Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - Love Simulation[edit]

“Right, let’s make curry tonight. I suddenly want to eat a curry that has lots of sweet cheese inside. The one that was made previously in Nanohana Institution. It’s decided!”

“Curry, is it…I have often made it before. However, it wouldn’t work well with tomorrow’s bento.”

“Isn’t it fine if you make a curry bento? Just use Magic to heat it up. This is the master’s command! Potatoes~, Carrots~, Onions~♪”

Mio hummed a short song as she placed the vegetables into the shopping basket.

When Kazuki went to buy ingredients for dinner, Mio happily followed.

After the lunch break, her arguing attitude reappeared and she was also in a good mood.

Inside the Knights Academy’s huge campus , there were shops that sell ingredients for the students that wanted to make their own food.

“Moss[1] ♪, If it’s meat, then it’s definitely chicken, right!?” She held a box and laughed.

“I’ll comply with your orders, master.”

After bringing the selected goods to the cashier, Kazuki used the Student Council President’s <Food Budget> to pay the bill.

“I’ll give this to you, this is you, who is a slave, should be responsible for!”

Mio deftly placed the goods into the plastic bag, then she shoved it into Kazuki’s hand.

The two bulging plastic bags filled up both of Kazuki’s hand.

“What~, do you have any opinions?”

“I did not say that it was bad. And from the beginning, I did not plan on letting a girl carry the items.”

“Is it heavy? Because a lot of vegetables has been put in, so it must be very heavy, right~?”

“This level of heaviness is nothing, I have always been training, so it is not a problem.”

“You are overexerting yourself! It can’t be helped~! As your master, I should still help you.”

Mio held onto a handle of the plastic bag in Kazuki’s left hand, so it became a situation where two people were lifting up one bag…Just like they were walking while holding hands.

Conveying the fact that she did not truly treat Kazuki as a slave to him.

However, to her, who was still displaying a stubborn position of <Not forgiving Kazuki>, maintaining the master and slave relationship is the most natural way to get along.

Through the graph——Mio’s positivity levels was displaying 67.

On their way back to the Witch’s House, they coincidently met with their classmates.

“Amasaki-san and him…As expected, their relationship is really good. Just like a couple or perhaps just like a married couple.”

“W, Wait a minute! It is all your fault because you revealed a comfortable expression when you are together with me, which led to me being misunderstood! You should at least wave your tail towards your master!”

Mio hurriedly argued with Kazuki.

“Wait, from the beginning, weren’t you the one that displayed a happy expression?”

“W, When did I? This is a very normal expression! I am always this calm and beautiful!”

“You were singing a song earlier. If that isn’t being happy, then what should I call it?”

“That is different! That is…only a normal vegetable song! Because I like vegetables so that’s why I sang, it is only like this! Being happy because I am with you, how is it possible!”

Mio forcibly grabbed the plastic bag from Kazuki’s hand and hugged the vegetables inside tightly.

“I love vegetables! When I grow up, I will marry an onion on a white horse!!”

This person just said something incredible.

“When we get back, we would need to slowly cook the vegetables using a pot.”

“Why do you have to do such a cruel thing!? Bastard!”

“Ahaha…How should I put it, I wish you two happiness.”

The classmates gave a bitter smile and left.

“This is all your fault, causing them to misunderstand and leave! Idiot!!”

However, Mio was not truly angry. And a Black Skull did not fly out either.

“Listen to me, Hikaru. The two of them seemed to be like a newlywed couple. Otouto-kun cuts the vegetables and Mio-chan will place the cut vegetables into the bowl…The first time the two of them worked together is here!”

“Ah, when they are working together and their hands touch each other, the two of them will be shocked…How nice, I also long for such a sweet scene.”

“The two of them are very happy.”

When Kazuki and Mio were making food in the kitchen, three gazes were secretly watching them.

“…Hey, you, think of a plan. The misunderstanding has deepened.”

“How can I think of a plan, they are our senpais.”

Kazuki quickly looked behind. The ones secretly watching were the two senpais and Koyuki.

…If it was Kazuki, he actually would want to let Koyuki join in.

“Amasaki, try this taste.”

“Um…Great! As expected from the thing that I made! This curry will be deemed Golden Mio-sama curry! If cheese was placed as a topping…Then it is the best!”

“Don’t just casually choose a name, master.”

But because Mio wanted a sweet taste, so in the end, it became a curry that had enormous amounts of sweet miso, onions, bananas, apples and honey. Although this person really likes it…

“To others, it may be slightly too sweet. Oi——Eh, Hiakari-san!”

“…What is it, Kazuki”. Koyuki, who was still wearing the stimulating shirt like before, walked over.”

“Try tasting this curry as well.”

“If everybody thinks the taste is fine, then there is no need to specially tailor the taste for me.”

“Please don’t say this kind of nonsense. I also hope that you are one of the ones that are happy as well.”

Kazuki forcibly moved the spoon over. Although she had a confused expression, but she still ate it.

“…It is slightly too sweet. But in general, it is still very delicious.”

“Hiakari-san enjoys eating spicy right? Then if we were to add a bit of red pepper, would the taste be enough?”

“Hey you, aren’t your taste too weird!? You actually picked faults with this Mio-chan’s professionalcreamytopchilisaucecurry-sama!”

“Hey, the name is completely different…Then I’ll move only mine and Amasaki’s portion to a small pot and make it a little spicier for the others.”

“Ah, you also enjoy eating sweet.”

Another red heart flew out.

This person’s positively level is currently rising exponentially. It seems to be because of food.

“Ah, speaking of which, there is something that I would like to discuss with Mio-chan and Koyuki-chan.”

Kaguya-senpai let out a sound as if she had just remembered something and walked into the kitchen.

“It is related to Inter-Division Competition on next week’s Saturday. A first-year must also participate. Since the two of you have successfully made a contract, Mio-chan and Koyuki-chan, which one should we send out? Since Mio-chan had fought before, then is it okay if it’s Koyuki-chan debut this time?”

The so-called Inter-Division Competition was an event that the senpais were recently preparing.

It seems to be the case…that it is a large-scaled exhibition event hosted by the Magic and Sword Division Student Council with ordinary civilians and freshmen spectating.

“I will obey to senpai’s arrangements…”

Although she said that she would obey, but Mio frowned. Actually, she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to be redeemed for her previous failure.

——Just at this moment, a large roar came from the outside.

“Nii-sama Nii-sama——! Why is Nii-sama! Nii-sama at this kind of place——!!”

Then, *PATA*! The door was opened.

Everybody hurried to the entrance and could only see a breathless Kanae standing there.

“Nii-sama! Why are you living at this kind of place!? When I asked the teachers before, they said that they have arranged a residence outside of the campus, so I was assured!”

“How aggressive, causing me to think what happened. So it was about that. Because of various things, I cannot use the residence outside. Thus, senpai sheltered the homeless me.”

“How is that fine! Nii-sama, who has already reached that kind of age, is actually living with another woman besides me…About that, too dirty…As expected, Nii-sama should immediately transfer to the Sword Division!”

“Give me a minute, Kanae-chan! By now, who would agree with the transfer to the Sword Division! I have also participated in on this matter, this was the result of the Magic Division Staff Meeting!”

“That’s not the case. The Magic Division Staff Members’ thinking changed again…Because of the duel before.”

Kanae seemed to be boasting of her victory and revealed a smile. That smile seemed to give off a bad feeling to others.

“What does that mean about their thinking changed?”

“In fact, the amount of teachers that recognized Nii-sama’s strength as a swordsman has increased, it seems that the opinion of transferring to the Sword Division is the majority now. I, as the Sword Division Student Council President, have already begun collecting signatures…And have obtained signatures from more than half of the staff room, including the Director. So long as he wants to, he can always change profession!”

“Signatures!? It has already been put into action!?”

The tension at the Witch’s House suddenly rose. Kanae’s actions were not simply her bro-con acts, but it was an action that also accompanied her role as the Sword Division Student Council President.

Kanae fiercely grabbed onto Kazuki’s hand.

“Come, Nii-sama, let us head to the Sword Division, let us head together to our love nest!”

However, Kazuki coldly shook off Kanae’s hand.

“Kanae, I will remain in the Magic Division. I do not want to end this as the identity of the worst one and this place has already become an important place to me…Just like the Hayashizaki Family.”

“W…What are you saying? Nii-sama actually rejected me…”

“Don’t think that you can continue to be so willful. We are both high school students now.”

“Nii-sama won’t listen to your Onee-chan words!?”[2]

“Don’t just become the Onee-chan when it is convenient for you!”

Kanae seriously became stubborn. Kazuki used a severe attitude and confronted Kanae.

“Nii-sama? Onee-chan?…Their relationship is impossible to understand.

“…As expected, it should be some kind of perverted play…”

Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki were confused. Next time, he must clearly explain it to them…

“However, no matter what Nii-sama says, this has already obtained the consent of the staff room!”

“You…did not even ask me for my opinion, why do you casually do such a thing!”

“This is the action that I have done as the Student Council President, so it is unrelated to Nii-sama!”

“Wait a minute. You, although I do not know whether you are Onee-chan or Imouto, but from the very beginning, what willful things are you saying to my Kazu-nii…No, my slave!? This person is mine!”

Mio and Kanae confronted each other. Kanae turned her gaze towards Mio, changed her expression and stared at her.

The past imouto from his adopted family who is also the current onee-chan from his adopted family and the past imouto, who is also the current master, were opposing each other.

“…What, do you have a problem, first year. If we have to resort to you Magic Division’s favorite meritocracy to solve this, then that is also fine. I will let you experience a shameful result that is even more powerful than the one with Nii-sama’s duel…!”

Kanae placed her hand onto the handle of her sword and released a murderous atmosphere through her Physical Enhancement.

Mio felt afraid and retreated, but in order to protect her, Kaguya-senpai inserted herself between the two of them.

“But, since otouto-kun’s level in sword techniques is already superb, it is pointless for him to go to the Sword Division. If he is to remain in the Magic Division, the things he will be able to obtain is much more.”

“Even if Nii-sama, himself, will not learn anything, but the influence he gives to the others is unparalleled. Nii-sama’s existence will give the students, who felt inferior to the Magic Division, courage! Nii-sama is just like the sun!”

“…That is the same for the Magic Division! If the Magic Division has someone like Otouto-kun, then they will further recognize sword techniques and the Sword Division! I plan on training this child to become a Magic Swordsman that would connect the Magic Division and the Sword Division!”

The Magic Division and Sword Division Student Council President engaged in a fierce battle around Kazuki.

“Your way of thinking may indeed have some truth. But that premise can only be established if Nii-sama can use Summoning Magic. But Nii-sama can’t use Summoning Magic.”

Kazuki felt a slight chill within his heart. He did not mention Leme’s ability to anyone. Everybody still thought that he was powerless…But in the earlier lunch break, he had obtained a <Key> from Mio.

Although he had not tested it yet… Whether or not he is able to use Summoning Magic.

“Ultimately, this place is not where Nii-sama, who cannot use Summoning Magic, should stay.”

“The Witch’s House is a very good place to stay for Otouto-kun. This kind of thing should not be denied by an outsider like you!”

“You actually said that I, as Nii-sama’s Onee-chan and Imouto, am an outsider!?…Hmm, since we said up to this point, then please prove Nii-sama’s Magic to me.”

Kanae seemed to speak as if she had prepared it in advance.

“…Prove? How should we prove it?”

“The 3 Rounds of the Division Competition held next week, please let Nii-sama participate. Let Nii-sama duel with the assassin that I, the Student Council President, have prepared and prove his Magic talent!”

Assassin…!? Just at this moment, a strange sound came from the outside.

“Kanae~, please wait~”

Then, *patapata*, the footstep sounds stopped at the entrance.

“Uwah…Entering the Witch’s House seems to be scary…I want to escape. But if I escape, I will make Kanae mad.”

“Fufufu, she really came at the right time. This person is the Student Council Vice-President, who will become Nii-sama’s opponent in the competition. She is my best friend, close confidant and number one disciple, Kamiizumi Iori!”

“As expected, it’s scary~. I’m going back. I’m running away.”

“Wait a minute! I-chan, you did not even come in, isn’t that too much!?”

“UWAHH!? I already came in! I came in that much!”

Using a timid way of opening the door, a girl, with a doll’s hair, stuck her face inside.

She quickly looked at the situation around the entrance and her entire body began to tremble.

“The instant I entered, everybody’s gaze seems to be especially piercing!?”

“…Forget it. Although this person’s personality is just like a newly born deer, but her skill in swords is real. If Nii-sama does not use a sword and only uses Summoning Magic to defeat this person, then I will admit the fact about Nii-sama’s Magic talent.”

“Because I defeated Summoning Magic before with only a sword, now this time, I have to defeat the sword with Summoning Magic!?”

“Ehhhhhhh!? What is this about! Kanae, I did not hear about such a thing!?”

“If you heard about it, then you would not come over here.”

“Yes, I absolutely would not! About this, I am certain about it!! Why would I come!!”

“…Since you said the word disciple. Kanae, did you teach this Iori-senpai the Hayashizaki-Ryuu?”

“Within a period of one year, I have taught her Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s <Reading Intent, Seeing Magic and Instant God>.”

In other words, she is able to detect intents, perceive the flow of Magic Power and move as swift as the wind.

Kazuki secretly glanced at Iori-senpai’s legs that extended from her skirt. The two legs are the same as Kanae’s, it was as tough as an antelope. Just through that, he understood.

If it was a straightforward one on one duel, a simple attacking Magic like Barrett would basically never hit.

“How one-sided…”

“Don’t say it is one-sided, this side has already obtained over half of the staff room’s support. This is already giving a compromise. Why should Nii-sama, who cannot use Summoning Magic, stay at this kind of place?”

Can I really use Summoning Magic? Did I really forge a connection with Amasaki…?

Just then unease flashed through Kazuki’s brain. But even so, his own attitude was firm.

I…want to remain here! Kazuki was filled with a powerful emotion and stared at Iori-senpai.

“I, I am not that great of a swordsman~. T, The comments coming from the world is terrifying~”

“Let us go back, I-chan. If we do not head back soon, Torazou will begin to make irresponsible remarks.”

“Let’s go back, let’s go back! Ehehe, then we will leave first~”

“Otonashi Kaguya. This year’s Inter-Division Competition, I will use the victory from this person and I to obtain the final victory…”

Kanae fearlessly laughed and left together with Iori-senpai. Kaguya-senpai was dumbfounded.

“…We really were put up. We are dragged into a battle that we cannot lose, even the Inter-Division Competition has become favorable to the Sword Division. Although Kanae-chan seems to be very simple, but she actually has this side, it is really impossible to measure.”

“…Right, there is something I would like to tell everyone.”

Hoshikaze-senpai said with a solemn tone. Her expression was very serious.

“…From the kitchen…A burning smell is coming out…”

——This time, Kazuki remembered that he placed the pot on top of the fire to heat it up and hurried to the kitchen.

Because only the small pot with sweet curry was being heated up on top of the fire, the only victim was Mio, who cried.

× × ×


After the Spell’s Chant, the Stigma on his left hand issued an orange light. At the same time, an illusion of wings wrapped in flames appeared behind Kazuki and released a flame bullet.

The small stone that was placed as the target was crushed. Mio pursed her lips.

“Actually using the same Magic as me, how arrogant…”

——After trying it out for a bit, he was successfully able to use Mio’s Summoning Magic.

“It’s true. Leme-chan’s ability is to <Copy Other Diva’s Ability>!”

Kaguya-senpai seemed to have become happy as if it was about herself.

Kazuki confessed the truth to everyone that Leme is not powerless.

However, the detail about <The amount of Magic that he is able to use increases when he forms a better relationship with girls> was kept secret from them.

This was also Liz Liza-sensei’s instruction.

“The condition is utterly preposterous…What an outrageous Diva.”

Kazuki believed that he is unable to keep that secret anymore and headed to Liz Liza-sensei to explain everything.

If he was able to use numerous Diva’s Summoning Magic in the future, it will become impossible to conceal Leme’s special nature.

“The reason that I was able to obtain the Heart’s Key from Amasaki…Although I said that it is positivity levels, but I believe it is not limited to the feelings of love. Friendship and Family Love is also included. Because I am old acquaintances with that person, so I will not fight to become the Harem King that Leme mentioned, but rather aim to become a Friendship King!”

“Friendship between male and females, huh…I think that although friendship and love are different things, but it is also not completely separate…After the relationship becomes more intimate, even if you were initially planning to be just friends, but it will naturally become that. I, Isn’t that type of relationship like that?”

After Liz Liza-sensei slightly blushed, she let out a dry cough.

“B, But my own perspective in love should not matter. Only that we have to think of a plan to hide Leme’s special nature away from others. Among the teachers, there are many people who do not trust Leme as they do not know her true identity. Right now, it is still the best to make them think that she is not that powerful of a Diva. Right…You should just say that <She is able to copy Lower Level Summoning Magic>.”

“…But why is it only Phenex, why can’t you use my Asmodeus?”

“About that, perhaps it’s a problem with compatibility.”

Kazuki immediately hid the truth, but Kaguya-senpai suddenly became depressed.

“…Is my compatibility with Otouto-kun bad? That’s a severe blow…”

“B, But if I practice, then it will certainly become possible to be used!”

On the other side, Mio issued a protest to Kazuki. But compared to the thoughts that was said out from her mouth, a tiny red heart flew out from her chest. The value displayed on the graph also slightly increased to 70.

“But Otouto-kun’s chanting speed is too slow. The time that you spent was probably twice as much as Mio-chan. You must work hard on this aspect!”

The four steps for Summoning Magic, if it had to be said, each of them respectively points to Telepathic Magic towards the Diva. Because it was an area he was not good at, the difference in skill was suddenly revealed.

And, the Magical Dress was not just a simple decoration. It also has the power to assist the connection between the Diva.

Kazuki did not have the original Magical Dress, so that might become an unfavorable condition as well.

“Forget it…Since we use the same Magic, then I will accompany you for your practice!”

Mio used her palm to pat Kazuki’s back in order to encourage him.

But…if it was only Barrett, it is unlikely for him to win against that opponent.

If you practice more, then the amount of Magic you can use increases. This argument may not be true.

——I currently am lying to everyone. And using the excuse of practicing with me, I must increase everybody’s positivity levels…

After launching consecutive Barretts, because of the stress and Magic Power depletion, Kazuki was tired and nearly fell down.

“…But, you cannot just rest during the resting period. Quickly go conquer that girl, go ask her out! GO GO!”

Inside the mind of Kazuki, who was resting, Leme’s used the method of telepathy to send her voice over. The thing that Leme was concerned about was that <This time, he must become serious!> and she was overjoyed.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, go invite her to a date and increase the positivity levels in one go!” Today is Saturday, the Inter-Division Competition was next week’s Saturday. If he really wanted to let himself be able to use higher level Summoning Magic within this week, then indeed, tomorrow was the best opportunity.

A so-called date…It should be fine if he moved based on the feelings of playing together with friends.

But if he was to re-invite her to play, how should he do it?

Kazuki sat down on a bench. Speaking of which, his current Spiritual Power was completely drained.

“…Oh, because your positivity levels are already high enough, so the other side is coming over.”

Lifting his head——Mio was currently standing in front of Kazuki who was lying on the bench, tired.

“This is for you, you must be thirsty after chanting spells for so long? Drink some orange juice.”

She handed over a cold plastic bottle.

Kazuki could not help but stare intently at Mio’s face. Her face had delicate features. The mouth that keeps talking wildly, even without lipstick, it was still a rose-color. It slightly trembled——As expected, she was really cute.

Strange, an abnormal feeling was produced.

“W, What. Managing the slave’s health is also the master’s job. Be grateful to this gentle master! Really, what are you looking at! Hey!!”

After being stared by Kazuki like that, Mio was slightly dumbfounded.

“…Anyways, Summoning Magic is unexpectedly hard to use. I originally thought that I was handing it over to the Diva only, in the end, I had practiced consecutively for a few hours. It feels that my Spiritual Power is completely consumed…”

“If you fully exhaust your Magic Power today, it will enter the recovery period tomorrow. So please work harder now.”

Once Magic Power was used to the limits, it must spend some time before it fully recovers.

“Then let’s go play normally during the weekend.”

“…Speaking of which, this is the first weekend since school started.”

Mio took the initiative to change the topic.

“We used to always play together. Kazu-nii would always refuse to let me go and bring me around…I was always thinking what a hopeless brother.”

“Hey, wait a moment. It isn’t like that. It was you, who was always following behind me and running around recklessly. Like when I want to go outside to play, you would begin to cry and yell out “No No”. Then you would always pester me to draw or sing, I remember it clearly. I will not play that kind of game with you.”

“T, That’s not how it happened! Kazu-nii, you idiot!! L, Leaving that aside…Speaking of which, I am free this weekend.”

Mio drank her own orange juice while looking at Kazuki.

“You seemed to be very free as well. Leme told me. “Even though Leme doesn’t have time, but the contractor seems to want to play with Leme, how troublesome. You should just substitute Leme and accompany him to play”.”

Kazuki was surprised and issued out a “Haah!?” sound.

Inviting a tiny child to play, doesn’t it make him seem like a very severe Lolicon!?”

“You, since you are bored to the extent that you will play with little children, you should at least tell me.”

“I did not say such words! Even if it’s me, I still have something to do!”

“Idiot! Even though Leme arranged it for you, what are you saying!”

“HAAH!? About how you’re not busy, in other words…you really wanted to play together with that young girl!?”

“W, Who would! I am not a lolicon nor a siscon!”

“Right now we are not discussing about the sister topic!”

Speaking of which…Why is that person so angry? Logically speaking, there is no reason for her to be angry.

“That person is saying, she wants you to invite her out to play.”

…Is that so? Mio sipped her orange juice and from time to time observed Kazuki’s expression. Seeing Kazuki fall silent, “Uuuu~!”she pursed her lips.

Looks like he must take initiative and invite her out. But what should he say?

“Still thinking what you should do…Just invite her out on a date! The romantic type!”

“Hey, hey, Glutton Amasaki. Tomorrow is Sunday, should we eat a meal together?”

“Who would use this method as an invitation, idiot! The romantic portion is hopelessly inadequate!”

“What, you actually said that I am a glutton!? Why do I have to be treated as a glutton by you!?”

“Because whenever it comes to food, you would become very happy.”

Although he thought that this path was correct, but Mio had a dull expression and let out a black skull.

“Hmph, speaking of which, why should I go out to play with a person like you!”

“…Didn’t you just say you were free during the weekend?”

“I am free, but there is no reason that I must go out with you to play!”

Mio suddenly turned around. It feels like she had said a lot of incomprehensible words.

“…However, if you have any suitable reason…Then it is not impossible for me to accompany you.”

“Kazuki! She is testing you! If this is inside a Galge, then it is the result of your selection!”

…What is she testing me on? I did not play a Galge before.

“Then, I want to give my gratitude to you for making a bento for me before. It was really delicious.”

“What gratitude. I said that I made the bento because I lost. Don’t keep mentioning about the past.”

“And…There is something from before I would like to apologize for.”

Before, he was unable to recognize that Mio was Mio.

“If it was to apologize about that time…If it is only such an extent, I would not forgive you.”

Mio pursed her lips and turned to the side.

“About that time, I am really sorry! So I will wholeheartedly serve you as a slave tomorrow! Just for tomorrow, no matter what, master…No, princess-sama, I will listen~”

Princess-sama, this word seems to have caused Mio to tremble.

But Mio still retreated a bit, as if she had seen through Kazuki’s intentions and asked.

“Why are you trying so hard?…Do you really want to go on a date with me?”

Damn, I was too persistent and it caused her to become suspicious?

“No, this must be tsundere. Because she felt unease, so she wanted you to attack more proactively.”

“Why?…Why must you put so much effort? Do you really want to go on a date with me?”

As if she felt unease, Mio asked again. Then indeed… “Okay let me try again” ,“Work Harder”, “Just go and do it!”, these phrases were often seen in the movies.

In front of Kazuki, the positivity level graph that only Kazuki could see appeared. The positivity levels increased from 70 to 75. If that’s the case——He should be able to do it, right?

“I want to become even more intimate than before with Mio!”

He already did not use reason for his excuse. Kazuki only said the truth out.

“!? J, Just now y…you called me Mio!”

Damn, I could not help but call her name directly.

“I, Is that so? Just like before…So y,you would invite…Hmph. Is it like that?”

He originally thought that he would be scolded by her, but in the end, Mio only “Ehehe” and relaxed her expression.

“It can’t be helped…If you are so willing to treat me as a princess-sama and accompany me, then I will go out and play together with you! But, this is not a date, don’t be mistaken!!”

Floating out was the red hearts again.

Amasaki Mio ——78 Otonashi Kaguya —— 59 Hiakari Koyuki —— 41 Hoshikaze Hikaru——34

“The numbers are slowly increasing. Then tomorrow is the date! Well done, Our King!”

After returning to his room, Leme comforted Kazuki. No, she already said it wasn’t a date…

“…Speaking of which, what on earth happened with your appearance. And, didn’t your size increase a bit?”

Leme, who materialized in front of Kazuki, was wearing a never-seen-before ethnic style dress. But the clothes were quite shabby. Her height had also become around the same age as a primary student.

“The positivity levels that was obtained from Mio let Leme grow up slightly! Being summoned completely naked was also due to the lack of strength. With the growth, Leme will also retrieve an appropriate appearance. In other words, this is Lemegeton Level 2! Okay, you will need to prepare how to deal with tomorrow’s event, so today, let’s go to sleep!”

Leme happily dragged Kazuki to the bed.

Is that so, this person was also growing slightly.

…Eh? Even though that she is obviously growing, but she still needs to hug him while sleeping?

× × ×

“I hate being watched by the senpais as we leave.”

Because Mio said this, so they specifically looked for a place to meet.

The two of them would leave at different times and meet up in front of the Square’s fountain. Kazuki arrived first and after feeling a bit embarrassed, Mio happily trotted over.

Once she arrived, Mio used a finger and pointed at Kazuki.

“Listen carefully, I have said this from the start, this is not a date!”

It should be like that. After all, we’re not in such a relationship. Kazuki expressed his agreement.

“Although it is not a date, if you are going to serve me to apologize for the past and for the usual gratitude, then I will accept it. Just for today, you will have to treat me like a princess-sama and serve me well!…I’m looking forward to it!”

Mio was wearing a casual, spring-styled dress and cardigan, which was gently floating around. However, on her feet, she was wearing slightly heavy boots. The sweet and spicy balance, it was very appropriate for her personality. She was also wearing a necklace that glowed around her neck.

“…That is feather-shaped.”

Shining in front of her chest, it was an Indian accessory that was like a feather.

“Your eyes are not bad. This is very similar to Phenex!…You’re appearance is too plain! Tooo plain!!…But your body is firmly built, perhaps it is better for you to dress more simple. Yes…In total, I should still praise you.”

“For boy clothing, as long as it is easy to move in, then it does not matter.”

“If you were to use the fashion magazine’s ad phrase for the street “…Only a warrior’s body can be permitted to wear as simple as concise spaghetti”. It is that kind of feeling.”

Her eyes sparkled. Kazuki did not know how to respond.

“…You, don’t just occasionally use food to make a weird metaphor.”

“Okay, let’s go! The quality of the shop that you bring a female to will decide your quality as a male!”

Mio happily said. Okay, let’s go. Kazuki took a step forward——

“Speaking of which, this is wrong!?”

Suddenly, criticisms and black skull flew from behind. Did he suddenly make a mistake?

“Wait, why are you walking in front like in a march! Didn’t you say that you will treat me like a princess-sama for a day? What are you thinking!? Now quickly escort me!”

“E, Escort!? Escort is…What should I do!?”

Treating her to a meal, listening to whatever she says, isn’t that enough!?

“You scatterbrain…First of all, let me hold onto your arm and walk~”

Mio quickly moved next to Kazuki’s side. Although it did not matter, but when she rushed over, her appearance when her dress and cardigan was flapping like in a dance was really cute.

Thus, she held onto Kazuki’s arm.

Their arms were linked with each other. Mio’s body tightly leaned over and a soft feeling came.

“…Wait, you, did you just twitch? And your face is slightly red?”

“I, It is not red. I, who have trained as a swordsman, would not be thrown in disarray because of being held in the arm!”

“Hmph, what swordsman…As expected, if it is only holding arms, it cannot be called as an escort. We are not children anymore, if you wish to escort me, then naturally we have to do up to this extent.”

Mio temporarily released their linked up arms and let Kazuki’s left hand hold onto her waist.

Thus, it became a form where Kazuki was hugging a girl’s waist. In order to cope with this, Mio also pressed her body closer.

“W…We have to walk like this!?”

Doesn’t it become two people embracing each other as they walk!?

…Is this really not a date!?

“Fufu~ah, your face, is becoming more red! What training as a swordsman, the Hayashizaki-Ryuu isn’t that good!!”

“Aren’t you also blushing!? Your cheeks are as red as apples!”

“Hehehe, this is the <Escort> for Princess-sama! Okay, let’s go!!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 162.jpg

As if she was feeling extremely pleased, Mio swung her hand and took the first step.

While Tokyo was the foundation for politics, at the same time, it is a <Workshop> for Alchemy.

Inside the workshop, various products that did not exist previously were produced through alchemy.

Alchemy——The Alchemy that was passed down traditionally through the ancient times were irregular occurrences that could not be explained through science. It was a product that was repeatedly tested thousands or millions of times throughout the years or decades.

In the current generation, through Normal Magic, the efficiency for Alchemy’s operations has increased.

Perceptibility Enhancement Magic could feel the particles of the matter and by using Psychokinetic Magic or Pyrokinesis Magic, it could move, change, and restructure —— Just like lead becoming into gold——and transform it into a completely different matter.

The alchemy technique that breaks down the matters’ particles is called <Alcahest>.

The Alchemists did not join any companies but rather construct their own workshop. After Tokyo was destroyed by the Illegal Magic Users, this city was revived through the Alchemy gathered by the Workshop.

At the workshop, clothes and accessories that had alchemy used on them, were on sale. There are also restaurants that use Magic that causes the ingredients’ quality to change through the process called <Alchemy Cooking>——It has also become a dating site for the youths.

When Kazuki and Mio were walking in the streets, they were aware of some kind of gaze…What was it?

“What, why are you looking around? Please escort me properly.”

“Ah, no…nothing.”

The streets in the vicinity still remained as ruins and have not been rebuilt. If they slightly walk into an alley, the public security would worsen.

At this kind of place, there were often cases where Illegal Magic Users did sneak attacks on the Knights or the Magic Division Students——In other words, the people that carry Stigma. It is often referred to as a case called <Stigma Hunting>.

In the recent years, the amount of Stigma Hunting has increased. It was said to be terrorist attacks targeting the Knights for being exclusive to Summoning Magic.

…Because of that, while walking in the streets, it is still best to hide the Stigma. However, the difference with an Enigma is that a Stigma would expand throughout the skin. Thus, many people are unable to hide it.

Mio also seemed to be leaving a mistake uncorrected and making the best out of it. From the dress that revealed the back, you could see the Stigma. It feels like Mio treated the Stigma as part of a decoration to match her clothing.

…Because they were heading out to play, so he did not bring his sword. This may be a blunder.

“Ah, a cat! There’s a cat!” The moment Mio issued out a sound, the white cat crossed in front of their eyes.

Directly in front of their gaze was also that cat.


Mio suddenly let her head lean upon Kazuki’s shoulder and issued a strange sound.

"…I, It’s a joke. I only wanted to try how that feels…"

“Do you often visit this store? Although this place should be very far from Hayashizaki’s Family.”

After finishing eating the Italian cuisine, Mio wiped her mouth with the napkin and asked.

“Because I wanted my family to eat delicious meals, I would visit many shops on my rest days with the little amount of pocket money I have in order to hone my cooking techniques. Alchemy Cooking feels like it is a life.”

“…You, aside from Sword Techniques, you also maintain a high degree of self-control. Although it is really delicious.”

Towards the Italian restaurant that exuded a playful atmosphere, Mio seemed to be very satisfied.

“Our shop is currently hosting a couple-limited event, I was wondering what you think about it?”

The waitress that was already recovering the clean dishes said to them.

“Wait…We are not a couple…”

“Our shop’s special cream cheesecake would be provided for free!”

“If we can eat this, then why not pretend to be one?”

Mio probably was embarrassed as they were treated as a couple and lowered her head.

The waitress also brought the cake over shortly.

Although it was not as big as a birthday cake, but it was still a round cake that has not been cut apart.

Beside it was a piping bag with a red sauce.

“This is…strawberry sauce or what is in it? And there is also one fork…”

“If the girlfriend use this strawberry sauce to write words on the cake, then with an “Ah——n” way and feed the boyfriend, this cream cheesecake is free! This is the event!”

“…What a flashy event.”

“Okay, girlfriend-san. Write down all the feelings that you cannot deliver normally here!”

The waitress onee-san’s eyes sparkled. It was obvious that this person was currently enjoying herself.

Looking at the pipebag that was handed over, Mio was overwhelmed.

“W, What do the other guests generally write during this time?”

“Most of them would write <I love you> or <Love> these kind of words.”

Mio wanted to write some words, but she hesitated with a “Uuuuu——“ sound.

Then, Mio, as if out of desperation, wrote a big <Idiot> on the cheesecake.

“Forget it, this is also an expression of love.” The waitress-san gave a wry smile.

“Okay, open your mouth! Hmmph, this is just like feeding a dog!”

Then she picked up a piece of the cake and brought it over to Kazuki’s mouth in order to feed him.

After Kazuki took a bite, he began to counterattack by saying <This time, it is the Princess-sama’s turn>.

“I, I want to eat by myself!”

“That is not allowed. The waitress-san is watching by the side, so you must abide by the rules.”

“Why are you so stubborn at this kind of place?”

“Okay, Amasaki. Open wide.”

“…You, I wanted to say it for a while, but can you not call me Amasaki.”

Towards Kazuki’s calm greeting, Mio used a terrifying gaze to look at him.

“When you were inviting me before, didn’t you call me Mio…Why did it suddenly change back?”

“Eh, Ahhh, sorry…Mio, come, open wide.”

After Kazuki directly called her name, Mio honestly opened her mouth and accepted the <Ahh——n>.

“Delicious…” From the blushing Mio’s chest, a red heart gently floated out.

——The two of them took turns to feed each other the cheesecake. After they finished eating, Kazuki planned to pay the bill.

“…By the way, in the first place, I, did not truly treat you as a slave. I will still pay…?”

Mio suddenly become honest as if she borrowed it from a cat, and pulled out her own wallet.

Kazuki stopped her with a wry smile. Because it was already planned that this side would treat her.

Mio revealed an uneasy expression. As a result, Kazuki also started to feel a bit tensed again.

So when they left the restaurant, this time, Kazuki took the initiative to hug her waist and did the <Escort>.

After Mio issued an <Ah>, she also actively cooperated and leaned over with her body.

She blushed and the red hearts that represents the positivity levels flew out once again.

After leaving the restaurant, they began to browse the items in the workshop.

Just like what he imagined, Mio, who loves beautiful products, would say “This is cute” “You should try this out” in the shops. After this was said, Kazuki also gradually developed an interest and did not have any conflicted feelings as he tried them out in front of the mirror.

——But “……”, Mio suddenly became depressed.

“It is already…quite late.”

As if she was reluctant to part, Mio lifted her head towards the sky. The surroundings has already began to fall into the evening.

Just when Kazuki was just about to say to her, 'let’s go out and play together again', he suddenly swallowed the words that had already reached his mouth.

He noticed. ——Even if he was to invite her next time to play as a friend, they would not be able to pass through the time like today.

The things that they did today had already gone beyond the scope of <Playing with Friends>.

Because she was also aware of this, so she was feeling reluctant and did not say anything.

As if time had stopped, the two of them were relatively silent. The sun slowly descended bit by bit.

“Right! …Wait for me for a while. Listen carefully, absolutely do not move!”

Mio suddenly ran into an alley that was lined up with the Workshop streets.

Under the circumstances where he was completely puzzled, Kazuki remained there by himself.

Suddenly acting alone——He was very curious about the gaze that he had felt since morning.

When he had noticed, this place was the outer edge of the city. The dimness was not just due to the time.


Just when he felt unease, someone talked to him from behind. Kazuki was shocked and turned towards the back.

While maintaining alertness, he turned around——Inside the silent street stood a girl that was probably in junior high.

Although her ears were not sharp, but her hair was silver just like an elf. It was a girl who exuded an abnormal atmosphere. She was wearing clothes that were broken in a couple of places as she exposed an innocent smile towards Kazuki.

…Who was it? Although he felt that he had saw her face before, but——

“Finally, I am able to talk with you. I had to pluck up a lot of my courage. Because the two of you were always together, so I felt that I should not bother you. Are the two of you going out? If that’s the case, then it would be too sad.”

Gazing at the alley that Mio ran to, she whispered lonely.

“…You are?”

“Ah, did you forget who I am? That’s too much. Then please don’t forget today’s encounter, Nii-san♪”

I have seen her before. Because of the previous case, Mio, he immediately noticed it.

Inside the memories of Nanohana Institute, an image of a person was successfully depicted within his mind.

But it feels that the person who was similar to her from his memories did not have this hair color.

And this was quite far away from Nanohana Institute.

So he felt that something was wrong and could not help but ask this question, “Who are you?”

The girl suddenly “Uuuu” and clenched her face.

“So it still won’t work…After seeing Nii-san, it feels that it is impossible to resist…”

“Resist…? Hey, are you alright!? It seems like it is very painful!”

“I’m fine…Even though it was a reunion just now, if I would suddenly do “That kind of thing”, then I would not stand it…? Please don’t hate me, Nii-san…Fu, Fufufu…♪”

The girl issued out a twitching-like, strange laughter.

The girl that exuded a strange atmosphere, turned and face the alley and issued an “Ah!” sound.

“Seems like she’s coming back…If you talk with another girl during a date, Mio-chan would definitely be angry. Although, I am reluctant to do so…Although I wanted to do that kind of thing, yet I am unable to, it is indeed a pity…”

“Please wait a minute, your name is…”Kaya” right!”

“Correct! Thank you, Nii-san! Our encounter today…Please don’t forget about it, Nii-san! Fufufu, Fufu…!”

Kaya turned her back to this side and ran away. ——Towards the dark alley.

Although it was a little like this…but it was as if he had met a ghost.

“Kazuki! You actually listened to my words and waited for me without moving around! Not bad!”

Just like what Kaya predicted, Mio came running back from another alley.

Mio, who was revealing an extremely happy smile, was holding a small package.

“I’ll tell you about this later! Please be patient for a little longer. Fufufu♪”

“…By the way, Mio, do you know what happened to the Nanohana Institute?”

“Nanohana Institute? I did not go there since I was adopted by the Amasaki family…It is very far away.”

“Is that so…It is not a place where we could casually go and look up the situation.

Speaking of which, during this year, there had been no telephone or SMS that came.

“Why did you suddenly ask this kind of question?”

“Just now, I met Kaya. Kaya, whose hair had turned into a silver color.”

“Eh? …Kaya? Kaya…That one, wait a minute! You are saying that <Kaya>!? But why is she at this kind of place? And that kid’s hair should be black, isn’t it?”

Mio incredulously tilted her head. Yes, from the distance and special characteristics, Kaya appearing here is indeed unnatural…It was as if he had seen a pipe dream.

However, Mio, who did not actually see her, immediately recovered her mood.

“Ah, then let’s head over to that workshop and see! Let’s hurry, the shop is about to close!”

She grabbed onto the hand of Kazuki, who was still confused about that incredulous girl, and turned around.

“…The stars are also out. It is almost the end for today.”

The stores in the Workshop had all closed. The two of them began to embark on the trip back to the academy.

Mio handed the small package she had been holding to Kazuki.

“This…I’ll give this to you. You can open and see what it is.”

After opening the package and taking a glance, he could see a necklace that imitated a shape of a glowing bird’s feather inside.

“…It is the same thing as mine! Because you can also use Phenex’s Magic! It is created by an Alchemist, whose shop I often go to, using the top trendy item, ruby silver! Okay, wear it, wear it.”

She was concerned about the fact that I treated her to a meal at the restaurant, huh.

Ruby silver——Just as its name implies, it changes a part of a silver accessory into aluminum oxide, namely ruby, and mixing it together with marble patterns. It is an advanced Alchemy.

The deep crimson and the shining silver would be stacked in several layers, just like a frozen flame.

“In the past, my unremarkable eyes may have been wrong…Ah, isn’t this cool!? …It is fine if you wish to present a gift back in return. Of course, you will pay me back, right? Pay back, Pay back.”

Mio continued to say pay back, pay back unnaturally. At that time, Kazuki suddenly understood.

“Then, please let me express my gratitude next time. Please let me once again act as your escort next time, just like today.”

Is this it…She wanted to find an excuse. Both of us are like this.

Using a Galge as an analogy——It was the feeling as if he had selected the correct option.

Mio’s expression suddenly lit up. A massive amount of red hearts flew out from her chest.

“…It can’t be helped! Since it is a gift, then Mio can’t help it! It’s fine, next time, I will accompany you just like today!”

The graph that appeared in front of Kazuki’s eyes, unknowingly, the positivity levels had already past 100.

…In the end, what extent of the feeling does this number 100 represent.

Throwing away the excuse to the side, under the circumstance of this number, and from her words…

Mio suddenly grabbed onto Kazuki’s left hand and held onto his chest.

“This is the gratitude expressed to the man, who had completed the escort of a woman.”

Mio gently bent down and kissed Kazuki’s left hand.

The warmth of her lips was completely sent over, Mio immediately became embarrassed and turned her back towards Kazuki.

Looking at the back of this girl who had grown up, Kazuki thought it was not the same as before.

The feelings he had for Mio currently may not be the same as the feelings he had for Mio before…

——But this warm feeling immediately cooled down.

Kazuki noticed. Magic Power was being generated ——This is the feeling of Magic being activated.

Fast. It had already activated. The flow of Magic Power is coming from behind —— and heading over to this side!

Kazuki suddenly carried Mio from behind.

“Eh!? W, Wait a minute, what are you suddenly doing!?”

“…It’s dangerous!!”

Kazuki carried Mio just like this and ran.

  • Dondon*! A huge rubble flew over and crushed the location where Mio was at earlier.

“M, Magic!?" Mio, who was being carried by Kazuki, issued out a cry.

While Kazuki dodged, he turned back and looked. A man, who was wearing dirty clothes, was chasing after them.

The clothes he wore were tattered. He has mentally unstable eyes and angrily glared at Kazuki and Mio.

He was probably a man who was of similar age as Kazuki. But the Magic he used was clearly not ——Normal Magic!

“Illegal Magic User…Stigma Hunter!?”

The man’s body emitted a light. Kazuki widened his eyes. This person, he did not chant a spell!

<Rubble Bullet (Block Shoot)>

At the same time the inorganic voice sounded out, The asphalt was ripped piece by piece from the road and floated up.

Then, the rubble flew over just like that. Kazuki continued to carry while running nonstop and he performed a dodge using a curve route.

“W, Wait a minute, Kazuki!? T, This is…Princess Carry…”

“…Rubble Bullet.”

Although it was a straight-line and easy to evade Attack Magic…but because there was no Spell Chant, so it would continuously fire over!

“Mio, like this, I will be responsible for evasion, quickly use your Summoning Magic!”

“I, Idiot! How can I concentrate in this kind of posture!?”

“I feel that it is an excellent strategy…Right now, I can’t use either Sword or Summoning Magic.”

Kazuki’s Magic Power was almost completely used up during the special training before. He did not even have excess Magic Power to even use Physical Enhancement Magic. Only by reading ahead was he able to just barely dodge the enemy’s attack.

“…This is bad, my hands are becoming numb…”

“Hey, are you saying that I am heavy!?”

“Heavier than my sword.”

“Are you saying that your sword is cuter than me!? If it’s this extent, I can deal with it with my own strength!”

Just watch and see, Mio said. She pushed open Kazuki’s hand and gently landed on the ground. Then——

“Everything that touches it will be burned…The scorch that denies approach! Inflammation Armor (Self-Burning)”

Mio raised one hand into the air. The surrounding swirl of flames became an armor that protected the body.

The rubble that flew towards Mio was burned down one by one by the flame armor and turned into ashes that floated in the sky.

“A New Summoning Magic…Phenex’s Level 3!?”

Phenex’s Level 3 Magic seems to be a defensive Magic.

Because the Defensive Magic’s activation target is its own body, so there is no need to specify the coordinates, thus the spell chant time is short.

And compared to Defensive Magic, it is able to use less Magic Power to protect the body more efficiently. Although there are both favorable and unfavorable aspects based on the different attributes of attacks, but it is still a Basic Summoning Magic that is used for combat.

“…Barrett!!” Mio immediately activated an Attack Magic to counterattack.

“Earth God’s Screen (Titan Wall)

The man that makes others feel unhappy did not reveal any change in emotions and only stomped on the ground.

Then, a thick barrier of earth was constructed there. The flame feather was defended against as if a stone had sank into the ocean

“…Rubble Bullet” “Barrett!” “Rubble Bullet…”

The exchange of Attack Magic by Mio and the man was completely offset by the other person’s Defensive Magic.

But…A long term battle would put this side at a disadvantage. The other side’s Magic was continuously fired over.

On the other hand, Mio, who did not have the time to even load the Magical Dress and was chanting Summoning Magic, had her Magic Power efficiency greatly decreased. If they were to continue to force it, then this side’s Magic Power will run out first.

Even though I should help think of a plan to buy time for her, but right now, I do not have a Sword or Magic Power!”

The instant that Kazuki felt anxious——He felt an explosive Magic Power appearing behind him.

Turning around, Kaguya-senpai, who was sparkling with purple Magic Power, was there.

The amount of Magic Power swirled together was on a completely different level——It is a High Level Summoning Magic that Kazuki and the others were far behind.

“The Intangible and Silent Shadow, Become a fish born in darkness that is cruising in delusion! The origin of nightmare, the cycle of materializing, respond to the terror and expectation and devour it…! Darkness in Shadow’s Depth (Twilight Spectre)”

Kukuku…A creepy laughter sound resounded out in all directions.

In the inside of the wall of earth, the <Shadow> that extended from the man’s back suddenly swelled, it became like a huge monster with only a black face. The man was shocked and the moment he turned back, the monster opened its mouth and swallowed the man completely starting from the head——Just like a shark that showed its head from the surface of a water.

An intense blue light flashed. The Defensive Magic that appeared instantly protect the man’s body and he flew out from the Monster’s mouth.

Although he avoided falling into the state of Magic Drunk, but it was clear that his Magic Power was almost completely gone.

“Earth Release – Earth Animal! (Land Escape)”

In order to use the little Magic Power, the man cried out.

The man became a huge snake. His mouth suddenly extended forward, his noise and lips assimilated together. The white eyeball disappeared from the pupils and all the hair fell out. His two hands and legs integrated into the body. In the end, the bizarre change turned him into the huge snake itself. Then, his head began to drill into the asphalt of the hard ground and assimilated with the ground as if he buried his body inside.

“I let him get away again!” Kaguya-senpai said with a regretful voice.

“Senpai…Why are you here?”

At the same time, Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki, who were also wearing Magical Dress, ran over from behind Kaguya-senpai.

Senpai and the others were planning on challenging a mission during this rest day and came to chase after the Stigma Hunter.

“Hikaru was chasing after the Illegal Magic User called <Earth Snake> here…The contracted Diva is unknown…Because he uses that escape Magic, he is able to immediately escape, so she was not able to capture him.”

“So that’s an Illegal Magic User…That person’s Magic Chanting time is basically zero…”

“The Illegal Magic Users are basically all like that. They practically used a contract <Possession Summon (Drive)> to summon the Diva into their own body. We, Stigma Magic Users, must request for a Magic Phenomenon through chanting a spell to the Diva at Astrum. But, they do not need to convey the meaning over, so they could swiftly and efficiently activate the Diva’s Power with little amount of Magic.”

“In other words, compared to our Summoning Magic, the Illegal Magic Users are stronger?”

“To put it plainly, that’s it. So that is why we must use a strategy that coordinates with the swordsman.”

“But, it is not entirely a good thing.”

Hoshikaze-senpai’s expression became clouded and continued to speak after Kaguya-senpai.

“If you use Possession Summon, the more you use Magic, the faster your mentality will be corroded by the Diva, becoming berserk and in the end, your body will be taken by the Diva. However, before the Diva is able to obtain a physical body, they would often have their mentality driven to insanity and become berserk. The ones that the Knights captured are often in this kind of situation.”

“But that <Earth Snake> could have already directly obtained the physical body. There is no doubt about that. I thought that last attack would be able to completely deprive him of Magic Power, but in the end, I still let him get away…”

The man in front of their eyes did not have any emotions at all. A man who had his mentality corroded by a Diva…

“I should not have had the goal of capturing him alive…And should have use Hell’s Imagine Flame to directly kill him.”

Kaguya-senpai whispered in a dark tone. Kazuki could not help but shudder.

“Just like what the senseis say, perhaps I am still too naïve…”

Viewing her from the side, it was not the gentle and playful senpai that Kazuki had seen. There is a somewhat deeper darkness——

“Senpai…Did you kill someone before?”

If they eventually become a Knight, then there is no doubt that they must have that resolve.

“That kind of experience…How is it possible?”

But, the next instant, Kaguya-senpai’s serious expression disappeared.

“S, Speaking of which, Otouto-kun, y, you guys are heading back after a d, date!? The stars are so beautiful, it is really a beautiful night!”

In order to disperse this gloomy atmosphere, Hoshikaze-senpai used an excited voice to ask.

“It is not a date!” Mio hurried and denied.

The tense atmosphere slowly relaxed. Suddenly, Kazuki saw the appearance of the senpais again.

Because it was an actual battle, so Kaguya-senpai did not wear a robe. It was still the same, highly revealing Magical Dress from before.

Hoshikaze-senpai’s Magical Dress is sleeveless, and the Stigma revealed itself starting from the shoulders down the entire arm. There is more or less a righteous atmosphere of a <Knight>, but the degree of exposure was still very high.

Koyuki’s Magical Dress was like a white school swimsuit-like tights. The Stigma was exposed on the shoulders and the thighs. This side’s exposure was also quite high.

The mysterious light that emitted in the dark of the night…It was still a bit stimulating to look at with calm eyes.

“Oii, y, you can’t be looking at senpai and the others with those strange eyes right!?”

“Really now, Otouto-kun. Using strange eyes to look at others is not allowed! This is the appearance for the purpose of fighting.”

Kaguya-senpai changed back to the usual senpai and generously smiled at Kazuki while scolding him.

“…I’m a bit tired after using Summoning Magic. Everybody, let’s head back.”

× × ×

The original purpose has already been achieved. Mio’s positivity levels have increased significantly.

After Kazuki turned off the lights in his room, he lay down on the bed exhausted.

However ——No Spell came into his mind. What on earth happened?

When he first wanted to learn how to use Barrett, a spell naturally appeared in his mind. But even though he was searching for more of the other Magic in his mind, new spells did not appear.

“Strange, if the positivity levels is 100, then it should not be impossible to use…”

Leme, who was sleeping next to Kazuki, whispered.

“…In the worst scenario, there is still a cheat you can use.”

“…A Cheat? If there is this kind of thing, why did you not tell me earlier?”

“The Magic Power path that is established through positivity levels can be temporarily expanded through a magically-like contact.”

“Magically-like contact? …I feel that there is only a bad premonition.”

“Thinking back at the scene where you contracted with Leme is fine. Oii, don’t blush! In other words, it is a kiss. KISS. As long as you kiss, then the path would temporarily expand and during that short time, you will be able to use all Level of Summoning Magic. You could probably easily win the competition.”

“…N, No. Kissing in order to obtain the victory, how can I do that.”

“However, a path that expanded through a kiss would develop immunity after just one time. You will not be able to use this cheat on the target a second time. If you can choose not to use it, it is best not to use it. This is the ultimate trump card.”

“This hypocritical trump card, who would use…”

But…If it can use all the Levels, then it is also possible to use <Complete Summon>?


At this moment, the door issued out a rattling sound and opened. From the other side of the door came Kaguya-senpai’s voice.

In order to avoid them being seen as sleeping together, Leme eliminated her figure and returned back to Astrum.

“!?” In order to hold back the sound of his almost yelled out cry, Kazuki held his breath. This is because the senpai, who appeared on the other side of the door, was still wearing that Magical Dress.

“Otouto-kun…” It was a sweet voice as if it was a fruit that was soaked in sugar syrup.

Kaguya-senpai suddenly jumped onto Kazuki’s bed and tightly hugged onto Kazuki.

“Otouto-kun is really cute.”

A suspicious whispering sound rustled in his ears.

Although he was almost charmed by it involuntarily, but this is indeed not the usual senpai!

“Senpai, sorry! Please return to your original appearance!”

Kazuki apologized and with a method of pinching senpai’s cheek with two hands, he slapped both side of the face.

After being slapped on the face, senpai issued out an “Ah!” sound.

Senpai’s pupils reveal a bewitching purple color ——Then it slowly turned back to its original color.

“…Please” Senpai quietly whispered.

Kazuki “Eh?” and asked back. At this moment, tears began to trickle down from senpai’s eyes.

Suddenly being attacked by senpai, then making her cry. It was really strange.

“No, no! This is because Asmodeus is a Demon who managed ecchi desires…So every time after summoning, as a side effect, occasionally my state of mind will become very changed…But, I did not intend…”

“Senpai, please calm down!”

Kazuki sat down on the bed facing her and gently pressed onto senpai’s shoulder.

“No, I wanted to become more intimate with Otouto-kun is also completely different than the fact that Otouto-kun is a man! So, please don’t look down on me…!”

…Senpai was actually concerned about this kind of thing.

The moment he understood this point, he hoped that she would not misjudge the situation.

“Senpai” he continued to call like this and once again, Kazuki use both hands to pinch Kaguya-senpai’s cheeks.

It’s not a problem. His body involuntarily moving like this is because this is the same approach when he deals with Kanae crying.

“By now, it is impossible to misunderstand. You helped me when I could not integrate into the school, you called me, who is a swordsman, a comrade, and you’re looking forward to when I become the bridge that connects the Magic Division and Sword Division…Up to this point, it is impossible for me to believe that senpai’s gentleness is all affected by Asmodeus.”


Kazuki stared at her without looking away and used a persuasive form to convey his feelings to her.

“When we first met, senpai said I was special. It is not because I am the only male, but because I am a swordsman. After knowing the latter fact, I, was really happy. Please don’t think of me as a person who would doubt senpai’s gentleness.”

Kaguya-senpai finally calmed down. Although tears were still in her eyes, but she already revealed a calm smile.

“The fact that Otouto-kun speaks things clearly ——I really like.”

At this moment, what floated out from senpai’s chest is ——a key.

It was absorbed into Kazuki’s ring. Just like the time with Mio.

The next instant, senpai hugged onto Kazuki’s chest again.

“Sorry, please let me stay a little longer…Because right now I already do not have any ecchi desires, so let me stay like this for a while…I am really anxious. Casually saying that I arbitrarily looked forward to Otouto-kun becoming the bridge that connects the Magic Division and Sword Division……Arbitrarily treating you as a pillar of support for my mind. I willfully imposed this onto you.”

“But, I felt happy about it.”

Although afterwards, Liz Liza-sensei and Mio was also gentle to him, but in the beginning, the <One that Needed me> was senpai. If it was Mio who did it first, he feels that he may have become even more lost.

“I, Even though I am your senpai, may also continue to behave in a spoiled manner with you. It feels that even though Otouto-kun is younger than me, yet he seems more like an older brother. Probably because my older brother is also a swordsman…Although he is already dead.”

Kaguya-senpai probably recalled something and her nose twitched.

“Okay…Charging complete! Kaguya-senpai is already fine! …From tomorrow onwards, you have to work hard on the special training, otouto-kun! But, But, misunderstanding my meaning is not good. I will treat otouto-kun specially, not because you are a man, but because you are my disciple!! …Good night!”

With a slightly modest and rising expectation, Kaguya-senpai, *patapata*, left.

“…Just now, Otonashi Kaguya’s positivity levels passed 65. The Magic Power Path is connected.”

In exchange, Leme materialized. At the same time, his heart pounded rapidly.

No, wait a minute. Senpai’s positivity levels may not be something related to love.

Kazuki dug into his blanket and closed his eyes. It feels that he would have a strange dream.

“Even though you were so amazing earlier, but why are you so timid in such a strange place?”

Leme said, stunned.

“Why is it, in the end, you, even though you wish that the other side would believe you, yet you do not believe in the other side…Oi, how, could you already be asleep? Listen to me!”

× × ×

“Akira…Hunting those two is not allowed. Even though it is to make those two return back to the same place as me and perform Stigma Hunting, if you were to hunt those two, it is as if the order is reversed.”

In the dim ruins, a young girl’s voice resounded.

The girl that Kazuki called Kaya and the Illegal Magic User <Earth Snake> was there.

The two of them were living inside a ruin that was not restored yet and was lying there casually.

The ruin that was originally a hotel has fulfilling equipment. There is large number of items that are ownerless, but it was driven out half a year ago by this Kaya and Earth Snake.

“Because those two people are very important people, you cannot attack them. Because they are people that are very important to me ——So I will kill them.”

Kaya’s head felt pain in burst…What did I just say?

It feels that she had said words that did not make sense. Important people ——Kill?

“In short, do not attack those two. Just like this, the reason we started Stigma Hunting is because if we crush the Knights, those two would be released from the Stigma and return to our side. It is for this goal. Right, the order is reversed…”

Even said that, Nanohana Institute was already gone.

Kaya threw a disgusted glare at the silent man. The Earth Snake, Akira, who was sitting on the bed absently, seemed to be staring at the graffiti on the wall left by the former residents.

Why am I together with such a creepy person?

…Because everybody that I love from the Nanohana Institute had completely been killed some time ago.

No, no, or did I run away…? My memories are vague…

No matter what, everybody is gone. So that is why I would find Nii-san and Mio-chan.

So ——Those two must also be killed. This time, she will not let them run away.

Kaya’s head began to hurt in burst of pain. The concept of because they are important people, so I must kill them is strange.

I, am thinking of unethical things. The moment I met Nii-san on the streets, I was also desperately suppressing this impulse. This impulse is definitely weird.

The outburst of everybody in the orphanage being killed is also…Even though I regretted till my hair lost its color. Even though I do not wish to do the same thing to Nii-san and Mio-chan.

Even though I could only recall the warm shelter like the past Nanohana Insitute.

After Nii-san and Mio-chan were gone, she could only cry alone every day and meet with a never seen before Diva in her dreams. At that time, it was probably the beginning of everything.

“If you form a contract with me, I will give you the same power as those two.” This is what the Diva said.

Using the power of Magic as bait, the existence of Diva wanting to corrode into one’s body. Kaya also knew about it.

However, that Diva…seems like she was purely sympathizing Kaya’s bitter encounter. Lending her power in order for her to meet those two again. So the young Kaya listened to those sweet whispers. And believed it.

However, since exchanging a contract with that Diva, her body has always felt a bit strange.

If she views that person as someone important, it would become that she would want to kill that person.

…Knowing that she would meet up with those two if she heads to Tokyo. Whether it is Nii-san, who would become a swordsman, or Mio-Chan, who would become a Magic User, both of them will eventually enter the Knights Academy.

So while she engages in Stigma Hunting, she will wait for the moment she reunites with those two.

The remaining people that are important to her. Even though she should only feel pure happiness ——What is the impulse!?

“…As expected, it is strange…What did you do to me? Hand over my mind back to me! Oi…answer me, Loki, Loki!”

Kaya grabbed onto her head that was in pain and questioned the Diva that was corroding her mind.

But no matter how long, there was no response. She was deceived. Perhaps she was deceived…

She wanted to see Nii-san again…However, if she sees him, she would definitely not be able to resist…

She recalled that next weekend, the Knights Academy will hold an Inter-Division Competition.

It was a good opportunity to sneak into the Academy that is usually prohibited to the average person.

Even if she did not run around on the streets, she will certainly be able to see Nii-san on that day.

She really wanted to see him, really wanted to see Nii-san again…Really wanted to kill him!

Kaya grabbed chaotically onto the hair that had lost its color and grabbed onto her head.

Beside her, Akira did not look at her berserk act even once and only continued to stare at the graffiti wall.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Apparently, in some curry, moss is an ingredient. (I never knew that).
  2. In case you do not understand, Kanae usually plays the role of the little sister, but here she tried to be the elder sister.

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