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Chapter 4 – Mountain of Olympus[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Someone whom he wondered ‘Is it okay to trust this kind of person’ appeared in the middle of this desperate situation.

The Norse knights jumped down from the ship like Vikings and reinforced Japan. And then, Skidbladnir folded up into a small shape and vanished into Hrotsvit’s palm.


Fu Xi laughed loudly.

“Gathering in one place for us like this only shortened our effort that much! To be able to suddenly strike down two Kings right here is exactly what is called a godsend! You can prostrate yourselves before us, you savages!!”

Fu Xi’s petite body soared largely. She passed over the Magika Stigmas of Russia towards the front lines where the swordsmen and Systema users were clashing――.

Fu Xi was chanting a spell.

“Flame element!” Kazuki Foresighted the magic power and commanded his comrades. It would be a disaster if they were late even for an instant. Magic power to a repulsive degree was whirling in Fu Xi’s small body.

“O eight dragons of China, become the blazing field that reside in Shangdi’s hand! Kyuuryuu Shinkatou!!”[1]

Dragon avatars of eight colors were emerging one after another at Fu Xi’s surroundings. Because Fu Xi herself was clad in a Magic Dress that was like a dragon, it was like nine dragons were flying in a group.

The dragons of eight colors were twining on each other while converging at Fu Xi’s hand, becoming a single treasured sword. The radiance of eight colors were compressed into that huge treasured sword that was almost as big as Fu Xi’s height.

“Prostrate yourself! No, die!!”

While yelling unreasonable things, Fu Xi swung around the sword. At a glance it was clear that her sword skill was like an amateur. However, the treasured sword that was carelessly wielded spouted out intense winds of flame with each swing.

A fierce heat wave was turning the surrounding rainbow eucalyptus into cinders one after another without any time for the flame to even spread!

“Freeze Barrier!”

Kazuki was the first one who deployed a barrier of cold. His comrades also continued after him and invoked their defensive magic.

Nevertheless, the swordsmen at the frontlines were blown away altogether with Russia’s Systema users like wood chips by a blowing flame. The vanguard was crumbling!

‘This is bad’, from behind Kazuki who was impatiently thinking that――the silver queen was swinging down her sword at him. The enemy wasn’t just Fu Xi alone. He must not forget this girl too. Kazuki evaded by rolling forward.

“My soldiers also got swallowed together with them.”

Ilyailiya directed a chilly tone to Fu Xi while attacking Kazuki from behind.

“It cannot be helped. Attacking little by little like that doesn’t fit our character.”

Was it just his feelings that faint irritation was visible on Ilyailiya’s expression?

And then, one more HrotsvitKing that rushed over here was――.

“Beatrix, go bite her.”

Hrotsvit commanded as though she was ordering a hunting dog. Beatrix said a single “Ma’am-!”, and then she rushed at full speed without any fear towards Fu Xi, rather it was like she was being rewarded.

Beatrix sent a brief glance at Kazuki for a moment. But she didn’t say a word.

Hrotsvit herself held a mace as her weapon and cut in between Kazuki and Ilyailiya.

“……Ilyailiya, I have a proposal.”

“?” Ilyailiya obediently stopped her attacking hand and entered a listening stance.

“How about forming an alliance of Germany-Russia-Japan for the time being and defeat Fu Xi who is isolated alone like this. Thinking about the future, I believe it’s better to eliminate that first and foremost.”

Hrotsvit talked so without knowing that just a little while ago Ilyailiya was saying almost the same thing to Kazuki.

“Plijie Zvezda.”

In exchange of a reply Ilyailiya dropped down meteorites. Hrotsvit Foresighted the trajectory of the meteorites and evaded leisurely.

“Why? Isn’t it a rational proposal?”

“You are……”

Ilyailiya was staring at Hrotsvit with a look that was different than what she directed at Kazuki.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.12 173.jpg

“Among the people congregating on this Atlantis, you are the one who cannot be trusted the most. It’s a different matter if it was a proposal from Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

“My my, I’m even lower than Fu Xi over there and Loki? It cannot be helped. Then Hayashizaki Kazuki, you believe in me right?”

Hrotsvit turned at him abruptly. When Kazuki was unable to reply immediately, she was making doubly sure by saying “Right―” while still smiling. It was a pressuring smile.

“Ye, yeah……really it’s this kind of situation. I feel really thankful.”

“My alliance partner, Hayashizaki Kazuki. Fu Xi possesses vast power, but the way she wields that power is not polished. She had never fought except in the way of kicking around small fries. That’s why if the enemy in front of her eyes is tenaciously facing her then her field of vision will turn narrow. Beatrix is a masochist so she is surely able to attract Fu Xi’s attention with utter gutsiness. You too, please send someone from your camp that is the most excellent in martial arts. In that way she will surely show an opening no matter how vast her power is.”

Hrotsvit proposed a [strategy] with rapid talk like an otaku that suddenly became a fast talker when talking about the story that he liked. The contractor of the god of war Odin…….

“Kanae, Karin, Kohaku! Cooperate with Beatrix and stop Fu Xi!”

Certainly even if normal swordsmen fought Fu Xi by ganging up on her, they would be unable to do anything and would only increase the number of casualties. [Strength of number] without every single person possessing the minimum standard wasn’t a practical story. And when the opponent was Fu Xi, that minimum hurdle became terrifyingly high.

“Yes, Nii-sama!” Kanae replied with energy and she took along Kohaku and Karin with her.

“The both of us who have a wide field of vision will push Ilyailiya back while aiming for the opening Fu Xi will show.”

Hrotsvit was talking with a vague hint of cheeriness coloring her words.

Indeed, there were four people in this place, but there was no need to equally fight two against two.

Concentration and dispersion of battle strength. If it was with Kazuki and Hrotsvit then they could conduct themselves quite advantageously. It meant pushing off that Fu Xi to his other comrades but……certainly Fu Xi looked like someone with a personality that would be at a loss against Beatrix’s persistence and Kanae’s nimbleness.

While attacking Ilyailiya with the two of them, they would aim from the side at the opening that Fu Xi would surely show.

However, it was a way of fighting that would be accompanied with sacrifice. No matter how many advantageous conditions his comrades could pile up against Fu Xi this wouldn’t be over with everyone safe and sound. He had the feeling that he could see the true quality of the person called Hrotsvit with that moment of command. ……No, perhaps it was also an expression of trust towards Beatrix.

Fu Xi was a monster. To push her back wasn’t just an ordinary danger.


Beatrix raised a joyful voice after ascertaining the girl who came as reinforcement. She liked fighting against strong warriors more than anything, but she also liked fighting side-by-side together with strong warriors.

Kanae lost her temper with ‘funyaa―!’

“Every last one of you, there is no reason for me to be called sister-in-law by you guys-!!”

Kanae who was once called ‘nee-san’ by Mio too was unwilling.

But both Beatrix and Kanae, at that time they mutually thought of each other as reliable.

Fu Xi who was swinging around the treasured sword called <Kyuuryuu Shinkatou> was at the center of a tornado of flame so getting close to her carelessly was impossible. The might of that tornado of flame was on a different level from what one would imagine from the word flame. Furthermore, while doing that, Fu Xi was chanting even more spells.

The able warriors named by Kazuki and Hrotsvit had to do something about this situation ASAP.

“What is the meaning of this, presenting small fries instead of the King in front of us!”

Fu Xi raised an angry voice and swung her treasured sword to Kanae-Kohaku-Karin who arrived before her. With a single swing, a wind of flame that would swallow all three of them together blew. But the three of them were notorious warriors. They Foresighted and sensed the simple magic phenomenon and were able to escape from place to place.

“You bastards, so you understand our movement before hand!”

Fu Xi was―with a glance she perceived the true nature of her opponents’ movement and raised an irritated voice.

“Be careful, it’s dangerous to get hit by even one attack!” “Yes, Kana-nyan-senpai!”

Kanae aroused caution and Kohaku answered.

This was exactly a fight of heavyweight class against lightweight class. Fu Xi’s wind of flame was evaded nimbly by Kanae and the others, at a glance it looked like an even fight, but everything would end if they received even a single attack.

Beatrix was laughing joyfully “Fuhahahaha!”

“This peerless formidable enemy, a joint-struggle with heartening allies, it’s really thrilling! But……nothing will start if we don’t get close first!!”

Beatrix charged straight at Fu Xi while guffawing. Fu Xi naturally swung her treasured sword to meet her attack. BeatrixThe berserker that jumped right from the front into the wind of flame caused Karin to scream “That’s reckless!?”

Karin directed the defensive magic that she was chanting to Beatrix in panic.

“Mark in hand, truth in mouth, resignation in soul……the defense doctrine of ancient times that repels disaster right here……Abolishment Samskara Klesha MantraOnkirikakusowaka!”[3]

Karin’s contracted Diva <Tamamo no Mae> was known as an apparition, but she was a fox that was revered with faith as a god in the ancient Japan. Karin’s spell chant――no, perhaps it should be called [prayer] here. With that Tamamo no Mae exhibited power as a god and gave rise to winds of protection.

Beatrix who was rushing headlong was enveloped in wind that repelled disaster.

The wind that attacked Beatrix right from the front was weakened in momentum at that moment.

“My gratitude fox kid!”

Beatrix leaped into the winds of flame that was weakened only for an instant and held her ground even while her magic power was being shaved off grindingly before she rode across. And then she crashed her large sword at the treasured sword that was the source of the flame.

“O divine protection of valorous man, whirl in my body and double the Megin! The will of god that spurs me to infinite fight, in this body! ……Meginjord!”

Blade and blade was pushing hard at each other while Beatrix invoked reinforcement magic.

Blade locking contest. Now that it became like this Fu Xi became unable to swing her treasured sword anymore.

The whirl of flame that turned the surrounding area into a blazing field finally stopped with that.


Kanae immediately plunged in. Fu Xi right now was in the timing where her chanting was going to end anytime.

Surely this must be an unknown special move for Fu Xi.

Shin’iki――by perfectly reading and understanding the magic power wave of the spell chanting and by swinging the blade at a perfect timing, a small wound would be gouged at the most important framework of the magic power stream that composed the spell. With that single small wound, the magic phenomenon that should be completed would be crushed into pieces――it was a [chanting disruption technique].

It was unrelated to how vast the magic power that Fu Xi had. With one attack of a small black cat, the magic of Fu Xi that was on the verge of completion right now was dispersed.

Losing control of the whirling magic power, it melted into the air and vanished completely.

“Just now, what’s that!”

Fu Xi whose reset button was pressed from the side in a development that she had never even imagined leaked out a shocked voice.

“I will do a good fight, welcome a good death, become a person who wishes to participate in even more battles of heaven! The divine protection of blood color in my eye! Berserk!!”

Beatrix jostled the treasured sword while piling up even more reinforcement magic.

However――Fu Xi’s treasured sword was unmoving like a boulder. Fu Xi’s arm strength……wasn’t the cause, the vast magic power Fu Xi’s whole body was clad with was the cause. Fu Xi pulled herself together and smiled smugly.

“Hmph, you all, are you planning to stop us? Fufufu, I sense you who are in front of our eyes. How your magic power is being shaved grindingly even just by matching blades like this. Do you understand now? You who are desperately enduring the weight of our blade, are under the control of us.”

The more someone was under the control of Fu Xi, their strength would be stolen from there――that was exactly the King’s Authority possessed by Fu Xi.

That wasn’t something limited by country’s territory. If her standpoint towards the enemy in front of her eyes became dominant, the enemy’s strength would be stolen gradually by that much. Smile was fading away from Beatrix’s expression.

“Shin’iki!” “Shintoukei!” “Getsuei no Tachi!”

Kanae, Karin and Kohaku, the three of them simultaneously assaulted Fu Xi whose sword was locked against Beatrix.

But the attacks of the three, all of them were repelled by something unseen.

Fu Xi wasn’t moving――the three martial artists sharpened their senses to detect just what in the world had blocked their attack. And then their eyes opened wide in shock.

A colossal magic power was floating behind Fu Xi, it was forming the shape of a human.

As though it was the guardian god of Fu Xi.

“Fufufu, understand that the density of our magic power is different with you all. This is not Summoning Magic at all. The great force of will of us gave birth to one more us……”

The Enchant Aura enveloping Fu Xi’s body detached from Fu Xi’s body as it was and moved independently, it was protecting the unmoving Fu Xi.

“Something like that is useless if the trick is known!”

The three of them quickly released the second wave of attacks. But Fu Xi’s shadow clone was hindering them, there was no way <Shin’iki> or <Shintoukei> would succeed. Kohaku’s <Getsuei no Tachi> perfectly hit, but that attack that was specialized in hitting didn’t have that much strength.

While they were doing that Fu Xi was restarting her chant once more. The countdown of terror began once more.

“Because our close aides are not at our side protecting us, even chanting is a pain but……no matter, surely even a low level magic like this will be enough for the likes of you all.”

Even though she said that it was a low level magic, but it was a magic phenomenon that was invoked with Fu Xi’s colossal magic power as the trigger.

――The invocation couldn’t be prevented. Kanae, Karin, and Kohaku leaped back with maximum vigilance. Only Beatrix didn’t do that. She was left behind while stopping Kyuuryuu Shinkatou and endured patiently.

“O history of China’s four thousand years wartime fire……become five swords with blades filled with grudge. China Five SwordsChuuka Goken!”

Five treasured swords were created along with light of five colors at Fu Xi’s surroundings.

Those swords were like birds with their own will, they flew around with wind cutting sound.

“First sword, Hitou!”[4]

One of the swords swooped down at Beatrix that couldn’t make any movement.

“Shintoukei!” Karin jumped in to cover for Beatrix and struck the side of the flying blade with her palm heel. She read and understood the flow of magic power of the <Hitou> and then she poured in magic power that ran counter to it to nullify the magic power while her palm heel conveyed shockwave to the blade――<Shintoukei>. The Hitou was smashed into small pieces suddenly.

“Second sword, Gokouken!!”[5]

The five swords were moving in turn――the next one moving was a large two bladed sword.

It did something unexpected and split vertically right in the middle, becoming twin swords with single edge each and flew towards Beatrix from both sides.

“……Wind God PositioningFujin Sokuitsuke!” This time it was Kanae who jumped in while rotating like a spinning wheel and swung her katana from right to left and caressed away the intersecting twin swords. With a speed that handled left and right at almost the same time, Kanae repositioned the swords with the minimum strength. <Gokouken> was shifted from Kanae and Beatrix to miss by a hairs breadth and stabbed into the ground deeply.

“Third sword, Konmeiken! Go!!”[6]

In succession the third sword moved. It flew to the wrong direction and stabbed into the ground where there was no one. Kanae and the others readied themselves instantly wondering what it was planning.

The next moment, pitch black mist spewed out from the sword that stabbed the ground like a grave marker. The mist was enveloping not just Kanae’s group, but even the allies in the surroundings and also the Russian knight order.

All at once the people lost their strength as if their whole body was ravaged by a nerve poison. Several people fell on their knees weakly. Even Beatrix that was locking swords with Fu Xi right now was swallowed by the black mist and groaned “guh”, it weakened her herculean strength and she was gradually being pushed back by the pressure of Kyuuryuu Shinkatou.

If Beatrix was outpushed then they would be exposed to the threat of the flame storm once more.

At that time from the battlefield that was covered by the mist of curse, Shouko who was straddling the divine beast <Shifuzou> was flying high to the sky swiftly.

“That become the whip of god that shoot out the soul! Awaken the surge that disturbs the origin god right here! Dashinben!”

Shouko swing down the thin wooden pole from the air towards the black mist. The wooden pole that hit empty air *DOON!* reverberated throughout the surrounding area with striking magic power.

That was a special surge that obstructed every kind of magic power wave and magic phenomenon.

At once the black mist dispersed and vanished. The people recovered their strength.

Beatrix also recovered her strength and pushed back the Kyuuryuu Shinkatou with a strain.

“Hmph, so you came through that, how troublesome. Fourth sword, Bakuya Houken!”[7]

Without almost any time to rest, the fourth treasured sword emitted fierce light.

That white light blinded the eyes of all people who were present there. It was a light that disregarded even when the eyesight was strengthened with magic power.

The people lost their eyesight temporarily, <Bakuya Houken> became the very streak of light and flew towards Beatrix with the speed of light. It was truly an attack that wouldn’t let one see through or defend against it.

But at that time a darkness that seemed to swallow that light was enveloping Beatrix protectively.

“O god of destruction Shiva, pull down the curtain of jet black right here! O calamity, rotate! Great Darkness of ReconstructionBairava Mahakala!!”

The contractor of Shiva, Silirat of Ryouzanpaku emitted [darkness]. That was the darkness that symbolized Shiva’s cycle of destruction and regeneration――the enshrouding phenomenon was immediately dismantled as an error.

When the darkness swallowed the treasured sword that emitted light, the treasured sword lost its light and speed and turned into a blunt sword immediately. Karin shouted “Haa!” with spirit and smashed it apart.

Fu Xi’s both eyes became sharp like a dragon, her eyes goggled at Shouko and Silirat that suddenly appeared.

“Heh! It’s shocking that tyrant-sama is properly remembering the faces of us lowly people!”

Silirat bared her teeth and talked back provocatively.

“I really ain’t got any duty to be the ally of Japan, but I had long awaited for this day where I can face you like this yeah, Reborn Emperor Fu Xi!”

Shouko also yelled at Fu Xi with a fierce grin.

The expressions of Shouko and Silirat were filled with happiness of finally confronting the hated enemy.

Both of them lost their birthplace because of China’s invasion, they were war orphans that formed Ryouzanpaku.

“Fuh, that’s because we also have smart minds! Those guys that are slightly better even amidst the small fries, I remember them!”

Fu Xi’s young face burst open into a smile and she puffed up her chest with a proud huff ‘ehhen’.

It was a really innocent smile even towards opponents who were directing glares filled with killing intent at her.

“Shut up you demon!”

Silirat pointed the tips of her <Trisula> at Fu Xi and took her stance.

“That’s right! You are the bad one!!”

Suddenly Karin also raised a yell of hatred.

“Nee-san wasn’t bad by any means! I also wasn’t unfortunate! Everything……everything was because of you, the source of all evil!!”

The smoldering feelings inside Karin’s chest that didn’t have any place to vent to was suddenly realized towards the enemy before her eyes.

Being raised as a puppet without affection to be a spy of China, in the end she parted with her step-sister without being able to exchange any feelings at all. Even so Karin was unable to resent her step-sister.

To give it up as a mere misfortune gave her a feeling of loss that just was too heavy. ‘Just why did it have to become like this’, that emotion which didn’t have any outlet to vent out to had been inside her all this time without her understanding it.

And then right now, she herself overlapped with the figures of Shouko and Silirat and she was finally able to understand.

Chukadou, King of domination, Fu Xi.

This girl’s urge for domination was what was made her whole lifedestiny into a mess!

The naïve Karin was pierced by a hatred so great, one which she had never harbored towards anyone until now, that it made her tremble. Her small body was boiling strongly with the heat of rage.

“We are bad you say? Foolish, ignorant people. Whether it is good or bad, it is decided by us!! The sin of saying that we are bad, deserves a thousand deaths!!”

The last sword shined dazzlingly.

“Fifth sword, Seikoui Tenken!!”[8]

“Silirat, its light element again! Do the one just now one more time!”

“Say that after you bought me time for chanting you idiot-!”

Kanae yelled and then Silirat yelled back.

The last sword――Seikoui Tenken was shining brightly while climbing up to the sky. All the swords until now were rapidly increasing in power corresponding with the increasing turn. Then surely this would be the strongest sword.

When the sword was absorbed to the sky, with a flash the clouds split and light was overflowing down.

“Bridge to the surface from the sky, o rainbow of supremacy path! Mow down the worms!!”

Fu Xi yelled, then rainbow colored light was pouring down from the sky.

Red, blue, yellow……any of those colors were a laser beam formed from compressed magic power. It made their hair stand on its ends. All the lights were heading accurately to Kanae and Beatrix respectively.

“Block and endure, <Taroutachi>! Battou Kaikon――Taiju no Shinogi!”

Kohaku poured magic power into her Sacred Treasure and enlarged it until the limit and protected the overheads of her comrades.

The roof of thick steel blocked the colorful rain of light. But Taroutachi endured only for an instant. It used up its power at once and it withered back to its original size.

But thanks to that instant, Shouko’s chanting made it in time.

“O evil lurking in the sand pattern, shut the surge and scatters the light! Wind Scattering FlowerTao Art – Kazesange!!”

Shouko controlled wind and compressed the density of the atmosphere overhead. The clump of air compressed by soaking it with magic power became a shield that obstructed every element of attack. The air isolated the temperature, blew away material, and then the light――was being dispersed while being refracted.

When the rainbow laser passed through the wall of air its vectors were refracted, its accurate aim was slightly shifted. Due to that the target barely escaped from being hit.

The heat ray passed through by a hairbreadth right besides them. However, just the radiating wave from that smashed their defensive magic power with a colossal amount of heat and it blew away the swordsmen everywhere.

“ “ “ “ “UWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” ” ” ” ”


Even Beatrix who was blocking Kyuuryuu Shinkatou while being protected by her comrades had her back burned by the radiating waves of the heat ray, her knees finally slumped down.

She was already unable to block Kyuuryuu Shinkatou and became exposed powerlessly in front of that tyranny.

“Hahahahaha! That’s as far as you go!”

Fu Xi kicked the slumping Beatrix and sent her flying, then she largely swung up Kyuuryuu Shinkatou in order to swallow her up with flame wind.

“You did well enduring this long, but you are finally devoured! And then prostrate yourself!! No, die!!”

――But at that time Fu Xi’s field of vision had exactly shrank down. She became absorbed with the prey in front of her eyes and separated her eyes from the existences that she should originally pay attention to the most.

And that was creeping unnoticed, from dead angle to dead angle, while killing the presence of its magic power.


The shadow creeping close was finally noticed by Fu Xi when it reached the stage where it swelled up its magic power, she turned behind her. She was too late.

“Near Death Roulette!!”

“What the!?”

Kazuki swung down the scythe of the death god.

Part 2[edit]

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, on the fifth move!”

Hrotsvit yelled while fighting.

“I get it!” Kazuki also returned a nod.

That was the moment when Fu Xi used the first sword <Hitou> among her five treasured swords.

Fu Xi didn’t do something like [launching the five swords at the same time]. It was reasonable to think that the magic she used wasn’t something where doing such thing was possible. Those five swords couldn’t be handled at the same time.

From now on Fu Xi would launch her five swords in turn. Even though she would not need to chant any spell during it, but her action until five moves ahead had became definite.

Kazuki and Hrotsvit noticed that fact at the same time.

In the case that their comrades defended against those swords one after another until the fifth one……Fu Xi will surely lose her temper. She would lose her cool. She would perform an act that they had predicted beforehand without her cool.

――This was the extremely rare chance where her field of vision narrowed. There would be an opening created without fail.

The problem was how far their comrades could defend themselves. Kazuki who aimed for the surprise attack couldn’t chant defensive magic in order to help his comrades.

That was a gamble but there was no time to feel hesitation. Even if they had predicted her action five moves ahead with certainty, it didn’t change that it was like watching someone pulling the trigger of a gun filled with five bullets ‘bang bang bang bang bang!’

Retreating from the battle against Ilyailiya that was jumping and flying around, Kazuki rushed towards the direction of Fu Xi.

“……I won’t let you go.”

Ilyailiya who changed her right arm into a silver blade tried to block Kazuki’s path.

However, having predicting that high speed movement, Hrotsvit cut in with her body.

Hrotsvit was also able to perfectly foresight the killing intent of Ilyailiya.

Precisely because she didn’t have eyesight that she was even more sensitive to it than Kazuki.

Wisdom. Prophecy――those were things that symbolized Odin.

“You won’t let him go? Do you really think so?”

Ilyailiya was repelled away by a powerful body blow, Hrotsvit then swung her large thorny mace *buun!*. Ilyailiya barely blocked it with her silver shield and her movement was stopped with the strength of the two reaching equilibrium against each other. Kazuki successfully retreated from there.


Ilyailiya summoned spirit of flame and sent it at Hrotsvit.

“Calamaity has already been reflected on my blocked eyes……Hidden Letter of ProtectionOrto Rune!”

Runes were shining red while emerging at Hrotsvit’s surroundings as if to protect her, the fire spirit clashed against it and both magics offset each other.

“Automatic defense magic in response to the foresight……!”

Ilyailiya analyzed with a clear face and voice.

“You can see as you wish any unforeseen attack.”

“I wish I could do that―. You, since a while ago you were completely devoting yourself to defense weren’t you? Sometimes you counterattacked but you only kept using the same magic like an idiot that only remembers one thing. Are you underestimating us? Or else……you too are someone with a considerably cunning personality?”


Ilyailiya didn’t answer and put her strength into her silver shield in the attempt to push back.

“A safe mode that thoroughly protects your own body without showing your trump card at all. It is an annoyance that no sufficient damage is inflicted on you after fighting you with the two of us……hey, were you really thinking of [won’t let him go]?”

Ilyailiya didn’t answer. Hrotsvit showed a smug faint smile and peered into Ilyailiya’s eyes.

“Your true intention is to [do her in], am I wrong?”

――And then when the fourth sword was launched, Kazuki rushed until nearby Fu Xi and the others.

At the fifth swords, with effort he endured the feeling of wanting to protect everyone with defensive magic. He believed in his comrades.

And then, while he sensed the movement of Fu Xi’s eyes, he was rushing from blind spot to blind spot.

While he was inside a battlefield where attack magics were bursting everywhere in all directions, his magic power was endlessly thin. He didn’t even let a drop of sound leak out from his footsteps by using Psychokinesis as a cushion.

He emitted his presence only for an instant when he invoked magic using Zekorbeni.

His comrades were desperately defending. They somehow pulled through the fifth sword too. However, Beatrix finally fell on her knees and Fu Xi brandished her Kyuuryuu Shinkatou. He couldn’t postpone it for even an instant more.

Hell King DressMode Asmodeus!”

At that moment, Kazuki made it in time.

“The five stars shining at the interstice of life and death, pillaged by the circling whim of the god of death, become an unspeakable wretched clay doll! Near Death Roulette!!”

Magic power exploded in his palm and a huge scythe was created, he swung it.

“What the!?”

Fu Xi noticed and turned around but――she was already too late. From Fu Xi’s shoulder until her lower body, the black scythe cut her up without any resistance. There wasn’t even any reaction from defensive magic power.

This scythe didn’t posses even the tiniest bit of attack power.

In exchange, every single attack would randomly plunder one of a human’s five senses.

The moment the scythe cut up Fu Xi, his two hands felt weight that he had never experienced until now. Rather than a physical weight, the weight was resounding in his mind. It was a weight that he had never felt when using this magic until now. Kazuki immediately stepped back and took distance.

Fu Xi who was full of composure was shaken up for the first time.

“You, you bastard, what did you do!?”

Fu Xi flapped both her hands and she stamped both her legs on the ground as though to make sure of the ground’s feel.

……Perhaps the sense that was stolen was her sense of touch. Fu Xi was supposed to feel uneasiness as though her whole body was floating in space. Actually he wanted to steal her eyesight but…….

Nevertheless what was with the weight of this scythe?

{That’s just how heavy the thing that you stole is.}

Asmodeus’s voice resounded inside Kazuki’s head.

Certainly, he was using this magic against an opponent that was on a different level compared to all his opponents until now. In the first place, Kazuki hadn’t used this magic all that much until now.

However, hadn’t Kaguya-senpai been able to easily use this scythe skillfully? She was able to nonchalantly steal several senses from a great number of opponents as she pleased. No matter how much out of the norm Fu Xi was as an opponent…….

{Kukuku, that’s because the compatibility of me and you and this magic is lacking. You are thinking that you don’t really like using this magic right? It’s not your style.}

Now that he was told so, he had no choice but to agree.

{Though the compatibility between me and my cute Kaguya is perfect you see.}

Kaguya-senpai who was being favored until this much by this female ero demon king…….

<Near Death Roulette> stole one of the senses with each attack, the sixth attack would sever the magic power itself. However……with the scythe getting this heavy from just one attack, he guessed that that really wasn’t realistic to carry out.

“Now! She is feeling shaken!!”

Kanae gave the command and then she started attacking together with the comrades who had fixed their stance.

“Chih……o flame of Nanden, burn the vigor and work the mind, fill the full scope of heaven and become the sun god. Exiting divinity from Taizoku, change shape into garments that is one with origin! Tempering God Purple Ribbon Hermit ClothesReijin Shiju Sen’i!!”[9]

It seemed that Fu Xi was spewing out a large amount of magic power from her mouth, but that magic power was enveloping her whole body and became a garment that repelled the all-out attack of Kanae and the others.

“Useless…… attacks from the likes of you all are useless against us! ……That’s how it’s supposed to be……yet, what have you done you bastard!?”

Even while showing such an overwhelming defensive power, Fu Xi glared at Kazuki with a look of rage.

The girl had received an unknown attack that she couldn’t recover from.

Most likely two words of [temporary retreat] were also flashing inside Fu Xi’s head.

It wasn’t a bad point of compromise to have her retreat after this little skirmish.

In the first place she should be bearing a risk too, having China’s main force acting separately from her continuously like this. ……Now that he thought about it, where was the main force of China?

Kazuki looked around once again and grasped the situation. Thanks to the reinforcement of ten people from the Norse Knight Order, Japan could oppose Russia in a superior position. However Russia’s side wasn’t really damaged that much. ……Right now Kazuki noticed, that Russia as a whole was putting importance on defense.

Perhaps in this situation, the one who was being forced into exhaustion the most was Fu Xi alone.

Needless to say, the one who arranged that was obviously Ilyailiya.

It looked like this was a battle of two against two, but the truth was that it wasn’t like that.

……*Shudder*, Kazuki suddenly felt a chill.

He looked up to the sky. On the battlefield Kazuki was constantly honing his senses towards magic power. Kazuki who was doing that was sensing a magic power wave from a direction he didn’t anticipate as a [bad premonition] and [chill] instinctually.

“Everyone, be careful! Something is coming from the sky!!”

He didn’t understand at all what it was, how was it coming and who it was aimed at, but anyway he yelled.

Something was sparkling in the sky――in was approaching in the blink of an eye.

It was an arrow wrapped in magic power! The moment he understood that, that arrow pierced Fu Xi who was in front of his eyes.

“……What the!? Whose work is this!!”

Fu Xi’s [Reijin Shiju Sen’i] had cracks running on it.

It wasn’t just a single shot. With that as the start *hyun hyun hyun*……arrows were flying in succession. Those arrows’ aim weren’t limited to Fu Xi, the arrows were flying accurately at many people.

The knights who were right in the middle of battle were falling into panic.

“……” Taking advantage of the mayhem, Ilyailiya’s figure vanished. Hrotsvit was facing the sky and her attention was shifted from Ilyailiya which made an instant of opening.

She rushed around between the knights of Japan who were in disorder and were preparing to flee, there was no doubt that she had the ulterior motive of chopping up everyone like a slasher. Kazuki too was late in his reaction.

But the instant Ilyailiya moved, an arrow accurately flew as if it had beaten her to the punch. Silver armor broke and magic power light was overflowing. Ilyailiya stumbled her step and stopped still.

The arrows were also aiming at Russia. They were flying here without discrimination between Japan, China, or Russia.

“Which interloper is firing these arrows!!” Fu Xi raised an angry voice.

Kazuki and Kanae Foresighted the trajectory of the arrows with senses that were nearly like prediction, they protected the nearby allies. However, when their attention got fully occupied by the arrows, Russia’s knights came in assault with their Systema. Those Russian knights also became the victim of those arrows. The battlefield was displaying a state of chaos.

Kazuki recalled the silhouette of a mountain floating on the other side of the sky he saw before. This was…….

“We are being sniped from the top of that mountain. The highest place in this battlefield is being occupied.”

Hrotsvit talked with the same thinking as Kazuki.

“Arrows that are hitting perfectly at the same time numbered as far as two. There are two shooters.”

Hrotsvit nodded back at him after Kazuki said so.

Two arrows were flying here simultaneously, however the speed of the rapid-fire was terrifying. The power wasn’t that high but it was annoying with the huge number of the arrows. Indiscriminate……that meant, they couldn’t see the appearance of the people here?

“I never even imagined that someone would attack from the top of that mountain.”

In a place that was enshrouded by a magic power cloud this thick the attacker was able to snipe this accurately.

In the first place it was difficult to fill projectile weapons with magic power. Even the Summoning Magic of Divas couldn’t cause magic phenomenon outside the range of perception. This was a long range attack that should be impossible.

“This is really outside of common sense……however, come to think of it, there are two Divas that might be able to do this sniping that is like foul play on this Atlantis.”

Something suddenly came to Kazuki’s mind.

“……So this is an interruption from Italia!”

Hrotsvit nodded.

“The strongest bow users in every mythology of all ages and countries……Greek Mythology’s Apollo and Artemis.”

Part 3[edit]

The scenery the girls were looking down at was enveloped by a sea of clouds. The sea of clouds weren’t white, but were faint blue clouds filled with magical power.

It was at the peak of the mountain. The rainbow eucalyptus forest spreading at the lower world was completely covered by the sea of clouds, no matter how great the clairvoyance one had the situation inside the forest couldn’t be peeked at. Even sensing magic power was impossible.

It was like a mountain where the hermits were living, that place was a world that was completely isolated from the lower world.

That was how it was supposed to be. With the exclusion of just two people as the exception.

“The arrows, are they hitting the target properly?”

Vera Garibaldi softly asked the two who were earnestly firing arrows rapidly above a steep boulder.

“Hahaha, of course we don’t know that. We cannot see after all.”

The contractor of <Apollo> Valextra Versace laughed showing her shining teeth.

She was a handsome and tall female that possessed both good spiritedjovialness and gallantness like the sun. Her air was like Hoshikaze Hikaru that was made into a westerner as she was. Her body was wrapped in a bright red Magic Dress.

“It’s not like we are going easy at shooting them. Believe in us and rest assured Vera.”

The contractor of <Artemis> Diana Versace admonished Vera calmly.

She was a clearly transparent beautiful female possessing both refreshing coolness and calmness that was like the moon. The atmosphere of this one was like Ryuutaki Miyabi who was even quieter. She was wearing a champagne gold Magic Dress.

In the first place there was much beauty among the Magika Stigma, yet even so, these two were a duo that looked picturesque.

Vera whose atmosphere was a little plain compared to the two was pressing on her chest with a look that was kept in tenterhooks.

“I’ll recognize that I’m worrying too much……it’s just that everything progressed too smoothly exactly as planned. But there is just one thing that I want to properly confirm……those arrows didn’t hit Regina-sama inadvertently did they? The current Regina-sama will die if she got hit by an arrow you know……”

“Hahah, that would be amusing too.” Apollo’s Valextra laughed large-heartedly.

“You cannot laugh that off-!”

“This bow of Apollo……<Light Arrow of God SlayerAganaverea> will shoot accurately through magic power from a far distance. It won’t react to the current Regina.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.12 197.jpg

“This bow of Artemis……<Shadow Arrow of Beast SlayerGinekaverea> detects fast movements from a far distance and shoots it through. Though if Regina is moving quickly than this bow will react……”

When Artemis’s Diana said that coolly, Vera raised a voice “hieh” that sounded like a hiccup. Valextra laughed heartily saying “Hahaha, your voice just now.”

“But it won’t aim at an object that is moving independently. It’s attached with that much distinction. It will only aim at keen and nimble movement in a group……in other words only at people that began fighting.”

“Is that so? The two of you……you two are lacking in loyalty towards Regina-sama so I’m worried.”

“Hahaha, loyalty to Regina you say, hahaha.”

“Fufufu, loyalty to Regina you say, fufufu.”

“Why are you two laughing about that! Regina-sama is an amazing person. I’ll report this to her you know!”

“That’s scary that we are going to get reported isn’t it.” “That’s scary that we are going to get reported, yes.” “That person, she is short tempered after all.” “That person, she is someone that cannot be joked with.”

Towards those three talking people, one more [top brass] was approaching with brisk footsteps they were familiar with before that person joined the talk.

“Don’t slack down at your shooting because of doing stupid talk, both of you. Are you two planning to make the strategy go to waste?”

Vera’s expression slackened down in relief.

“Zenia……your loyalty is also questionable, but it helps that you are serious.”

“Don’t look for loyalty every single time.”

The contractor of the god of war Athena, Zenia Veneta replied with a hard voice.

“You know that we <Olympia’s twelve gods> especially don’t have that kind of relationship.”

She had hair that was cut and evened up shortly with a sharp and cold look that had no opening at all. Iron woman, female sergeant, she was a female with that kind of atmosphere.

“I’m not telling you to show respect to Regina-sama because she is Zeus-sama’s contractor. Everyone ought to respect the magnificence of Regina-sama as an individual more, that’s what I believe.”

“If you are talking from that point of view, then I cannot understand at all even more. Regina is a mere eccentric.”

When Zenia frankly cut down what Vera said, the Versace sisters also raised “hahaha” “fufufu” chuckling voices like the chirping of little birds.

When Vera heard Regina getting talked about badly, she got dejected as if it was herself that got deprecated.

‘Certainly Regina-sama also has aspects that is a little bit like that but, I think she is a wonderful person, yet…….

Regina-sama won’t listen well to other people’s opinions, but if she is not acting that overbearingly, then she surely won’t be able to unify and lead these members who are like this. I’m thinking of that as even more true now that I’m made to be the substitute leader.’

“Don’t be so down like that Vera.”

One more person joined the conversation with a tone that sounded somewhat viscous.

“Even though with their mouths everyone is talking like that, in actuality they should love Regina. And then more than anyone else…..I love Regina-sama. We are in love with each other. Super love chuu chuu Regina haa haa”

This time Vera was turning at the owner of the voice with her eyes getting damp behind her glasses.

“Diadora……. Zeus and Hera are a married couple of gods, however, I don’t think that means that you and Regina-sama are also a married couple.”

The contractor Magika Stigma of the goddess <Hera> that was the wife of Zeus, Diadora Fermani was breathing roughly ‘haa haa’ with a sexually perverted look.

“Fufufu, [Heifer’s EyeDuorasis]……my eyes even now are reflecting the figure of Regina-sama. It cannot be helped that my breathing got somewhat disordered.”

“For some reason I feel like Regina-sama is being dirtied……”

Talking about Zeus, he was a god that was like the synonym of infidelity, but Hera that was his wife was a goddess that was the most yandere in the world.

Hera wouldn’t fail to notice Zeus’s infidelity by any means, she absolutely wouldn’t forgive that infidelity partner.

The magic that was modeled after that legend, the [Duorasis]――it was able to look from a distance at the figure of Regina who was the contractor of Zeus from anytime and anywhere no matter how far it was.

It was the ultimate observation magic that ignored even the dense magic power cloud of Atlantis as though it was nothing.

That Regina separated from Italia’s knight order and took independent action by herself.

She was moving around Atlantis freely by transforming into various animals. ……It was common knowledge that Regina could transform into an animal, so if Regina wasn’t thought of as being already dead, perhaps Fu Xi and Ilyailiya would kill every animal that entered their sights.

But right now, where everyone was under the impression that Regina was already dead, Regina who transformed into an animal was completely turned into a blind spot.

Kazuki named Ilyailiya as the strongest scout, but the current Regina wouldn’t lose to her at all. With the appearance of an animal and her magic power erased into nothing, there was no one who could catch a sight of Regina.

And then the scenery that Regina was seeing was shared with Hera’s Diadora so that she could also see the same scenery.

Regina hated Diadora’s stalking ability and her personality from the bottom of her heart, but for the sake of victory she had resolved herself to use any kind of method.

Perfect spying action and information delivery. The ultimate that was demanded from scouting was in their hands.

“Aah……the happiness of being able to observe Regina’s figure without any reservation……”

Diadora’s expression had surpassed ecstasy and turned criminal.

Vera renewed her determination “I have to support Regina-sama…..”

Putting aside the personality of her comrades, the strategy was going perfectly.

Regina was freely moving around and communicated the safe route that had no enemy to Italia’s knight order’s main force, and so their main force could climb this mountain at full speed without anyone being alerted and made the spot their base. It wasn’t a difficult mission in the first place because it was only Apollo and Artemis who found tactical value for this mountain, but nevertheless everything was going smoothly.

Firing their arrows from here, naturally the enemy immediately noticed that they were being sniped from atop of the mountain.


From the steep cliff before their eyes, someone was flying up vigorously and landed before Vera.

“Vera-dono, Hermes’s ninja corps’ deployment and the placement of the trap, everything has been completed gozaru.”[10]

“Thank you Faraone. But I think that you and your subordinates aren’t actually ninjas though.”

The contractor of <Hermes> Faraone El Shaarawy.

Hermes was a god of ingenuity, swindling, and a messenger that was the swiftest in the world of mythology.

His activity was exactly like a ninja.

Faraone changed this mountain into an impregnable fortress with Hermes’s trap magic.

If some force became eager to stop the arrows and tried to climb this mountain, the troublesomeness and the unpleasantness of the god called Hermes would be taught to them until the depths of their flesh and bone.

“The time that the ninjutsu that this lowly self had kept training to finally become useful……is truly this lowly self’s long cherished wish gozaru.”

Faraone was a maniac of the Japanese ninja.

However, with the severed diplomatic relations and the faith’s influence, her knowledge about ninjas was a little dubious, she was wearing an outrageous hairstyle that was a mix of a Mohican and a topknot.

She was a good person, but Vera couldn’t understand her sense of aesthetic even a little. Vera averted her eyes. She couldn’t look straight at her. Even though her face was completely beautiful but with that Mohican topknot hairstyle, it made Vera’s brain fall into mayhem looking at her. If a male looked at her face then surely he would writhe and groan saying “Why is a beautiful girl like this doing that kind of hairstyle!”

“Fu-fu-fu, everything is going smoothlyswimmingly.”

The contractor of Athena, Zenia was also chuckling with a slightly slackened expression.

“Yes, it’s perfect. ……Everyone! Everyone everywhere is underestimating us because they are under the impression that Regina-sama is dead. However Regina-sama is alive……even though Regina-sama is not here, but we will make them realize how terrifying the united power of Olympia’s twelve gods is!!”

Vera yelled so to her comrades in order to heighten the morale of the knight order.

After a silence that was still as death “Hahaha, Olympia’s twelve gods uniting she says, hahaha” “Fufufu, aren’t we a Mythology that is the farthest from that, fufufu” the Versace sisters laughed as though chirping.

“Regina-sama……every one of them are all problem children but, this right hand of Regina-sama, <Poseidon>’s Vera will unite them well without fail……! Please watch over me!”

Vera clenched her fist tightly.

“Don’t say something like that out loud but say it inside your heart.” Zenia pointed that out coldly.

“Please look over there? No, I am looking at Regina right now. Haa haa……Regina that is turning into a white bird and flying inside the forest of rainbows……what elegance and grace that is……hauuun!!”

Diadora was shivering all over.

Putting aside their power of unity, Italia’s knight order was at their best form above the mountain.

It was chaos. The battlefield that welcomed Japan-Russia added with Fu Xi of China and Hrotsvit of Germany together with ten of her elites had lost the order even more due to the indiscriminate attacks of arrows from the sky.

When everyone there thought that they didn’t want to accumulate damage in this early stage, instead their attention was taken completely by the arrows from the sky and they became unable to concentrate on the enemies before their eyes.

The one who especially became noticeably unmotivated was Ilyailiya. She was expressionless even at the best of times, but now that she had drastically lost her motivation and both her eyes became exactly like that of a dead fish.

Hrotsvit suddenly pushed her shoulder on Kazuki and whispered.

“Did you notice?”

“The regularity of the arrows you mean?”

“You said that there are two right―. ……Fufufu, I want to be spared of having an alliance with a person of bad judgment but, you are unexpectedly a partner that is easy to work with.”

Hrotsvit nodded as though to say ‘that’s exactly what I think too’.

“There are two kinds of arrows here. One is flying the moment to where there is magic power growingswelling.”

“And then the other arrow is flying the moment someone tries to move quickly and it flies towards that movement.”

Hrotsvit nodded with a friendly grin.

Kazuki and Hrotsvit who excelled in [seeing through] had no more fear at all towards these two arrows the moment they saw through the regularity, It was easy to deal with it if they understood where and when the arrows were going to come.

Kazuki communicated this regularity towards his Chouki magicians using telepathy. From them, the way of dealing with the arrows also began to permeate towards the whole Japanese Knight Order.

“Eei, annoying! Annoying! We cannot chant magic like this!!”

In contrast Fu Xi was irritated.

The arrow that aimed at the moment of magic power inflation aimed frequently at Fu Xi who was the magician with the strongest magic power in this place. And then, each time she was hit by an arrow the shock of smashed magic power shook her whole body. Fu Xi who had lost her sense of touch on her whole body was inflicted with confusion each time her body received an impact. At the time her body shook violently, both her legs didn’t have the sensation of stepping on the earth. Only her sight was shaken. Just that kind of thing was really confusing her mind.[11]

And then the other arrow that was flying with aim towards fast movement was flying a lot toward Ilyailiyas whose distinctive characteristic was her speed.

The cause that made Ilyailiya waft off the mood of war weariness in her expression was that.

Be that as it may it was difficult to give damage to Ilyailiya when she was in preparedness to flee. It wasn’t skillful to expose your trump card to an opponent that was devoting herself to defense……when Kazuki and Hrotsvit thought like that, the lack of motivation of Ilyailiya also infected the two of them.

The battle was losing its direction.

“Is your main force heading to this place right now?”

Kazuki asked Hrotsvit. That was an important factor that decided the state of the war.

“I inserted runes as a substitute for path signs while advancing through the forest with my ship. ……However it will take some time before they come.”

“It will be our victory if the reinforcements come……we cannot really say that easily huh.”

“The other side also has the main force of China after all.”

……Was Germany’s main force really heading here?

Suddenly a doubt floated inside his head. Perhaps they wouldn’t come. If China’s main force arrived here first……surely Hrotsvit would make Kazuki’s group as a decoy and quickly retreated using <Skidbladnir>. When he noticed Hrotsvit had already gathered her ten elite knights causally at her side. What a really amazing cunningness.

Perhaps there was a need for him to hurry. Perhaps he should tear down either Ilyailiya or Fu Xi without giving a care to the damage.

But if he used up all his cards here, most likely Japan’s chances of victory would decrease drastically…….

“Your face is stiffened you know?”

Hrotsvit whispered.

“Your Beatrix is also considerably exhausted yeah.”

Kazuki immediately talked back. Beatrix took charge of the close range combat and bore the brunt of Fu Xi’s [Kyuuryuu Shinkatou] continuously. The contractor of Thor shouldn’t be a light combat strength that could be easily used up before abandoned. Beatrix should be the most important card for Hrotsvit.

“……The opponent is Fu Xi. It cannot be helped.”

Hrotsvit’s forehead was also trickling cold sweat unpleasantly.

“Eei, Ilyailiya! Link up with our elites and crush the bunches at the top of the mountain!! Underhandedly aiming at us is unforgivable!!”

“Affirmative, we will retreat for the moment.”

When Ilyailiya replied like that, Fu Xi’s whole face became bright red in fury.

“Retreat you say!? Are you saying that you are turning your back to us!”

Even though it was herself who was ordering to go to the mountain, she reacted excessively to the word [retreat].

“I am not turning my back on you. While the whole army is retreating, You and I will shake off the opponent’s pursuit as the rear guard. That is not an act of turning my back to you.”

“Mu!? ……………Is that so! Tis’ no problem!!”

After Ilyailiya replied soothingly, Fu Xi accepted her explanation comparatively easily.

And then, Russia’s knight order began to retreat like the pulling back wave from a beach.

Fu Xi was standing at the end of the line in full vigor and wielded her might as the rear guard.

If Fu Xi was standing at the rear, then Japan too couldn’t possibly pursue recklessly.

Kazuki and the others moderately launched attack magic while seeing them off.

……Thus the first battle came to an end.

“Now then, what are we going to do from now on.”

Hrotsvit said. When the battle ended the arrows stopped coming.

“First it’s best for us to link up with your main force that still hasn’t arrived yet. After that we need to link up with Arthur.”

Kazuki was thinking that Hrotsvit might have reservation towards Britain, but Hrotsvit only nodded calmly saying “I guess so.”

It seemed that she was completely unconcerned with the incident at the British Museum.

“It seems that Britain is not together with Italia, so most likely Britain is moving independently. It would be dangerous for them if we don’t quickly link up.”

If Italia was together with Britain, then Arthur wouldn’t allow that kind of indiscriminate arrows. However, he was wondering for what reason Italia was acting like that.

“Was Italia thinking to make us into enemies firing their arrows like that, or did they think that if it’s me and Hrotsvit we would be able to deal with it, we don’t really understand that. Russia and China are heading to the mountain but, should we go help them or not……”

“They attacked in a way that let others know about their location and in such a manner that it can’t be helped if it was thought as indiscriminate, then surely they won’t mind even if they are left alone. They should have prepared a way to escape by themselves. Perhaps that mountain is full with traps. We also suffered damage, but with this China and Russia will be forced to exhaustion more than us.”

“……Ilyailiya seemed like she noticed the regularity of the arrows in the middle. Despite so she didn’t tell it to Fu Xi. She is also planning to act in a way that exhausted Fu Xi.”

Most likely after this Russia would move in a way that pushed the damage to China too.

Kazuki taught Hrotsvit about the [Direction Witch]. After they were able to link up with Germany like this, the string of red light was supposed to point at Britain without doubt right now.

Hrotsvit made a complicated face.

“……Your force is looking mediocre somewhat, but you have an exceptional magic that lets you move advantageously even in this situation isn’t it. It’s dangerous to think that it is only us who can steal a march like this.”

……In this situation, what kinds of moves and strategies were Britain and Loki using currently he wondered.

Part 4[edit]

“I am Sienna Gattuso. The contractor of the Olympia twelve gods <Ares>. The gatekeeper of this mountain of Olympus. With all of my might, I won’t let all of you pass from here on ahead.”

At the foot of the mountain, by the entrance of the mountain where rock surfaces that became a steep slope could be peeked at more and more, that girl was lying in wait.

She was a petite girl with height around 140 centimeters. However her body was clad in armor with a dark red color that looked like blood while her two hands were holding a huge sword that might be twice her height.

From her appearance she looked like she belonged in the battle faction, but when one heard how she was the contractor of the god of fury Ares then it stood to reason.

The one confronting her was Ilyailiya and Fu Xi―― and the two hundred knights of Russia and China.

Until they reached the foot of this mountain, they had tasted so many trap magics that it made them get fed up and exhausted.

Trap magic――even when the caster wasn’t nearby, if the attack target stepped their foot on that spot it would be triggered and an attack would be invoked. It was plain but it shaved off defensive magic power with certainty.

Fu Xi’s forte was crushing the enemy in front of her eyes, but detecting magic power that was set on the ground wasn’t her strong point. It wasn’t just about sensing magic power, her physical sense was also greatly blunted because her sense of touch was stolen by [Near Death Roulette].

Even though Ilyailiya could deal with the traps, the scene of Fu Xi bearing damage was continuing.

Fu Xi’s subordinates that were rich in battle experience didn’t give any advice to Fu Xi――they weren’t allowed to do that.

Why did it become like this? Fu Xi began to think so inside her heart. Since she followed Ilyailiya’s plan and traveled together with Russia it was only her side who was continuing to be inconvenienced.

She wasn’t thinking that this was Ilyailiya’s plotting but, her irritation was piling up steadily.

But finally in front of her eyes a target that she could beat up with her all appeared.

“Only you alone? How rash.” Fu Xi raised her eyebrow.

“……There are presences of magic power here and there at the slopes. About ten people.”

Ilyailiya sensed the presences of magic power while talking.

“Even so it’s just ten people.”

“This means that they are the few elites while their main force are already planning to retreat.”

“Mu, we see, so that’s how it is. Then……we have to quickly finish this.”

“Naturally time will flow away.”

Sienna lifted up her large sword with both hands while talking.

“Your blood and sweat will flow too from there.”

“Stop prattling! ……Go!”

Fu Xi’s command caused the knights of China to head towards Sienna without even raising their voices.

At the same time with the start of the battle, arrows rained down from the top of the mountain once again.

“Abominable archers. However, now that we have approached near until here where even a gate guard is waiting that’s enough. Hmph, it’s fine if we just destroy everything including the mountain.”

“Because we had been exhausted from before this, this time Russia’s knight order will become the support.”

Ilyailiya who was aware that the arrows would come if she moved said that with zero motivation.

“You can do as you please.”

Fu Xi sent her subordinates forward while beginning to chant her spell at the rear guard. Fu Xi’s powerful attack power could be exhibited at maximum strength by standing at the rear guard.

Suddenly at that time the slope of the mountain was tinged with magic power. The weeds that the knights of China carelessly stepped on rapidly grew and became long ivies that entangled their feet. The knights fell forward.

“Trap magic again!”

Furthermore, there were trees growing tall in front of Sienna that became a wall standing in the way.

“What are you all doing! Just tear apart the ivy like that!! Destroy that wall to pieces!!”

Fu Xi yelled angrily. ……Ilyailiya noticed beforehand how magic power was set up on the ground, but she didn’t tell Fu Xi and she was only staring in a daze from behind.

Sienna invoked magic while that was happening.

“O blood howl, the avatar of strife drag out the latent power. In exchange for my rationality, erupt in my body……The Increase of BerserkerBloody Resize!”

An extremely simple magic phenomenon happened――Sienna’s body was enlarging explosively.

Her muscles inflated and her skeletal structure stretched long as though being pulled by that, rationality vanished from her eye glint. She was transforming into a five meter high being with the appearance that should be called an ogre.

The large sword her arms were holding that looked really unsuited for her before, is now looking like a short sword.


The ogre shouted, Sienna then mowed down the knights of China who were being entangled by ivy as though they were children.

“……O blue dragon who guide the divine will, cut open the path of faith under my hand. Seiryuu Engettou.”

“…….O divine rare steel possessing infinite mass, hand down the attack of certain death to thousands of evil. Nyoi Kinkobou.”

At the head of the Chinese knight order, two Magika Stigmas slipped out from the ivy hell and invoked their magic with a somewhat melancholic spirit.

One was the contractor of Guan Yu, she created a large halberd in her hand and swung it.

The other one was the contractor of Son Goku, he created a freely expanding pole in his hand and swung it.

The two of them assaulted with a momentum that wasn’t stepping back at all against the huge ogre.

They rained down attack magic one after another and pulverized the wall of trees all at once.

The fierce attack of China’s knight order was assaulting the ogre.

“Plijie Zvezda.”

Ilyailiya was also reservedly attacking from afar with meteorites.

Although she was a giant but she was alone. Sienna staggered.

“Ilyailiya! You, don’t be lazy!”

Fu Xi yelled angrily in spite of the [do as you please] that she had said just now. Ilyailiya ignored that and tilted her head wondering “……When will the ambush come out?”

There was no mistake that by being a contractor of Olympus’s twelve gods, Sienna was a powerful person that was prominent in the Italian knight order, but at this rate she would be simply disposable. There was no way it would end just like this. There should be something else.

However, Fu Xi had almost finished her chanting.

“O land polluted by the surrounding barbarians, be purified under China! Descend down right here o spear of destruction at the end of everything!”

Fu Xi spiritedly lifted her right hand. Above that hand was a bright red cone floating.

The cone received Fu Xi’s colossal magic power and it enlarged in the blink of an eye.

Four Direction Spiritual Protection of the State Crimson Bird CannonShihou Chinkoku Shuchouhou!!”

When Fu Xi swung down her right hand, the cone flew as though it was thrown away. It went past the head of the enlarged Sienna before the tip of the cone pierced into the mountain slope and dug deeper inside.

Rather than a spear it was a [missile]――after the red cone slipped deep inside the slope it exploded. The ground shook, countless cracks ran, bright red light overflowed from the fissures.

Inside the bright red light, the silhouette of the towering tall mountain was crumbling into pieces.

“Fuhaha, what mountain of Olympus! See, it’s breaking apart! It’s break……mu?”

Fu Xi’s eyes turned round. Ilyailiya’s eyes also opened slightly wide.

The mountain was crumbling due to red light. The trees became ashes in an instant, the surface was stripped down……and steel material appeared from underneath it.

Under the silhouette that was thought as a mountain, a steel fortress appeared.

No, that steel fortress was moving, it stood up.

Half of the thing that was thought as a mountain, wasn’t a mountain.

A steel titan was bending down as though snuggling close to the mountain.

It was hidden with soil and trees as camouflage above it. Right now that camouflages was all blown away and the steel titan hidden underneath was standing up right here.

Looking up at it, it was a huge iron titan that was far taller than even the Siennaogre standing in front of it.

“……Adelina Costacurta. The contractor of <Hephaestus>……is here!”

The iron titan lifted up one foot largely――stepping on the knights of China underneath.

Hephaestus. The god of flames and blacksmiths that created the weapons the gods of Greek Mythology. At a glance it looked like a giant robot, but when looking carefully that appearance came from the giant armor it wore.

Talking about Ares and Hephaestus then they were two people with deep ties even inside Olympus’s twelve gods, but on this occasion they were standing shoulder-to-shoulder for the sake of the shared objective in this Ragnarok.[12]

From the shadow of the iron giant, the ambush troop that was hiding together with him also jumped out one after another.

They were Italian people that might be having some misunderstanding with the ninja costume they were wearing.

A beautiful girl with a staggering hairstyle that was a mix of a Mohican and a topknot yelled.

“The contractor of <Hermes> Faraone El Shaarawy arrives! ……O raging soul, guided by the sound of ancient time sink into the darkness of oblivion……Hundred Reed Pipe of SleepAlgeibontis!!”

Faraone sounded out the flute in her hand loudly. The wave of sound wasn’t spreading but flew straight to Fu Xi, piercing Fu Xi’s eardrum.

“Wha……!?” Fu Xi who had just invoked magic felt her whole body getting heavy like lead.

Her consciousness felt like it was getting farther to pure white.

The most famous legend of Hermes, it was the flute of sleep he used on the occasion of killing the giant of a hundred eyes, Argos. Fu Xi wasn’t completely asleep but for an instant her body couldn’t move. Her mind wasn’t working. She became unable to evade or Resist well.

All the Italian knights there were waiting for that moment. Their timing was perfect.

“Star of scorching heat, the single stroke of bisection resided in the blade of spilled blood! Mars Indestructible SwordMars Gladius!!”

“O rage of earth, use my body as a magazine and shoot without end! Lava Unconventional Ring CannonYavista Volcanus!!”

Sienna’s two handed sword turned red hot and swung down at Fu Xi. Countless volcano mouths was created on Adelina’s full body armor, from there lava bullets were endlessly fired rapidly like Vulcan cannons.

The ninja magicians that leaped forward following after Faraone were also combining their aim at Fu Xi altogether. Of course, the arrows from the sky were continuing to rain down.

The mountain of Olympus was――trampling underfoot the emperor Fu Xi.

“Now then, how about we retreat soon.”

Valextra and Diana finally got rid of the bow and arrows that they were continuing to fire rapidly in earnest.

From the shockwave that shook the mountain, Vera discerned that everything was going well.

“Strategy……. It really went surprisingly well just as you said hasn’t it……Loki.”

Vera talked to the devilish man standing at her side.

Loki was mingling among the Italian knight order with an innocent look while answering “Yeah”.

“Looking at Atlantis where normal animals are living here, if Regina is actually alive then……that was what I thought once again. If that girl could freely move around in Atlantis……Italia’s knight order would aim for this mountain first and foremost. If I waited at the top of this mountain then perhaps I could meet with you guys, that was what I thought. I’m really glad with these various chances……I brought Midgardsomr until this far but the rainbow eucalyptuses randomly have deep roots that Midgardsormr cannot move well underground, yet the rainbow eucalyptus is not densely packed on this mountain so I was able to climb easily. After all I thought that if you guys listened to my story, then you guys would surely join hands with me.”

Loki was convinced of his own reasoning. For Vera it was an unapprovable threat. She had no choice but to join hands with him. Because it would be dangerous if Regina who was flying around in animal form was aimed at by Loki’s group.

And then the strategy that Loki proposed certainly looked advantageous for Italia. With that strategy they gave damage to Japan and Germany and exerted tremendous damage to China. With Loki secretly joining hands with Italia, he secretly betrayed China.

“Regina-sama had resolved herself to not be picky in choosing a method for the sake of victory.”

“Kuku……she really had shed off her old self huh. If we talk about which force it is that needs to be crushed first then as expected its China after all. Kazuki and Hrotsvit are far more quick-witted compared to someone like Fu Xi, Ilyailiya too her personality is cheap like that so she is pushing the damage to Fu Xi bit by bit all the time……so obviously it became like this. What’s left is how much the brave fighting of your abandoned rear guard comrades can exhaust Fu Xi……ku-ku-ku. Ah, which reminds me.”

Loki suddenly stopped laughing from remembering something.

“Kazuki’s group……Japan’s movement, how much can you check on them?”

“Apollo’s magic power detection and Artemis’s moving body detection cannot go as far as chasing after the movement of Japan. Regina-sama in her bird form sometimes saw them from afar, she is only sharing that field of vision with Diadora, but she cannot check on them that frequently. After all there is a chance Regina-sama will be suspected doing that.”

“So, what is the situation?”

It wasn’t Vera but Diadora who answered.

“After they linked up with the German knight order they begin to walk towards somewhere. ……Come to think of it their pace is awfully sure. Hrotsvit also readily followed without complaint. Perhaps they have some kind of compass that clearly lead their action.”

“I see. ……Those guys, there is the possibility that they understand the location of Arthur. A magic that discovers the thing one is looking for……seriously, thinking carefully that kind of magic might exist in the Solomon 72 Pillars.”

“You wanted to avoid them linking up right?”

“No……there is that but……those comrades of mine that I left behind are gonna be in danger. Midgardsomr can just bring a few people so I came this far completely alone. I gotta go back quickly.”

After Loki made Midgardsomr bring him to the top of the mountain he made Midgardsomr go back and waited alone for the Italian force. He had the confidence of joining hands with Italia using his eloquence, but he was uneasy making his comrades stand by for a long time without him there.

Although there were a lot of materialized Divas there, the majority of his army was possessed magicians with completely broken minds. Regulating them was extremely difficult and it was a great burden for Midgardsomr and Fenrir whom he entrusted with house-sitting.

“……Is that really something that urgent? There won’t be any enemy for a while right?”

Vera asked as though she hadn’t grasped the point.

“In this Atlantis the one who can move as they pleased the most is Britain. That’s ‘cause Robin Hood is in the camp of those guys. That guy is the number one cheater regarding enemy search and movement inside the forest.”

“…….! But then, why aren’t they joining up with Japan?”

“That’s obvious, because Arthur has something she prioritizes even more than that yeah. For Arthur what she prioritized the highest is……Lancelot and Mordred.”

That was what was decided in the myth. And talking about where Lancelot and Mordred were, they were together with the Loki Einherjar right now.

“Perhaps, they are already battling.”

Part 5[edit]

“ “It’s a one on one fight. Any interference by anybody won’t be forgiven.” ”

The voices of Arthur and Mordred matched. Arthur towards her own subordinates, while Mordred to the subordinates of Loki, they talked to their respective sides.

But the one facing Arthur wasn’t Mordred.

[Knight of the Lake] [Honor of Chivalry] [Britain History’s Ideal Knight]――Lancelot.

Arthur and Lancelot……there was no one at all between these two people. No one was allowed to be between them. When these two faced each other, everybody except these two vanished from the world.

This was a destiny that should be prioritized above all, where no one could meddle in between.

In the legends, Lancelot loved King Arthur’s queen, Guinevere. Just how could that forbidden love happen? The reason is it is unneeded for man and woman to be attracted to each other. Guinevere also responded to that. Lancelot that should of been a perfect knight deviated from his path at that time.

That it didn’t end as a mere disaster was because Mordred was there. Mordred who wished for King Arthur’s fall made use of that rift and split the Britain Kingdom apart. The reign of King Arthur who was supposed to be an ideal ruler was meeting its end due to Mordred’s rebellion.

Of course that shouldn’t be what Lancelot wished for.

The fall of King Arthur was because of the fault of Lancelot and Mordred, but Lancelot and Mordred weren’t fellow comrades. That was why Arthur asked.

“Why are you acting together with Mordred?”

“Because, as Lancelot, I must point at your mistakes.”

“King Arhtur is a perfect king. The mistake lies in Lancelot’s betrayal.”

Both of them had already straddled on top of their horses and readied their lances――it was a battle in the form of a jousting match. A duel form that was the most honorable for Britain knights.

“With you as the representative of your contracted Diva, I, King Arthur, as his advocate, I accuse you.”

Arthur pointed the tip of her spear, Rhongomyniad, to Lancelot from atop her beloved horse Dun Stallion.

“As the representative of my contracted Diva, Sir Lancelot, as his advocate, I accuse you.”

Lancelot was pointing a nameless spear at Arthur above a nameless horse.

Something chilly was flowing on Arthur’s back. This difference in weapons was exactly the difference between the two of them. The strength of King Arthur originated from illusion. Sir Lancelot’s strength came merely from struggling through real scenes of carnage earnestly. Many times Lancelot lost his weapon and his horse so he had to continuously replace them. Therefore the name of his spear wasn’t left behind. However, that was exactly the appearance of how a knight originally should be.

King Arthur wasn’t a knight or even a martial artist, until the end he was nothing more than a king.

Arthur, and most likely the Diva King Arthur too, was harboring a sense of inferiority. Therefore at the very least the contractor Arthur was devoting her time as much as possible in martial art training.

Even so……could she stand a chance against that Lancelot?

In front of Lancelot’s nameless spear, such thought was coming and going inside Arthur’s chest.

In contrast, Lancelot’s complexion was calm like the surface of a quiet lake itself.

“The illusion of King Arthur is mistaken.”

When Lancelot chanted that, the supernatural power was thinning from Arthur’s Rhongomyniad and Dun Stalion. The power of illusion these two possessed may work if the opponent was another Mythology, but it wouldn’t work against Lancelot.

……There is no problem at all. Arthur pulled herself together like that.

Both of them spurred their horses at the same time. Spur, what was meant by that originally was using the metallic wheel attached on the knight’s heel to stimulate the horse’s abdomen to give the signal, but both of them emitted magic power from their legs and sent the signal to the horse. The horses that were enveloped in magic power left a streak of light behind them like meteors.

The two who were shining with dazzling flashes clashed.

The shield of the two blocked the tip of the spear of the opponent right from the front.

The spear of the two didn’t allow the opponent to redirect the impact and pierced the shield right from the front.

Lancelot’s shield was smashed apart. In contrast Arthur’s shield Prydwen endured through the impact even though it was shaking and rattling.

The two horses were toppled over writhingly and the two’s body tumbled down from above the horse.

They immediately stood up and summoned their swords.

“Golden serpent spout fire, thousand torches light up……the blade glistening to that radiance, sever all creation! Glorious Sword of KingExcalibur!!”

Arthur’s hand gripped the famous golden blade that was tempered by a fairy.

“Alas, Guinevere!” Lancelot yelled the name of the beloved person. “O manifestation of my chivalry, the happiness devoted to the beloved person right here……The Vow is Eternal Love and ProtectionJoyeux!!”

Even after getting through countless scenes of carnage and everything ended up broken, only this beloved sword remained in Lancelot’s hand until the end, the name was conveyed to the future. That sword was surely the eternal proof of Lancelot’s love. Joyeux was shining silver like a pure maiden.

Excalibur’s golden glint and Joyeux’s silver glint bit each other solidly.

“Even killing a friend and falling as a demon sword……o my unbroken chivalry, right here as the fang to smash the harm of the beloved……The Vow is Eternal Curse and PillageArondight!!”

In the other hand of Lancelot that was empty, a jet black blade that was enveloped in magic power that was red like blood was created, and she swung it down.

Arthur’s shield firmly blocked Lancelot’s other beloved sword.

“Joyeux of love and Arondight of curse……two sword style huh.”

“Love and curse are two sides of the same coin, Arthur.”

“Then Sir Lancelot is no different at all compared to the enchantress Morgan!”

Arthur launched a front kick at Lancelot’s torso and repelled her away.

Lancelot corrected her posture and immediately her figure vanished like a heat haze. She was thinking that the shield would become a hindrance if she slashed from the front.

‘……But don’t you dare think that this Arthur cannot follow the movements of Lancelot!’

Unerringly sensing the presence of Lancelot that was trying to circle around her with speed the eye couldn’t even follow, Arthur turned behind. She splendidly bounced back the black flash flying at her with her shield immediately.

In continuation Joyeux was attacking with twisting like a snake. Without being led astray by the skilled swordsmanship, Arthur blocked it too with Excalibur.

While sparks were scattering, the two were repelling each other’s swords. The strength they put in was also equal.

“Is this your Order!”

Lancelot was yelling while burning her own magic power and unleashed a technique that made it seemed like her limbs were exploding. Passion and technique became one in a fierce attack.

“Is this your Chivalry!”

But Arthur blocked it right from the front and repelled it.

The battle between a king and a knight was truly equal.

Mordred and the army of Loki’s subordinates were watching over that battle with impatient feelings.

Part 6[edit]

On the other hand, at the foot of the mountain.

“Hmph……taking our time like this……perhaps I put a little too much magic power. If you didn’t grow stronger half-bakedly like this then we wouldn’t need to go as far as taking your life. But as the believer of Order, throwing away your life must be your long-cherished ambition too.”

Even after they used up all their magic power both Sienna and Adelina received an attack that couldn’t be defended before they fell down. The attack of tyranny destroyed as far as their flesh body.

Fu Xi’s hand was holding Kyuuryuu Shinkatou.

Sienna and Adelina whose shoulder until stomach was cut up by that treasured sword were torn apart without even any bleeding. That was because the blade of super high temperature was solidifying the protein at the cut part.

Because of that the falling down two girls looked like dolls that seemed unreal somewhere.

“It’s inefficient being unable to adjust strength. You should think more about the consumption of your magic power.

“We are not very good at adjusting strength. ……Now then, the contractor of Hermes what-your-name. Your name is too long that I forgot it. You missed your chance to escape.”

Hermes’s contractor Faraone was letting her subordinates get away while remaining behind until the very last minute.

“Perhaps you intended to escape after holding out until the last minute, but no matter how much confidence you have in your running away, our partner is faster.”

“Partner……” Ilyailiya whispered expressionlessly.

The appearance of Faraone who was standing stock still in front of the army of China and Russia could only be thought of as her missing her timing to escape.

“If you obediently don’t resist, we will go easy and not go as far as taking your life.”

“Fufufu……” In this scene of a desperate situation, Faraone laughed.

“It helped that you didn’t go easy and killed these two. If you didn’t do that then this lowly self would have to do it by one’s self. This lowly self had made the resolve but, it’s a little painful.”


Faraone’s both hands formed a seal like a ninja.

“Escape……unthinkable! This is still the first round you know!”

She quickly activated magic. Fu Xi and the others readied themselves to the possibility of any kind of surprise attack still remaining. However the magic power was traveling below Faraone and made a huge crest emerge on the ground.

The center of the crest was the corpses of the two.

“O life that has already rotted away, now, once again, see the dream of the transient world! I am Hermes! O friend, pass through the gate from the bottom of mud and come! Purgatory Gate OpeningPsychopomp!”

The two corpses that looked dead in every aspect were absorbing the magic power of the crest.

Something hard to believe occurred in front of their eyes. Sienna and Adelina that were supposed to be dead already were recovering their strength and rising up once again.

“……I should have said already……you won’t pass that easily……”

Losing circulation of life, with cloudy white eyes burning in tenacity, Sienna bared her fangs at Fu Xi.

“Shed more of your blood!”

“These guys……they decided to be disposable pawns from the start, and planned to do this……”

As expected, Fu Xi shook with her voice filled with agitation.

“A barrier was put up beforehand on the battlefield, because thorough preliminary preparations were needed, the first time this magic is used will be the last. The sacrament of hell reincarnation of this lowly self cannot be shown so often, so taste it to your heart’s content! Sienna, Adelina, apologies but this lowly self is retreating!!”

Hermes kicked on the air with the power of the golden sandals <Talaria> to retreat by flying. If Ilyailiya tried to chase after her, the two corpses would stand in her way.

“……This pertinent!”

This time Fu Xi’s whole face was filled to the brim with rage. The emotion of surprise had passed away…….now she felt rage.

“Although it is a different Mythology, but for the likes of a retainer to become emotional until that far! The likes of two people who escaped death, you will be pulverized by our elites!! GOOO!”

The Chinese knight order regrouped their battle preparations all at once. Without any battle cry, without any expression, they were a wordless army.

…..Fu Xi showed rage at the persistence of Sienna and Adelina, but Hermes felt fear at their expressionless faces when he looked back while retreating.

No, rather than calling it expressionless…..they had already, lost their face.


Sienna and Adelina raised a terrific hoarse voice like a shriek from the bottom of hell, they attacked as though trying to give even one more attack more to the enemy before them.

“Don’t yell! Emotion is the privilege for only a ruler! Go, o <Red Nopperabou>…..!!”

……Italia was also thorough in shaving off the strength of China.

Ilyailiya wasn’t getting deeply involved with the battle against the dead and pondered while staring at Fu Xi’s back.

Was Vera Garibaldi someone who could polish a strategy this elaborately she wondered. The action of this side……or more accurately Fu Xi’s action was perfectly foresighted, a tactic that made it feel like she was dancing in the palm of someone.

Wasn’t this really like a method that Loki would think of? Italia who lost their master was played around by Loki’s eloquence and made into a puppet――such hypothesis emerged in Ilyailiya’s mind.

No, the explanation wasn’t enough with just that. Sienna and Adelia were holding on and fighting exactly with the resolve of putting their lives on the line. Would they exhibit this much desperate effort for the sake of Loki’s strategy?

No. This fierce self-sacrifice wasn’t something that could be displayed for the sake of the likes of Loki.

These two……were burning their lives for the sake of a [lord] to whom they gave their absolute trust.

…………In other words, Regina Olympia Fornar was……alive?

Ilyailiya became the second person who reached the truth.

“If Regina is alive……her aim will be……?”

Part 7[edit]

Kazuki and Hrotsvit gulped their breaths while watching over that offense and defense. From looking at the state of the people surrounding the battle, they understood that it was a battle where interference was unneeded.

The duel between Arthur and the two sword style knight……it was his first time seeing her but he understood in a glance. That owner of martial prowess was exactly Lancelot’s present representative, she was undoubtedly his contractor.

King Arthur versus Sir Lancelot! Obviously he couldn’t help having his eyes and soul stolen by that sight! Although there were a great numbers of dream duels that anyone couldn’t help having in the world of Mythology, however how many of those dreams could surpass the showdown between these two!

“……Is this reality?”

Even Beatrix who rushed together with Kazuki leaked out a faint voice as though she would faint.

“Certainly this is something that one should really feel surprised about. King and knight……I don’t know what is the authority of King Arthur but, the basic spec of the two of them should have an overwhelming gap in between. Nevertheless Lancelot is fighting her equally! Most likely the moment they landed on Atlantis the two of them immediately sought each other out and have continued to fight until now.”

The battle of Atlantis began since noon, right now the sun had already begun to go down.

“It’s emotion.” Kazuki thought after looking at them.

“Lancelot is changing the explosion of her emotion into magic power to cross swords with Arthur.”

Magic power was the power of the mind. Even Kazuki had the experience where he was able to exhibit more power than he originally had when his emotions were heightened. From the magic power of Lancelot, there was the atmosphere of masterfully using well such [explosive instability].

Lancelot filled each of her swings with emotion and fought as though she was throwing her rageyell towards someone. Despite that she had no opening……the explosive power of an amateur and the finesse of a master were in complete harmony.

Why, how was she able to fight in this way? Just how much of a reason was it that made a human able to become this emotional? There was only one possible thing……there was no doubt it was love. The same like how Kazuki was loving the comrades with whom he had tied bonds with, there was no doubt that Lancelot loved King Arthur.

“It seems the weapon will decide the match doesn’t it?”

Hrotsvit talked. “Arthur’s Excalibur……and then Lancelot’s weapons, if it is following the legend then they must be Arondight and Joyeux. Any one of them is an outstanding Sacred Treasure. In contrast with that Arthur’s shield……Prydwen is an unfavorable comparison.”

Exactly at the time when Hrotsvit pointed that out, Lancelot challenged.


Lancelot swung Arondight that was remarkably large and struck Arthur’s Prydwen――with that attack, Prydwen was smashed.

Lancelot whose balance crumbled from swinging an attack with all her might, was attacked by the golden flash of Excalibur. Lancelot was slashed right from the front, both her feet braced and she withstood the shock of the smashed magic, her body didn’t even sway and her other hand counterattacked with Joyeux. Arthur let go of her broken shield and put her hand quickly on the sheath hanging at her hips. With that, she blocked Joyeux.

If it was just a mere sheath, then surely it would be impossible for it to receive the attack of Joyeux.

“Sheath of fairy <Avalon>!” Hrotsvit yelled.

“Hiding a power that is not inferior even compared to Excalibur, the sheath of Excalibur. It brought about regenerative power in the owner……the greatest factor that caused Arthur to still have far more spare energy remaining even in this equal battle must be that sheath. Even with her shield destroyed, there is still the next one. ……The battle is decided then.”

“King Arthur……” Lancelot sent her voice while Joyeux was pressing down on Avalon.

“As long as you have Excalibur and Avalon, you are a perfect king. Because of that, as long as those are present, you won’t be able to look back on yourself……”

“If I’m perfect, then what is it that needed to be looked back on.” Arthur talked back with a strong voice.

Lancelot answered with a voice that was calm like a lake. “It’s love.”

“……!” Arthur, no, the girl was surely King Arthur itself right now. Her eyes were bared open with a snap.

“Because you are a perfect king you abandoned love. There is no way I can allow that, for the sake of Guinevere!”

“The likes of an adulterer like you have no qualification to say that!!”

The ultimate adultery drama in Mythology, it could be said that it was the one between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.

“As the perfect king you were born and raised with destiny attached on you. For the sake of protecting Britain from enemies in all directions, you who were still young searched for a backer and married Guinevere. Surely if you continued to love her from your heart then Guinevere would answer your love! Yet, you had to become a perfect king and you didn’t have that leisure. And then……humans cannot truly love a perfect being.”

“Such thing…….is just an excuse to varnish over the immorality of Sir Lancelot!”

It wasn’t adultery but immorality, Arthur accused with words that rang even stronger.

“O king, on Lancelot’s chivalry, there is no way any lie or deception towards the king exists in it.”

Lancelot recklessly swung Arondight and Joyeux. Arthur put up a defensive fight with Excalibur and Avalon as though she was using a two sword style. If Arthur kept like this without showing any opening, Lancelot would collapse before long just by enduring it until the end.

“Arthur, you too abandoned being a woman for the sake of becoming the perfect King Arthur! That way of being is not correct! I wielded Joyeux because I love you. And then I curse that perfection with this Arondight!”

“There is no justice in a curse!”

“I mourn the deed I once done. However, no matter how much I mourn it, surely if I visited the same time once again I will choose to do exactly the same deed. That’s what a human is. A perfect order is not the way for humans to live. O king, while humans are watching the dream of ideal order, they are animals that love the emotion of chaos. Humans are the the most natural personification of that, haven’t you witnessed him at the island country of the orient?”

“!!” Arthur’s movements stiffened.

Kazuki felt Arthur turning her awareness this way just for an instant.

“I bet my all on this stroke of the sword!”

Aiming at that disorder of heart, Lancelot swung up Arondight powerfully.

“I’ll smash your perfection!!”

Arthur held up Avalon even while being disarrayed in emotion.

Arondight was filled with Lancelot’s everything――and severed that sheath, Avalon, into two. It was a sword stroke that was nothing but splendid.

Lancelot who had finished swinging Arondight, staggered powerlessly.

She had used up all of her spirit.

“Even so……this is my victory.”

Arthur raised Excalibur in order to end the duel.

“I’m satisfied nevertheless.”

Lancelot responded with a voice that was like a calm lake.

“I’m satisfied just by giving you a moment of agitation. The current you is not a perfect being anymore. Please continue to be human. Be human to the bitter end……Mythology……Order……rather than adoring such things, I believe that love between humans is absolutely everything……”

“That’s Celt-style’s duel!”

While rushing down the foot of the mountain, Loki yelled in a fluster while sensing the presence of a duel that was being carried out in the forest.

The perceptivity of the Diva Loki who was the materialization of a trickster could sense from afar even inside the enshrouding magic power cloud, even though it was not to the level of <Valefor>.

“In that duel, the rune of Celtic……a pledge is included in it! The winner will fulfill their pledge and obtain even more power! Don’t let them finish it!!”

If Britain’s knight order pinned down the location of Lancelot and Mordred right away with Robin Hood’s ability, it was unavoidable that this duel was carried out while Loki was away.

Loki yelled in his good luck of being able to come running there before the conclusion could be decided.

“Apollo, Artemis! Shoot all the arrows you two got! Aim at the two……no, at Arthur! If an opening is opened at Arthur, that Lancelot can still fight!!”

The Versace sisters obediently pulled the strings of their bows as though they were commanded by their own King.

The king of knights and the knight that were excellent martial artists noticed the coming arrows at the same time. However, Arthur who was swinging down Excalibur with all her strength wasn’t in a stance that could take evasion.

“King Arthur!” Lancelot who yelled that covered Arthur.

In front of Excalibur that was swung down on her, Lancelot turned around. And then she spread her arms widely, throwing her body in front of the coming arrows. The accurate arrows aiming at Arthur pierced the few remaining magic power of Lancelot who barged in between.

And then her back was further gouged by the attack of Excalibur that couldn’t be stopped anymore.

“With Avalon destroyed, and this duel cannot become your strength, that’s my only regret.”

“……Lancelot!” Arthur called her name with grief filling her voice.

Lancelot turned around at Kazuki’s direction with a stagger.

“Man of love, Hayashizaki Kazuki. This is for you.”

Lancelot who finished fighting sheathed her beloved sword Joyeux in her right hand with dignifiedly beautiful movement, she then threw that Joyeux together with the sheath at Kazuki’s direction.

“Please take care of my beloved King Arthur.”

“Wait, don’t die, Lancelot!!” Arthur yelled.

“No, I’m dying. It’s my pledge.”

Arondight separated from Lancelot’s left hand. Arondight floated in the air and flew as though it possessed its own will――it pierced through Lancelot’s heart in one go.

Kazuki witnessed the moment the pledge was handed down. The pledge certainly stole her life.

{When Arthur Basileus is defeated by the hands of another Mythology, her life will be lost by her pledge.}

Robin Hood informed Kazuki so.

{Please take care of my beloved King Arthur.}

With what kind of intention Lancelot said that to him.

The two sentences that contravened each other tore up Kazuki’s chest.


That Arthur raised a yell like a dragon breathing out flame.

“Fiend! You savages to whom even the word fiend is wasted on you all trash are lower than fiends!! How dare you……how dare you dirty this duel with Lancelot!! Unforgivable!! I won’t forgive this no matter how many times I stab Excalibur into the chest of you bastards!!”

Arthur straddled Dun Stallion powerfully and glared at the direction where the arrows were coming from. The direction of the mountain――at the other side of the magic power cloud it started to became visible how a knight order was being deployed. Italia’s knight order! Arthur led the knights of the round table and spurred her horse following her rage.

“We are meeting their attack.” Loki said to Vera.

“Italia’s knight order will meet Arthur from the front, we the Loki Einherjar will stab them at the back.”

King Arthur that was rushing following her violent emotion had forgotten that right beside her was Mordred and the others waiting. If they met her attack then naturally it would become a pincer attack. Vera also understood that.

“We don’t need to be ordered that by you.”

Vera who was the representative of Regina raised high one of her hands and declared.

“O powerful knights of Olympus, right now is exactly the time of the decisive battle! Although there is no King on our side, show a battle to the heavens that won’t shame us to anyone!! Even now Regina-sama is inside our hearts!”

Only at this kind of time the Italian knight order became united as one and raised a battle cry.

Loki whispered to Vera.

“……Don’t oppose the momentum of Britain’s knight order’s charge, spread out to the left and right and overturn the positioning advantage skillfully. It will make it easier for China and Russia who will come from the mountain to attack Britain.”

“……Acknowledged.” Vera nodded.

The ground under Loki’s feet bulged up and a purple haired woman showed her face from there.

“Nyoro nyoro.”

Midgardsomr was coming to meet Loki.

“Yosh, I’m going to talk with China and Russia. I’m going to make a friendly suggestion so that China will get even more exhausted. Ilyailiya will surely guess the gist of my intention. You’re gonna give the signal to Regina too yeah? Do it just as arranged ‘kay, Vera-tan.”

“……Why are you calling me over-familiarly like that.”

“Kukuku……something like a combination attack of Italia and the Loki Einherjar of all things, even Kazuki won’t be able to predict this. It’s going to be a sight, seeing what kind of face he will make yeah.”

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, what are you doing getting dazed like that!”

Kazuki who was standing still with Joyeux in hand was scolded by Hrotsvit who didn’t know of the storm inside his chest.

“Britain’s knight order is heading there driven by their rage. At this rate they will turn their back to Mordred and the other Loki Einherjar.”

Even though there was an enemy right besides them, Arthur and her group were running headlong towards a different enemy.

“I don’t know about Lancelot but Mordred’s intention was surely this from the start. We have to block them! Hurry!!”

Kazuki returned to his senses with a ‘hah’. And then he looked back at the situation and understood.

“……! Wait, I’m going to stop Arthur!! I don’t understand whats the intention of Italia pulling their bows at us and Britain, but if we don’t calm them down first……”

“Certainly it’s strange. It isn’t clear if Italia is our enemy or not, but now that it has come to this its better to let Arthur do as she pleases and charge at them! Don’t be naïve!”

“It’s not naïve, China and Russia are supposedly pursuing after Italia! If Britain is charging at them in rage like this and they got avoided, they will be turned into a shield!!”

“!” Hrotsvit made a face that seemed to say [Uwah, certainly it’s like that], and pondered.

“……Can Italia, who doesn’t have their King, think wisely like that……no, the movement of Italia until now is certainly suspicious……”

……There was no presence of Loki on the battlefield until now.

“By any chance is Ilyailiya and Loki related with……”

The moment Kazuki uttered that, Hrotsvit’s lips chilled.

“Those inconvenient matters are all Loki’s scheme, something like that is just…………no, it’s possible isn’t it. It’s possible. Truly……certainly, Loki is that kind of existence.”

“Anyways, we cannot leave the clash between Italia and Britain alone. I’m going there, so Germany, attack Mordred and the Loki Einherjar for us.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Shangdi is a creator deity in Chinese folk religion, Kyuuryuu Shinkatou=Nine Dragon Divine Fire Sword
  2. The kanji used for this onee-san is a little different from normal. The word is mixed with the kanji of in-law. Mio has also used the same way of calling like this before.
  3. Klesha=polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering
  4. Hitou=flying sword
  5. Gokou sword
  6. Turmoil sword
  7. Treasured Sword Bakuya
  8. Blue Red Pillar Heaven Sword
  9. Nanden is the point below the navel (a focus point for internal meditative techniques)
  10. Gozaru is a polite attachment that was usually only used by lowly vassals in the ancient times.
  11. i.e It confused her in the sense that there was a disparity between what she felt, which was non existant at that point, and what she saw.
  12. In the legend Ares once cheated with Hephaestus’s wife where Hephaestus then set a trap and humiliated him later
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