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The Pet of Witch’s Mansion Koyuki[edit]

The door of the room was knocked exactly three times.

Kazuki had just got back from the academy. He fixed back on the jacket that he was in the process of taking off and then he turned to the door’s direction.

The door opened with clicking sound,


And, Koyuki’s face showed up. Her appearance was also in her uniform right after coming home from the academy.

「So it’s Koyuki.」

Kazuki embraced Koyuki who came to his side with a small jog and then he stroked her head without any reason.

While doing that, he noticed her hand carrying something strange.

「A collar……?」

It was a collar. There was even a long cord attached to it.

「Kazuki, you said it before. That you want to treat a girl like a pet and tame her.」

There was no way he would say something abnormal like that…….

Was what Kazuki thought, but when he thought hard, he really had said something similar.

He said something to Kamimura-san that, if she wanted to be supported by him, then she couldn’t say any complain even if he did whatever to her, and then he said it would be something like treating her completely like a pet.

He said that with the intention of threatening Kamimura-san but……come to think of it, at that time Koyuki was secretly,

『That’s a reward』 she said, with her eyes shining bewitchingly.

That was a light of suffering. The masochism switch of Koyuki was turned on.

「……If you are going to forcefully turn someone reluctant into a pet, then first you should turn your sight to a partner that isn’t reluctant.」

Koyuki pulled at Kazuki’s sleeve with sparkling eyes. From her gesture, it was as though she was appealing hard to him with the words of ‘look, look after me’.

「In other words, Koyuki is hopelessly wanting to get treated like a pet that I can mess up however I like, and you came to me asking for it by yourself, is that it?」

Kazuki also showed a sadistic grin. When he understood the way to make Koyuki happy, Kazuki himself was also starting to become self-aware of the way to enjoy that.

That was the change in Koyuki and the change in Kazuki with regards to the relationship between these two.

「I, if Kazuki says that you want to do such a thing, then I……」

Koyuki’s cheeks reddened faintly and she averted her gaze aside.

So far as it went, on the surface she was a cool elf girl even now.

Kazuki snatched the collar from Koyuki’s hand, fastened it on her slender neck and then his hand grasped the cord.

When he lightly pulled, Koyuki was dragged his way.

It was a feedback that stimulated his sense of possession.

「But Koyuki, isn’t it strange that you’re wearing clothes while you’re a pet?」

Kazuki stated so.

When he threatened Kamimura-san with pet treatment, he didn’t have any sadistic imagination swelling up inside his mind. Kamimura-san wasn’t a masochist. She was an owner of a delicate mentality that was fragile like tofu, so if by any chance Kazuki shouted at her then she would surely shut herself in her room for three days and three nights.

However when the partner was Koyuki, his imagination was changing to the direction that suited Koyuki. It was necessary to have a completely different way of thinking when he was playing with Koyuki than when he was playing with everyone else.

Koyuki’s cheeks blushed bright red, then she smoothly stripped off her uniform’s coat, and then her blouse, and skirt. She didn’t hesitate. What she felt was genuine arousal rather than shame.

Her fantastically white skin had immaturity remaining in it. Above her skin there was only lovely light blue underwear remaining.

There Koyuki gazed upward towards Kazuki in anticipation.

She wasn’t feeling ashamed and hesitated because of it. She was waiting to be commanded.

「Come on, you’re a pet so you have to take off the underwear.」

「……Ye, yes♪」

She looked happy. When she was commanded it was as though her switch was turned on and she took off her bra without hesitation, and discarded her panty too on the floor.

She truly looked like when she was born──no, her appearance was truly that of the animal called human.

‘Koyuki is really hopeless huh……’ Kazuki was thinking so while he too couldn’t deny that he was feeling a perverse thrill.

「You’re standing on two legs even though you’re a pet?」

When he said that, Koyuki dropped down on all fours right away like a baby.

「Fu-fu-fu, how cute……」

Kazuki chuckled repulsively. He was in the mood.

He really thought her cute. It was a strange cuteness. The girl who showed complete obedience to him gave him possessive desires, lust for conquest……and sadistic impulses.

All those became spice that produced a degenerate depth in Koyuki’s unrealistically beautiful face that looked like a fairy.

Kazuki circled behind her. Her pure white butt was gaping open, everything was exposed defenselessly. There was a perverted sight there. In order to fan up her shame further, Kazuki slapped lightly on that butt several times, and his finger slo─wly traced the spot that was modestly closed.

The girl’s dampness was increasing viscously.

Koyuki shook her butt to the left and right. As though telling him to not tease her.

That gesture meant that she wanted to be teased.

Kazuki didn’t touch her more than that and only stared fixedly, a liquid was dripping viscously from the shaken butt, and he became able to hear Koyuki’s breathing turning rough.

「Koyuki, hand.」

Kazuki said that from behind Koyuki and he stuck out his hand.

「Tha, that’s……something like that……」

「Why are you talking even though you’re a pet?」


According to Koyuki, a rabbit’s cry sounded like ‘puu’. It was a puzzle whether a rabbit could be asked to give the pet owner its hand like a dog, but Koyuki stayed crawling on all fours while making a U-turn towards his direction before she put her cute hand on Kazuki’s palm.

「Good girl, good girl.」

Kazuki’s hand crawled on Koyuki’s chin and cheek and he enjoyed her softness. Koyuki’s face was soft everywhere.

「Puu, puu♡」

Koyuki gave a lick at the finger tip of Kazuki that was touching her face. And then without pause she put that finger into her mouth, crawled her tongue on it, and sucked.

Kazuki also caressed Koyuki’s tongue with his finger.

It was a teasing stimulation for both sides──however Koyuki became absorbed in sucking at the finger and her eyes closed ecstatically. She was drunk in the feeling of servitude.

「Koyuki, beg.」


She replied terribly nicely that Kazuki almost laughed.

Koyuki rolled so that she was lying down face up, then she shrank in her limbs.

Beg. It was a pose of a puppy showing its navel.

She was staring still at Kazuki wantingly while her breathing was also becoming 「Hah-hah……」 sounding like a puppy.

With an innocence like a puppy and a stance of servitude that was completely off guard──her indecent spot that was drenched wet was also completely exposed. Against that destructive power, Kazuki also felt his thing towering hard.

「Kuu~nn, kuu~nn♡」 Koyuki cried.

‘Aren’t you a rabbit? Your character isn’t stable.’

「Good girl, good girl.」

Kazuki stroked Koyuki’s navel. Koyuki shivered while her breast and thighs were fidgeting. Her gesture told him that what he was doing felt good, but she wanted to be touched at the more sensitive spot.

「I see, you don’t want only your stomach get caressed huh.」

「Puu, puu……」

She nodded up and down repeatedly.

「Then Koyuki isn’t my cute pet, but a lewd bitch huh……」

Kazuki let out a sigh looking disappointed and stood up.


Koyuki’s face looked like the world had just ended.

「This kind of treatment is what suites a lewd bitch!」

Kazuki suddenly……stepped on Koyuki’s nether region with his bare foot.


Koyuki raised a joyful voice.

Once before this Kazuki intensely messed up Koyuki by doing gas pedal punishment (TN: Pressing your foot on female genitals while pulling on her feet). This kind of act hit Koyuki’s bull’s eye.

Kazuki minutely vibrated the sole of his foot while grinding on her sensitive spot, causing Koyuki’s body to writhe and twist.

The back of his foot was smeared by slippery liquid, and then he was moving so that the sensitive spot was rubbed with that slipperiness.

「Puuh, puuh……♡」

「Getting happy like this when your important place as a girl is stepped on, you’re disqualified as a girl. Right now Koyuki looks like a rabbit in heat.」

It was a verbal attack that almost caused him to choke even though he was saying it himself, but on the other hand Koyuki’s excitement and pleasure was increasing rapidly with an enraptured look on her face.

However, it would be boring if he satisfied her easily like that. Kazuki stopped his foot completely.

「Pu, puu?」

Koyuki stared at Kazuki questioningly, she shook herself to rub her nether region on the sole of his foot. But Kazuki quickly retracted back his foot to escape from that.

And then his hand took the cord stretching out from her collar and he pulled with a jerk.

Koyuki couldn’t possibly stand up on her two feet, so she crawled on all fours once more.

「Okay, Koyuki. We are going to take a walk.」


Even Koyuki shook her head in panic from hearing that.

「……What, Koyuki is going to go against your owner? Good grief, for a pet to refuse getting walked, so in the end you only have an interest in lewd things. You’re the worst.」

「Pu, puu……」

A shiver ran through Koyuki’s spine hearing that. When Kazuki wordlessly pulled the cord towards the door, Koyuki followed crawling on the floor.

Kazuki opened the door and got out to the corridor of the Witch’s Mansion. He was leading the stark naked Koyuki who was crawling on the floor.

The air felt colder than inside the room.

An extremely sensible uneasiness that said ‘No matter how much everyone is a trusted comrade to me, but if they see me looking like this then……’ was spreading in Koyuki’s expression. However her cheeks went even redder, her thighs were painfully trembling, and the voltage of her excitement wasn’t abating even for a bit.

Kazuki was making her to do something outrageous. She was obeying what Kazuki was telling her to do, even when it escalated until something this outrageous. She was ruled by the pride that came from such servile mentality.

──But it was exactly at that time, there was the presence of someone going up the stair.

「Not babumi♪ Not babumi♪ She is a real mama seee♪」 (TN: If there is a girl who possesses a caring heart, broad mindedness, and protectiveness like a mother even though she is of younger age, it will be said that 「She has babumi」)

They could hear footsteps along with a cheerful singing voice coming their way. This song lyrics and melody that left impression to the listener……it was the 『Not Babumi』 that was the theme song of the anime 『Mobile Suit ZZ Galpan』 that was popular years ago.

There was no need to even think, it was undoubtedly Lotte’s singing voice.

Koyuki twitched and trembled, then she immediately tried to return inside the room. However, Kazuki pulled at the cord and prevented her from doing so. Koyuki looked up at him with a shocked face.

The one coming was Lotte.

The veteran swordsman Kazuki instantly judged that it would be fine if it was Lotte.

Previously there was a time when Lotte said this to Kazuki.

『For someone who walks the otaku life, they will inevitably become versed in every kind of play……. Fu-fu-fu……my disposition is <The Almighty> desu!』

Kazuki was troubled even if she talked like that to him just like a last boss who shed light on his own ability, but if it was Lotte who boasted about such things then she should show understanding even in this situation.

Lotte who went up the stairs and came into view was shocked as expected with her eyes turning round, but she immediately made an angelic smile like always and she rushed through the corridor with a trot.

Koyuki who was stark naked on all fours immediately looked down.

Kazuki didn’t allow her to escape or hide.

「Kazuki-oniisan, are you taking a walk desu? Fufuh, that’s a cute rabbit-san you have there desu!」

Her first sentence deserved a full mark.

Lotte perfectly understood the situation(play) and showed her intent of cooperation.

「She isn’t just cute but also smart. Koyuki, hand.」

「Pu, puu……」

When Kazuki stuck out his right hand, Koyuki put her hand there with a flop while her face was bright red.

「Koyuki-oneesan is cute-! Smart!」

Koyuki became bright red until her ears and her eyes became moist.

「Yosh, Koyuki. Stand.」

Koyuki’s expression was taken aback and she looked at Kazuki. As expected it seemed that even Koyuki felt opposed to do that.

However, the higher the hurdle of that opposition, the more it brought her arousal.

Koyuki immediately obeyed the command, from the crawling pose she moved into a crouching pose with two legs, both her hands were held in front of her chest.

「Uwaa……」 Lotte raised her voice.

Koyuki’s lower body that wasn’t visible when she was crawling was exposed right from the front.

The organ that was important as a girl was gaping open……that place was bright red from blood rush and glistened with how soaked it was, there was even a thread dribbling down slowly from there.

The place that should be hidden was self-asserting itself to the degree that it was enveloped with smell.

In the first place, Koyuki was in a state where Kazuki stopped a moment just before she could climax, she wasn’t given physical pleasure at all while the voltage of her arousal was heightened with psychological play. There was a vortex of impulses towards pleasure completely filling the insides of Koyuki’s head.

「Kazuki-oniisan, a cute pet won’t be like this in this kind of place and situation desu.」

Lotte chuckled and said clearly.

「This is just a──pervert desu.」

It was an abuse that deserved full marks.

Her other name as <The Almighty> wasn’t just for show.

Koyuki felt shivers in her spine from getting absolutely looked down by the younger Lotte.

「Fufufu. I guess, then I have to show Koyuki’s perverted side to Lotte.」

「Please show me Kazuki-oniisan. Fufufu.」

Kazuki let go of the cord and he crouched behind Koyuki. Using both hands he gently caressed up from both her sides slowly until her chest.

He gently caressed, massaged the small bulge that might or might not be there……then he pinched at the top of the bulge.


An electrifying pleasure ran through Koyuki. Koyuki’s whole body trembled with a sudden shaking. Her expression was filled to the brim with delight because the place where she felt good was finally touched.

That wasn’t the expression of a human that possessed reasoning power. That was the expression of a bitch that was simply hungering for pleasure.

「Does it feel good? Do you want to be touched more?」

Kazuki was persistently rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling……the two protrusions that were stiffening at the center of the modest breasts with his fingers.

「Puu, puu……♡」

Koyuki nodded many times as though she forgot that Lotte was watching. No, Koyuki didn’t forget that she was being watched by Lotte. She was conscious of it and it became a spice for her.

「……For the true nature of that cool and intellectual Koyuki-oneesan to be something like this……fufufuh」

Lotte made fun of Koyuki with an angelic smile.

The usual Koyuki was an intellectual human with common sense. She didn’t want to be hated, didn’t want to fail, because she was such a timid perfectionist, she avoided coming into contact with other people and tended to be by herself alone.

This was her desire of 『I want to be messed up』 that was lurking in the deepest part of that mentality.

The reasoning that was binding herself all over into immobility was destroyed into pieces until nothing was left behind──but even then her beloved person would still be able to accept her. She was looking for that kind of absolute reassurance.

「Puuh puuh……」

Even while melting in pleasure, Koyuki’s voice was starting to have an impatient echo mixing in.

Surely, it was insufficient with just her breast. Furthermore, even that caress towards her breasts was weakened by Kazuki depending on the heightening of her arousal. He was thoroughly teasing her.

Koyuki finally pleaded.

「Ka, Kazuki, not just my breast, that place too……」

「Why are you talking with human language?」

Kazuki strongly pinched at the protrusion of her breast.


Koyuki raised a cry once more. She was writhing at the intense stimulation that was tinged with pain.

However it wasn’t to the degree that could make her climax.

No matter what, it was insufficient with her breast.

However she wasn’t permitted to beg with words.

Without hesitation Koyuki spread open her legs and pushed out her nether region to the front, shaking it shiveringly.

「Puu, puu……」 She was fervently crying while causing that spot to scatter viscous liquid around without any care about her appearance.

She was showing an extreme foolishness in front of Lotte with all the vulgarity while repeatedly calling with animal cry like an idiot.

「Uwaa……she is completely like an animal in mating season desu.」

Kazuki and Lotte──the two humans wearing uniform were looking down on the crazy bitch in heat.

「Can’t be helped.」

Kazuki’s right hand reached at Koyuki’s nether region──and his finger suddenly pressed on her most sensitive spot strongly.

「────!! ♡」

Even Kazuki could see how the raging wave of immense pleasure broke through from Koyuki’s brain matter until the fingertips of her four limbs. Koyuki clattered around her arms and legs like a broken toy, she couldn’t even maintain her standing pose and collapsed on the floor from her butt.

It wasn’t just a single climax. It was the ultimate climax that came from teasing on top of teasing that heightened her arousal mentally to the limit.

「Come on, you aren’t satisfied with just that right? Show it more and more to Lotte.」

No matter how ultimate that single attack was, Kazuki didn’t stop with just one attack and without pause his finger invaded smoothly into the girl’s inside. He had the full knowledge of Koyuki’s weak spot. If she had been warmed up mentally until this point, then the more he pushed her switch, the more she would feel pleasure as much as he pushed.

「──!!♡ ──!!♡」

Koyuki raised a wordless voice while her saliva flew around, her arms and legs were flapping around many times. She climaxed over and over……however she was in a hell that knew no end.

「Fufufu, Kazuki-oniisan, it’s better if you take her to the bed soon desu. Don’t worry about the floor, I’ll clean it desu.」

Lotte smiled gently. That smile meant that this was the end of the play.

「Thanks for cooperating, The Almighty.」

Lotte smiled nihilistically and gave a thumbs up.

Even though Koyuki was worn out, but she still wasn’t completely satisfied yet. Kazuki lifted up such Koyuki in a princess carry and brought her back into his room, then he laid her down on the bed.

──She was suddenly treated kindly and put down on the bed. Koyuki felt shivers in her spine from that sudden change in Kazuki’s attitude.

Rather it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that all the acts until now was a foreplay for the sake of making this gap.

Kazuki took off his uniform and became naked, and then he showered Koyuki’s face with kisses.

「……Kazuki……. I, I, was that depraved just now……」

Even though she wasn’t feeling uneasy at all, she was saying that kind of negative thing.

「It’s nothing to be ashamed of at all. Because I also love Koyuki who is like that.」

Kazuki accepted such a Koyuki as though it was the pre-established harmony.

As though to prove what he said, he took Koyuki’s hand and guided it to his lower body part. Koyuki’s eyes were overflowing with relieve and trust, love and even more passion.

──For Kazuki and Koyuki, S&M was something that was done with mutually absolute love as the prerequisite, it was an act of giving ordeals that would allow them to experience that love for real, and to show that they could overcome the ordeal.

Kazuki didn’t think that it was as perverted as it sounded. It was an adorable habit.

At the same time Lotte also being able to join into the play was──it also meant that Koyuki was holding trust towards Lotte, a trust that was equal to her trust towards Kazuki. She trusted that Lotte, too, wouldn’t hate her just from this much.

Kazuki was secretly happy seeing that this was also a proof of Koyuki’s growth.

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