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Chapter 1 – King Sailing Out[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Everyone wanted to know about [Hayashizaki Kazuki]―.

Carrying a lofty mission inside their chest, a group of three people were lurking inside a forest. While being wrapped inside the chorus of the crickets and the grassy-smelling greens, they were squatting inside a thicket.

Their figures with their eyes sparkling fiercely even while avoiding people’s eye was endlessly close with that of criminals.

“Even if he is hiding inside the toilet, I’m not going to let even a hair of his ass escape and make the article for sure.”

A man wearing a worn out shirt and chino pants murmured with a low voice that sounded sticky.

His alias was <Turtle Oota>. He chased around people that were famous in society vindictively, if he didn’t see any smoke then he would fabricate the source himself, even people in the same profession called him [Information Pyromaniac] in dislike, he was a [scandal specialist journalist].

“The glimmer of my lens cross over the far away space and cut through an instant…”

Beside the Turtle, a man that was setting up an old fashioned film camera murmured.

This man’s alias was <Simo Heyhe Iijima>. With his telescope lens and magic reinforced eyesight he caught his target accurately from extraordinary distance, he then burned that perception sight into his Magic Impression Heat FilmPsychofilm like a sniper, he was a [peeping photo specialist cameraman]. [1]

“It’s in that direction see. I caught wind of information that says if Hayashizaki Kazuki is staying in that lodging house.”

The one who was pointing at the sea from between the trees and saying that to Turtle and Simo Heyhe was the woman that was the third person of the group.

The woman’s alias was <Anal Kirishima>. She retired from the Knight Order due to a mental injury from her battle against the Demon Beasts, besides using her experience for military analyst activity, she also sold the Knight Order’s secret information to the mass media and made a killing in profit, she was a [former knight with a lax mouth].

Journalist, cameraman, informant, the group of three were hiding their body inside the national forest that spread along the coastline. There was a cove ahead of the forest. It was a calm natural harbor without any wave.

Any kind of large-type ship surely could anchor there.

“A hidden cove in the forest that is forbidden to enter… it’s completely a [hidden harbor] isn’t it?”

Turtle murmured. Anal was “Right, it’s a hidden harbor” and nodded.

“When the knight order received people and material from a foreign country, they secretly used this cove. Even if there is no diplomacy, we are still rarely exchanging things with the outside. This is made a secret from the people by them.”

Anal once again leaked out an important secret of the Knight Order.

Talking about the recent happenings, the Einherjar―Beatrix and her team that came to Japan for the sake of temporary cooperation was also entering this country from this cove with the Knight Order’s guidance.

“But why does… Hayashizaki Kazuki that just became this country’s BasileusKing and his companions had come to this kind of place, I wonder.”

Kirishima narrowed her lip. Turtle’s thick lip warped in a grin and he laughed.

“Exposing those guys is our job here. Maybe it’s a secret meeting with an important person from abroad, perhaps even a secret transaction for suspicious things from abroad that came here. By chance it’s Hayashizaki Kazuki himself that is going to a foreign country?”

After Turtle said that out loud, “No way though…” he immediately denied it himself.

Ten-odd years had passed since Japan severed diplomatic relations with all foreign countries, for the Japanese people that lived in an island country, the place beyond the sea had naturally turned into something like an alternate world for them. It was an unimaginable place that was full of the unknown.

Stepping out into the unknown world―it was unthinkable for a person who had just become a King to brave that kind of danger. He didn’t really understand in truth just what was this existence called as King, but… they were big shots right?

What a human thought of the first thing when they rose to a seat of power was [their own self-preservation]. As a journalist, the [big shots] that Turtle had observed until now were all like that.

Turtle held hatred towards influential people. When he heard that a high school student, a young boy named Hayashizaki Kazuki obtained a seat of power, that hatred of his flamed up especially fierce.

He was going to put that guy in an article and make him into his own source of income, he couldn’t help but think that reflexively.

“Well, if he is really here then anything he does is fine. If it’s material about Hayashizaki Kazuki, then any kind of article will sell at a high price. And if that happened to be a scandal then that’s just the best. If we can just get his figure having an affair with a woman in a photo then…”

The facts that were understood about Hayashizaki Kazuki were few. At best there was the graduation album from his middle school period or the interview of his schoolmates of that time, the scoop the public got was just around that much. But something like that wouldn’t satisfy the curiosity of society. Everyone wanted to know more in regards to [Hayashizaki Kazuki].

Society sought stimulation, but the Knight Order was strictly protecting that young man’s privacy.

That incurred the anger of Turtle.

What <King>. This country is a Democratic Country. The people were exactly the King, wasn’t that it?

Things that the people wanted to know had to all be reported.

If they were trying to hide information, then that was evil. To expose that was a journalist’s justice.

A single small article would blaze up society. A single small article would throw down the fame of an influential person to the ground. To be able to achieve that was exactly the happiness of a journalist.

The public would surely snap at it just like Turtle… he would exaggerate even trivial thing into something grand… he would mislead… stir up society… he was going to cause a large blaze.

Oops, he must not become only too heated up, he also had to be vigilant of the surroundings calmly.

Turtle lowered his breathing and concentrated Enchant Aura into his ear to search for sounds. The danger detection ability that he cultivated from his long journalism activity. Even in the case that the Knight Order was putting up security, Turtle had the confidence to succeed in escaping before he was discovered.

“Can you see something even from here, Simo Heyhe? Something like a strange movement of human shadow or…”

“If I don’t get a little closer… No wait… that’s! That’s!?”

Simo Heyhe that was kneeling on the wet ground and peeking into his finder passionately, aimed his shutter with raging vigor.

“What, did you find something, Simo Heyhe!?” Turtle’s voice reflexively turned loud.

“You uncles, what are you all doing in this kind of place?”

―Suddenly a voice came from behind them.

The group of three had their hairs stand on end from shock while turning back.

A girl that looked like an outdoor type with her short-cut lively hair style was tilting her head with her eyes wide open.

“Si, since when!? There were no footsteps at all!”

“I don’t sound off any footsteps after all.”

No, not only her footstep. There was not a single sound coming from the girl. Even when Turtle fully strengthened his hearing with his magic power, whether it was her heartbeat, or her blood flow, even the creak of her bones or muscles were not audible.

The membrane of magic power that faintly covered the girl’s whole body was erasing all vibrations.

It was an advanced magic technique he had never even seen before.

It was exactly a modern ninja. But a long sword was holstered on the girls’ waist, he also had seen the uniform she was wearing before. This uniform was―the uniform of the Knight Academy’s Sword Division.

“Wh, why is a student, in this kind of place”

“That’s my line you know. Eerr… this place is a state-owned land where entry is forbidden. I am a student but I received a quest for the security of this place and I am given with the rights to apprehend or forcefully expel any suspicious person.”

The girl talked with an awkward way of speaking and took out her student identification from her skirt’s pocket. [Sword Division Second Year・Tsukahara Kazuha] was written there.

No matter how her atmosphere felt like she was not used to dealing with adults, but―she had no opening.

The girl’s stance was always prepared to draw out her katana anytime. If they tried to run they would immediately get cut down.

“Thi, this child, I’m sure she is the <King>’s close associate. You know, that [Chouki(Favored Princess)].”

Kirishima who was a military analyst was trembling. She had heard that right now in the Knight Academy there were special students. The King’s close associates, several people that were Chouki… It was a phrase that was not suitable for this democratic country.

“I, I’m not one of the Chouki. …Not yet.”

A bitterness ran through the expression of the girl named Kazuha for an instant.

“Not yet?”

The instant the three’s awareness reacted to Kazuha’s reply, all of a sudden Kazuha’s hand reached out smoothly. Her thin fingers entwined around the camera and took it from Simo Heyhe’s hands. “Ah” He leaked out a foolish voice.

It was a move that was like a wind that blew through the opening of the awareness. As if they were facing against a master of martial arts.

“Errr, so all of you are journalist? I’m confiscating the film.”

Kazuha’s expression relaxed when she understood that she was not facing dangerous opponents. She was a beautiful girl. But with a forceful manner she pulled away the film from the camera and crushed it in her grips.

So the elite cadet of the Knight Academy was this kind of monster.

“WHY-!” Turtle turned desperate and yelled.

“Why is the King concealing himself!? The people have the right to know!”

“That’s, because even the King has privacy.”

Kazuha huffily scowled. “He is also a normal student besides being a King you know?”

“This country is a democracy! We the people cannot just go along with this just because suddenly we are told that a young boy is a King! Everyone wants to know about the King! Being a spectacle like a panda is also included among the duty of someone like a King!!”

“…Even though Loki and his comrades might still conceal themselves in this country, there is no way we can just publicize his every single action like that don’t you think. Besides even if he is called the King, he already fights without asking for any reward already, asking him to be like a panda or whatever is just too much.”

The three snorted their nose ”fun” all at once. Whether Turtle, Simo Heyhe, or Kirishima, all of these three didn’t think of anything at all except for their own profit.

A King that continued to fight without asking anything back, such thing couldn’t possibly be true. Besides that kind of person wouldn’t become an interesting article. He undoubtedly had a hidden side. They came here fishing for that hidden side.

“Mentioning the King… there is the rumor that every holiday he was walking around the town with a different girl each time. If you are also a girl, what do you think about that kind of thing?”

Turtle inquired expecting a bitter reaction from a fastidious girl at that age.

If this girl was hiding even a little antipathy towards the King… he was going to pull that story out of her, stir her up, until she was ablaze with fury from his prided smooth-talking. And then if he could record that, he could turn it into an article just with that. Turtle shrewdly pressed the switch of the recorder he hid inside his pocket.

“Eh? That’s… i, isn’t that just fine? There is a circumstance that can’t be helped and all. Also… he faced all of them sincerely with all that he got, those of us around him properly understand that… even me, that…”

Kazuha looked down while her cheeks reddened with a puff, she defended the King while her body was fidgeting around.

“…As I thought, this child is the King’s Chouki. She is completely making a face of a maiden in love.”

“It’s no good, seems like she is not holding even a single speck of antipathy for the King.”

Kirishima and Turtle exchanged words with each other secretly with small voices.

Those voices were clearly captured by the ears of Kazuha that had been reinforced with magic.

“…I’ll cut and kick out all of you.”

Kazuha put her hand on her katana and a threatening tone entered her voice. The three panicked while saying “Wait, waiit!”

“What are you all doing since a while ago-! All of you have no intention at all to lend your ear except for the story that you want to hear! Writing with that kind of self-important behavior is just going to create a crazy article!! With what kind of feelings do you think Kazuki became the King in that snowy mountain…!!”

Right there, a footstep that parted through the grass and came closer could be heard.

“Tsukahara Kazuha. It’s going to be the guard shift soon. Go eat some breakfast, it’s the navy curry.”

“Eh, curry straight since the morning?” Kazuha looked back to the voice.

“Nn? Who are those guys?”

The one that appeared was a small statured girl that was wearing a similar Sword Division uniform. She had the cherubic face like a kitten with her hair tied into a ponytail that resembled a cat’s tail.

“Ah, Kanae-san. These people, they are gossip reporters that want to write bad articles about Kazuki.”

Kazuha talked with an expression of anger that she was unable to clear away.

“WHHAATT?” The cherubic face of the ponytail girl underwent a complete change into that of a Hannya.

Sharp sounds rang out from the mouths of the sheath that were at their waists.

“Let’s cut them down.” “I too think so.”

Both of them faced each other and nodded.

But that act became an opening for an instant. Turtle yelled “We are escaping!!” and pulled the hands of Simo Heyhe and Anal, then they dashed away at full speed.

“Oi, they escaped.”

“It’s fine even if we don’t purposefully chase them, that kind of people. It looks like they are unrelated to Loki.”

Even though violence seriously appealed to her but Kazuha felt a hesitation, she released a deep sigh while being disgusted.

―After running back until the entrance of the forest, Turtle and the others finally noticed that they were not pursued and stopped their feet.

But they already didn’t have the mood to enter the forest once more.

“Simo Heyhe, in the end what picture did you managed to take just now?”

“A ship.”

Simo Heyhe murmured with a tone as if he had even seen a ghost.

“…An extravagant and shiny ship like the [Titanic] at the movie a long time ago was peeking out from the gap between the trees. This is the first time I saw that kind of amazing ship.”

“Amazing ship…? Is it for the King…?”

Turtle who was supposedly a man who thought of nothing else other than his own profit was taken aback.

“The King… is he seriously going outside the country? Isn’t that something amazing?”

If this was really true, then it overturned the common sense. Due to the King that ignored the danger, the relationship between Japan and the foreign country―namely the [world] was going to shake and move on a grand scale, there was no mistaking it.

This was not a scandal or anything. But…

Part 2[edit]

The pure white ship that was floating on the secret cove was sparkling radiantly from being bathed in the morning sun of summer.

It was as if a holy woman was bathing in cold water in the spring inside a forest.

“What do you think, Hayashizaki-kun. This is what the Knight Order gambled their dignity to construct―[Solomon the 2nd].”

Kazuki and all the others were lining up on the wharf that was sticking out from the cove. Vice Chief Yamagata puffed out his chest proudly.

Kazuki and the others were staying at the small lodging house of the Knight Order that was hidden inside the forest.

Solomon the 2nd was constructed in a certain workshop and then it was transported here during the night into this cove. And then this morning, it was making its debut in front of Kazuki and the others who just woke up.

Kazuki and co. would traverse across the sea towards the mysterious continent―<America> with this ship.

Rather than feeling shocked, Kazuki felt astonished instead.

“Should I say it’s amazing… Or perhaps I should say that it’s fine even if you didn’t go this far…”

Looking at the really wide gap compared to the first [Solomon] that time when he was infiltrating the Ise Imperial Shrine, he reflexively lost his words.

This ship was truly an [extravagant passenger ship]. But Vice Chief Yamagata was from the generation where traveling abroad was still done, a generation that Kazuki couldn’t even imagine.

With the people of the country becoming unable to travel overseas, the culture called a cruise travel also went through a decline.

The very concept of [extravagant passenger ship] itself―it already didn’t exist inside Kazuki and co.’s common sense.

They couldn’t see this ship with the total length of 100 meters and total mass of 10000 tons other than a gigantic monster of the sea.

It was just too overdone. In the first place, Kazuki had a sincere and healthy poor person mentality that was fine with anything as long as it had the minimum ability. He didn’t get what need there was to make the ship until this gigantic. To say nothing of why inside this gigantic ship there was a pool, a fitness room, a movie theater, a dance ballroom, a sushi shop, and a burger joint wholly installed, he didn’t get the meaning at all.

“Is there any meaning in all of these?” ―His frank impression was all expressed in that one sentence.

“After all, now is different than when you went to Ise, you have no need to escape or hide. And above all you are different than at that time, now you are the official [King] of the country. Moreover Arthur and the others that are honored visitors from another country are going together with you to America, there is no way we can make you all ride a poor looking ship.”

“So it’s concerning the honor of Japan.”

“I know you don’t really want to be extravagant or anything, but we want to have you who is the King of this country to ride the best ship there is. That’s how it is. This is service.”

“…I really can’t calm down at all.”

“Actually I’m also thinking of doing something about that student uniform but…”

Vice Chief Yamagata made a wry face at Kazuki’s outfit.

“There’s just no way, wearing something that looks really like a king is just too much. On the other hand, I’m not at the age of wearing suits, a student uniform is the proper attire for a student, don’t you agree?”

There was no summer or winter arrangement with the uniform of the Knight Academy, but Kazuki was matching the feel of the season and took off his jacket and turned out with his light shirt appearance. Because he was the only male in the Magic Division, his shirt that was an order-made was hand-sewn with smooth alchemic threads, a definite article of rare beauty even if it was worn out of shape.

But it was undeniable that its base design was really like a student.

But before he was a King he was a student first, Kazuki thought. It didn’t mean that he really liked to study, but he had the feeling that he wouldn’t become a respectable adult if he neglected his duty as a student too much.

Kanae came close to Kazuki’s side and pulled lightly at his sleeve.

“If it’s Nii-sama then you will be fine even if you are completely naked, you are the pride of Japan no matter where you go.”

“Don’t think that everyone in the world is a brocon like you, you idiot.”

“Fufu-, but Otouto-kun is a King of Magika Stigma. You should be at the top in exposure rate too.”

Kaguya-senpai hugged his back tightly. Her thin fingers moved swiftly and unfastened the buttons of his shirt in turn from the top. “Wa, wait senpai…”

“That’s right―! I too think so―!!”

Hikaru-senpai crouched and tackled Kazuki’s legs, she then tried to pull down his trousers.

“Senpai!? Hey, senpai!”

Kazuki held his shirt with both his hands and his knee was pushing back Hikaru-senpai’s face.

Kaguya-senpai was smiling while cheering “Eei pull~, eei pull~”, Hikaru-senpai too whose face was quite roughly kneed was happily laughing “Ahaha!”

“Certainly it’s unfair that it’s only us whose appearance has a high exposure rate. I too want to see Kazuki naked.”

With a passionate gaze, Koyuki was staring at Kazuki whose clothes were in a half opened state.

“Ye, yeah, Kazuki’s naked body… as expected the charm of a warrior dwells inside the physical beauty…”

Beatrix’s cheeks were slightly reddening. She who was an Einherjar(Norse Knight) of Germany was also here in order to go together to America as the representative of the cooperation set-up between Japan and Germany.

“You are just going to approve this? Wait, stop it, don’t look at me with those hungry eyes of a predator, don’t blush on your cheeks.”

Kazuki felt a terror that was like a fear of a prey in front of a predator while holding back and fixing his shirt.

“Something like getting naked is no good. I’m going to design a King’s clothes that will bring out Kazu-nii’s coolness into prominence!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.10 019.jpg

Even Mio came butting in. Her skill in sewing shamed even a professional but…

“I’m getting anxious that you will make something sparkling that strangely looks like shoujo manga style here…”

It felt like she would make him wear a shirt made from gold and silver thread attached full of frills. He wanted frills to be attached only to maids.

…Was it really that selfish to want to wear a normal male uniform just like this?

“Kazuki-oniisan, I want you to appear like [Muscle King Sugure] desu!”

“That’s a cosplay then. Isn’t that a King of a different world already.”

Although he said that but he really wanted to listen to Lotte’s request whatever it was for her. Kazuki took that character’s cool pose while yelling a cool line of the character, “Worthless punk is not needed here…!” The eyes of the otaku Lotte and Kamimura-san were shining, even Kazuha-senpai had a heart mark flying from her while saying “I don’t really understand the meaning of the sentence but maybe it looks cool…”

“I see…” The King of Britain, Arthur, nodded.

“Please wait, what are you understanding from that exchange just now?”

Kazuki became worried about the honor of Japan but Arthur was “Hahaha” laughing largeheartedly.

“Well, it’s just as Vice Chief Yamagata said. It seems in Japan modesty is included among the virtue, but a King also has the dignity that is demanded from a King. Your retainer will be self-aware as a retainer with your king-like behavior which in turn will make them offer their allegiance even more.”

Arthur looked up at the extravagant passenger ship and nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s a beautiful ship. Once there were also famous ships in my Britain that were called The Britannia and The Queen Elizabeth. After all, Britain is a similar island nation―an oceanic country like Japan.”

“Leme too is pleased with this ship! An idiotic name like Solomon the 2nd doesn’t suit this elegant ship! Just name it as the Queen Lemegeton!!”

Leme materialized beside Kazuki and hopped up and down even though her appearance was already an adult.

“Your character is just not fitting a queen’s character. Arthur-san, don’t you feel uncomfortable riding a ship that moves using an engine?”

Kazuki became slightly worried and sneaked a look at the true feeling of Arthur who looked largehearted.

This person was also accompanying them to America. Rather, this person was the one who proposed the idea in the first place.

“Of course I don’t like it. But you have your own culture, I’m the guest here. And then thinking from the view point of your culture, I can understand that this ship is something reasonable. Though if Queen Regina also comes with us, she will surely turn angry without doubt though.”

The Magic Advanced Countries other than Japan really put their faith in their Mythology. They possessed the creed that rejected science civilization.

But it seemed the degree of that rejection was different for each Mythology. Germany and Italia were really fierce in their rejection, but Arthur‘s Britain seemed comparatively lenient.

Surely the reason why Arthur was more friendly to Kazuki compared to the other Kings was also because of that.

―On the other hand, they had no idea what would happen in America where they were going to head to.

By any chance, perhaps they were worshiping a Mythology that was even stricter in this respect.

If they flew carelessly using an airplane to that kind of place, they might be shot down by magic.

Therefore this ship. Furthermore they were going to efficiently use engine to advance until halfway and when the land was near they would unfold the sail, this was a ship that adopted hybrid form that could also become a sailing ship.

“…An engine ship huh. I wonder if I’m better off swimming…”

Beatrix murmured with a real determination in her voice.

Kazuki caught the scruff of her neck forcefully.

“Don’t you separate from me for even a moment.” When he whispered that, Beatrix’s cheeks reddened with a puff once more.

“…I, if Kazuki said until that far then…”

“After all you are a dangerous character that I cannot take my eyes off carelessly.”

Beatrix fell down on top of the wharf in great shock. And then “Don’t you toy around with the pure heart of a war maiden!”, saying that she kicked and struggled while rolling over on the ground.

“Besides no matter how much you swim it’s impossible to cross the Pacific Ocean like that don’t you think? We are the ones who forcefully dragged you to go so you are not going against your faith at all.”

Civilization was the symbol of arrogance. But Kazuki was using cooperation as an excuse to forcefully make Beatrix board the ship, so it couldn’t be said that Beatrix was being arrogant. She was just a victim.

“This ship, was it constructed just in one week?” Kazuki turned back to Vice Chief Yamagata asking that.

They decided that they were going to America using a ship one week ago.

“No, this is a small-type passenger ship of the old era that is not used anymore now that we thoroughly repaired. After all there is no time. This ship is quite small to be called as extravagant.”

“Whaaat, so this is not its maiden voyage then.”

Roshouko butted in and chuckled ‘kishishi’. The leader of the anti-China resistance organization <Ryouzanpaku>, Roshouko too was also going together with them to America by Kazuki’s order. She turned to Leme.

“Queen Lemegeton, it’s old y’know. Yaa―ii, old, old.”

“Gu, gunu―! What a humiliation to call a woman old!! As I thought this ship is just Solomon the 2nd!!”

Leme kicked and struggled vexedly and stamped her foot in frustration.

Beside her Beatrix was still rolling around kicking and struggling on the wharf.

Even though these girls had the appearance of beautiful lady…

One more person, Silirat who was the combat specialist of Ryouzanpaku’s leadership was also going with them. The girl with features that looked like a boy, Silirat was “Awesome shipp―!” Her eyes were honestly turning round in admiration.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO- The steam whistle was sounding. With consideration so it wouldn’t be audible outside, its reverberation was low-key. The steam whistle made them feel the beginning of the journey.

“Yosh, the time for sailing out has come! Now, please get on aboard!! And then sweep away the darkness of the enigmatic America!!”

Vice Chief Yamagata yelled in great mood. He was a honest uncle.

The door in the flank of the pure white ship opened, from there a ramp was coming down to the wharf.

With that stair, Kazuki and the others went up with a certain stride.

“Please take care of Japan!” He looked back for the last time.

Vice Chief Yamagata was not going together with them. Just like that he saw off Kazuki and co. from the wharf.

Another person was taking the duty as the [ship captain] and that person had already been waiting for Kazuki and co. inside the ship.

The spacious and wide corridors inside the ship looked completely like a high grade hotel.

“ “Awesome―!!” “ Karin and Silirat let out their voices together and ran around like kids.

They really couldn’t think that currently they were inside an engine vehicle, it made them doubt whether they were really floating on top of the sea.

A red carpet was spread out at their feet, the mahogany wall and ceiling emitted a mature gloss, handrails of marble metal with gold blended into it were continuing ahead.

It was an overwhelming splendor but―at the same time it was also a decoration he had seen somewhere before.

“This, isn’t this ship renovated based on the image of the Witch’s Mansion-!?”

Kaguya-senpai immediately noticed and raised an excited voice. Kazuki too was thinking of completely the same thing.

Surely this was the tasteful discretion of Vice Chief Yamagata.

“Then this ship is Queen Kaguya isn’t it? Talking about the Witch’s Mansion means Kaguya-senpai after all.”

“Queen… but the King is Otouto-kun. I’m not the queen though.”

“The word Queen doesn’t only mean a female ruler of the country, it can also be used to refer to the King’s empress so it’s fine. The word queen by no means is referring to someone that is aiming for the throne.”

When Arthur pointed out, Kaguya-senpai’s expression brightened “That’s it!” and she hugged at Kazuki’s neck. “Queen Kaguya! Otouto-kun… ehehe, I’m Kazuki-kun’s wife-♪”

Kaguya-senpai was a person that had acted a lot like a big sister as a senior student council president, but she was hiding a feeling of wanting to rely on someone and getting spoiled.

Kazuki stroked gently the head of Kaguya-senpai as if treating his little sister. He had become able to do that even more naturally compared from before. Kaguya-senpai narrowed her eyes and moaned “nn~” pleasantly.

Kaguya-senpai stared at Kazuki ecstatically. Her expression told him her desire to kiss. A charming soft and full lips. For the sake of preserving the level 10 magic that could be used just once from kissing… Kazuki had never kissed Kaguya-senpai with whom he felt a bond this deep. Kazuki had never kissed with her. He really wanted to do it.

“Now that I remember, America where we are going is perhaps using English language right? Arthur-san, can you teach us English during the voyage?”

The Knight Academy―not only there but the school education of this generation’s Japanese had few classes about foreign language.

Because they lost diplomatic relations, the classes about that area decreased little by little.

Having said that, now that he thought back, not to mention the Kings that were Arthur and Regina, even Roshouko and Beatrix were really fluent in Japanese that made him feel the difference in their international awareness.

He was told that Lotte learned the Japanese language in three days using the power of Telepathy. Even though that was a prodigious act, it was possible for Kazuki and co. too to learn the fundamental speaking ability during this long voyage.

“That’s fine. Before I came to Japan I too was cramming Japanese language, but it was very useful when Mr. Yamagata became my conversation partner in practice. Putting language study into practice is the best way to learn.”

“Thank you very much. We can also spend the voyage without boredom.”

Leading his companions in groups, Kazuki headed to the bridge where the ship captain was waiting.

Even if this usual extravagant passenger ship had extravagant rooms, the inside that had never been visited by guests anymore would become coarse. But this ship, for the sake of welcoming the [King], there was no oversight at all from one end to another end. Even until the vicinity of the engine part, even until the parts that were only trivial, all of it maintained a perfect exquisiteness.

So to speak this ship was a lady so beautiful even until its intestine.

Hikaru-senpai laughed “Ahaha-“ looking like she had thought of something interesting.

“Even though Kaguya is black-hearted, but this Queen Kaguya is beautiful even on the inside eh.”

“I, I’m not black-hearted you know!?”

“Even though Kaguya fell constipated, but Queen Kaguya is clean even until inside its stomach eh.”

“My bowel movement is not that bad!!” Kaguya-senpai swung around her hands in anger.

It was hard for Kazuki to comment on that so he only moved forward while smiling wryly.

Cabins and lounge where they could watch outside were gathered at the front area that had the most beautiful scenery, there were various amusement facilities in the middle part, and the back part was filled with practical facilities that were essential for the ship to move like the engine room.

At the top level of that practical facilities, there was the bridge where they could look over everything. Advanced computers and GPS were loaded there, it was the brain where the control of all the equipment inside the ship was performed.

They ascended to the highest floor with a low volume elevator.

When the elevator door opened, the atmosphere of the top level was different with the sight until now.

This floor was not for the sake of making people feel welcomed, it was a space for the sake of designing and implementing strategy. Extravagant ornaments kept a low profile and stylish sense of cleanliness was pushed out to the forefront. The wallpaper was pure white and there was no more carpet under their feet making their footsteps reverberate with hardness.

“Even though Kaguya’s head is full with perverted things, but Queen Kaguya’s brain is…”

“That’s enough already!”

“As I thought this ship is not suitable with Kaguya so let’s name this ship Prince… no, Princess Hikaru.”

“You are secretly jealous!? No way, just no way, this ship is Queen Kaguya―!!”

Kaguya-senpai and Hikaru-senpai began to quarrel when they reached the top floor.

“Both of you, please stop your fight.” Kazuki finally mediated between the two.

“Besides it would be better without all this gorgeousness and make it more like a tough warship.”

“If it is that kind of ship, then what kind of name should we give it?” Mio asked.

“Shouldn’t it be Barbarian Beatrix then.” Kazuki gave an unserious rude reply.

“Calling it barbarian… that makes me blush.” Beatrix’s cheeks reddened with a puff.

“That’s the name of other country’s people you know!? No wait, you are blushing from that!?” Kaguya-senpai retorted.

“As I thought let’s just call it Pretty Sister Kanae from now on!”

“No, this ship should be called Forever Love Mio-Mio!”

As for Koyuki, “It’s not like I want my name to be included in this ship’s name or anything but… but this ship’s exterior is white isn’t it? Talking about white then it’s me isn’t it?” like that she kept glancing at Kazuki. Kohaku went “Even thought this is exactly the time where this one have to say some cool name and stood out but this one cannot think of anything…!”, she was holding her head. Behind her was Lotte and Kamimura-san holding hands happily singing the theme song of some old anime about the sea.

“Everyone don’t just say anything as you please.” Kazuki made a troubled face from being unable to put the situation in order.

“All of you are really getting along well, it’s so interesting.” Arthur looked fondly at them while smiling.

“Geez! It’s decided already that this ship is Queen Kaguya!”

While Kaguya-senpai was declaring so, they finally arrived at the bridge and pushed open the door.

A whole surface of ocean blue spread out in their field of vision.

Large reinforced acrylic panel was laid out around the bridge that was located in the highest place of the ship so that they could look over the surrounding 360°, it was to the degree that they even hallucinated of almost getting hit by the wind.

From the flowing panorama, it made them feel the moving of the ship―heading toward America.

“Welcome, Kazuki.” The person waiting for them in the bridge―the captain of this ship called out to him.

“No, I wonder if it’s too impolite to call the King without honorific?”


With various sailing gauges behind her, Akane-senpai was standing with an intellectual smile on her face.

She was not wearing the uniform of the Knight Order, but an invigorating white sailor uniform.

It was an outfit that wanted to impress the style of the navy, but it was complemented with a cute miniskirt.

“Also Kanon-senpai too.”

Beside Akane-senpai was a sulking Kanon-senpai that was sitting on the floor grasping her knees.

“By any chance is this ship’s captain… one of you?”

“Fufufu-, we have learned all the knowledge and skill necessary to become a navigation officer in just this past week.”

When he looked carefully at Akane-senpai, her eyes had faint black circles around them from lack of sleep. She looked like she had been losing weight too, but the sense of fulfillment of a hard-worker was also mixed in her tone of voice.

Kazuki didn’t understand how great of exploits was that but just from watching the monitor and gauges variation lining up the bridge, he could imagine that what she had done was not so simple a thing.

But certainly for the sake of the sailing this time there was a need for someone to do that job.

“In the operation this time there was an indispensable need for an ocean specialist. But on top of going to an unknown country, we cannot bring anyone weak that will only be a hindrance. There was no one among the knights in active duty that was convenient like that. That’s why an order to become that came to me and Kanon.”

When Akane-senpai said that, Kanon-senpai who was sitting still on the floor yelled “Who can do something like that, idiott―!”

“Kanon could only finish half the course, that’s why I became the ship captain, and Kanon is the slave.”

The faces of everyone of the Witch’s Mansion were shaken from shock. The power relation dynamic of the two who were once president and vice president had been completely overturned.

“Kanon has to be absolutely obedient to the order of me and Kazuki in this ship, so if there is anything troubling you just give any order you like to her.”

“Gugii―! I am a third year here―! I’m the true super ultra student council president that is the most important in the Witch’s Mansion you know―! Why to a first year I have to―!”

“What are you saying to the King. Watch your words carefully, you are just a mere slave here.”

Akane-senpai stepped her foot on the back of Kanon-senpai who lost her temper. …She stepped on Kanon-senpai!

“Akane-senpai is so cool!”

Hikaru-senpai’s eyes shined. Both of them had the close relation as the present vice-president and the former vice-president.

“If it’s Akane-senpai it makes me want to get stepped on a little… it really makes you think like that right, Kazuki!”

“Eh, I didn’t think that, what’s with that?”

“I too want to step on Kaguya like that!” She said that with her eyes shining in sparkles.

The latent thing Hikaru-senpai hid inside her really cannot be measured huh, Kazuki thought.

“…Next, Roshouko-san, I heard that you too have the knowledge about sailing technique.”

Akane-senpai called out to Shouko that was following along in the back.

“Nn? Well, Ryouzanpaku is constantly moving between small islands using ship after all. But even though I have the knowledge as a sailor, I don’t know at all about the way to use machines like this yeah.”

“That’s fine. Charlotte, you are half-assimilated with Prometheus, so you also understand how to control this ship don’t you?”

“Yes.” Lotte nodded obediently. “The wise man Prometheus that granted civilization can handle anything that is a machine all with his instinct. Though I don’t understand about sea or weather desu…”

“In other words if both Shouko-san and Lotte combined their strength they can become a full fledged sailor.”

When Akane-senpai said that, Lotte made a smiling face like a sunflower and rushed close to Shouko.

“Shouko-oneesan, please take care of me desu!”

“O-, what’s with you, what a cute girl huh.”

Shouko hugged Lotte’s neck roughly and stroked her head grindingly. Lotte went “Please don’t grind my head~” while laughing.

Shouko was a dangerous character whom he didn’t know what she was actually thinking inside.

…He had asked Lotte before whether she could sense Shouko’s state of mind with Telepathy. However the security of the heart of Shouko and Arthur were constantly solid, Lotte was mostly unable to sense their mind.

When someone became the top class human of another country, surely they would need to accumulate such training.

“I, Kanon, then Shouko & Charlotte will control the ship alternately in 8 hour shifts on the voyage from now on. Even though it’s called controlling the ship but most of it is done by the computer, however a human watching over it is still needed. I’ll also have everyone except Kazuki to form a duty chart and help on various works inside the ship, okay?”

Everyone replied “Yes!” all at once.

“…How about me?”

“You are the King, so just relax dignifiedly.”

Everything in front of Kazuki turned dark.

“…Don’t do any work… is that what senpai is saying…!?”

Even though he was not even tired, he was told something like don’t do any work. How could such a thing be possible?

“Senpai, that sailor uniform, is there more for our share too!? That sailor uniform is cute!”

Mio who liked western clothes immediately had her eyes brightened.

“Of course. So that we can differentiate between who are in duty and who are off duty, I’ll have everyone else wear sailor uniform too while they are working in the ship.”

“Akane-senpai, is there no sailor uniform for me…?” Kazuki said that imploringly.

“Originally sailor uniform is an outfit that a man can wear too, but here I didn’t prepare anything else other than the skirt-type for girl use.”

“Can you let me work too if I wear that…”

“…That’s disgusting you know.”

When Akane-senpai answered so with an expression that was holding back her laugh, Kazuki hung his head down powerlessly.

“By the way… you have got to decide the ship’s name now. What are you going to name this ship?”

Akane-senpai asked Kazuki the owner.

“It’s Cool Beauty Akane.” Kazuki who was ruled by despair carelessly said that.

“…Eh? Wha, what are you saying.”

“Otouto-kun-!” Kaguya-senpai shook his shoulders with a desperate face.

“I’m sorry, that’s a joke. Captain Akane, the name is Queen Kaguya please.”

“I, I got it. Like this it’s a strange name isn’t it… why is it featured Kaguya?”

“Please don’t say that it’s strange!” Kaguya-senpai said in a huff.

“…Well then once again, Queen Kaguya, leaving port!!”

Along with Akane-senpai’s declaration, the steam whistle rang out once more.

It announced their separation with Vice Chief Yamagata who was seeing them off from the wharf.

The speed of the ship increased and the scenery outside the window sped off.

Suddenly a goose flesh sensation welled up inside Kazuki and he rushed to the back window of the bridge.

The land was rapidly becoming farther. Already he couldn’t even make out the figure of the person that was standing on the wharf.

Japan was gradually becoming distant. He went away from Japan―just from that he was driven by an unknown feeling of loss and drifting feeling as if he was becoming someone that was not him.

Ten-odd years since Japan lost the diplomatic relations with foreign countries. Kazuki was raised until now with his roots firmly planted in the land called Japan without being particularly aware of the existence called a foreign country.

That everything was overturned…

He finally embarked to a [foreign country] where everything was unknown―

According to Arthur, the founder of magic that was the alchemist Basileus Basilleon left behind these words―[When all the Kings truly are present, the battlefield of the Kings will rise from the bottom of the sea].

Arthur thought that Kazuki was the last King and came to Japan, but, even with Kazuki becoming a true King, there was no unusual phenomenon that happened anywhere in the world.

Then it was the unknown continent [America] that was separated from east and west with Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean and had cut off all relation with other Magic Advanced Countries. In that land that was without a doubt a Magic Advanced Country, A King still hadn’t been born.

Right now the balance of the world was in the middle of breaking down. Loki who had his stronghold in Japan and performing guerilla war was lending his hand to China who selfishly wanted to invade Japan, and then Russia was added into that alliance.

In order to oppose China・Loki・Russia, Japan needed an ally.

Kazuki had to pull the King of America that was going to be newly born to his side.

Kazuki had to prevent Loki from pulling even the King of America to his side.

This was a journey for the sake of that.

Part 3[edit]

Loki didn’t think that he had failed.

But for the person in front of his eyes that was a betrayal.

Because of that he had to be cautious in his behavior.

“Oh mann, what a failure this is! Even though our side had collected two Sacred Treasures, who will ever think that we are the ones that lost eh! Even though Ikousai too had also completely mastered using Susanoo’s power flawlessly at that! This is a conclusion that even the god-sama cannot predict yeah!”

For the time being Loki would laugh hard while saying that and took a peek at the other party’s reaction.

“Fufufu…” Fu Zi also laughed.

The imperial capital of Chukadou, Beijing. They were in the magnificent palace of that city, <Shibi Palace>.

Loki was invited inside the extremely luxurious private room of the emperor.

“Fuhahahaha! Tis’ no problem at all, my friend! Our heart is not that small to lose our composure just from a failure of that degree! After all our heart is the heart of China!! Fuhaa―hhahahaha!!”

Pishi-…a crack entered the pure white make up of her imperial face. The excessively thick make up was split from laughing too much. The jewels and ornaments with weight several times her own body weight that decorated her whole body rang out clinking sounds jaran jaran.

If according to Loki’s aesthetic sense that saw through all of that addition, Fu Zi who had just welcomed her age of fifteen was a natural beauty even without relying on all of that makeup and jewelry. But the Emperor of Chukadou was the ultimate star that shined bright in the center of the world. Her beauty had to transcend ultimately above human’s comprehension.

And as the result of aiming at the beauty that surpassed the ultimate, the heavy makeup conducted on her imperial face was already a mask. What was attached on her body was not clothes but armor made from precious stones―no, she was a robot made from gems. The gems were arranged geometrically in accordance with the rule of divination, it could even be seen like a mandala.

Fu Zi was not a beautiful girl―her appearance was an abstract painting.

The culture of China is just incredible… Loki who was facing her thought so.

But, however―at the same time Fu Zi was also a compassionate human.

“Fuhahahah―! Gefu-! Gofun!!” Fu Zi laughed too much and choked.

“Euuu-!” Letting such hoarse voice escaped, glob of tears appeared on her eyes. She couldn’t wipe her tear or anything with her sleeves that were covered with gems, so the tears were evaporated using Pyrokinesis. For a while she leaked out painful breath of “Hi―, hi―” and then Fu Zi recovered her calmness.

“However… Loki…”

Fu Zi slowly raised her imperial face. When the smile vanished from that expression, the crack that entered the make up was naturally mending. Throughout that beautiful face that was all like a sculpted model, only the glint of her eyes were like a flame.

“…We feel a slight tedium… We won’t act narrow-mindedly like asking responsibility from you but… because of your failure now the [invasion] is far away…”

“I guess so. If we interfere even more forcefully than this, Britain and Italy will seriously come attacking. The real point will be how Germany who is acting like a third party will act then.”

―’After that was America perhaps.’ Loki added inside his heart, now that he was mentioning about important point.

“…How sluggish it is to peek at the movement of the third party or the like. Look…”

Fu Zi dignifiedly raised both her hands and thrust them in front of Loki. Small palms like maple leave peeked out from the opening of the sleeves that were sewed through with jewelries. Those palms were trembling over and over as if being poisoned by something.

“The <Dragon of Heaven’s Decree> that is residing inside us is rampaging inside… Also, our head hurts. Our skull is pressured creakingly by powerful impulse… Swallow up new land he say… rule over new people he say…”

The light that dwell inside those eyes, if Loki had to be the one to express it then he could only call it as madness.

<Dragon of Heaven’s Decree>―the Diva that the girl was contracted with was that kind of being.

It was not a god or a devil. It was an existence that originally shouldn’t exist inside the Taoism Mythology.

Fu Zi when she was driven by her impulse was… dangerous.

It even made him think whether her mind that had been strained until the limit was going to pop with a snap exactly now.

Loki changed the topic of their conversation.

“But there is also a thing that we obtained see. Rather what we got was perhaps even greater. We was able to make an unshakable relationship of cooperation with Russia.”

“Is that so? …But our friend Loki, our tediousness, our headache, its unbearable.”


“If you say that Ilyailiya is cooperating with us―call Ilyailiya here. It would be best for us to deal with her here and liberate Russia. That’s the best cooperation she can give. For the current us.” [2]

“Wha… what are you saying!?”

Deal with her―kill her. Loki panicked from this reason that had transcended the dimension of a mere quick temper.

“You are saying that anywhere is fine, that you want to rule, so you are going to just kill the guy that became your ally! You do that and on top of losing Russia, after that Britain, Italia, Japan, three countries are going to attack you all at once!! Even if I can take on Japan, your load is just gonna be too heavy taking on the remaining two kings, have you ever thought of that!!?”

“You are making a single mistake in your thinking.”

Fu Zi waved one of her trembling hand. Her voice was also trembling.

“You keep making balanced calculation by considering that factors like Advanced Countries or Kings whatever in equal measures―but those factors are not equal. We… just taking on two Kings of Britain and Italia as opponents simultaneously at most, there is no way we will be the one that fall behind.”

She was going to show that she could take on Arthur and Regina simultaneously. Fu Zi was saying such things with a trembling voice.

‘That’s just a big talk’, Loki was unable to laugh it off like that.

The battle ability between Kings was not equal. The power of each Mythology was not equal.

“Watch, my figure.”

As if an overflowing power that couldn’t be held back, Fu Zi’s whole body was emitting radiant light.

The thick makeup, the countless jewels, all were reduced by the magic power. Inside the light only for an instant Fu Zi returned to her original human appearance―at once <the emperor’s Magic Dress> was formed on that body.

White skin was exposed. Even while exposing feminine beauty, both her arms that were the symbol of [strength] were covered by violet dragon scale like amethyst, horn and claws were elongating out ominously from her head and fingertips. On the other hand her chest and waist that should be hidden as an aristocrat were covered by golden garment, on her back a [halo] was shining.

Violet and yellow were once colors that were restricted by China’s royal family. …A human dragon clad in restricted color….

In order to let Loki know of that power , Fu Zi showed her transformation into her battle mode.

“So this is the Magic Dress of the <Dragon of Heaven’s Decree>… even I who am a god is overwhelmed. This is certainly a [gravity].”

Chinese Tao’s chief god <Dragon of Heaven’s Decree>―that was certainly too different in nature compared to other Divas. One factor that made Loki want to get closer to China was also because he wanted to confirm that peculiarity from up close.

China’s abyssal history―4000 years. The current population of Chukadou―was actually 1.8 billion people.

What was called as Mythology was the crystallization of the thought the people who lived in that sphere of civilization had stored. At present the people of China with the number that reached 1.8 billion human had continuously stored for 4000 years until now a colossal volume of prayer―the Sinocentrism.

Even while believing that China was exactly the center of the world, the people was constantly tormented by the reality of starvation and wars. Inside that cruel reality, the people excessively and earnestly prayed, that someday the possessor of heaven’s decree would appear in this land, build the ideal China, and brought about the ultimate equality and peace.

That torrent of prayer―turned into a savage dragon. Not a god and not even a devil, a single dragon.

This dragon completely swallowed Taoism Mythology as the superior fantasy―that was how Loki interpreted it. It was different with a normal Mythology. Compared to a normal Mythology―it was in a different league. Powerful. It was not a weak truth.

“Our suffering is the prayer of the people… there is no possible way this power will fall behind against the likes of Mythology…”

A trembling voice―however it was not a weakly trembling voice. Rather it was a voice that was trembling from the inability to hold back the overflowing power. It was by no means a big talk. Certainly the <Reborn Emperor> Fu Zi was shouldering the volume of desire that could possibly utterly defeat both Arthur and Regina at the same time.

But Fu Zi who was shouldering the Sinocentrism itself in that small body was constantly tormented by Sinocentrism desire of invasion. If the girl didn’t continuously invade, the dragon inside her would rampage madly and corner her mind into the edge of madness.

Loki utterly scorned the too powerful strength that couldn’t be restrained.

“We ain’t gonna understand how the relation between Japan and Germany is going to roll from now on. After all the Einherjar had completely acted rashly like assaulting the comrades of Hayashizaki Kazuki in Fuji’s sea of trees. But between Russia and Germany there is no obligation or resentment, a flat relationship. If you attacked Russia, then there is the possibility of Germany being added to the list of your enemy as the sanctions of that. You are gonna turn the whole world as your enemy.”

Suddenly, Fu Zi released a part of the power and recovered her composure.

“…Certainly putting Russia under our rule immediately is an imprudence. Then… if Russia had become our ally, it’s better to quickly attack Japan. It’s no matter even if Britain and Italia turn into our enemy, we don’t need any just cause or anything. This way of thinking is just natural isn’t it?”

“Don’t you say something of such small caliber.”

“…Are you saying that we are narrow-minded.”

“Even if you are not small but you don’t have any strong patience.”

“We are just loathing an unnecessary patience.”

A furrow of violent emotion appeared on Fu Zi’s forehead. Her eyes were blazing. But Fu Zi didn’t show short temper against Loki. She was going to listen to Loki’s story until the end. After all it was something that a person with large caliber would do.

She was just a mere girl overstretching herself.

“I’m saying that it’s just idiotic for someone so powerful like you to make a bet where the worst case is possible. Picking a fight ‘Come on, I dare you’ at Japan, Britain, and Italia where they might be waiting for you with all sorts of preparation, no matter how you gonna think about it, it just ain’t smart. Even if it’s you, the worst case always exists.”

“There is no such thing as the worst case. …No.”

Even while Fu Zi was denying it with her anger exposed, she immediately reconsidered.

“Certainly it’s undeniable that we don’t understand well about Arthur, Regina, or Japan’s new King. There is no doubt of the result if we are compared against a known opponent, but it’s just as you said, that [there is something unknown] means that [the worst case exists].”

“The time to attack is when you have composure while you can sense your opponent’s movement. Whether the opponent is really waiting for us with all sorts of preparation, or perhaps he is doing something else… Perhaps they are even going to America right now.”

Even Loki didn’t know about that continent’s current condition. Knowing about that place through Kazuki was also interesting.

“Mu? In the case that he is being absent than isn’t it easy to capture the country instead? Let’s go.”

“That’s why I said that it’s not certain whether that guy is really away or not. Regina returned to her country and it seemed that she opened a meaningless grand parade. On the other hand we don’t know what the hell Japan and Britain’s Kings are doing right now. We also don’t know what kind of attitude Germany is gonna take against Japan. That’s why I told you to first investigate it for the time being. After doing that we can do anything without any trouble waiting for us right?”

“There should be the former Yamato’s spies still hiding in Japan shouldn’t it? Something like what kind of action the King is currently taking should be easily known.”

“Because of the current progress those spies are in the middle of being purged, there is still some that survived but they are completely on high alert there. They cannot move. Those like the press want to know about the King, if they published a scoop about what is the King doing right now then that would be great, so we are right now waiting for them to do our job for us.”

Loki laughed jokingly.

“We see… if there is only that information then we can immediately attack them but…”

‘I don’t wanna have the situation become like that for now though’, Loki thought. He would also be troubled if China won overwhelmingly.

‘Don’t you guys dare to leak the information easily’, Loki prayed to the government of Japan.

“Well, those guys are also not as naïve as we thought. They are hiding their movement carefully. I thought because that country is full of peace idiots that they will even expose more about Hayashizaki Kazuki in a variety show or something y’know.”

“The King is the country’s greatest battle power. Surely the people are immensely curious about the new King, but if the King become a spectacle following the demand then it’s the same as leaking out their most important military secret. It was also a path that we once went through. We thought that Japan is still an inexperienced country, but it seems they are able to understand the importance of a King.”

Fu Zi nodded. As long as she was not driven by her madness then she was a wise girl in the first place.

“Understood. First we should grasp the movement of Japan’s new King and Arthur Basileus, isn’t that right?”

Loki nodded back, “Also, Germany’s movement too.”

In the first place Loki wanted time. Loki’s Einherjar was the weakest force among this whirlpool of power. They had obtained China and Russia as allies where they finally could steadily advance the materialization of their comrades that were Chaos Side’s Divas. Now they were in the middle of doing that.

Even so if they were going to attack, then rather than targeting Japan that had Hayashizaki Kazuki, it was more convenient to target Britain. That place was the center of magic civilization. The legacy of Basileus Basilleon was there. In other words there was the secret of the world that even Loki didn’t know there. If he could make China attack Britain and received that legacy secretly from the sideline without being discovered….

Would he be able to control however much great power in front of his eyes and moved to his own convenience then…

She was driven by madness therefore this should be simple.

By nature Fu Zi was a young wise girl therefore it was simple.

The trembling of Fu Zi’s fingers stopped―the girl’s power of will halted.

“We clearly understand the advice of you who are a friend. We are going to reflect on our imprudence that tried to walk an easy path from yielding to our internal pain. Tis’ no problem.”

“So it becomes no problem, that’s good then.”

“We like you and Kaya.”

Suddenly, Fu Zi’s expression burst open in wide grin that suited a girl her age.

While Loki was taken aback by that frank way of talking―he pitied the weight of the thing this girl shouldered.

The 4000 years fervent prayer of 1.8 billion people. When it was turned over, it was the resentment of the people toward China’s successive generations of dynasties―to the powerful people. It was only natural that the power of resentment had an aspect that brought about madness as a curse. On both shoulders of the wise girl that was still young, all of that weight was burdening her. A colossal volume…

“Kaya too said that she likes Hiroko-chan yeah.”

“Fufu… fuhaa―hhahha! Tis’ no matter!!”

Being called by her nickname Hiroko-chan, Fu Zi puffed her chest with that small body and laughed delightfully.

“Thinking back… I think I have never heard about your political philosophy. If you obtain the world in your hand, what will you who are carrying the will of the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree bring about to this world?”

“Hmm!” Fu Zi replied brightly as if she was going to reveal a valued treasure.

“Our wish is for the people’s peace. Our prayer is for the people’s equality. For all the people to be in our hands, to make all the people―into [crimson nopperabou].” [3]

Part 4[edit]

When Akane-senpai operated the control panel, a large table of marble gradually rose from the floor of the bridge. The bridge was transformed into a meeting room that was balanced with the feeling of liberation of the blue ocean.

Kazuki and co. encircled that round table and began the briefing.

“Regarding the voyage… even though I called it that but the majority of the distance we advance will be managed by the computer. We anticipated that when we get closer to America the GPS will be unusable, but until that point there will be no problem to confirm our position with GPS, we can still get in contact and coordinate with the home country.”

Kazuki thought “Eh?”

“We cannot use GPS when we get closer to America?”

“It’s not just limited to GPS, we also cannot take satellite pictures. All the action to find out about a foreign country using the power of technology is blocked by magic power. …You have never seen such thing in practice have you? Like the situation of a Magic Advanced Country’s city’s photograph taken using a satellite picture.”

Now that she mentioned it he had never seen it. He didn’t notice when he was not told like this, but now that she said it that was a picture that he really wanted to see. Arthur shrugged his shoulders.

“If that kind of thing is taken from the space and Japan is constantly monitoring other countries like that, the other Magic Advanced Countries will quickly declare war on Japan.”

Certainly. This was why America was said as mysterious.

“Even if we photograph a satellite picture, we won’t be able to differentiate anything other than a blur of blue magic power light. This blur of magic power light was named as [magic power cloud]. Its source is not really clear. Some people say that perhaps it’s a magic that is unconsciously manifested by the ‘exclusion against foreign countries’ mentality of the people that lives in that country. Unconsciously… or rather, perhaps I should call it… group latency consciousness.”

Magic that was exerted unconsciously or group latency consciousness―certainly he had heard before that there was that kind of thing.

Something like, because of the strong feeling of man and woman, the magic phenomenon that was unconsciously invoked made it hard to avoid pregnancy.

“Most likely the magic power cloud obstructs the GPS signal. No matter where, all kind of waves are blocked. Maybe they had confirmed the existence of satellite photos, so the cloud is put in the sky, or so we thought, but even the access through the undersea cable that connected the mainland Japan with overseas is also repelled away. Though this is only if the other country still hasn’t thoroughly destroyed the facility there.”

“We haven’t.” Arthur shook his head. “That kind of facility is still remaining in our Britain and the other Mythology countries too. After all it’s not like the instant we became a Mythology country we immediately abolished and destroyed all civilization leaving nothing behind.”

“Yes, Germany and the surrounding vassal states are also like that desu. The abolition of civilization was progressed little by little. It’s by no means that everything had already been completely abolished.”

“Now that you mentioned it, Lotte was watching Japanese anime from your sickbed right, using a DVD player.”

When he said that from recalling the information, Lotte nodded “Yes desu”.

Germany was abolishing the civilization even fiercer than Britain. Even so that Lotte could hide a DVD player in her possession where she could still use it, that meant that science civilization was still surviving there.

“The act of trying to know about other countries using the power of technology is repelled away. That’s why the countries of the world are so mysterious then.” Kazuki was convinced.

“Lessons regarding the magic power cloud is given in the second year. It’s not unreasonable that you didn’t know about it. After all, the Knight Academy gives the maximum priority of training the students until they reach the level of strength where they could participate in quests.” Liz Liza-sensei added.

“Right, we the second years knew about it. But it is really strange don’t you agree?”

Kaguya-senpai knitted her eyebrows.

“Despite it being a school that should be teaching us the right way to use power, anyway first they taught the way to use power right from the beginning and the knowledge only came later…”

“Situations where reality cannot catch up with ideals often happen.”

Arthur said a philosophic view from his position as a statesman in reality.

“Japan’s government is really able. They are very interesting. With how our country turned into a Mythology country, there are some aspects where we are a little distant from this kind of systematic way.”

“But Japan has some aspects where its perception is a little pampered.”

Shouko who was not at the table but leaning on the wall suddenly added to the conversation while gazing as if looking at somewhere far away.

“Pampered?” Kazuki asked back.

“The people of this country are still―even when they have experienced the outbreak of war with Yamato―thinking that, it’s impossible for a war to happen with a foreign country, or something aren’t they?”

“Perhaps that’s true.” Kazuki nodded while feeling the bitterness of making an excuse.

“Rather than that, I think that we have become unable to have a real feeling of the foreign countries’ existence…”

Conception’s outside―it became a blind spot. Even Kazuki in the first place didn’t have the conception of obtaining information about overseas with the power of technology.

“Anyways, we have the satellite assistance for the majority of our voyage, so rest easy.”

Akane-senpai concluded that for the time being.

“In our estimates, the fastest we can reach America is in ten days. We will stop the engine when we get closer to America and open the sail. We don’t need to worry about the sail operation because the computer will manage it, but the speed then will be dependent on the wind. That’s why the food was prepared with extra.”

“Well, just leave it to me when you cannot rely on the machine anymore.”

Shouko hit her chest loudly. Akane-senpai directed doubtful eyes to her.

“…Is it really okay, to rely on this person?”

“For the time being, I think it is okay senpai.” Kazuki took the responsibility like so.

“The Knight Order and Ryouzanpaku are maintaining the defense of Japan, but… even if there is something happening in Japan we are going to need around the same ten days to return back using this ship.”

Akane-senpai said. If something happened then surely it was because of China. But…

“I think perhaps there will be no such thing. After all, Regina returned back to her country flashily.”

Mio who sat beside him tilted her head asking “Why?”

“Even if the enemy sense that I and Arthur are not in the country, Regina would have to make an appeal that at the very least she is in the position where she can move anytime. On the surface Regina won’t cooperate with us, but perhaps even if she doesn’t come along with us to America, she is still thinking some about us.”

“…I see, there is also that kind of way of thinking.”

Arthur’s eyes opened wide and he hit his palm in realization.

“I felt betrayed in my heart thinking that she would just overlook the disturbance in the world’s balance you know. So she made that kind of flashy parade while returning to her home was actually to hold in check the enemy by saying ‘I’m right here’.”

“I wonder if you can feel relieved with a diversion just from Regina alone? After all the King of China is abnormally eager in her desire of invasion. If there is any opening then she is gonna come to take your country even with a high-handed method.”

Shouko’s expression turned sharp as if she was a different person the moment the topic about China came out.

“It’s going to be fine as long as we don’t show any opening right?”

Akane-senpai said. “There should not be anyone that knows we are departing to America. This Solomon the 2nd… no, Queen Kaguya was constructed and transported under the veil of secrecy. Kazuki and others’ action are also completely concealed.”

If this side’s absence was detected―this talk was done with such premise, but in the first place they didn’t have the intention to let the enemy detect them.

“I think it is better for you guys to have the readiness that the instant your absence is exposed they’re gonna come invading. That country is… no, that King is… someone that ain’t possible to understand what she is gonna suddenly come up with.”

Shouko said with a heavy tone.

“…Ah.” With a twitch Kazuha-senpai’s spine was trembling and she let out a small voice escape.

“Is there something wrong, Kazuha-senpai?”

“Ee,rr… about the story just now… if Kazuki’s absence got exposed, it’s going to be bad isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“E, errr… this morning, some people that looked like newspaper reporters came… they looked like they got wind of Kazuki’s stay at that hidden harbor, they were taking pictures from afar… at that time I was the lookout but…”

Kazuha-senpai’s countenance turned pale in the blink of an eye.

“I, didn’t understand the gravity of the situation so… also I didn’t know that China is going to come attacking… I thought that only confiscating their film and chasing them away might be fine…”

At that time, the ship might have been seen. Kazuha-senpai continued mentioning that.

An article could be made even without picture. If an article about this came out to the public, then China will come to invade and it would become war.

―Kazuki immediately pondered. ‘Is there any way to stop the reporters from here?’

They could make contact with the mainland, but they didn’t have any pictures of the reporters or even their names.

He couldn’t get any idea at all about a sensible way to do something about this immediately.

Part 5[edit]

There was a single picture in Turtle Oota’s hand.

His sworn friend Simo Heyhe Iijima rephotographed this picture of the ship that was mooring in the cove using his Thoughtography(Spirit Photography Magic). But with the memory of seeing the ship only once and Simo Heyhe’s magic skill, he could only create a hazy picture as if everything was covered with mist.

The picture couldn’t possibly become any strong evidence.

Even if he used the picture to prop up his article, it wouldn’t have any other meaning except of something in the degree of an image illustration.

―’Just this is enough. This can be made into an article.’ Turtle warped his thick lips and laughed alone.

His workplace in Tokyo that doubled as his residence―a six tatami room that was buried in trashes, laundry, and materials. Only his desktop PC that was his work tool and the equipment around it looked taken care of splendidly.

He couldn’t even collect the evidence about the information that the King was staying in the Knight Order’s lodging house at that hidden harbor. It couldn’t become anything except something like a gossip article.

But even so, he was a gossip journalist. He wouldn’t hesitate at all to write an unreliable article.

Besides, an article about the King departing overseas with a personal use ship was just too wild an idea, it would just result in the opposite and had no persuasive power at all. There shouldn’t be any human that was going to come up with such a made up story.

He would spread out ripple in the society without fail.

But now just when he was going to write the article, Turtle’s both hands stopped above the keyboard.

The world was in the middle of changing on a grand scale―such strange feeling that seemed real stuck in his head and wouldn’t go away.

‘He is doing this without looking for anything in return.’

That girl talked about the person that was the King with a serious gaze.

Not even looking for anything in return, the King went to an unknown world―departed toward the open sea that had been forgotten from the common knowledge of the people during these 15 years. It was supposed to be a journey where there was only danger awaiting.

To do such a thing without even informing the public, perhaps there was some kind of reason.

The people with old sense of values were just holding back the symbol of this current era that was the King. Such composition kept floating inside his head. Wasn’t what he was going to write an ugly composition? For him to write this article…

…No, so what if it was ugly? He was Turtle that welcomed any ugliness, wasn’t he the gossip journalist.

Information about the King would become money. That was enough as his reason.

How much credibility this article, that didn’t have even a single proof in it, could bring about, that was the only thing he needed to think about. ‘The soul of my work dwells exactly in this kind of thing. It’s fine for me, who is a worker in this field, to be a machine that just thinks about that.’

People would believe what they wanted to believe. The people were hungry for rage towards influential people. In order for someone like him to taste the real feeling that he was a virtuous human, he kept looking for an excuse to persecute evil.

That was why proof was unnecessary. As long as there was something people could just feel the sweet rage towards… they would believe anything.

Just imagine the best story. Aboard an unbelievably luxurious and extravagant cruiser ship, while being served by a lot of beautiful girls that were called Chouki(favored princess/favored mistress), the young man who was just chosen as the King was going somewhere.

What about, that there was actually a secret southern island resort that was secretly purchased by the government, that supposedly had already severed all diplomatic relations? There was no doubt that in that place where they didn’t need to worry about the public eye, a completely shameless debauchery was extravagantly, immorally, waiting for the King.

Not looking for anything in return…? No, that was wrong. That King was surely a debauched harem King.

The instant he ran his imagination wild, Turtle’s head was boiled with a sweet rage. Imaginations were surfacing in his head one after another, the hesitation vanished from his fingertips, inflammatory leading words were produced.

He was lively depicting the figure of the sworn enemy of the people that couldn’t be allowed to live under the same heaven.

Who could ever imagine that this kind of refined text could be written only from the imagination of a journalist that was full of lies.

No matter where he brought that article, it surely could be publicized in no time at all…

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Simo Hayha, a legendary Finnish marksman
  2. The us here doesn’t refer to Fu Zi and Loki, but the us here is the royal way for the emperor to refer to herself alone
  3. Nopperabou is a mythical being with flat featureless face

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