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Intermission – Reincarnation IIDemon God Reincarnation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「O Cthulhu people that came from me, gather within me once more!!」

Nyarlathotep yelled before the battle as though to beat the enemy to the punch.

Kaguya and the others put up their guard before the inflation of magic power in front of them, but what happened next wasn’t an attack.

It was a terrifying fusion phenomenon.

Cthulhu’s old rulers and retainers standing by behind Nyarlathotep were simultaneously gathering and their body muddily clung to each other and combined, turning into one body. The evil god that was already a huge lump of decaying meat was enlarging even more.

It was so huge they needed to look up, like a tower of Babel made up from decaying flesh.

The faceless god Nyarlathotep partitioned himself several times and altered those partitions into different Cthulhu Diva, but those Divas were returning to himself once more.

Those parts were recovered after having been raised up, so his magic power was expanding up even more than before.

But even if he did that he was just one person after all. Their side was in the process of gathering almost all the troops that were in good health. Kaguya had obtained resistance to Nyarlathotep’s mind magic. And Ryuutaki Miyabi and Yumeno Shiori were also running towards here.

If they surrounded him like this and fought using group magic, he didn’t seem like he would be that tough of an opponent…….

「O stream of black freeze isolated in eternal freeze that sink even splendor……send my betrayer there too! Everlasting Frozen River of GriefJudecca Cocytus!」

「O tear of mermaid, expose the pain in your heart to the world. The chair at the side without that person, the blankness of the album, awaken them in the freezing world……Desolate Ice WhiteSolitary White Album!」

Kaguya and Koyuki matched their breathing and invoked cold magic that had their power heightened by them becoming Chouki. But even faster than that cold freezing the repulsive tower of meat, the tower suddenly became transparent, losing its substance. The attack magic was passing through it cleanly.

Darkness Illusion – Limit SaturationArkham Drive!!」

The vanishing Nyarlathotep yelled that and its huge body was completely vanishing with a puff from that place.

「Just now is take over magic!」 Koyuki raised her voice.

「It’s a magic that makes entry into a person’s heart weakness to take over that person’s body and mind! In addition when it happened to me it was done by a weakened Nyarlathotep, but if that much enlarged Nyarlathotep enter inside someone……」

「Who did he enter!?」

Kaguya looked around. There wasn’t anyone in that place that seemed to be in such a state. There was only a futile wind blowing on the battlefield where battle had vanished.

「He is going through Astrum……towards someone who is not here……?」

Part 2[edit]

Unnoticed, the sky was slightly turning white.

The faint morning sun through the magic power cloud was starting to illuminate this floating continent.

The later half of the battle of Ragnarok that started since the surprise attack at midnight was entering the climax at last.

Ilyailiya was defeated, Regina too……Kazuki and Arthur weren’t letting their guard down and confronted Regina with confidence of certain victory if it was this two versus one. Ikousai was watching over that situation with a faint smile on her face. And then Regina……she was making a dark face as though she was slurping mud. Everyone’s face was bathed with morning sunlight through the magic power cloud, palely.

Regina, she suddenly started to laugh.

「Fufufu……hahahahaha! Fine then you low-life Diva!! Hand over power to me!!」

The sudden words made Arthur and Kazuki to be surprised and bewildered.

「What are you saying!?」

Regina’s magic power was inflating up――it wasn’t because she was trying to chant attack magic. Something terrifying was flowing inside her from Astrum. It was such a flow of magic power.

Large magic power――it wasn’t just large, it was somewhat eerie and blasphemous.

It couldn’t be understood from outside what was happening. But a bad premonition came for some reason…….

「Did you sell your soul to the devil!?」

「I won’t pick my method! I’m different from naïve Kings like you all! No matter how proud or moral you are, if you are defeated it’s nothing but betrayal towards the country and people!! I also won’t let how Vera died believing in me to be futile!!」

Whether it was Kazuki or Arthur who was certainly exposing her softness before this lost any reply and shut up. Those words possessed reason that couldn’t be denied.

However those words also vaguely sounded like Regina trying to persuade herself.

The problem was in what she was trying to do.

「Come, Nyarlathotep!!」

Regina yelled that. Kazuki clearly sensed a wavelength of magic power that he had a recollection of.

The presence of the hateful bitter enemy who specialized in mind attack magic and also able to take over another person’s body!

『Fuhahahaha, idiot, taking on my invitation like this! This King’s body and mind of yours, I’ll accept them all!!』

From somewhere――not from heaven or even hell, but from somewhere that was like the gap of the world――a hair-raising voice reverberated. *Pishii!* Countless cracks ran through Regina’s body and magic dress.

Dissolving flesh and slimy tentacles were overflowing from those cracks, covering the whole surface of Regina’s body――it was a grotesque 『predation』 that made one want to block their eyes from witnessing it.

「You fool! For you to take the invitation from Cthulhu!」

「You fool! Doing something like trying to take over Regina’s mind is……」

At that time Kazuki and Arthur raised voices of exact opposite. When Kazuki turned his face towards Arthur, Arthur was making a cold sweat on her forehead while she said.

「……No matter even if he is trying to take advantage when she is turning fainthearted, but this is that Regina you know? Her mental strength, her firm ego, the height of her pride……even among all the people in this Atlantis she is the greatest…, it was likely that she was at the top of the whole of mankind……」

「You aren’t saying……that Regina will swallow Nyarlathotep in reverse and make that strength as hers……?」

Possibly Nyarlathotep was aiming at Arthur at first, no doubt about that. But the one who fell into a predicament wasn’t Arthur but Regina.

Without any other choice he changed his aim to Regina.

Regina was also aware of the danger she was in and accepted the invitation.

When the end of Ragnarok was finally coming into view, these two people who saw that their chances of victory was endlessly dropping down made a terrifying gamble of trying to devour each other to make the other as nourishment…….

With Regina’s body as the stage, a rivalry was unfolding at the depths of that mental world.

『We are mythology! We cannot end still being powerless like this without having that recognized!!』

「This me won’t submit to anyone! The likes of you scum the symbol of the terror of space, is nothing to be feared for this me who is together with Zeus!!」

Terrific waves of magic power that could burn everything was emitted from the decaying flesh and tentacles covering Regina. And then that body was flabbily undulating while inflating as though the very space itself was distorting. Kazuki and Arthur took a few steps back, and even more steps back so that they wouldn’t be swallowed by that.

That thing was rapidly enlarging……. It was already unknown what happened with the flesh of Regina inside……the lump of decaying flesh and tentacles was swelling up, and then it lightly floated up midair in that place. It was as though a planet of darkness was floating.

「For Regina to go this far.」

「For that Nyarlathotep something to go this far.」

Once again, the two were oddly whispering completely opposite things. The dreadfulness of each side was sinking deeply into the minds of these two.

The voice of the two who were staking their stubbornness even now were reverberating from the globe of darkness.

『Cthulhu is the latest mythology of space! Ancient mythology that is covered with dust like you is nothing!』

「Space you say!? From the beginning Greek Mythology has the history as the beginning of the universe and ruler! The likes of you scum is nothing more but a fantasy that finally existed at some point that our ancestors had reached three thousand years ago!!」

『I’ll snatch away your power……and revive the very abyss of space…..revive Azatoth!!』

「I’ll absorb you……and offer the power to rule the whole universe, to our Zeus!!」

Countless cracks ran on the dark planet’s surface, from there *ka-!* a flash so bright no one could open their eyes was shining. Regardless of the light, it felt like black light. Ears turned dead due to the thunderous roar. It wasn’t a mere explosive sound, but an eerie voice that was mixed with the screams of a strange organism.

A moment later, eyes were opened, ears cleared up, and magic power in the surroundings could be confirmed once more.

A huge existence was born there.

It was something huge with a stature that could reach ten meters.

Something that was like a human’s upper body could be seen, but dragon necks in the number of a few dozen, or possibly hundred were growing, the lower body was a writhing tail of a giant snake.

It looked only like a demon beast, but with a bearing that gave off intelligence, it was floating still in the air while lording over at Kazuki and Arthur. It was the eyes of a dragon that gave off intelligence and haughtiness.

That gaze resembled the gaze of Regina when she was looking down in chimera form…….

「……Is this that Azathoth something?」

Kazuki’s voice leaked out. But would that thing reply if he asked he wondered.

「Fu, fufufufufufu……」

A strange voice resounded. It was unknown which dragon mouth was emitting that voice, but rather than from the mouth, it was a heavy voice that felt like it was being radiated from the air to the depths of the body.

「So this is……the sensation of being one with a Diva, not merely making a contract with a Diva……what’s called 『possession』. No, my ego is remaining……in other words this is『fusion』…… or perhaps I should call it 『reincarnation』.」

「That voice, is it Regina!? Then this monster is……」

「I’m not a monster. I am……<Typhon>. The ultimate chaos Diva. The true chaos of space.」


Kazuki felt a strange theory assembling up inside his head.

In Greek Mythology, a Diva that really resembled Cthulhu Mythos’s Azathoth existed.

The existence that symbolized the abyss of space――Typhon. It transcended human wisdom, the Greek incarnation of a cosmic horror that destroyed everything in heaven and earth――it was exactly Cthulhu itself.

Greek Mythology was seeking for Azathoth’s power, and if it was accepted into that body, then it was the natural result for this thing to be born!

It was unknown whether this result could be called as the accomplishment of Nyarlathotep’s long-cherished ambition but……Azathoth was born here in a form that was turned into Greek Mythology!

「Regina!」Arthur yelled.

「What are you doing getting yourself not contracted but possessed instead! Are you……throwing away your position of King that is the agent of god!」

「……I am god! I’ll be victorious in this Ragnarok……and destroy the universe!!」

「Such thing!!」 Arthur was at a lost for words.

「Inside you who denounced my naivety, there was justice in your own way……there was also that disagreeable aristocrat doctrine of yours……despite that, with this, you……」

Like this it was unknown whether it was Regina or Nyarlathotep who won.

Beside that thing……the contractors of Olympia Twelve Gods were gathering looking reverent, as though they had witnessed the descent of god. Arthur was shocked with that too and raised her voice.

「Are you all recognizing that as your lord!?」

「……The new god, Regina-sama is together with us.」

The contractor of Athena, Zenia answered so with an expressionless face that looked as though it had frozen.

She didn’t look sane. The people of Olympia were all turning abnormal.

The chief god of the mythology was dyed jet black, did that also cause the minds of the believers to be dyed with the same color together?

Regina reached out her hand towards something that shouldn’t be reached out too――and destroyed Italia.

Other Italia knights that were scattered at other battlefields were also all coming to gather at Typhon’s side as though assembling under the banner, their gait was the gait of empty believers.


The knights of Japan and Britain were also gathering in this place, led by the companions of Kazuki through telepathic communication. It seemed that more than half was still able to fight.

The avatar of Prometheus was emerging beside Kazuki.

『Kazuki……do you remember about <The Third Machia> that I once talked about the first time we met?』

Kazuki traced back deep inside his memory――it was about when he first met Lotte.

The third Machia that would occur at the same time with Ragnarok, to suppress that calamity and protect the human world, that was the only thing Prometheus who lost his memory remembered, his mission.

『The materialization of Typhon in this world……this is exactly the third Machia!』

「The fight to become independent from Zeus that has to be triumphed over by humanity’s own hands……so it’s this!」

In that case this was where the long tale of eternity that was Greek Mythology would meet the closing of their curtains.

「Loki! You are also seeing this right!!」

Kazuki who received report that Loki’s figure had vanished completely, yelled that here.

Loki whose body was clad in Fiaorhamr lightly descended down from the sky.

Loki was looking down at Akane-senpai who was laid down beside Kazuki with a grim face.

「……So this girl is the true identity of that fake Kazuki……」

Loki who was only focused on Kazuki was surely getting cheated a lot by Akane-senpai.

「Akane-senpai is an amazing person. Serves you right.」 Kazuki said to Loki.

And then Loki’s Einherjar that was still in good shape also showed their figure in succession.

All the forces that hadn’t dropped out yet were gathered in this place. The morning sun was rising, the magic power cloud was thinning, if one turned their head they would be able to take in an unbroken view of those.

「Loki. Even though you are the same Diva of chaos, is your wish the same with that thing wanting to destroy everything in the universe?」

Kazuki pointed at the completely changed Regina――Typhon.

「……No, the destruction of everything ain’t the chaos that I’m looking for.」

「Then what are you wishing for? Everyone is fighting in this Ragnarok wishing for something. Don’t tell me that you, my rival of all people, have your head full with only fulfilling your role, no way that’s true isn’t it?」

「!」Both of Loki’s eyes opened wide in a flash.

「Oi, your rival is me here!!」

Ikousai cut in noisily at the inconsequential matter.

「I’ll take you on after defeating that. Let’s do this, Arthur.」

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 317.jpg

Kazuki called out to Arthur beside him and they nodded to each other. He would also settle the matter with her at the end.

With his own way that he promised to Lancelot, and declared to Gino.

「You say that, but even you bastard, aren’t you too just fighting because you always got forced by the situation huh.」

That was what it meant by fighting to protect your important people. Certainly it was just as Loki said.

However right now there was also a different feeling forming inside the current Kazuki.

「I’ll win against everyone here……and defeat Basileus Basileon. And then return the world to belong back to humans, as it was.」[1]

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I’m not really sure with my translation with the last sentence. Here is the raw: そして世界を人間がありのままのものに戻す. It feels like it can also be translated as: ‘And then return back the world to where human is as it is’.
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