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Epilogue I – Present Time[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hayashizaki Kanae was a former swordswoman. She possessed the nickname of 『Storm Cat(Wind God Kitten)』.

When she was a child, she challenged other dojos many times, and she was undefeated. She sprinted with her ponytail fluttering like the tail of a black cat, her two sword style using short swords, slashing without pause, was truly an infinite sword storm.

That fighting style was worthy to be called as wind god, but recently she was worrying about the course of her future.

Anyhow, her sleeping face was angelic.

Even when the curtain was thrown open and the light of morning shot into the dark room, she didn’t show any sign of waking up like a sleeping princess. Her long black hair was slovenly twining around her cheeks, which were fair skinned that they looked as though they were transparent. Her face that was usually dignified was also innocently loosened up.

「Oi, wake up already. The breakfast is finished already.」

Hayashizaki Kazuki shook her shoulder with affectionate hand movements. Thereupon──

「──Nii-sama, you’re open!」

The eyes of Kanae who was thought to be sleeping opened in a flash.


From the futon, Kanae’s limbs flew out like tentacles!

Kanae’s slender and flexible limbs twined around Kazuki’s torso, and in the blink of an eye she dragged down Kazuki on top of the bed. Without pause she hugged him tightly and she sent him a fearless smile.

「Fufufu, Nii-sama……no matter how many times you cannot help but let your guard down in front of the sleeping face of your cute sister. This is Hayashizaki-style art of war, 『Temptation – Death Plant(Scheme of Venus Fly Trap)』! ……Muguh!?」

Kazuki blocked the lips of Kanae who was getting cocky while making a triumphant face with his own lips.

He kissed her intensely. He sucked her lips and entangled their tongues together.

Strength left Kanae fully in the blink of an eye and Kanae started seeking Kazuki from her side too.

While the gentle sunlight illuminated inside across the curtain, the two entangled their tongues together so passionately that the two gradually turned sweaty, and watery sounds played inside the room.

Kanae’s sleepwear appearance was in a thin negligee where the sensation of her skin was directly transmitted. Kazuki continued kissing her while his palm was crawling on the gentle slope of her twin hills. Kanae’s white skin gradually blushed red and the bud at the center of her breast was swelling. When it was pinched, Kanae shook fiercely.

Kazuki finally let go of Kanae’s lips when her nose was making noise as though she was deprived from oxygen.

「Ni, Nii-sama……if you come at me so seriously, I won’t be able to settle down from the morning……!!」

「Don’t think that you can keep making fun of me forever like in the past. ……The breakfast is finished already.」

Him getting thoroughly tormented by the sweet temptation move of this older little sister was already a thing of the past right now.

Since the two of them faced each other as the opposite sex, it was Kanae who became weak at the receiving end.

「Come on, I’ll change your clothes.」

When Kazuki was going to take off her negligee, Kanae shook her head left and right.


「My………………my panty is soaking wet so I’ll change myself because it’s embarrassing!!!」

「……If you confess that yourself then it becomes pointless to change by yourself.」

‘Funya~~’ Kanae stood up from her bed by herself and took out her uniform from the closet. That uniform didn’t come with a holster to dangle swords on the waist.

──The uniform wasn’t the uniform of the sword department or even the magic department. It was a blazer with classic design.

「Kazu-nii, the breakfast is getting cold here! Wait a second, you two are doing lewd things!? Change with me!!」

The room of the door was opened at the timing when Kanae finished changing, and a sullen Mio appeared.

She was also in a blazer appearance.

「Geez, it becomes like this every morning since Kanae-san moved into the Witch’s Mansion.」

Mio sighed when she detected the lingering heat on Kanae’s expression.

The sword department and magic department were gone, but the daily life of the Witch’s Mansion didn’t change that much.

Part 2[edit]

The knight academy was pressed with a great reformation.

It was the result of Kazuki’s choice.

「Kaguya-senpai, what are you planning for your university choices?」

The breakfast was toast , scramble eggs, and sausages. Kazuki took the bread crumb stuck on the cheek of Kaguya-senpai who was sitting beside him and ate it while asking.

「The seniors are already third years huh. If they are going to take the test for university entrance, they only have one year left……」

Mio also said that from the side and they exchanged conversation.

──It had been half a year since then. It was Now it was February. It was a period when the cold of the wind seeped into the skin that wasn’t protected by magic power anymore.

「Fu-fu-fu, I’ll become a politician! I’ll become the prime minister!!」

Everyone at the dining table was taken aback.

However, thinking back at the leadership that Kaguya-senpai had shown until now, her sense of justice that tried to correct what was mistaken, and her broad-mindedness that caused others to in believe her and made them want to give themselves to her, then perhaps that career choice wasn’t that strange. Or perhaps thinking like that was from his bias as a junior.

「How can one become a politician?」

When Lotte asked, Kaguya-senpai’s eyes turned round and she stiffened, then she started chuckling again.

「Fu-fu-fu, I don’t know-」

……It seemed she wasn’t thinking about it that seriously.

「I want to ride a tank or a fighter jet! We will get preferential treatment for the route to join the JSDF right?」

Hikaru-senpai spoke about something that was really boyish. Although she was a beautiful girl.

「But if senpai enters the JSDF then you practically won’t be able to meet Kazuki you know?」

「Heh? Then I’ll pass.」

When Koyuki retorted from the side, Hikaru-senpai easily retracted her statement. It looked like this one also didn’t think about it that seriously.

「Mio-chan is more proper at this point isn’t it? You are getting offers if you want to be a model from the office where Miake-senpai worked at right? Moreover you also debuted as a designer at the project of the magazine where you did amateur model work……」

「How to say it, like you are the personification of girl power, or that you can do most girly things. Something like charisma!」

Kaguya-senpai was in admiration, while Hikaru-senpai was sending Mio a gaze of longing. Mio proudly went *fufu─n*.

「But rather than something like that, I’m thinking of becoming a poet!」

「Eh, you are going to prioritize your activity as Christine Amasaki-sensei rather than the fashion world……!?」

「Ahaha, with Mio-chan’s energy, she is going to do anything that she likes if she can.」

Even though there was already a path that promised success, she was going to throw that away and chose a path that wasn’t really clear. Kaguya-senpai became speechless seeing such Mio, but Hikaru-senpai laughed in amusement.

When he looked at Mio’s proud smile, for some reason his uneasiness was vanishing. She made him thought that if she could live as she liked, then she would manage somehow in her own way, she had that kind of talent.

「I want to become a voice actor desu!」

Lotte clenched her fist tightly.

An otaku northern European girl with adorableness and appearance that caused affection to well up in others, her voice also had a unique trait……behind her innocent smile, there was also experience of dealing with the sly schemer of the palace.

「You can become doggie.」 When Kazuki nodded in agreement,

「I can become doggie yep!」 Lotte also agreed with Kansai dialect for some reason.

「People who have a particular talent are strong aren’t they……」

Kaguya-senpai whispered that and fell into pondering.

「What will Koyuki do? You were constantly saying that your only merit is magic power weren’t you?」

Mio put a sausage into her mouth while directing the talk to Koyuki.

「……I don’t plan to say self-torturing things like that anymore though……. Certainly I have never thought the image of my future except being a Magika Stigma……. Eerr, if I can do some kind of work that is related with books……like a librarian or something……」

「I want to plead a different opinion to everyone.」

There was a determined voice that didn’t read the atmosphere and everyone turned their gaze that way. ……The speaker was Kamimura-san.

「Why are all of you speaking like having to work is a given!? We are heroes who saved the world! Even without working for our whole life, we should be guaranteed the right to live as lazybones life with the grant of something like hero annuity or something!! I don’t want to work gozaru!!」

「Hero annuity……but there was a talk that perhaps Otouto-kun would get various things or something wasn’t it?」

Something like annuity or pension……that perhaps Kazuki would be able to get, certainly there was that kind of talk.

「Kazuki is a hero, but for us to act like a hero too is a bit too shameless I think.」

「Eee-! Kazuki, that’s unfair!」 Kamimura-san whined, then she said 「Then if Kazuki can receive money without working……I’ll have that Kazuki support me-」

She said such thing while munching on her toast like a squirrel.

Kazuki who was sitting on the chair right beside her embraced the petite girl and made her sat on his lap.

「If you said that you want to get supported without doing anything, then that means you will be mine and won’t complain at all no matter what I’ll do to you then? You might get something outrageous done to you, you know?」

Kazuki hugged her strongly and whispered to her while petting her head repeatedly.

Kamimura-san’s face reddened and she might of imagined something because she then trembled while going 「Awawa……」.

「……That’s a reward instead.」

Koyuki who had a fetish of feeling happy no matter what Kazuki did to her was directing a sparkling gaze to Kamimura-san enviously.

「This situation is exactly what the saying you lose if you work refers too isn’t it!」

Hikaru-senpai’s face brightened while speaking that as though to say that she had said something smart for her.

However Kamimura-san was shaking.

「……I cannot complain no matter what will be done to me……thing like enema, or enlargement……or scre, screwing in until the elbow……. Hiee, you must not do a play at the school gate……. Drinking what come out or making me the one who drink……. This restaurant is Tokyo style so it handles that kind of fatty cut of tuna……」 (TN: I don’t get the last reference)

Kamimura-san was shaking while whispering incomprehensible things in small volume. It wasn’t reward or anything for her. ……Most likely she was displaying a high level perverted power of imagination that far surpassed Koyuki’s assumption.

「Kazuki! Even if you request me for boxification I don’t have the confidence I can do it……-」(TN: A situation where a character was turned into square box shape)

「What is this boxification you are saying……I’m not going to ask for something like that……or rather I don’t get what you mean……」

The upper limit of her imagination power when he said anything was higher then the sinful Babel tower.

Even at the time when magic still existed, that kind of thing was impossible.

「……Then what were you thinking of doing to me when you said anything?」

「It was just a threat so I didn’t really think about it but……. Kamimura-san has a cuteness like a small animal, so I’ll be affectionate with you intently treating you like a pet or something.」

Kazuki spoke while petting and stroking her even now as though he was holding a cat or a dog.

It was a way of being affectionate that if she was really a pet then midway she would get tired of it and ran away in a huff.

「Eh? Is that a play of making me stark naked outside while walking me around or telling me to defecate outside?」

「……We are in the middle of breakfast.」 Kaguya-senpai knitted her brows and cleared her throat *cough*.

「……First the premise is for me to enjoy myself, so I only think at the level like petting or caressing or kissing.」

「Ain’t that completely normal!? You will support me with just that!?」

Kamimura-san suddenly smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

「……So in the end Kazuki is just an ordinary person who has been living diligently until now. Your demand is too shabby. Fuh」

「I got looked down at!?」

「That’s no good Kazu-nii, you are getting influenced to a strange direction. This is because you look really easy to get influenced.」

‘I need to learn more in that direction……’ Kazuki was really thinking so at that time, which caused Mio to turn a dangerous gaze at him. Amasaki Mio-san who was the representative of capable common girls didn’t have a bad relation with Kamimura-san by any means, but both of them had aspects that ran counter to each other.

「I’ll do my best from now on……I wonder about aiming back to being a Shinto priest……」

Kamimura-san muttered. Her voice was small, but there was no doubt that those were heavy words for her to say if one remembered back about her circumstance.

「Shrine maiden uniform will surely look good on Itsuki-chan!」

Kaguya-senpai said that brightly to cheer on Kamimura-san. Speaking about that, Kaguya-senpai was also a black haired beauty, so it felt like that outfit would suit her too.

「What about Kana-chan’s future course?」 Kaguya-senpai turned at Kanae. Kanae looked down and groaned.

「Ununu……Hayashizaki-style sword art dojo……. At this point it doesn’t look like it will flourish……. Since it’s come to this then I’ll have Nii-sama support me too! Both of us will have lovey dovey flirting life everyday without working!!」

「No, I’m thinking that I need to have some kind of work though. You can house-sit together with Kamimura-san.」

Kanae’s eyes opened so wide in shock and disappointment.

Having a life that was counting on money that came from a prospect that he might get supplied with somewhat couldn’t be said as a proper way to live at all.

Besides in his position, no matter how much saving he had, he had no idea at all whether the future would be peaceful……there was also such circumstances.

He couldn’t imagine at all how big his household, his family would become.

Part 3[edit]

Before Kazuki and the others headed to the classroom, they stopped by at 『Diva Kindergarten』 that was established at the plot beside the academy. It was an institution with an outrageous name, but it was an institution that was just as the name implied.

Because it was morning, the playing ground was deserted and cold winds were blowing, but boisterous voices could be heard from the building. The place sounded like it was in an uproar with many noises.

Kazuki crossed through the ground and opened the door of the building.

A shriek pierced his eardrums.


It was a full power crying voice like a cannon mixed with tears and snot.

「Heheheh! As I thought the best toy is the one that you plundered! Run away, Fenrir!」

「Aooonn! Aooonn!!」

The high spirited voice of a brat, a voice that copied a dog’s howl.

It was truly a ruckus. An infant crawling on all fours with bizarre speed while a silver haired infant was riding on his back was being chased after by an infant who was drenched with tears and snot.


「Oooii, you guys! Stop bullying otheeers!!」

Kazuha-senpai who was wearing an apron rushed over in a hurry. She had become an expert in donning the appearance of a day-care worker.

Kazuha-senpai took the toy robot <Palas Anchovy> that appeared in 『Mobile suit Z Galpan』 from the hand of the silver haired kid, then her finger poked at the kid’s forehead.

「Loki also has your own toy righttt?」

「Heh, I got tired with my toy, that’s why I’m plundering.」

「Here Ooodin-kun」

Kazuha-senpai returned the toy to the infant that was sloppy with tears and snot.

「Fuee……Kazuha-mamaaa……theft qualify as crime under the phenal chode arthicle 235, threating it as nothing will lead to the inchrease of social unrest so I think that it’s not good……」

「Yup yup, isn’t that riiight, Odin-kun is really clever, in the future you surely will be a wise man.」

「Heh, he is just big-headed yeah.」

When Kazuha-senpai stroked the head of the infant that was called Odin, the infants screamed and gathered towards her.

「……I lhove Kazuha-mama……」

One of the infants flipped Kazuha-senpai’s skirt and tried to crawl his head inside.

「Aaaa, hey! Zeus-kun! Stop trying to crawl inside the skirt while always pretending to fawn! Or rather I’m wearing spats below so it’s pointless!」

「Uuu, Zeus-oniichan is a lecher that even I get embharassed……」

「It’s okay, I understand that. Poseidon-kun is really a diligent child.」

When Kazuki and the others entered, Kazuha-senpai immediately noticed them and she raised her voice.


「Senpai, you are loved by them as usual……are you working part-time as a day-care worker in the morning too?」

「I’m only coming here to look at the faces of the pipsqueaks before going to school. I’m paid as a part-time worker only after school. ……I wonder why they are this attached to me? Just why are they calling me mama? Well, it’s enjoyable so it’s okay though, they are cute anyway.」

Kazuki felt like he understood why Kazuha-senpai was that loved by the children.

「A moderately hopeless airhead is easy to like, senpai is also completely generous, and no matter what happens, senpai never points it out in a way that makes others feel down, anyway isn’t that because senpai is kind?」

「Moderately hopeless airhead!?」

「Senpai’s charm is how you frequently self-destruct while leaving behind many openings.」

「Ugugu, when I look back at my experience of getting along with Kazuki, I recall too many times I was self-destructing!」

「If senpai doesn’t have that kind of opening then you will be someone scary that cannot be approached you know, after all, senpai hated me at first.」


Kazuha-senpai pouted and made a complicated face.

Kaguya-senpai, Mio, and Lotte also started playing with the infants. These three were also popular with the kids.

Hikaru-senpai was popular with the boys. She was coming into contact and playing with them at the same level.

Koyuki and Kamimura-san were stiffening at the entrance. These two had communication disorders.

「……However who ever thought that they will turn into babies.」

Kazuki reflexively muttered. From among the infants──a brown skinned child that Kazuki was especially familiar with was approaching him with tottering steps.

This girl having the figure of a little girl wasn’t that out of place for Kazuki.

「Because, that’s just obvious. It will be a loss if we don’t enjoy this life right from the beginning.」

She was Leme. Her figure was passing through being a little girl straight into being an infant.

She was reborn.

When Kazuki and the others returned from Atlantis back to the Witch’s Mansion, several dozen infants that no one knew from where they appeared from were playing around noisily.

For some reason those infants had vestiges that Kazuki and co. were vaguely familiar with──their instinct was able to immediately tell them that they were Divas.

Reincarnation. Certainly thinking back, if old geezer Divas like Odin or Zeus were turned into humans still in old geezer shapes, then it would only be in vain. It wouldn’t be meaningful unless they were redoing it from the beginning.

Although……even though they were supposed to be six months old since their birth, the growth of their intellect could be felt more compared to the normal human infant. As expected they weren’t normal. Fenrir’s movement ability was exceedingly beast-like. It seemed that there were the traces of their time when they were Divas.

For the time being, the government rounded up the humanized infant Divas into one place and created an institution to manage them. That was the Diva Kindergarten. That it was built besides the Knight Academy was from the thinking to place them where the eyes of Kazuki and the others could reach them. Though currently there was nothing at all that Kazuki and the others could do.

For the time being Kazuki and the others who were the concerned people with the situation had something akin to responsibility in this.

However it seemed the government was in confusion about the action to take when the Divas became the age to advance to elementary school. Should they allow the Divas to go to normal elementary school, or continue to isolate them to the end by making Diva Elementary school……. The voices that were worried and feared these infants who were once Divas were firmly rooted.

Kazuki requested that these infants were 『treated equally as humans』 through influential people like Chief Yamagata and Headmaster Amasaki.

The Diva infants were excessively attached to Kazuha-senpai and she was doing part-time work as a childcare worker. She had discovered an unexpected special skill.

「Nyahaha, that’s my Kazuha-」

An infant with conspicuously large built was laughing heartily. It was Futsunushi no Kami.

「I’m telling you I’m not yourssss. This old man faced baby-」

Kazuha-senpai smiled while tapping her finger on Futsunushi no Kami’s cheek.


One infant was waving her hand at Kamimura-san who was in a daze at the entrance.

「Amaterasu!」 Kamimura-san took a familiar attitude only at that infant.

That was because they were partners for a long time.

「Itsuki-chan, do you bought the latest 『Pleasure God』? If you bought it lend meee」

Amaterasu-sama was desiring an ero manga. Kazuki exchanged gaze with Kazuha-mama asking 「Is that ok?」, mama went 「That’s obviously not allowed youuu」, and she lifted up Amaterasu.

Although her desire was refused, getting lifted up made Amaterasu let out ecstatic voice 「Niiiii」 that didn’t sound that dissatisfied and her eyes squinted pleasantly.

「For her to turn into a living being with cheeks this squishy. How cute.」

Kamimura-san was poking on Amaterasu’s cheek from the side.

A pal was also walking to Kazuki’s side.

「Kukuku, Kazuki! When I turn fifteen, we gonna settle everything between us!」

Loki (six months old) made a declaration of war at Kazuki.

「Fufufu, Kazuki! When Leme turn fifteen years old, we are going to flirt!」

Leme (six months old) made a courting proclamation at Kazuki.

Kazuki went 「Yes, yes」 against those proclamations while caressing the heads of the two.

Part 4[edit]

They arrived at school. Then, Kazuki witnessed the classroom scene that he couldn’t get used to no matter how much time passed.

「B-E-A-T-R-I-X-. I feel like I’ve been saying this each time we go to school every single morning but, just how boring this peaceful every day is. What is our first class going to be again?」

「It’s mathematics, Hrotsvit-sama.」

「Don’t wannaaa!!」

Hrotsvit fell prostrated on her desk while kicking her legs around.

「Hrotsvit-sama……. Even if you don’t want it but if you don’t study properly, you won’t be able to live in society in the future. Hrotsvit-sama is absurdly capable if you actually try, that’s why please do your best……」

「I don’t wanna be in a future society like thiiiis!」

That Beatrix was remonstrating other people. And then Hrotsvit. Looking at her, it was shocking how she became this hopeless of a human when she was distanced from fighting.

The former German King who danced in a hopeless battle just by herself who should have died.

Right now she was his classmate.

「Something like math is easy if you think about it logically.」

From the side, a girl who was silver in just about everything cut in.

──Ilyailiya Muromets.

The Russian King who should have died after unleashing a magic that risked her life towards Kazuki.

Right now she was his classmate.

「Aren’t you who is like that, always getting red marks in modern Japanese? Even though you are a human with zero sympathy who can never properly answer even once about the feelings of the underlined character.」

「About that, it’s the problem that is strange.」

Beatrix, and then Hrotsvit, and also Ilyailiya, everyone was wearing blazers.

All of them were older than Kazuki, but these girls who were raised in inflexible religious countries came here to study abroad so that they could experience Japan’s higher education.

「……Fufun, the stupid aunties are whining and crying. How pitiful……puhkuku! How pitiful this is~. To get that kind of grade at that age, you are all living in disgrace~」

From the side the one who was propping her elbow on the desk while sneering at the quarrel was──Fu Xi.

This one was conversely far younger than Kazuki instead, but she displayed a terrifying intellect despite the biased education that she received until now that wasn’t handy at all, she was skipping grades into this class.

Right now she was his classmate.

「That shitty brat, I’ll screw in Gungnir into her ass hole……」

Hrotsvit was boiled up with aura of killing intent characteristic of a warring race before she stood up noisily from her seat. Beatrix held back her shoulders in panic.

「Please calm down, Hrotsvit-sama! That’s just a mechanical pencil!! However it’s still dangerous enough!!」

「Don’t stop me Beatrix. Giving a lesson to this brat is for the sake of both sides. Let’s begin the third Ragnarok here……. I’ll wager my youth……」 (TN: Hrotsvit is speaking with heavy Kansai dialect here.)

「Where did you learn that strange Kansai dialect from!?」

The low level quarrel occurring inside the peaceful classroom.

「……Eei! Shut up, you rotten apples! It feels like I’m going to turn rotten too from you all making a ruckus in the same classroom as me-!!」

A sharp rebuke came flying.

The voice’s owner was a blond haired girl wearing thick glasses──Regina.

「Aren’t you able to even quietly complete your studying that you are allowed to do as a favor from a foreign country!? This disgraceful bunch of savages!!」

「The class president is clamoring again. Even though you are the loudest one here. You recommended yourself to become class president by making excuses to repay the favor or something, but don’t you think that such action is what is actually shameless? Do you know Beatrix, those glasses, it seems that it is just for show you know? It’s fake.」

「It seems she is aiming for Tokyo University you know? Hrotsvit-sama too, please follow her example.」

「Who will follow her example? Even though until half a year ago she was fighting with sword and magic, but this time she is aiming for Tokyo University? She is just an idiot that is going full circle.」

Tokyo University, when those words came out, Regina pushed up her glasses and she abruptly sneered.

「What moves the peaceful world is scholarly ability! It’s not mythology but Tokyo University!! I was defeated at the war of magic, but now, I’ll climb to the top of this country’s academic meritocracy, and then grasp the center of political power!!」

「As expected from Regina-sama! That keen insight that saw through the essence of this country called Japan is what a true intellect is!! Genius! Asoore! Perfect! Asoore!」 (TN: Asoore here is some kind of cheering sound that is done together with a particular cheering movement)

From the side a meek looking girl wearing glasses──Vera Galbaldy was cheering by clapping to the beat while sending endless flattery.

「Fuh. That I can get back on my feet and secure perfection is also because you’re staying at my side.」

Regina gently embraced Vera’s shoulder and her hand groped Vera’s breast from above her blazer.

「A, don’t Regina-sama……we are inside the classroom……」

「Fufufuh, don’t be concerned. The gaze of some rotten apples is the same as not existing at all……」

「Aa……geez Regina-sama……♡」

The classroom was in commotion seeing the two who suddenly dyed the atmosphere pink.

「……That class president and her aide are messing up the public morals inside the class again. As I thought those Italian bunches need to get dyed with tomato color at least once so that they can learn……」

「Please calm down Hrotsvit-sama, you will be scolded by Kazuki again if you rampage inside the class.」

「Who gives a damn about Kazuki! We are the armed faction!!」

At that time, Ilyailiya who looked like the uproar inside the class was just like a breeze blowing from somewhere for her, suddenly noticed Kazuki who opened the class’s door and watched over the turmoil.

「……Kazuki. Good morning.」

Ilyailiya made a faint smile.

「Good morning.」 Kazuki also replied back. That Ilyailiya was smiling at him. That hard to believe change caused him to feel happiness that made his heart be giddy.

「Muh! Kazuki, good morning!!」

Beatrix also turned towards Kazuki while casually letting go of Hrotsvit’s shoulders that she grasped as though tossing Hrotsvit away.

「……Haa. Recently Beatrix’s attitude is cold.」

「Hrotsvit-sama, what makes a peaceful society not boring is love you know, love.」

「What are you saying, this girl who become cheerful the moment she saw Kazuki’s face. Or rather, it feels very much irritating seeing Beatrix acting like my senior in love. ……Guten morgen, Kazuki.」

Hrotsvit faced him with a listless expression that was lacking in ambition. She couldn’t help but smile bitterly and felt lethargic towards this change.

「Ni hao, Kazuki. Today too you can feel grateful and honored to be able to receive the greeting from us this morning.」

Although Fu Xi’s gaze was sulky, but she didn’t ignore him and greeted him.

This was also because both sides were still looking for the impetus to shorten the distance between them.

「Hmph, good morning, king.」「Good morning, your majesty!」

Regina and Vera also greeted him.

Position of king was already not existing in Japan. However Regina was willfully continuing to call Kazuki who was the winner of that war as king. He was telling her to stop though.

It felt like she was recognizing him.

「Halloo! Kazuki-!!」

Suddenly Kazuki felt an impact from behind and two hands circled around Kazuki’s neck.

When he turned around with only his face, Alyssa was there.

Alyssa Sutcliff──the woman who once introduced herself as Arthur Basilleus.

Right now she too was his classmate.

It seemed that she too only arrived in school just now. She brought her face close to Kazuki and gave a peck on Kazuki’s cheek, and then she headed towards her seat with light footsteps.

The woman who threw away chivalry had changed into a jovial and high-tensioned big sis.

This too was a surprising change but──her appearance when she was drunk must be her true self. There had been signs since before that her personality was like this.

Gino who had the role as overseer shrugged before following behind Alyssa.

「I’m think this every morning but……this has become an outrageous class.」

「Well, we will change classes in less than one month though.」

「But we will absolutely get assigned to the same class with this group again, without doubt.」

Mio and Koyuki sighed at both sides of Kazuki.

In the battle of Kings before this──not a few lives were lost.

But just like how they came running at the endgame, although they died, their soul was clinging to their spirit body that was their Diva who had been contracted together with them for long, and so both sides were still connected at that time.

And then when all the Divas were reborn as humans──those clinging souls also recovered their flesh body like an extra and they were resurrected. Hrotsvit who submitted her sight to the Diva Odin in exchange for the wisdom of the wise man even recovered her sight back.

Even after granting the wish of Kazuki and Leme to change Divas into humans, the ultimate illusion that was the gathering of all the power of magic in this world possessed excess energy that could grant even the side wish that was the materialization of the linked dead people.

It was a miracle, but before calling this a miracle, in the first place the power of magic was already a miracle.

Part 5[edit]

「Good morning you trashes! Have you all read the career choice questionnaire? If you don’t submit it within this week, I’ll decide it for you as I please just so you know!」

The moment Liz Liza-sensei showed up at the morning homeroom, she insulted the students like usual.

Her height was really growing through this half a year, her appearance matured just for a bit, and it felt like her abusive language also turned milder. ‘Because of my appearance the students might be underestimating me……’, she was gradually breaking out from such uneasiness. And also everyone in the class already knew that Liz Liza-sensei was an adult that should be respected.

「Listen, just as you all know the knight order was reorganized into the JSDF. Following that, this Knight Academy is also having a fresh start as the training school for the JSDF.」

The differentiation between magic department and sword department was also gone……although the school building was still separated, so in this class there was only the girl students of the former magic department.

From next year it would be a mix of male and female.

「However, it’s not like you all enrolled into this academy because you want to enter the JSDF. There, as a special measure towards the present students, the class will be divided between JSDF officer development course and ordinary courses for the students who will be in second year or third year next year!」

The Knight Order and JSDF had similar roles with regards to the country, but in reality what they did was only falsely similar. The ability demanded by the two organizations was also completely different.

The treatment from society towards both sides was also different from each other. The Knight Order gathered attention from society like an idol. It was exactly for that reason that even when Stigma emerged on someone, without regard of their own will their future freedom was robbed. There were few people who complained their dissatisfaction.

The destiny of the girls who should be able to become idols in the future was overturned for better or worse. The culprit who caused that──was none other than Kazuki.

That was why each time Liz Liza-sensei brought this talk to the students, Kazuki felt ashamed.

「About the JSDF officer development course, right after graduation its student will be piling up training to be able to carry the duty as JSDF officials while aiming for defense college. Basically its student will be prioritized as leader cadets. Although you will need the resolve to decide your future for that. If you change your mind midway, you can also refuse the appointment, but I cannot deny that it will become a long detour.」

These girls had lived until now only thinking about becoming Magika Stigma all this time.

It must be difficult for them to harden their resolve to live as JSDF officials within half a year.

「Compared to that, in ordinary courses your options will be far and wide. Although the knowledge of you all isn’t that high. After all until now you ignored studying to practice magic and group battle. But……we won’t let you all become the sacrifice of society, that is the responsibility of the country and the adults.」

There once was a time when the returning home soldiers couldn’t find jobs and became a social problem. This situation was similar to that, but such result couldn’t be allowed to be repeated.

「Many universities are extending their support, they are preparing more quota for recommendations where you are given preference for admittance. Having said that, even if you get pitied and accepted into a university with high standard, but a lot of effort will be necessary so you can keep up with your surroundings. Hence the academy is planning to offer special supplementary lessons after school free of charge. I wish that you will make use of that proactively. ……What’s with the face of you all?」

The students were making complicated expressions.

They were told that they could study for free. Well obviously their expressions would be complicated even if they were told that.

「Regarding the fields other than studying, there is also plans for a special class that will invite lecturers or celebrities from various fields. I don’t care even if you don’t study, I also don’t care what kind of field you choose so, I wish that all of you can find a future that you want to do. We are planning to push your back with everything we have.」

After Liz Liza-sensei told them until that far, they would feel like thinking about their future seriously. The students were all making quiet expressions.

Behind the sincere stance towards the students whose life were twisted, there were Chief Yamagata and Headmaster Amasaki who gave their efforts in every aspect. At the moment when Kazuki made that decision, he wasn’t thinking at all about the nearby problem like the future of himself and his classmates.

Kind adults were something to be thankful for.

Right now, when he was thinking about what kind of adult he wanted to become, he couldn’t help but feel respect towards Liz Liza-sensei, Chief Yamagata, and Headmaster Amasaki.

「Well……it can also be said that you all have gotten back your freedom. We misrepresented Magika Stigma into something like flashy and glamorous idols, but originally forcefully deciding the life of children at your age is not something good at all, no matter the reasoning. That’s what I thought. You only can live your life once. I want you all to widen your horizon and think once more. Well, if you are troubled then for the time being just go to university okay, university. Don’t you dare think something like ‘what a dull future, that’s’, anything and everything all depend on yourself.」

Thinking back, perhaps their reality until now wasn’t real.

A reality and yet it wasn’t real, saying it like that was strange but…….

He felt like his life was radically changing into something vivid and real.

And thus, all the illusions collapsed.

The swordsman of magic department became a normal high school student.

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