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Chapter 3 - Amasaki Mio[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kaguya-senpai brought cards over, the atmosphere of the welcome party became more lively than before.

Mio and Hoshikaze-senpai are the type that immediately reflects what they think to their faces, so they were extremely weak. On the contrary, Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki were so strong that it was scary.

Kaguya-senpai uses lies and bluffs with ease while Koyuki would have an impregnable fortress-like poker face.

However, because Kazuki had said “So senpai is the type whose expression is inconsistent with her personality” to Kaguya-senpai, after she “Fufufu” and smiled, she suddenly became extremely weak. After that, the final winner was Koyuki. She muttered “Well, it doesn’t matter.” And pulled the curtains down for the welcome party.

Because of Mio’s strong proposition, Kazuki’s room was arranged to be the furthest room on the second floor.

It was a location where there was an appropriate distance between the other girls’ rooms and it was separated by empty rooms. Although Kaguya-senpai had initially said that anywhere was fine, it can’t be helped.

Late at night after the welcome party, Kazuki opened the door of his own room.

“A new life huh…Although it seems like they are all hard to deal with, but it seems like it would work out.”

Just muttering like this, he lifted the soft blanket on top of the bed that was similar to a hotel.

“A new life. Right? Then, aim for a harem!”

——After lifting up the blanket, he do not know why Leme appeared from within.

“Leme!? Why are you hiding in such a place? Your room is at another location, right?”

“Yes. But, because there are some words that I do not want others to hear, so I came over to your room.”

“Words? Anything is fine…but didn’t you lose your memories?”

“Yes. But actually, despite the memory loss, Leme still vaguely remember what she is and what her mission is. Divas all have a meaning of existence that was decided based on the myth. It isn’t something that could be simply forgotten.”

A meaning of existence decided by the myth? Leme’s mission is…?

“Then in other words…Could it be the reason why you chose to grant me an Enigma!?”

“Yes. And Leme…Although I had said it in that place, but she is actually not a powerless Diva.”

Hearing these words, Kazuki widened his eyes. While facing Kazuki, Leme proudly answered.

“Leme’s mission is…to make you become a harem king!!”

…Haah? Kazuki’s eyes widened and froze there.

“I will only tell you, the contractor, my true identity. ——Leme’s true name is <The Lesser Key of Solomon> Lemegeton! The Demon King ruling over the 72 Pillars of Demons!!”

Wait a minute…Did you just say Lemegeton?

“ <The Lesser Key of Solomon> should be a Magic Book, isn’t it…?”

Lemegeton ——That name had indeed appeared in the myth related to Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons.

However, Lemegeton is not listed as a name for the 72 Pillars of Demon.

King Solomon, who governs the 72 Pillars of Demon, placed the contents of his summoning techniques inside a Magic Book <The Lesser Key of Solomon> ——It was passed on like this.

King Solomon was a human that was alive around 1000 B.C. But this Magic Book was discovered at the 17th century and had sparked the medieval people’s madness towards Black Magic and Alchemy. That the leader of the <Golden Dawn>, McGregor Mathers, treated it as a research object was also widely known.

“Wrong! That is completely wrong!” Leme angrily shook her head.

“It was passed on incorrectly. The majority of the people that seek for the method to summon Demons felt that it was easier to consider Leme as a Magic Book. This thought was too simple.”

“In other words, it is a convenient delusion that people before had fabricated?”

“That’s right. King Solomon did not use a Magic Book to use summoning techniques. It is because he had a contract with Lemegeton, who governs the 72 Pillars’ strength, to summon them!”

Governing 72 Pillars’ strength ——Is this the true power of Lemegeton?

“Right now I will tell you Leme’s power…Leme’s inherent Magic <Goetia> is all the ten magic owned by the 72 Pillars, who grant this academy strength. A total of 720 kinds of magic and they are all given to you!”

The words that Leme uttered gave an enormous impact to Kazuki.

All. In other words, according to the actual situation, he could use a total of 720 kinds of Magic.

It overthrew all his thoughts and two giant words floated within Kazuki’s mind <The Strongest>. The Diva that he, an E-Rank, contracted was…the strongest Diva.

“——However, there is a condition. This power is only allowed to be used by a <King>. Just like how Leme lets the 72 Pillars of Demon to be subordinates of hers, if you do not let the other people to become a subordinate of yours, your power as a King cannot be used. Errr, subordinate is not the word used in modern times…If we have to use the modern way of speaking…Then it is to make them fall in love with you!”

Make them…Fall in love…with me? I suddenly felt that…some idiotic words were spouted out.

“Through the mentality of the Magic User that you made into a subordinate, the Magic User’s contracted Diva’s power could be used by you. For example, if you let that Amasaki Mio fall in love with you, then you will form a path with that person. Leme will be able to draw power from Phenex. However, if you are still in an unpopular state…Although it is unfortunate, but Leme is only a powerless Diva…”

“…Unpopular and powerless Diva!? That is too weird.”

“It is not weird. The Divas have their own purpose of existing based on the myth. Solomon Divas’ missions were to grant wisdom to humans and let this country prosper. And once the Stigma Magic Users that are able to use the 72 Pillars grow up, it is necessary to govern them. Because a female’s Magic Power is relatively stronger, so all the Stigma Magic Users are females. If that’s the case, the King that caused them to submit ——is a harem king!”

“…What to do, it seems like it does make sense.”

“I am saying this first, if the situation of a harem king was not born, then the Solomon’s 72 Pillars would lose their motivations and give up on supporting this country. Because cultivating a King is the meaning of existence for the Solomon Divas. Just like when they obeyed Israel’s King Solomon, they are all Divas of the assistants, who were willing to do their best, for the King.”

“Wait a minute, isn’t this extremely important to this country!?”

The true meaning of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars supporting the Japanese government is actually still not clear. Even so, the Japanese government desires the power of Magic. For the military forces, they cannot help but rely on the 72 Pillars.

If they were to lose the support of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars, Japan would be dropped from their position as a Magically Advanced Country.

“A King’s power is to be able to gather the fragmented things, <Convergence Power>. If he does not have this Convergence Power, then in the future, humans would not be able to deal with the giant wave that would come to this world. By recognizing that a single individual is weak, so it is necessary to cultivate a king. This is the mission of Leme and Solomon’s 72 Pillars…”

“…A giant wave that would come to this world?”

Just now Leme had said that she vaguely remembers her mission.

“The numerous mysterious fragments inside the world of myths are all quietly gathering underwater. Not only in Japan, but in all of the 7 countries. At a certain stage, it would overturn the world.”

7 countries ——There is no doubt that it refers to the 7 Magically Advanced Countries.

“…So, in order to reach this goal, a harem is required?”

“There is no helping that you would feel troubled since you are suddenly being told that you would need to make a harem. But please rest assured! Leme will grant you a Magical Dress that would play a role in your creation of a harem!”

After hearing the phrase, Magical Dress, Kazuki, who was shocked, had white light shining on the middle finger of his left hand. The light had a bit of miss ——Suddenly, it became a ring that was made with materials similar to copper. As a Magical Dress, it was indeed too small.

“Because currently Leme had lost her memory, so she could only give you a small ring. However, this ring is the famous and legendary <Solomon’s Ring>! This ring can capture the sound of the girls’ hearts, measure their feelings and convert it to values.”

“…The effects are completely different than the ones that I know.”

In the legend, it was recorded that the Solomon’s Ring was to allow a person to understand the words of animals and plants.

“It has been rewritten in accordance with the modern style. Inject your Magic Power and test it out.”

Following what she said, he inserted Magic Power to the ring. Afterwards, a white light flashed in front of Kazuki’s eyes.

The light gradually depicted images and became a three-dimensional image information.

“These information is the measurement results of the girls’ feelings that you should conquer. In other words, it represents the positivity levels of the girls.”

The image that emerged in front recorded the names of girls that Kazuki was familiar with. Next to the name, a graph appeared one after another. The graph even had number values showing out.

Amasaki Mio —— 55, Otonashi Kaguya ——48, Hiakari Koyuki ——38, Hoshikaze Hikaru ——30.

“…T, This is the positivity levels of everybody towards me!?”

“This ring also has the ability to chase after and capture the mental changes of the girls. This is already in order for you to see it carefully and visually. If the girl’s positivity levels increase, a red heart will appear. If the positivity level decreases, then a black skull will appear. Then, it will be absorbed into the ring. Just like this, the graph will be changed. The images cannot be seen by others. If you are able to monitor the changes of positivity levels in real time, then you will become sensitive towards the other person’s true feelings and know what you have to do to make them happy. This way, no matter what kind of girl they are, you will be able to make them attracted to you!”

“…A human’s heart cannot be easily realizable like a game.”

Right, just when I thought about it ——isn’t this similar to a game?

And it is the simulation game that becomes intimate with girls ——In other words, a <Galge>!”

As a swordsman, I will not be captivated by that kind of thing, so far I have never had any concerns about it. However, it is not something I was completely uninterested in. But that actually falls onto my own pace…?

Amasaki Mio —— 55, Otonashi Kaguya ——48, Hiakari Koyuki ——38, Hoshikaze Hikaru ——30.

“…There must be a mistake. Why is Amasaki ranked number 1? That person seems to hate sword techniques and despise me.”

“I know, I know. Tsundere, Tsundere. There is no doubt that she is a tsundere.”

“Tsundere!? What is that…That kind of thing is also too strange.”

If Amasaki was 55, then wouldn’t Kanae’s positivity levels probably reach 300 million?

“Because there is no benchmark, I do not understand it well. Is it unable to measure Kanae’s positivity levels?”

“Although I do not know who you are talking about, but the only thing that is certain is that it only works with people who formed a contract with a Diva.”

“…Then, I can only consider these four people’s positivity levels? No matter how I look at it, I cannot believe that Amasaki is 55 when she does not hold any good intentions to me…Compared to Kaguya-senpai, which is lower, at first glance, she appears to be very friendly, but it is only on the surface. Hiakari is taking an indifferent attitude towards me, so that value doesn’t really matter. However, what is frustrating is…Hoshikaze-senpai’s 30. That is already treating me as if I was the same rank as a bug…”

“Wait, if you treat tsundere’s tsun as the truth, then using that as the basis, it will make others distrustful.”

Indeed, Mio would occasionally exhibit the unbelievable attitude when they had their first meeting.

Then that stingy attitude, compared to hating me ——It is more like joking awkwardly with me?

“A positivity level of around 30 means a position which is more than acquaintances, but less than friends. If the positivity level is over 65, you will obtain the key to their hearts. As a result, you will be able to use Level 1 Summoning Magic of the Diva that she contracted with. So, you must approach Amasaki Mio first!”

The 10 kinds of Inherent Magic that the Divas own are divided into 10 Levels. A Stigma Magic User could use a High Level Summoning Magic that matches the wavelength of the Diva.

In contrast, Kazuki is still in a powerless state right now. Although he is still at a state of being observed, but if this continues, he would also doubt the meaning of him staying at the Magic Division. In other words to get rid of his title as being the lowest-ranked, a Level 1 is good, anything is good, he must be able to use Summoning Magic.

However…why does he have to make Amasaki fall in love with him?

In other words, he would have to make someone fall in love with him for power? Isn’t this exactly…like a game!?

“…The so-called positivity levels, isn’t it fine if it is not feelings of love, but feelings of friendship?”

“Ehhh? You are speaking of friendship between men and women?”

“Because the so-called positivity levels shouldn’t just be all about feelings of love, right?”

“Friendship between men and women is not that easily achieved, right? Forming a friendship with all the 72 people feels even harder than forming a harem. It seems like you do not have much experience forming a friendship with females.”

“I was looked down by a young girl!?”

“Don’t use the phrase young girl! Leme is only in a young girl state because my strength and a portion of my memories are lost! If you slowly gather strength, Leme will also recover an appearance that matches her strength!”

“In the end, I am not interested in love.”

Remembering back, from the beginning of junior high, his male friends were all talking about girl-related topics. However, compared to that kind of thing, he only wanted to improve his sword techniques a bit more and earn recognition from his adopted father and Kanae.

“Not interested in love? Really?”

Towards Leme’s skeptical tone, Kazuki was a bit angry.

“Really. So I…will not use feelings of love, but positivity values from friendship to reach the pinnacle of Summoning Magic!”

Becoming friends with everybody here and getting rid of the incompetent evaluation of an E-Rank.

If that’s the case…I would be able to accept it and become motivated.

“…Forget it, since Our King (Basileus) says so, then Leme will not forcibly request it.”

“What is the meaning of <Our King>?”

“Fufufu, from now on, you will become a harem king. In Greek, Basileus Goetia means <The King that rules the 72 Pillars>”

Once they talked about Basileus, the leader of the secret organization would instead appear inside their mind.

The leader of <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>, Basileus Basileon…

Leaving the phrase <The world is being eroded by myths>, a man that was considered to be dead…

“I do not intend to become a harem king.”

“Forget it, Leme right now does not have any memories. She will temporarily look at the developments. Leme can materialize into such a physical body and could also let her materialized form to disappear into Astrum to observe your mental state.”

Once she said up to this point, Leme’s body completely disappeared.

Thinking that she had left just like this, she casually materialized again in the end.

“…Even though you did not steal a human’s body, yet you, as a Diva, are able to materialize in this world, it is originally something that is incredible.”

“There is a reason. First, Leme and your connection is much stronger than ordinary circumstances. Probably because we had kissed during our contract…Oiii, why are you blushing!”

“I did not blush!”

“Through the act of connecting the symbol of spiritual level, it strengthened the contract. Thanks to that, Leme cannot form another contract with a person besides you. In exchange, it greatly enhances the efficiency of Magic Power. There is another point…Although due to memory loss, so it is extremely vague, but apparently Leme seemed to be a Diva that has longing to humanity. So compared to the other Divas, there is a big change for the method of existing.”

“Has longing, to humanity…?”

“Probably, but I do not really remember about this matter. To the current Leme, it does not matter.”

“Won’t you feel uneasy if I do not make a harem, so you would not recover your memories?”

“For the queue, when Leme was summoned, she pretended to have no powers. It is because if the surrounding people knew about Leme’s ability of becoming stronger after collecting positivity levels, I believe the surrounding people would be defensive about it. Thus, in the future, it is best to keep Leme’s ability a secret from other people.”

Kazuki also did not want others to know about this ability.

…However, Liz Liza-sensei wanted me to report to her no matter what happened…

“Let us stop here. Leme is going to sleep. Our king, it is almost time to sleep, right?”

“Eh? You have your own room now. There are also empty rooms here.”

“I don’t want it. Leme will sleep together with Our King, who is her contractor.

Leme rolled her eyes, stared emotionlessly at Kazuki and rejected it.

“This is also because, although Leme’s body requires very little energy, but it is originally constructed by your Magic Power. Staying by your side would make her existence more stable.”

Leme tightly grabbed onto Kazuki’s hand and pulled him to the bed.

As close as possible, Leme treated Kazuki as a charger as she hugged him. Then, she used the remote control to turn off the lights inside the room. Inside the darkness, her brown skin was just as soft as a female human, and exuded an incredulous smell.

Having said that, with such a small child, it feels just like sleeping together with a younger sister.

“Good night! Our Stoic King.”

“…Who is stoic, naturally, the words about completely being uninterested in girls is a lie.”

He did not hate girls, of course he was interested.

But if he became active towards girls just for the sake of power…

It will be extremely rude to the other side.

After all, he did not have much confidence in becoming someone else’s partner in love.

Because, I——

The phone inside his pocket suddenly vibrated. It seems like he received a message.

“Nii-sama, it is a night with a beautiful moon. Kanae is about to go to sleep while dressing in extremely sexy pajamas. (Please feel free to imagine it and become excited). It will be great if I am able to see Nii-sama inside my dreams. Nii-sama, too, please see Kanae inside your dreams. Then, good night——Your loving Kanae.”

Kazuki typed back the phrase “Quickly brush your teeth and sleep” and replied.

Part 2[edit]

The next morning. Due to his usual habits, Kazuki had already woke up before the sun even rose.

Although it was like this, under the current circumstances, there was already no need to practice swinging his sword…Speaking of which, Kaguya-senpai had said that the first-year students would be responsible for the household chores here.

Then if he was to work hard starting from this morning, it might surprise the senpais.

When Kazuki changed his clothes in the dim room, Leme also got up abruptly.

“You immediately thought of earning positivity levels from the girls? Our King!”

“…When you are saying it like that, it feels a bit uncomfortable.”

If the senpais were happy, then he would be satisfied. It was only that.

Inside the lounge, the wrappings and leftover snacks eaten at last night’s party was thrown everywhere.

Kazuki cleaned it all up and began to prepare breakfast.

“…Since it is a rare opportunity, let’s make some bento as well.”

After making breakfast, Kazuki took advantage of his interest and further proceeded to make bento. There was still plenty of time and the fridge had plenty of ingredients.

“Rather, I seem to have become a maid[1].”

“…What are you saying, Our King. Wait, your eyes seems to be dead.”

“When I am able to make others happy, it allows me to feel that I am alive…”

Just when he was rhythmically cutting the ingredients, he heard somebody’s footsteps going down the stairs.

“…Although I was thinking that if there was the need to clean up, I can still do it…but it seems like someone did it first.”

Issuing ,*patapata*, footsteps sound, she was still wearing her underwear + shirt appearance.

“Good morning, Hiakari-san. Because there is a male student here, please do not wear that kind of appearance again. Please wear a maid outfit and come make breakfast with me.”

“…I can’t cook. Because I am a human who does not know anything but Magic.”

“Even though Hiakari-san was living here in the past, could it be that you have never done household chores?”

“…Once, I attempted to cook, as a result, the 3rd year senpai’s mouth emitted blue lights.”

“Food that makes one instinctively activate defensive magic!? It could judge that there were toxic substances!?”

“I was thinking that I could do work such as cleaning up, so I came…”

Perhaps it was from a psychological effect, her shoulders drooped. Then, with a speed that did not give time for others to retain her, she left the kitchen.

The one that appeared next in the kitchen was Mio, who was actually said to have the highest positivity levels here.

“Good morning, Amasaki. You should also work hard on the household chores.

Mio ignored Kazuki’s greeting, until she was next to Kazuki and looked at his hands.

“…It’s karaage. It’s karaage!”

“Yes, before when I was still at the orphanage, it is the dish that I am best at, which I learned from the facility’s chef.”

Mio’s response was to only look at Kazuki’s hand, which was in the middle of cooking, with sparkling eyes.

A red heart floated out from Mio’s chest and was absorbed into the ring on Kazuki’s left hand.

This is the power of the Magical Dress that Leme had mentioned before!?

But, why at this time? Does she really like karaage that much?

“Hey, it will be very boring if you just watch, come over here and let’s do it together.”

“Why must I do household chores?”

“Because here, the lower class students have to do household chores, right? Aren’t you also a first-year student?”

“Yes, we are both first years. However, just like there is a hierarchy relationship like third and first year students, there is also a hierarchy relationship between a first year’s A-Rank and E-Rank.”

Mio, who was watching at Kazuki’s hand, finally lifted her eyes and stared at Kazuki.

“If I am a person who would do odd jobs for the third year senpais…Then, you, who is an E-Rank, are my slave!”

“Is that so!? But indeed…the academy pursues a meritocracy style.”

So the household chores had become solely done by a person?

…Although it would make him a bit excited, but it feels like it would be more fun if everybody was to do it together.

“…You should feel grateful for being allowed to cook my meals.”

After that, Mio continued to stare at Kazuki’s cooking appearance.

The breakfast menu was grilled fish, spinach as a cold salad, white rice and miso soup. It was an extremely common Japanese breakfast.

“Delicious! It is really tasty, otouto-kun! The freshness from this grilled fish…Could it be that it was recently caught!? From the garden’s pond over there?”

“…No, I only grilled the fish fillets inside the fridge.”

“Amazing…Even though he is a boy, but he is able to cook so well…Hayashizaki-kun is not a crude boy. If it is a boy like that, then perhaps I won’t feel afraid.”

The two senpais had a deeply moved expression and were extremely happy.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 104.jpg

Images of red hearts emerged from the bodies of these two and were absorbed into Kazuki’s ring. When Kazuki realized about the positivity levels of these two, a graph appeared in his eyes.

“Fufufu, this way, you have captured the stomach of these girls!”

Leme, who was sitting next to him at the table, smiled silently. With a voice only audible to Kazuki, she teased him.

Anyways, he could not calm down. Even though he did not carry these intentions to do household chores.

From that day on, the Magic Division’s course quickly began.

At the Magic Division, there were separate courses such as <Mythology>, <Tactical Theory> and <Magic Practice>.

Mythology was just like its name suggests. It is a course to learn knowledge about myths.

In this class, a semi-fat scholar came to teach the students.

“——The Israel King Solomon was loved by the Gods. He summoned 72 Demons, granted him the Magic Book <Lesser Key of Solomon> and brought the Kingdom of Isreal to its golden age.

It was just like the myth, the 72 Pillars of Solomon that appeared in modern times became the supporter of humans.

Solomon’s 72 Pillars were once called demons. But as they appeared in modern Japan, magic and religious beliefs should be considered separately. Thus, they would combine God and Demon together and call them Diva. [2]

For example, Baal [3]. In the ancient times, he was the highest God that was worshiped by the Phoenicians, but in the Christian doctrine, he was known as Baal-Zebub, or Beelzebub and was treated as a demon. However, Magic Users, who are simply seeking for power, should not go along with this kind of prejudice regarding about religion. Whether it is a God or a Demon, there was basically no difference.

Diva. Although it was derived from Demons, but it does not mean evil. It simply has a meaning that it is <A thing that goes beyond human wisdom>——”

The Tactical Theory was related to the tactics that the Knights use. It was taught by the female teachers, who had already retired, but were originally Stigma Magic Users. Because Magic Power would gradually reduce from the peak amount in the twenties, so they would retire early.

“——The so-called basic tactic of the Knights is the <Heaven and Earth Formation>. This is formed by having the Swordsman (Vanguard Attackers) initiating close-combat and the Stigma Magic Users (Rearguard Finisher), who would be protected by the Swordsman as they chant Summoning Magic.

The Magic Sword’s power of the Swordsman is not worth mentioning compared to Summoning Magic. If we gathered all the Magic Power from you guys, who are in the school, then no matter how many times they cut, we could still bear it with just Defense Magic.

However, if you are continuously attacked by swords, it would hinder your concentration and the Summoning Magic Chant will be interrupted. Thus, the swordsmen, who are assigned at the frontlines, have become extremely important.

What usually decides the battlefield’s fate is the high-level Summoning Magic that was activated after a long chant. Thus, the Swordsman would act as shields and sacrifice themselves in the formation is this Heaven and Earth Formation.

It is a tactic to throw away the swordsman after the battle, in order for the chosen people——”

Magic Practice is the actual use of Magic in the sports ground.

Having said that, among the first years, only Mio and Hiakari had successfully formed a contract in the correct way. The two of them had honestly used the Level 1 Magic and increase the precision of their Spell Chant in order to train for the Higher Level Summoning Magic.

Aside from these two students, the others were doing training in order for them to successfully form a contract with the Divas.

Contracting with a Diva’s consciousness was regularly held by the Magic Division’s Student Council after school.

In order for them to actually succeed next time, the students would all continuously train and hone their Perceptibility Enhancement Magic and train to dive into the depths of the Spiritual World.

However, Kazuki is placed in a very delicate position. Although he had succeeded with the contract, but he does not have any Summoning Magic he could use.

Thus, whether it was the successful group, or the failure group, he could not be placed in either of these groups.

“Spin~~nn, spin, spin, Spin~~nn, spin, spin, spin around for me~”

Kazuki was squatting in front of a bucket and muttered while he stirred the water inside.

This was Normal Magic training based on Kazuki’s ability that Liz Liza-sensei had assigned to him.

Fluid Control —— Fluids like gas or liquid are easier to manipulate using Telepathy Magic. If you are accustomed to controlling water or fire, it will definitely be useful in the battlefield…This is what Liz Liza-sensei had said,

“…UWAHHH, he is really playing around with a bucket.”

“His contracted Diva is really useless.”

The classmates all threw a mocking gaze towards Kazuki.

It was common sense that Normal Magic would not have much use in battle. Although he was similar to the people who cannot use Summoning Magic, but Kazuki’s training would not have any developments and had no future.

As a prominent male student in the class, and also an E-Rank. Even though he had succeeded a contract, but he actually had no ability, so he could only do this kind of training ——It was natural that others would look down upon him.

However, no matter what training it is, since he had already started, he must concentrate and do it.

“What are you doing!? Is playing around with a bucket a specialty Magic of an E-Rank?”

Mio, who was wearing the Magical Dress, peeked from behind Kazuki and talked to him.

“This is very difficult. If you reduce a bit of strength, the water would cause ripples and overflow. It will not work unless you maintain your concentration for a long period of time.”

“This kind of thing is simple.”

She said dissatisfiedly…Towards her, who was an A-Rank, perhaps it was simple.

“But what kind of help would this training have for a battle? Isn’t your Magic Power for fighting and not for cooking? Isn’t it fine if you use your prideful swords to stir it around instead of Magic?”

“What do you treat swords as! They will rust!”

“It should be you, what are you treating Magic as! Forget it, since you already have Hayashizaki’s swords, the Summoning Magic shouldn’t matter to you at all. Then why are you staying at the Magic Division?”

Under the circumstances of other girls staying away, only Mio would come over and say these scornful words.

“I can already use Level 2 Magic. It was a thing that happened in a blink of an eye!”

…Already Level 2? At this pace, then would she immediately reach Level 10?

The Summoning Magic is divided into 10 stages. When you reach the highest difficulty of Level 10, you would able to use <Complete Summon> and let the Diva <Materialize> into the world.

Aside from that, Summoning Magic, although it was called Summoning, but it does not materialize the Diva into this world. It can only bring forth a <Magical Phenomenon that the Diva caused> and letting them activate it.

For example, if two students with the same contracted Diva were to use Summoning Magic at the same time, as long as it is not Level 10, there will be no problems. It will provide power to both individuals and both their Magic would activate.

Although Leme is an exception, but letting a Diva materialize is originally extremely difficult.

“Hmmmm, when you are still stirring the bucket of water, I must use this Phenex and show my talents. I will let you see the great hero of this country, who would defeat all the Illegal Magic Users that causes terror and do dondokudo-n in this world! I’ll let you know what is a true elite ♪”

“Oi, wait, elite. What is dondokudo-n?”

“…You actually being this weak compared to me. It feels a bit complicated.”

Mio quietly muttered…Just now, what did she say?

“Sensei! Yamanaka-san fell down!”

Hearing the students’ cries, Liz Liza-sensei hurriedly rushed to the side of the fallen student.

“…<Magic Drunk> huh. She must have wanted to hurry and let the contract succeed, so she was reckless, huh…The other trashes should also be careful, do not overuse your Magic!”

Magic Drunk. If you were to forcibly use Magic when your Magic was extremely low, your spirit will be pulled into Astrum and collapsed there.

What was particularly needed to be aware of is being attacked when you have very little Magic Power remaining.

If you reflexively and forcibly draw out Magic that surpasses your limits from Astrum in order to protect your own body. Even if your body is spared, you would also fall into a deep coma.

Naturally, the situation of drawing over the limits and not being able to protect from the strong attack was also possible. It was known as overkill. Thus, you must always be aware of your remaining Magic Power.

Kazuki once again turned towards the bucket. Although it was a training that others look down upon, but Liz Liza-sensei was a teacher, who protected him during the staff meeting.

If this kind of teacher said that it will not be in vain, then it must not be a wasted effort.

…From today on, not only the morning chores after waking up, he should also add in Normal Magic training.

Part 3[edit]

“Is this karaage? Although I know about the related knowledge…Delicious! It is a joy that makes one truly feel alive!”

Leme, who disappeared during class, had materialized at lunch time to eat food.

“Karaage…I have not eaten such a plebeian food for so long. At the Amasaki’s house, this kind of thing will never be put on the table. It is the fault of this E-Rank slave, there is nothing more shabby than this.”

Next to Leme, Mio placed the table together and was eating the same bento.

…Why did this person specially come over to eat together?

Behind his seat, Koyuki was eating the bento alone. At first, Kazuki had invited her over to eat, but he was coldly rejected. If that’s the case, then why did Mio come over?

“It does not matter if I have to do all the household chores…But please do not call me a slave.”

“…But I do not recognize you as a member of the Witch’s House. Forget it, since the food that was made have no sin, then I can only reluctantly eat it.”

Placing mouthfuls of karaage into her mouth, Mio said with a pretentious tone.

Saying that she was reluctant had made Kazuki frustrated. The karaage was a dish from his memories of the Nanohana Institute.

“It shouldn’t be awful…”

“It is awful. This kind of thing is extremely disgusting.”

When she places the karaage in her mouth, which was opposite of what she was saying, Mio’s cheeks would soften.

“…It was made extremely well. Thank you.”

“Hiakari-san…Thank you. But since you have already said such words, as expected, you should come over and eat! Don’t just whisper your thanks from behind!”

Kazuki turned his head around. She only said “Don’t look over here” and turned to one side.

A black skull flew into the ring. It was not from Koyuki, but from Mio. After turning his head back to the front, he did not know why, but he could only see Mio glaring at him unhappily.

“Oi, even though I am eating with you, don’t turn to the back and desperately request for another woman.”

“That’s right. Amasaki-san, do you have some time now?”

Suddenly being talked to by someone, Mio “Eh?” and looked back.

When she noticed, everybody’s gaze were concentrated at this side.

“Amasaki-san, do you have a good relationship with that E-Rank…Hayashizaki-kun?”

“W, What good relationship, how is that possible. This person is a slave! Because I am a Student Council trainee…I had obtained a slave from the Student Council President! Don’t be mistaken!”

Kaguya-senpai did not say anything related to a slave trade.

“That’s true! You only treated him as a useful slave, that’s great!”

With this as a beginning, the other students of the class began to speak one by one.

“How is it possible that the A-Rank Amasaki-san would enter the Student Council with the E-Rank male student! We were all thinking what was going on, but now we are reassured!”

“That person, who cannot even use Summoning Magic, was actually mixed into this class, how disgusting.”

The temperature surrounding him had rapidly dropped.

No,no,no. It was maybe not all of a sudden, it was possible that everybody was gearing up and waited for an opportunity to throw such gazes.

As a Stigma Magic User candidate, they have extreme pride. They wanted to exclude the abnormality (Kazuki), but because they did not know why Mio, whose rank was higher than theirs, was together with him, so they hesitated.

…It was probably like that.

“Hey, Amasaki-san. Do you also think this way?”

They were trying to confirm secretly from Mio <That it was alright to treat this guy as a target for bullying.> And Mio, who did not understand the situation, could only look around confused.

What on earth was happening? Kazuki thought while remaining calm.

He was aware that he was an abnormality. He was already resolved about this situation.

“…Forget it! We, the Magic Division, do not require swords! You are already an E-Rank, and you were saying that your specialty was swords…Hayashizaki-Ryuu is completely useless!”

In the end, Mio still followed the atmosphere of this classroom.

“Compared to my Phenex, the Hayashizaki-Ryuu is simply trash! What Ancient Sword Techniques, there is no difference compared to the primitives swinging sticks around!”

“Hayashizaki-Ryuu?” The surrounding people were confused about the target that she pointed out at.

Kazuki was also angered by this phrase.

…It was the same when I first introduced myself. Why does this person always target the Hayashizaki-Ryuu? Because it was on the news, so knowing about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu was not something strange…But what do you know about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu? I do not mind if I was looked down upon…But if it is the people, who are important to me, that are being looked down upon, then it is not fine.

“Since you actually said it like this…Do you think I will remain silent forever?”

Mio faced Kazuki and revealed a provocative expression.

The anger within Kazuki’s belly was rushing upwards.

However, if he were to move using his emotions ——He would lose his place in the classroom.

“Our King, compared to the foolish Stigma Magic User, you are much stronger.”

Beside the silent Kazuki, a surprising sound rang out. It was Leme.

“What are you people, who still have not changed the Enigma into Stigma, or you, who can only use Low Level Summoning Magic saying? If you let Leme, who is a Diva, to speak, it is really funny. Our King’s Sword techniques are stronger than you a hundred times. And the karaage that Our King made is very delicious.”

Because the surrounding people were all silent, that voice completely infiltrated their bodies.

“…W, What, you useless Diva.”

“There is no need for Our King to use Leme’s power to deal with people such as you. If you doubt it, you can try it. Isn’t there a system called <Duel> in this academy?”

“Hey, Leme, what are you saying? You have lost your memories, you shouldn’t know anything about my sword techniques. Don’t just careless say words out.”

Kazuki hurriedly tried to stop her, but Leme only stared directly at Kazuki.

“Indeed, Leme doesn’t know anything, but I can still understand. Although I do not know why I selected you, but because you are a person that this Leme has chosen —— You cannot be weak. And although I had only been with you for a short day, I still fully understand your character. You said that you have spent your life so far honing your sword techniques. Then if that’s the case ——You are not weak. Even if I do not know anything, I can still understand it.”

Leme even leaned over closer and whispered into his ear.

“…And, that girl, Amasaki Mio, truthfully, she wants to lose to you.”

“…What’s that.”

“It is more accurate to say that…she hopes that you are a strong person. So that’s why she argues with you. This is also for positivity levels, so show off to her.”

“…In the end, it was still for that. That isn’t good, fighting in order to obtain positivity values.”

“Most importantly, it is unrelated to positivity values…Weren’t you also thinking that you <Want to Fight>? Leme and your heart are connected, so I had seen through it a long time ago.”

Leme smiled and knocked Kazuki’s chest.

…She is saying that I wanted to fight? I actually…?

Holding a sword in my hands, as a swordsman, fight ——against the Stigma Magic User, who had provoked this side.

Inside Kazuki’s calm mind, a sweet heat began to erode it.

As a member of the Magic Division, he must leave behind his longing for sword techniques. But ——

“…That is true. Indeed, it is time to let these people change their thinking about sword techniques.”

The people that were most important to him were looked down upon, yet he could still remain indifferent. As expected, it wasn’t his way of living.

“Oi, you two, what are you guys secretly talking about?”

Mio said to the two people. Leme immediately turned to Mio and revealed a detestable expression.

“Actually, you are very weak! Desperately saying Leme’s King is an E-Rank slave, you must be afraid of Our King!?”

“…-How is it possible that I’m afraid of that guy!?”

Mio could not help but stand up. In response, Kazuki also stood up.

“Amasaki Mio. I request a duel with you.”

Hearing these words, everybody in the room, including Mio, widened their eyes in shock.

This was the natural reaction. Compared to Summoning Magic, Swords were looked down upon.

Heaven and Earth Formation. Swordsman were only to buy time for the Stigma Magic User’s Chants. A Meat Shield. This was common knowledge.

Kazuki coldly looked around his surroundings. That common knowledge ——made him extremely angry inside his heart.

“You say a duel…But you can’t use Summoning Magic, right?”

“I will only fight with a sword. If I win, I hope that you can take back the insults you said towards the Hayashizaki Family.”

Hearing this phrase, Mio’s expression changed.

“As expected, you still have longing towards the Hayashizaki’s Sword Techniques! Even though you are already a person like me in the Magic Division…Okay, I’ll accompany you! I’ll let you fully experience it!!”

The originally frozen classroom began to quarrel again.

“…Although I do not understand, that person is saying that he would <Use Sword Techniques to fight against an A-Rank>?”

“Amasaki-san can already use Level 2 Magic, right!? Then it is impossible.”

“You… are still the same as before…”

When it was already impossible to stop, Mio muttered in a low voice.

“What did you say?”

Just like this ——A red heart appeared from Mio’s chest and was absorbed into Kazuki’s ring.

A red heart? At this time, it should be a black skull. As expected, this ring is abnormal.

“Nothing, you E-Rank! Stupid Idiot! I’m looking forward to the time after school end!”

She rushed back to her own seat. What is a Stupid Idiot? Oi, you forgot about the half-finished bento. Finish it! The karaage I made!!

“You’ve said it well…Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

When Kazuki sat down, Koyuki’s voice came from behind.

It looks like he was not completely alone.

After the application that was submitted to the Student Council in the Knights Academy was approved, then you can begin a duel.

It was a competition of strength between students that under safety rules of stopping the attack before the Defense Magic was completely reduced to zero, where the Student Council was present.

“A duel request? Otouto-kun and Mio-chan?”

After Kaguya-senpai, who was currently organizing information in the Student Council office, heard her kouhais’ words, her eyes widened.

“Really, even Otouto-kun is reckless. The duel that has strict rules is different than the reckless scuffles that Kanae-chan participates in. If it is in a duel format, the Stigma Magic User will only escape as they continuously use Level 1 Magic and it will completely eliminate your Defensive Magic. This is not a joke.”

“Has Kanae, till this date, fought against the Magic Division students?”

“…Formally no. Although Kanae-chan wanted to do so, but even if the Magic Division students were to win against the Sword Division students, their rank evaluation will not increase. Thus, everybody avoids it.”

“If that’s the case, then senpai should not know what kind of battle it will become between the Hayashizaki-Ryuu and Summoning Magic.”

“There is no need to duel and you would still know it, idiot.”

Mio inserted hateful words. At the same time, senpai finally realized that the two of them were both serious.

“W, Why did it become such a tense relationship? Fighting isn’t good!”

“No, I cannot give in. As long as my foster father’s sword is being looked down upon, I cannot tolerate it.”

“Why…are you so serious about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu. Even though you are someone from the Magic Division…Just like an idiot!”

At this time, someone broke the Student Council’s door and stormed in.

“It’s the time to completely defeat someone, Nii-sama! I have heard of the matter, As expected from Nii-sama!?”

“Ah, Kanae-chan? Why did you come to the Magic Division?”

Kanae completely ignored Kaguya-senpai and rushed directly in front of Kazuki.

“…So it was like this. Nii-sama wanted to rampage inside the Magic Division in order to prove the strength of Hayashizaki-Ryuu…In other words, a spy inside the Magic Divison! Such foresight, even Kanae did not think about it. Because Kanae’s duels were always rejected! However, after you taught everybody a lesson in the Magic Division, please transfer back to the Sword Division.”

“How is that possible, idiot.”

Kazuki use his two hands and firmly pulled Kanae’s cheeks that was as soft as rice cakes.

Kanae issued out a “Funyaaaaaaaa!” cry.

“President! As expected, you are here. Please do not suddenly rush out when we are having a meeting.”

The person who appeared after Kanae was the Sword Division’s Torazou-senpai.

“Oi, Kanae, don’t skip work and come over here to do your bro-con acts.”

“It’s not like that! Indeed, Kanae wanted to see Nii-sama to the extent that she is trembling…But it is not because of this purpose that I came. Nii-sama, this is for you.”

Kanae handed over a one-edged Japanese Sword to Kazuki.

“…This is!”

Kazuki had already left his beloved sword at the Hayashizaki Family. Therefore, for the matter related to the duel, he wanted to ask Kanae or the Sword Division to borrow a sword…

“Yes, this is Nii-sama’s <Doufuu>. Because she felt that it will be needed, so Kanae had secretly brought it over. This is such an amazing foresight. Please praise me. Then, please fall in love with me.”

Kazuki’s beloved sword, Doufuu. It was an iron-cutting sword that was created through the hands of alchemists.

Among the history of Japanese swords, the ancient sword during Kamakura era ——The Kamakura ancient swords was the strongest. However, this kind of technique had already been lost and had become a lost art.

Through Alchemy, it had let this Kamakura Ancient Sword, Doufuu, appear once again.

The past Japanese Swords were made using a soft steel core, with hard steel on the outside, <Heart of Steel Structure>, in order to obtain a balance of toughness and hardness. The soft core absorbs the impact to prevent it from breaking, while the hard surface prevents it from becoming crooked.

With this kind of structure, it was easily broken due to the difference of hardness at the location where the two steel stuck together.

Compared to this, Doufuu was created with a single steel material.

The steel’s hardness was decided by the carbon content. Doufuu, through the Fluid Control Magic to control the amount of carbon content dissolved into the steel, so that the inner core was soft, then as it extended outwards, it had become hard…Because it was made with a single material for the structure, it was a thing that was extremely ideal as it maintained the balance of hard and soft. This is Micro-Level Alchemy.

Because there was no extreme difference of hardness in the structure, it had stuck together extremely tough. Once it was swung, it was like a whip that was bent.

Its toughness and sharpness could even cut iron.

As proof of Kazuki’s independence, his foster father awarded it to him

The moment he held it in his hands, the feeling of the heavy sword seemed to have become familiar with him just like a part of his body.

…Although he had made a resolve after becoming a Stigma Magic User, as expected, he was still a swordsman.

No, in order to change into a new self, there was no need to abandon his past.

“Nii-sama, Nii-sama, please praise me. Then as a reward, please kiss me.”

“Don’t get carried away in front of everybody in the Student Council, idiot.”

Looking at Kazuki and Kanae’s interactions, Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki revealed surprised gazes.

“…The Sword Division’s President is older than Hayashizaki-kun, she should be an older sister, right? What is going on?”

“It can’t be some kind of perverted type of play, right…?”

Even though the fact that Kazuki was a male, yet he obtained an Engima was spread around by the news, but the problem regarding about their true age, which had caused the relationship regarding about the siblings age to be reversed, was still pretty much unknown.

“Hmph, whether you use a sword to fight or a Kiritanpo [4] to fight, it is the same! Let’s us begin…Bring it on!”

“Bringing it on is a rather old way of speaking. But…Fine.”

“W, Wait a minute, I have not accepted the request yet!”

The duel must have the permission of either side’s Student Council. But ——

“If you do not accept it, then I will accept it! Nii-sama, Nii-sama, good luck!!”

——With the Sword Division Student Council accepting it, a special duel began.

At the sports ground, Kazuki and Mio were confronting each other.

There was already a crowd of students coming over to observe after hearing the news.

A Sword and Magic Clash conducted between freshmen, it had gathered a lot of concern disregarding the Division restriction.

“Although they do not need to specifically gather here, this duel will end in a short time period!”

She chanted a spell and allowed her spirit to connect with the Diva at Astrum.

“I know thy name…Thy name is <Phenex>…A poet and a Magician! The poetic bird that uses sweet words to play with the truth, obey my command and display thy power!”

Her Stigma glowed an orange color like the flames shadow. At the same time it glowed, the uniform was disintegrated and reconstructed into the Magical Dress. The faintly glowing clothes and her twintails swayed due to the wind.

…Looking again, this person was an extremely beautiful girl.

Kazuki’s Magical Dress was only a small ring. However, on his waist, his beloved sword Doufuu released an explicit sense of presence. The combination of a Magic Division’s uniform with a Sword, seemed to give off a powerful contrast.

The beautiful Stigma Magic User and the Magic Swordsman that was dressed up uniquely were confronting each other here.

He did not know why…but it feels like he was looking forward to this duel since entering this school.

“Then under the supervision of Hiakari Koyuki, the duel between Amasaki Mio and Hayashizaki Kazuki will begin.”

The referee was Koyuki. The so-called referee was the role which stops the battle when it was dangerous. She, who had been at the Student Council since junior high, had already accumulated sufficient experience.

The duel was carried out in a situation where they were separated by a distance of 50 meters. Although Kazuki could cross this distance in 5 seconds through Magic Enhancement, but Mio could also dodge while she chants spells.

This distance is a rule that gives the Stigma Magic Users the upper hand. Because even in a battle, it was not easy for a swordsman to approach the Stigma Magic Users, thus it had become a rule that was taken for granted.

If the two of them were separated by a distance of 50 meters, Mio’s figure would become as small as a bean.

Anxiousness made the time become irritable. Kazuki displayed an Iai posture and imagined the scene of heat coming up from the depths of his belly ——This is what was known in ancient times as Kikou or life energy from his abdomen.

Aside from ancient martial techniques, a clear impression can allow the Physical Enhancement Magic become something extremely efficient.


Seeing that the preparations for battle were complete ——Koyuki announced that the duel started.

Kazuki released heat inside his belly and kicked off fiercely from the ground.

"Fast!?" The surrounding students screamed.

In comparison, Mio retreated while she began to chant spells.

No matter how fast Kazuki was, the distance was enough for her to complete her chants.

Mio allowed her Magical Dress light up and communicated with her Diva, and chanted as if she was singing ——

“…The sparks scattered from the dancing wings. Launch a spiral of wind, a bullet piercing through life! Flap now, let it penetrate! ——Barrett!!”

Behind Mio, Phenex’s wings spread apart.

Phenex’s Level 1 Magic, Barrett ——Phenex flaps its wings and shots out feathers. It carries a dual attribute of fire and wind, and flew over like a spiral.

With a bullet’s speed and piercing through its target, it causes the inside of the enemy to burn. Normally, a human’s physical ability should not be able to evade this fire bullet ——But Kazuki dodged it by jumping to the side.

“!?” Mio, who was confident that it would hit, revealed a surprised expression.

As if her body was not listening, Mio continued to chant while she avoided. She then chanted the spell again and released a second shot of Barrett.

However, Kazuki had already grasp the flow of Magic Power ——Just like a Swordmaster reading the opponent’s breathing.

The instant the Magic Power expanded, the disturbance in the air depicted an outline as if it was announcing in advance the phenomenon that was about to happen. Just like what I imagined…If it is this kind of Summoning Magic, I can avoid it!

The second Barrett was also avoided. Just like the dancing wind, Kazuki plunged into the arms of Mio.

His hand had already grasped the hilt of the sword.

Mio’s face was distorted ——As if it was a Stigma Magic User’s terrified expression when they were invaded by a swordsman.

Rend, Doufuu ——With a white flash, the horizontal Iai slash was unleashed.

To Kazuki, his beloved sword was the same as <A part of his body>. His entire body’s strength was extended to the body of his sword that he was holding to, granting it the destructive power that was able to smash through Magic ——This is the attacking method of swordsman, Magic Sword.

The slash had violently collided with Mio’s defensive Magic. Blue light scattered onto the ground, her Magic was cut apart.

Because her Magic was cut apart and the impact that was caused, Mio staggered a few steps backwards.

Kazuki used both his hands to hold his beloved sword, which he was holding with his right hand earlier, and instantly turned the blade.

An Iai slash was not a one hit one kill technique.

The first blade was only for containment. The one that truly determines the victory was the second blade that was swung downwards after gripping it with two hands.


Along with the cry, he slashed downwards and crushed Mio’s Defense Magic again.

Mio was hit away severely.

“He dodged Summoning Magic?”

In face of something that was impossible, Kaguya issued a noise…This kind of swordsman was never seen before.

The speed of Barrett was equivalent to the speed of a rifle bullet. Just by a human’s nervous system, it was impossible to avoid.

“ <Magic-Eye Demon>…This was the nickname of Nii-sama, who was once a swordsman. An Iai swordsman could completely read the opponent’s breathing and muscle tension, then attack first while starting later. In Hayashizaki-Ryuu, he had completely refined his <Vision>.”

Next to Kaguya, Kanae smiled as if she was proud of her favorite brother.

“<Vision> ——How is it… Impossible. Are you saying that you are using Perceptibility Enhancement Magic!?”

“If it is a normal Iai swordsman, at the best, he could only read the breathing and muscle movement. But the Hayashizaki-Ryuu is more advanced, it will even read the flow of Magic Power completely. If you are able to read the flow of Magic Power, predicting the change from being idle and movement, the attack speed is not a problem. The instant an Iai master placed the sword facing it, he would have completely avoided it. Hayashizaki’s Iai has already surpassed Unyou [5]

“…A swordsman attached with Perceptibility Enhancement Magic that allows him to read the flow of Magic Power, this is impossible.”

Kaguya did not look down on swordsman. But objectively considering it, it should be impossible.

Through training the physical body, it allowed the Physical Enhancement Magic to be attached to his body, in theory, it exists.

Magic is developed based on imagination. Wanting a more powerful body…This kind of thought will allow Physical Enhancement Magic to be activated.

However, no matter how you train Iai, the Perceptibility Enhancement Magic which even lets Magic Power to be felt was unbelievable, there was no reason to get to this kind of high-level achievement.

“No matter what, a swordsman cannot beat Summoning Magic…The people who hold these kind of thoughts while training would definitely not be able to do it. Because they had already given up from the very beginning. However, we had treated the Summoning Magic as an imaginary enemy since the very beginning and performed training. We believe that our possibilities were endless. You say that it is impossible? But the Magic Power responded to our wishes.”

In the current world where Magic, which disregards the laws of physics, dictates, there was no such thing as impossible.

——If it is me, how would I deal with this kind of sword techniques, how would I obtain victory.

“…If it is me, I would chant a large-scale Magic that is impossible to avoid even after reading it.”

“Do you believe that Nii-sama and I would give you that much chanting time?”

If they were successfully able to close the gap, the swordsman’s close-range attacks would continuously attack.

Every time, Magic will be cut apart, the body will be exposed to the impact of Magic shattering.

Inside the storm of slashes, there was no task more difficult than keeping up the concentration and finishing the chant.

Although in the Academy, the Sword Division and Magic Division were confronting each other, but the proper fighting method of Magic Users was to chant while being guarded by swordsman.

“However, if it is Kanae-chan’s sword, it is unable to stop my chanting.”

Hearing Kaguya’s whisper, Kanae threw to her a glare that she did not believe that she would lose.

Even after being knocked by a slash, the A-Rank Amasaki Mio still calmly chanted a spell.

I don’t want to lose…! I can’t lose to this kind of Sword Techniques!!

Although she felt that it was impossible…But there was no doubt that this person used his eyes to avoid Barrett’s speed. Mio had made this kind of judgment. Thus, she began to chant something different than Barrett, Phenex’s Level 2 Magic.

That person pursued further on. He has already caught up.

“The Call from the Master of Flame, liberate the rage beneath the earth! Open up my fortress’s walls…Towering between heaven and earth, isolate all impurity! Flame Emperor Creation!!”

The so-called spell was a command to the Diva at Astrum to request for a Magic Phenomenon.

The Diva responded to this call and brought the Magic Phenomenon to this world ——Causing the World to be distorted.

A Magic Circle extended from Mio’s feet and radiate in all directions.

It let out a flash and became a big crack. Flames were sprayed out from there.

The flame wall that suddenly emerged from his feet —— It was impossible to dodge with his eyes.

That person, who pursued further on, had become a bug that rushed into fire.

Or so it should be ——But, Hayashizaki Kazuki seemed to have predicted the future. In front of the flames, he stepped on the brakes. Mio’s expression twisted again. It was really baffling.

“What method is he using to dodge it!?”

After the crack and the flames vanished, Kazuki rushed into her arms calmly.

Mio could not do anything but be sent flying by the silver flash…It was simply too fast.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 127.jpg

“W, Why!?” Then Mio was submerged in a storm of slashes ——

“Stop right here!”

Looking at Mio, whose Defense Magic was about to be exhausted, the referee, Koyuki, announced that it was over.

Mio sat powerlessly on the ground, her Magical Dress disintegrated and changed back to the school uniform.

“It’s my win…Please take back the insults you said to my foster father.”

The Sword Division students that were watching on the side issued loud applauses.

“…I see, so this is the true Ancient Style Sword Techniques.”

Kaguya whispered out in amazement, but it was denied by Kanae.

“It is not the problem of Styles. The Sword Division swordsman did not train with the goal of being able to defeat Summoning Magic. Even though Magic Power will respond to your thoughts. So, the Sword Division must change! This person or that person, all of them are deluded by the Divas and forgot the original power of humans!”

The Sword Division students cheers were boiling. The two Student Council Presidents surveyed the scene.

“Amazing…Being able to do this kind of exaggerated actions, there is actually someone else beside the President…”

As if he had lost his soul, the one who muttered was ranked 3rd of the students in the Student Council, Torazou Yamada, who had an inferiority complex towards the Magic Division. Looking at his expression, Kanae secretly snickered.

…No matter how strong she was, the surrounding people only treated her as an existence known as the <Storm Cat> that was outside the Magic Lands. There was basically no followers who truly think that <I can also become strong>.

Kanae was always alone. Kaguya was finally aware of this fact.

“…Fufufu, I’m looking forward to the <Division Competition>! Next time, it will be me and you who are on the stage!”

Hearing Kanae’s declaration, Kaguya also smiled…Indeed, it was something to look forward to.

Whether it was to fight against Kanae-chan…or the future growth of Otouto-kun…

It was a sense of anticipation that had been gone for a long time since she had defeated her former rival, Hoshikaze Hikaru, and had become invincible inside the Magic Division. After she found a strong enemy, Kaguya was thrilled.

To Kazuki, who wanted her to take back the words she said——Mio awkwardly muttered.

“No…I did not lose.”

“You just won’t give up! Hayashizaki-Ryuu is not weak, admit this to me!”

“No, no, no! Hayashizaki’s Sword or whatever is weaker than Summoning Magic by a lot! It is trash!”

“Even though we have dueled, why do you still treat it as trash up to this point!?”

This person, what kind of <Prejudice towards Hayashizaki-Ryuu> did she have?

Inside Mio’s eyes, little by little, tears began to drip out, causing Kazuki to be frightened. Crying is too despicable…!

“Speaking of which…Why can’t you remember who I am! Remember that for me! I…I’m Mio!? The Mio who had once lived with you at <Nanohana>!?”

Nanohana!? ——Could it be, Kazuki was suddenly speechless.

The instant his eyes met with Mio’s crying eyes, a figure of a small girl appeared inside Kazuki’s mind. The shadow of the face was consistent just like Magic. It was the sister-like girl, who had always followed behind him.

That person’s name is…Mio[6]. Give me a second, could it be that, Mio is Mio?

“Amasaki, you…could it be you’re Mio!?”

“Didn’t I just say it! Why didn’t you notice it, idiot!”

The surrounding audience felt confused “What is it, what is it” about the two people’s conversation.

“But Mio…should be a more honest and smaller child. Speaking of which, she should be smaller than me by two years!?”

“I am not small! I grew up since then!!”

Here, Kazuki suddenly remembered. The children at that place were mainly orphans whose birth was unknown. Aside from the obvious, newly born child, they basically used their body physiques to predict their age.

If Kazuki had dropped a grade and she rose a grade…Due to the Enigma, it was not impossible for her, who was originally smaller than her by two years, to suddenly become his classmate.

“Even though you left us and disappeared by yourself, why did you forget about me…Unbelievable, even though I remember clearly about the Hayashizaki Family that took you away…Uuuuuu…”

Mio finally cried. Kazuki’s mind was filled with guilt.

“How can I forget! Even now, the experience at Nanohana is still part of my important memories!! But I do not know the surname Amasaki, and Mio isn’t that uncommon of a name…”

Kazuki spluttered as he tried to find excuses. Speaking of which, Mio was an honest child. Right now, she was like another person. And he did not expect that she had become this beautiful…!

“…What are those two people talking about?”

“In the end, their relationship is very good?”

“Speaking of which, Hayashizaki Kazuki is overwhelmingly strong…What is this…”

With puzzled eyes, their classmates compared the private conversation between the two of them, which was unrelated to swords and Magic. This duel already had a completely different meaning.

“Just like your talent in swords was seen through, and you left us, my talent in Magic was also seen through and I was adopted by the Amasaki Family! Although I had gone up a grade, but it is also because of my efforts that I still became an A-Rank! My Summoning Magic is stronger than the likes of Hayashizaki-Ryuu!!”

So that was the reason why that person had strongly provoked Hayashizaki-Ryuu!

But, what kind of fate is this. Their talents in sword and Magic were both spotted and they finally met up again in this school of Sword and Magic!

“I…absolutely will not recognize Hayashizaki’s sword who snatched away my Kazu-nii!!”

Mio used her sleeve to wipe her tears, stood up and ran away.


Koyuki blew the final whistle.

“The winner is Hayashizaki Kazuki.” Koyuki said with a feeble voice.

Part 4[edit]

Mio ran back to her own room. After almost ripping her uniform, she threw it aside and only wore her underwear as she jumped onto the bed. She buried her face into the pillow and impulsively shed tears.

——After a short period of time, voice from the other Student Council members returned rang out.

But it was too shameless, she was too useless. Right now, she did not want to meet with them.

Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost! I Lost!!

…5 years ago, because Kazu-nii was strong, he disappeared from Nanohana.

So lonely. But after that, her own magic talent was spotted and she found herself an adoptive family.

When she thought that she was also a strong person, she felt that she was able to conquer her loneliness.

So, she thought, her own Magic…was stronger than the Hayashizaki’s sword by a lot…

However, she still lost…Too strong. And that person still did not change compared to the past…

…That person was like that since the beginning. No matter how much someone looks down upon himself, he would be indifferent. However, if the companions of Nanohana were looked down upon, it would seem as if he had completely turned into someone else and rage. He would often pick fights with the mean people.

Although the adults thought that Kazuki’s side of easily getting into fights were bad…But to us, who were still children, Kazu-nii was a reliable older brother.

Kazu-nii did not change. It seems like she, herself, who was arguing, was the idiot.

But that person, when I did my flashy self-introduction, and even waved to him, he did not recognize me.

Even though it was rare for the both of us to enter the Magic Division, he was still thinking about Hayashizaki’s sword techniques.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 133.jpg

Being able to meet him once again, actually she was very happy ——but she was so angry that she could not forgive him

She actually wanted to get closer to him and wanted to talk about the stories from the past…

——How long has it been since she had laid down on the bed depressed.

“Hey, Amasaki…Dinner is ready.”

A voice passed through the room’s door. It was an extremely awkward voice. However, from the voice, you could feel a different feeling than anger existed.

It was Kazu-nii’s gentle voice. But because of that…she wanted to behave in a more wilful manner.

“…The meals you made, I don’t want them!”

——But that person, who loves to be nosy, would definitely not allow this kind of unhealthy behavior of not eating dinner.

Just like the past. If he was to care about her, then perhaps he would not put her aside no matter what.

Even though she knew that this was not allowed, but she still embraced this kind of expectation.

I can’t leave her like this. If that person is Mio, then it is even more so.

Hearing her response, Kazuki thought. Being impulsive and missing a meal, how could I, who is the maid here, permit it. Thus, after taking a deep breath, he suddenly barged into the room.

“Not eating dinner is definitely not allowed! Quickly go eat!”

Opening the door with a violent momentum ——What appeared in front of his eyes was Mio, who was only wearing her underwear.

“Eh, you really camee!? Wait a minute…I did not say that I was still wearing this…!!”

The instant she panicked and got up from the bed, the two valleys in front of her chest bounced.

“…UWAHH!? Sorry!”

Although he was saying this, but his gaze was still attracted to it and he thought that he would be yelled at. However, Mio immediately wrapped a towel around her body and used the towel to cover her mouth. I do not know what she was muttering about.

“…Right now, do you still care about me…”

“…What are you saying? Who could hear what you are muttering across the towel.”

Just when Kazuki planned to leave the room, but because a red heart appeared from Mio’s body and flew over, he stayed there. Mio was like an arguing child, and she issued a weak voice.

“N, Nothing! I won’t eat dinner. I don’t want to eat the meals that you made.”

“I can’t just leave you alone, the senpais are all worried about you…Is it because you hate me and you don’t want to see me, so you do not want to go down?”

“Uuuuu. That’s right…I…am still angry at you…”

Mio used a mosquito-like sound and spoke to Kazuki through the towel.

…After being reunited, I had constantly hurt her and even dueled with her.

“I’m sorry…but please eat the dinner, I beg you. If you still feel that I’m an eyesore and will trouble you, then I will go outside today.”

“Eh!? I, I don’t want that!!”

Kazuki’s eyes widened. Mio revealed a “Shoot” expression and quickly corrected it.

“…I don’t hate that! That <Then, I don’t hate that> means that I don’t really hate that!” [7]

“A, Ahhh…What, so it is this meaning, it is really easy for it to be misunderstood.”

What, the unnatural separation between <hate> and <not>.

“But please don’t be mistaken. I do not…plan on treating you like the past! Don’t keep on treating me as your younger sister!!”

“The past is the past, now is now, huh. It feels a little bit lonely like this.”

“…You, even if it is the me right now, do you still care and worry about me?”

“Of course. I will definitely not permit you not eating dinner.”

Mio’s eyes widened. A red heart floated over from her chest. It was evidence that her positivity values increased. Is that so, although she was still angry, but he was not hated by her.

If that’s the case, then this person is definitely——just arguing and playing around.

“I…Is that so? You will still worry about me…But my stomach is really not hungry.”

“Then let’s do this. I will still be your slave like before.”

“Eh? E, Even though I had lost in the duel…?”

“…So, master, because your slave had made dinner, please go and eat it.”

After she froze for a while ——she understood Kazuki’s intentions and proudly straightened her chest.

“…I understand. There is no other way…Only because there is no other way! My stomach is completely not hungry. Because I am the master! I must reward my slave’s loyalty.”

“Ohhh, you must do that.”

He could only maintain this kind of relationship with her, who could not be straightforward until now.

However, if the positivity levels increase ——It should be possible to have a relationship like in the past.

The past is the past, now is now, even if they say it like this, it doesn’t mean that it is something that is lonely.

“Right, you are only a slave! Only a slave…So you must remain by my side from now on! Don’t make any strange misunderstandings and try to leave here!?”

“I know, being able to stay at Witch’s House is nice.”

Mio constantly nodded her head in agreement. Another red heart flew out.

Come down early, saying this, Kazuki left the room.

“…Right, tomorrow’s bento, you don’t have to make it.”

“Eh? Are we going to the canteen?”

“I’ll make it for you…Although you are my slave, but I am the one who lost.”

The next day’s lunch. Just like yesterday, Leme and Mio gathered around Kazuki’s seat.

The thing that Mio prepared was karaage.

“…Right, how did they make the taste in Nanohana? About that, I had constantly wanted to make the same thing and practiced in Amasaki Family, but I could not do it well.”

…What, as expected it is a taste from your memories as well.

“About that, the seasoning placed in advance is the key. Okay, next time we make it, you should also wear a maid outfit!”

“What, what’s with that happy expression. Are you that happy cooking together with your master? I will absolutely not wear it, that idiotic outfit.”

Kazuki could not help but let his emotions rise, Mio seemed to sulk and said some hateful words.

“About that, Amasaki-san…Can I ask, in the end, your relationship is indeed very good?”

The surrounding people incredulously looked at the bento that Kazuki was eating, which was made by Mio.

“So I said don’t be mistaken! This guy is only a slave!!…Only <My Slave>. Although this guy is an E-Rank sword idiot…if anybody weaker than me dares to look down upon him, I will absolutely not forgive them!”

Mio issued out a roar to all the people in the classroom.

If she made this kind of declaration, only Koyuki, who was the same A-Rank, could talk back.

…This person, is she protecting me?

“W, What are you looking at? Quickly eat!”

She used her chopsticks, picked up a karaage and said “Eat quickly!” and placed it in front of him.

“…Don’t suddenly do things like <Ah ——n>”, Kazuki felt troubled.

“I, I did not plan on doing it! This is only a feeling similar to feeding a dog!”

“Isn’t their relationship extremely good…They have completely entered their own world…”

“Forget it, if it is us, no matter at this time, we would not win against either of them.”

“…Speaking of which, he was really cool, Hayashizaki-kun’s Iai slash.”

“Right! I remembered, I remembered it!! Running while pulling it out!!”

The atmosphere surrounding Kazuki had changed. And Mio, who he had not been able to understand, now, he finally understood the nature of her attitude.

“What are you laughing at secretly over there?”

“No, I just feel happy. From now on, please take care of me.”

“Yes. Why are you happy? I did not do anything that would make you happy…Forget it, since there is no helping it, I will also be with you from now on.”

Although she was still talking back, Mio’s face still revealed a slight smile. It seems like her honest feelings were involuntarily revealed ——

At this moment, somewhere near Mio's chest issued out a light. Looking at the surprised Kazuki, even the person involved, Mio, revealed <What is it?> an incredulous expression. The light finally turned into a key —— and directly entered Kazuki’s ring.

This was what Leme had said, a key to their hearts…

——From that moment on, Kazuki was no longer a useless Stigma Magic User.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. He actually said maid here. Just so you know, he is not female.
  2. 神魔 = Diva. Diva is formed by using the characters of God + Demon.
  3. Baal is the Principal King of Hell. He is depicted as a man or a bull and is the 1st Demon of the 72 Pillars of Solomon.
  4. A Japanese dish.
  5. A speed unit. Mentioned in Vol 1, Chapter 1.
  6. The words used for Mio are different. Mio’s name is originally 美桜, but the current spot usesミオ.
  7. It is a bit confusing here but the first half of the phrase (Earlier sentence) means that she is unwilling to let Kazuki leave the room, but the last half (Current Sentence) means that she does not care if Kazuki leaves.

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