Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 13 Afterword

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My apologies that there was a really long gap between volumes, this is Mihara Mitsuki! This time too I only made it just barely at various things and also bothered the staff……. But I think I’m able to deliver a content that is better than usual. What do you think of Magika volume 13?

Each time Magika piled up the series, the scale of the battle was rising, finally as the last chapter we plunged into an ‘uh-oh’ battle royal where a lot of forces are fighting with an amazing number of soldiers. It was the first time I wrote a group battle royal like this, but my option is widening with how many characters there are, I’m able to smash in as long as I thought up idea, and create intense development rich with transition relentlessly, it feels really good that it might become a habit.

Because this is the conclusion of a series that has continued for long, to the certain extent that it feels like a festival, I’m fully feeling that I have been able to have precious experiences with this.

Not just battle, but the relationship with the heroines is also rising in scale, this aspect also feels like the last chapter in a certain sense. In the first place this is a series where the positivity level of heroines can be visible seen rising up, so if the flirting love’s degree doesn’t also rise in comparison with that then it won’t be interesting. However, the author was also not full of confidence from the beginning that this series will be long term, so to think that it would escalate until this far……even I, myself was writing it while my heart was throbbing hard. The author is still feeling shy to write the word breast.

Because it won’t be magika without doing both battle and flirting love, I was stepping on the accelerator full throttle on both while plunging into the last volume. In order to prepare beautiful curtain closing I am groaning and moaning here in worry so please look forward to it without fail.

Come to think of it since the tenth volume the front cover became『Magic Advanced Country’s King series』, but it doesn’t feel like all the Kings can come out with the number of the volume, so from this volume it became 『Chouki Magician series』. The one that got the short end of the stick is Fu Xi and Hrotsvit. Fu Xi didn’t go through decent experience whether it was inside the work or outside isn’t it, sorry……. Nonetheless I think characters that make me the happiest when they become color illustration as expected are these girls. I want, really really want, the goods or postcard of this front cover illustration, I wonder if that can happen.

Please also pay attention to the author photograph of this volume. Mio-suke’s model kit was distributed at the winter’s Wonder Festival! Actually, from the start I am a kid who loves plastic models, so having the character of my work turned into a subject for model kit was one of my secret ambitions. Model kits are different from completed figurines, it has to be assembled and painted by oneself, but there is happiness to tamper with one own character that you have a lot of emotional attachment to by yourself.

Entrusting the characters to anothers’ hands temporarily while in the end it returns to your own hands, that process is like netori and netorare……it’s somewhat like a perverted act that is strangely exciting. Haa haa.

I don’t know if I will be able to draw out the goodness of kit with my unripe skill, but dealer Minekensho-sama, thank you very much!

Now then all of you readers, thank you from my heart for buying this volume too!

Mihara Mitsuki

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