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Chapter 2 – Sea Route in Full Bloom (Harem Cruise)[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The article that was written throughout the night was finished with magnificent shape and quality.

Even the Thoughtography picture that accompanied the article would stir up the obscene imagination of the reader instead of how it didn’t depict anything vivid.

Surely even before the people that read this could doubt the nonexistence of the evidence, their head would already become full with envy and rage.

Rather than calling this article information, it was more like a novel, ‘To make myself write this kind of article, as expected I’m really a genius’ Turtle was praising himself.

He wondered which publisher could accommodate his article in their pages as fast as possible.

He made an appointment with an influential editor that was his acquaintance.

He took a bath in the shower, shaved his beard, and changed the clothes that he had worn for three days.

He printed the article on A4 paper using the household printer he owned.

―At that time the bell unexpectedly resounded inside the six tatami room.

He didn’t expect any guest or anything. Turtle dubiously strode over the clothes that were scattered everywhere on the floor and opened the door standing at the entrance.

The moment the door opened, the right hand of Turtle who was pushing open the knob of the door was pulled strongly forward. His left hand that was still holding the A4 paper was also quickly caught, and he got dragged outside the room. He was thrown down onto the floor like the judo move he learned in his student period.

BAM! A hard sound resulted from his crash, both of his wrists profoundly felt some weight on it.

A handcuff that was using adamantite as its core was fixed on both his hands.

“…What the?” Turtle leaked out a befuddled voice.

“This is police knight Kondou Hajime, the target has been secured. There is no doubt, it’s the man himself.”

Turtle directed his eyes to the other party, the white uniform was the Knight Order’s. A katana was attached on his waist, so surely this was a swordsman. The police knight was the lowest rank of a knight.

The man didn’t even look at Turtle and was talking to his wireless.

“Hey wait, oi. Just why is this, why am I being arrested? Do you have arrest warrant or anything?”

“There is none.” The man looked at Turtle for the first time. “This is really sudden so we don’t have anything like that.”

“Then you can only ask me to go voluntarily, I should be able to refuse. I’m not going to go with you okay, take off this handcuff. After this my article needs to…”

“No, there is this thing called arrest without a warrant.”

“That’s why, why do I get arrested!?”

“Certainly you are not doing anything really bad. Looks like you trespassed into a national forest, but you were not even caught red handed. But we cannot let you write your article by any means.”

This police was saying something that was just too sketchy to this common citizen that was restrained by a handcuff.

“You say that you cannot let me write the article… what kind of right you have to do that! As a journalist I have the freedom of expression! That’s a basic human right! I’m going make this into a big issue!!”

The man who introduced himself as Kondo also made a face that looked troubled.

Surely for himself this was the first time he had ever done violence like this.

“I wonder how should I explain this… freedom of expression or your human right or whatever, you cannot say any of those things. We are going to completely ignore all that law and regulation stuff. You, have you thought of what will happen if you wrote the article?”

Information about the King would become money, only that was enough for him.

“What is going to happen you say… this is really not that outrageous right… The right of the public to know will be fulfilled. And money will come to me. That’s all. This is my purpose in life.”

“If you write the article, China will come invading Japan you know.”

Anger fell off from Turtle’s expression. “What the hell’s with that” Turtle leaked out a dispirited voice. He then remembered the course of events in that East-West War―how China was taking part at Yamato’s side. His face lost all color.

His face turned expressionless and he looked down at the handcuff. This is, not an exaggeration at all is it?

“Anyway just come along with us. We are not going to make you undergo any prosecution process or anything. Don’t complain at all. This is for your sake. You will be put under the monitoring of the Knight Order for a while. It still hasn’t been decided yet how you are going to be monitored. Everything depends on your attitude…”

He imagined the extravagant ship that was mooring in the hidden harbor inside his head. The incomprehensible human that was called as a King or whatever who suddenly appeared in this country, was boarding a ship that had never been seen before and departed towards an unknown foreign country. And if he made that into an article, China would come invading.

“…Hey, has the world completely changed?”

Hearing Turtle’s abrupt words, the man knitted his eyebrows and said “What are you saying?”

“Yeah, it has changed. In these three months a lot has been overturned. That’s right huh, there’s even more of such things the public has yet to be informed about.”

Part 2[edit]

“A contact just came, the three were able to be taken into custody safely. Kondou-san was surprised, he said that the thoughtography picture is just like the spitting image of the real person.

Finishing her communication with the mainland, Akane-senpai put the receiver of the satellite communication device(INMARSAT) on the control panel. [1] With the INMARSAT satellite relaying the electromagnetic wave between this ship and Japan’s mainland, it made it possible for transmission of phone and internet.

On top of the round table, a camera that was built-in with Psychofilm and thoughtography pictures that hadn’t been developed yet were scattered. These thoughtography pictures were changed into digital data and then they were sent to the mainland with INMARSAT‘s net.

Using that image data, the Knight Order performed investigations to collect information and quickly resolved the situation.

However… the thoughtography picture was absurd. Kazuki once again thought.

“Tha, that’s great-…”

Kazuha-senpai who was standing beside Akane-senpai nervously while watching over her conversation released a sigh of relief while stroking her chest. Tension left her expression and tears were spilling out from her eyes in drove.

When Kazuki embraced her shoulder from the side, Kazuha-senpai clung at him closely.

“However… as I thought, this is really shocking. Is this really your first time using Thoughtography? To be able to project the face of people that you saw only once in a mere short period this clearly is just…”

The faces of the two men and woman were projected on the thoughtography pictures. The pictures were truly detailed but because the background was pitch black it looked more like a computer graphic.

The truth was that Kazuki was not that worried. He thought that it was impossible doing this with ordinary method but… he immediately hit the idea that “If it’s Kazuha-senpai then perhaps she can do Thoughtography even though she has never done it before.”

It was not a simple thing but Kazuha-senpai was a genius of general magic. Since she understood the usefulness of general magic from that time of turmoil with the spies, Kazuha-senpai had made an effort to train herself to find out its various practical application by her own initiative. Kazuki knew that.

By the way because Kanae had also witnessed the faces of the journalists she also attempted to use Thoughtography, but for some reason what came out was Kazuki’s picture. Even if she tried to concentrate and recall the faces of the journalists, she was pleased to say that in the middle she would always completely think about Kazuki. She was an idiotic little sister as usual.

Everyone else was also interested and attempted Thoughtography but, the result, there were a lot of pictures that looked like scribbles of kindergartners scattered on the round table.

“It looks like when they questioned the journalist association, they could immediately identify the three people in question. They are an infamous gossip trio, Turtle Oota, Simo Heihei Iijima, and Anal Kirishima.”

Akane-senpai laughed amusedly. “I understand why Turtle but, I wonder about the meaning of the other two’s nickname.”

“Kazuha-senpai is really a genius.” Kazuki said that while caressing Kazuha-senpai’s back, but Kazuha-senpai pressed her face into Kazuki’s chest and her crying didn’t look like it would stop soon.

“What is being done to those three?” For the time being Kazuki faced Akane-senpai again.

“Until our trip is finished, they are going to be either confined or monitored.”

“What, you are not going to kill them?”

Shouko who was sitting on a seat of the round table and watching over the situation said that in amazement.

“Killing them is the fastest way to seal their mouths right? How naïve.”

“It’s different for Anal-san or whatever that leaked out information, but there is no reason to lay the blame on the journalist and the cameraman. This country is a democratic country.”

Shouko said that they were naïve but, democratically what they were doing to the journalist and the cameraman were already a great injustice.

Saying it clearly, it bothered him.

“For some reason the journalist man seems like he keeps muttering [The world has changed, changed] or something, so it looks like there is some talk that come out about what if we make him work as the government’s information official instead.”

“Why’s that?”

“When Kondou-san read the article he wrote, that journalist is quite good as an agitator… saying it positively he seems to have writen an article that moves people’s hearts, they are going to try to win him over during the monitoring.”

Perhaps that was not a bad point of a compromise.

The world changed―certainly perhaps they had to make the people to be aware of those changes for real.

“Hey, King. Do you know, about the political philosophy of Chukadou’s Emperor, Fu Zi?”

Suddenly Shouko asked.

“Political philosophy? Something like Regina’s <Olympia Aristocrat Doctrine>?”

“<Red Nopperabou>.” It was an astoundingly mysterious word.

“If I’m not mistaken, Chukadou… they don’t recognize the surrounding countries as a country and invaded them viewing them as [barbarian], they stole the culture, language, and religion of the invaded country, and assimilated them into Chukadou… isn’t that right?”

“The politics is the story from there. The ideal shape of governing that Fu Zi is aiming, that is the Red Nopperabou. After assimilating all countries, next she will assimilate the whole human race. She is going to terminate the fence between individuals. With the characteristic magic of the Diva Fu Zi is contracted with, she is going to make the whole human race into one colony. With that the riches are shared equally and all the problems in the world will be resolved.”

Regina raised the explosion of human population as the forthcoming problem of the world and she said that she was going to sort the human race into aristocrats and slaves, where the slaves would be [culled]. What she meant by culled was to kill them.

Then there was Fu Zi who was aiming to solve the problem with this exact opposite approach.

“Even with a population explosion happening, if the difference between individual humans disappeared, then it’s going to be the same no matter who gets culled… consequently all of them are equal, is that it?”

“That’s right. Rather than calling such a thing human, it’s better to call it a cell of colony organisms. Humans are going to be made into a single cell that live for the sake of the whole body.” [2]

Such method was certainly flawless. If there was a person that controlled it supernaturally, surely a flawless order could be maintained eternally. But something ghastly that he couldn’t express crept through Kazuki’s spine.

The whole human race became the Red Nopperabou…

“That’s the kind of country that is gonna invade Japan.”

Sneer vanished from Shouko’s expression.

“Your country almost became like that just because of a single joke article of a journalist that never even dreamed that such a thing can happen. Ignorance, insufficient sense of crisis, those are sins.”

It was a danger not to inform the people of this country about what had happened in their own country.

Kazuki felt a niceness from Shouko whose expression turned serious.

“Thank you, Shouko-san.”

Shouko’s eyebrows twitched in surprise. “Oh? You attached ‘-san’ again on my name just now.”

“It has been transmitted to me your advice that you have given is from your heart.”

“Heh. You guys are just too naïve.”

Most likely that was the sincerity of someone whose birthplace had been stolen already.

The shoulder of Kazuha-senpai who was inside Kazuki’s embrace was trembling. When he looked at her, the globs of tear that were gathering in her eyes were growing a lot more where those were going to spill over anytime.

“I, I… didn’t think of anything at all… that it might become something like that… I thought that even though those people were irritating because they were aiming for a bad article about Kazuki but they were not particularly evil people…”

Kazuki also liked the Kazuha-senpai that was kindhearted like that.

“But senpai can make a recovery with your own power already.”

“I… I’m really pathetic…”

“Senpai is a great person you know.”

This time was not Kazuha-senpai’s failure but it was a failure invited by the insufficient recognition of the whole group. Accidentally, it was senpai that became the scapegoat here but it could also be said that it was thanks to her ability that they could recover.

That was why there was a need to change how he treated this, not with reason but as a problem of feeling.

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai strongly and pressed her crying face onto his chest tightly before he stroked her head.

“I’m the senior, so don’t you stroke my head-“ She leaked out a complaining voice through his shirts.

To continue even though she said to stop was the basics of interacting with Kazuha-senpai.

“Perhaps there are times when things don’t go well and it turns into failure. But senpai is a great person so it’s okay. At times when senpai becomes uneasy, please depend more on me and your Peerssurroundings".

He earnestly continued to stroke Kazuha-senpai’s head. Thereupon a heart mark of positivity level up came flying.

“…If I act too spoiled, you won’t hate or feel disgust at me because I’m a quack…?”

She moved away her face just a little and asked him with upturned eyes.

“Senpai.” Kazuki tilted up Kazuha-senpai’s face and forcefully stole her lips. From the light touch between lips, he then strongly sucked at her lips. “…!” As if a fire was lit in her, she sucked back strongly at Kazuki’s lips. Heart marks were flying everywhere. Finally excessive tension vanished from Kazuha-senpai’s body and she abandoned her body to Kazuki.

When they separated their bodies after suckng chuu chuu at each other for a while, tears finally disappeared from Kazuha-senpai’s eyes. Kazuha-senpai was gazing at Kazuki dazedly with eyes as if looking at a dream.

Tsukahara Kazuha―142

After that she noticed with a ‘hah’ and she looked around restlessly toward the other people that were in the bridge.

Mio, Koyuki, Lotte, Kaguya-senpai, Hikaru-senpai, Kanae, Kohaku, the Ryuutaki sisters, Karin, Kamimura-san, Liz Liza-sensei, Akane-senpai, Kanon-senpai, Arthur, Shouko, Silirat.

―All members were looking while still sitting on their seats.

“I, I won’t make any more trouble and will work hard-!!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a scream and dashed out from the room in full speed.

“…Somehow even my heart is beating fast. Tsukahara-san is cute. I too want her to rely more on me.”

Akane-senpai murmured with a cool expression.

“Amaziiing…” Silirat’s eyes turned round.

“Is a kiss something that feels that good?” Karin touched her own lips softly.

“I want to kiss…” Kaguya-senpai’s body dropped onto the table.

“However the girl’s ability is certainly surprising.”

Arthur murmured while curiously fiddling around with the camera that was loaded with Psychofilm.

Arthur also challenged the making of a thoughtography picture just now―he exposed an awfully failed creation.

It proved that Kazuha-senpai’s genius in general magic was far above the rest even when compared with a King.

“Well, I’m the King and a knight that doesn’t worry of anything except fighting. Perhaps, if it’s about the skill in general magic, then Queen Regina is the one that is far more skilled though.”

“That person… her way of fighting is also profusely skilled isn’t she? There is no openings in her offense and defense.”

There was no opening―that meant that Kazuki’s way of fighting that pierced at the enemy’s weak point using countless magic would hardly work against her. By some chance, perhaps she was the strongest natural enemy for him.

“Anyway, this case can be closed happily. With this we can sail without anything burdening us.”

Akane-senpai pulled the mood together as the ship captain.

“With this the briefing is over. Once again, Kazuki, as the King, please leisurely relax with the beginning of this cruise.”

Part 3[edit]

An hour later, Kazuki was at the pool side.

He deposited his body that was only wearing shorts on a spacious deck chair, there were even fruits that decorated the side table beside him, even fruit juice was there.

The surface of the pool that, was located on the ship’s roof, was sparkling radiantly from the strong sunlight.

He couldn’t calm down as if he was going to die.

The girls who were assigned with duty inside the ship had changed into sailor uniforms and ran around doing their job. This ship was just freshly finished, but due to its nature that was constantly floating on sea water, the maintenance examination had to be diligently performed throughout the voyage. It seemed that the girls were being taught how to do that by Ship Captain Akane.

Kazuki also tried to participate but he was chased away.

There were also girls that were on a lookout at the bridge. Was the ship really moving at the planned direction, was there sign of other ships (though in this current era there was almost no such thing) or obstacles on their route, furthermore they also had to constantly check the weather’s change or the like without pause. Lotte was teaching everyone the controls of the ship. Shouko was also teaching the way to read the weather caringly with big-sisterly disposition.

Kazuki also tried to get taught but he was chased away.

There were also girls in the kitchen preparing lunch. Inside Queen Kaguya there were several extravagant restaurants and burger joints, but the crucial chef would only become a hindrance so there was none that came along on this journey. In the end they had to prepare their food themselves, but the kitchen was arranged with the ultimate ingredients and supreme facilities, the place became a dazzling environment for people who liked cooking.

Kazuki was extremely excited but, he was chased away.

The King should just leisurely relax―since everyone understood Kazuki’s personality, they said that with an expression of mischief on their face. This was nothing more than a bullying.

“What in the world is the meaning of life I wonder…”

Kazuki was anguished. During the time where everyone was busily working, for him alone to drink a tropical juice at the pool side, ‘This is not me… This is not supposed to be me at all…’

For the first time since he became a King, Kazuki became worried about the shakiness of his identity.

Kazuki was reclining on the deck chair like on a bed.

He was bathed in sunlight with a face of someone dying.

There was no excitement at all that came to him in this resort situation.

“Kaa~zukii-!” Something came flying together with an excited voice.


A girl that rounded her body fell at his side, the deck chair shook with a thud.

It was Hikaru-senpai. Similar with the time of presentation before this, she was wearing a glossy swimming race swimsuit of the pool.

“Hehe~♪ Let’s play too~gether-!” Hikaru-senpai clung beside him and frolicked at him.

There was enough room even though there were two people lining on the deck chair.

“Please wait for me, Hikaru-senpai!” From behind there was a different voice catching up.

“Me too! Eii-!”

One more person leaped at Kazuki’s side―this side was Mio in a red bikini.

It became just a little cramped with three people lining up. Both of them sandwiched Kazuki tightly.

Being clung at by girls in swimsuit with high exposure rate, Kazuki huddled his shoulders.

“Are you two not being on duty?”

“Uh-huh. But not letting the King get lonely is also a girl’s job, isn’t that right?”

Hikaru-senpai kissed Kazuki’s right cheek lightly.

“Me too-!” Mio also kissed his left cheek in rivalry. Instantly, the pool side turned cheerful.

“Come on King, look, look! I’m going to put sun oil on you!”

Hikaru-senpai pulled the chest part of her swimming race swimsuit and took out a bottle of sun oil from the valley of her breasts. For her to take that out from the valley of her breasts… as usual she was someone that seriously did something right out from a manga.

“Even if you don’t purposefully put sun oil on me, I won’t get sun burned. I don’t particularly intend to get a tan anyway.”

“It’s no good like that, you have to put on sun oil.” Mio scolded Kazuki from the side.

“Sun oil is not put on for the sake of getting an excessive tan, it’s put on in order to protect the skin from the damage of the UV-rays even while your skin tans. If you are under this kind of sunlight, it’s no good unless you put either sun oil or tan block on!”

Something like UV-rays that inflicted damage on the body gradually without him being aware couldn’t be blocked by the defensive magic power. Kazuki nodded if the reason was that.

“Kazuki, let’s compete in tanning after applying the oil! It’s a match of browned body!”

Hikaru-senpai who was usually already high-tensioned became even further high-tensioned.

“Come on, face this way-!”

If she wanted to apply sun oil for him then he wouldn’t be reserved. “Pl, please take care of me” While Kazuki was feeling a slight shyness, he turned his body.

Hikaru-senpai seemed to think of something, she slipped off both her arms from her shoulder strap and slipped down the upper part of her swimming race swimsuit. Her lustrous skin was exposed as if a fruit with its skin peeled, and her drooping breasts shook like jelly.

“Hikaru-senpai!?” Mio raised her voice.

“Why is senpai suddenly getting topless!?” Kazuki too looked up to the sky.

“Because I’m going to apply the oil after all. I’ve got to apply the oil myself.”

Hikaru-senpai grinned brightly while putting oil on her hand and spread it syrupyly on her upper body.

Her slender body and beautiful rocket breasts were giving off shiny luster under the sunlight and made her body dimensions even more conspicuous.

The boyish Hikaru-senpai lasciviously radiated sensual charm. Even while she was smiling innocently, an atmosphere that was like a beast aiming for its prey was hiding in the depths of her eyes that were staring at Kazuki.

Kazuki unintentionally gulped his saliva at that perverse appearance.

“Take this, slippy, slippy!” And then she embraced him tightly.

Just when he thought that her bouncy breasts would get smashed softly on him, it slipped due to the lacquered oil and escaped from him. Hikaru-senpai shook her body and once more pressed back her breasts on him softly, and then it slipped away again because of the slippery oil. She repeated that many times and spread the oil with her breasts as a sponge replacement.

“Se, senpai, this is…!”

Kazuki was provoked. Thanks to the oil, the friction became zero and the sensation of Hikaru-senpai’s skin was conveyed to him 100%. Friction was just a hindrance. The ultimate sensation that couldn’t be tasted when they were just hugging normally. The deliciousness of a girl was purely extracted… no, it was as if it got doubled.

“Ahaha-♡ Breast sponge, my tips are tingling, it feels good-♪”

Hikaru-senpai was also feeling pleasure and her body was trembling in shivers.

The breasts rubbed him with elasticity and slippery sensation, yet there was also a stiffness mixed in it that got highlighted. When Kazuki got conscious of the swelling nipple, Kazuki’s head was boiling even more.

After sliding around Kazuki’s chest for a while, next Hikaru-senpai was going to sandwich his right shoulder and keeping like that she was sliding down his arm smoothly. After making round trips several times, she arrived at his fingertips. And then she made his palm to rub on her own breasts.

“The face has to get oiled properly too-“

Hikaru-senpai oiled even her face and rubbed her cheek on him as if getting spoiled.

Kazuki took a glance to the right thinking whether Mio would put a stop to this or not.

“Me… me too!”

But Mio felt rivalry and without hesitation took off the bra of her bikini and flung it away, she hugged tightly at Kazuki.

Mio’s symmetrically shaped breasts also shook like jelly. And then she spread oil in plenty on her body, making her naked body that was slightly more voluptuous than the slender Hikaru-senpai glitter.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.10 050.jpg

Kazuki was also mesmerized by Mio’s figure, he realized the magic power of oil. Looking was great, touching was also great. What a thing, it strengthened the charm of a girl both visually and tactility.

“Eii-“ Mio too hugged at Kazuki’s back and the two soft sponges squishily and slipperily made its presence known.

Puni-nuru, Puni-nuru, Puni-nuru… he was sandwiched by a sensual sensation from behind and front by the two. [3]

“Ahn-“ There an ardent voice was mixed among all the sound. Sweet sensation, sweet voice, sweet fragrance… Sweetness of a girl was soaking into Kazuki’s whole body until his brain.

“Just the upper body is no good, the lower body has to be oiled until its nook and corner…♪”

Hikaru-senpai slipped off both her legs from the remaining swimming race swimsuit on her lower body and threw it away.

Her naked body was splendidly exposed in broad daylight, her thighs were also spread with oil syrupily. She sandwiched Kazuki’s thigh around her knees, and then she was sliding down slipperily from her thighs until the root of both her legs―her secret nether region. And then she began to rub her nether region back and forth on top of Kazuki’s thigh,

“The butt too-!”

Hikaru-senpai followed her own whim and half-rotated her body rapidly, she coated oil on her pudding-like butt, then she held Kazuki’s arm between the chasm of her butt and got sliding. Even though his arm had already got oiled from before, the chasm of the butt was slipperily making a round trip through the arm. Kazuki stiffened, even while having this act done to him, his fingers twitched reflexively.

Thereupon his fingertip gently grazed the contraction of the chasm of Hikaru-senpai’s butt.

“Kazuki-! I liked it just now-!!♡”

Hikaru-senpai shook her butt even more and more in badgering him. His stiffened fingertip was pressed strongly at the contraction and it slipperily entered inside on its own accord, Hikaru-senpai’s waist shook happily.

“But as expected feeling only good in my butt, it’s really not enough―♪”

She returned her body’s direction to the front again and rubbed her breast and waist to Kazuki closely.

With a sexually excited face facing him, with a posture that rubbed her body covering the maximum widest area she possibly could, Hikaru-senpai slide her body by her own whim, ‘Haa―’ she leaked out a hot breath.

“How amazing… this oiling feels amazingly good more than I thought…♡ It makes me want to get oiled until the inside of my body…”

Hikaru-senpai grasped Kazuki’s hand and held it between her crotches. Kazuki’s rugged hand pressed persistently on her sensitive spot and made her enjoy the stimulation. With the slipperiness of the oil, Kazuki’s fingertip smoothly entered into the inside. There a once more different sensation with even more heat than other places was making his finger sticky.

“It feels good Kazuki-♡ That spot feels good-♡“

Hikaru-senpai rubbed Kazuki’s finger persistently at the inside of her body that felt wet with a wetness that couldn’t be explained with just the slipperiness of the oil.

“To, to completely go that far feeling good like that…”

Mio opened her eyes wide looking at Hikaru-senpai’s innocent silliness. And then Mio too smoothly took off the panty of her bikini and threw it away. She coated her long legs with oil and entwined them on Kazuki’s leg. She fawned at him rubbing her body with a movement that was slightly more reserved than Hikaru-senpai. Her breathing, too, soon became ardent.

Kazuki’s both ears were surrounded by the sounds of “Haa♡ Haa♡” “Ahnn-♡“ “Nnn-♡“ from the two. His head became dizzy.

The bold figures of the two were illuminated by the sun of midsummer without even a single shadow that was hidden.

Even saying it conservatively, on top of the deck chair was the very heaven itself. Despite it was only a few hours that had passed since they departed from Japan, he had the feeling that he had arrived to some place far away beyond the horizon.

“Kazuki too, come on, take off your swimsuit―. Let’s make your penis slippery okay?”

Hikaru-senpai whose eyes were appearing intoxicated was tempting him.

Kazuki hesitated. Being sandwiched between two naked girls, bodies slippery with oil, the swimwear that was remaining on him could be thought of as his last reasoning. The moment this got taken off and thrown away and the three became naked under the sun, he had the feeling that he would leave his body to his instinct and completely turn into a single beast.

“It’s no good senpai, I don’t have any intention of getting a tan in that kind of place.”

He tightly held his swimwear and held his ground.

“Kazu-nii… for you to endure yourself in this situation… how cool…”

It was unclear what was so cool for her but Mio’s eyes glittered ecstatically.

Mio was not as innocent to the degree of Hikaru-senpai, she understood to a certain degree of a male’s instinct. She understood how much Kazuki was enduring himself currently.

Mio was deeply moved and showered him with a kiss while saying “Kazu-nii, I love you! I love you so much!” Even while kissing him she was still wriggling her body lasciviously.

The posture of Mio, who was kissing Kazuki, became as if she was the one who was in charge of Kazuki’s upper body, and then Hikaru-senpai’s posture was as if she was the one in charge of his lower body. With Kazuki in the center, the two girls continued to move their nude body as if they were becoming a perpetual machine that kept producing pleasant feelings. Both of them got carried away by the pleasant feelings many times over, their bodies convulsing.

“Haa, haa… even with my body twitching like this the good feeling continues even further… my head feels completely numb…-♡“

The breathing of Hikaru-senpai who was greedy for the pleasant feeling was not so trivially turning rough.

Kazuki was desperately enduring his desire of wanting to get his lower body oiled in addition. But the sweet sensation was gradually spreading to his waist as it pleased, something electrifying was discharged running from the center of his waist.

Kazuki’s body was shaking intolerably. At the same time Mio and Hikaru-senpai’s bodies were also noticeably trembling fiercely.

It was an animalistic instant that laid bare an urge that was hard to resist.

The three people finally stopped moving and laid down on the deck chair.

“…Just now, Kazuki was also twitching…?”

Hikaru-senpai was trying to lower Kazuki’s swimwear with her expression still in a dreamy state of mind.

“…My, head feels dizzy from the heat, so I’m going to take a shower for a little.”

Kazuki stood up while pinning down his swimwear and hurriedly headed to the shower room.

After that, the three were playing beach ball wholesomely for a while.

Part 4[edit]

Kazuki, who was somewhat tanned when he rose from the pool, finally arrived at the [King’s Room] that was prepared for his sake.

When he opened the door, what entered his sight was a deluxe suite that was illuminated by a golden chandelier.

For the time being he sat on the bed that had the width that could be used by around four or five people. It completely made him wonder whether this bed was actually put here for the sake of calling girls over or not.

The size of the bed was around five times wider than the one he owned in his private room at the Witch’s Mansion. The furniture was all made from valuable natural wood like mahogany or rosewood that were combined with the latest alchemic metal and resin, all of them possessed both the classic appearance together with futuristic modernity.

Excess luxury… he thought that but the feeling of Vice Chief Yamagata who prepared a room like this for him was also conveyed. He was greatly touched by this assistance for him that was done with the full effort of someone.

While he couldn’t really calm down, there was the sound of knocking.

“Come in” When he invited in the guest, the door opened thinly and Koyuki’s face peeked out from the gap.

Koyuki acted as if she was confirming that there was no one else inside the room before she hurriedly approached the bed where Kazuki was sitting. Her movement looked like a small animal.

“Koyuki, have you finished your work?”

Koyuki was wearing the previously mentioned cute sailor uniform. The clean whiteness of it suited Koyuki so much it made him dizzy. That she was wearing it meant that she was being on duty to do some kind of work on this ship, that made Kazuki jealous.

“Kazuki… I’m a hopeless elf…”


“I was learning the way of machine’s maintaining and inspection as my job throughout the morning but… I’m not good against machines and my comprehension was falling behind the others… I completely became a bother. I’m disqualified as a sailor.”

She said that with her shoulder dropping dejectedly.

“I think it’s still too fast for you to have the consciousness as a pro sailor, but is Koyuki really that bad with machines?”

This was Koyuki who was born possessing a lot of magic power and even in battle she had saved Kazuki with her quick-wittedness.

Moreover she was also at the top in school record.

Kazuki felt reliability more than anyone of the same generation from Koyuki who was cool and intellectual.

This side of her that was not good with machines was unexpected, but when he recalled her room that was buried in books, he got the feeling that he could understand her even if he was told that she was actually an analog person.

“Kazuki… as the King, please punish this me that is a no good sailor.”

“Eh? Punish you as King you said?”

Kazuki was flabbergasted. “Surely you don’t need anything like a punishment right?”

“There is no value in punishing me even when I failed… a deserted existence, in other words I’m just the dregs of an elf.”

Koyuki’s voice became even more wilted. …Why did it turn out like that? It was a puzzling self-condemnation feeling from her. Koyuki was a serious person so when she failed she might be worrying too much that she then wanted to be scolded properly.

Certainly, to not be questioned at all even though she failed, could be thought in reverse as no one had any expectation on her at all from the start. Interpreted broadly it could also be seen as deserting her.

However, just because of that he had to punish her, their relationship was not a relationship between master and servant here.

Even though he thought of Koyuki as his friend and also his comrade… she was an existence that was close to being his lover.

“Is it fine even if I spank your butt?”

When Kazuki said that jokingly, Koyuki unhesitatingly took off her sailor uniform’s skirt altogether with her panties.

…’WHY!?’ Kazuki fell into a panic.

“It’s humiliating to be subjected with spanking at this age, but… I have no choice but to obey…”

She was not hesitating in slipping off her skirt and her panties from her legs, there was no superfluous hair growing on her body, her lower body that was white and smooth like an egg was laid bare in front of him.

No one was telling her to take off her panties or anything.

Koyuki climbed on the lap of Kazuki who was sitting stock still on the bed and lying on her stomach.

It was the traditional posture of butt-spanking.

“It’s embarrassing but… if this is what Kazuki ordered then… come.”

‘Even if she said come’, Kazuki thought but Koyuki faced him with a face red from embarrassment while a color of expectation could be peeked out from her eyes.

With his mind still half-suspended Kazuki stared fixedly at Koyuki’s butt.

This was not his first time seeing a girl naked but surprisingly he had never seen it fixedly in a calm situation like this. A round butt that looked elastic like a pudding that was shaking fidgetingly. And then the thighs that were drawing soft curves from there. It was hard to see from this posture but the plump roundness that was surrounded in a triangle by both thighs and the butt was also exposed.

“Pl, please don’t stare… at this kind of shameful appearance…”

Koyuki said that in a rough breath but she looked like she wanted to be watched instead.

With a stiff movement like a tin plate toy, Kazuki hit her butt for the time being.

Rather than calling it hitting, his palm was more like pressing on her surface with a snap. The softness was spreading on his palm.

“Kazuki, like that it won’t become any punishment-”

“Li, like this?”

He swung his hand down putting just a little bit more strength in it. pechin! Her butt made an undulation. There's supposed to be some pain from that but there was no defensive magic power generated as if she was receiving that contentedly.

“Nnn-!” Koyuki let a voice escape her mouth.

He said spanking so this wouldn’t finish with just a single hit. He swung down his palm on Koyuki’s lovely butt several times. Her white skin reddened slightly.

“…I’m, a hopeless no good elf so… please spank me more…!”

In short this was her behaving like a spoiled child to him.

There was a masochist-like aspect in Koyuki. But by no means that it was because her inborn nature liked to be abused verbally or because she could feel pain as pleasure. She created a situation where [he would accept her no good self] , she only wanted to feel that she was loved for real.

His hesitation vanished all of a sudden. This act they were doing was not particularly so abnormal. This was just the usual Koyuki, who greedily wanted to be minded about.

Of course it was also due to the fact that she failed her job, he guessed that she also wanted to get a fresh start mentally.

“…Really, Koyuki is a hopeless pervert that always need to be looked after.”

After Kazuki released a sigh, he said something mean in a theatrical way of talking. And then he put just a little more strength and hit her butt. “Ye, yess-!” Koyuki’s voice turned excited.

“I’m a hopeless no good elf! Please spank me more-♡“

pechi―n, pechi―n Such sounds rang out, Koyuki was happily wriggling her butt.

“It will be no good to leave alone this kind of hopeless child unless I keep being together with you forever.”

Kazuki suddenly stopped the force of his swinging down arm and gently caressed Koyuki’s reddened butt. He felt the roundness on his palm. Her butt twitched then.

“Su, suddenly turning gentle like this, my butt, it turned sensitive…!”

tsuu― A single line was dripping down from Koyuki’s thigh. It caught Kazuki’s attention and he caressed the wet thigh.

“Koyuki, there is sweat here. Is your butt feeling hot?”

“That’s not sweat… that’s because, on top of being unable to do my job, I’m a perverted elf…♡”

Koyuki was shivering even more conspicuously while saying some masochistic words.

She was lovely, however, somehow, she really made him feel that she was a hopeless girl and he could only make a bitter smile. He once more hit her butt sharply.

After that, until the time for lunch came he kept spanking and caressing her butt.

Before long he lifted in his arm the body of Koyuki that was limp like a doll while her expression was in a dreamy state of mind. “The punishment is over”, he said that and kissed her. Koyuki embraced Kazuki with a “puu” and acted sweet towards him like normal.

Part 5[edit]

Everywhere on the ship was extremely extravagant, but the ship also made him filled with admiration that even extravagance had a variety of variations.

The inboard restaurant where they gathered for lunch was a space that made the visitors feel the impression of middle age Rome. Perhaps this kind of place is just like where the Sun King Louis XIV ‘Le Roi Soleil’ held a banquet in Versailles palace.

Its wall and also the ceiling were applied with detailed carving in Baroque style, they were painted in different colors of golden and white. That golden and white were resplendently reflected by the light of the chandelier and the candlesticks, illuminating the space. That appearance was exactly like the Versailles palace that was extolled as the palace of the sun.

Even all the tables and chairs were antique articles of Europe. Right now the diplomatic relationship between Japan and Europe is severed, the antiques that currently existed inside the country were mostly cultural assets.

There were Japanese, Chinese, and Western restaurants available inside Queen Kaguya, it was terrifying to think that this was just nothing more than one of them. However the essential chef for it was not here.

It couldn’t be helped that Kazuki became concerned with the kitchen. For all humans that love cooking, that place was a space that would make them water at the mouth.

“ “ “ “The lunch today is made by us.” “ “ “

The ones who were talking with matched voices in a tone as if they were playing house that didn’t suit this ultimate kitchen were the Ryuutaki sisters, Karin and Liz Liza-sensei, these four were wearing a sailor uniform covered with an apron and the long and narrow chef hat on their heads.

What an amazing quartet.

No, when he looked carefully there was also Kamimura-san half hidden by the group of four. There were five people.

“Hmm? Kamimura-san is also working?”

‘Don’t tell me, how could that be,’ he thought that.

“I was told that it’s fine even if I don’t work but… being seen with eyes of [only this girl is not working] is also painful so…”

From now on Kamimura-san would be forced to a community life with a large number of eighteen people for ten days, whether she wanted it or not, in this closed space that was a ship. After that, where they would arrive at was on a foreign country called America.

This was a harsh environment for the NEET Kamimura-san.

But the girl was concerned by the eyes of her surroundings and set out to act from herself. That… Kamimura-san!

That was a great step forward. Calling it a brilliant achievement was not an exaggeration in the slightest.

“I pressed a switch on the rice cooker and cooked the rice.”

Kamimura-san raised her thumb with a triumphant look.

“Amazing Kamimura-san! Thank you Kamimura-san!!”

Kazuki got carried away in praising her. Kamimura-san when she was in a good mood was fundamentally like an anime character so being exaggerated this much was better.

“Kazuki, I made the hamburger see!! This is Tamamo no Mae’s specialty cooking!!”

When Karin raised her voice, the avatar of Tamamo no Mae floated besides her.

{Uh huh. This is the specialty cooking of mine since my time as Dakki. I used to summon the lords that got too impertinent and treated them to hamburger like this. In addition, the ingredient was the minced meat of the guy’s son.}

“What’s with you, telling that episode that ruined the mood.” Kazuki was drawing away from her.

{That’s because the I at that period was Dakki of heaven’s decree, right now I’m the highly moral Tamamo-san. …Mu?}

Tamamo directed her face to Shouko’s direction. She was staring fixedly at Shouko’s face.

Besides Shouko, her contracted Diva―Taikoubou’s avatar emerged out along with a blue light.

{It has been a long time, Dakki.} The old man with enlightened face called out to her like that.

{Gee―!? Taikoubou!!} Tamamo was shocked and jumped with a 'pyon'.

{Dakki? Who are you talking about kon?! I am Tamamo kon.} [4]

{It would be best even if you don’t change your character and play dumb. Currently I have no heaven’s decree to dispute against you.}

{Tha, that’s so but… no matter what, the trauma is…}

Tamamo huddled her head with both her hands while trembling fiercely 'gata gata'.

{What an adverse fate isn’t it? For the fate between I and you to develop where we are fighting together shoulder to shoulder like this.}

{Smashed… my head is smashed…}

{Diva is established by the Mythology… but in the first place I am given the mission to escape from the heaven’s decree. And you escaped from the heaven’s decree as the servant of Joka by shifting into Tamamo. Due to that you created and obtained the chance meeting of adverse fate.}

{It’s scary having your head split open by a whip… It’s scary having your head split open by a whip…}

{In a certain meaning the both of us are exactly the symbol of the battle ahead… ah, wait.}

The figure of Tamamo no Mae vanished despondently.

{She vanished… Even though I wanted to renew the old friendship. No matter how hard one tries, I can’t mesh well with her when I try to get closer to her…}

{Taikoubou…} Besides Lotte, Prometheus emerged out.

{If you talk too long then the meal will get cold.}

{I cannot taste it anyway.}

{I’m assimilated with Lotte so I can taste it.}

{Cheh-} Leaving behind childishness that seemed unbecoming of a sage, Taikoubou’s avatar vanished.

“…Old man Taikoubou is unusually Friendlyjovial huh.”

The contractor Shouko had her eyes turned round.

“We were baking this pie together with Liz Liza-sensei.”

The Ryuutaki sisters were holding what appeared to be a pie that was baked in the open from the kitchen.

“There is also King Arthur here. When talking about Britain, then pie cooking will come to mind. Because recipes from all over the world is prepared inside the kitchen, we made this with that as reference.”

Liz Liza-sensei who was born in Britain yet raised in Japan talked. Her appearance where a tall and lanky chef hat was put on top of the head of her tiny body, he would be scolded if he said it out loud, but she was cute.

“I created a meat pie with potato and cheese filling.”

Shinobu-senpai said that while slurping her own saliva.

“That composition really hit the spot of a meat pie’s deliciousness.”

Arthur smiled broadly.

“Hee, so if we mentioned Britain, then pie cooking will come to mind. I didn’t know that at all.”

“Do you know nothing about Britain’s cooking? …Before in the old era, the people from the gourmet countries that were Japan, France, or China came harassing us with a gaze of mockery saying that Britain was a land with a savage palate… Such humiliation, by no means we, the inheritor of Britain’s genes, have forgotten it. It’s fine if we said that as a self-ridiculing joke, but for other countries to call us as a savage land is just something that is only a shameful thinking. How dare you, you Jap!”

Suddenly Arthur flung off his usual gentlemanly composure to the wind and he raised his voice roughly.

“What does he mean by Jap?” Kazuki tilted his head. Liz Liza-sensei explained “It’s a derogatory term for Japanese that existed in the past.”

“Well, around our generation it was a common sense that Britain’s food was bad anyway.”

Liz Liza-sensei who was from the older generation talked with a tone that was a little fired up.

“Many countries were mocking our Britain’s food culture, but unexpectedly the reason for that wasn’t known. I heard there is a lot of Japanese that thought that the Anglo-Saxon race are fundamentally people with a savage taste. This is a good chance, I’m going to gamble the pride of the meat pie in this place in order to recover the honor of Britain’s gene in this place without fail. This is also the duty of a King.”

“The food will get cold if the talk goes too long though…”

Kazuki attempted to interrupt but Arthur ignored him and began to talk eloquently.

“There were actually many primary factors that caused the food culture in our country to fail to blossom. The theory about our bad relation with France or the industrial revolution were raised but the biggest cause was the cold climate that made it hard to raise vegetable and wheat. The only one we could harvest was potato, we ate only potato and we were called potato knight. It’s the equivalent of rustic samurai in Japanese language.”

“Something like country bumpkin then.” Kazuki back-talked with an indifferent feeling.

“Next because stock-farming was also possible, we also ate beef meat often. That’s why roast beef and meat pie were greatly refined that we could even boast it to the world as our prided cooking. But the combination of potato and meat only reinforced the impression of us as savages. There we then bluffed [We don’t have any interest in something trivial like food! We are just putting importance on efficiency!] that only made the surrounding countries to make fun and look down on us. So vexing.”

Arthur was trembling fiercely even though there was no person from that time at all here. He could take a glimpse of a King’s patriotism from this.

“But when the 21st century of the old era came and the international exchange between countries was turning into a huge boom, the ingredients and food culture from other countries freely flooded Britain without any restriction. In this modern times you have never seen other countries with such an unprecedented sudden development of food culture to the degree of Britain, don’t you agree? But even so it’s not so simple to overturn the label that had once stuck to us.”

Arthur’s voice was filled with a deep sadness.

“Before we could even overturn that label―a great encounter and disaster happened and the era changed. The encounter with Diva. For the sake of our faith, we had to once again sever our ties with the world. Once again it appeared that the palate of the British Empire would be isolated inside the oatmeal of darkness.”

“What in the world is this oatmeal of darkness?”

“However, in exchange of losing our diplomatic relation we obtained the power of alchemy. As the King, I developed a large scale country project in order to enrich Britain’s food culture. We restored the soil, adapted the plant species of the old era to cold climate… we recovered the bright era once more! Any kind of crops exist in the current Britain! I did my best! I won’t let anyone call us as a tasteless country anymore!!”

He learned a little bit more about foreign culture again. For the time being Kazuki and the others gave an applause, but Lotte was murmuring “Thinking of it in anime perspective this is a loss of individuality you know desu.”

With a “Fuu” Arthur took a breather from his long talk and directed his gaze onto the meat pie.

“Meat pie with cheese filling really hit the spot of a meat pie’s deliciousness. This is a special cooking that unites our pie cooking’s culture with our prided stock farming and dairy producet that were once numbered so few in our country. Thank you, Shinobu-kun, you have gathered and expressed the history of Britain’s food culture on top of a single plate. Well… though fish and chips that is wrapped inside an erotic newspaper is also not that bad.”

“Meat… Cheese… A pie with a lot of butter… There is no reason that it will taste bad… gau…”

Shinobu-senpai whose saliva kept gathering in her mouth was even now still making a face as if saliva would dribble down from her mouth anytime. There was no doubt that she just wanted to eat oily and meaty food, she was a carnivore that didn’t think of anything that profound.

“If I left everything to everyone else, then everything will be completely covered by meat, so here I made a lot of vegetables.”

Miyabi-senpai was also carrying a pie on her hand. When she put it on the table and divided it, that cross-section view was depicting a stylish marble pattern of colorful vegetables, cheese, and egg.

She further brought our potage soup and salad from the kitchen. [5]

“This pie is a quiche isn’t it? Also if you ask what kind of potage soup is this though… it’s not from Britain but France.” Arthur’s tone hardened from his antagonism towards France.

“She kept trying to look good and tried to make something elaborate and kept failing, that’s why she got this delayed!”

When Karin pointed that out while laughing, Miyabi-senpai whose showing-off personality got exposed “Don’t tell them that!” her face turned red. Liz Liza-sensei also laughed with a mean expression.

“If you don’t have defensive magic power, your left finger and the tip of your foot will be gone already huh.”

“I can understand finger but even the toes?”

“She dropped the knife from the cutting board onto her foot many times. Exactly like a guillotine.”

‘Uwaa…’, Kazuki imagined it and his spine froze.

Shinobu-senpai also divided the pie that she baked herself. The pie texture of this one felt more like cookie that crumble rather than the usual flaky texture, the masses of meat was peeking out all over the cross-section with syrupy cheese spilling out. Just looking from the visual it looked absolutely tasty.

“Ahaha! The quiche one has the feels like Paris, but this one, should it get called rough or wild, it really has the feel of savage cooking isn’t it! Though I like this kind of food more!”

The thing that, although Kazuki was thinking it but he didn’t say it out, was said out by Hikaru-senpai while laughing.

The face of Arthur who was the King of a country turned white and he stared at Hikaru-senpai.

“What actually is a Diva and Mythology?”

In the middle of the meal, Kazuki asked to Leme and Lotte―no, to Prometheus that was inside Lotte.

“You two should have gradually recovered your memory, so isn’t it fine if you two teach me more about various things?”

The conversation between Taikobou and Tamamo from before was weighing on Kazuki’s mind.

Diva was established by the Mythology―sometimes the Divas talked about this kind of thing that made him get an idea like that, but what was a Diva, what was Mythology, he always lacked the concreteness of their existence and didn’t understand well.

While Leme was stuffing too much food into her mouth and she couldn’t reply while chewing 'mogu mogu', Prometheus emerged out beside Lotte. Prometheus was able to perform a skillful act of conversing with Kazuki using his avatar even while tasting the food with the senses that he shared with Lotte.

{I have a memory loss but with the power and memory I have recovered little by little… there is something that I noticed. Though I think that perhaps Lemegeton-sama who has recovered more memory and power than me is the same like me.}

“Mogu mogu gokun. …Right, I understand what Prometheus wanted to say. O King. It seems that Leme and others cannot bring the detailed information

from that Astrumplace to this Real Worldplace.”

“You cannot bring it here? What do you mean? It’s your own knowledge right?”

“When Leme was inside Astrum, I understood well about Astrum. It was as if knowing about myself. But when Leme appear in the real world as an avatar, Leme gradually become clueless about Astrum. Like this when I have a flesh body in this world, Leme becomes even more detached from Astrum, and Leme becomes even more clueless. It cannot be explained with the language of this world. It cannot be turned into information.”

{Just now Kazuki said, our own knowledge, but that’s not accurate. Most likely, we are nothing more than a part of Astrum. At the same time we can also have our own individual personality. The more we have a characteristic nature, the more I become this individual called Prometheus, the more I will become farther from Astrum’s whole body.}

Kazuki’s head turned complicated.

“Saying it in a sensible way… that’s right… if now Leme go back to Astrum, Leme will immediately get the idea [Aa! It’s should be easier if I just explained Astrum like this!] and become frustrated. But if Leme materialized here again and try to explain to Kazuki, Leme will go [How should I explain it again?] and become clueless once more. It’s not like I can take memo there.”

“…I see.”

“If there is a Diva that was established in his Mythology as someone that understand everything and can act in this real world, that kind of guy will perhaps be the exception to this. An existence with some kind of an established omniscience… that [Nyarlathotep] who we fought before had that kind of atmosphere.”

The Diva of Cthulhu Mythos that possessed Headmaster Otonashi and repeated an inhuman experiment underground the Knight Academy. That Diva clearly said out loud of the awareness of his own objective―a game.

He couldn’t remember the majority of what that Diva said, but he talked about an annoying game that the forces of Mythology were competing in. If he remembered correctly―the struggle for Astrum.

He had already come in contact with an existence that knew about the secret of the world before.

But Nyarlathotep was already terminated. There was no way Kazuki would allow that insane Diva to exist in this world for even a second longer. Because the Cthulhu Mythos was weakened, even Kazuki and co. at that time could somehow defeat him.

If he could extract a little more detailed information from him before he was terminated…

No, wrong―Nyarlathotep was not terminated. He remembered that the Diva entrusted the seed of his slight existence to Loki, and supposedly Loki had planted that seed into a girl.

The pitch black girl that Kaya jokingly named as Nyarlako or something.

Whether Loki knew it or not, he might be placing a girl that grasped the secret of the world beside him.

“You two are not intentionally explaining this in a way that is hard to understand are you?”

“How unexpected. Leme likes Kazuki, so Leme won’t do that kind of harassment. Leme want a second serving of hamburger for Leme’s anger!”

“Yosh, come―!” Karin put a hamburger on Leme’s plate. She seemed happy that her cooking was happily received. Kazuki understood well that feeling that it made him jealous. He wanted to work.

“Hayashizaki-kun, it’s not like I too have been taught everything by the chief god I’m contracted with you know.”

Arthur too interjected while asking for a second serving of meat pie with a complicated expression.

This person too could eat really well unlike his appearance. Moreover, he kept eating only meat.

Kazuki lent his ear while asking for seconds of the salad and the quiche.

“There is a stern wall between Astrum and this world. That’s why an <agent> called King is necessary. I think that making this wall gone is the task a King should perform.”

“…Is that something that can be obtained from the victory in the battle between the fellow Kings?”

“From the words that Basilleus Basilleon left behind, supposedly, at the very least, we will obtain something.”

It was as if this person might be a believer of Basilleus Basilleon in some meaning, when he talked about those words, a passionate conviction filled his voice.

“It’s not like we are particularly wanting for something or wanting to do something that we fight like this though… Loki is scheming something, China looks like it’s going to come invading…”

“We are also the same. Rather than some kind of ideal, we just want to do something about the threat right in front of our eyes.”

Shouko expressed her agreement with Kazuki’s words.

“However this is just tasty. Yosh, next time I’m gonna make some Ryouzanpaku cooking.”

“This is also delicious but, Kou-jie’s cooking is also great y’know!” [6]

Silirat talked proudly as if boasting about herself.

“Does it have any difference with Chinese food?”

“My hometown has a little different history with China, or perhaps I should say there is influence from the outside.”

When the conversation touched her hometown, Shouko’s expression softened just for a little.

However both Shouko and Silirat were also eating meat with amazing vigor.

“Right, meat is for a warrior!!!” Beatrix too said that as if to say that protein was exactly her faith.

“My vegetable cooking… it’s not really decreasing isn’t it…”

Miyabi-senpai’s white face whitened even more. Kazuki and Lotte noticed in the middle and changed direction to prioritize vegetables but… a cooking contest also happened to have a cruel facet in it.

“Miyabi-oneesan! I prefer the quiche desu!!”

“This is because senpai was thinking about the balance for us. I ate the vegetables properly too, see!”

Kazuki and Lotte gave a follow-up in fluster for the delicate Miyabi-senpai.

Miyabi-senpai was half-crying for the shock of having her own cooking avoided.

“Kazuki, you won’t grow big if you don’t eat meat.”


However Shinobu-senpai screwed in a mass of meat pie into Kazuki’s mouth from the side. With a tight hold.

“As I thought meat pie is the one that reigns supreme. Fufufu, what capital of flower Paris. That kind of thing is merely something foolish.”

Arthur who was watching that situation was murmuring with an intimation that was filled with a grudge somewhere.

“Hayashizaki! Are you saying you won’t eat my hamburger!!”


Karin too stood up from her chair and rushed at him before screwing in hamburger into Kazuki’s mouth. With a tight hold.

“Kazuki… I had lived all this time rejecting other people but, making food for another person where they are happily eating it makes me glad. Eat more Kazuki.”

With her sagacious beauty enchanted with happiness, Shinobu-senpai continued to screw in meat into Kazuki’s mouth.


Having meat stuffed into his mouth one after another, a sound effect with unintelligible meaning escaped his mouth.

“Geho-! Goho!? …My throat got choked…!”

Kazuki took a tea cup and a rice bowl in his hands and washed down the meat lump that got caught in his throat with rice and tea.

“Are, are you okay…? Kazuki?”

Kamimura-san got worried about Kazuki who got stuck in a situation that turned strange and she was patting his back at his side. Kazuki’s throat was swelling big, with a big gulp that swelling passed through his esophagus.

“Fuu…” After releasing a sigh he noticed.

“Hm… this rice… it’s springy with the bulging of the grain strangely smooth, it passed through the throat smoothly… On top of its delicate cooking adjustment, all the grains are uniformly cooked. It was hidden in the shadow of the cooking with strong flavor, but this rice is extremely delicious…!!”

“O, amazing. Even though I was already thinking that, as expected something this inconspicuous wouldn’t be noticed.”

Karin’s eyes widened. Miyabi-senpai recovered her spirit and smiled.

“That rice, Kamimura-san used Extra Sense to pick out the grains that were too big or too small, also the grains that were damaged, and then she removed the grains one by one before cooking it you know?”

“To go that far…”

Kazuki was staring at Kamimura-san with a gaze of deep admiration. Kamimura-san averted her eyes shyly.

“Something like this even someone like me… because I wanted everyone to feel happy eating it.”

Beside her, the avatar of Amaterasu emerged out with her eyes wide open in shock.

{I’m also surprised… this child who was indifferent to her surroundings is, saying until this far.}

“I’m not indifferent. I’m always thankful to the people of the Witch’s Mansion. It’s just that there was no chance to say it out…”

Kamimura-san looked around at all the people present at the table and looked down shyly.

When everyone was staying quiet waiting for her next words, she began to mumblingly leak out her feeling.

“Kaguya is always kind… Though I’m troubled how to react being hugged impulsively and getting my head petted, treated like a pet.”

“That’s because Itsuki-chan is really cute.” Kaguya-senpai grinned broadly.

“Hikaru-senpai, when I was watching anime of the shounen manga category, she always came out of nowhere getting close to me to watch the show together. Though when her tension got too high and she tried out the anime’s technique on me I got troubled of how to react.”

“Hikaru-senpai, it’s no good to challenge people to a sword play without minding who or where like that.” Kazuki retorted.

“Mio has too different hobbies with me, so she didn’t have time to converse with me but, she came giving me a lot of western clothes wanting me to try it out like playing with a doll. Though I’m troubled how to react because I have the feeling that the clothes didn’t match me.”

“There is just no way that the clothes that I chose will be unsuited, okay-“

“Koyuki lent me books, we didn’t really talk much but we read books together. I like Koyuki.”

“Her positivity level to Koyuki is the highest!?” Kaguya-senpai was vexed.

“Also Kazuha that called me her friend, also Kohaku that made a fuss of me as the Celebration King, of course Lotte-shishou and Kazuki too… everyone is nothing but kind and strong people so I don’t feel any uneasiness. But I just keep receiving, so if there is something that I can give out instead…”

Her wandering gaze turned in a circle before she looked up at Kazuki beside her. She was making an upturned eyes just like a small animal. Kazuki’s feeling became just like when he was confronting the Demon Beast <puppy> in the cosplay café <Solomon>, he reflexively stroked Kamimura-san’s head fervently. Kaguya-senpai too leaped from her chair with a 'pyon'.

“Itsuki-chan! Yo―u―are―cu―te―!!”

Kaguya-senpai too hugged Kamimura-san and she fervently rubbed her head briskly.

“Be, because you do this kind of thing, that I’m troubled how to react.” Kamimura-san’s face reddened.

Kazuki felt something warm lit up inside his chest. He always kept thinking of making someone happy, but of course receiving kindness from someone like this was also pleasant.

He tended to forget it, but good will was not a one-way road.

This overly extravagant ship too was also the good will right from the heart of Vice Chief Yamagata and the government.

Perhaps he also had no choice but to get himself more used to receiving something like this.

Part 6[edit]

“For a bath to exist on a ship that is floating on the sea, it feels mysterious somehow.”

With a bathing tool set in hand, Kazuki was walking alone inside the ship. The curtain of the night had already descended down outside the window, illuminated by the faint star light, the pitch black sea surface was undulating with waves.

There was nothing else. This place was right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

He went down to the lower level with the elevator aboard the ship. There was the tank to preserve the water and the water making device that boiled the sea water in the lowest level of the ship. It seemed there was a [resort spa] right beside those facilities.

And then it seemed there was also a different open air bath at the roof of the ship.

He understood what was an open air bath, but about a spa, he couldn’t imagine anything other than a cod roe spa. Anyways, for the time being Kazuki was going to challenge an unknown experience. [7]

Because there was no other facility, he soon found the entrance where it was divided between the men and women sections. As expected there was no mixed bath for men and women. He passed through the curtain and entered inside, where Kanae in her swimsuit was there.


Perhaps she had reflected on her fundoshi from before, this time she was wearing a black one piece swimsuit with high leg that had the slit digging into her skin, but her silhouette’s black streamlined shape also suited her alias [Storm Cat].

Kazuki lightly poked Kanae’s forehead. “Get out.” “Funyaa-“

“Just why are you in the man’s section?”

“Because, Nii-sama, isn’t Nii-sama the only male on this ship? In other words there is no man section but Nii-sama section. Nii-sama section… what a wonderful sound… even just imagining it makes Kanae feel dizzy like burning under fire…” [8]

“It’s really embarrassing to use English language so idiotically like that even though we are going to learn English properly from Arthur from now on.”

“How can I not be inside such a wonderful place! That’s impossible! Unbelievable(Anbiriivaburu)!”

“Your English is really messed up.”

Kazuki poked Kanae’s forehead one more time stronger this time. “It’s enough already, just・get・out.” “Funyanya-“

“But, but, Nii-sama, even though there is this rare chance using this kind of facility, won’t you be lonely just alone in there?”

“Certainly that might be so though.”

“Talking about a spa, it’s about massages! However, even though there is this valuable facility, there is no staff! And there, this unworthy Kanae will have the honor to become Nii-sama’s exclusive esthetician(esutetishan)!”

Because Kanae was the other party he completely refused her following his habit, but thinking of it carefully there was no reason for him to refuse.

“Well, it should be fine.”

“Really!? Brother(Burazaa)! Not that, bravo(buravoo)! Uehihi, the body that is nii-sama’s body, with this hand… uehihi…! Well then Nii-sama, please change your clothes in this changing room over here! Ah, I have already prepared a swimsuit for the sake of Nii-sama who is a shy person, use this!”

Kanae took out a black speedos from the chest of her one piece swimsuit, it was a heartless swimsuit with its fairly low-rise. ‘Why are you taking that out from that kind of place’, Kazuki thought.

“Kanae has prepare(purepara) preparation so Nii-sama’s change is just fit(jasuto feito)~♪”

When he wore the speedos, the uneasiness from the area that the cloth covered made him feel like he could slightly understand the feeling of everyone that was wearing a Magic Dress.

When he looked around, it seemed that what was called a spa was a relaxation facility that was centered around a bathing facility.

With the spacious bathroom as the center, there were various doors that continued on to a sauna, massage room, and esthetic salon. Kanae was waiting inside the massage room.

He opened the door. The room was dim, only the surrounding of the massage stand was illuminated by faint light.

There was a fragrance that made him feel like his brain was going to melt. Tension naturally left from his body and unconsciously his walk became slower. While Kanae was burning some aroma, she was also saying “Quick, quick-“ beckoning him to the massage stand.

This was also his first time having something like a classic aroma therapy. When he laid face-down on the massage stand just as he was told, he was wrapped in a sweet haze, he felt like his body would really melt down.

He understood that the aroma was showing its effect on his brain. Wasn’t this thing close enough already to a drug like this?

“Haa haa… the back of my lovely angel(mai ravurii enjeru) Nii-sama… I can see angel wings…”

Kazuki couldn’t see it from where he laid face-down, but Kanae went around his back and for some reason she was nuzzling around Kazuki’s shoulder blade. Most likely she was not using her palm but nuzzling with her whole face.

“Why are you not massaging but nuzzling with your cheek there?”

“What are you saying Nii-sama, a massage is not done by suddenly rubbing the body, it’s first started from gently patting the body.”

“…Now that you mentioned it, that’s true, but wicked thought is…”

“Haa haa, Nii-sama’s back looks delicious… uehihi… slurp”

“Oi, isn’t that a drool dripping down just now?”

“Yo, yo, you’re wrong! It’s only the oil just now, massage oil.”

“If it’s oil then it should be before the patting right, normally.”

“Shut up(Saranrappu) Nii-sama!”

“Eh, you’re saying to shut up?”

“Chaiya!” Kanae drove a sharp blade hand onto Kazuki’s spine not different from her nickname Storm Cat. [9]

“Chaiya! Sei! Nyaa!”

“It feels not strong enough I think.”

“Oh…” [10] Kanae expressed her mental shock by the English that she used correctly for the first time.

Kanae was not using Enchant Aura. If someone carelessly used reinforcement magic when they were doing something like massaging and then mistaken the adjustment of their strength, the bone of the other party could easily get broken. That was because the side that was receiving massage had to shut down their defensive magic power in order to be massaged after all.

Even in the case where the person had confidence in their control, there was taboo for a magician to use reinforcement magic against human who was not clad in a defensive magic power. But, a barehanded Kanae was too feeble.

“The, then I’ll switch to finger pressure massage.”

Kanae straddled Kazuki’s waist and pressed her thumbs with full effort onto his back.

“Make it a little stronger.”

“Mumumu… then Hayashizaki-style Secret Art, Dangerous Kanae Bunker(Denjarasu・Kanae Bankaa)!!”

Kanae floated her body, putting her body weight into it, like an iron hammer she drove her fingers onto his back.

“I’ll carve the love of a little sister into this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!” Kanae yelled hot-bloodedly like in a battle anime.

“It’s not really working you know.”

“Oh my god-(Oo mai ga-)!” Kanae abruptly fell onto Kazuki’s back.

“Jesus Onii-sama(Jeezasu Onii-sama)… your muscles are hard! Were you doing muscle training!?”

“I did now and then before and after the meals when there was time.”

“Gununu… that kind of serious Nii-sama is lovely… if it became like this, then I can only do this!”

Kanae hopped up and then she landed on Kazuki’s back and stamped hard.

“Oh, just now felt good.”

“What the. Nii-sama, for you to get excited by your little sister’s kick… what a hopeless Nii-sama you are! Fufufu, Kanae too feels like I have somewhat reached a new frontier! Like this!? Please leak out your voice more and more like a pig! Hee―re, and here!”

Kazuki got irritated.

“Then this time I’ll give you a massage as my thanks.”

Kazuki caught the foot that was coming to stamp him and he toppled her over. Immediately their bodies changed place and Kazuki pinned down Kanae.

“Funyaa-!?” He stroked the squishy skin of Kanae who was stunned and blinking with surprise with his palm. “N, noo- Nii-sama-“ Like that she leaked out a coquettish voice. With a serious face Kazuki sensed the stiffened muscles beneath the skin and pressured there in one go.

“Fu, funyaaaaaaa♡”

Kanae raised her voice, small heart marks were flying everywhere.

After ranking up the power of bond, Kazuki became able to sense the really small change of the positivity level. Making use of this ability, he immediately grasped the degree of strength and acupuncture points where Kanae felt it the best. He had obtained the talent where even while being a King he could also become a prodigious masseur.

“Ah, Nii-sama… there… n-! Aaann-!”

“Don’t you get too carried away! Hayashizaki-style Secret Art, Kazuki Bunker!!”

Because Kanae’s positivity level was high, Kazuki was also able to use Kanae’s technique so skillfully.

“Ah, Nii-samaaa, it feels good thereee-! Please mercy-!”

Kanae’s body twisted wrigglingly. He thought that it was somewhat erotic, but the other side was Kanae so he swept away his worldly thought and he continuously pressed on secret spots one after another.

“Comee―♡ Nii-sama, Kanae is cominggg-♡“

“Just where are you coming.”

“Nnn, nnhooooooo! Comiiiiiiing! Funyaaaaan!!”

Kanae made a peace sign with both her hands, the white of her eyes kept rotating in circle and her tongue lolled out from her mouth.

“You, your face right now really throws away yourself as a woman you know.”

“Haa haa… the too good feeling really made Kanae completely run on the joke material.”

“You stupid little sister.” The erotic feeling that welled up inside him shriveled down in one go.

The relationship between him and Kanae had turned into one where they were conscious of each other as man and woman. However because he had continued as a big brother and his stupid little sister for a long time, it was also difficult for him to decide how to treat each other that would be fine.

Surely Kanae was also like that. Even if she hid her shyness but before long an outrageously unfortunate look appeared on her.

“You are really still the same idiot little sister huh.”

Kazuki kneaded Kanae’s cheeks 'munyu' with both his hands. Her face returned to the usual cute little sister. He had to meet her halfway from his side too. Thinking so he brought his lips closer to Kanae.

Kanae’s eyes brightened in dreamy color and she pushed her lips at him―no, wait a second.

Just before their lips touched each other, Kazuki twisted his neck and took emergency evasion. Kanae yelled.

“Wha!? Feint(Feinto)!? Why(Howai) Nii-sama so malicious like that!?”

“Thinking it carefully there is still the one time use trump card for the level 10.”

“Tha, that’s!?” Kanae’s expression turned pale. Her face was a face that had just received a shock that was not a joke. Exactly because they were always just joking around with each other that he really didn’t want to see this kind of face on her.

He wasted no time to direct Kanae’s face to the side and touched his lips on her cheek.

“Ah, kiss on the cheek…”

Her cheek that was kissed reddened. He turned her face to the other side and kissed the cheek on the other side too, he then further turned her face down and kissed her forehead too. Kanae’s face became wholly red and she was dazed.

“Tehehe… My face got kissed all over by Nii-sama…”

The cheeks of the happy Kanae loosened, heart marks were forming a swarm and flew.

‘I have to make her expression to always be like this’, Kazuki thought.

Part 7[edit]

When they soaked together inside the bath, Kanae began nodding off sleepily. When he noticed the night had already became the time when it could be said as late hours for the people of Hayashizaki family who was a believer of early to bed, early to rise.

Rising from the bath, he sent off the girl who was rubbing her eyes sleepily until her room before going back to his own room.

In the middle of the corridor he walked, there was Kamimura-san standing there.

Kamimura-san’s eyes that usually looked sleepy were currently shining glaringly.

This girl was a resident of the night. The prime time of the day of a shut-in otaku began from now.

“E, err… the theater room is amazing, it completely looks like a movie… there is also Lotte-shishou there so, let’s watch anime together?”

She rushed closer to Kazuki like a puppy and tightly pinched Kazuki’s sleeve before looking at him with upturned eyes while saying that.

He must have looked a little uneasy because she corrected herself “…You won’t go?”

There was no way he could possibly refuse her.

They walked through the corridor that was bright even in the night side by side.

“This is the continuation of the story from the afternoon in that dining hall but…” Kamimura-san abruptly began to talk.

It was as if she didn’t want to lose the chance to talk about something no matter what.

The up and down of Kamimura-san’s emotion was really drastic, just when he thought that she was being reserved and stayed quiet, she suddenly began to talk. He had to get used to that gap of mood swing at all cost.

“I, am scared of having expectation placed on me, and then betraying that.” She began to talk.

“The reason I became a shut-in… it was just a really stupid reason but… originally, I was from a family of priests so I aimed to enter a university in Shinto major and I was made to study hard.”

“You mean something like a Shinto priest when you said priest right? So there is a university to attend to for that kind of thing then.”

Kazuki once trained aiming to become a swordsman, and now because he was attending the Magic Division he was distant from worldly affairs.

After Kamimura-san nodded, she added in her explanation.

“Since Divas appeared in this world, the popularity and the standard score for acceptance for a Shinto major rose suddenly…”

“Aah, because the existences of Mythologies were proved, of course it’s only natural then that it happened.”

Now that Japanese Mythology finally appeared in front of the people, he guessed that the major would only become more popular.

In other words, that was why she had to study hard, aiming to enter the major that became hard to enter similar to those who aimed to become a lawyer or a doctor.

“I attended cram school since my time in elementary school, I managed to pass middle school entrance exam and entered the middle school of my choice but… there I became a dunce that completely couldn’t keep up…”

At this point Kamimura-san pouted her lips “Perhaps I didn’t have a smart brain anyway from the start… besides, at papa and mama’s time they could become priest even without studying, even though they don’t have any right to protest because this is from the lineage of the family…” she grumbled for a little.

“I didn’t go to class, everything became scary… I feigned illness to the school several times. I just planned to take some emergency evacuation temporarily with light feeling. But like that my study was falling behind all the more, it became scarier and scarier… I made papa and mama disappointed, if it’s like that then I won’t work hard anymore I thought… And then when I shut myself in my room and played net games, there I discovered my place to belong…”

Kamimura-san went on “There, a shut-in that can continuously login the whole day will be relied on by everyone. Exactly like a hero. Once you become like that you won’t be able to go back anymore.” She laughed cynically.

“I spent my whole time and spending money into net games, but even so [the hero’s war fund] was insufficient. …So I pestered mama for money saying that I will buy reference books and question collection because I will study at home, I received a lot on purpose and used it all for the game’s bill. Then I got found out that I almost never even used the few teaching material that I bought, how I used the money also got exposed soon… after that papa and mama stopped expecting anything from me.”

It was something that was far removed from anything like Diva or battle or the peace of the country, a problem that existed in households everywhere. Nevertheless, there was a heaviness from the bottom of a deep darkness in her tone of voice.

If he was also… Kazuki couldn’t stop himself from imagining. With people putting expectations only in his talent for the sword and he got adopted because of that, his current self was fortunately able to succeed in that and even Kanae was accepting him happily.

If he actually failed in that, what would happen to him then? His step-father and Kanae were kind people but―even so, perhaps it would still be unbearable. And then perhaps he would become a complete shut-in. Once he became a shut-in…

In anyone’s period as a child, when their ego was still fragile, the source of feeling that wanted to try their best had always came from their desire to be recognized, that they wanted to be praised by their surroundings.

Eyes of disappointment from a person’s surroundings would make people unable to do their best. It would completely bog them down into an inescapable quandary.

The difference between failure and success was only paper thin. Kamimura-san’s fall vividly pressed even Kazuki’s heart.

“My net game was also taken away. But for me, that was my single link with the outside world. That was the time when Amaterasu appeared and became my friend. I deviated from the elite path that aimed to become a priest, but there was magic power from birth inside me that could easily let me make a contract with Amaterasu. I never even noticed something like having magic power that is higher than average people.”

That time when she was making everyone around her disappointed―Kamimura-san was chosen by the highest god of Japanese Mythology. Was that irony, but the feeling of making fruitless effort from choosing to aim to become a priest that had its admittance score raised just because of some half-hearted popularity was staggering.

“At first I just thought that it was [too much] for me. But Amaterasu said to me that it’s fine even if I don’t force myself. It’s impossible for the current me to fight something, she said that kindly to me. If an Enigma appeared on me and the shut-in me was made to attend the Knight Academy then it would be a disaster, that was why Amaterasu said to me [make a contract with me and let’s play together].”

How much that became a salvation for her―when he imagined it, a tear gathered in Kazuki’s eyes.

“…Why, does Kazuki get teary eyed?”

‘Even if I’m not the person concerned I can understand’, if he said that kind of thing to her than she would surely be happy.

“From then on various things happened and I got killed though.”

She talked as if the event where she got killed was the trivial happening instead.

“I also met Kazuki, everyone is kind to me… however everyone is also not having any expectations or anything from me. That’s why it feels really comfortable… that’s why the feeling of wanting to return the favor to everyone, is welling up inside me. ‘I want to become someone that can fight properly’, I thought of such thing just a little. Since I gave up becoming a priest, I didn’t have any wish of becoming anything, I came to think that I don’t want to work, but… I wanted to do something for the sake of everyone. I didn’t have any confidence in doing anything difficult, I tried to get enthusiastic like Miyabi-san, but it was impossible, getting so enthusiastic itself was embarrassing so I only cooked the rice but, but… I secretly, just a tiny, bit devoted my best effort, and there Kazuki noticed, I was happy.”

Kazuki was driven by a feeling of wanting to hug Kamimura-san tightly very much, but he endured.

Just when he endured, it was Kamimura-san that grasped Kazuki’s hand tightly.

“Kazuki… I, I’m a shut-in otaku but, get along better with me. Then… conquer me more? Like that I… can repay Kazuki properly. I’ll do my best, not getting sly anymore for something like billing.”

Kamimura Itsuki―57

The anime appreciation meeting with Kamimura-san and Lotte continued until late at night. Kamimura-san was talking about the anime with an amazingly high tension, but Lotte started to nod off, and when Kazuki too had his eyes getting bleary, Kamimura-san realized for the first time that the people in her surroundings was not limited to a nocturnal person like her. She then went ‘awa awa’ at her wits end while her tension got a sudden drop with her desperately apologizing, Kazuki soothed her saying “Don’t mind it” “It’s fine you know” while carrying up Lotte who already fell asleep in his arms before breaking up from Kamimura-san.

Finally after getting lost before he remembered that he actually didn’t know where Lotte’s room was, so he kept carrying Lotte and returned to his room, where he found Mio and Koyuki sleeping on the bed of his room.

It was a situation where they were going to ask him to sleep together and waited for him. Even though it would be fine if they just contacted him instead of waiting like this.

He then put Lotte on the bed too with them before laying down himself. It was a bed with a width that would be fine even with four people sleeping on top of it. It was an unpleasant way of saying it, but there was no other way to call this bed other than a harem exclusive bed.

“Kazu-nii lhove―♡” Mio gave a light kiss at the cheek of Kazuki who was going to sleep. He wondered whether she was awake, but her breath was completely like someone asleep. It seemed that it was an unconscious act. “Puu puu” Koyuki too hugged at Kazuki.

…He tended to only think of always and always devoting his effort for someone else.

Good will was not a one way street. Being enveloped by everyone’s kindness like this, relying on them too, perhaps he had to get used to this without fail. In exchange, he had to work hard for the duty that couldn’t be shouldered by anyone else except him… perhaps that was the attitude that a King ought to take.

―That kind of thinking didn’t continue for long.


When the time turned into the evening of the next day, Kazuki lost his patience and assaulted the kitchen while yelling.

In this second day, throughout the morning “Ka, Kazuki… want to play?” he played a game with Kamimura-san that approached and pulled his sleeve, in the afternoon he was dragged to the pool by the Ryuutaki sisters that wanted to show their new swimsuits, doing those were also fun, but, there was no human that could feel satisfied only by having fun.

The time that was too enjoyable fanned his anxiety. If good will was not a one way street then balance was supposed to be important.

“Give me some work too―! It’s unpleasant just getting serviced―!!”

“Waa, Kazu-nii is coming!” Along with Mio’s voice, the door of the kitchen was closed and locked just like a castle under siege. DON DON Kazuki knocked the door.

“Kazu-nii is the King so you must not work~♪ After all we are going to entertain Kazu-nii to your heart’s content!”

The voice of Mio that sounded teasing was returned back to him from across the door. For Kazuki, there was no way he could possibly smash down the door of the ship that was prepared for him by the country, he clung to the door and begged.

“Let me work… it’s fine to do it together with everyone so…”

“No way~♪”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.10 076.jpg

Shouko and Silirat that were participating in the cooking preparation duty were staring at that situation while diligently doing vegetable preparation.

“…The King of this country is really eccentric eh.”

“What a happy-go-lucky bunch.”

Shouko shrugged her shoulder to what Silirat murmured.

“But I have fun and like this bunch yeah! The meal is delicious, and the friend increased! Doing practice with that gal named Kohaku, playing with that gal named Karin yeah-“

“…Don’t you get beaten by this bunch’s carefreeness too. Ain’t you getting along too well with ‘em?”

Taikoubou’s avatar emerged out beside Shoukou.

{Carefree, is it? Hmm, the freedom of the soul is that kind of thing.}

“Old man Taikoubou… you, are you by any chance saying that this kind of thing is actually your ideal?”

Shouko scowled and pointed at the commotion around the door. Without any reply, Taikoubou’s avatar vanished.

“…Geez, ain’t any way I can follow along with this bunch―” Shouko scratched her head.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. International Maritime Satellite Organization
  2. Don’t know if what they are talking about is literal or just a metaphor
  3. Puni=the SFX of something elastic, nuru=the SFX of something slippery
  4. Kon is a fox’s voice
  5. Potage is a kind of thick soup. No dirty minds please. ;P
  6. Kou from Shoukou and jie is Chinese for big sister
  7. This cod roe spa, I imagine it’s this pond where many small fish are kept there, you put your hand or foot inside it and the fishes will crowd around you and eat your dead skin and dirt
  8. The burning under fire here is said in english, ‘baaningu ando faiyaa’. And also did she forget Arthur, or even Kanae has already guessed…
  9. Blade hand, making a pose with your hand as if your hand is a blade and using that pose to strike
  10. This ‘oh’ is written using alphabet in the raw, not hiragana or katakana

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