Madan no Ou to Vanadis:Volume 06 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 - The Fall of Fort Lux[edit]

When Ludmira Lurie visited LeitMeritz and enjoyed friendly chats with Tigre, she once said something about castle siege.

"Castle sieging is, in one sentence, psychological warfare."

While sipping the tea which she brought in the guest room of the Imperial Palace, she proudly launched a speech with glittering blue eyes.

"Even if you can make a hole in the rampart, you cannot destroy the entire rampart. How to keep up morale for the troops, how to dampen the enemy's, leading a large army surrounding the fort, as well as keeping it well fed. Everything is for that purpose."

"But, there are also examples of overwhelming the rampart, relying on sheer numbers and momentum, and of invading the Fort and altogether knocking down the enemy and occupying it."

In the strange attitude of Mira which stretches her moderate chest, if compared with Ellen's, and can somewhat be regarded as lovely, Tigre had a rebuttal. The MicheliaSnow Princess of the Frozen Wave was not particularly upset.

"Just as you said, there are also precedents of this, but only to a certain degree. Keep that in mind, Tigre. What to do to make the enemy's morale drop significantly. Whether subjugating the enemy's General, or burning out the enemy’s food, or also requesting reinforcements, it is just one of these means."

As he was kindly admonished, Tigre, scratching his head, had no choice but to feel ashamed of his own innocence. Though Lim too, it seemed that teaching Tigre was also a very pleasant thing for Mira.

"I wonder if it is because you are honest, unlike someone I know. Although it would be nice if you honestly accept my invitation, too."

The Vanadis of Olmutz revealed a pleasant smile. Tigre, up to now, had never considered a castle siege. Even such basic knowledge was very precious for him and he was thankful for that.

---Now, then, what should I do in this situation...?

While recalling the conversation with Mira, Tigre rode forward. Beside him was Olga and right in front, Tallard's subordinate, Ludra, each respectively straddling horses.

Following behind them were three thousand troops, with the sound of hoofs and clattering armor. Three hundred of them were the aforementioned Sachstein mercenaries. They were marching a slight distance away from the regular army.

The General Commander of those three thousand soldiers was Ludra. Not Tigre nor Olga.

Though Tallard said he would entrust the troops to Tigre, the young man requested that Ludra act as the General Commander. The three people, Tigre, Olga, and Matvey, were acting under the pretense of being Tallard’s close friends, and Ludra was responsible for supporting them as an adjutant.

Tigre and the others were heading to the Fort via the highway linking Fort Lux and Valverde. For the moment, there were no problems, and if they kept up this pace, they would probably see the Fort before noon tomorrow.

There were several sheets of papers in Tigre's hands. It was some detailed sketches of the Fort Lux. These were the ones that were in the castle of Valverde, Tallard let him have them.

---Though there is no moat, the walls are very high and very thick. There are no water wells, they get water from the underground waterway.

On the maps, even the underground waterways were drawn in great detail. In a case that the Fort was captured by the enemy, Valverde would be placed in a very dangerous situation. This level of preparation was, of course, natural.

---If I use that power, it should not be difficult to capture the Fort, but...

Thinking of that, Tigre immediately reconsidered. If he used the power of the black bow or Olga’s VedaDragonic Skills, it would not be difficult to capture the Fort Lux. After all, just blowing a hole in the rampart so that the soldiers could break into from there should be simple.

However, Tigre decided not to use the power of the black bow, at least in the battle for Fort Lux. He also asked Olga not to use her VedaDragonic Skills, except in an extreme emergency.

Since this was not Zchted, but Asvarre. Olga and Matvey were the only people he could call true allies.

Thinking about the threat, showing the power of the black bow or the Dragonic Tool in the current situation, aside from being wary, the battlefield would be locked in their lives, and they would not stand being confined. He was hoping to avoid conspicuous action, at least until they rescued Sophie.

Moreover, Olga aside, he himself did not think that he could handle the power of the black bow.

He shook his head to brush away idle thoughts. At that time, Matvey came riding a horse. For him who could freely speak the Asvarre language, Tigre had him look at the state of soldiers.

"Have you thought about any plans?"

In a cheerful voice while turning a look to the bunch of papers which Tigre had, "Not at all." was Tigre’s reply by shaking his head.

"How are the soldiers?"

"Their morale is quite high. The army appears to be organized in soldiers accustomed to war, most people look cold, and almost no one is disturbed."

"What are they thinking about General Leicester? I mean, they were allies until the other day, right?"

"Knowledge of the traitor seems to be common. Lord Tallard has certainly betrayed Prince Jermaine, but before that, the fact that General Leicester went over to the enemy has a greater impact on them. In addition, they know that Lord Tallard hates General Leicester."

Looking like he had no words to say, and rummaging his darkish red hair, Tigre looked up at the sky. The blue sky mixed with the end of summer and the start of fall looked like it lacked some vividness.

"So both fighting spirit and proficiency are enough, huh. I wonder how they are seeing us."

"Foreign guests, so it seems. Because of the announcement that we are Lord Tallard's friends, so you should not worry about it, but if it can fully be trusted... is hard to say. That being said, they trust Lord Tallard and Ludra-dono, and swear an oath of loyalty. As long as we're in no big gaffe, then it won't matter."

Hearing the same answer as speculated, Tigre was relieved.

The reason that he requested Ludra to act as Commander was this. Even though there were under the pretense of being Tallard's friends, not only were they not of Asvarre, but would the soldiers really bring themselves to entrust their life to people whose identities were not apparent to them?

For Tigre, for example if it happens that an unknown person, who claims to be a friend of Ellen, commands the soldiers of Alsace, he wouldn't help but feel uneasy.

Though Tallard entrusted the soldiers to Tigre as proof of his trust in him, and chose Ludra as adjutant so that no trouble occurred, Tigre, when departing from Valverde, finished the formality.

If Ludra acted as Commander, the soldiers would be relieved, and moreover, taper their vigilance towards the trio. Above all, this was their war. Tigre did not mean to meddle more than required.

"Thank you. So please continue to check out."

As Tigre's expression of gratitude, Matvey saluted and turned the horse. He rode the horse to the side of soldiers again. After seeing him off, Tigre began to rethink about the plan for the capture of the Fort Lux.

---First of all, I must solve the issue of the same number. And then, I want a military unit that will follow me. It would be impossible with the soldiers of Asvarre. Since there is almost no relationship of mutual trust between them and me. As such, I will ask Ludra...

Absorbed too much in his thoughts, he seemingly failed to pay attention to the horse. The pace of the horse had been shifting to the side little by little, as Tigre was startled, he stopped right next to Olga. The Vanadis with light pink-colored hair looked up at Tigre with her deadpan expression.

"Is something wrong?"

Tigre revealing a wry smile, scratched his darkish red hair trying to dodge the question, but immediately reconsidered that this was a good opportunity.

"I would like to ask something to Olga, can I?"

He actually wanted to ask it earlier, but there were many things he had to keep track of even after leaving Valverde leading the army, and he accidently delayed it.

"In the audience hall after meeting Tallard. Since then, you have entrusted all of the decisions to me. That's what I'm concerned about."

About Olga's current status, Tigre was feeling guilty for the fact that, by the course of events, he might have involved her. Although he was very grateful that she lent her power, he did not want her to overdo it.

"I do not say anything because there is especially nothing to say."

Olga's reply was clear and concise. However, re-thinking that this alone was not enough, the 14-year-old Vanadis added.

"If I think that there is a problem in Tigre's judgment, I will also give my opinion. So far, I do not think so."

"But, there is no need for you to join this war."

He knew Olga's strength. It might be more reassuring than anyone if she fought at his side. But, on the other hand, he had a hesitation to take her to the battlefield.

"Though while bearing the title "Vanadis" it's not for me to say it, I, who fled from the land which I should govern, probably do not deserve to be called a Vanadis. However, while knowing Sophia Obertas's crisis, I cannot overlook it."

"Have you and Sophie met?"

"Only once, when I went to the Capital; she did not give me a bad impression."

After answering so, Olga moved only her line of sight upward looking at Tigre.

"So Sophie is her nickname. Tigre, are you close to her?"

"Rather than saying close, she is more a benefactor. She really helped me in various ways regarding the matter of Brune."

Hearing Tigre's answer, Olga just made a "hmm" sound. After 3 to 4 counts, she said in a casual tone.

"Tigre. As for me, I trust you. Whether having revealed to you that I am Vanadis, or still being here now, you may think that it is the proof to that. So-"

Olga was shy, with a slightly faster tempo, and slightly raised her voice as she continued.

"When calling my name, you can also put a little more affection."

Not being able to understand right away the meaning of what she said, Tigre steadily gazed at Olga's profile. As her face slightly flushed, the young man finally understood. With a wry smile, Tigre gently patted Olga’s shoulder.

"Count on it."

However, this alone could not seem to satisfy Olga who slightly pouted.

Among the three thousand soldiers of Tallard, there were three hundred Sachstein mercenaries. The name of the man commanding these mercenaries was Simon. He was exactly 30 this year. He was a veteran mercenary recognized by his subordinates.

He was neither too large nor too short with a height that met his age, and his sturdy body was forged in the mercenary life. Plus, one might say he had a teenage constitution with short black hair and sharp eyes, and a baby face, but the big scar in his left cheek denied the youthful impression.

"When covering the left side of the face, he is very cute", was the statement of the whores who have slept with him.

A young man was visiting the tent of that Mercenary Captain. That was Tigre.

"What can I do for you?"

Deliberately putting on a steep expression, Simon, scowled at Tigre and spoke with an irritated voice. In the slightly soiled camp, there were two mercenaries other than him. The three people including Simon were dressed in iron armor, and their waist was girded with a sword.

On the other side, Tigre was lightly dressed just wearing leather armor on hemp clothing. Though he still held the black bow, the sword was obviously more advantageous in the tents.

However, not only did Tigre show no signs of being frightened, but he also caught Simon's line of sight with a hearty expression. It was not a bluff, and he seemed rather satisfied.

"Mercenary Captain Simon-dono. I have something I want to discuss with you."


Simon still with a stern expression was inwardly impressed while silently staring at the young man. About Tigre, Simon only knew that he was Tallard's guest.

---Clothes and leather armor are also decent. He gives the feeling of a noble young master who lost his way in middle of the hunt... But the fact that he is scared neither by this atmosphere nor by my voice shows that he is quite brave.

That was the reason Simon put on a steep expression and suddenly poured on a threatening voice on Tigre. He was not really angry, nor hostile towards the young man.

In addition to the belief: "If you underestimate a mercenary, you will be doomed", coupled with the observation of each other, there was the purpose to make the opponent falter if lucky, and advantageously carry subsequent negotiations. Even now, he was calmly assessing Tigre in his mind.

Since Simon did not speak, Tigre continued.

"I want you and the three hundred mercenaries led by you directly under my command. I have already got Ludra-dono's permission. To what Lord Tallard currently pays, I will add one piece of silver coin per day. Two pieces of silver coins for those leading more than 50 persons. Three pieces of silver coins for more than 100 persons. While it's five silver coins for you. What do you think?"

Simon did not answer immediately. Just like wild beasts, eliminating the presence of those who suddenly show up and observing the situation, he was sitting still on a plain chair staring at Tigre.

"Which country language are you good at?"

After a while, Simon uttered these lines. Tigre, even though revealing a surprised expression, still answered Brune language.

"Then speak to me with Brune language. I can't stand to hear your third-rate Zchted language."

"Sorry about that."

As Tigre smiled and politely bowed, he once again repeated what he just said in Brune language. Simon looking at the young man did not ride on the provocation. He brought himself to hear the story just a little.

"Why come to us? You should ask Ludra-dono to borrow regular soldiers."

"Are you not a friend of Tallard?" As he implicitly asked so, Tigre shook his head. Erasing his smile, he put on a serious expression.

"What I need are soldiers who will go forward as long as they judge the command to be correct, even if it is a bit dangerous."

"I think the loyalty of those fellows to be quite considerable."

In a sarcastic voice, Simon replied. He did not intend to exaggerate. Even aware of being clearly numerically inferior in comparison with the enemy army, the soldiers here still believed in Tallard, as well as his subordinate Ludra.

Likewise, Simon was here simply because he bet on the General who led the first string of Tallard army.

Tigre showed an attitude of thinking, it was just the time for about two breaths.

"You know that I am a person from Brune, right?"

"I can somehow guess from your accent, as well as your face."

"I just got acquainted with Lord Tallard, by serving as a foreigner. Even if I persuade them with Ludra's help, I do not think that the soldiers will entrust their life to a person that they do not know well."

Simon who, inwardly believed that it makes sense, was also amazed. He was young, and yet he understood.

If the commander is a foreigner, he must whether have very high prestige and reputation, or require the ability to convince the soldiers. Though most of the mercenaries led by Simon were people of Sachstein, there were also those from Brune, Zchted and Asvarre. It was Simon's power and prestige that could unite them.

"...So you think we would listen to what you said?"

"Compared with the regular soldiers, it is easy to sustain your trust by money. Besides, the point of 'foreigners' is hard to be much of an issue. I thought so."

A smile appeared on Simon's mouth. This was a satisfactory answer. He let his men prepare to put a chair on the corner of the tent, inviting Tigre on the seat.

"Let's hear the story. If I can be convinced by your suggestion, I will accept the offer made a while ago."

However, Tigre did not sit on the chair.

"Before that, I have a proposal."

Simon silently nodded, urging Tigre. The young man with an amiable tone said.

"I am very skilled with the bow, don't you want a match? From your squad, choose people good at the bow... Let's say, about five people. We will use a bow. And we won't use crossbow. If even one can shoot an arrow farther than me, let’s add ten pieces of copper coins to the allowance that we said a while ago."

Steepness disappeared from Simon's face. It was happiness that emerged instead.

"Okay. I get on."

Mercenary is basically on the merit system, following the person with superior ability obediently.

It was Ellen who taught so to Tigre. "Of course, there are also exceptions", Was what she added while slightly sticking out her tongue.

The young man was betting on this now. To get their trust in a short time, he intended to do all what he could.

Tigre's purpose was to let the mercenaries - particularly the Captain Simon recognized his skills with the bow. Even if there was a user of the bow superior to him, it was not particularly a problem. Because if there was such a strong person, he would be there to be reckoned long ago.

In addition, Tigre had just felt an incredible urge to compete.

---There might be someone somewhere who can shoot an arrow farther than me.

He had that feeling in a corner of his heart. The encounter with Tallard which was a bow errand with ability equal to him, gave the young man a lot of shock and strain.

In the rest of the interval of the march, Tigre played the match with the mercenaries.

And then Tigre won the trust of the mercenaries.

Just around noon the next day, the 3000 of the Tallard army led by Ludra stopped the lineup to the south of the Fort Lux.

The Fort Lux was built with piled up black granite, and was obviously of a strong structure.

Though there was no moat, it was endowed with high thick walls, it had two gates one to the north and one to the south. On the south side was the main gate, here was something sturdy which inserted the board of the oak into the thick iron plate.

The back gate on the north side was around two or so times smaller than the main gate and there was also only one small iron plate. The second gate directly next to the back gate had a size that could not safely be referred to as an iron door rather than gate. This gate was used when the main gate and the back gate must be shut.

With the dense forest spreading directly at the north of the Fort, such as the deployment of troops or the setting of siege weapons were nearly impossible. That is why the north gate was small.

On the other side, to the south was a flat prairie. The way this Fort highly rose above the forest over the back, appeared like a black giant was standing in the way, so the offensive army would lose morale.

Though the soldiers of Tallard army were also overwhelmed by the appearance of the Fort, they regained their composure seeing the calm way of command of Ludra.

Ludra completed the lineup in the south of the Fort. Even though it is said the south, it was not in the vicinity of the Fort. It was about five hundred alsins (about 500 meters) away.

"Do we not make the castle siege?"

Olga emitted a wondering mutter. Tigre also thought about the question, but that was cleared immediately. It's because he was told that Ludra, taking over more than ten horsemen, went toward the Fort. Tigre and the others asked him to let them accompany.

Even when seeing Ludra and his subordinates approaching, the Fort showed no reaction in particular. As they stopped the horses in a place where arrows could not reach, Ludra shouted toward the Fort.

"General Leicester and his followers. You probably already know, but Prince Jermaine, by who you took the banner of revolt, is dead. Now, General Tallard Graham became the Lord of the whole area centering on Valverde. Don't you think we should avoid unnecessary conflict, and join hands bid together?"

This didn't sound great, but could be heard clearly. His men also shouted the same thing toward the fort, and then after a short time General Leicester appeared on the rampart.

With some brown hair bequeathed on the left and right ears, he was almost a bald man. As Ludra, he was probably not more than 35 years of age, but he gave a different impression (vibe). His physique (build), though medium, was easily wearing a heavy armor, and one could see that he was trained (well forged).

"The likes of a hunter born in a fishing village shouting for Generals really makes me laugh. We have inherited the royal bloodline of Prince Elliot as his peers. If you bastards do not want to be known as the vanguard of traitors, you should throw away your weapons and prostrate yourselves to the seedling of the castle gate. From then supplying wives and daughters in order, I will convey to Prince Elliot."

The soldiers on the rampart also repeated Leicester's words aloud. Matvey, twisting his tough look, which seems to say "It's helpless" shook his head. For Tigre, too, the mood was unpleasant.

"It's such a man, huh. It's as Tallard said."

When he finds young girls of his liking, he kidnaps them and brings them back to the Fort. As for Tallard, who was fighting for people to live in peace, even a temporary joint cooperation could not maintain long-term friendly relations between the rivals.

Ludra and his men did not continue to speak, and with the attitude that he did what he could, he returned to the army. The Fort side silently saw him off.

Like that, the sun set while both armies were on alert at each other, and on the first day, without major incident, it was gradually approaching night.

In the commander's tent, there were four people Ludra, Tigre, Olga and Matvey. They were sitting around a map of the vicinity around the Fort.

The autumn nights of Asvarre were very cold, but this tent, which was only for Commander service, blocked the cold night air with thick clothes overlapping, and the ground was also covered with a carpet of animal hair (fur). Therefore the four people, only dressed with a mantle on top of the armor, were able to continue the war council.

"So, Tigre-dono. What should we do?"

Without interrupting his mild smile, Ludra asked. Tigre asked back.

"That the enemy did not come out from the Fort, is it unexpected for Ludra-dono?"

"It is within the scope of expectation. This side and the enemy have the same number. Therefore, I expected them to come strongly attacking, but it should be said it's as expected of General Leicester. However, there is something that I learned."

The sun was setting, and in the tent, only the light of candlesticks lit up the four people. The trio felt that Ludra's added dreadfulness.

"Today's provocation was to check General Leicester's actions. If he opened the gate and came out, I was planning to break through in the prairie. However, they firmly shut the gate. I'm afraid that they won't come out until Prince Elliot's troops appear."

"In there, we will take advantage that the enemy stays indoors in the Fort and the cave which connects to the underground waterway... Underground tunnels will be dug and we will attack from there?"

At Tigre's words, Ludra could not help but leak a sound of admiration.

"Just by looking at the map, you were able to think of that, eh?"

Tigre just smiled and did not answer. In addition to the knowledge he learned from Mira, he also made his judgement after getting Matvey's careful analysis of the 3000 soldier army. Receiving reports that only some kinds of siege weapons such as castle mallet fracture (battering ram) and catapult were missing, Tigre held his conviction.

"It's just as you say. Waiting until the cave is connected to the underground waterway, we will perform a flashy castle attack as a diversion, and with that chance, a squad will sneak into the Fort to open the gates."

"Will that go well for you?"

Matvey showed doubts. Though Olga did not say anything, she seemed to be of the same opinion. Ludra, quietly confident, calmly nodded.

"Before we leave Valverde, Lord Tallard spread a rumor in this whole area. If His Excellency gathers an army, the plan is to be joining with us first, and assault the Fort Lux, as we are just the advance party before the real attack of the castle."

If they believed the information that Tallard spread, it would be better for Leicester to strike this army of three thousand before it's too late for him. Besides, only the capitulation declaration was carried out here, the troop’s deployment being also away from the Fort, there was a lack of motivation, such as "don't do anything until the army of Tallard arrives".

However, Leicester did not take the bait. Unless a major change occurred, he intended to devote himself to the defense of the Fort. As for Ludra, only with capitulation declaration and lineup, he virtually took the means of sortie from Leicester.

"The underground tunnels are scheduled to be finished digging in 4 days. While being on alert of the enemy's actions till then, we're going to act as if we are really waiting for that army (Tallard and other troops). - Do you have any questions?"

"...Can you listen to my plan? No, it's not that I deny your strategy."

Looking at the map of the Fort, Tigre said so. It was a brilliant plan, but without drawbacks. He thought so.

Ludra, after hearing the main points and the proposed amendment from Tigre, was speechless for a moment, and then patting his knees with a delightful expression, he accepted the suggestion.

Four days passed after, then Tallard army took up their lineup in front of the Fort Lux.

Meanwhile, the three thousand soldiers scheduled only with a large wooden shield spent the days of sporadically attacking by shooting with bows and arrows.

Likewise, the enemy took action against this attack by only fighting back with bows and arrows. The Fort Lux should also have catapults, but did not mean to use them.

"In view of the situation, I have to prepare a false rumor that the army of His Highness Tallard will show soon."

It is an opinion of Ludra, and the trio also held the same view.

There were dozen people of Tallard army who suffered minor injuries, but injured persons also hardly appeared on the fort side. There were too few arrows which reached the top of the wall.

Around evening of that day, the four people gathered in the commander's tent.

"The number has somehow become complete."

Ludra, said so to Tigre with a smile, and Tigre nodded back, too.

"As scheduled, we begin the operation at dawn."

On the map of the vicinity of the Fort, Ludra ran his finger.

"First, my squad will attack from the front. Besides, with 500 soldiers, we will make a surprise attack from the underground waterway. And then---"

Ludra's fingertips pointed the west of the Fort drawn on the map.

"Waiting for the internal uproar, Tigre-dono and Olga-dono along with the mercenary squad of 300 will climb over the walls from here."

Ludra, half dumbfounded and half amazed, looked at Tigre.

"It's a bit late, but the height of the walls is 12 alsins (about 12 m) high"

Walls exceeding 10 alsins were very rare. Not only did they swell highly enough to spend an extraordinary amount of time and materials, but it was also because they lacked stability. Walls of five or six alsins were common.

Meanwhile the Fort Lux, not only thickened the walls, but also imparted a gradient (a slope) through his structure to solve this problem.

"They will somehow manage. Since they also said that they will do it."

"Since I increased their pay, it would be troubling if they don't make better work than usual."

Ludra revealed a wry smile. He moved his eyes back to the map.

"Last - Tigre-dono's squad will get down the walls and open the back gate in the north, and the squad sneaking into the forest will break in from there."

"Do we divide our troops in four parts as the enemy?"

"It's because it's the same number. To remove the advantage of the enemy which is the walls, we just have to disrupt them by exploiting the gap."

To Matvey who groaned folding his arms, Tigre replied with an optimistic tone. Although the unit led by Tigre was the most dangerous, the young man's face did not reveal the slightest sense of tragic.

He reconfirmed the order, and when the war council was drawing to a close, Olga suddenly raised her hand.

"I have a proposal."

"...Please, speak."

Ludra which was half-rising to his feet sat again on the carpet, revealing a wonderful expression. During these three days, even though they held the war council every day because they needed to confirm the situation, Olga never spoke.

Since Tigre had also been thinking that she rode on his plan, he stared at Olga with a surprised face. Only Matvey showed anxiety in his tough look.

"Before the attack, I want to go to the Fort as a messenger."

"As a messenger... do you want to propose the capitulation again?"

At Ludra's question, Olga shook her head.

"These four days, I asked Matvey to do a little investigation. About the type of girls that General Leicester likes. He seems to like girls my age."

Tigre understood what Olga was trying to say. Approaching Leicester under the pretense of messenger, she would try to assassinate him. With a stern look, the young man forestalling rejected.


"...I understand."

To Tigre's surprise, Olga gave up easily.

In this way, the war council was disbanded.

After finishing the war council, Tigre and the others visited the mercenary camps, and prepared adjustments and props for the force attacking from the west.

As the sunset had long gone, there were only the twinkling stars shining in the sky and the flames of the campfire. To prevent the Fort to detect them, they chose this time to start working.

The length of the siege ladder was about six alsins at best. In front of the walls of 12 alsins, it was useless. In this, Tigre, Simon and the others prepared a rope tied to the claw tip.

Since this was not high enough even if normally cast out, and it must be tied with a rope to the bolt of crossbows, Tigre and other mercenaries skilled at using crossbows shot them out to hook.

Tigre having thought of this plan two days ago, tested it at a remote place from the Fort. As the result was not bad, Simon and the others suddenly became motivated to do it.

When Tigre noticed something unusual, he finished the preparations.

Matvey, whom he said that he had something to discuss, and Olga who suddenly disappeared were missing. Asking Simon, he replied that he did also not know.

"That can't be", as he thought so, Tigre jumped out of the camp, leaving the command to Simon.

The tent where the trio was sleeping was next to the Commander's.

When Tigre proposed to set apart for theirs a tent for Olga, she refused saying that there was no need to do so. For Tigre, considering their own safety, also knew that it was better for them to stay together, so he did not say anything.

When he walked inside, Tigre realized his fear became reality. There was no figure of Olga, but only a note with her handwriting left in a conspicuous place.

『I will sneak into it (the Fort). I hope you do not get angry at Matvey.』

---What did you...

After reading this sentence, Tigre tightly grasped the black bow, and ran to the commander's tent. Though the soldiers turned a surprised look, he could not afford to care about such trifles.

When he rushed in out of breath, there was only Ludra inside. He was probably re-examining once again the plan of this time, and sitting on the carpet, he was looking at the map and the sketch of the Fort. Though he was surprised for a moment after seeing Tigre, he soon revealed his usual mild smile.

"...Did you know?"

"I have just heard. She wanted me to keep that secret from you."

Though it is a very brief question even though he guessed correctly, Ludra replied.

Olga headed to General Leicester pretending to be a messenger of Prince Elliot.

"Did you not stop her?"

"From my standpoint, to capture this Fort, her proposal was quite attractive."

As Ludra indifferently replied, Tigre, with nowhere to vent his anger kindled, and firmly clenched his fists. However, he clearly understood that it would be meaningless even if he beat him here.

"She said that she wants to be helpful to you."

He knew that. And it's precisely for this reason he did not want her to do something like this. Since it was her, she should have no problem. There was also Matvey.


After a long silence, Tigre turned his anger into a sigh and spitted it out.

"...We will proceed as scheduled, okay?"

As he only asked that, and confirmed that Ludra nodded, Tigre depressedly left the tent.

The moon considerably inclined to the west, and the night wind was getting severe when the sentries began to feel that dawn was near. In Fort Lux's north gate, there were two shadows.

"I am a messenger of Prince Elliot. Please open the gate."

Matvey deliberately with a rude voice shouted towards gate. Olga stood beside him. Both were dressed differently from usual.

Matvey wrapped his body in linen clothes and leather armor stained slightly which really harked back to pirates, and girded a curved sword to his waist. As a sailor, he who had a sturdy body and an explicitly tanned skin should not be happy that this outfit really suited him.

After for Olga, she was wearing slightly soiled clothes pretending to be a village girl. She was holding a small decorative ax, which looked quite heavy.

Since the other party was only two people, while the soldiers of the Fort Lux were cautious enough, they opened the small second gate next to the back gate and received Matvey and Olga. The two of them were sandwiched around six soldiers, and guided toward the room of Leicester - The Commander room in the top floor of the Fort.

"It's you, huh. The messenger of Prince Elliot."

"Yeah. The messenger is me, and this small one is a present"

If a person knowing Matvey saw the scene in which the scary-looking sailor was talking with a rude voice, he couldn't help bursting into laughter, but for someone who did not know him, he was the ill-bred pirate himself.

While Olga kept her usual deadpan, Matvey intentionally pushed her out in front of Leicester.

The bald General's eyes, tinged with color of lust looked down at the girl. Whether the swelling of her flat chest one could see even through her clothing or her delicate body was very consistent with his preferences.

At this time, Leicester finally noticed that the girl had a small axe. With a structure even smaller than a hatchet, and from its beautiful decorations, one can only think of a kind of artworks and the like.

During the time about the count of three, Leicester silently stared at the axe. This man felt the extraordinary power hidden in the axe.

"...Well, I should leave this for later. There is something that I must check first."

However, Leicester frankly gave priority to his own desire, and turned a lecherous gaze at Olga.

"You can put that axe on the wall there."

Olga silently obeyed. Still keeping his eyes on the silhouette of the girl with light pink-colored hair, Leicester palliating dignity at most only in his voice, asked a question to Matvey.

"By the way, what does Prince Elliot say?"

"Oh. That he will come here with twenty thousand soldiers after three days. He hopes that in the meantime, you don't let this Fort fall."

"Oh! Three days, huh. That's really quick. I wonder how he captured Mariajo."

Matvey tilted his head as saying he didn't know.

"I was just ordered to take this fellow down with a small boat, going through the highway up to here..."

Leicester believed that it was probably something like that. He would not possibly speak about important information to a pirate he sent to deliver a souvenir (present).

---It means that Prince Elliot also attaches great importance to this Fort and me.

Even Leicester, who led an army as General, understood the importance of this Fort. Therefore, he believed Matvey's words.

What was above all important for Leicester was to satisfy his own desires.

In other words, when finding a girl of his liking, he abducted her, had his way with her, threw her away when getting bored and looked for a new prey. As long as he was allowed to do it, whether the monarch was Elliot or Jermaine, did not matter.

---In the reign of King Zacharias, it was necessary to devise enough to pretend to be the act of thieves, but... Now it's a good time. In fact, if I wait a little more, I will no longer need to refrain.

"You've worked hard. I will give you a room, you should take a rest until dawn."

Leicester ordered one of his soldiers to prepare a room for Matvey. However, he did not forget to add in a low voice.

"Just in case. You watch him so that he doesn’t do something suspicious."

As the soldiers left, Olga and Leicester were the only two left in the commander room. Since the soldiers knew the hobby of their master, even if they heard some bawl (wails), they would pay no heed to it.

Leicester directly after sitting on the bed wearing armor, and accosted Olga with a smile.

"Come on, take off your clothes and come here."

Olga admitted some mistakes in her calculation. Apparently this man intended to 'play' with her while in armor. It was still too early to act. She should obediently abide.

Olga approached Leicester while carefully calculating the distance, and put her hands on the clothes. But suddenly filled with a feeling of disgust, Olga's hands stopped.

---Even though it was okay with Tigre.

"It's good, don't be afraid. I will be as gentle as possible."

Misunderstanding Olga's hesitation, Leicester revealing a lecherous smile talked in a coaxing voice. Olga holding back her shyness took off her coat. Revealing a delicate body fantastic fruit. Coupled with her adorable look, even if not Leicester, one would probably feel a fairy-like beauty.

Olga was more confused here, but noosing her mouth as seeming to be determined, she put her hands on the clothes covering the bottom of her waist.

"Enemy attack!"

A scream from outside the door quickly pulled back Leicester to reality.

The Fort Lux capture, before dawn as scheduled, the curtain was opened by an attack to the south.

The war cry of nearly 2000 people shattered the silence of the night, some people held a large wooden shield, and some other charged at the huge gate with a battering ram which reinforced the log. Furthermore, those who set up the crossbows covered their companions by shooting thick arrows at the top of the walls.

The impact of a roaring in the void of the forthcoming dawn shook the gates and walls.

The soldiers, on top of the walls lining up side by side in a row, poured a rain of arrows. Countless groans overlapped on the ground, and several figures fell.

"Don't falter! Those guys just woke up - They cannot set up an aim in this darkness!"

While holding a large shield, Ludra shouted. Several arrows piercing the shield which he held made a dry sound.

---Not yet. We must still continue to attack. We must attract the enemy's attention.

Perhaps, a bolt was put to the other side of the gate, and in addition, woods and stones were piled up supporting the gate. It was within Ludra's predictions. If the enemy made the choice of not coming out from the Fort, naturally the treatment course should be performed. But, though expecting so, Ludra had to order the charge by battering ram many times.

To attack the Fort side, fire arrows were also mixed. There was Fire here and there. The flames were revealing their position to the enemy's eyes.

Constantly looking down at the motionless shadows of his companions collapsing one after another, Ludra began to feel anxious.

---How much longer can the soldiers here hold...? In the meantime, will we be able to take General Leicester's head?

Though there were nearly two thousand soldiers here, only about five hundred participated in the siege warfare.

The remaining (about) one thousand five hundred were only collar people employed in the neighboring villages and towns. They were only employed in order to bluff loud in the rear.

This was Tigre's proposal. The plan was to make the enemy think that there were more people there.

The collar people were in the place where arrows could not reach. In this darkness, they could not be distinguished with soldiers, even the light of fire arrows would not be bright enough to illuminate them.

Before long, an uproar occurred inside of the Fort. It was the soldiers who invaded from the underground waterway.

When he confirmed the situation, Ludra ordered a retreat to the soldiers. This, of course, did not mean that it was over. Reorganizing only the soldiers who can still move, he intended to attack the gate again at regular intervals.

The soldiers who tried to rush from the underground waterway, however, did not succeed breaking in.

The underground waterway was connected to the water reservoir, and although the soldiers of the Fort were to scoop enough water from the water reservoir, an iron grill was inserted to the boundary of the underground waterway and the water reservoir.

This is what was originally ordered since Leicester came to guard this Fort, and it was not drawn to the sketch which Tallard had obtained, either.

The soldiers of Tallard army who tried to undermine the iron grill with swords and axes did not succeed, on the contrary, they fell into the waterway one after another by the bolt of the crossbow which the guards of the Fort shot over the iron grille.

Both the underground waterway and the water reservoir turned bloody red, even the defending soldiers were horrified by this frightful spectacle.

At that time, an uproar occurred a third time in the Fort. From the West of the walls, several hundreds of soldiers invaded. It was the mercenary squad led by Tigre and Simon.

"You guys do not have to quietly sneak anymore! Give me a war cry! Scare those guys with your voices!"

After Simon shouted these lines, the roaring of the mercenaries holding up their weapons overlapping rang throughout the Fort. Simon and the others did not miss that the guards were confused. They bravely continued to attack, cutting down the enemies one after another.

The soldiers with spear in hand, who were running on the walls, were good targets for Tigre. On walls, the carrying fire was also burned at regular intervals, and it rather helped the young archer as a result.

Nocking two, three arrows at once and shooting, the guards shivered to the feat that he hit every soldier he aimed at. Roaring, scream and agonizing cries whirled here and there on the walls, the persons invading (intruders) and the persons invaded wielding their weapons, and getting closer, killed each other in a situation in which they could not even clearly know the enemy’s face.

The narrow corridor on the walls was soon filled with corpses, and the people still alive violently kicked them down to the ground (and cleaned off). Or they tripped and fell, and were added to the string of casualty.

While the allies being killed and also killing the enemies, Tigre and the others moved on the walls to the North little by little.

---No matter how easy it is to aim at them, if they are so numerous…

Finally, the sky of the east began to dawn, and even though the air was still so cold, some drops of sweat floating on Tigre's forehead were drifting. His first quiver was already empty, and now it was the second. This, too, would be empty soon.

"Simon, how is it?"

Tigre, while nocking a new arrow, asked the mercenary captain with a scar in his cheek. While throwing a hatchet toward an enemy at a distance, Simon answered back yelling.

"Don't worry, kid! So many people are still alive, there's no problem!"

As he responded those words, some mercenaries raised a war cry. But, it was clear that the dead becomes conspicuous to the companions.

Originally, everyone was lightly dressed in order to climb up the walls. There were even those not wearing leather armor. Such persons almost certainly lost their life by a stroke of the spear. Even if they endured it, they would lose their balance because of too much pain and fall down from the walls.

Nobody would be safe falling from a height of 12 alsins. Even if luckily saved, he would certainly be surrounded by enemy soldiers, and die. They would even be mistaken as guards and be killed.

The number of companions was dreadfully decreasing, around half, Tigre and the others finally arrived at the north gate. At that time, the guards’ offensive was also settled.

"Go down-"

Holding the rope with his bow on his shoulder, Tigre started sliding down. He understood that it was not what a commander should do, but did not give up.

Receiving the support of his companions, Tigre safely got down on the walls. Quickly setting up his bow, he nocked an arrow, and shot. The soldiers who were the closest were pierced under the nose and died.

Other enemies poising their spears were trying to stab him, but were hit directly by corpses falling from the top of the walls, fell and never got up again. As he looked up, he caught Simon’s line of sight. It seemed to be him who suddenly dropped the corpses.

---I should say as expected from mercenaries…

With a twitched smile, as he responded waving his hand, Tigre again nocked an arrow.

As he killed about several enemies, the figures of the guards were no longer found around for the time being. At that time, several companions including Simon went down to the ground. Half was on alert of the surrounding, and the remaining half was smashing open the smaller gate.

From the forest spreading to the north of the Fort, a war cry broke out. More than 1000 soldiers of Tallard army, brandishing sword and spear rushed in like surging waves.

Tigre camouflaged the number of soldiers deployed to the front with collar people to deceive them, but thereby he infiltrated here with more than thousand soldiers.

During these four days, Tallard army would only employ the collar people whenever the same number of soldiers was made to lurk in the forest. They would take a big detour around the Fort. And they would move using horses to shorten the time.

They could not deploy a large army to the North woods. The setting of siege weapons was also impossible. However, it was possible if they divided the squad into dozens of units and lie hidden in the forest. Even Leicester did not think of this blind spot.

By attacking from various directions, the deployment of the guards was fully dispersed. There, 1000 soldiers newly surged. They spurred the guards’ confusion.

Tigre and Simon leading the mercenaries ran straight towards the top floor of the Fort - Aiming at the commander room. However, soon in the top floor, the guards caught up.

Because they were invaded so far, they were also desperate. Raising a cry without words, and desperately swinging their swords around, they rushed with spear. Simon clicked his tongue.

"Kid. Go ahead. "

Tigre, with a surprised expression, stared at the mercenary captain with scar on the cheek.

"However, you should give me the reward of the Commander's head."

"That's if Olga has not yet taken it."

As he responded to a joke with a joke, Tigre and Simon ran respectively in opposite directions. Tigre ran up the stairs leading to the top floor, and Simon, while commanding his mercenaries, went to intercept the guards.

With the sound of clashing weapons behind, Tigre ran.

Immediately after, he set foot on the top floor.

Like a storm mowing down trees, a frightful roar shook the atmosphere, and gave a feeble shock to Tigre’s whole body. Rattling and numbness spread to his face and hands, the flame torch that was on the walls violently shimmered like a (hopping) dance. There was also something lying on the floor.

---What was that, just now……?

He heard a roar which would possibly not be that of a human coming from the inside - the Commander room. Olga’s figure flashed across his mind, and while his chest was tightened with uneasiness, Tigre ran through the corridor.

Subsequently, the roaring sound shook the whole Fort. It was a Commander room. And, a petite figure rolling out to the floor came from the Commander room. It was Olga.


As Tigre rushed over, he stopped. From the wall that was blown away, something white caught a glimpse of his figure. At the same time, a pain ran through Tigre’s left hand.

Unintentionally turning his gaze, the black bow which he was tightly grasping was clad in something which was neither black mist nor dust. As if it wanted to tell something to the user.

---I will think about that later……!

Tigre nocked an arrow, and drew the bowstring of the bow to the limit. The shot arrow flying tore up the dusk, and, as planned, pierced that white something. The white thing which was trying to approach Olga on the floor stopped his action.

---A human? No, to say that's human is a bit......

While Tigre drew out a new arrow from his quiver, he advanced at a careful pace. That something, in a visible range, had a human face. But, what kind of thing was it that it was in such a high position and that it rubbed its head against the ceiling? Besides, looking well, something like a horn was growing from his forehead.

『I heard it from that man and Drekavac, but…… It’s truly the “bow”. 』

Before that face, issuing gloomy Laughter, Tigre held his breath.

Coming to a close distance of ten steps to that something, he finally caught his full picture.

That was a pure white giant.

A little time back.

General Leicester which received the report of the enemy's raid immediately pulled himself together. Though he did not release his gaze smeared with lust from Olga, without taking off the upper armor, he continued giving clear directives.

This was an unexpected miscalculation for the Vanadis with light pink-colored hair, as she remained standing on the spot for a while, waiting for a chance to strike.

The change in situation occurred when he received the report that Tallard army invaded from the underground waterway. Leicester thought to have fathomed the intention of Tallard army.

"Attracting our attention by making commotion on the surface, and using that opportunity to invade from the underground waterway huh. You should miserably fail."

Leicester had already taken measures by inserting an iron grille in the underground waterway. Feeling confident, he turned his whole body to Olga.

"I kept you waiting. Well, then-"

It was at that time that Olga moved.

Kicking the floor, she rushed over the Roaring Demon which was leaned against the wall, and twisted her body at the same time she grabbed it. A growl of the wind continued in the atmospheric noise, Olga shot a mortal (deadly) blow to Leicester.

It was a movement, in which it could be said that the speed and the timing were perfect, but the shock transmitted through the ViraltDragonic Tool was totally different from what she expected.

『I see…… It was a ViraltDragonic Tools, huh.』

Leicester's mouth leaked a strangely cloudy sound. Just like a beast which barely speaks human language.

Olga stunned, was unable to move for a moment.

The single blow of the blade which could easily cut armor was caught with bare hands by Leicester. Moreover, black blood was dripping from the palms of his hands. Only this exception could be used to describe the scene.

『I cannot seem to use the rest period as an excuse. Perhaps it is because I have spent too much time in a human's skin or... because you looked too delicious.』

Leicester's hand grasped the blade of the Roaring Demon. His eyes emitted red light, and piercing his forehead from inside, three spiral-shaped horns grew diagonally. His skin turned so white that it was eerie, and his body swelled up and squeezed the armor he was wearing.

Leicester's body, which was of medium height, instantly grew 20 Chet(s) (about 2 m), and the metal fittings of armor emitting a high-pitched metallic sound bursted and flew. The parts of the armor scattered on the floor screeching a rasping sound.

Olga could not even utter a word, as she stared at the change of Leicester in utter amazement. Though she was a girl who had travelled for a long time, she had never seen something like this. Leicester's limbs became thicker than the pillar of the Fort, his body hair was also falling, and his huge body was swelling larger.

『Vanadis... Our enemies, eternal battle maidens (Valkyries)! I will violate your body, enough to make you regret you were born on this world. Afterwards, I'll eat you without leaving even a bone, like those humans.』

"- First: Crushing Fang!"

Finally coming to her senses, Olga shouted. Receiving the command, the ViraltDragonic Tools in her hands soundlessly distorted. The blade lengthened up and down, and changed into a saw-like shape.

It was simultaneous that Olga crushed Leicester's left hand, and that Leicester which turned into a monster beat the girl with his right hand. Although she quickly used her ViraltDragonic Tools as a shield, Olga’s petite body who took on the monster's fist flew in the air. She was flung against the door.

"What is it, General?"

The guards who were in the hallway, feeling doubt in the strange sound from a while ago, rushed in almost kicking down the door by force.

What they saw, was a white giant monster which grew horns from the forehead. And it was also what they last saw.

Leicester, who took a step forward, swinged the palm of his hands from right to left. The leather bag filled with air emitted a sound also similar to explosion, and the soldiers who entered the Commander room were blown away. Blood started to gush, when hands and feet parts bent in an unlikely direction, and they were flung against the wall, they all ceased to breathe.

The walls were stained red with blood and entrails, and the bodies clothed in broken armor fell.

Leicester without even glancing at the soldiers overlooked Olga. Similarly, Olga could not afford to glance at them. If she showed an opening even for an instant, she would become just like those soldiers.

The pure white monster stopped his movement, and inhaled a breath. His round face became near globular. Olga on alert set up her ViraltDragonic Tools as a shield.

Immediately after, Leicester let loose an earsplitting roar. A moment later, an invisible shock wave was released from the monster's body. The ceiling and the walls were crushed by the blast. Although Olga managed to minimize the damage, she still could not withstand it and was flung towards the back door and crashed down on the ground. The sheer force of the blow caused her to gasp for air.

It was then that Tigre appeared.

He was running low on arrows. There were only four remaining. If he returned till the place of Simon and the others, he could replenish in arrows since there should have been some bow user.

However, Tigre realized this was probably impossible.

---This feeling, I remember it...

He couldn't help but swallow his saliva. He had only felt this nauseating sensation once before. It was after repulsing the Muozinel army which invaded Brune, no more than six months ago. A monster which declared itself Vodyanoy appeared, and Tigre and Mira fought him together. There was no doubt that Tigre by himself, or Mira by herself would have been killed, it was a formidable foe.

---It resembles that Vodyanoy.

Not his appearance. But the brutal blood thirst released from his whole body. A sign peculiar to what was not human.

---But, this guy still had a figure close to a human's.

He wondered how he should describe the monster in front of his eyes.

Red eyes, twisted horns, a hideously gigantic body, and pale white skin. It could only be described as something not of this world. He cowered in fear just by confronting it. Like being lost in another world, and being attacked by the uneasiness, Tigre wanted to close his eyes and ears, and run away.

His heartbeat rapidly increased. there was also confusion in his breathing.

"...Who are you?"

While moving his tongue which was about to get entangled, and exerting power to his belly so that his voice might not tremble, Tigre asked. In reality, rather than calling out, he should instead get away from here in a hurry. Call Simon and the others from downstairs, and stir up some confusion within the fort even if only a little, and run off to some place far away.

However, Tigre chose the path of confronting the monster.

One reason was that he could not abandon Olga who seemed not to get up as she fell down onto the floor.

The other reason was the black bow which he tightly grasped. Since a while ago it gave off a burning sensation as if his left hand was on fire.

However, just this pain made Tigre come to his senses, and regain his calm. It told him that this situation was unmistakably (undoubtedly) a reality.

And it gave Tigre a faint hope and courage. The hope that if it was the black bow, it might get through this monster.

『The ax aside, if I'm asked by the "bow", I can't help but answer, eh?』

The white giant who grew horns turned toward Tigre, and gave his name with a muddy voice.

『Torbalan. It's like that acquaintances called me.』

---As expected...

The monster of the fairy tale known for mainly abducting young girls. For Tigre, it was a name which came out when a mother scolded naughty children. Saying that, "if you do bad things, Torbalan will kidnap you".

There was another thing that had been worring him. Since a little while ago Torbalan called Tigre "the bow".

---Vodyanoy was also aiming at this bow.

It meant that this bow that he did not understand even after investigating had a connection with the monsters. But, it seemed that he could not afford to ask him about the black bow.

『I'm different from the others, you know? Please die, the "bow"!』

Leicester, no, Torbalan attacked Tigre. Roaring, the strong white arm which raised a growl and was swung downward was avoided by Tigre, jumping. A large hole opened in the wall, and the scattered debris poured into Tigre who fell on the floor.

Torbalan mercilessly threw a kick to Tigre who tried to get up. But, the hit was blocked on the verge by a dark gray blade. It was Olga.

"Are you alright?"

To Tigre who was glad that she was alive, although he leaked a hoarse voice, Olga did not answer. Since just blocking Torbalan's foot was the utmost she could do. The girl who caught the fist of a knight in his prime of life with one hand, now blotted sweat and was forced to retreat little by little, shaking arms and legs.

As Tigre got up, he simultaneously shot two arrows aiming at Torbalan's eyes. The giant monster did not even try to avoid it, and smashed the arrows in the air with the invisible shock wave breathed out from his mouth.

Furthermore, Torbalan flicked (fling) up his left arm. In an instant judgment, Tigre carried Olga, and kicked the floor.

Roaring many times. The floor crumbled, the mortar-like hole which ran countless cracks was drilled. In the rising sand cloud, Torbalan proudly standing was looking down on Tigre and Olga.

"...Do you know that guy?"

Getting up, while regulating her breathing, Olga briefly asked. Tigre, also while drawing out an arrow again, answered.

"It’s a Monster."

This answer was enough for the time being.

"Sorry, but can you help me to gain some time?"

While gritting his teeth in vexation of pushing her forward to fight, Tigre asked the girl. Olga, without asking anything, silently nodded. There were only two arrows remaining.

He could not afford to mind that he could be seen by someone. If he did not do his best, both he and Olga will be killed by the monster.

Olga kicked the floor. Torbalan revealed a joyful smile.

Tigre nocked an arrow, and drew the bowstring to the limit aiming at the monster. Maintaining his posture, he appealed to the bow. The black bow emitted a black light as if responding to him, converging to the arrowhead.

An unusual strong pressure attacked the young man's whole body. This was something that did not disappear even if he could handle the power of the black bow to some extent. From before dawn beyond the walls, by rebuking his body tired of the continuing fight, Tigre bears it.

---Please. Olga stepped forward believing in me in this situation. I don’t want to let that girl die. I won’t let her die.

Even without looking around, he knew. For those who see that this scene could be mistaken for hell.

Even earlier, it must have been be hell named battlefield. However, unfolding now in this whole area was also a different hell. A power beyond human comprehension (common sense) was mercilessly displayed, the stone-made ceiling, the walls and the floor were easily destroyed, and the soldiers had been killed like insects.

Tigre must break this hell back to the battlefield.

Olga dealt with Torbalan’s attacks devoting herself to protecting her body, cleverly gaining time. And also the black light gathering in Tigre’s arrowhead increased its brightness.

Tigre slightly inhaled, exhaled, while releasing his finger. His aim was the face. As the monster was a large body, it was easy to set the aim since Olga was short in stature.

Though Torbalan had fiercely continued attacking the Vanadis with light pink-colored hair, he noticed Tigre’s arrow just before. The arrow approached the monster with an amazing speed.

After he realized that evasion was no longer possible, Torbalan stood firm. Inhaling, he gazed at the black arrow with his red eyes. A shock wave was released from his right hand and projected straight. Olga was blown off back.

The atmosphere trembled as the shock wave raised a storm. The monster's blast blocked the black arrow which Tigre had shot into the air. As it is, the shock wave and the arrow issued a screaming wind, and violently clashed against each other while scattering the black light.

『Only this level, huh-』

Torbalan was laughing, but soon his mouth went agape as he was left dumb founded. Past the line of sight of the monster, Tigre nocked a new arrow with the black bow.

With the first arrow, Tigre was already worn out to the point that even standing was painful. The hand holding the bow was also paralyzed, and could not enter (access) the power well. He had a headache, and his vision was also swaying (shaky). Even so, the young man applied his shaking fingers to the bowstring, and drew it to the limit with power to his feet as hard as possible. Just as before, a black light gathered to the arrowhead. Tigre was surprised.

As he understood visibly, the convergence condition of the black light to the arrowhead was slow.

『Too slow!』

Torbalan roared. As the monster vigorously shook his head, a spiral horn growing from his forehead bent like a whip, and extended several times. It cut the atmosphere and headed toward Tigre. It was difficult for the present Tigre to avoid it.

Shortly after, dry impact sounds (dry sonic boom) overlapped. Before the three horns reached Tigre, they wriggled in the air and deeply pierced the ceiling.

"I did it as promised... I gain time."

With her disheveled light pink-colored hair dirty with soot, Olga carrying the Roaring Demon on her shoulder, sharply glared at Torbalan. It was her desperate single blow that flipped the three horns, and diverted (bounce change) their direction.

Torbalan's red eyes were colored in rage. The white giant swung his left hand, trying to hit Olga. At the same time, Olga with her petite body also swinged her axe. The handle of the axe lengthened, and the thick blade reminiscent of the half-moon increased its size and sharpness.

"DvarogThe Second Horn of Piercing"

The blade of the Roaring Demon swung down with a tremendous speed grinded the demon's left hand, and moreover, cut his left foot encroached into the floor. Fresh black blood which sprayed from the wound uncannily dyed up the air, and Torbalan screaming felt to the ground.

It was at the time that a pale red light was emitted from the ax-shaped ViraltDragonic Tools.

At the tip of the double-edged axe, a crescent moon-shaped light was formed. While the light drew a spiral in the space, it flowed into the tip of the arrow that Tigre held. In addition, the small gray cloud of dust and pellets scattered on the floor was mixed in with the light and sucked up into the arrow.

Olga stood there with a dumbfounded expression and was looking at this scene as if she had been possessed.

"- It’s for having saved me."

Tigre, rather than self-deprecating, muttered his sincere appreciation. He loosened his fingers from the arrow.

At the instant it was fired from the bow, the arrow changed its shape. The cloud of dust that clung to the arrow formed a dragon head, and as it let his form become gigantic while absorbing rubbles scattered on the floor and, it went straight toward Torbalan. The dragon's eyes were shone with a pale red glow, and it was clad in a black light to the whole body.

The gray dragon drawing an arc fiercely attacked the monster.

Torbalan shouted a roar. Though he struggled to repulse it with the three horns, after an instant the horns were entirely shattered by the charge of the dragon. The gray dragon clashing with the shock wave caught up with the first arrow, swallowed and received it into itself. The black light wrapping around the dragon increased its strength.

The shockwave collided with the dragon, and scattered leaving only a sound of popping air, and the dragon far from letting its momentum wither devoured Torbalan with a tremendous force.

A thunderous roar, which could not be compared with the earlier, struck the ears of Tigre and Olga. The two people's eardrum within a short time abandoned the task to convey sound, and their vision also became shaky. Though the Fort itself was also shaking, they did not notice it.

The Commander room was filled with moats and cloud of dust, and completely obscured the vision of the two people. As the dust rose and the vision became clear, one could see the sky gradually brightened through the huge hole drilling through several layers of the ceiling.

Tigre and Olga stood dumbfounded for a while.

The war for the capture of the Fort Lux left a legend. Many soldiers, whether allies or enemies, unanimously said so.

That "A light darker than the night sky, which destroyed the Commander room flew straight to the sky, and disappeared-"

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