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Amasaki Mio-san is at the Forefront[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Ehehe~♪ Today is the long awaited day where I monopolize Kazu-nii~♪」

Mio was hugging Kazuki’s arm tighly while her voice was lively.

「It’s great that we can freely get out with the change in the academy’s system! The date’s frequency and range will exceptionally widen compared to before!」

The livelihood as knight candidates changed into the livelihood of common high school students.

The former Stigma hosts were liberated from the burden of their undesired responsibility. And then freedom to an irresponsible degree rolled into their hands……something like that.

That day Mio said that she wanted to go shopping for spring clothes, so the two of them went to a shopping mall.

It was a holiday, and the two of them wore plain clothes.

With the lost of magic power, this was a season where cold wind seeped into the skin. Kazuki was wearing a sharp-looking P-coat, somewhat narrow pants, and leather shoes. His appearance was because Mio always told him that 『it’s better to wear sharp-looking clothes』. When he tried to ask why, she answered like this.

『Doesn’t matter what the reason is, but Kazu-nii is switching girls in rotation, so you have to make earnest effort even in appearance. While it’s a given that Kazu-nii’s insides and conduct are sincere.』

Kazuki couldn’t say anything to that.

On the other hand Mio was also wearing a sharp looking coat as though to match Kazuki. Furthermore the color tone and pattern were also matching Kazuki nonchalantly. It wasn’t to the degree that they got the so called pair look, however when they walked side by side they looked like a couple with a really great relationship.

Of course Kazuki didn’t tell Mio beforehand about what he was going to wear.

『I have grasped already something like the Kazu-nii’s code pattern.』

Mio said that nonchalantly.

The scarceness of his clothes variation was seen through…….

Kazuki also became motivated with the shopping because of how he had been seen through like that.

They purposefully rode a train and arrived at a large scale shopping mall while flirting with each other and their hands linked together.

It was an indoor type mall where everything was placed inside the building. A starry sky was depicted on the ceiling, and the design of the numerous shops was consolidated into Middle Age style. It was a standard date spot with exceptional atmosphere even while just walking around.

Although, even though it was a standard date spot, but Kazuki didn’t know of this kind of place. They came here because of Mio’s suggestion.

The two were scouring the mall for things like clothes or accessories, they were walking around while talking about whether this or that was good or not.

Suddenly Kazuki sensed something like the scheme of society in the stylish space and he asked.

「I don’t really get the sense of chasing after fashion. There are people that are like an instigator for fashion right? Isn’t that annoying like you are being made to dance in the palm of their hand so you use up your money?」

「But you will practically get tired if you keep wearing the same clothes won’t you? If at that kind of time a designer makes a suggestion like 『Then how about something like this any time now?』, it will be interesting whether you are going to get on the fad or not. It’s fine if you take only what you like from there.」

「Doesn’t it feel tiresome if you are following after fashion from a sense of duty?」

「But popularity is mass produced from chasing late after fashion. Everyone who leaps at the newest fashion the very first aren’t the type of people that will already lose interest at the timing when the fashion is heating up.」

Mio was smiling with an atmosphere like an enlightened person.

「Is, is that so……」

Then, at that time a familiar face was walking their way from the direction of other side of the shopping mall.

「Oo! Isn’t this Kazuki and Amasaki-san.」

It was Torazou-senpai who was carrying paper bags on both his arms.

「Senpai is also shopping?」

This was the first time Kazuki saw Torazou-senpai in plain clothes──he was far more fashionable then Kazuki imagined. Was he a fashionista? Torazou-senpai was wearing an individualized jacket with turtleneck at the inner, while at the bottom part he was wearing wide pants that fell straight down vertically.

His appearance really felt at the cutting edge of fashion.

Torazou-senpai rubbed under his nose looking a bit embarrassed.

「Fuh……I too am not a swordsman anymore and become a normal college student after all. I’m starting the preparation for my college debut starting from now. Yaaaayy!」

「Ya, yaaay?」

Kazuki was perplexed with the mysterious yell while waving his hand at Torazou-senpai who was walking away.

「Torazou-senpai, he look stylishly cool.」

After Kazuki saw off that back, Mio muttered with a small volume.

「……His face is big and thick. Turtleneck doesn’t suit him.」

「Cru, cruel……」

「Because with the clothes covering his neck, the presence of his face is emphasized. Although he will be able to cover for it if he wraps a muffler.」

Was his face also big and thick? An unease flashed inside Kazuki’s mind. He wasn’t conscious at all just how balanced his features were.

「Kazu-nii is alright.」

Mio said that from the side as though she sensed what Kazuki was thinking. Kazuki sighed in relief.

「No, it’s not like I’m thinking that his outfit is that strange though. Torazou-san is also a lovely person.」

Amasaki-sensei started talking while saying at the beginning that it was only her personal opinion.

「It’s often that girl fashion moves to boys after a bit of time, but I think that that kind of 『girl type fashion』 suits a person with a sweet look or perhaps a person with a salty look. Torazou-san’s look is thick and a bit old, and his built is rugged, so I’m thinking that an adult look that is leaning to the classic without getting influenced by fashion too much will make him look more reliable and dreamy.」

「I see……as expected from Amasaki-sensei. But in that case, wouldn’t it be better if you told that……」

「Because, I’m not Torazou-san’s girlfriend see.」

Mio put more strength into her hand and hugged Kazuki’s arm tightly.

「It will be alright. The paper bags Torazou-san was carrying were from brands of different taste. I think he is planning to challenge his college debut by testing various appearances. That kind of person shouldn’t need a female junior who doesn’t even know him well telling him anything.」

「You observed that far just from passing him for a moment……」

Besides, Torazou-san too wasn’t just chasing after fashion, he was properly calculating the period that was matching him and moved towards his college debut.

Kazuki shuddered toward such high level offense and defense. He wondered whether he could keep up with the battle of the normies who were hidden by these peaceful days.

「Torazou-san is already a stylish man you know……」

Mio nodded ‘uh-huh’. She was mysteriously acting condescending.

「Well, no matter what Torazou-san wears, a naked Kazu-nii is still 53,2 trillion times cooler than him though!」

「Mio really is a pervert huh, to prefer a naked man like that.」

When Kazuki replied like that while feeling relieved, Mio pouted and pulled at Kazuki’s arm.

「That’s not what I mean!」

「Then, what will you do if I appear at our meeting place wearing black long coat with chains clinking all over my body, my hands wearing fingerless gloves with my hands crossed in front of my chest while I’m saying 『The jet black noble youth……has cometh』!?」

「I’ll punch Lotte then.」

「So you’re going to aim at the source of evil……」

The current Kazuki was here by receiving influence from various people.

He could feel it substantially by the increase of his usable magic at the time when he was fighting, but even now when it became peaceful, he could feel it substantially at the scenes of every day life.

The two of them were wandering the mall leisurely and enjoyed the cloth changing show of each other.

「Going shopping with the sense like when we still had magic makes it heavy to walk around with all we’re carrying isn’t it……」

They were talking while choosing items that suited them, and then Kazuki carried what they bought.

And then while they were walking, in the mall there were also general stores lining up, not just fashion item shops.

「Kazu-nii, you like Japanese-style for a house? As I thought you’re a swordsman after all.」

「It’s not like I’m fixated with that though……but Hayashizaki family house is Japanese-styled, so that style is more calming for me. ……Mio looks like you prefer this kind of western antique huh.」

When Kazuki turned his gaze at the antique corner, Mio’s eyes shined.

「I love it! I especially like the new classic French antique of Louise XVI!!」

「……What kind of thing is that?」

「Let’s see, simply speaking it’s like an antique from the period when it had excessive ornament that looked over the top and gaudy but its atmosphere gradually became refined along with time.」

Proper image emerged on Kazuki’s mind from that relatively simple explanation. Certainly Kazuki also thought that something like that might be good. There was a lot of parts where he could sympathize with Mio’s interest.

「Then hasn’t the Witch’s Mansion hit straight at Mio’s preference?」

「Of course I love that place!! We also have to start imagining from now about our future love nest.」

「Love nest, you mean……」

「After we graduate and leave the Witch’s Mansion, where are we going to live and what kind of life it will be?」

「……That’s a difficult question.」

Kazuki groaned. It went without mention that since the peaceful world arrived he had been thinking about that all the time.

「As expected we want everyone to live together. If we all contribute money jointly, will we be able to share a large and stylish house like the Witch’s Mansion I wonder?」

「Even if I start working part time from now……」

The shopping bags he was carrying became heavy right away.

「It feels like if I ask papa for it he will actually give it though.」

Mio was doted on by her foster father to an extreme degree.

「As I thought it’s pathetic if I rely on Mio’s dad. ……If I will really get paid by yearly annuity or pension, it will be fine to use that I think.」

「Sponging off on papa’s pocket money and holding hope at yearly annuity, aren’t the two things not that different?」

Mio laughed in amusement.

「……The polygamy, we can have it recognized right?」

「Chief Yamagata is also advancing that talk for us but, perhaps, it can be recognized as a special case. I’m really in debt to that person.」

「There’s no such thing. After all it’s us who fought and bore the full brunt of everything.」

「That person is really doing various things that only he can do for us. Recently when I look at Headmaster Amasaki and Chief Yamagata, I’m keenly feeling that adult who lived splendidly is really amazing even without a sword or magic.」

「Papa isn’t that admirable of an adult. After all, he didn’t believe Kazu-nii at first.」

Now that she mentioned it, there was such a time. Kazuki too smiled reflexively.

「……It’s proper to be recognized. We saved this country with the power of everyone’s bond. So there won’t be any stupid story like all of us getting separated from each other because of this country’s law despite all that. Well, even if we don’t get the protection of the system, I think that even just de-facto marriage will be fine if it’s us.」

Kazuki felt gratitude hearing Mio say ‘us’ instead of ‘I’.

Harem……it wasn’t just his relationship with everyone that was important. He felt grateful from the bottom of his heart that everyone was respecting all the others. The relationship between everyone was good.

「We need to think about various things! Our love nest is important! ……There is also everyone’s preferences, I think a house that is surrounded by things like this will be great!」

Mio took an antique accessory into her hand while speaking affectionately.

He wouldn’t be able to afford antique furniture, but the item in Mio’s hand was a music box decorated with elegant ornaments.

「You want to buy that to bring home?」

「I’m buying it! I’ll treasure it forever so that when in the future I can take care of it while remembering that I bought this at the date with Kazu-nii at that time! Yes, forever, just like our love!」

「……So you get it huh, little girl. Your taste is quite good. Yes, 『something that grow old correctly is forever new』.」

[*tap-tap-tap*] The sound of shoes with leather sole stepping on the wooden floor was sounding, and then a smug voice that really suited such sound cut in between Kazuki and Mio.

──Something that grows old correctly is forever new……. It was a phrase that he had heard from somewhere.

When he turned around, there was that guy who he couldn’t possibly mistake as any other.

The Diva that Kazuki fought half a year ago, Lucifer.

That Basileus Basileon that Kazuki should have defeated was there.

「「The jet black fallen angel Lucifer!?」」

Kazuki and Mio crossed their both arms in front of their chest while yelling.

「……Certainly I’m also an illusion that is the symbol of chuunibyou.」

Lucifer responded by crossing both his arms reluctantly.

「He is unexpectedly reading the mood!?」

──Neutral features like an angel that couldn’t be taken as man or woman. Or rather he was really an angel.

He wore a combination of denim shirt and jeans, putting on a brown leather jacket at his top, and thick leather boots were covering his feet. At the joint part of his jeans as the center, wrinkle color loss was running everywhere like lightning. As for the leather, even with countless scratches carved on it, but it was emitting glossiness like the surface of a mirror. Darkened silver necklace and wallet chain were dangling down on his chest and waist.

Furthermore his jeans had patterns that was drawn with white paint, the leather was engraved with carving in the style of native American, and the silver also had complicated shape. Even amateurish eyes would understand that everything was made by the hands of artisans.

Mio was taken aback while going ‘oh no’.

「The representative of fashion with bad acceptance from the opposite sex……! It’s smelly even with a distance of several meters between us!! That’s almost a cosplay!! In addition that sweet musk added with the max manliness appearance is terribly disappointing from a woman’s point of view!! It’s like an act of splashing miso soup on the highest class suit!!」

「You are picking a fight huh little girl! I am transcendent from emotions like being popular or anything!!」

Well, there was that. However Mio was shaking the shoulders of the exasperated Kazuki.

「But I personally hate that kind of stubborn self-satisfaction fashion! Though I don’t want to walk side by side together with you!! Kazu-nii, that’s not something that you can see even after piling up money!! He is a walking museum!! It’s cool in a sense!!」

「So you get it huh little girl!!」

When Lucifer twirled on the spot with a pose where his hands were holding his hips, Mio went ‘kyaaaa’ with a shout of joy.

Kazuki held his breath while glaring tensely at the figure of Lucifer who was the very picture of healthy and energetic.

A Diva wouldn’t die──as long as the whole of mankind didn’t forget the illusion called Lucifer.

Kazuki didn’t kill Lucifer and exterminate him completely at that time.

And then after that Kazuki wished so that all Diva were changed into humans.

But, in that case…….

「Why didn’t you reincarnate into a baby?」

All the other Divas lost their very mystical atmosphere as a Diva itself, reincarnating into just a mere human.

But the Lucifer before their eyes wasn’t like that. He was materialized with his mystical atmosphere as a being that was far removed from human was still as before.

「You ask me why? How shameless……at that moment, didn’t you wish something like 『I want to become friend』 at me?」


Lucifer spoke with vaguely reproaching tone.

The totally unexpected reproach made Kazuki’s eyes open wide in surprise.

「Wasn’t it great even if you feel that kind of feeling just for a bit towards me too? What a horrible guy, despite your putting on air as a philanthropist.」

Lucifer let out a dramatized huge sigh and he shrugged like an American.

「No, it was a moment of the final decisive battle where the last conclusion is settled after our opinion clashed so violently like that you know!? Naturally my head was completely filled with the thought of beating you!」

「……No, your head wasn’t filled with the thought of beating me. You were thinking different thing.」


「You don’t remember about that moment? You thought it when you defeated me. ──『Watch』, you thought that. I replied to that at that time you know?」


「That’s why I became something like that. A being that is observing the world’s fate. Until this me who was the incarnation of despair comes to an understanding, I will be an existence like a shadow that will only be observing the world for eternity.」

「……You were reincarnated into an immortal human who cannot die when you want to die?」

Kazuki unconsciously thought, ‘that’s not something to complain for isn’t it?’.

However Lucifer suddenly showed an ironic smile.

「No, your contracted Diva said it right? ──A materialized concept and human are different. How ironic, Lemegeton rejected only me and I was left behind. ……Well, I don’t mind it. I like humans. I’ll apologize about using something like tsunami to agitate you. I wished to become the absolute god and guide humanity……I wanted to become the 『father』 of all of you but……just watching until my satisfaction is sated is also not bad.」

Kazuki stared fixedly at Lucifer’s figure once more.

This guy once said that he liked the 『civilization』 like the clothes and the furniture before human developed culture and science technology.

Just as he said, even now he was wearing an outfit as though he was covering his body with the warmth of the artisans themselves.

This guy wasn’t lying by any means when he said that he loved humans.

He was just overprotective.

「You too won’t be unable to change the world anymore from here on you know?」

Lucifer said that without even a shred of ill will or hostility, it was merely a warning to him.

「Obviously. I’m just a single individual human……being able to do things like magic and sword is strange.」

There was no 『King』 or the like in this world right now.

The governments of the adults, the international diplomacy, the free trade, all those were moving the world dynamically. Kazuki who was still a child……no, truthfully speaking no one in the world was able to understand the world that was constantly changing in complicated ways that was impossible to understand.

The current him was very tiny. He was even still unclear about his future course.

Kazuki who was once called a King, and the fallen angel who dreamed to rule over mankind, the two who had been completely changed into a diminutive existence stared at each other.

「How will the world change……you too can do nothing about it except watching over it while leaving your body to age until you die. Even if this world progressed to a mistaken direction, you won’t be able to make any interference.」

Lucifer spoke sadly.

No, rather than sadness it was uneasiness. Or perhaps loneliness.

Lucifer was disheartened about being unable to do anything.

「I won’t regret my choice. I believe in the world. It’s not like I’ll be able to live until several hundred years but……it will be proven soon anyway.」

「……I guess it will be like that.」

Kazuki didn’t waver. Lucifer averted his eyes and looked down as though he was unable to receive that gaze right from the front, he then passed through Kazuki’s side silently.

「……The technique you showed in the end was splendid. It’s not a technique that is needed in the world from here on. However, it’s something worthy to be proud of that mankind is mankind.」

When Kazuki turned around, Lucifer’s back was fading and he vanished as though melting into the scenery,

「I also understand the feeling of the people who were defeated by you.」

Leaving those words behind, he couldn’t be seen any more in that place.

Part 2[edit]

After finishing their shopping, Kazuki and Mio headed to a restaurant that Mio recommended to have lunch.

That place felt more like an event space + food court rather than a restaurant.

The grand date spot located under the overhead structure of a national highway was developed jointly by the government and private sector as culture transmission and tourist facility.

The dimness of the place due to the overhead structure blocking the sunlight was used to set up the mood, gaudy light from things like mirror ball and neon light was producing a bewitching space. There was a stage at the center. There, a musician was doing a musical performance of an unknown genre with very loud volume. Countless tables were lined up at the stage’s surrounding, while counters styled like stands were standing in a row along the outer wall, selling multinational food.

Kazuki was shocked that this kind of place was built in the best district of the metropolis.

The two of them ordered a lot in small plate like kebab, Hainan rice, chili con carne, and so on, sharing the food with each other.

「So Mio sniffed out this kind of interesting place without overlooking it huh.」

「I heard about it when talking with my fellow models before.」

「An overwhelming normie……if Mio can convert your girl power into combat strength, there is no doubt that Mio will be able to beat Lucifer to death by yourself.」

「Kazu-nii, what are you saying, even though you are the one who saved the world.」

「……When it become a peaceful world, I cannot win against Mio at all. At this rate Mio might spread your wings to become a model or actress or fashion designer, leaving me behind.」

「What’s with that sudden negativity. That sounds otaku-ish.」

Mio’s finger snapped at Kazuki’s forehead [*pechiiin*].

「This spoiled good for nothing!」

「Spoiled good for nothing……?」

「Kazu-nii forget right away that I too want to support Kazu-nii. I understand you know? Even I was doted on at the prosperous Amasaki family, but in the end I’m just an adopted child. I thought that I have to act myself, that I have to do something myself. But even if Kazu-nii becomes a middle aged shut-in NEET, I won’t mind.」

「No, no matter what that’s too much.」

「About that, if it’s someone whose motivation is zero right from the start and then he did whatever he could to become like that, then of course I’ll beat up someone like that. But Kazu-nii isn’t someone like that. Even when we talked about the future house just now, even though it was a talk about a place where everyone will live together, Kazu-nii thought about it self-centeredly. You are thinking that naturally you have to be the one shouldering the burden of the future household too. If you are thinking like that, then you will get crushed sooner or later. After all, Kazu-nii doesn’t have special powers anymore.」

He had no special power. Right, he threw it away by his own will.

Even though he had acted proudly to Lucifer about that just now.

「But that’s fine. After all, everyone simply loves Kazu-nii. That feeling of love, Kazu-nii has lost the power to save the world, but with just the feeling of love it can become the reason to support each other. It’s no good if Kazu-nii cannot believe in that.」

「……Yes, you’re right.」

「I’ll succeed in a way of living that is like me, and if it’s a success in something charismatic or whatever, Kazu-nii can give me your praise, it’s fine like that. If something bothersome happens to Kazu-nii while Kazu-nii is living in a way that is like you, you can come and depend on me. Because if Kazu-nii do that then even I will absolutely feel happy.」

Having a partner where both sides loved each other, both sides were respectively living in a way that was like them. If they could just do that then they could become happy. There was no doubt that it was the ideal society.

Though just like Lucifer said, even now somewhere in the world, there were countries or places where such things didn’t apply──.


Kazuki stood up from the table, affection was welling up excessively inside him. Mio also sensed it and stopped her hand from picking on the food, she turned her face to Kazuki who approached beside her.

「Geez, even though we are in the middle of eating lunch, in this kind of place……」

Kazuki’s upper body leaned over, his left hand pulled closer the waist of Mio who was still sitting, his right hand lifted up Mio’s chin and their lips touched each other.

Their lips confirmed each other’s lips, and then unable to get satisfied with that their tongues entangled together.

「……Nn……fufuh♪ There is the taste of coriander……♪」

Mio let out a smile. They repeated their deep kisses as though to erase that kind of taste while it felt like watery sound could be heard leaking out.

Right now he was exactly acting spoiled to Mio.

However the entangling tongue and tongue wasn’t just a one-sided thing.

Part 3[edit]

When they finished lunch, Kazuki and Mio came to a skate ring.

They were shopping in the morning and skating in the afternoon. It was a schedule that was truly using up the whole day for playing around.

What made Kazuki feel astonished was that there was a skate ring on the rooftop of a department store in the city.

「I didn’t know that there was something like this……」

「Even department stores are making schemes to gather customers. This place is not really known yet, a really good out-of-the-way place♪」

They entered in without any change in appearance and borrowed skating shoes, then they entered into the ring that, while it was a bit cramped, but it was splendidly covered with ice. With the location being on the rooftop of a department store, it was a sky ring so to speak.

「Who, whoops……」

Kazuki was faltering like a newborn fawn.

「Fufuh, Kazu-nii, this is your first time skating?」

Mio smiled and lent her hand to the faltering Kazuki. Kazuki jumped at Mio’s arm as though partly clinging on her. It made Mio become even happier.

「Yaaai, yaaai, Kazu-nii is pathetic♪」

「Didn’t you only say just now that you will let me depend on you!?」

「Ehehe, I don’t mind you know~. You can cling on my arm as much as you want. ……But Kazu-nii, didn’t you do something like a skate with Koyuki’s magic?」

Moves In The Field──it was an assist magic that froze the surrounding ground, formed blades made of ice on the feet of oneself and their comrades, hindering the opponent’s movement while their side would glide freely without restriction.

However when Kazuki was asked that, he felt like that magic was skating that wasn’t skating.

Because that was the product of illusion.

「That magic felt like if you imagine then you can move just as you imagined. How should I say it, it felt like you are only playing a skating game. Just because you are skilled in a skating game doesn’t mean that you will be skilled at real skating……wawawah!」

Kazuki’s balance was crumbling even while clinging onto Mio’s arm, he almost tumbled down. However, when he pitched forward his face was buried into Mio’s soft chest.

Or rather, thanks to Mio’s breasts’ elasticity he barely held on.

「Kazu-nii you pervert─♪」

「Wro, wrong! Just now was an accident!! Ah, but, so it’s like this……?」


Kazuki suddenly lifted up his face as though he just noticed something, then he separated himself from Mio’s arm right away.

And then without pause he was gliding rea─lly smoothly.

「I see, so it’s no good if you move your foot like you are walking. And then the weight transfer is like this……」

[*Whoo─sh, whoo─sh*], Kazuki cut straight across the ring.

「Wa, wait for me Kazu-nii! Wait, fast!?」

Mio tried to follow behind in a hurry, but she couldn’t chase after Kazuki and instead she almost tumbled down.

Mio raised a voice filled with indignation that she couldn’t clear away.

「De……depend on me a little bit more than this─! It’s always, always like this, just when I thought that Kazu-nii is acting timid and depending on me, you solve it alone right away, this is why─!! Nyaa─h!!」

Kazuki performed a beautiful U-turn and returned to Mio’s position in a panic.

Part 4[edit]

The two of them once more keenly felt that magic power had vanished from the world.

After skating for a while, the two’s calves felt like they were filled to the bursting.

For even Kazuki whose body was trained to feel like that was because even his muscles that normally weren’t used were now overworked.

And also, currently the two of them still hadn’t clearly grasped the true limit of their stamina when it wasn’t getting boosted by magic power. When they did exercise or played with the same feeling as in the past, they would immediately get worn out.

Because of that the footsteps of the two were unsteady. However they also had the feeling that it was still too fast to go home.

「Let’s rest somewhere. Like in a café……no, karaoke! Let’s do karaoke!!」

If they were going to rest no matter what, then it shouldn’t be just resting but also include an element of playing. It was a choice that was typical of Mio. If it was Kaguya-senpai or Koyuki, then they surely would have choosen the calm café.

The two of them exited the department store and returned until in front of the station, then they found a karaoke place successfully.

「Here, it’s no good if it isn’t this place.」

「There are several karaoke clubs but, is this one different?」

「From the number of songs, composition, the room’s atmosphere……the Amasaki karaoke council has decided that this place is number one from the balance of all those factors and more.」

Mio took out a golden membership card and she finished the procedure at the reception with an experienced manner. It couldn’t be helped if that was what the council decided.

Perhaps because of the gold card’s effect, they were shown into a pointlessly spacious room even though they were just two customers.

Kazuki and Mio sat down with their shoulders pressing against each other, completely wasting the spacious room that they had been specially given.

Mio quickly took the remote control and pressed the button to choose a song of a female idol.

Her figure adjusting the detail of the sound volume of the mike and so on while waiting until the intro started to look completely like the iron man of karaoke. She was completely experienced.

……Kazuki was unintentionally astonished. This was his first time coming to karaoke with Mio, but she was skilled.

It was a singing voice that dealt a clear impact on Kazuki who didn’t really get about what was skilled and not skilled in singing. A loud transparent voice pervaded until every nook and cranny of the room. It was an atmosphere that said that getting the rhythm and interval correct was only natural. Emotion was poured matching the song lyrics, she was singing at the top of her voice with a poetic voice that fervently made the listener feel the heat.

He felt that that depth of emotion was really like Mio.

Kazuki had never gone to something like a live idol concert until now. He was shocked that 『the live singing voice of a skilled person』 would be so moving to this degree.

While listening attentively……he took the song selection remote and froze.

‘……What am I going to sing after this?’

He had no proper experience in things like karaoke. Far from that, he didn’t even have the habit of listening to songs that were currently popular.

If he had to say what kind of song that he had familiarity with──he had no other option than saying an anime song.

When he saw anime together with Lotte and Kamimura-san, they didn’t skip the opening and ending songs, it had become half habit for the three of them to sing together in high spirits. Depending on the situation they would also dance.

If it was an anime song, he could say that he could sing.

……However it was nothing but foolhardiness to showcase such thing after this beautiful performance!

While Kazuki was in distress, Mio was singing without even being aware of that while sending glances at him. Her face told him how much she wanted to get praised.

……She didn’t even notice how her beautiful voice was turning into pressure on him.

Mio finished her song with 「Yaaay」 while making a peace sign, and then she handed the mike to Kazuki.

Kazuki was clapping his hands while accepting the mike.

At the same time the preview image of the anime song Kazuki picked was starting to flow.

「I know this one! Lotte often sang it to herself, I really like this band’s piece!」

Mio bit on the intro and began clapping to the beat.

Kazuki began to sing timidly.

His voice that was amplified through the mike sounded unfamiliar and fresh to him.

Even so, the song was starting to enter further into the lyrics.

Suddenly, Mio made a gesture with one hand lifted up and her fingers pointing above repeatedly.

It was a hand sign that seemed to tell him 『Higher』.

He wasn’t aware of it himself but it seemed that his tone was out of sync. When he adjusted his voice to be higher pitched, his singing indeed became fit to a tee. Mio made a clenched fist hand sign.

And then when it was at a place where the rhythm turned faster, or at the vague extra part that he had never heard in the anime version, Mio matched her voice and sang together with him.

When he sang together with Mio, he could feel that his singing was also getting thirty percent better.

……He felt as though he was in a ball where he was sticking out like a sore thumb and then he received an attentive escort from a prince. Even so when the song was finished Mio clapped energetically for him.

「Mio really is handsome huh.」

「What are you saying. ……At the song just now, Kazu-nii’s voice sounded a bit strong for it.」

「That’s because many anime songs have female vocalists singing it. But I don’t really have many chance to hear music other than anime songs.」

「Then what about this song then? It’s from a male vocalist that I like! I recommend it!! When we get back I’ll lend it to Kazu-nii!」

Saying that Mio chose a song and an intense intro that attracted the hearing started playing.

Mio lowered her tone, but even like that she began to sing without sounding forced.

This was her voice when she said 『I’ll punch Lotte then』──her singing range was vast.

Certainly it was a cool song. Kazuki immediately liked it. But perhaps he was only charmed by the coolness of the singing Mio. There was even the possibility that he would be disappointed instead when he heard the original song.

That was how charming the singing Mio was.

His affection towards Mio welled up once more.

Kazuki gently put his arm around Mio who was sitting right beside him, and then he embraced her onto his lap.

Mio too leaned on Kazuki without resistance while continuing to sing.

Kazuki tightly hugged Mio who was singing stylishly from the back, then he rubbed his cheek on her slender neck. Chuckling was seeping into Mio’s singing voice and her body twisted ticklishly.

They hadn’t changed clothes since they were skating. Mio’s scent was thicker than when they had magic power. Kazuki didn’t know whether it should be called as fetishism, but he felt attracted to her scent. The presence of the girl called Mio stood out to him even stronger.

That Mio was raising her cool singing voice even now. He earnestly thought that she was a charming lover.

She was cool and charming, so Kazuki lovingly rubbed her body.

His right hand stroked and caressed her breast, while his left hand did the same to her thigh.

Mio shivered sensitively, a sweet echo oozed into her singing voice.

Even so Mio raised her voice so that the melody didn’t get disarrayed.

Right now Kazuki had become unable to look for the spot where girls felt good using the fluctuation of positivity level. However he already had the full knowledge of all of Mio’s tender spots.

On the other hand Mio and others had their pleasure sensitivity magnified by magic power, but right now they had lost their magic power. However, due to the repeated act, the pleasure of that time was carved into the girls’ nerves and it seemed that even now they were having flashbacks of identical sensations of those times.

The change to Kazuki that transformed him into being matchless because of everyone’s wish also stayed. In other words only in everything that was related with lewd things stayed unchanged at all compared to half a year ago when magic still existed.

Kazuki’s loving caress drew out the carnality from Mio just as he wished, as though he was playing a musical instrument. An Adam touch that was like magic. (TN: I looked up Adam touch. It seemed that it’s a method for slow sex, where you put your hand two centimeters above the body without touching, and then used only your five fingers to caress.)


Just by caressing from above her clothes, Mio came a little at the timing when the song reached the peak.

Even so Mio didn’t slump down limply in exhaustion, she finished singing the piece beautifully.

「I want to hear Mio’s song, so you can continue singing you know?」

Kazuki hugged her from behind and said that while sweetly rubbing his skin on Mio. The softness of her breast and thigh was priceless.

Mio went 「……Geez」 in exasperation although her voice didn’t sound like she actually hated it.

「At karaoke……there are security cameras here……」

Mio maintained her self-control and warned Kazuki. Mio wasn’t the type that would indulge in her inner perversion.

Mio started singing once more and Kazuki also caressed her lovingly, matching the timing when the melody peaked.

He opened the button of her blouse just for a little and his right hand slipped in, his left hand also sneaked inside her skirt. Her underwear was soaked wet. Right now they also were already unable to cover up their deed by using the power of magic to evaporate the wetness.

At the timing when the music reached the part of the climax……Kazuki stimulated the tender spot strongly in one go.

Mio’s upper body twitched fiercely and bent backwards, her thighs opened widely as though she had forgotten the existence of the security camera too. Her body reflexively spread open in order to accept the pleasure. However she immediately recovered her reasoning and she closed her thighs while her body kept twitching all over.

Even so Mio tried to gallantly continue singing coolly with teary eyes. A single line of saliva was slowly trailing down from the corner of her periodically gasping lips.

Kazuki loved seeing the face of the fashionable Mio who possessed strong self-control breaking down into a disheveled state like that.

Mio continued to sing for two, three more songs……she continued to climax in the amount that was twice of that, before Mio finally threw away the mike.

「……Let’s go home to the Witch’s Mansion?」

She turned her head his way and spoke with a gasping breath.

「I don’t want to get toyed with just your finger……I want Kazu-nii……」

「Mio is a lewd girl huh.」

It had become the usual for Kazuki to say that after making her disheveled like this.

「Kazu-nii you idiot-!」

However, it wasn’t just Mio whose patience was tested here. Naturally, Mio too should have noticed the condition of that thing that was poking on her butt.

Kazuki and Mio were going back to the Witch’s mansion while cuddling intimately with each other.

The hand of Kazuki that was holding Mio’s waist was constantly crawling subtly, continuing his caressing, so that her passion wouldn’t cool down. Mio too kept breathing roughly and her body and breast were glued on Kazuki rubbingly. Her expression was vacant and feverish. Each time their feet stopped at the traffic they would kiss. They were a couple walking through the street with a cloud of obscenity faintly lingering above them.

When they arrived at the Witch’s Mansion, the two went straight to Kazuki’s room while avoiding everyone’s gazes. Without even going to shower, Mio wordlessly laid down on the bed, and Kazuki too impatiently stripped off those fashionable clothes like a kid tearing open the wrappings of a present, and then──.

Kazuki never got tired of it no matter how many times he embraced Mio.

Perhaps that was because he was also embracing other girls too, but perhaps that wasn’t all.

The two of them were laying down side by side on the bed completely satisfied. And then Mio whispered in a small voice.

「Perhaps it’s better like this instead, that I cannot monopolize Kazu-nii everyday.」


「……If I’m pleasured like this everyday, perhaps my head will turn stupid and I won’t be able to think of anything else other than this……. I’ll absolutely become like an addict……」

A few days after that──at the early afternoon tea time in the Witch’s Mansion.

Excluding Kazuki, the girls were sitting around tea and snacks. They were right in the middle of girl talk.

「What kind of date everyone has done recently?」

Mio asked so to everyone. The seniors were also present, so she used polite language.

It wasn’t that she was harboring antagonism to the other girls, the question was purely a material for a normal talk.

Kaguya-senpai answered first.

「You see, I was brought to a skate ring located on the rooftop of a department store! I didn’t know that there was a ring at that kind of place, so I was really surprised with Otouto-kun’s information network. Besides Otouto-kun was really good at skating!」


Mio reflexively leaked out a stupid voice. Hikaru-senpai answered next.

「As for me, I was brought to a shopping mall. I got a lot of advice about girlish appearance. Kazuki is stylish after all, he is also knowledgeable with that kind of thing isn’t he!」

「……Ha? Kazuki is stylish and knowledgeable……」

Mio’s face was turning ridiculed.

「I was brought to a karaoke. That was the first time I went to a karaoke, but Kazuki knew the popular songs and he can also sing well. He was cool.」

When Koyuki answered with a dazed and blushing face, Mio almost spurted out the tea she was drinking.

‘……What I did with Kazuki, all of it became material for his date with other girls!!’

It wasn’t like she was indignant because she was used as a stepping stone.

However, hearing that Kazuki was knowledgeable about good dating spots, or that he was fashionable, or that he knew about songs was…….

When she thought that the origin that caused everyone to be ecstatic and falling in love with Kazuki all over again all came from her, the tea inside her stomach was boiling up.

Perhaps, depending on the way one thought, then this might actually be her harem too.

「Even in a peaceful world, his way of fighting by obtaining strength from bonds doesn’t change……」

Mio muttered that to herself, to which Koyuki tilted her head saying 「What are you saying?」.

「Kazuki-oniisan is planning to bring me and Itsuki-san to <Hobby Festival Winter> desu!」

Lotte spoke brightly.

‘……Ah, that’s unrelated. The genre is different.’

Suddenly a strange picture was emerging in Mio’s head. She and Lotte was pulling at Kazuki towards completely different directions, she was pulling Kazuki towards the sunlight, while Lotte was pulling towards the world of otakus…….

She didn’t plan to reject the hobby of Lotte and the others, but there was no way she could let Kazuki get dyed by that. Balance was essential in everything. She felt like there was a heavy responsibility hanging on her shoulder…….

Showing the husband the right way was exactly the duty of the wife!

「Mio-oneesan? What’s the matter desu?」

Lotte tilted her head with an innocent expression.

「Lotte is the mastermind of darkness! You’re Satan! I absolutely won’t lose against you! I’ll raise Kazu-nii into the ideal character handsome man standing under the bright sun!!」

「Mastermind of darkness!? Satan!?」

Mio’s body leaned forward and she stretched wide [*munii~*] Lotte’s cheeks, while Lotte happily said 「Please stooop~♪」.

「Fufufuh, what a peaceful quarrel.」

Kaguya-senpai smiled gently in affection at the gentle ordinary day.

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