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Merry Christmas! Hello again after three months, this is Santa Mihara. The release date is January, but presently I’m writing this afterword when the calendar is still the twelfth month, the December.

Even though it’s Christmas, for the sake of passing the New Year calmly the December has turned into a scene of carnage, a really terrible work phenomenon. This is the birthday of Christ-san that had become sacrifice so vividly.

The master is running around too, so the editor too is in the situation where he ran around frantically, a novice like me too had to run around too. When writing [Shoukan Maou[1]], it’s not [Basilleus] but [Run! Yosh!][2] read with that kind of vigor. “Run!” was said by the editor, and then “Yosh!” was said by me, the editor had seen through me “Why you don’t have any plan for Christmas?” and there was that kind of feeling, its sad. Yes, I will run no matter where.

That kind of me and editor-san take each other’s hand and connected together in the Christmas, like this a spirited Magika’s fourth volume is born with a ‘GYAAA’. What is a little bit heavy is the miracle of the holy night. It’s the feel of Magika no Kenshi and the Christmas isn’t it?

That reminds me, looking back I was spending the night together with the editor-san at the Christmas four years ago too. That time too was like this the January publication was in waiting and got swallowed in the Christmas, at the very day of the Christmas Eve I got summoned, boarded the last train and headed to the publisher-san. That time I thought of the atmosphere and bought a cake together with me and when I invite him to “Let’s eat this together♡”, “It’s revolting so no thanks” he replied with an absolute zero tone that would make even Koyuki jump in surprise, I did my work while I ate the cake alone silently in a confinement so I could concentrate on the work, the work was finished after three hours. It was a time where the first train of the day still didn’t move yet, but I was driven out with “Thanks for your hard work”, I was loitering in Shibuya after that….

This year too it might also become a Christmas Eve that I spend together with my editor-san…I have a slight expectation.

<The current 18th December>

I have the feeling that the industry of light novel and Christmas has bad chemistry with each other so I’ll move to the thanks.

At the first half of the afterword I pointlessly emphasized the love with my editor-san too much, but for CHuN-san to draw the wonderful illustrations in the middle of your busy schedule, thank you very much! This front cover’s…the angel of the high legs that’s slightly from the bottom as if it could be peeked, it’s already the current craze of high leg without needing any sound source of high leg front cover[3], or perhaps I should say…this is the miracle of the holy night. When you turned the page what come out next is cheerleaders! Necktie girls! I want CHuN-san to keep being the one that draw the illustration no matter how many dozens or hundreds of volume this series is continuing…There is no way I could avert my eyes and not wishing for that after he had become the one in charge for the illustration in my own writing.

Again the comic version by Monrin-san is still in the middle of serialization in Comic Alive! When I see the manga, the characters rapid change in expression are cute, I can see the magic Dress from various angles as if licking it, the scene of the Summoning Magic too have a great impact, with that many points worthy of note, even I as the original author am looking forward for it every month!

And then of course to everyone of the reader, thank you very much that you all have read until this far! Please treat me well too in the fifth book where with a fierce fighting as the beginning we are going to enter a stormy development! Mihara Mitsuki

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The title of this LN. Summoning Devil King
  2. I think what the author meant here is when he was writing the alternate reading of the word.
  3. Sorry, I really don’t get what the author is trying to say here
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