Royal Palace, where every person was promised a reward. Once the ceremony ended, the venue had turned into a party.

However, some people, including Tigre, did not participate in the feast. They were invited to a certain room by Bodwin.

After a half koku, Tigre stood before the King's ward. Regin, Ellen, Mira, Lim, and Massas stood alongside Tigre. Bodwin stood before the door and reported in a solemn voice.

“His Majesty's condition is still poor. Also, a messenger from another country has already arrived. Please do not place too much stress on him.”

Bodwin reverently opened the door. Tigre set foot inside the ward.

One man was in the center of the large room. He rose from his bed when he saw Tigre and the others. Standing near him was a woman with wavy golden hair.

“... Sophie?”

Ellen looked at her in surprise. Lim, Mira, and Tigre also looked at her in amazement. Though Massas was surprised, the old Earl's body first paid homage to the King as his vassal. Tigre quickly followed shortly after.

Sophie's expression, her smile which seemed eternal, betrayed a moment of sadness. The reason was immediately apparent.

The King nodded slowly toward the cat-faced Prime Minister. Bodwin guided Tigre and the others to the foot of the bed.

--- Your Majesty...?

Though he was unable to say a word, Tigre could not hide his shock and dismay as he walked along the foot of the bed.

King Faron was 41 years old. He was one year younger than Duke Thenardier whom Tigre had seen on the battlefield.

However, the man before them had little meat on his body. His skin sagged all over, and his hair was dyed gray. It was not just an illness.

It was as if his body was boiled and he was on the brink of death. It was a mystery as to how he remained conscious.


The voice full of grief came from Regin. Though they had finally reunited after half a year, her father had completely changed.

“Father... Why, why are you like this?”

She could not believe her eyes. Regin's voice trembled and her eyes were wide open.

The King's condition was poor. Massas had heard this from Bodwin.

However, the King before their eyes was beyond their imagination. Though Tigre and Ellen were clearly shocked, the impact was even greater for Regin, his biological daughter.

“... Let Bodwin tell you of the circumstances.”

A withered voice leaked from the King. His delicate neck turned. Faron looked at Regin first.

“I am sorry, Regin. I did not know whether I should act as a father or a King.”

Regin could barely suppress her turbulent emotions. She gently grasped her father's hand and was horrified by how cold and thin it had become. Her father, Faron, was nothing but skin and bones. With only a little pressure, it felt as if his hands would break.

Faron spoke haltingly, explaining why he had raised Regin as a prince.

The King loved Regin's mother, the former Queen. She died soon after giving birth to Regin. Faron had hoped to do something for her.

“I was young at the time. I thought I could defend your honor as well as Nina's...”

Nina was the name of Regin's mother. At the age of 25, Faron strongly believed in his own potential

Nina gave birth only to Regin before she died. If he had left things as they were, she would receive humiliating treatment, since the Queen was only able to give birth to a Princess. The young Faron could not endure.

“And to deal with Thenardier and Ganelon... a Prince was necessary.”

The King wished to bestow an honor on Regin for her first campaign, and, one day, he would bring her to a monastery. Though unknown to everyone here, it was almost the exact thing Ganelon had told to Greast in Artishem before.

Faron's eyes moved from his daughter to Tigre.

“So you are Vorn...”

Tigre bent to his knees as the King spoke with a trembling voice.

“You have taken upon yourself the duties that were originally mine to do, and I have imposed upon all of you... You have even brought it to an end. How may I reward you? Whether it is a title or territory, say what you wish for.”

Tigre did not answer at once. He did not fight to obtain such things. There was only one thing he wished to say when he met the King.

Why did you leave Duke Ganelon and Duke Thenardier to do as they please?

If they had been subjugated early on, many people would still remain alive. He wanted to shout; Batran may have lived his life peacefully in Alsace.

However, he could not give voice to his emotions after seeing the dying King.

“Thank you for your generous words. I do not desire a title, territory, or an official rank. However, if you will excuse me... I wish to ask you something, Your Majesty.”

Tigre, little by little, explained the events which had occurred from the Battle of Dinant to the present day. He spoke briefly due to the King's condition.

The King listened in silence. He waved away Bodwin, who tried to tell him to rest, and continued listening to the story.

When Tigre finished speaking, Tigre straightened his breathing and stood at the ready.

“I wish for---”

Brune Kingdom will show its appreciation to the Kingdom of Zhcted for its cooperation, paying fifty thousand gold pieces as a reward for their aid.

Furthermore, Brune Kingdom shall pay all expenses incurred by Zhcted Kingdom in the war.

Brune Kingdom will relinquish the lands of Agnes to Zhcted Kingdom.

Finally, Brune Kingdom is to propose a mutual non-aggression pact for three years.

These four provisions were exchanged between Brune Kingdom and Zhcted Kingdom.

Though he did not immediately sign the mutual non-aggression pact, since it required the approval of the King of Zhcted, the other three were promptly settled between Sophie and Faron. If it were done by Ellen and Mira, it would not have resolved as quickly due to a problem of authority.

“Lord Sophia. I hope you can give the King of Zhcted my greetings as well.”

Faron spoke to Sophie in a feeble voice. After releasing the territory, he added the message, [Faron has approved of Regin as heir to the throne].

That is, so long as Regin was not recognized as the next ruler of Brune, the cessation of territory to Zhcted would be invalidated during the intermittent period. Faron would use the country known as Zhcted to support Regin's ascension to the throne. Naturally, he would not last for much longer.

“Regin, Your Highness, I shall deliver his words to our King.”

Sophie answered in this manner, formally accepting Regin as a representative of Zhcted Kingdom.

Though the cessation of Agnes was a severe blow, it was not simply a loss for Brune. With this, Muozinel Kingdom could not attack Brune; on the other hand, it was now possible to reach Zhcted through the southern seas.

Regin was officially recognized as Princess and was determined as the King's next of kin.

The reason Faron celebrated Tigre's victory was, of course, to repay Tigre and the others. With the disappearance of the most powerful aristocrats, the majority of nobles were thrown into confusion over the succession. To say it poorly, he wanted to take advantage of the confusion to divert their attention.

He would say Regin was raised as Prince due to an [Oracle's Divination].

When all was said and done, Faron called to Tigre.

“Earl Vorn. There is one thing I wish to present to you...”

Though curious, Tigre gave his gratitude.

“I wish to grant you the title, Lumiere[Knight of the Moonlight].”

In this case, Knight referred to a brave hero. Hearing the title Lumiere[Knight of the Moonlight], Bodwin shook slightly, though none noticed.

“You have saved my daughter and repelled a foreign enemy. With a single bow, you returned peace to these lands. Please accept it.”

Tigre accepted it gratefully. Ellen and the others tapped his shoulder and gave their blessings. After a formal congratulatory address, Bodwin thought of the King's intent.

He knew Lumiere[Knight of the Moonlight] was a title which existed since ancient times. He also knew it was once a far more distinguished title than any other.

However, Bodwin knew. There was only one person in the past who was granted the title. He later married the daughter of the King who bestowed the title upon him and became the next King.

Bodwin did not say this, however. He judged the King did not wish for him to say it.

Regarding Alsace, it settled down after the decision was made that it would be jointly controlled by Princess Regin and Eleanora of LeitMeritz. It was not a contract between nations, but between a single noblewoman and the Princess. Since it was not relinquished in the provisions, it acted as an emphasis on Regin's good will.

“As for the development of the path through Vosyes, I will ask you to take care of it.”

Ellen confirmed the contract and smiled happily; her wish was granted. On the other hand, Regin had a sullen expression.

“This contract, this non-aggression pact between Brune and Zhcted, it will be held until the end.”

“I will not forget. Also... In three years, you will return Lord Tigrevurmud.”

“Don't use such poor language when you're negotiating a peace treaty aimed toward friendship. Let me keep Tigre as part of our friendship.”

Tigre's custody was moving between the two without the consent of the person in question.

Tigre's contract as a prisoner of war was still valid, but Brune could not allow its hero and savior who received a title to be unreleased.

And so, Ellen made a proposal in a deliberately gentle manner.

I will keep him in LeitMeritz for three years.

Once three years pass, I will annul his contract as a prisoner of war.

She had her own expectations, of course. Ellen had not decided how to use Tigre in the future. The Vanadis with silver-white hair decided to use this contract to keep him nearby.

Also, she had confidence she could lure him to her side in the next three years.

--- In three years, if Tigre wishes to remain by my side, whatever Regin says will be useless.

Regin, though dissatisfied, accepted the conditions.

One reason was because there were probably many people in Brune who held grudges and hostility toward Tigre. Those who worked beneath Duke Thenardier, and others who had disliked him before, they would try to eliminate Tigre no matter the means.

At present, Regin lacked the ability to protect Tigre from those people.

Moreover, with Tigre in Zhcted, she could show her ties with Zhcted to other nations. Regin herself had many enemies, and, though she could not necessarily count on Zhcted, it was still a precious ally.

The hustle and bustle of a feast was present both inside and outside the Royal Palace. Tigre borrowed a room and gathered his luggage.

He had bitter memories of the past and was not fond of the Royal Palace, and, since he was going to Zhcted, he did not want to deal with the trouble of explaining his situation.

--- Ah, I wish I could eat the dishes in the Royal Palace...

When he thought such things, a knock sounded from the door. Thinking it was Teita, Tigre opened the door.

It was not Teita, but the three Vanadis.

“Lord Tigrevurmud, thank you for your hard work.”

Sophie gave words of appreciation and smiled at him. As if it were natural, she gently but closely embraced Tigre. He could not speak as she had buried his face into her rich, soft chest. While standing in place, his face dyed crimson.

“H, hey, Sophie?”

“So, so suddenly...”

Ellen and Mira stared wide eyed with cramped faces as they watched the abrupt behavior of their friend. Sophie released Tigre and stuck out her tongue before bowing. Her wavy, golden hair shook.

“I apologize. It has been such a long time.”

Of course, that was not the only reason. She wanted to know how Tigre's relationship with her friend with silver-white hair had developed. However, the results were unexpected.

--- Oh my, Ellen, it seems you are more devoted to this boy than before. And surely Mira showed a reaction as well... It seems the future will be quite interesting.

Sophie's interest in Tigre increased even more at this moment.

Ellen had a disappointed expression but quickly pulled herself back together and smiled. The boy with dull red hair shook his head to clear his mind.

“... We're going back, Tigre.”

Tigre turned to Ellen with a smile and nodded.

--- Several days after the celebration, King Faron quietly took his final breath.

A girl with silver-white hair stared at a document in interest.

“--- So Tigre hasn't come back yet.”

Lim, who was beside her helping with political affairs, answered with her head slightly cocked.

“He went to the mountains four days ago. He should return today or tomorrow.”

Did you need him? The expressionless girl asked with her gaze. Ellen nodded and glanced out the window as she took the papers Lim had passed her.

In the brilliant sunlight of summer above Zhcted, a shadow was drawn across the floor.

“That guy – I'm having him go to Asvarre.”

It had been half a year since Tigre began living in LeitMeritz.

In these foreign lands, a new battle was about to begin.

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