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Chapter 2 - The Witch's House[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The number of people that newly obtained an enigma was a constant number of 144 each year.

Although there were a few girls that avoided the obligation to enter the school, basically everyone would be completely gathered here from within the country in order to become a freshman in the Magic Division. This was the obligation of the people who obtained an enigma.

In the Magic Division, these 144 people would be placed in the same school year and divided into three classes with a total of 38 people per class.[1]

After the entrance ceremony, the results of the class placement was revealed. Kazuki was assigned to the 1st year 2nd Class.

The classroom seating arrangement was based according to the gojūon’s[2] sequence attendance number, the eighth row’s <Hayashizaki> Kazuki’s seat was directly in the middle of the classroom.

Just when he sat down onto the seat, Kazuki was overwhelmed by the focused gazes and whispers from all directions.

Gazes of curiosity, vigilance and exclusion——And other various feelings suddenly emerged towards Kazuki.

However, because there was already nowhere for him to escape, there was no better method but to face it indifferently.

“Good morning, you group of trash! Nice to meet you!”

At the same time an arrogant voice sounded out, the classroom door opened with a powerful momentum. A blonde girl appeared.

Kazuki could not believe his own eyes, and everybody in the class was in an uproar.

What entered was a girl, with a height of around 140 cm, in a suit. In comparison to the image of the word <Female Teacher>, she had a small size body like a mini dachshund.

That face. No matter who, they would feel that she was only an elementary student. However, just like a prank, that child swiftly walked up in front of the blackboard, passed it and sat on the special seat of a teacher.

The sharp pupils that looked around the inside of the room were green. Her legs were also extremely slender.

“…WAHH, so cute!”

“Just like a doll!”

Inside the classroom, overexcited voices echoed everywhere.

“Hey, who was the one that just said cute!? Stand up for me!!”

She, *ban,ban,ban*[3], hit the podium. With a clear and sharp voice, she issued out a roar.

“…My name is Liz Liza Westwood. I was born in the birthplace of Magic, England. Listen up! I am here to make you trashes become independent knights. You should be honored!”

Was this person really the class teacher…No, perhaps a person, who is able to serve as a teacher in the Knights Academy, could not be judged from their appearance.

“Although I may look more or less young, but this is due to a certain accident, as a result my growth has been slowed down. Although I have already retired, but I still have the appropriate practical experience. Don’t take on an attitude of looking down on me. Anyways, this class…Che, what a troublesome class”

Liz Liza-sensei violently smacked her lips and her gaze stayed on Kazuki.

“Before things become troublesome, I should properly say it to all of you. That is an existence that is not worthy of your attention. More than so, he is completely an <E-Rank> trash. We, the teaching staff, have no expectations towards that guy. Don’t be mistaken.”

After hearing that the male student, who was the focus of attention, was an E-Rank, the classroom suddenly became even noisier.

That phrase was filled with provocative intent, it made Kazuki feel displeased and he could not help but refute against that tiny teacher.

“I did not misunderstand anything…And, I do not plan on remaining at E-Rank.”

The so-called E-Rank was the results of the exams before entering the school.

The freshmen of Magic Division are asked to test the amount of Magic Power they had as well as an actual test on normal Magic.

The Normal Magic that manipulates your own Magic Power was divided into 5 systems: <Psychokinetic Magic>,<Pyrokinesis Magic>, <Physical Enhancement Magic>, <Perceptibility Enhancement Magic> and <Telepathic Magic>.

However, Kazuki, who was always aiming to be a swordsman, had only trained the Physical Enhancement Magic and Perceptibility Enhancement Magic. On the contrary, he was surrounded by elites, who were born with extensive Magic Power and were aiming to be a Stigma Magic User.

Thus, Kazuki had gotten E-Rank, the worst grade.

“A good answer. It seems that he, himself, understands his own situation clearly. The rest of you should also not cry out in excitement because there is a special person, a male…Although saying that, do not bully him. Because all of you are still not independent enough. There is no spare time to underestimate others. Everyone should focus on their goal of improving themselves!”

Although her tone was poor, it seems like she was a person who did not want Kazuki to be made a fool of.

“…Also, in our class, aside from the only E-Rank in the grade, the only two A-Rank in the grade are also present. Are they throwing the top-level students and the last-place student to this competent teacher? Che, this is really the worst class.”

“Yes! I am the A-Rank Amasaki Mio!”

The student, who was number one in the attendance number, suddenly stood up and with a crashing sound.

Although Kazuki could only see the back from his seat, but he could see the honey-colored twintails fluttering and shaking around.

“As the daughter from the noble magician family, the Amasaki household, I have the goal of becoming the strongest Magic User——That is, the Student Council President! I will not lose to anyone! Everybody, please take care of me!”

“…I did not let you introduce yourself. Sit down, you self-centered trash!”

After Liz Liza-sensei finished saying this in amazement, Mio sat down obediently.

A-Rank. This phrase made the classroom become noisy again.

"There are only two A-Ranks in the grade, yet both of them are actually in this class, how amazing!”

“Who is the other A-Rank?”

“Sensei, which one is the other A-Rank?”

Just when a student, who courageously raised her hand to ask, appeared, a sigh came from behind Kazuki.

“…Nonsense. The results of the rank before forming a contract with a Diva, there is no meaning to it.”

Liz Liza-sensei nodded towards the rear of Kazuki.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 055.jpg

“It’s the other A-Rank, Hiakari Koyuki, right? Yes, it is just like what Hiakari said.”

Kazuki turned around and looked. He could only see an otherworldly girl there.

The impression that she gave off was the color white ——or rather, silver white. Her silver-colored hair sparkled. The color of her skin was also white as snow.

Long ears extended from both side of her expressionless face…It was an extremely beautiful <Elf>!

The so-called Elf, it is a human whose state of existence had been distorted due to the effects of the Magic they had within themselves.

That posture was beautiful, just like a fantasy. It gave off an impression that the inhabitants of myths had already been brought here in real time.

Because they hold a far greater Magic Power than average females, it was said that many could communicate with spirits. Although there were still many aspects of the ecology of elves that were not understood compared to the Magical Beast…

Due to this special trait, within these 15 years, elves were the object of prejudice and discrimination.

The gazes that were thrown over to this side earlier, perhaps it included the gazes towards the child behind him.

“Is there something on my body, E-Rank? Am I such a rare thing?”

The monotone voice was scolding Kazuki’s gaze. Looks like he had stared at her for a long period of time…If that’s the case, he could also not blame the surrounding girls that had constantly been looking at him.

“Sorry…Iya, because I felt that you were so beautiful. In the places such as the hair…”

In order to prevent her from misunderstanding that he was treating her as an exotic animal, he accidentally blurted out the embarrassing truth. In fact, the amount of time he watched her fascinated should be fairly long.

“I’m beautiful? …You are treating me as a monster, right?”

Koyuki felt that it was inconceivable and tilted her head. Because of this action, her silver-colored hair brushed against each other and sparkled.

“Saying such insincere words to conceal your attitude, it is really disgusting.”

…Why would you think like that? Is it because you are an elf?

Kazuki generated feelings close to anger and could not help but raise his voice.

“I did not say any insincere words! I really think that you are beautiful!”

Koyuki’s expression changed for the first time. Her eyes widened. She held her breath and whispered.

“…Anyways, it would be better if you turn your head to the front.”

After issuing an idiotic “Eh?” sound, Kazuki finally remembered the time and location.

“Hey, E-Rank trash, trying to flirt with girls when I’m talking. Are you kidding?”

For a while, the eyes of all the people in the classroom was focused on Kazuki. Liz Liza-sensei was angry to the extent that her veins were twitching.

“S, sorry…” Kazuki lowered his shoulders and hurriedly turned his head back to the front.

Kazuki hated discrimination. He could not help but lose his cool. As expected, his training was far from enough.

“…Strange guy.” Muttering sounds from behind clearly came over.

“I seem to have some misunderstanding about your gaze. But I…Towards a person, who could praise others as beautiful face-to-face, I…also don’t know how to respond. So please do not stare at me.”

Liz Liza-sensei adjusted her state and continued to speak.

“Just as Hiakari had said, the current ranks do not have much meaning. Your ranks would constantly change during your school life. And, compared to Summoning Magic, Normal Magic is useless. After your Enigma has turned into a Stigma, your struggle will officially begin.”

Compared to the Summoning Magic that requires a lot of time and concentration, Normal Magic that uses your own Magic Power lacked destructive power.

Thus, the only Normal Magic that could be used in combat were the defensive Magic that reflexively protected your body and the supportive Physical Enhancement Magic.

Typically, the Normal Magic such as Psychokinesis Magic were used for <Alchemy> to reconstruct the items from the <Roots of the Particles>. It was used to make everyday life more convenient.

To us, what was more important was the Summoning Magic that was more suitable for combat. This would depend on the future.

——For me, goals, the use of power, these kind of things did not exist.

However, remaining at the obsolete E-Rank is not acceptable.

A Contract with a Diva. I was slightly looking forward to it.

“Having said that, contracting with a Diva is based on the class order, so while we are waiting, let us have a self-introduction. Then, let’s begin from the seating number #1…Although I want to say that, but since Amasaki has already introduced herself, let’s forget it.”

“P, Please wait! I only said so little content, it is not enough for everybody to understand!”

“Your character features has already been adequately communicated to everybody, Amasaki-san from the noble magician family.”

After hearing Liz Liza-sensei’s sarcasm, the classroom burst into laughter, but Mio ignored all of this and stood up.

Her large eyes sparkled and following her turning movements, her two ponytails drew an arc.

The instant she turned around ——It made everybody have the feeling that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

“I am the future Student Council President, Amasaki Mio! My hobbies are drawing, writing poems and also knitting! My specialty is of course, Magic!” The loud voice was active again.

Mio, who looked around the classroom, met eyes with Kazuki’s and those large eyes suddenly widened.

Then, her expression suddenly brightened up and she, *pata,pata*[4] waved. It was as if she was reunited with someone important and her cheeks had also turned as red as an apple.

…Is she waving towards me? Kazuki was at a loss and looked behind to confirm the situation.

It could be that she was waving in response to someone behind me.

However, behind Kazuki, only an expressionless Koyuki was there.

Kazuki was confused and once again turned back to the front. He watched Mio’s symmetrical face turn unsightly and with an unhappy voice, she said “That’s all I have to say!” and, *dosun*[5] ,sat back onto her seat.

…What had just happened? Being mistaken about the person…and the like, this kind of situation should be impossible.

——Afterwards, the self-introduction also smoothly moved forward.

Because Mio had said her hobbies and specialty, the classmates all copied that format and introduced themselves.

Gradually, the atmosphere became relaxed. Conversations were produced towards hobbies, “I also like that! Let us be friendly with each other!” and towards the specialty “Amazing!”.

It was the active atmosphere of a female high school. Then, it was finally Kazuki’s turn.

“I am Hayashizaki Kazuki. Although I am an E-Rank, but I will work hard! My hobbies are training, washing clothes and cooking.”

Sounds of laughter echoed from within the classroom. Having a hobby such as washing clothes and cooking seemed to be very surprising.

His specialty was, what? Because aside from saying his <Specialty was sword skills.>, he could not think of any other words, so he said it just like this.

“Even though he is in Magic Division…yet he said sword skills.”

The instant Kazuki said this phrase out, the classroom had become a cynical atmosphere immediately.

“What is that, just like an idiot.”

The person who said this without hiding it ——was the earlier Amasaki Mio.

“What about sword skills, there is no value in it in the Magic Division. In the traditional Ancient Style Sword Skill Family there was a male, who had the goal of becoming a swordsman, yet obtained an enigma…Although I have heard this kind of news, but haven’t you already entered the Magic Division? Even though you will become a Stigma Magic User, do you still have lingering feelings towards the sword skills? Although you are an E-Rank and the last place, but you know sword skills, how unsightly!”

After hearing the phrase <Lingering Feelings towards Sword Skills>, Kazuki felt that his chest was brutally stabbed.

…No, even so, <Sword Skills have no value> this phrase was also too much!

“Hayashizaki. In the Magic Division, the moment Sword Skills or the like are said, there will be no one that would give you a good look. This is the place where Magic elites gather. Not only do they hold a sense of rivalry, most of the people look down upon Sword Skills. Perhaps you feel that it is impossible to accept, but this is that kind of place. There is no helping it. Tell this to yourself. Sit down.”

When Kazuki wanted to retort, Liz Liza-sensei preemptively put an end to it.

…What is this? While his thoughts were left inside his heart, Kazuki returned to his seat.

Mio stared at Kazuki without looking away. After her eyes met with his, she immediately pulled a long face and turned to the front again.

…Indeed, the Summoning Magic he saw at the entrance ceremony was very amazing.

But, in order to activate that large Magic, the amount of time required to chant was long. If you are on the battlefield, it made one feel that it was fatal.

If that’s the case…Even Sword Skills could have a bout with it, right?

He did not know about the other Sword Skills, but if it was the Hayashizaki-Ryuu that he and Kanae were taught by his adoptive father…

“Compared to the me that has a greater amount of magic power only because I am female, I feel that the Sword Skills that were honed through efforts are more worthy of respect.”

After hearing this sentence that seemed to be encouraging him, Kazuki was surprised and looked behind. He noticed that Koyuki had stood up.

“…Your circumstances do not matter to me. ——I am Hiakari Koyuki. No hobbies and specialty. Finish.”

After hearing the A-Rank’s overly cold self-introduction, the classroom began to become noisy again.

Kazuki stared at her in astonishment. Koyuki, who sat down again, showed a bit of emotions and frowned.

“So I said, please turn your head away. Do not look over here.”

Part 2[edit]

After the self-introduction was over, Liz Liza-sensei brought the students outside of the school building.

Beside the school building, there was a sports ground surrounded by verdure. The signing of the contract ritual with the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons was currently being carried out on the sports ground.

——Right now in Japan, forming a contract with a Diva outside of Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons was not accepted.

If they were to form a contract with another Diva, they would be treated as an Illegal Magic User and be pursued by the Knights.

It was a crime. Because among the Divas, there were some that hold malice towards humans. Through giving power to lure humans, they would erode the human’s mind and seize their human body.

15 years ago, when Magic had just appeared in the world, an incident occurred where humans that were controlled by Divas destroyed Tokyo. In front of the Illegal Magic Users where Normal Magic and Weapons were no match for them, the ones to lend a helping hand to Japan, who was forced into a dire situation for the first time, were the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons.

Through the efforts of the <Original Knights> that formed a contract with the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon, the Illegal Magic Users were suppressed.

Because of this story, Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons became the only partner that could be trusted.

Within their hearts, the freshmen that were awarded an enigma were filled with expectations about which Demon of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon they would form a contract with and challenged the contract ritual.

This was the first important matter after the entrance ceremony.

“In the end, what kind of Diva would I form a contract with? Once I thought up to here, my heart is so excited as if I was drawing lots.”

On the road leading to the sports ground, Kazuki attempted to talk with Koyuki.

It seems like she was the only one who would not treat him with any prejudice.

“It does not matter which one for me. No matter which one it is, it is still the same.”

“Still the same? How is that possible!”

The voice that suddenly interrupted from behind Kazuki and Koyuki was——Mio.

“In the 72 Pillars, there are still various different types. There is one that looks like a fish[6] and there is also one that looks like a starfish[7]. Isn’t it a lot better to find one that looks more beautiful than them!”

“Appearances…that is the most useless thing in the world.”

Koyuki probably had her mood destroyed by this topic and quickly sped up and walked away.

“What a cold person”, Mio, who was left behind pursed her lips.

She probably hated the topic of appearances. Even though that person was obviously so beautiful.

“Forget it…The E-Rank classmate, who is still lingering about sword skills, should try hard to find a suitable Diva! For example, a Diva that looks like a cockroach, a Diva that looks like a millipede, or perhaps a Diva that looks like a mushroom,etc."

Mio threw a spiteful gaze towards Kazuki and started to make fun of him.

“…I think that within the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon, there are no such Divas.”

“Speaking of which, it is possible that you could not even turn your enigma into a stigma!”

Mio, who was speaking like this, seemed to be showing a childish angered expression towards Kazuki.

…It feels that this person’s quarreling method wasn’t average.

“Hey, during the self-introduction, you were waving to me, right?”

After hearing Kazuki taking the initiative to ask this topic, Mio’s eyes “!” widened.

“Where have we met?”

“Baka!” After Kazuki asked this question, he immediately received a bitter reply.

Afterwards, Mio seemed to reveal an expression pent up with anger and walked briskly away without turning back.

…Was she mad? As expected, he must have met her some place before.

However, even when he think back to elementary and middle school period, he still had no impression of the name, Amasaki.

The orphanage where he had stayed before ——Inside the children caring organization <Nanohana Institution>, there were basically only children that were smaller than him, so first, that can’t be right…

“But that attitude isn’t an attitude towards a person she does not know…”

However, even if he asked again, he would only pointlessly make her mad, so Kazuki felt troubled again.

“All of the freshmen, we meet again! I am Otonashi Kaguya.”

On the sports ground, Kaguya-senpai was currently waiting for our arrival. She was wearing a robe similar to the one during the entrance ceremony.

“The contract ritual will be performed under the assistance of the Student Council President.”

After lining up the students based on their attendance arrangement, Liz Liza-sensei began explaining the ritual.

“Listen up, Summoning Magic is divided into four steps <AccessConnecting with Astrum>, <OrderInviting the Phenomenon>, <TargetingAppointing the Coordinates> and <CastActivation>. Diving into the deep psychological world, heading towards the destination pass the Heart of Doors and speaking with a Diva. After learning the simplified <Spell> for these four steps of Summoning Magic, the contract is formed…In other words, you will officially become a Stigma Magic User.”

Finally becoming a Stigma Magic User——After hearing Liz Liza-sensei’s words, the students suddenly became excited.

“However, rather than being a ritual, it is more like a trial. Although it is the initial hurdle, connecting with Astrum is not so simple. You will have to let your consciousness dive down to the depths of your heart and within the darkness inside the Astrum, capture the Diva’s figure and voice, it requires a very keen Perceptibility Enhancement Magic. Incidentally, the number of successful people in Class 1 was zero.”

In order to make the students, who became impulsive, tense up, Liz Liza-sensei said this.

Kaguya-senpai was the first to let a slight smile to ease the student’s tension.

“I will be responsible as the instructor to guide your initial path towards Astrum as well as prevent accidents from occurring. Although using Telepathic Magic could help guide you to the path towards Astrum, but aside from that, there is little that could be done. However, there is no need to force yourself to succeed on your first try, so please relax a bit.”

“So then, attendance number 1——Amasaki Mio! Come up to the front!”

“Yes!” After issuing a slightly nervous tone, Mio walked up to the front of the queue.

“First, close your eyes and allow your consciousness and unconsciousness to merge together (Trance).”

After obeying Kaguya-senpai’s instructions, Mio closed her eyes. From her body’s surface, a faint blue light emerged.

The so-called Trance was to allow your mind to enter a highly concentrated state through Perceptibility Enhancement Magic.

“Then I will use Telepathic Magic to synchronize with your mind. Although the actual mind guiding path may seem more abstract than what you imagine, but if two people synchronize their minds, the fluctuations inside my heart would turn into wavelengths and be sent to you. You will also need to match it and allow your consciousness to move.”

Kaguya-senpai’s body also emitted a blue light. The blue light seemed to be a bridge and flowed inside Mio’s body.

The two of them closed their eyes and did not move. Only the blue light that seemed to be the light on the surface of the water was shaking. Although it was not apparent from the side, the two human consciousness have departed towards an alternative world

——After a few minutes, the two of them opened their eyes.

Mio’s pupil inside her gaze seemed to be inside a dream still and was absentminded. However, she slowly opened her mouth as if she was a priestess who received a divine revelation and began to weave a spell.

“I know thy name…Thy name is <Phenex>[8]…A poet and a Magician!”

“Could it be…she succeeded in one attempt!?” Liz Liza-sensei said in a surprised voice.

Sounds of cheers spread across the sports ground, then the girl with the top results——

“The poetic bird that uses sweet words to play with the truth, obey my command and display thy power!”

The chanting of the spell ended remarkably. At the same time, orange color lights that were just like flames were released. Within the light, her school uniform was decomposed. The <Consciousness of the Diva> flowed into the uniform that was made through alchemical silk, reconstructed its root particles, and cleverly dressed the contractor in an appearance <Worthy of being Majestic>.

This was the battle outfit that only people who are selected could obtain from the Divas——Magical Dress.

Behind Mio, a shadow of a large firebird emerged. Wrapped in the curtains of the orange lights, Mio revealed——the appearance after changing into the Magical Dress.

From the place where the skin was exposed, a crimson pattern emerged——Stigma.

Having the same graceful curves as a dress for a party, it was a somewhat mysterious and beautiful posture.

Mio’s fuzzy eyes regained the colors of reality and repeatedly blinked several times.

“…I know! The spell is appearing inside my mind!! Inviting the Phenomenon, Appointing the Coordinates and Activation all…I can immediately activate the Level 1 Summoning Magic!!”

“It’s fine if you do not do up to this point! The person who just dove into Astrum for a long time should not be reckless!!”

After Liz Liza-sensei hurried up to stop it, Mio cut off her mind connection with Astrum.

Phenex’s illusion turned into light particles and disappeared. Her Magical Dress also turned back into the school uniform.

“It is just like after swimming in the pool. Although you may not feel it, you are actually very tired. There is no need to rush. Since the spell has already been taught, then it has already connected into a hotline. You will be able to enter a connected state more easily from now on…Congratulations for your successful contract!”

Kaguya-senpai revealed a smile and applauded. The classmates also began to applaud.

After Mio heard the sounds of the applause sent to her, she happily looked around. Once her eyes met with Kazuki’s, she could not help but reveal an overwhelmingly happy expression and stretched out her hand to make a V gesture.

Kazuki, who was clapping his hands, did not know how to respond. Thus, Mio was suddenly filled with unhappiness and returned back to the queue.

“Attendance Number 14, Hayashizaki Kazuki, come up to the front!”

——Then it was finally Kazuki’s turn. None of the people after Mio had succeeded.

“We meet again, Kanae-chan’s otouto-kun!”

After Kazuki step up from the queue, Kaguya-senpai let out a delightful laugh.

“…I’m extremely sorry for this morning, I made you see the embarrassing places within the school all of a sudden.”

Kaguya-senpai seems to think that it was her own responsibility and lowered her shoulders in sorrow.

“I think that the person who was most correct at the scene was you, senpai.”

“If you are able to say this, it really makes me feel pleased. Although I had once appealed for the Magic Division and the Sword Division to become more friendly and get along together, everybody did not listen to my words…In the end, without knowing it, my support rate has gradually decreased. The trust in Otonashi, the Student Council President, is already in a major crisis…But I believe that if I do not work hard to let the Sword and Magic make up for each others' shortcomings, it is impossible for them to draw out their true power!”

Kaguya-senpai clenched her fists and passionately made a speech.

“…I believe that senpai’s thinking is correct.”

“You agree with my views, otouto-kun? You will help me, who is alone!?”

“Because I was also once a swordsman before! If there is anything I can help, anything is fine!”


Kaguya-senpai’s eyes became moist and held onto Kazuki’s hands tightly.

“Thank you, comrade comrade! Although Kanae-chan’s dillydally type is very cute, but a straight-forward type like otouto-kun is also very cute. WAHHH, can I rub your head? I rub, I rub, your hair is very soft. Lovely, so lovely——. Otouto-kun, do you want to eat candy?”

“Are you an Oba-chan from Osaka!”

Kazuki unleashed a hand blade attack on Kaguya-senpai’s head, who had pulled out candies from the pockets of her robe, and complained.

“I was complained to”, Kaguya-senpai happily stuck out her tongue.

“…Hey, you two, quickly begin!”

Liz Liza-sensei’s roar rushed over and only then Kaguya-senpai began giving instructions to Kazuki.

“Then from now on, otouto-kun also needs to allow the ceremony where your consciousness and mine intimately synchronize with each other.”

Listening to her words, it felt like there was a subtle resistance. Kazuki also followed Kaguya-senpai’s instructions and closed his eyes. Using Magic to unify the minds and diving into the spiritual world——

What spread within his inner heart was an overwhelming and vast darkness. It was a place that gave off a feeling where a person would lose themselves.

However, on the surface of this darkness, slight ripples were spreading out. These were the ripples that were triggered by Kaguya-senpai’s consciousness.

“Follow me”, Kaguya-senpai’s voice rang out. As if he was drawing ripples, Kazuki followed along.

Continuously heading towards a deeper place within the darkness.

It was an image of the deep sea. The pitch-black color of the darkness slowly became more and more dark.

However, it was just like the seabed of the deep sea. It was a world where light cannot reach. If you used Perceptibility Enhancement Magic, then you would understand that the <Distant Past> and <Past Feelings> that you could not recall were currently sleeping here, just like it was accumulating layers. The so-called unconscious mind was this kind of world.

Just like how the deep sea’s water pressure was very high, inside the spiritual world, the color of the darkness would become darker as you dive further down to the depths, and your ego would become more blurred. If you maintained Perceptibility Enhancement Magic for a long time, you would even lose consciousness.

The feeling of resistance from the darkness was just like that of rushing forward against the wind.

Finally, after crossing a line——The world’s phase changed.

Kaguya-senpai’s consciousness that was leading, stopped. They had passed through the Heart of Door and arrived at Astrum.

Within the darkness in which was still very easy to lose consciousness, Kazuki searched for the presence of the Diva.

“…Ara, it feels like the atmosphere is very strange.”

Using Telepathic Magic to synchronize with Kazuki’s consciousness, Kaguya-senpai’s voice rang out in Astrum.

“——Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

A different voice than Kaguya-senpai rang out——It was a female voice. Is this the voice of a Diva…?

The darkness in front of him increased in viscosity and condensed. It seems that something lodging there exists.

“Do you have the resolve of being burdened by a power that can change the world?”

Kazuki could not identify its gesture. He did not have the power to identify it.

However, the voice that came over was clear. If that was the case, they should be able to converse and should be able to make a contract.

A power that can change the world——Was this something that could be obtained through a contract with this Diva, was it really such an enormous power?

To tell the truth, I am clueless about how I would use such tremendous power.

However, if I was the person that was <Chosen>, then I should respond to it.

Perhaps I am only a tiny human, but I will still stake my life and give it my all.

“…If it’s resolve, then I have it!”

After Kazuki replied like this, a powerful light flashed up in front of him.

——When he recovered, Kazuki’s consciousness had already returned back to the sports ground.

It felt strange. Inside his muddled mind, he was gradually confused.

Was the contract over? No, it did not tell him the spell.

And the appearance of the Diva was unclear till the end. In the end, what on earth was that?

Was it even possible to form a contract under the situation where he did not know who the other was?

At this moment, a white light suddenly illuminated in front of Kazuki.

At the same time, he felt his Magic was being sucked out from his spirit and was entering the light in front of him. Something…Something from another world was currently materializing!?

The next moment, a light that made everybody close their eyes burst out——

“A girl!?” Kaguya-senpai could not help but cry out.

The light turned into a young girl’s appearance.

A naked girl with brown skin was currently floating in front of Kazuki.

And, this was a <Complete Summon>. This girl was not an <Illusion> made fixed by Magic, but was a body with mass.

The girl that appeared within the air was gently floating and stared at Kazuki.

“Through a kiss, form a contract with Leme.”

The girl pulled Kazuki’s head with both hands and brought him in front of her.

Ignoring the confused Kazuki, *Chuuu*, she kissed him.

An intense heat moved from his mouth towards his left hand.

Hot! W,What is this…It changed!? The Enigma…became a Stigma!?

“Fufu, with this, the contract is complete.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 072.jpg

She smiled and the heat stopped. Kazuki timidly looked at his left hand to confirm it. What was there was not an Engima, but a star-shaped <Hexagram> Stigma.

The contract——was completed? But who was this person? Why was the summon casually activated?

Looking at the developments that was different from normal Divas, the sports arena suddenly began to stir.


After she fell down onto the ground, she incredulously looked at her own body.


She used her two hands to cover her body while crying out “Clothes——! Clothes!?”

With a subtly panicked mode, Kaguya-senpai took off her own robe and handed it to her.

The little girl expressed her thanks, “Oh,oh, thank you!” , and put it on nervously.

Kazuki casually stared at Kaguya-senpai and was suddenly shocked. After Kaguya-senpai removed her robe, what was beneath it was a highly revealing outfit. Although her entire body was covered with something similar to a black armor, but the surface area was extremely small. The contrast together with her white skin made it extremely stimulating.

“If you stare like this, I will become very embarrassed…!”

“S,Sorry. My gaze naturally just…That is, is that Asmodeus’s Magical Dress?”

The black colored outfit was releasing a faint purple light. That means Magic Power was flowing.

“In order to immediately deal with any unexpected issues during the contract ritual, I could not help but wear my Magical Dress! But, Asmodeus’s Magical Dress is loaded with an irritating design…Even though I was thinking of using a robe to hide it!”

A Magical Dress is created by revealing the Stigma’s form. For Asmodeus’s Stigma, there were many tiny parts that needed to be revealed on the body, thus, the exposure degree was that high.

Kazuki once again looked at his own body. Speaking of which, he did not get a Magical Dress.

Everything was in a mess.

“Liz Liza-sensei, what on earth just happened……!?”

It seems that Kaguya-senpai did not understand the situation and turned her head towards Liz Liza-sensei.

A Diva that obtained a physical body could use the powerful power of their own myths without any restrictions.

A legitimately unknown Diva materializing in front of their eyes was an extremely dangerous situation.

Originally, a Diva’s materialization should not be achieved without consuming a certain degree of Magic Power…

“…You are a different Diva than Solomon’s 72 Pillars. Who are you?”

Liz Liza-sensei used a completely different tone and carefully asked this Diva, who was out of the specifications.

“Leme is Leme. Aside from that…That, I don’t know. Ara? I can’t remember it.”

“A memory loss Diva? Then the next question, what kind of power do you hold? A Diva should normally hold 10 types of Inherent Magic.”

The symbol of a Diva is their 10 types of Inherent Magic. Through the contract, this becomes Summoning Magic.

“About that, the contract was indeed completely…Inherent Magic? Inherent Magic…There is no such thing. What is this power you are speaking of? Inside Leme’s body…There is no such power?”

“A,a powerless Diva!? How is that possible!?”

“…Wawaahh. Although I do not understand, but I am sleepy. Leme is going to sleep. Good night.”

Leme just lied down at that place, shortly after, snoring sounds began. She was really too free.

“…What on earth is with this fellow? This is plainly unbelievable…”

“About that, Liz Liza-sensei…Could it be that a contract was formed outside of the 72 Pillars of Diva?”

Kaguya-senpai revealed a terrified expression and asked Liz Liza-sensei.

“…We will discuss this matter at the staff meeting. First, let us send this fellow to the infirmary.”

Looking at the young girl who was sent to the infirmary, even Kazuki would lose his cool.

“P, Please wait a minute…It was you who changed my life!? At least explain to me why you gave me the Enigma! You are too irresponsible, aren’t you!?”

“I know thy name…Thy name is called <Vepar>[9] …The mermaid singer conveying icy cold thoughts, causing the entire world to be planted with tears of sadness.”

Releasing a light blue radiance, a fantasy-like illusion of a mermaid appeared above Koyuki, who was chanting the spell.

At the same time, her uniform became a tight white colored Magical Dress.

“With this, this is the 3rd person. The amount of people that succeeded in this class…”

Liz Liza-sensei let out an extremely surprised voice. Amasaki Mio, Hayashizaki Kazuki, then Hiakari Koyuki.

However for Kazuki, could he still be counted as one of the successful ones ——

Part 3[edit]

Following that, after eating lunch at the school cafeteria, a briefing session was held regarding the school’s living standards and education program. However, all of this did not enter Kazuki’s ears…The schedule for the first day of school was completely over.

The bell rang, signaling that the school day is over.

The students were all brought to the student dormitory——All of them were filled with expectations for their future days.

However, Kazuki was not permitted to join the ranks of fickle people.

“Regarding your improper contract with the Diva, a staff meeting is currently being held. Until the meeting is over, please wait at the infirmary.”, He received a notice from Liz Liza-sensei like this.

At the infirmary, under the Knight’s surveillance, Leme revealed an appearance consistent of a young girl, who was sleeping carefree.

The Magical Dress and the ten Summoning Magic were not given, it was a completely unknown Diva.

If this Leme was seen as a threat, then what would happen to him, who formed a contract with her. Maybe he would have his qualifications as a Magic Division Student cancelled.

…What a joke. I was already determined to fight at the Magic Division.

If there were any possibility sleeping within his body that was undiscovered, he wanted to find out about it at the Magic Division.

“Let’s start from the conclusion. You and Leme will temporarily be placed at the Magic Division to observe the situation.”

——The orange colored sun was beginning to shine in from the infirmary’s windows, Liz Liza-sensei and Kaguya-senpai, who seemed to be the witness of the ritual and participated in the meeting, entered the infirmary.

“Just because you are originally a swordsman, so they hate you, there is also an opinion of immediately removing the contract seal and rushing you to the Sword Division. However, the final conclusion was to be put under surveillance, so as expected it should be placed in the hands of the Magic Division.”

“Because there are many opposing opinions, Liz Liza-sensei said a lot for otouto-kun!”

“I only gave an objective opinion. The one who wanted to protect this trash was you.”

“It was not like that. Sensei also desperately protected him! How untruthful!”

“No, no, no, it was only you. Hayashizaki Kazuki, you should be thankful of this person.”

In other words, these two people protected me.

“…Thank you, you two, to do so much for a person like me.”

Because a relieved feeling surged through his entire body, Kazuki relaxed and bowed towards the two of them.

“You actually wanted to remain at the Magic Division so much, this is really surprising. However, not all the teachers believe in Leme. So you and that Diva will temporarily be placed as a surveillance target.

Being monitored and placed on probation at school. But even so, this was a very lenient treatment.

If it wasn’t done well, being treated as an Illegal Magic User——A criminal treatment would not be strange.

“In the end, the things that Leme had said were extremely suspicious. A so-called Diva should originally have huge magic power that is able to distort the world. It is impossible for a Diva with self-consciousness to have no abilities.”

Liz Liza-sensei moved her eyes to the side and coldly glared at Leme, who was currently sleeping on the bed.

…In other words, Leme was lying?

If Leme really had some kind of power, since she had already materialized, then she should be able to freely control that power…Even though Kazuki, who was the contractor, was not given any power.

“However, that fellow knew about the rule between the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demons and the Japanese government about <Giving and Receiving an Enigma>. And she followed that rule. So it is very difficult to imagine her being completely unrelated to the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon. If this matter was not dealt with well, it may cause the relationship between this country and the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon to worsen, then it will be a big trouble.”

The Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon follow a secret doctrine and will not speak much towards humans.

Although they lent their power to the Japanese government, it still seems like they are sitting at one side and observing this country.

If they feel that the country does not deserve this power, the possibility of them immediately stopping to assist this country existed.

…Although Leme was not a member of Solomon’s 72 Pillar of Demons, but she is not completely unrelated, is it?

“This is a very delicate judgment. If anything special occurs from your side, please immediately report to me. Remember this…The next question is regarding to where you should stay. You should remember that the school originally arranged for you to live at a room outside by yourself?”

The Magic Division’s student dormitory, it did not consider the possibility of a male living there. In other words, it was entirely a women’s dormitory.

“However, for a person who contracted a Diva with an unknown identity, it is not possible to let him live outside of the school. But, we cannot allow you to live in the Magic Division’s girl’s dormitory. Although there were also people who proposed the idea of shoving you into the Sword Division’s dormitory, but letting the swordsman to supervise you is a bit unsettling. Thus…”

“Otouto-kun, you are arranged to be admitted into the Magic Division Student Council’s private dormitory <Witch’s House>!”

Kaguya-senpai, *Pan Paka Paaan*[10], explained it in this fashion while extending her hands.

“Student Council’s, private dormitory…?”

“The Magic Division’s Student Council is different than the other students, they live in a special dormitory. The Student Council, which gathers the strongest students, allowing them to live together and form the strongest organization…Although these people are also female, but another point is that these people are most suitable to act as the supervisor.”

Liz Liza-sensei pointed at Kaguya-senpai and spoke.

“Be thankful of this person. Because of this person strongly proposed that if anything occurs, the Magic Division Student Council have the ability to respond to it, so that in the end, it came to the conclusion of surveillance. Even the director said these distasteful words like, 'is this something that a spoiled little girl like you can do?'”

“…I, I am not a spoiled little girl.” ——Kaguya-senpai’s expression inadvertently became gloomy.

But she immediately smiled again, her face revealed dimples.

“So that’s how it is, otouto-kun! We will be together! You must be very happy!”

“…Could it be that you harbor a wish of nurturing a boy who is younger than you?”

Liz Liza-sensei looked at Kaguya-senpai, who was extremely happy, with suspicious eyes.

“W, What are you saying, sensei!? Please do not speak this kind of gibberish, okay!? Really now…I did not feel that a boy younger than me was cute. I only wanted…to personally train a <Magic Swordsman> who could use both sword techniques and Summoning Magic!”

“Magic Swordsman…?”

“From today onwards, you are my first disciple! I will definitely train you into the strongest Magic Swordsman!”

Kaguya-senpai tightly held onto Kazuki’s hands, who was trembling after listening to her unexpected words.

“This here is the Witch’s House!”

While carrying Leme, who was sleeping, on his back, Kazuki was brought to this place.

It was a renaissance, western-styled mansion made with black wood surrounding the white-colored walls.

And its name did not match the fairytale-like atmosphere that makes one happy.

Opening the iron gates with a watermark pattern, and then opening the front——A completely different world appeared.

A dazzling mahogany and rouge-colored world appeared.

Although it was not glamorous, but the interiors were extremely refined. Also, there were varieties of furniture that were the same as a high-class hotel.

On the ceiling were a few majestic chandeliers…Can I really live in this place?

“The area is very big, right? It was created based on the form of renting the rooms, there are many rooms on the second floor, the first floor is a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. Although the first year Student Council trainees are primarily responsible for the household chores…”

Kaguya-senpai’s words suddenly became quite vague, but instead, Kazuki felt quite welcomed by this kind of arrangement.

“No problem, I am already accustomed to doing housework. In fact, I rather like doing them.”

“Really? That’s great! Then let us immediately arrange a room for you…”

“…Kazuki.” The originally asleep Leme suddenly opened her eyes and jumped off Kazuki’s back.

“…Where’s the bathroom? Leme is, currently, extremely urgent!”

Leme’s body was trembling. This Diva, it was extremely hard to make her wake up, but the result was this kind of thing…!

Kaguya-senpai hurriedly held onto Leme’s tiny hands.

“I will bring this child to the bathroom, go and pick a room that you like on the second floor, otouto-kun!”

“Can I randomly pick!?”

“You cannot enter the rooms with a sign! Those are our rooms!”

After finishing that sentence to Kazuki, who was in a daze and standing at the spot, Kaguya-senpai brought Leme to the bathroom.

Although a follow-up was not possible, but waiting here felt quite embarrassing.

At the center of the entrance hall, there was a spiral staircase. Kazuki could not help but stroke the smooth, metal handrail and moved up to the second floor.

The second floor occupied very little space. There was a small lounge with a sofa. From that point on, a corridor that extends to the left and right with rooms organized in a row.

Kazuki opened the room nearest to him without a sign.

“…Eh? E-Rank?”

What entered his eyes was ——a currently changing Amasaki Mio, who was only wearing her underwear.

A beautifully shaped body, it caused one to have an illusion of a display of a goddess sculpture.

However, the difference between the sculpture was obvious, you could notice the smooth and soft skin texture in a single glance.


“Sorry! It was not on purpose!!”

Kazuki immediately rushed out of the room and closed the door with his hands clasped behind his back.

Why!? Kazuki’s head was filled with question marks as he stood at the corridor…

“…I thought I heard a strange voic……Why is the E-Rank here?”

From behind, a cold voice came. Looking back, he could only see Hiakari Koyuki standing there.

“…W, What are you wearing!?”

“This is casual wear for indoors, is there any problem?”

She was dressed in an outfit where a baggy shirt was placed over her underwear. His gaze could not be helped but be captivated by the smooth and pure-white legs that extended from the hem of the shirt.

“…Didn’t I say it before, please do not look at me like this.”

Kazuki hurriedly moved his gaze away from Koyuki, who muttered as if she did not care.

Stimulating scenes appearing one by one had caused his mind to panic.

“…Wait! Why is that sword idiot E-Rank here!”

After putting on a t-shirt and a skirt, Mio shouted as she rushed out of her room.

“If I have to say why, then although I cannot explain it in detail, but I was brought over here…Amasaki, why are you here?”

“You ask me why, of course it is because I am A-Rank. Hmmph, I am A-Rank!”

“So that’s how it is, I don’t understand.”

“Understand it thoroughly! A first-year student with outstanding grades becomes a Student Council trainee, entering the Witch’s House and learning from the senpais is part of the tradition here.”

“I see, since you explained so precisely, I also understand.”

Speaking of which, what senpai had just said also represents that there are other first year Student Council trainees here.

“In other words, the ones here are the elite of the elite, only ones with A-Rank!…But why would the E-Rank break into here? This place is not a place where a sword idiot like you should stay! A, And you just saw me naked, right!?”

“That was unavoidable! I was also called here by Kaguya-senpai…”

“Are you guys arguing? What happened?”

Issuing *patapata* footstep sounds, Kaguya came up the stairs.

“Ah, could it be that the other first year students also came? So that’s what it is! Because the staff meeting took too long, so the senseis showed the way! Could it be that you ran into each other?”

In other words, Kaguya-senpai thought that the other first year students have not arrived yet, so she immediately said casual words such as opening any room as long as it is not someone’s room.

“Student Council President, what on earth is with the E-Rank!?”

“This child is my disciple number one. This Magic Swordsman will be trained by me!”

“S, Student Council President’s first disciple!? Magic Swordsman, what is this! Why…Compared to me, who is an A-Rank, why would a peeping man from the Hayashizaki Family, who is only skilled in sword skill, enjoy such a special treatment!?”

“Eh eh, otouto-kun peeked? This is a crime! Yellow card, suspended from school!”

“…You peeked? That…E-Rank, I was wrong about you.”

Kazuki was surrounded by three girls. Just when an interrogative atmosphere was about to begin.

“Hey hey. Where is the place to wash my hands? The person who said would guide me, guide me until the very end!”

From the bottom of the stairs, Leme’s voice suddenly came.

“That voice…Could it be the strange Diva that you contracted with? Why is it here?”

Seeing that Mio muttered suspiciously, Kaguya-senpai revealed a slight smile.

“Although a boy might be a little…Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun and his contracted Diva, Leme-chan, the two of them will be companions, who are going to live here! You should be friendly with each other.”

Part 4[edit]

In order to let everybody meet each other, the residents of Witch’s House gathered together at the living room on the first floor.

Kazuki, Mio, Koyuki, Kaguya-senpai and Leme, the five of them sat on the chairs around the table.

“The vice president is currently out performing a quest, so let’s wait for her for a while. It has already been shown on the television, the matter about Illegal Magic Users’ <Stigma Hunting> has already occurred. Recently, it is not peaceful.”

“…What is a quest?”

After Kazuki revealed a surprised expression, Mio showed a look of disbelief.

“Hey, E-Rank. You are obviously at the lowest, yet you do not listen to the explanations?”

…At that time, his head was filled with thoughts of what will happen next, so he basically did not listen.

“Magic Division students could go to the place called <Guild> and help the Knight’s works. The students would form groups between themselves and eliminate Magical Beasts, go outside and investigate Magic Lands, capture Illegal Magic Users, etc.…They are able to select difficult quests to increase their own evaluation. And, our ranks from now on will also consistently change due to the results of the quests.”

“Also, there is the <Duel>, a competition between students, which will also cause the ranks to change.”

“…Using the current ranks as an excuse to make trouble is a very stupid thing.”

Koyuki quietly whispered. She was still wearing the casual indoor wears, which was the shirt + underwear appearance.

“Hiakari-san, it feels like you are very familiar to this place…Is this your first time coming here?”

“No, I was already here since last year.”

“Because her inborn Magic Power was unusually enormous, it was recognized that Koyuki-chan would obtain an Enigma without any doubt, so during her middle school period, she began living at this academy. The Student Council received an order from the senseis there to take care of her.”

Mio threw a gaze filled with confrontation to Koyuki.

“…How boring.” Towards this reaction, Koyuki turned to one side.

“Kaguya-senpai is a second year student, right? Are there no third year students?”

“Were you really not listening at the briefing? Once you reach the third year, because of <Internships>, they would follow the Knights around the entire country. Therefore, they are basically not at the dormitory.”

“…It can’t be helped. At the briefing, I was anxious about my own future.”

However, him being distracted to the point where he was trembling made him feel embarrassed.

Kazuki glanced at Leme who was sitting next to him. After Leme noticed his gaze——

“It’s okay.” She said quietly and held onto Kazuki’s hand underneath the table.

This sudden action made Kazuki confused. Is this fellow trying to encourage me?

“I’m back.” Another voice came from the front entrance.

“Ah, Hikaru seems to have come back now. She is the Student Council’s vice president. Hikaru, come to the living room for a bit!”

“Ara, the first years already came? I’ve made you wait for a long time, new students!”

What opened the door and valiantly appeared was——an elegant <Noble>.

With a neutral hairstyle and a gallant face that would almost make everybody recognize it incorrectly as a beautiful boy.

This elegant senpai looked at Kazuki and had her eyes immediately turn round.

“…! There is actually someone that looks more like a boy than me!?”

She lowered the luggage in her hands and rushed in front of Kazuki.

“A, Amazing! The face is a little bit cool, her body is extremely sturdy, perhaps it may be a bit rude, but it is basically just like a boy!…Just like a…boy…ara?”

“I am a boy…senpai.”

Kazuki panicked as the senpai, who he was meeting for the first time, suddenly touched him everywhere.

Senpai tightly held onto Kazuki’s jacket and that beautiful boy-like face immediately turned red.

“S, Ssssooorrryyyy! A real boy!? Why is a boy here!?”

With amazing momentum, she escaped from Kazuki’s side and hid behind Kaguya-senpai.

“Sorry, this child is not used to dealing with boys.”

“Not used to?…Even though she is so dignified and incredibly handsome?”

“B, Because I was always at a girl school since kindergarten, so I don’t have immunity towards boys…”

This senpai stuck out her head from behind Kaguya-senpai’s back. Sweat constantly dripped down from her forehead.

“But I do not know why I am always treated as a prince by the surrounding people. In order to respond to such expression, so I would often try hard and behave like a prince…But, this way, it also produced a somewhat strange life…UWAHH, a real boy is here…M, My heart is jumping so fast…What should I do, so scary.”

“Hey, you have to stand up in front and properly introduce yourself.”

“I did not expect a first year Student Council trainee to actually be a boy…M, My name is Hoshikaze Hikaru. C, Currently serving as the Student Council vice president. P, Please to meet you.”

These people are the roommates of my new life? It feels that they are all strange people…

“I see…Fufufu, interesting. A group worthy of contracting…”

Leme whispered suspicious sounding words beside him…Contracting?

“However, it’s fine! I will absolutely not reject my cute kouhai because he is a boy! I will treat you as the same sex, and use a more casual attitude than anyone else to be friendly with each other!”

Hoshikaze-senpai delivered a prideful declaration. However, after her eyes matched up with Kazuki’s, she immediately used her two hands to cover her face.

“Uuuuuu…P, Please do not look at me like this…”

Perhaps she is a somewhat cute person, Kazuki thought.

“Right, right, Kaguya. After I finished the quest, I brought a lot of snacks back.”

“Great! Then next off, let us hold everybody’s welcome party!”

Evening 8 PM —— It was the time to eat dinner, yet on the table——

“It was completely filled with snacks.”

Towards the snack-filled mountain, Kazuki could not help but feel fear.

And these are not all mass produced products, but high-priced products applied with <Alchemy Conditioning>.

“Fufufu, being able to eat this many snacks, am I currently dreaming?”

Kaguya-senpai leaned towards the side and straightened her chest.

“No, this is food that is seriously imbalanced in nutrition and will make one gain weight…”

“A girl’s party is basically like this! Really, since you are already in the Magic Division, otouto-kun must become more familiar to the girl’s feelings. Okay, A——hhhhh”

Kaguya-senpai suddenly picked up a small, sweet biscuit and tried to feed him.

“…We still did not have a toast yet.”

Kazuki, who did not know how to react, pushed away senpai’s hand.

“A——hhhhhh was rejected by a boy!? This is against etiquette!”

“Then following this, everybody, did you fill your drinks?”

Hoshikaze-senpai poured the carbonated drinks into the cups and personally gave it to everybody.

The carbonated bubbles had an incredulous power of making the party’s atmosphere become active again.

With their hands holding a cup, everyone called out, “Cheers!”

——The welcome party continued until the moment the date changed.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I know that 144/38 ≠ 3, but that is what the raws wrote. Apparently, their math is wrong since I’m expecting it to be 48 not 38. Though it might be because of the earlier paragraph where some people do not enter the school.
  2. Japanese ordering of kana. More info here
  3. SFX for banging sounds.
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  10. Explosive Sounds Effects

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