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Chapter 5 – ZeusLightning Thunder and OdinSeverance Spear, Twisted Dragon of Destiny[edit]

Part 1[edit]

He was unable to stop the clash between Britain and Italia.

The Britain knight order formed a [column] that was fast. All of the one hundred members were riding a horse, perhaps he should say just as expected from the knights of the round table.

The one standing at the head of it was Arthur, Gawain……furthermore there were also the faces of Bors, Percival, Tristan, who were unable to participate at the Camlannlast battle in the legend.

Lancelot wasn’t among them but the figures of the round table at their golden age before they met their decline were right here.

“Here we go!” Arthur swung Rhongomyniad right to the front.

It liberated its mystical power that couldn’t be shown at the battle against Lancelot, the pure white flash that was shown when they were at America struck out like a beam.

The large numbers of the knights followed after her and swung spear Sacred Treasures.

Several streaks of flashes traveled through the Italian knight order, Kazuki and his group witnessed that while chasing far behind them.

The figure of Magika Stigmas that became an army and attacked was something overwhelming when looked from the outside.

However the defensive side was also able to defend by bundling their defensive magic.

“Lend the majesty of Zeus right here! The great protection promising victory that repel all calamity right here! Kithemonikos Aigis!”

The avatar of Athena together with [the shield of Aegis] famous for its defensive barrier was deployed at the front of the knight order. The shield of Aegis was a Sacred Treasure that was shared between Zeus and Athena.

“O raging wave, open that large mouth and swallow everything that will harm us! Greedy Wall of Surging SeaWave Wall!!”

The avatar of a Diva that seemed like <Poseidon> was floating, putting up a defensive wall of sea water.

Athena and Poseidon――continuing after the Divas that were leader class in Greek Mythology, Italia’s knight order chanted defensive magic one after another and blocked the beam flying from Britain’s spears.

They didn’t counterattack. Italia’s knight order was chanting defensive magic while splitting left and right as though to make a path for the column attack of Britain’s Knight Order.

He guessed they were planning to avoid the charge and then pincer attack from the left and right.

Furthermore……if it was just like what Kazuki guessed, then the Italian knight order that was having the mountain at their backs was undoubtedly planning to make Britain stand right in the front against China and Russia that would come from the other side of the mountain. If China and Russia found Britain right in front of their eyes then they would surely attack in high spirit.

“Mio, look at the situation behind from the sky!”

Kazuki made Mio who could fly in the sky to check the situation behind.

Mio immediately reported to him through telepathy.

Hrotsvit and her force clashed against Loki Einherjar――or so he thought but Loki Einherjar was also in a defensive stance and endured the attack of the German knight order while following to his side as though to chase after Britain.

……For Mordred, Arthur’s head would be the thing she would aim above all and so perhaps she didn’t have any enthusiasm to fight against the Germans.

As for the whole Loki Einherjar too, Russia and China that were supposed to be their alliance partners were further at the other side of the mountain with Japan-Britain-Italia between them. Perhaps they wished to avoid being isolated.

As the result the battlefield wasn’t divided into parts and it was going to become something like a long and narrow lump of a battlefield.

Most likely China and Russia were on the other side of the mountain, Italia and Britain clashed at the foot of the mountain, then Japan was heading there to intervene, Loki’s Einherjar that were slowly approaching this side while being attacked by Germany, and the Germans that were chasing after them.

Japan was just right in the middle of the long battlefield.

“Kanae! Lead your squad and move to the rear!”

“Yes, Nii-sama!”

Because they were forming Heaven and Earth Formation normally there was no swordsman in the back, that was why the back would be brittle if some force came attacking there. If Loki Einherjar was sidling up to their behind then there was a necessity to prepare.

“I will go to Arthur-oneesan’s location desu!”

Lotte proposed that. Kazuki was also about to rely on Lotte for that matter.

Lotte possessed high mobility, furthermore if it was Lotte then she could use telepathy with Kazuki. It would be obstructed by the magic power cloud, but with Lotte’s positivity level then it should go through even from considerable distance.

“Be careful so you won’t get targeted by the enemy’s attack magic in the air!”

“Yes desu! O guardian of mankind, the wisdom that opposes the will of tyrannical god right here……Custom Liberion!!”

Equipping the mechanical armor that stressed maneuverability on her body, Lotte shrank down the distance with Britain in one go.

He left the role of calming down Arthur to Lotte……if Britain and Italia clashed, Japan could only reinforce Britain. Italia was already the enemy.

They would strike one side of Italia that was splitting to left and right and hinder them from launching a pincer attack at Britain!

The Magika Stigmas that used the Summoning Magic of Athena and Poseidon were included at the right side from Kazuki’s viewpoint.

That side there――that was to say [Italia’s left army] had the commander. If he was going to strike, then that was the place.

Kazuki was leading the Japanese knight order towards the direction on the right.

Even though it was called leading an army to fight but after all they were only a hundred people. Each force reacted to the changes in situation with sensitively and moved in accordance to the commander’s thoughts without any chaos.

Britain’s knight order suddenly stopped charging as though they were pulling an emergency break.

And then the column began to spread to the left and right, they were trying to change their formation to a horizontal formation.

Lotte’s story was conveyed to Arthur and now Britain halted their center penetration tactic.

But Italia who split left and right made a move ahead and came out to attack in reverse in the forceful effort of launching a pincer attack. Their attack was trying to keep Britain still in their column formation until the end.

The speedy judgment that switched from defense to offense the moment they guessed the change in Britain made Kazuki feel the height of the commanding ability of Vera Garibaldi.

{Kazu-nii! Loki Einherjar are starting to move to the left side! Germany is also following them!”

Hearing Mio’s report, Kazuki felt a chill.

Looking at Japan going to attack at Italia’s left army, Loki Einherjar was heading to Italia’s right army to make contact. In other word… expected Italia might be truly communicating with Loki.

However, if that was the case then what was the relationship between Italia and China-Russia? Italia also attacked China and Russia. He didn’t understand.

It was at that moment.

“O awareness, fade away from cranium, get closed inside the mist……listen to my trumpet’s white timber! Destructive Sound of IgnorancePsycho Jammer!!”

He felt a peculiar magic power surge that was different from attack or defense.

It was similar to Shouko’s [Dashinben]. Added to that, he had felt this quite far in the past before this……. Just now……the magic of Nyarlathotep!

The surge of that magic power was echoing far and wide on the battlefield. Thereupon it felt like there was a faint mist hanging inside his head. It wasn’t that his thoughts became foggy――it was making his perceptiveness towards magical power turn foggy.

Kazuki had confidence in his perception towards magic power more than other people, but that perception was suddenly dulled.

A magic that made it hard to feel magic power.

But why was this kind of magic used? Perhaps because Kazuki and Hrotsvit fought while sensing magic power, so this was a countermeasure for that?

However, if he concentrated, then the jamming power wasn’t that great that it caused him to become unable of sensing the magic power of the enemy in front of him. It was like his awareness was narrowed but…….

Japan’s knight order was increasingly getting closer to Italia’s left army. The other side also noticed his side.

……Attack magic was coming!

“Everyone, prepare defensive magic!!”

He instructed the Magika Stigmas at the rear to prepare defensive magic while heading for a charge with the vanguard swordsman squad.

“Kazuki-oniisan, I came back!”

Right at that time Lotte returned back from Arthur’s place.

Kazuki responded to the voice and looked up to the sky.

Lotte was flying towards him.

There was something else moving that entered his eye, Kazuki inadvertently moved his gaze over there.

The one flying in the sky wasn’t just Lotte.

A bird flying in the sky entered his eye right at that time.

It wasn’t something strange. It wasn’t something really big that would make him aware of it right in the middle of battle. There was no Demon Beast on this Atlantis, normal animals were living here.


A small out of place feeling was bubblingly and foaming inside his head. For a moment even he didn’t know what this out of place feeling was about. But suddenly an idea electrifyingly traveled his mind and his thoughts seethed radically.

Italia and Loki. Interference to magic power perception. The aim was to narrow the field of vision. A bird that crossed the sky.

Connecting all that, a terrifying answer welled up inside his head.

“Everyone! Chant defensive magic!! Large scale attack magic of lightning element is coming from behind!!”

‘――What if that girl was not dead?

Didn’t I have such assumption right from the start!’

“Regina is chanting while circling behind us!”

Kazuki screamed to his comrades.

The moment Kazuki screamed at his comrades to react.

“The other space mystery mankind cannot reach right here……o Poseidon, please wash away the polluted world! World Prison of Beyond Ocean DepthAqua Scutum!!”

Italia’s left army that was positioned in front of Kazuki and the others――the glasses girl standing at their head chanted the magic of Poseidon. Vera Garibaldi. That girl didn’t have the seat of King or anything!

“This is the Original One created only for the sake of helping that person! Taste it thoroughly!!”

  • DOPON!* The battlefield sank into the sea.

No, large amount of sea water was overflowing from the ground and reached the height far higher than the height of Kazuki and the others in the blink of an eye, swallowing all of them.

When he looked to his side, Britain’s knight order was in the same situation. However, Italia’s knight order wasn’t sinking. The effective range was terrifyingly wide and yet it was beautifully controlled.

The sea water violently twisted. Several of his comrades that were trying to chant defensive magic had their chant annulled by the twisting. At the same time the whole Japanese knight order was going to be washed away to the left side――towards Britain’s knight order. Britain’s knight order was also washed away to their side. And further behind――Germany’s knight order too.

Japan-Britain-Germany were going to be made into a single tight cluster.

Most of all, it was trying to confuse the chain of command.

Kazuki too, if he wasn’t struck by his hypothesis even an instant faster than the activation of this magic then he wouldn’t think much more than this. But the main event would be coming right after this.

Kazuki’s gaze became fixed upon the bird traversing through the sky. The bird traversed far through the sky and it was going to land down behind Japan-Britain-Germany right about now.

The bird――it changed into a figure of a woman while landing on the ground.

A beautiful metamorphosis that spontaneously stole his gaze.

Vera Garibaldi raised a voice of joy.

“Realize this! Our King is right there!!”

The landing down woman was already grasping extreme light in her hand while responding to the voice.

“Realize this! I am right here!! I am Regina Olympia Fornar!! I won’t tolerate any insults towards me by anybody!!”

That was the magic with the strongest destructive power among all the magic Kazuki had experienced until now.


Sublime light that couldn’t be expressed just by the word lightning was launched from Regina’s hand.

Kazuki and the others were getting moderately wet inside the sea water.

Part 2[edit]

Loki’s Einherjar moved matching with that timing.

“Just as planned, we are killing Arthur now.”

Mordred who said that took the hand of Nyarlako. So that they could sneak up at Arthur in this moment, they continued to endure the attacks from Germany while avoiding coming into contact with Japan.

“Yup.” Nyarlako obediently nodded and followed Mordred.

Mordred knew――the knights of the round table were weak against mind attack magic.

And then Nyarlathotep was the ultimate evil god in the field of mind attack magic.

Mordred even thought that she was like a piece that existed for the sake of killing Arthur.

“This is the absolute chance, I won’t let it get away. I’ll have you cooperate.”

“I’ll cooperate. ……Fufufu, the flesh of Arthur, it seems delicious.”

It was as though the mask of a merely obedient girl was flaking off.

The jet black girl floated an eerie smile that made even Mordred get startled and felt taken aback.

Arthur heard the voice.

{Everyone! Chant defensive magic!! Large scale attack magic of lightning element is coming from behind!! Regina is chanting while circling behind us!}

For some reason the voice of Hayashizaki Kazuki echoed inside her mind.

……King Solomon displayed various special abilities with the girls he had tied a bond with. But that was only in regards towards comrades……even though that should be unrelated with her.

But in any case just before [Keraunos] was invoked, Arthur heard that voice and she was able to just barely order the subordinates around her.

“Raise your shields!!”

Right after that they were swallowed by a sea and jostled by rough current, but a lot of the knights of the round table managed to summon [shield] and took defensive formation calmly even while being jostled in the sea.

What symbolized the knights of the round table the most was actually shields. They who were wore full body armor on the occasion of battle were displaying their own identity by the ornaments on their shield.

A shield was the face of a knight, their name, their pride.

The defensive formation of the knights of the round table readying each of their Sacred Treasure shields that were crowned with their name all at once became a powerful defensive barrier with extreme magical defensive power.

Even so the shields receiving the piercing lightning were all broken, many of the knights were penetrated by damage. Arthur spontaneously awakened from her rage and groaned.

“……Just now was Keraunos, of all things……”

Of course even while they were being like this the Italian knight order was continuing their attack. One side was also being met by Japan’s knight order but the other side had to be dealt with by themselves.

“……UWAAAAAAAAAAA!? Ilyailiya!! Why!?”

A shrieking voice was suddenly raised inside the defensive formation of the round table.

“That voice just now, Kay!?”

“Arthur-sama, Kay was done in! Suddenly……uwa!! Ilyailiya!!”

An abnormal event happened. It was not a battle against Italia knight order.

Inside the formation that should be solid there was a silver stormy wind blowing.

An intruder that took advantage of the chaos――fast. Once this enemy entered into the bosom of the army it was difficult to even catch the after image.

Russia’s Ilyailiya! She had heard from Japan’s knight order’s messenger that Russia and China were at the other side of the mountain. But……since when did she slip in here!?

If it was this girl’s speed……amidst the interference of magic power perception and in that instant when their awareness concentrated on that large scale magic, that was more than enough.

Once Ilyailiya turned into a slasher amidst the confused crowdthrong of people then there was no one that could overtake her. She was a person that would not hesitate at all to do a cheap act like that even though she was a King.

“Calm down! No matter how fast she is but as long as we calm down we can catch her! Don’t forget that every single one of you are the proud knights of the round table!!”

Arthur proclaimed her encouragement.

“……Tristan! Bedivere!!”

“Sir-!” “Yes-!”

Tristan concentrated her mind and pulled the string of <Bow Without FutilityFailnaught>. As expected the bow was inferior compared to Apollo’s and Artemis’s, but even among the knights of the round table she was the owner of the best bow skill.

She launched the arrow――it flew accurately on the advance route of Ilyailiya and made her put a sudden break. The silver shadow was reflected in the eyes of the people as a human figure for the first time.

Bedivere also concentrated her mind and tackled Ilyailiya at that moment. She was the knight that boasted the fastest speed in the knights of the round table.

The King, Ilyailiya was captured right in the middle of the formation.

“Even if it’s you but flying into here alone is making light of the knights of the round table! This is the end!!”

If the King who held pride in her speed had her movement sealed in front of the king of knights who held the conceit as the strongest in close-range combat, then her fate was clear to see. Arthur brandished Excalibur triumphantly.

“Absolutely no……because the one whose fate is ending here is you.”

The silver Magic Dress of Ilyailiya whose movement was sealed quickly changed into an ominous black color. Towards that appearance that couldn’t possibly be thought of as something brought about by a Diva of Cosmos Side…….

“What the, what’s that eerie change!?”

Arthur was taken aback, yet even so she still felt the presence of chanting and a surge of tremendous magic power from Ilyailiya who changed color into jet black, she put even more strength into Excalibur and was going to swing it down. She had the premonition that she must not let her invoke her magic here.

But just before that attack reached, there was even more change happening.

“O consciousness, rotate your cranium while going mad in between the sound wave……dance on the stage, listen to the blue tone of my trumpet! Destructive Sound of MadnessPsycho Confuse!!”

Inside the formation of the knights of the round table, an unpleasant magic power wave was resounding.

It was like the forehead was struck in surprise attack, Arthur felt her own head shaking *gakun!*. At that moment, all five of her senses went astray and the electric signal in her whole body ran amok.

Even though she planned to swing down Excalibur straight down, both of Arthur’s hands danced to the wrong direction like a string puppet that was badly made.

She didn’t hit Ilyailiya. And not just that, Bedivere was also staggering drunkenly like an old man with weak limbs, letting go of Ilyailiya completely.

“Aye. Your fate is to end by my hands here. Arthur!!”

There was a voice. Just whose voice was that――Arthur turned around dizzily.

The owner of that voice appeared by pushing aside through the suffering and writhing knights.

The woman who was determined in the Mythology with the role of bringing destruction to Arthur――Mordred!

And then, she was bringing along a pitch black elf girl that carried a sinister shadow. She had heard about the existence of this black girl who was possessed by the Diva called <Nyarlathotep> from Hayashizaki Kazuki.

Just how could this black girl create this kind of bizarre sound from the vocal cords of a human, a singing voice that was making the head become strange was resounding in the surrounding area.

……Everything until now was calculated. The surprise attack of Regina who was cleverly hiding her existence. And then Ilyailiya, who sneaked in during the chaos it brought about. And then these two who took advantage of the confusion that Ilyailiya further created.

And then while her movement was sealed by mind attack magic, Ilyailiya right now was beginning to count down the time towards destruction. If she let that magic get invoked then it would be absolutely bad……!

“O fluctuation of Prima Materia, lead out the end of everything right here from the beginning of everything……”

Prima Materia were shining sparklingly at the surroundings of the jet black Ilyailiya while they began abnormal chaotic movement.

“Someone, someone stop Ilyailiya’s chanting!!” Arthur yelled.

The knights who were in a distant spot and could still move freely obeyed that order and tried to rush at Ilyailiya, however right after that their whole body was made to stagger like string puppets with shoddy make.

“It’s no good, no one can move properly! The knights of the round table who were led around by the nose due to the sorcery of the likes of Mordred, there is no way they can oppose the evil god of Cthulhu residing inside this girl! Kukuku……!”

“Acting great from other people’s achievement……anyone, anyone soften this accursed sound even for just a little!!”

“You said that, but aren’t you also relying on others for help……kukuku, kuhahahahahaha!”

“ “Acknowledged.” ”

Two clear voices overlapped in answer to Arthur’s call.

It was just like when a goddess suddenly appeared from the lake in response to King Arhur’s call.

“Ha?” Mordred turned around with wide open eyes.

The duo clad in Magic Dresses that was obviously from Japan’s knight order in a glance pushed their way through the knights suffering from the madness magic and arrived besides King Arthur’s location.

These two weren’t in a state of suffering from the sound of madness.

“O beast of dream dweller, please devour greedily the wave of madness nesting in the heart……Baku’s Dream EatingBaku no Kyouki Kui.”

The Japanese knight wearing glasses made the avatar of China’s divine beast <Baku> emerge and invoked her magic.

“O pure moon, please reflect the original heart of the righteous person and keep away the madness……Translucent MirrorMoon Healing.”

The silver haired elf Japanese knight made the avatar of the moon goddess <Gremory> emerge and invoked her magic.

The Psycho Confuse emitted from the mouth of Nyarlako was devoured by the avatar of Baku from nearby. The light of the moon floating in the sky ignoring the time illuminating the hearts of the people writhing in pain, It was containing the madness magic!

The knights of the round table stood up powerfully all at once.

Mordred faltered while saying “I, impossible!!”

“Thi, this is not a joke, you bastards! Don’t you know there are things that are good to do and things that are bad to do!! If I don’t kill Arthur here destiny will change! The pledge will befall me!! Don’t screw with me!! Ilyailiya, quickly finish your chanting! What are you doing tardily like that, this dunce―!!”

Ilyailiya was visibly making a sullen displeased face.

“……The chain of world creation reside in my body, the white flame that destroy the world and……”

“ “I won’t let you!!” ”

Arthur swung down Excalibur and Tristan shot her arrow.

Ilyailiya’s spell chanting that was near completion was unbearably annulled.

“……I received pointless damage.” Ilyailiya glared at Mordred spitefully and returned to her silver Magic Dress. Just what was this transformation about?

After that the movement of Ilyailiya was terrifyingly fast.

First she circled on Mordred’s back and kicked her flying in the back towards Arthur. The awareness of Arthur and her group were directed to Mordred. The next moment she lifted up Nyarlako and floated softly in the air.

It was a fast reaction that came from a complete decision in her heart beforehand that she would do this if this kind of situation happened.

“Wa, wait! You are going to run away alone!?”

Mordred whose back was kicked flying and left behind alone yelled.

“A decoy is needed for my escape too……it’s because I’m a dunce. Well then, sayonara.”

“Wa, wait―! You bastard, I’m going to remember this―!!”

Ilyailiya flew towards the direction of the mountain.

Mordred desperately tried to chase her and turned her back on Arthur and the others.

“Bedivere!” “Yes-!”

But Bedivere tackled hard at that back and caught her.

“Shithead, release me! Don’t screw with me!!”

Mordred was yelling with dirty words that were unthinkable to come from a knight, she used all her might to shake off and untangled from Bedivere. However, at that time she was already surrounded by enough members of the knights of the round table.

Mordred drew out her sword while suddenly making a gallant voice to yell.

“It’s a one on one duel now, Arthur!”

The knights around were making deathly apathetic faces, but Arthur responded with a serious face.

“This place is not even Camlann and you are not even Lancelot you know, Mordred. Know your place, you have lost your role as the cursed child.”

Arthur vanished Excalibur from her hand and in exchange summoned the silver spear Rhongomyniad.

“Not yet, I’ll change this place into Camlann……here I go!”

Faster than Mordred saying ‘here I go’, a pure white flash pierced Mordred.

Mordred wasn’t even allowed to enter the range of the sword <Clarent> that she held. No, she couldn’t even hold aloft her sword. Pure white meteors was once, twice, thrice……countless thrust were striking Mordred’s whole body, her magic power was made sport with and erased in the blink of an eye.

Arthur withdrew her lance. The match was decided.

“Sto, stop……stop……!!”

Mordred wasn’t talking to Arthur, but to Clarent that her hand was holding.

Clarent ignored its owner’s voice and moved as it pleased, piercing deeply through Mordred’s chest.

It was the pledge. In contrast Arthur who defeated Mordred and changed fate obtained even more power from the pledge.

“It’s unfortunate, Mordred. It’s as though your scheme……didn’t work at all against my Kazukipartner’s quick wit.”

Arthur said that and looked down on the collapsed Mordred.

But there was no proud feeling at all in her chest.

Kazuki too……he noticed her weak point! That was the meaning of him dispatching these two knights!

Arthur turned at the two Japanese knights.

“Why did you two come here?”

The two knights――the elf girl, Ryuutaki Miyabi, answered with a little rapid-talking.

“We are conveying the message from our King, Kazuki.”

Actually the two of them wanted to convey this message as fast as possible, but they were also unable to be a nuisance in the duel.

“The moment Keraunos activated, Kazuki was convinced that Italia and Loki are colluding. And then if Italia and Loki are colluding, China and Russia will also take advantage of the chaos from Keraunos’s activation and they are still scheming something further, Kazuki thought so and sent us here.”

The one coming together with Miyabi here was Yumeno Shiori.

She was also a mind magic expert that once made Kazuki suffer.

“What is the damage to Japan from Keraunos?”

“Japan also succeeded in activating defensive magic even while drowning in the sea magic and the damage is insignificant. Above all……it seemed that Japan was at the farthest spot from the ground zero of Keraunos.”

“Ground zero?”

“The ground zero of Keraunos was Germany’s Einherjar. That attack was aimed at Hrotsvit. Right now Germany is the one who received the most damage from Keraunos and on top of that they are fighting Loki’s Einherjar.”

At that time a knight rushed from the front line against Italia’s knight order.

“My apologies King! Italia’s knight order left army that was battling us is retreating from us and is heading to Germany’s direction!”

“This is bad, we have to reinforce them!”

“Please wait, there is Russia and China at the mountain’s direction!”

Arthur who was burning from her chivalry was halted by Miyabi in panic.

As though to endorse that, one more knight was rushing to their position.

“King Arthur, the figure of Russia’s knight order appeared from the direction of the mountain where Ilyailiya escaped and they are now descending towards us! China’s knight order is rushing towards Japan!!”

Arthur and the knights of the round table stiffened with an understanding face.

Ryuutaki Miyabi and Yumeno Shiori, the two of them had heard the prediction from Kazuki that it would become like this.

“At this rate, the Einherjar will be done in.”

It would be an inevitability if on top of being the one who received the most damage from Keraunos, they had to take on half of Italia’s knight order and Loki’s Einherjar at the same time.

“But if we go to reinforce Germany then our backs will be aimed at by Russia……no, Russia will change direction and crush Japan together with China!”

If Japan took on China and Russia and the other half of Italia’s knight order, an inevitable result would be waiting at their side too!

Britain’s knight order that managed to slip through danger by a hairbreadth was pressed by two outrageous choices! To talk even further……if right now Arthur had been subdued by Mordred then everything would have been over already!!

“How about splitting into two!”

Gawain of the knights of the round table proposed.

“If you entrust half of the soldiers to me……this is what Italia’s knight order is doing too!!”

“Please wait desu!” At that time, it was Lotte who came flying here from the sky as the messenger of Kazuki.

“Arthur-oneesan, that’s no good!”

“Why!?” Gawain looked to the sky and talked.

“This is not my word but Kazuki-oniisan’s desu. I can talk with Kazuki-oniisan using telepathy that’s why.”

Lotte answered after saying that as a preface.

“Italia’s knight order dividing their forces into two is bad because they have made arrangements beforehand. In addition to that between Vera and Regina they have a method to share information desu! Based on how Regina was taking independent action all the time until now, that’s the only possible explanation! Britain likely doesn’t have a method to share information……there is none right desu?”

“…….” Arthur nodded.

“Perhaps Loki and the others had also easily predicted that Britain’s knight order doesn’t have an information sharing method. If Britain splits into two groups, you won’t be allowed to meet up anymore.”

“Are you saying that there is no way other than choosing one between Japan and Germany……”

……Hayashizaki Kazuki knew about her weakness. That fact flashed inside Arthur’s mind for an instant.

Arthur was secretly getting distressed while shaking her head.

“Then the answer is simple. The current us owe a favor to Japan of having been rescued. It’s wrong for Germany but……if I am told to choose then I can only choose Japan. That’s only natural as a knight. We are advancing like this to crush Russia.”

Lotte shook her head.

“Please go reinforce Germany, that was what Kazuki-oniisan said desu. We will endure for a while, he said.”

All the people present there froze, Arthur raised her voice that she was nearly screaming.

“That’s absurd! Reckless! China and Russia and half the number of Italia……the difference in strength is nearly twice there!!”

Lotte further spoke as the proxy of Kazuki.

“It’s fine desu……our King said that it’s okay.”

“There is no way it’s fine! That’s merely a bluff!!”

“Please believe!”

Lotte was not talking as Kazuki’s proxy, Lotte said her own words.

“Please believe. If it’s Kazuki-oniisan then he will be fine desu. If Kazuki-oniisan is fighting for the sake of protecting someone, then he will protect that someone to the end no matter how despairing the situation is, that’s the kind of person he is desu.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.12 261.jpg

“……Even through this kind of situation huh.”

Miyabi also gave a push towards Arthur who was clearly showing an expression of fear.

“That’s right. ……If it’s our King then he will be fine. Please hurry! The slower you are, the more disadvantageous it will be no matter which battlefield it is! Hurry while Kazuki is holding out!!”

Part 3[edit]

In the northern European countries, it was told in legend that aurora was the radiance of the armor of the gods traveling the sky.

Beatrix also heard the voice.

{Everyone! Chant defensive magic!! Large scale attack magic of lightning element is coming from behind!! Regina is chanting while circling behind us!}

For some reason Hayashizaki Kazuki’s voice resounded in her brain.

But her difference with Arthur was that Beatrix wasn’t the commander of her force. Of course, Beatrix immediately looked around her and yelled. However, Beatrix wasn’t the commander and her words that were said with an unknown reason made the surrounding Einherjar slightly late in reacting.

Hrotsvit who immediately comprehended the severity of the situation yelled “Do as Beatrix says!” but the moment of lateness became a fatal wound.

There was already a raging Regina in front of their eyes.

Defensive magic was insufficient against the scale of the opponent’s attack magic.

Hrotsvit was approached by choices.

“O armor of illusion, bring the glimmer of rainbow and reflect everything! Armor of RainbowRüstung Aurora!!”

[Rüstung Aurora] had two ways to be used.

If it was used to be worn as one’s own armor, it would protect the body from injury against attack magic approaching from the front exceedingly well.

If it was not used as a personal armor and was deployed behind one’s back as a curtain of rainbow then it could protect a wide range. However it wouldn’t protect the caster’s body at all.

“Conceal the weaved sky, aurora!!”

Hrotsvit unhesitatingly chose the latter and she received Keraunos with her body that was standing at the lead.

If that attack was accepted right from the front, then even a King――.

Part 4[edit]

[Keraunos] was aimed at Germany’s knight order, furthermore Japan made it in time with their defensive magic.

Even so its might inflicted impact on Japan’s knight order as a whole.

The whole of Japan’s knight order was reeled.

Vera Garibaldi who was confronting them didn’t miss that moment and made the left army of Italia’s knights charge ahead. Italia’s knight order was split into left and right and inside the left army――in other words fifty people, were going against Japan’s knight order. However, although they were only half the number, they understood [Keraunos]’s timing beforehand and in unison with that all of them were chanting large scale magic.

“Zenia! Please match your breathing with my water magic!!”

Vera was standing at the head of the charge while yelling so.

“No need to tell me!” The one who replied that was the contractor of Athena.

“O tsunami of divine ancient that destroy the silver nation, ruling the sea from Zeus call that judgment once again as Poseidon! Heavy FloodsOgygoson!!”

“O tsunami of divine ancient that destroy the bronze nation, call that judgment once again as the daughter of sea god Tritonis! Heavy FloodsOgygoson!!”

The flood in legend that destroyed mankind twice was once again given rise to by the hands of the Olympian sea gods.

The objective of this magic wasn’t to control the battlefield like [Aqua Scutum] before this. That manifestation was crushing the target to death with the power of the stormy sea. A sea manifested itself on the battlefield and a tsunami that was like a mountain was surging in.

“O swaying sea surface due to my singing voice, gather the ripple without pattern and become a giant tidal wave! Coming from beyond and washing away to far away……Tidal Wave!”

Kazuki used Zekorbeni and opposed the enemy magic using Vepar’s tsunami magic.

Koyuki was trying to use the same magic, but it took time to chant level 4 magic and she was left behind.

“O stream of atmosphere, converge in this body, become the storm that rejects the hated enemy! The eye of the typhoon is exactly my throne! Storm Fort!”

In exchange Hikaru-senpai chanted defensive magic of wind. The power of wind gave a help to the momentum of his tsunami.

“Gouge the afar, <Doutanuki>! Battou Kaikon――Tenran Kamaitachi!!”

“Yell the refusal, <Sukehiro>! Battou Kaikon――Touranba!!”

Kohaku’s Sacred Treasure squad also invoked their Battou Kaikon that didn’t need chanting which supported the [Tidal Wave] that Kazuki summoned.

However even so the they couldn’t oppose the large amount of water from [Ogygoson] those two pillars of Olympus invoked in synchronization――,

Kazuki’s tsunami was completely swallowed by a far larger tsunami from the front.

“Tidal Wave!!” Koyuki also invoked her magic late.

But even so it was useless, like peeing against the tsunami.

The giant tsunami swallowed the whole of the Japan knight order, it then formed a whirlpool that whipped their formation, the chanting of the magicians were obstructed by the violence. The enemy struck like an avalanche at that timing.

“After the bubble of sea embers, o life bathing the light of Venus, resurrect! Regeneration Light of Mother VenusMaris Stella Ishtar!!”

The avatar of a beautiful goddess――Aphrodite was emerging overhead Japan knight order who was in pandemonium. Just when it seemed that avatar was shining golden, at the ground after the tsunami finally passed through greeneries were budding all at once. Sprouts became young trees, then became gigantic trunks, from there wriggling branches and leaves entangled at each other while growing up. A sea of trees descended. The sea of trees without any gap became a prison of mother nature that didn’t allow Kazuki and group to move.

“Burn them away!” Kazuki gave the instruction while half screaming. He himself also invoked Phoenix’s magic using Zekorbeni. Commencing with Mio, the fire magicians were continuing after him.

However, the sea of trees the goddess of good harvest grew luxuriantly repeatedly regenerated no matter how many times it was burnt.

“Charge! Right now is exactly the time to show the power of Greek Mythology who united as one!!”

The fifty people of Italia’s knight order raised a battle cry in response to Vera’s voice.

They charged towards Kazuki and the others――it seemed that Italia’s Maigka Stigmas were all-around types that could fight in close range skillfully as well. They were able to create Sacred Treasures with Summoning Magic and invoked reinforcement magic.

“Trample under the blessing of goddess Hera’s golden mat! All of you are heroes that surmount the twelve trials!! Goddess’s GloryHeracles!!”

Hera’s avatar floated and rained down light of blessing upon the soldiers of Greek Mythology from the sky. Italia’s knight order was wrapped with reinforcement aura and pressure as though they were all transformed into Heracles.

And then the Greek-style charge that was approaching near was exactly a Sacred Treasure heavy infantry chargephalanx.

“Calm down! The unfavorable situation is exactly the time where the swordsmen who has no need to chant ought to show their strength!”

Kanae finally escaped from the binding of the sea of trees and yelled.

“We are the swordsmen of Japan! Now we can fight against the heroes of Greek Mythology, think of the honor of the samurai and face them!!”

That encouragement of Kanae lit a fire in the spirit of the twenty swordsmen who were formed as the elite squad.

Until now they had been continuously treated coldly as existences that were below the Magika Stigma, however, they were indomitable warriors who had come this far not with the strength of Solomon’s 72 Pillars, but with the prided ancient art of Japan as their pillar.

In regards to the force of will towards an unfavorable position, they were exactly the true elites of Japan.


Kohaku who studied the school of Kyushu raised the yell of Jigen-ryu. Her spirit was also transmitted to the surroundings.[2]

“ “ “ “ “CHESTOOOOOOOOO!!” ” ” ” ”

The swordsmen slipped out from the sea of trees one after another and went to clash against the approaching near Italia’s knight order.

The charge of Jigen-ryu――only its aspect as a mere suicide attack was emphasized, but Jigen-ryu was exactly the completed form of Japan’s real sword battle and group sword fighting. If all the people of Italia’s knight order were transformed into Heracles, then the samurais of Japan all became the demon Shimazu.[3]

“Instantaneous rallying force? Japan has this many soldiers that can fight this much without chanting?”

Vera raised a confused voice. Looking from the other side the <swordsmen> were abnormal warriors.

But even if the swordsmen showed deception with their spirit and technique, the heavily equipped Italia knight order with their Sacred Treasures and strengthening from Summoning Magic was far more powerful. Just mere twenty swordsmen were repelled immediately.

But they were undaunted by the shock of the smashed magic and held their ground, they desperately endured.

Protecting the Magika Stigma as the vanguard――that was exactly the duty that was instilled in them for many years, it was their obstinacy. So that no death came out from among them, he secretly shared magic power using the Power of Harmony. And then to respond to their hard work, they had to stand up.

“Arrange the formation while the swordsmen are enduring for us! If we can just stop being in disorder we are actually twice their number!!”

Being inspired by the swordsmen, the Magika Stigmas were also burning up. The flame magics that were released undauntedly swelled up explosively, finally the sea of trees was turned into ash until it was impossible to regenerate.

Next they all chanted defensive magic for the swordsmen.

Japan’s knight order finally recovered their composure.

Kazuki looked around at the situation. There was quite a damage done to them, but they were able to somehow absorb the momentum of Italia’s left army’s charge.

……Italia’s left army shouldn’t be in contact against only Japan, they should be in a position that was in contact with Britain too.

But he couldn’t feel any reinforcements from Britain at all.

Inside their formation there was also something happening amidst the chaos that was caused by [Keraunos].

“Miyabi-senpai and Yumeno-san!”

Kazuki immediately raised his voice. “Please go to reinforce Britain’s knight order!!”

Kazuki said that to the two at this timing.

“Only the two of us!?”

“Both of you are enough! That’s because if something can endanger Arthur, it will be mind attack magic!”

There was no need to explain more than that. Both of them had self-awareness of their specialized field.

Kazuki asked them to deliver a verbal message. Italia and Loki were colluding. Keraunos was aimed at Germany. Right now the one who should be in the most danger was Germany…….

Japan was able to endure the danger, but he wondered about what was happening to Germany and Britain.

Miyabi-senpai and Yumeno-san dashed away at full speed.

“……Kuh, so we can only inflict this much damage with that best chance!”

He could hear Vera raise a regretful voice. The girl was swift to make decisions from there too.

Perhaps her ability as a commander was higher than even Regina.

“We are withdrawing as planned while in the defensive formation!”

The girl unhesitatingly abandoned the momentum they earned from the charge and instantly adopted thorough defense.

That speedy clean decision made Kazuki get impatient.

“It will be bad if we don’t crush them right away! Everyone, attack them even if you have to force yourself!!”

Slowly crushing them using the difference in battle strength……was something that could be done. There was a reason why they couldn’t do that.

This time the samurais were charging while the Heracleses stopped the blow perseveringly.

“Kazuki!” Yuika-senpai was calling out to him while looking at afar with Valefor’s power.

“I can see China’s knight order from above the mountain!! They are coming here!!”

They finally came!

After the phalanx of the Heracleses……would be the cavalry charge of the brave generals of the three kingdoms!

The Cossacks of Russia might be coming along too. That depended on Britain whether they would come or not.

‘There is no war more gorgeous than this huh!’ Kazuki sput out inside his heart.

And then, what happened with Britain!?

“Lotte, fly to Britain as a messenger!”

――After a while, due to his telepathy with Lotte the situation of Britain’s knight order was communicated to him.

About how thanks to Miyabi-senpai and Yumeno-san, Arthur had barely repulsed Mordred.

And then of how Britain’s knight order was at a lost of whether they should head to reinforce the Einherjar or Japan’s knight order.

……Kazuki gave the instruction to go save the Einherjar.

He hardened his resolve to stop the blow of the incoming China, Russia and Italia’s left army, that was made up of Vera and her group, that was approaching in front of their eyes altogether.

Part 5[edit]

“Why!” Beatrix yelled at her lord who accepted the Keraunos in front of her eyes.

“Why didn’t you protect your own body!!”

“Why you ask?”

Hrotsvit whose magic power had been mostly evaporated from the thunder expressionlessly turned around.

“Beatrix!! Is the Hrotsvit Lesedrama bastard you know a naïve person? Huh!?”

“……N, no. You are a person who does everything to the best of your ability for victory.”

“Then shut up. Butt in only after I die. I’ll kill the dregs that let their mouths talk faster than their swords. Did you forget about my authority already.”

Beatrix kept silent.

“This is quite the damage.”

Authority of the Lunatic King――the more she got nearer to the verge of death the more her attack power was magnified.

“Beatrix. From here on you will lead the Einherjar. Thor is the semi-chief god of Norse Mythology. Take the command with the intention of doing it on my behalf.”

Semi-chief god――if Thor’s contractor was in the middle of good health while Odin’s contractor fell, the King’s Authority would be succeeded by Thor’s contractor. Of course it wasn’t at all something that could be immediately used skillfully.

“I dare say that naïve boy Kazuki will dispatch Arthur’s bunch this way.”

“Kazuki is……in order to protect us……”

“You are to pull them back and head together to give help to Japan. In this battle royal, surely Japan will survive until the end. Act together with Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

‘!? Then that means, Hrotsvit-sama will……!”

Even though she was told not to butt in, Beatrix couldn’t help but speak. Even from what Beatrix saw……she could clearly understand just how much Hrotsvit’s remaining magic power was.

“Are you saying that in order to let us escape, Hrotsvit-sama will remain here alone……!!”

“Hahahahahahaha!! I’m going to kill you Beatrix if you say something that looks down on me like that!! Don’t make me say it twice!! Is the Hrotsvit Lesedrama that you know a person who fights with the intention to lose huh!?”

“……No! You are always a person who wins!!”

“It’s troubling for that naïve boy to think of trying to protect me or anything. You too don’t misunderstand. Of course there is the possibility that I will die. However, that’s only the story if there is a warrior among those guys who can deal even a single attack to me before my attack hits them, and I’m including the ReginaKing in who I mean. Hahahahahahahaha, just come, you dimwits! Now, go!”

Beatrix didn’t hesitate anymore and she left while leading the knight order.

The exhausted Hrotsvit was left by herself.

Hrotsvit stood up in order to enjoy that exhaustion alone.

There was Regina in front of her gaze.

“Hrotsvit Lesedrama. The sin of insulting this me, I’ll make you make up for it with a thousand deaths.”

Around that Regina……half of Italia’s knight order was linking up with her one after another.

Loki’s Einherjar also joined up with them before her eyes and they became a large army.

――In contrast, Hrotsvit had made Beatrix and all her forces withdraw, she was alone.

One versus a hundred and fifty.

Hrotsvit laughed.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You bunches with a flower field in your head make me laugh! Just try it if you can! I’ll make you teach me how many true warriors there are among you bastards with my spear!! Come at me!!”

“Go!” Regina ordered.

One Magika Stigma wearing golden sandals rushed at Hrotsvit.

“This lowly self is Hermes’s contractor Faraone! Your true strength, this lowly self will measure it!!”

“Fighting for the sake of measuring? Die and come again you shitty brat!!”

Faraone’s hand shined together with her spell chanting.

“O spiral snake bringing about wisdom and life! Amplify my magic power, smash his magic power! Staff of SageCaduceus!!”

In Faraone’s hand she was holding a long and big staff made from twin snakes entwining. The light the staff emitted accelerated the movement of Faraone who was already fast to begin with.

In contrast Hrotsvit’s hand also shined together with her spell and it grasped a Sacred Treasure.

Mad laughter quietly vanished from Hrotsvit’s expression.

“Kill. Severance Spear Evil PlunderGungnir.”

It was a long spear that was red like blood.

Attacking like the wind and and with a flash, Faraone swung down the staff with a force that could even break boulders. The twin snakes entangling the staff would devour the magic power from the opponent the staff hit, absorbing it to increase the might the staff had.

The approaching speed of Ilyailiya and the destructive force of Beatrix were approaching at the same time.

The attack that was supposed to be like so was foreseen by Hrotsvit without any change in her countenance and she dodged.

While dodging she thrust out [Gungnir].

The magic spear stabbed through Faraone’s heart.


As though she was shaking off the trash hanging on her spear, Hrotsvit threw away the stabbed Faraone. Faraone scattered all her heart blood everywhere while rolling on the ground.

“Ho……w……this lowly self’s magic power……”

The flesh who was rolling down the slope of death was leaking out a gasping voice.

“If you want to measure me then I’ll teach you. Defensive magic power or whatever doesn’t matter, massacring those who are not resolved to die is my style.”

It was an impossible scene. With just a slight crossing of attacks, Faraone’s life was severed.

The chilly silence of death momentarily froze Regina and the others.

Gungnir――the spear of Odin loved warriors and blessed special moves. If that spear accurately gouged at the human body’s vital spot then the spear would ignore magic power and pierce the opponent to death.

However it didn’t have any attack power at all towards body parts that weren’t vital spots of certain death.

It was a Sacred Treasure that Hrotsvit could only create when her [Authority of the Lunatic King] was displayed at maximum.

……It was only Loki who correctly understood what kind of existence the contractor of Odin was.

“Let’s play plucking out the flower, you Oppekepe twelve gods.”[4]

Hrotsvit smiled while being stained by the spurt of blood.

Apollo and Artemis fired their arrows.

“Brush off. Hidden Letter of NeutralizationOrto Rune.”

Avatar of rune letter was floating in front of Hrotsvit. It possessed material body and collided with the arrows and they erased each other.

Hrotsvit’s defensive rune would react automatically to all attack under Hrotsvit’s awareness. For Hrotsvit except a surprise attack, there was nothing that could pass through this rune.

And then this defensive rune, when Hrotsvit activated the [Authority of the Lunatic King], the less her magic power remained the more the performance of the rune would have. Since her magical power was low the rune accelerated faster.

“Group up and attack!” Regina ordered her subordinates.

Fifty Italia knights matched their breathing and fired attack magic in groups.

[Group magic] was fired against an opponent of just Hrotsvit alone.

Terrific raging waves of attack magic were surging at Hrotsvit――even against that the rune letters quietly extinguished them without any sound.

When the Authority of the Lunatic King was activated at maximum, the defensive runes at its greatest output would erase any kind of firepower. It forced the opponent to pick a method that wasn’t simply relying on brute force.

No matter how cornered she was, it was only the last finishing blow that wouldn’t be able to be inflicted on her.

Odin could only be defeated by a wise man that was above even him.

“……I don’t think people lower than a warrior will be able to do anything.”

However, Hrotsvit’s own flesh body wasn’t wrapped in even a fragment of defensive magic power right now.

Spear of instant death. Absolute defense rune that would continue as long as she foresaw everything.

However, if she failed to foresee then she too would instantly die.

Surely there was no other King’s Authority that was as hard to be used as this. But its instantaneous destructive power when it was used skillfully was without a doubt the strongest. That was exactly the power that Hrotsvit preferred.

And then based on Fu Xi and Regina’s personality……there was no way they could win against herself who became like this, she thought. Her words of massacring them all alone were serious.

“Crush her directly!” Regina commanded.

If long range attack magic in groups also couldn’t crush her then there was no other way except piercing at the opening in direct attack. If the fifty Italian knights were to attack her one after another, there was no way she would be able to foresee them all.

It was unthinkable that she was able to do that.

Attacking that was like a surging wave sooner or later should become a surprise attack inevitably.

But that meant they had to plunge into the distance of death of Hrotsvit.

The knights of Olympia loyally carried out the King’s command and assaulted Hrotsvit.

Hrotsvit danced next to death.

She foresighted all the future, dodged, defended, and killed.

In every single breath there was a blood pillar raised with certainty.

“Loki! What the hell is that! Are you screwing with me! You bastard, you make us stand to take the brunt of that knowing Hrotsvit is someone this nasty!!”

Regina raised a furious voice.

Loki replied even though his figure wasn’t there.

“Don’t say such a stupid thing, something like this is obviously outside even my prediction!!”

Of course he actually knew. Loki was playing his once in a lifetime act of confusion.

For a materialized Diva whose selling point was their magic power amount, this was an opponent that they absolutely wouldn’t want to get close to.

Part 6[edit]

The cavalry of China was dashing down the foot of the mountain without even a speck of disorder in their formation.

Japan took a stance of defense.

A charge of one hundred cavalry――even imagining that made one’s hair stand on end.

From the other direction fifty people of the nimble Italia’s left army shifted to give way.

……Was how it seemed, but Italia’s left army was rapidly distancing themselves from Japan and retreated from the battle area.

It was so they could take a long detour.

While taking distance from Japan, they were moving with the other side of the battlefield as their destination.

“……Are they planning to link up with their right army?”

The right army was the unit that was supposedly fighting Germany together with Loki’s Einherjar.

“It must be because Britain is rushing to the other side……”

That was what Kazuki thought.

Vera and her group had some kind of method to communicate with their King. While Italia’s right army and Loki’s Einherjar were trying to crush Germany, Britain arrived to reinforce them and so Vera must have judged that their other half needed help.

There was no doubt that Britain was moving following Kazuki’s instruction. Then what Japan needed to do was simple. With a hundred people of Japan’s knight order, they would endure the attack of two hundred people of China and Russia. Believing in Arthur, Hrotsvit, and Beatrix, he would endure through this determinedly!

It was exactly right now when China’s knight order’s cavalry squad was descending down the foot of the mountain in a stroke!

On the other direction Russia’s knight order was following behind them, their movement was excessively dull.

It was because they weren’t cavalry but infantry, such reason also applied he guessed. However, perhaps they also had a cheap ulterior motive of trying to preserve their own battle force by making China do everything.

In that case, Japan had to make use of that. First they were able to concentrate only at China.

……The cavalry of China who approached before their eyes.

Their atmosphere was strange.

When Japan fought them before, they were more unruly, they had the wildness that was really like a [mounted bandit].

But the cavalry rushing down the mountain foot right now was orderly and tranquil like a machine.

And then when they finally could see their appearance, Kazuki and his group shuddered.

The ones standing at the forefront of the cavalry squad were Son Goku and Guan Yu’s contractor, they were opponents he had exchanged blows with once before. However they――with the exception of Fu Xi, everyone had become Nopperabou.

All of them, had no face.

<Red Nopperabou>――they had already become that.

Unable to endure the sight, screams could be heard sparsely from Japan’s knight order. Their defensive formation was shaken.

China’s cavalry squad was charging while launching attack magics here.

Their timing perfectly overlapped like a machine, it was [group magic].

Even while being shaken, Japan’s knight order repelled the attacks firmly with the defensive magic they prepared. The inside of the formation was rattling due to the impact of the magic power rivalry.

After their shudder calmed down――Kazuki suddenly felt doubt.

That was a doubt to which he still kept his cool so much that it was out of place even if he said so himself.

Just how much reasoning was still left in these Nopperabou bunches.

Shouko once explained to him before that <Red Nopperabou> was like a [colony]. Every single Nopperabou was nothing more than a single cell who supported the giant existence that was Fu Xi.

They lost their faces, and their humanity was denied.

Then those Nopperabou, were they controlled by the King of Domination Fu Xi in everything?

That was absurd. It was impossible to control all those people in real time using the processing power of a single human.

So that was to say those Nopperabou had their freedom stolen and their personality was endlessly leveled down, while they were moved not by Fu Xi’s control, but by the program that had been determined beforehand……was his assumption.

While Kazuki’s mind was in full operation, China’s cavalry squad finally clashed with the vanguard swordsmen of Japan’s knight order that were lying in wait defensively. The swordsmen were all blown away altogether, without delay the swordsmen at the back replaced them and clashed with the cavalry. Even so the impact wasn’t stopped and several of the Magika Stigmas were also blown away.

The Heaven and Earth Formation of the Japan knight order was pierced by the cavalry charge until half way.

Fierce impact echoed until the rear guard where Kazuki was. The Magika Stigmas were pressed to invoke defensive magic in great panic. The swordsmen were also standing up immediately and rearranged their stances.

“Hey Shouko, that Red Nopperabou thing, are they moving with some kind of regularity that was decided beforehand?”

Kazuki called at Shouko who was beside him. She returned an exasperated face to him.

“You, what are you sayin’ while being strangely calm like that in this kind of situation!? ……I too hadn’t ever fought Red Nopperabou itself before but……most of their self should be gone.”

“Then those guys are like machines that cannot attack except with the decided pattern.”

Shouko understood Kazuki’s intention, but she soon felt exasperated at him in another aspect.

“O, oi! You, we just only got to exchange blows for ten seconds here you know!? And now you plan to finish this already!? That’s not a fast decision anymore but just blind selection!”

“If those guys are like a colony, then if we just defeat the brain part Fu Xi the other guys would lose their function.”

Kazuki ignored that and continued his conjecture.

China’s knight order was obviously not normal. He had to grasp that peculiarity and then stabbed at the weak point. It needed to be done as fast as possible.

“I’m going to devote myself to analyze the attack pattern of those guys! If I grasp something then I’ll share it to everyone with telepathy! Like that we will establish a defense pattern that is effective towards their predictable attacks! After that we will move out to counterattack for the first time, hitting Fu Xi with concentrated fire! How about that. The tactic of totally ignoring Nopperabou!”

“Yo, you are an exasperating asshole huh……it’s only about twenty seconds since we clashed. What you are thinkin’ is just wishful thinking y’know. Ain’t you getting desperate here?”

There are ideas that could only come to you because you were desperate. Kazuki had gone full circle from that desperation and became calm. He was aware that right now his head was a little in the clouds. However――,

“There is no other way. Right now we are trying to find a single ray of hope in the middle of a fatal situation.”

What kind of situation Japan was in right now……Shouko’s face warped unpleasantly.

“If you are going to leisurely do analysis or anything then Russia too is gonna arrive as their reinforcement yeah.”

“Rather it is exactly because we are fighting China and Russia simultaneously that we don’t have any other way. At the very least I’ll finish the analysis before Russia arrives. The deciding match will be from there. If we cannot do that, then with this difference in battle strength it won’t even be a match.”

“……I had never fought Red Nopperabou before, so even if you ask me I cannot guarantee that what I’m sayin’ is correct though……”

Shouko was actually not good at gambling he guessed. Her personality looked hearty like this, but in Las Vegas she made full use of statistic calculation and she only kept making little bets.

However, her face finally became clearly decisive.

“……Certainly there ain’t any other way. If this is a good hand you got the idea for after thinking your hardest, then you better do it fast.”

Listening to this conversation from the side, Akane-senpai bared open the white of her eyes and she froze.

Only a few tens of seconds after the clash, Kazuki decided on his tactic.

Japan and China clashed.

Kazuki concentrated in sensing the magic power of the whole battlefield.

The nature of China’s knight order’s magic power was just like a television screen. From afar it looked like a single movie, but when he concentrated at looking further, the picture was made from an aggregation of small pixels. But, there was no disorder at all at every single one of those pixels――it was truly an assembled life form, a colony.

Group that fired flame element magic. Group that fired lightning element magic with delayed timing.

All their members weren’t taking a single action. However they separated into several groups and the several units in those groups were made to act synchronously. The group wasn’t constantly the same, they were substituting and taking turns. As expected it wasn’t simple.

But certainly it had regularity……Kazuki was convinced of that after several moves. It would be the end if he was mistaken.

Kazuki communicated the next moves of the opponent that he read towards his comrades, he made them chant defensive magic to deal with that. He made the offense and defense with effective rivalry to negate each other. He included the swordsmen, all members became as one and proceeded to defend.

Even so, damage was still slowly accumulating.

Especially Fu Xi’s attack magic, their formation would crumble if it wasn’t blocked by devoting the defensive magic of several dozen people.

Flame was coming, lightning was coming, non-element was coming, the ground would split…….

Foresight――command――defensive magic, Japan’s knight order was enduring with Kazuki’s order.

In order to build the ultimate efficiency in their direct movement, there was the necessity to discover the attack pattern of the enemy. If they could do that then a leeway to counterattack would be created. Possibly they could endure till the end even when Russia participated.

――The flow of magic power had no flavor of humanity the more he looked.

There was no off point that originated from personal thinking. It was just like programming.

He took an overhead view of the whole magic power nature…….

Including Fu Xi too, there was a lot of flame magic…….

A lot of time lightning magic was coming after flame magic. That was because there was the common point that heat was generated from the two elements. Using water or cold magic after heat was generated had bad efficiency.

That was why after heat generating magic they would surely alternate it with physical magic. After that water or cold would come.

The pattern after water and cold was the wind coming, possibly they would alternate it with physical attack again before coming back to fire.

Flame-lightning-physical-cold-wind-flame……. Possibly flame-lightning-physical-cold-physical-flame…….

These two patterns happened a lot……that was his hunch. He had no positive proof.

Certainly those patterns were efficient. Those Nopperabou almost never did something inefficient.

Efficient elements were managed efficiently and continued to be invoked without interval……these were patterns that Fu Xi properly thought up and formed. She was really a girl with a smart head.

But something like this……couldn’t be called a warrior. It couldn’t be called a commander.

She only had a smart head but couldn’t build tactics, her simple personality was transparently visible.

Furthermore she was looking down at her enemies in the fundamental matter…….

{Flame, lightning, earth, water……that order is coming.}

As a test he tried to convey that to all his comrades. That was supposed to be the next pattern,

{Is, is it really okay if we prepare for four moves ahead like that all at once!?}

Mio immediately replied back to him anxiously.

{Of course, if it’s wrong I’ll tell you to revise it so it’s fine.}

{Hm……ah, it really happens like that!? Kazu-nii amazing!}

However he got strangely relieved like this hearing Mio’s voice in the middle of battle, why he wondered.

……What was Russia doing?

“Kazuki, Britain and Germany are coming from our left rear!”

Yuika-senpai suddenly said.

“Russia is heading over there!!”

Kazuki was shocked.

What was the meaning of this? Did Britain not go help Germany?

Or else did they end the battle in the blink of an eye and then came here……?

No, even Italia’s left army was moving from the battle area here and heading over there. There was no way they could be this quick in deciding the battle.

What this meant……Britain and Germany left behind only the minimum combat force over there and sent the majority of their main force over here. Thinking normally that minimum combat force was only a sacrificial pawn, however that sacrificial pawn displayed an unexpectedly hard fight and it made Vera who saw that to head there for reinforcements in panic.

Was the chronological order something like that?

{ “Kazuki!!” }

A loud voice he was familiar with――Beatrix’s voice resounded to here.

The one leading the German knight order here was her.

For some reason at the same time when her voice directly reached his ear, her voice also echoed inside his head.

It was as though her physical voice was mixed with telepathy, a strange chorus.

If it wasn’t like that then even if it was Beatrix’s loud voice it surely wouldn’t be able to reach until Kazuki’s ear in the middle of this chaotic battlefield. Telepathy with Beatrix was half passing through to him.

Her voice continued without giving him time to think of how this happened.

{ “I’m telling you the message from my King!! ‘I don’t need any soldiers!!’ ” }

‘………………The one holding back Loki’s Einherjar and Italia’s knight order, is Hrotsvit!?

No, don’t tell me, just by herself alone!? With only Hrotsvit alone as the opponent, that Vera got pale and headed there for reinforcements!’

{ “If you still have gutless leeway to protect others, you better use it to pulverize the enemy before your eyes!! The words of my King, the great warrior Hrotsvit, I imparted it to you right here!!” }

Just what kind of fighting Hrotsvit was doing, he couldn’t imagine it at all.

{ “Pulverize them!” }Beatrix repeated her words once again.

……But, there was no need to hesitate if that was the case.

He had already seen through all of China’s attacks.

Germany and Britain were hitting Russia for him.

It was exactly at that time Kazuki yelled at his comrades.

“Everyone, we are counterattacking to beat Fu Xi!! We are going to pulverize China until not even their dust remains behind!!”

When he thought back, Japan was always one-sidedly defending against Chukadou.

That too would be only until now.

Part 7[edit]

The battlefield was often called as a [living thing that is constantly changing continuously].

If one had to say why it felt like a battlefield was continuously changing, that was because the opponent’s hand was unknown and something unexpected would occur without fail. Kazuki too always had such sensation when he confronted Loki.

The battle on this Atlantis was also like that the whole time.

They were continuously instigated by winding upheaval and fought until now while dealing with that desperately.

But Red Nopperabou and Fu Xi were weak to the wave of that upheaval.

Even Fu Xi was showing action that was trying to deal with the change of the Japanese knight order.

Japan’s knight order somehow suppressed the damage of Fu Xi’s powerful attack magic by devoting a large number of people for defensive magic. However, they would run out of strength bit by bit sooner or later in this one-sided defensive battle. Fu Xi understood that and so she didn’t change her way of doing things and kept repeating what she did until now.

But when Kazuki began to vaguely feel the attack pattern of China and increased his defense efficiency, Japan was gradually beginning to counterattack. In the interval of defense magic and defense magic, attack magic began to be mixed in.

Those attack magics were all flying pin pointed towards Fu Xi.

Although Japan didn’t attack at all until now, China’s knight order still put up defensive magic. However the attack magic that was focused in one point broke through the defensive magic that was spread widely and carved some damage on Fu Xi’s magic power.

It wasn’t particularly big damage. But for the first time Fu Xi showed a change in action with that.

First she understood that it was only her who was targeted and so she concentrated the defensive magic on herself. And then she stopped firing attack magic continuously at wide range aimlessly and created [Kyuuryuu Shinkatou] before beginning to move towards the front line.

Attack magic from afar would scatter its power to a wide range no matter what. The damage could be focused by attacking at close range. She judged that by doing that the enemy wouldn’t be able to reduce the damage and defeated people would appear.

If she reduced the number of enemies with close range attacks with certainty, the flow of the battle would tilt to one side in one go.

That was only a natural decision. In fact it was an efficient decision.

The change that Fu Xi showed was a really easy to understand change for Kazuki.

It was just as he expected. That was why together with his comrades that were the most optimum to fight Fu Xi, Kazuki was waiting for Fu Xi at the front line while chanting reinforcement magic. He was planning to make that spot the place for the decisive battle.

“So it is you all again!”

Fu Xi who was coming out to the front lines where attack magic was flying overhead, looked at the awaiting opponent and raised a voice of hatred. Kazuki was taking along Kanae, Kohaku, Kazuha-senpai, and then……Karin, Shouko, and Silirat whose eyes were strongly carrying enmity.

“It’s well for the King to come out greeting us. Those three swordsmen are also well. But you three directing persistent emotion to us! You three are unpleasant……! You don’t have the privilege to harbor dissatisfaction or grudge to us!!”

Fu Xi wasn’t allowing other people to have dissatisfaction towards her.

As the King of China’s ideal, she was raised to think that it was only natural.

That was why she was able to remorselessly destroy other people’s hearts and spread unhappiness to the surroundings.

The little supreme ruler. Surely she didn’t feel any need to be prudent to her surroundings until now. One who was born with the destiny to be the King was that kind of existence.

“Everyone, we are going to educate this selfish kid.”

Kazuki said. For an instant Fu Xi was making a face that was unable to understand what was said to her.

“You said something nice Nii-sama!! You had said out exactly what everyone had been thinking all this time!! Kanae is numbed from that, I’m in admiration!!”

Kanae was in great joy and she hopped up and down as though to provoke Fu Xi in front of her eyes.

“……You bastard, what did you say just now……”

Fu Xi became dazed for a moment before her whole face was dyed bright red in seething fury.

“Educate……you say? Educating is……something done by a superior existence to lower a existence you know……? You……you are saying something that is looking down on this we!! Very well, we will kill you just as you wished for!!”

“I’m not wishing to get killed or anything though.”

“What you bastard said just now is the highest grade of honorific language that means [I want to be killed in an incredibly brutal way]!!”

Fu Xi was howling a strangely elaborate expression.

She looked to be around fourteen, fifteen years old, but as expected she was a clever child.

Only, this child had something that was strangely warped burdened on her little shoulders.

He wanted to give her defeat. The reason of why he mustn’t lose increased by one more.

“I, Kanae, Kohaku, Karin, the four of us will disturb her and occupy her attention at a close range battle. Kazuha-senpai and Silirat, focus at attacking. Shouko, do as you please.”

“Oi, aren’t you acting apathetic at just me there?”

“It will help if you are moving in the way that is suitable for the moment. I’ll Foresight the magic that is not close range attack and suppress it with defensive magic. Though it’s impossible to completely suppress everything.”

Even if he Foresighted and used the advantageous element but he wouldn’t be unable to block it due to the difference in output. Fu Xi’s [King’s Authority] was undoubtedly something that fully increased the simple force of Summoning Magic.

……But was that all?

Perhaps there was something more to it. He needed to put more attention to that hypothesis.

“Here we go!”

Hearing Kazuki’s command, his comrades went towards the small but powerful enemy all at once.

First they had to stop [Kyuuryuu Shinkatou] from spewing out flames. Kazuki put reinforcement magic on his whole body while plunging in towards Fu Xi’s bosom.

Fu Xi simply and plainly lifted up her treasured sword and she was going to swing it down. Kazuki jumped in at that timing and blocked it with Ame no Murakumo and Joyeux crossed.

Miyamoto Musashi’s defensive technique of Two Sky One StreamNiten Ichiryuu. It wasn’t suited for precise movement but it was a rigidly strong stance.


Kazuki felt like an old man whose waist felt like it was ruined by trying to lift up a heavy barbell, his feeling became despairing like that. It was absolutely impossible what he was doing, he immediately understood that.

“Fuhahahahahah! You bastard, just now you were making an amusing expression!!”

Fu Xi seemed to regain her good mood and laughed while pressing down hard on Kazuki’s two swords.

Beatrix was enduring this……!

Kazuki couldn’t endure and shifted to the side and warded off Kyuuryuu Shinkatou with blade control. *BUUN* With such terrific air cutting sound hellfire was blowing out. Even though it didn’t hit him yet only the waves of heat was enough to smash his defensive magic power. This too was unbearable. Kazuki poured Vepar’s strength to Zekorbeni.

“Freeze Barrier!“ “Freeze Barrier!“ “Freeze Barrier!“ “Freeze Barrier!“

Four continuous instant chanting.

He was putting armor of cold to himself, Kanae, Kohaku, and Karin.

If it was this range then they surely could evade or redirect the attack without any harm done somehow.

They absolutely mustn’t get hit directly.

There――Karin and Kohaku began attacking.

“Haa!” “Sei!”

Fu Xi swung around her treasured sword towards Karin who was rushing at her. Karin halted as though she was pulling emergency break and her body dodged from the flame that was spewed out by the treasured sword. At that opening Kohaku attacked with her Sacred Treasure.

Kohaku also attacked not with her all so that she could escape anytime, the strength of her attack wasn’t really much. But their role was for disturbance so that was fine.

Of course Fu Xi was attempting to chant a spell.

“Shin’iki!” Kanae slashed so as to not allow her that. Fu Xi showed a sensitive reaction.

“Black cat! Your sword is loathsome for some reason!!”

Fu Xi jumped back with exaggerated vigor. She had zero martial knowledge of how to move the body but she was purely fast. It was surely difficult to inflict Shin’iki against an opponent who was moving like that. Kanae clicked her tongue.

As expected her learning ability was high. No matter what……he wanted to defeat Fu Xi right here.

“O honored lightning that rain down due to god’s fury! The spilled blood of Kagutsuchi drips and gather at the hilt, become a blade of flash! Sky drum thunder sound of lightning speed, Mikafutsu Mitama!!”

“O power circulating the world! Converge in my hand under the guidance of the god of destruction, become the attack of rage that pierce the three worlds! Trisula!!”

At the opening when Fu Xi jumped behind largely, Kazuha-senpai and Silirat shoved in their powerful attack.

Powerful attack, it was supposed to be so. But Fu Xi didn’t stop chanting.


Shouko emitted the wave of chanting obstruction in panic.

“We are unstoppable! We are the emperor because nobody can stop us!!”

Fu Xi didn’t stop chanting and activated her magic.

“Spring up from the ground, o China’s royal ancestor! Five Emperor DescentGotei Kourin!!”

When Fu Xi directed her left hand to the ground, five shadows were emerging from below.

“Go down from the heaven, O China’s divine ancestor! Three Sovereign VisitSankou Kourin!!”

When Fu Xi lifted her right hand to the sky, three shadows were floating overhead.

Each of the shadows became the figures of the five emperors, and then three gods. Fu Xi commanded to each of them.

“Go, Fukugi! Shinnou! Joka! Kokuou! Gyouou! Shun’ou! Uou! Touou!”

The three gods who were considered as the creators of the world in Taoism, and then the five emperors who created the country of China in that world――those were figures that were worshipped as the Sankou Gotei in Taoism.[5]

“Summoning Diva!? No are they something like illusions……!?”

So to speak they could be called imitation Divas.

At the very least the three stars should be existing separately as the Divas of Taoism. He had met that Joka before this with her contractor.

Fu Xi’s contracted Diva was <Dragon of Heaven’s Decree> which was the very incarnation of China’s ideal, the original Daoism and its high ranking Divas that were the Sankou Gotei that were swallowed and made into that dragon.

Consequently he guessed that it was able to create fake Sankou Gotei from inside itself. The Dragon of Heaven’s Decree swallowed Taoism, and so there was no doubt that this was the magic that symbolized that.

The materialized eight imitation Divas were causing magic power vortex while beginning to chant their respective magic. This was exactly a Summoning Magic in the literal sense.

Fu Xi chanted a magic that was extremely troublesome to the limit from the very start. They were trying to defeat Fu Xi alone with seven people yet the opponent easily exceeded them in number, this wasn’t a laughing matter!

“What to do Nii-sama!”

“Everyone doesn’t need to change what they are doing! I’ll increase the number of my moves!!”

Kazuki commanded while hammering in his magic power into Zekorbeni.

Zekorbeni could rapidly invoke magic without chanting.

If he just wasn’t frugal with magic power then there would be no problem no matter how many enemies there were.

“Kazuki, although you have mapped the pattern to some degree but even now you are sensing the magic power nature of the whole of the Chinese knight order, Foresighting them, and then giving directions to everyone else with telepathy while fighting aren’t you!? You okay!?”

Kazuha-senpai was concerned for him with a voice that was nearly a scream. If he was asked if he was ok or not, even now it felt like his head would pop like a balloon. However, “No choice but to do it!!”

The Sankou Gotei blew fire, spouted cold, split the earth, and so on, they invoked magic as they pleased. In response to that, Kazuki was invoking defensive magic in full operation.

Furthermore Fu Xi was swinging around Kyuuryuu Shinkatou while beginning to chant a spell he remembered.

This presence of magic power chanting was the [Chuuka Goken] that she used when they encountered her for the first time.

Most likely it was the magic with lowest level among the Summoning Magic of the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree.

Fu Xi was planning to increase her number of moves. While she was swinging around Kyuuryuu Shinkatou, she employed Sankou Gotei, then she would use the five treasured swords in turn, that was her intention. It was as though she was testing Kazuki on how far he could hold on.

If what he need to do increased even more than this then his head would go pop auspiciously.

“Absolutely don’t let her invoke that! Shit-, Shin’iki!”

Kanae desperately attempted to activate Shin’iki. However Fu Xi was running away from Kanae while saying “The other bunch is fine but only you are no good!!” Conversely her attention was taken by his other comrades.

“Uwaa―! Come on, stop your chanting―!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a low level voice while slashing buzzingly with [Mikafutsu Mitama].

Her attacks were hitting straightforwardly. ……No matter how it was put, but Fu Xi was getting hit too much.

When Fu Xi escaped away from Kanae in great panic, her feet were staggering. Her movement was lacking in stability, Kazuha-senpai and Silirat were aiming for that.

She still had lost her sense of touch――for the emperor who had little experience in moving her body, to fight personally with her body, that loss of sense gave her such a fatal impact.


Shouko struck the back of the head of Sankou Gotei’s Fukugi *pokan!* with Dashinben.

“Now foxie! Match your timing.” And then she instructed Karin.

Shouko walloping the honored god of China Fukugi looked terribly blasphemous, but at that time the figure of the materialized Fukugi distorted with noise mixed in.

The Sankou Gotei were being materialized by a complicated flow of magic power. Shouko was making that flow get wrecked using [the whip that threw out of order the flow of magic power]

That disorder was nothing more than an instant. But Karin immediately guessed her intent.

“……It’s like this huh! Shintoukei!!”

Fukugi who was covered all over with noise was hit by Karin’s palm heel.

Shintoukei――a superhuman feat that worked by sensing the flow of the opponent’s magic power and then smashing in magic power with an opposite vector to neutralize the enemy’s magic power, with that the user could deal impact to the flesh itself.

Originally sensing the flow of complicated magic power construction like imitation Diva must be difficult for Karin. But Shouko was making that complicatedly advanced magic power flow wrecked with her Dashinben.

Fukugi that was materialized exploded as though his inside was blown away.

“Wha, what!? Our divine ancestor is!?”

It was very unexpected for Fu Xi that it made her get shocked and stiffen. There “Shin’iki-!” this time Kanae severed her chanting for sure. “You bastard-!” Fu Xi raised an uncontrolled voice.

While that was happening Shouko and Karin were rapidly destroying the imitation Divas.

“Just what is that accursed technique!!” Fu Xi was trembling in fury.

“This is……Nee-san’s Shintoukei!! I’ll make you taste it too!!”

Karin’s eyes were burning in hatred once again.

She recklessly rushed forward and tried to strike the palm heel on Fu Xi too.

“Stop it, don’t get sloppy!”

Kazuki raised his voice to stop her but Karin charged driven by her emotion.

“Eei, don’t direct hatred to us! I won’t allow that kind of unpleasant emotion!!”

Fu Xi was yelling in disgust while swinging Kyuuryuu Shinkatou like a spoiled brat. Tremendous belts of flame hit Karin directly from the front.

Finally someone was hit! If someone got hit by that then perhaps they would be unable to fight just by a single attack!

Kazuki tried to share magic power to Karin with the Power of Harmony.

But――*bachin!* something bounced the magic power……something was protecting Karin’s body from the flame.

“……Something is repelling our flame!?” Fu Xi yelled.

“Nee-san!!” For some reason Karin yelled that with conviction.

Karin’s small body was blown away like dust from the recoil.

But Karin twirled in somersault and landed on the ground before glaring at Fu Xi.

Shouko too, Silirat too, they were glaring with eyes burning with hatred.

“Just what…… are you all taking about……”

Fu Xi was……making timid eyes like a child that was isolated in class.

“Damn, we won’t recognize this! Even though we said we are not recognizing it, even though we are fighting seriously, why don’t you all die!”

Fu Xi was clamoring like a kid that for the first time since she was born confronted something that wouldn’t go the way she wanted it.

“You ask why we don’t die?”

Kazuki answered provocatively.

“……You discharge magic power all over miserably, you cannot even dodge our attacks satisfactorily and keep getting hit. Too bad for you but at this rate rather than us who are supporting each other, it will be your magic power that will get emptied first yeah.”


Kazuki and the others had the Power of Harmony.

Right now these seven people who were fighting Fu Xi were greatly burdened. But there wasn’t anyone among these seven who became unable to fight. That was because they were lending each other magic power with the Power of Harmony.

The magicians of Japan could mutually lend each other magic power. In all cases any attack towards Kazuki and the others was as though it was reduced into an attack that spread towards the whole Japan knight order.

Fu Xi planned to decrease their side’s numbers using powerful direct attacks and came to the front line. But what Fu Xi was doing essentially was no different at all than when she was firing wide range attack magic in rapid succession from afar.

It merely got easier for her to be attacked by coming to the front like this.

In contrast with Kazuki and the others who were like that, Fu Xi was――already bearing quite some damage since before this battle.

Right after the landing on Atlantis until now……all forces were taking action in order to shave off strength from Fu Xi. To that Fu Xi lacked skills in planning. Just what in the world had been done to her by Italia’s knight order at the top of the mountain――now that they were confronting Fu Xi once again like this, her magic power amount had been decreased beyond recognition.

“Plijie Zvezda.”

Meteorites were raining down from the sky.

Kazuki felt their presence, but it was fine even if he ignored it. It wasn’t flying at him.

The meteorites were all aiming to attack Fu Xi.

“What!? This magic!!”

Fu Xi was hit hard by meteorites all over her body and she looked up to the sky.

At the sky that was dyed by the setting sun, there was a silver shadow floating.

“Ilyailiya! Why are you! We and you……are in an alliance right!?”

Supposedly Russia too was in the middle of fighting Britain, it was as if she was looking down here as though to say [it will be the time soon so how about I go helping].

“Plijie Zvezda.”

Here Ilyailiya fired magic rapidly as if to display her characteristic chanting speed. Meteorites were pouring down one after another as though it was her reply’s substitute.

It was a magic that was extremely difficult to dodge for Fu Xi who had lost her sense of touch.

“Stop it! Stop it Ilyailiya, just why!?”

Fu Xi was running about to get away from the meteorites with a seemingly sad voice. Fu Xi who staggered because she lost her sense of balance was chased around mercilessly by the meteorites. The damage might not be that considerable. But Fu Xi was receiving damage from the fact that her companion who had been acting together with her all this time since landing was attacking her, that was what she was trying to escape from.

Fu Xi’s gaze was wandering at her surroundings as though she was looking for help.

There was no one except Kazuki and the others of the Japan knight order and the Red Nopperabou.

The Nopperabou was already not an existence that could give her advice from experience. Fu Xi didn’t have or give assistance with ideas for victory nor was she quick-witted. Those things weren’t Fu Xi.

They were only obeying the constructed program, and were firing magic at Japan’s knight order.

They weren’t existences that could present the thing that Fu Xi was currently looking for.

They were allies, but they weren’t comrades.

“Even though everyone is fighting supporting each other with their hundred comrades, it is only you who are in solitude.”

Kazuki even felt emotion of pity while saying that.

“Solitude you say…..absurd……we don’t……fear such thing. Until now we had never experienced such thing. Until now everyone feared and respected us, they came and became our ally……that’s right, Loki too was like that. Where is Loki!? Just where in the world is Kaya!?”

“Italia’s knight order firing arrows from above the mountain was at Loki’s order you know.”

Fu Xi’s expression froze.

If Loki and Italia were colluding then it was only natural that it became like that.

“Right now, on this Atlantis, there is not even a single person who thinks that they want you to continue to exist.”

The one who handed down the decision to change her comrades into a part of her colony cells, was her herself.

The meteorites were continuously pouring down like rain.


From Fu Xi’s mouth, a distorted voice spilled out.


From the contractor of the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree that boasted an enormous presence, there was a sensation of something smashing up.

Kazuki was convinced of the timing to decide the battle. With one large move Fu Xi would be broken soon.

“Kanae!” Kazuki called out like that and embraced Kanae.

“Ni, Nii-sama……finally!”

Even though it was this kind of situation, but Kanae’s eyes were shining in great joy.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Chesto is a battle cry used by samurai or martial artists
  3. Shimazu was a clan of hardcore samurai at Satsuma. Try to read the manga Drifter, the MC is an example of this crazy Shimazu clan.
  4. Oppekepe is a meaningless word. The word came out in a popular song in the Meiji era and it doesn’t really have meaning, but at the time it was popularly used to hurl abuse at the privileged class as sarcasm that they didn’t understand the common people.
  5. Sankou Gotei is Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors (mythological rulers of ancient China)
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