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Hoshikaze Hikaru is Always Having Fun[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Kazuki! Snow! The snow is piling up outside!!」

The next morning after they went to bed together, as soon as Hikaru opened her eyes she saw outside the window and leaped out.

Hikaru leaped out from the futon stark naked, she quickly wore the change of sweater placed at the bedside,

「WaAAAAAAAAAH!」 Then she raised a strange voice and ran out of the room.

Kazuki was left behind in a daze. He also wore a sweater one tempo late and then followed behind. He passed through the corridor and existed from the entrance towards the courtyard outside.

At the courtyard of the Witch’s Mansion, there was deep snow piled up until their knees.

Hikaru looked alternately at Kazuki and the thickly piled up snow with an excited gaze.

「Take this─!!」 She dived into the snow.

Was how it looked like. Furthermore she was purposefully waiting until Kazuki arrived before doing it.


Hikaru-senpai was laughing while rolling [*roll roll roll*] around on the snow, and then she momentously stood up in a flash like a spring loaded toy. And then she walked towards Kazuki waddlingly,

「Ka, Kazuki……! Chilly!!」

She come hugging him without even brushing off the snow on her body.

「Wah! Stop that! Cold!」


「This damned girl, what are you laughing for─! Let go!!」

「That’s cruel! Do you hate me!?」

「I love you but it’s still cold!!」

「Then warm me!!」

Kazuki firmly hugged Hikaru, and then they exchanged a passionate kiss.

Their whole body boiled hot──they did, but it wasn’t a match against the coldness of the midwinter and the two were shaking all over, Kazuki then dragged her inside the mansion in a hurry.

「That was cold!」

She said that with a face that looked absurdly happy.

「That’s Hikaru’s fault.」

Kazuki stopped using polite language and attaching ‘senpai’ to her name. It was as though she was interacting with a male friend, and also with a lover, his treatment was at once fitting the two roles to a tee.

「Let’s take a shower yeah! Last night we fell asleep after doing the bleep-bleep anyway.」

That was right. In any case they had to shower when waking up in the morning. Hikaru also calculated that more or less before doing the stupid act so he couldn’t hate her.

Hikaru didn’t let Kazuki refuse or accept and forcibly dragged him to the changing room, she stripped off Kazuki briskly, stripped herself too, and then dragged Kazuki into the bathroom.

Both of them faced each other naked, and then Hikaru smiled mischievously. The smile that had a trace of innocence and vaguely contained embarrassment turned on the switch in Kazuki’s heart.

「Penis~, penis~♪」

Kazuki felt himself boiling up from the penis loving Hikaru rubbing him.

「Aren’t we going to shower……?」

「If we are going to shower anyway, let’s dirty ourselves first with one shot yeah!」

She declared so with manliness before bewitchingly leaning close and kissed him. Her white smooth hand crawled on Kazuki’s chest and lower body. Kazuki too, crawled his fingers on Hikaru’s breast.

He felt sympathy and a sense of security from her accompanying him like a boy, her innocence was lovely, and her beautiful look made him crave her. A mysterious existence that was like a fairy in a sense even when compared to elves was right in front of him.

From the ancient times, angels were depicted as an androgynous existences.

「Hikaru has transcended things like being boyish or feminine, there is already no other way to call you other than Hikaru.」

「You hate me that is like that?」

「I love you.」

「Hehehe, then I too won’t care about boyishness or femininity.」

It was a laugh that wasn’t fixated with any complex or yearning, she turned around and showed her back to him.

And then she lifted up her butt towards him.

Kazuki spread that open and his finger alternately poked at the above and below spots.


「Where do you want it?」

「Either is fine♪ Though the one above needs a bit of preparation right now.」

「Well then……」

Kazuki also liked either one. After hesitating for a short while he──,

In the end he gave love to both.

「Taaake this, breast sponge! My femininity is shining bright!」

When they finished the deed, Hikaru made her breasts foamy with body soap, and then she hugged Kazuki and pressed her breasts on his chest.

「Come on, I’ll wash your body so lie down♪ Lie down♪」

It was a puzzle whether there was any need to lie down even though she was going to wash his body, but Kazuki obeyed what he was told and laid down in the bathing room. Hikaru piled her body from above him and she rubbed her breasts on his chest.

She wasn’t as amazingly big as Kaguya. However, her bell shaped bulge that had springiness was dancing with a bewitching sensation slipperily and elastically.

「And then the sponge using that spot! My very femininity is slippery!」

「That spot you say……」

Hikaru smeared the slimy body soap from her thighs until the base of her legs, then both her legs wrapped at the area around Kazuki’s thigh. Like that she shook her waist back and forth and rubbed on the slipperiness.

It felt more pleasant rather than good.


Hikaru also felt shivers in her spine while her cheeks were blushing pink.

「……You are washing my body right?」 Kazuki confirmed just in case.

「I’m washing you right now♪ And then I’ll wash the delicate penis with my mouth for you-!」

Hikaru smoothly half-rotated her body, and then she snapped at that thing of Kazuki into her mouth. Her tongue was stickily entangling around it inside her mouth that had a lot of saliva gathered.

[*slurp slurp*] Her sucking was gradually getting intense.

「……Kazuki too, gently wash my place there okay♪」

Saying that, she spread open her thighs in front of Kazuki’s eyes and displayed it. Kazuki also used his mouth to lick and clean that delicate spot.

……After doing that for a while, Hikaru showed an anger that looked like acting.

「Geez! Why is this thing hard and stiff when I’m only washing it! This child, it’s really an inexcusable brat!」

「Truly!!」 Kazuki sharply replied with a maniac Japanese language. (TN: Kazuki replied with ならいでか(naraideka), and I don’t get it at all.)

「If it’s like this then charge to the second round! Let’s go Kazuki!!」

Hikaru said that with a mood like in a shounen manga before she turned around her body again, making her face to be right in front of his face. And then she put Kazuki’s thing into her inside by herself.

「……This is the third round from last night though.」

He thought that to himself who was able to reply like that was also really something if he said so himself.

Hikaru brewed the black tea while Kazuki prepared the scones. Because the previous generation vice president Akane-senpai was an unparalleled black tea lover, she was able to become skilled in brewing black tea.

Kazuki baked the frozen dough of the scones inside the oven, and then he prepared the jam.

While they were preparing the breakfast side by side, Hikaru’s bright smile burst open.

「This is a group work by us two isn’t it♡」

「Hikaru can sometimes say cute things, huh.」

「I want to do a tag team pro wrestling!」

「……Hikaru is always saying incomprehensible things, huh.」

「The opponent will be the Ryuutaki sisters! The White Snake Miyabi, who specializes in joint locks, and The Black Fang Shinobu ,who specializes in blow attacks!」

「Miyabi-senpai is nonathletic y’know?」

After people became unable to reinforce physical strength with magic power, that kind of side became completely exposed out in the open.

Or rather perhaps she had been relying too much on the strength of powerful magic power that was the characteristic of an elf until now.

「Hee. Did you go on a date with the Ryuutaki sisters?」

「We went to the pool before this.」

When they went to the sea with everyone before, he promised to go swimming again with the two. Currently, it was in the middle of winter, so they went to a warm water pool though.

「When Miyabi-senpai tried to act cool and tried swimming with an elegant form, her leg cramped and she drowned.」


「When I saved her, the siscon (TN: sister complex) Shinobu-senpai got terribly attached to me, and she wouldn’t let go for the whole day. I was stumped.」

「……And then, that night, did you have a sister sandwich?」

Hikaru made a lewd hand sign with one hand, while saying that with a lewd smile.

Her expression now didn’t even look like a boy anymore, it was like an uncle that loved obscene talk.

「……Well, we did that.」

「The bashful maiden of the moon Miyabi, and the wild Shinobu that is like a beast! How nice, that really makes a good drawing.」

「I was wrung dry by Shinobu-senpai though……she was a beautiful wild beast.」

At present, the two of them finished the preparations that was a bit much for the share of two people and then they sat on the table.

「……Everyone isn’t waking up huh.」

It was the morning of a holiday, so perhaps everyone was sleeping in elegantly or was just indulged in sleeping. Kazuki and Hikaru who had the habit to train in the morning were categorized as early risers in the Witch’s Mansion with tremendous lead against everyone else.

「Tiki Tiki Witch’s Mansion – Who Will Wake Up First Derby!」 (TN: This Tiki Tiki, or perhaps Chiki Chiki seems to be a name of a race in Japan in the past)

Hikaru ran her mouth saying a strange thing again. Kazuki made a gambler’s face in response.

「Mio◎ Koyuki○ Lotte▲ Karin△ Kanae× Kamimura× Kaguya 」

「Ghood fhorning~」

The moment Kazuki was speaking his prediction, the door was opened and Kaguya entered.

「The number one dark horse came in!?」

Kaguya who came wearing a pajama with white background and black polka dots was sitting on the table with squirming movements, she took a scone carelessly and began chewing [*mogu mogu*].

「She is like a panda in a zoo that is unsociable towards the visitors and won’t even move, just sitting and eating bamboo.」

Hikaru spoke a strange metaphor, while Kazuki poured black tea for Kaguya while almost bursting out laughing.

「Kazuki, what’re you going to do today?」

Hikaru asked while meaninglessly obstructively pinning down the hand of Kaguya who was going to eat a scone. Kaguya who was half-asleep was moaning 「Why is this……my body can’t move……」.

「Akane-senpai will come back here today for the first time in a while, so I’ll go meet her.」

「A curse……a curse is immobilizing my bodyyy……」

「Aa, that’s nice, I also want to meet her, but it’ll be bad if I’m being a nuisance to you two isn’t it?」

「Uee……I want to eat more scone……」

「She will show her face at the academy tomorrow. Don’t be mean and let Kaguya eat already.」

Kazuki took a scone from the side and she held it to Kaguya, then she

「Hagu-, hagu-」 She gnawed on the scone.

「But it still hasn’t been decided where we will go out. I wonder what kind of thing that Akane-senpai likes.」

In the past, she once did sword art. However, she met setbacks in sword art so she then set her aims at being a strategist.

Nevertheless even if they went to an exhibition or a museum related to war, for the current her it would be just like giving a sermon to Buddha.

「That person, I think she likes doing student-ish things normally. Also she likes cute things.」

She looked somewhat aloof, but it seemed that she wasn’t really so inside.

「Also she likes to get treated following the other side’s whim and toyed with, so just keep pushing at her!」

‘I see’, Kazuki thought while he turned his gaze at Kaguya. Her eyes were narrowed in a trance, while she was stuffing her cheeks with scone happily until her cheeks were bulging. Gazing at such a living thing, going into a zoo also came into Kazuki’s mind as one option.

With a snap, the eyes of that Kaguya opened wide.

「I’m awakened from the scone’s deliciousness and the tea’s caffeine! HOAAAAAAAAH!」

Kaguya suddenly lost her temper and clapped [*pechi pechi*] on Hikaru’s cheek.

「UWAAAAAAAAAAAH! Save me Kazuki! The panda suddenly turned brutal!」

That ain’t his business.

「Kaguya-senpai is a panda, Mio is a cat, Koyuki is a rabbit, and Lotte is a dog.」

「Fufufu, what’s with that. ……And Hikaru?」

「The new human species, or something……」

「Eh, what does that mean……」

Kazuki was talking about the Witch’s Mansion while arriving at a zoo together with Akane-senpai.

‘I’m not disliked……’ With such strong will Kazuki gently linked his arm with Akane-senpai’s arm. When his arm was linked with hers, Akane-senpai’s face reddened innocently while her body leaned against his.

She was a person that gave the first impression of a cool and attractive adult, but now she was showing him her plain, honest face.

The feel of an adult onee-san turning lovestruck without hesitation was something fresh that the other girls didn’t have.

……Although everyone was obviously different, so feeling freshness like this from keeping various girls company everyday, it was something luxurious even if he said so himself.

「Kazuki, your appearance is surprisingly adult-like. ……I wonder if I’m looking childish.」

Kazuki was looking like an adult was because he followed Mio’s advice and arranged a more formal appearance so that he looked sincere. Kazuki himself was also pleased with his appearance.

Akane-senpai was wearing a camel colored coat that was attached with fluffy attachments. Legs wrapped with black stocking were peeking out from her skirt. In addition, quite a big muffler was rolled around her neck.

A surprising appearance──unexpectedly it didn’t feel so, but Akane-senpai was making excuses looking flabbergasted.

「U, usually there are only adults around me, so I have to match my appearance with them! That’s why, the recoil from that makes me want to wear things like this!」

「Hikaru-senpai told me that Akane-senpai likes cute things.」

When Kazuki blocked her excuse, Akane-senpai became even redder in a flash and she was hanging down her head until she looked like she was buried into her muffler.

「Senpai is cute.」

「Bullying and making fun of me, and then getting told that I’m cute while you are watching my reaction, that’s really troubling for me-!」

「Senpai is cute like a floaty and fluffy animal.」

「Ge, geez! ……A man who can toy with me like this is only you.」

He was advised from Hikaru that she would be happy to be treated like this.

While they were walking inside the zoo, suddenly Akane-senpai stopped walking.


Senpai was looking at a spot and came to a standstill. When Kazuki followed the direction of her gaze──there was a terribly handsome large bird there. Its head was unshapely huge that it looked comical, with a sharp gaze that was mismatched with its appearance. And then its unmoving state and fixed glare caused strange tension to hang in the air.

It was a shoebill. The gaze of Akane-senpai and the shoebill crossed and they stared at each other.

「Wha, what’s this animal, it’s cute……♡」

Akane-senpai leaked out such a voice while her face broke open into a smile with her heart throbbing hard.

「Tha, that’s cute? If I have to say it’s a bird that is like a surreal gag though.」

「The surrealism is what makes it cute. Waa, this kind of bird is amazing. This is the first time I’ve seen it. Just being able to meet this child makes it worth it coming here!!」

「I think that it’s a relatively famous bird though……」

No sooner than when Kazuki said that, Akane-senpai looked to another direction and again she raised her voice 「Ah!」 before rushing that way with rushed footsteps. And then she stayed unmoving in front of that animal.

This time it was an alpaca. The alpaca was also directing a peculiar look at Akane-senpai, looking somewhat troubled. The two sides were staring still at each other.

「Thi, this is also cute……it’s the first time……」

「For some reason I get the feeling that senpai’s interest is swallowing your reasoning……」

Next Akane-senpai reacted to a pack of orangutans.

「They are cute like Kanon.」

She nonchalantly said something nasty, or rather something cruel.


「Fufuh, I’m kidding.」

Akane-senpai too was a person that relatively joked around. However she only said jokes that didn’t sound like jokes, that would make him go 「eh」 for a moment in bewilderment.

「Nevertheless even though their appearance is this similar to humans but they are totally naked, this is almost a porno isn’t it?」


Kazuki received a shock from that opinion.

「Aa, I had fun. It’s because I don’t really get invited to this kind of place.」

「Senpai somehow has an intellectual image, so others will feel awkward inviting you to this kind of place.」

「But I won’t be able to relax if I do something like brainstorming or discussion on holidays too……. Even though I also want to go play, everyone won’t invite me to go playing.」

Akane-senpai made a gesture of massaging her own shoulder.

In the first place there was almost no one in the same generation as Akane-senpai that could have an intellectual talk with her equally. Even he didn’t have the confidence to do that.

……Having said that, even if she plunged into the world of adults in one bound, there was no way she would be able to behave as the life-sized herself.

No wonder that she felt ill at ease with stiff shoulders.

「Hikaru was also like that. That girl, she is a child that is cheerful at her core right? And yet for a long time she was behaving like she was gauging her distance from me.」

Perhaps it was because of that. Hikaru gave him an advice that told him 『just keep pushing at her』.

「I heard from Hikaru-senpai that Akane-senpai actually likes to get toyed with.」

「……Geez, that girl!」

After raising her voice like that, she leaked out a chuckle 「……fufufu-」. She looked happy.

After finishing their lunch, they were drinking after meal tea while chatting with each other.

「……Come to think of it, how is that girl?」

「What do you mean how?」

The girl that Akane-senpai meant must be Hikaru considering the flow of their talk.

「That’s……I mean how is she in her relationship with you, Kazuki. After all, she isn’t a girl that is like a girl, like Kaguya, or that girl Mio-chan……」

「That’s not true senpai. She is completely freed from the curse that made her a prince. Right now she is completely……」

After Kazuki talked until that point, he fell into his thought.

「Right now she is completely?」

「…………A crazy high tensioned girl who calls herself using ‘boku’?」

「Just what is going on with that girl!?」

「To describe her in a few words, she has completely turned into a hard to describe outrageous lecher but, she is a really cute girl in her own way.」

「I really cannot imagine it at all……. But, surely it’s a good thing for her. Because when she was called a prince, her real self didn’t come out to the surface at all. A Girl’s school is really sinful.」

「You both are worried for each other about similar things.」

「……Fufuh. You too, and also that girl, both of you are really cheeky.」

Akane-senpai looked like she was having fun like a child. It could be said that the date was a huge success thanks to Hikaru.

Kazuki thought that something like a senior and junior was nice.

……In the academy that was undergoing drastic changes, he wondered what kind of junior he would get next year.

「How is Akane-senpai doing in your workplace?」

「……It’s completely no good. As I thought, I still don’t understand at all what I can do there.」

Akane-senpai together with Roshoukou were promoted as the secretaries of Minister of Defense Yamagata.

It was an incomprehensible level that went beyond exceptional. The two of them were made to compete with each other from now on as candidates to be the next minister of defense while being polished like the apples of one’s eye.

So to speak, it was the ultimate elite course for the JSDF course. It was a path that was continuing to be above the clouds.

「Minister Yamagata seems like he would approach you too you know?」

「……Even if senpai told me that, I don’t really know.」

Certainly it was an amazing path, but he was still unable to make up his mind to advance on that field.

「It’s you who had managed to pull off something completely amazing. You are much more amazing than someone like me.」

「That’s nothing but pressure for me so please stop it, minister Akane.」

「You try become a rival that competes with Shouko-san. She is scary, that woman. Aa……by the way there is also the case of Minister Yamagata’s adopted child, he got senselessly talked behind his back from the surroundings that called him lolicon.」

That stood to reason.

Part 2[edit]

When Kazuki went back home, Hikaru-senpai was laying limp on the sofa of the Witch’s Mansion’s living room using Lotte as the replacement of a stuffed doll. Lotte was constantly emitting healing factor, so when any residence in the Witch’s Mansion was tired, they would hug Lotte the first thing.

「Hikaru, did you get too high spirited again?」

Since they became unable to reinforce physical ability using magic power, if they were doing activities at the the same pace like in the past, a lot of the time they would become dead tired in the evening.

If it was someone like Hikaru who was constantly in high tension meaninglessly then it was all the more so.

「Did you do lewd things with Akane-senpai? How is Akane-senpai at that kind of time?」

Hikaru was laying down on the sofa while turning only her face to ask him.

「It’s a secret.」


Hikaru laughed like a lecherous uncle again.

「Hikaru has transcended things like being boyish or feminine, there is already no other way to call you other than Hikaru, huh.」

「You hate me that is like that?」

「I love you.」

「Hehehe, then it doesn’t matter─」 She said happily with a laugh.

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