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It's the cover design, isn't it? He means it's a "maniac" (in the sense of InuxBoku SS's yuki-onna use) drawing of Hoshizake Hikaru (the goddess, this volume's heroine) from a slightly down POV (if she was wearing a miniskirt, you'll be able to almost or barely see her panties) showing her Decolleté Obligué (Magic Dress), which has a design of pseudo high-legh stockings (and high-legh stockings-wearing characters are currently on a craze). In otyher words: it's a *NGGG* design of a long-stocking wearing character like those that're being the rage recently.--Kemm (talk)

Yeah, the author is talking about the cover. What I don't get is the last sentence, he is using word that mean sound generator and I don't have any idea what relation it has with high leg.--Bakapervert (talk) 20:22, 26 August 2015 (UTC)