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Chapter 4 – Cooperation Attack[edit]

Part 1[edit]

May 15th. Finally, the curtain to the battle election was raised.

The first venue of the battle election was located on the Magic Division’s grounds and the second venue was on the Sword Division’s grounds. Four matches would be conducted in the first venue throughout the morning and then the four remaining matches would be conducted in the second venue in the afternoon.

All the students were obligated to watch the matches. It looked like there was a great number of students for whom this was their first time ever setting foot onto the other division’s grounds. The aim was to make the students of both divisions interact with each other even from the start.

The stands that surrounded the grounds in a circle were packed full with students. Tents were constructed at both ends of the grounds, those became the waiting rooms for the teams that would come out for the match.

“I, I’m nervous…”

Inside the tent, Kazuha-senpai’s fingertips were trembling (gatagata) while sitting on the pipe chair.

For the purpose of diverting her from the nervousness, Kazuki made idle talk.

“Now that I think about it, did Kazuha-senpai not learn any kenjutsu from your father?”

Kazuha-senpai’s father was Tsukahara Hikitada. He was a teacher of the Sword Division.

It wouldn't be strange even if she had received a genius education since she was a child.

“My father was against me becoming a swordsman you know? Because he was a former knight, he understood that swordsmen are nothing more than an existence that is to be discarded after being used.”

Tsukahara-sensei was a teacher that worked together with Kohaku to change the system of the Knight Academy. It looked like his motives were based from his experiences in the past from the time when he was a knight.

“But in the end I liked the sword! It doesn't have any relation to how swordsmen are treated. I didn't even attend the dojo; but I read the textbook alone. Even though father ignored me, I kept training with self-instruction for a long time. At that time when I met with Futsunushi no Kami, I even passed into the Sword Division.”

While sitting on the pipe chair, Kazuha-senpai gripped her trembling hands tightly.

“I have to make father recognize my sword. But…if I don’t become strong, I become scared when I think, "what if I don’t become strong"…somehow everything doesn't go well at all…”

“Even before thinking of having confidence in yourself, senpai is burdened with too many things. Though in reality, it’s the contrary.”

“Eh?” Senpai raised her voice. “What are you saying?”

“This is vague, but…’If I don't win’ ‘I mustn’t lose’, I think if senpai burdened yourself too much with such things, then your sword and heart can't become pure. Senpai can't swing your sword skillfully while being afraid of failure. When your swing doesn't go well, it becomes a burden in senpai’s mind. Then senpai loses confidence and completely falls into a vicious cycle.”

“To swing your sword with a pure feeling…I want to be recognized by my father, I don't want my classmates to make fun of me, certainly maybe I kept thinking only those kinds of thoughts and became nervous…”

“Then, it’s fine for senpai to not get nervous this time.”

“W, why is that?”

“Because this time is a team battle after all. If something happens, Kohaku and I will help senpai for sure, so please be relieved and let out your own strength.”


“Putting me aside, senpai believes in Kohaku right?”

“N, no, for the moment I believe in you too. But if I just weighed all of you down then it’s even more inexcusable, or how should I put it…sorry…”

“There's nothing to worry about. Senpai just needs to have fun with kenjutsu today!”

“To have fun, with kenjutsu…”

“I will also help with magic too after all, senpai!”

Mio who couldn’t hold herself back from the heavy atmosphere also cut into the conversation.

“Of course this one will also provide help! Please remember it, that enjoyment when you first wielded the sword!”

Kohaku also encouraged Kazuha-senpai. From Kazuha-senpai’s chest, a small heart mark flew to Kazuki.

“Thank you, everyone! Somehow I think that my feelings have become lighter!”

Right at that time, the broadcast for the team’s entrance resounded. The excited cheering from the audience stands could be heard from inside the tent.

“Well then Kazuha-senpai, let’s go!”

“…Right! Leader!”

For senpai to give an unusually honest reply was surely thanks to the benefit of the atmosphere there.

“…Come to think of it Kazuki, this is the first time you'll see this one wearing the swordsman’s battle uniform isn't it!? How does this one look!?”

When Kohaku stood up from the pipe chair, Kohaku turned round and round as if to show off her appearance.

In exchange of the nonexistence of Magic Dress like the Magic Division, a battle uniform was specially prepared in the Sword Division. It was made with the uniform’s design as its base and easy to move for real battle.

Until now Kazuki had never seen anything else other than her figure when she was fighting while still in her uniform, but she was wearing this battle uniform when she was undertaking things like quests and the like.

Kazuha-senpai who was wearing the same uniform was also taking a glance at Kazuki.

“Both of you look gallant and cool. …I'm the only one that’s still wearing uniform, I'm envious.”

“Fufufu, look cool right? It spontaneously makes you want to take this one as your wife, doesn't it?” Kohaku puffed her chest while boasting.

“No, it’s a different story if it’s marriage.”

When Kazuki said so, Kohaku became dejected.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When they got out onto the grounds, they were surrounded by loud cheers that shook the earth. Kazuki and his team were surprised and looked around at the stands. Thereupon, he heard some familiar voices.

“OTTOUTO-KU―N! DO YOUR BEST―!” That was Kaguya-senpai’s voice.

“Kazuki, do your best.” A voice so small that he almost missed it, Koyuki’s voice.

“Onii-san, do your best desu!” “Kazuki, do your best!” Lotte and Hikaru-senpai’s voice.

“NII-SAMA―! PLEASE DO YOUR BEST―!” Of course Kanae’s voice was also there.

Kazuki was dumbfounded. The front row of the audience stand was colored gorgeously.

“Do your best, do your best, Ot-tou-to-kun!”

With Kaguya-senpai at the head leading the others with a strange tune, everyone was―transformed into cheerleaders.

The bottom of their necks were decorated with a necktie. A tank-top that exposed their navel and a miniskirt. Both of their hands had pompoms attached. Everyone was dancing in the front row while scattering their lively charms.

“Kazuki, do your best, do your best.” Even Koyuki was dancing energetically.

Their white thighs that looked bright were moving with lively motions, their rather short skirts were fluttering and the underskirts peeking through in a glance, those figures were something that he had to see with his eyes reinforced with Enchant Aura.

Kaguya-senpai’s chest who leaped up with noticeable liveliness was bouncing around staggeringly.

To prepare something like this for him…

When Kazuki’s eyes were stolen by the cheerleader figures of everyone, Mio was pouting.

“Kazuki, I'll do that too! Look here! Kazuki, do your best! Kazuki, do your best!”

“This one will do it too! Kazuki, do your best! Kazuki, do your best!”

Mio and Kohaku both placed their arms around each other’s shoulders and began to break into a dance while swinging around their feet, unexpectedly they had a good relationship.

“No, it’s not just me, you guys have to do your best too you know!”

From the opposite side of Kazuki and his team, the enemy team also made their entrance.

The leader was the Magic Division second year, Miyamoto Reina. The next was a fellow second year of the Magic Division, Nagasaka Yuka.

He had heard that both of them were second year rank-B, that was why it could be said that they were fairly formidable opponents.

And then the Sword Division second years, Ishida Jussei and Sagawa Tsuyoshi. Both of them were male and their real strength was unclear.

Shem ha MeforashI know thy name…Thy name is [Phoenix]…poet that is namely a magician! O poetic bird that played reason with sweet tongue, in accordance with my life show that strength!”

Mio transformed her body into her Magic Dress, her appearance was that of a gallant female magician.

“It’s a little embarrassing but…if there is this much distance then they couldn't look really well too.”

Mio felt bothered and kept glancing at the guest stands where the boys from the Sword Division were mixed. But putting aside someone like Kazuki who had been piling up training that put importance in looking, a normal swordsman wouldn't be able to see them other than something as small as grains from that distance.

“I know thy name. Thy name is [Focalor]. O fallen angel that applauds thieves, steal the provision of the people opposing me, become the hand that carry out the glory of victory!”

Miyamoto-senpai was contracted with Focalor, while Nagasaka-senpai was with Valefor, each of them performed Access respectively, their bodies were wrapped in Magic Dresses.

―Finally the election battle began!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

…The matter they thought of before, so that they wouldn’t carry any damage to the next fight was, let’s [move defensively].

In this team there was Kohaku who was able to evade simple attack magic with wild instinct.

Because of that if Kazuki protected Kazuha-senpai with defensive magic, Mio didn’t need to protect Kohaku and could freely attack with offensive magic. This was a big advantage.

Even in the off chance that the opponent attempted to use a large scale attack magic that even Kohaku couldn’t evade, Kazuki would sense it and he could immediately give instructions to Mio to obstruct the opponent’s chanting.

If it looked like it was impossible to stop with just Mio’s Barrett, he would give instructions to Kohaku to follow up Mio’s obstruction.

If they did this then as long as the enemy didn’t employ any peculiar tactics, they should be able to seal the enemies' attacks without much difficulty.

The reality of things also seemed to go that way.

“O gryphon that crossed over the ocean, those wings give rise to the wind of north pole, raise upsetting raging waves…Storm SurgeNorthern Wave!”

With fast chanting, Miyamoto-senpai invoked her level 1 magic. The gryphon Diva, Focalor, gave rise to cold winds and tsunami with those wings and attacked Kazuha-senpai.

“O rejection of absolute zero, protect that person and become the armor of isolation! Freeze Barrier!”

Kazuki Foresighted that action and protected Kazuha-senpai with the matching element.

Kazuha-senpai’s body was wrapped inside the freezing protection and rendered the incoming attack powerless.

The other enemy Magica Stigma, Nagasaka-senpai, was in the state of beginning to chant higher level magic. Most likely they had already investigated beforehand that Kohaku was able to evade simple attack magic.

“Mio, focus on Nagasaka-senpai!”

“Got it! …The wings danced scattering sparks. Trailed the spiraling wind, become life-gouging bullet! Flap your wings, shoot out! Barrett!!”

In order to obstruct the opponent’s chanting, Mio invoked a level one magic. The flame bullet immediately scored a direct hit at Nagasaka-senpai. The damage disturbed her concentration on the spell chanting.

Kazuki was relieved, he turned his eyes toward the battle between fellow swordsmen.

At the front line was―Kohaku who was overwhelming her swordsman opponent, Ishida-senpai.

Looking at it, Ishida-senpai was by no means weak. However even without using Sacred Treasures Kohaku was strong enough to deal with him. She dodged her opponent’s attacks smoothly and counterattacked precisely with unrefined movements from her wild instinct made Kazuki, who was the theoretical type, retort with [how could you dodge like that?].

It looked like she would be able to overpower her opponent with mostly no damage even if he left her alone.

On the other hand, Kazuha-senpai was having a hard battle with Sagawa-senpai as her opponent.

“U, uuu…”

Kazuha-senpai was obviously making an expression that was losing to her nervousness. She was cornered into a one-sided defensive battle and was overpowered by the opponent’s strong single blows, slowly she was being pushed back.

“Quack Tsukahara! For someone like you to come out to the battle election, don't you feel guilty for your candidate!?”

Sagawa-senpai was hurling jeers at Kazuha-senpai. Both of them were second year at the Sword Division, so it looked like they were acquaintances. That voice made Kazuha-senpai increasingly shrink into herself.

Kazuha-senpai couldn't be allowed to be made even more faint hearted than this!

“Mio, I'm going to back up Kazuha-senpai!”

“Got it!”

Kazuki headed to Kazuha-senpai as reinforcements. Because of the rule, Kazuki didn’t bring his katana.

However if he fought barehanded then no one would be able to fault him.

He cut in as if covering for Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki repelled the opponent’s slash with his fist.

“What!? How could a Magic Division student strike my sword!?”

Sagawa-senpai yelled. If he really said those words seriously, then there was nothing he could say except that his preliminary investigation was insufficient. Even barehanded, the Instant Positioning could still be performed.

“Northern Wave!” Miyamoto-senpai turned to this direction and invoked an attack magic.

“Freeze Barrier!” Kazuki who kept his alert and grasped Miyamoto-senpai’s chanting dealt with the attack using defensive magic.

“Ku―!” Miyamoto-senpai leaked out a frustrated voice.

“Ha, Hayashizaki…” A heart mark flew from the dejected Kazuha-senpai.

Even like this, she was also happy huh?

“There is nothing scary here senpai, let’s just fight without care, okay!”

“…O, ok!”

The nervousness was finally gone from Kazuha-senpai’s swordsmanship. And then just like what she showed when they were training, that swordsmanship that was polished persistently from long repetition of training was for the first time displayed in a real battle…!

“Wh, what!? Even though you're just quack Tsukahara!?”

Sagawa-senpai who immediately sensed the change in Kazuha-senpai was falling into a panic.

“If she lets out all of her real strength, Kazuha-senpai easily outclasses you, you know!”

With Kazuki’s yell pushing her, Kazuha-senpai increased her momentum even more. In contrast, her opponent, who was pushed back by someone that he looked down on as his inferior, became faint hearted in return.

―At the same time, Kazuki sensed a rise of magic power.

“Kazuki, sorry, I might be unable to pin her down!”

Mio called Kazuki to attention in panic. Nagasaka-senpai who was contracted with Valefor finally began to knead her magic power to a great height. There was no more time until she activated it.

There was no doubt that most likely she was aiming for one shot of high level magic that could turn the situation around.

“Kohaku, position change! Go to Nagasaka-senpai’s position!”

What he meant by position change was a sign for Kohaku to go stop the Magica Stigma’s chanting after Kazuki took over the swordsman that she was currently facing.

Kohaku turned her back on Ishida-senpai and dashed at full speed toward Nagasaka-senpai.

Looking at that movement which lacked any hesitation, Ishida-senpai showed a surprised expression (gyo―[1]).

Kohaku had no fear of exposing her back towards an enemy swordsman. …Because she had already memorized the timing of Kazuki coming in to assist.

Ishida-senpai’s sword that was heading at Kohaku and cut at her back was blocked by Kazuki who cut in from the side. Kohaku went and cut at Nagasaka-senpai fiercely.

It was a large-scale magic that was on the verge of being activated, but with Kohaku’s assistance it was dispersed barely in time.

Unrest ran in the enemy team. When the high level magic became a failure, the compensation for that was big.

Kazuki continued to become the opponent of Ishida-senpai with barehanded techniques.

“Self Burning!”

While defending against the opponent’s attacks by repelling the sword with his fist, he also chanted the flame defensive magic. However his objective was not for defense. Immediately he concentrated the flame on his whole body into his fist with Psychokinesis.

“Y, you, what kind of Magica Stigma are you!?”

Kazuki socked Ishida-senpai who raised a scared voice with all his strength.

That hit was the finishing blow for him who had been accumulating damage from Kohaku.

“Ishida Jussei, that’s the end!”

The referee teacher judged that Ishida-senpai’s magic power had been whittled away to a dangerous amount, he urged him to exit the grounds. If this decision was late for even a little, an incident that affected his life might have happened.

With one opponent exiting the stage, the equilibrium of the fight was crumbling.

After Kohaku slashed at Nagasaka-senpai she slashed at Minamoto-senpai…she wreaked havoc as she pleased. In continuous motion she kept chipping at the opponents’ concentration, a disagreeable way of fighting. Right at that time Kazuki was also participating in the fight.

“O undying bird soaring from the twilight to the dawn, grant those wings of hope on my back! For the sake of resurrection, right in this place the destruction…! Blazing Wings!”

Right now there was no opponent that could obstruct Kazuki’s spell chanting. With composure he chanted a high level magic, then he mowed down Nagasaka-senpai and Miyamoto-senpai all together with wings of flame.

“Miyamoto Reina, Nagasaka Yuka, that’s the end!”

With both of them leaving the stage together, the only one left was just Sagawa-senpai.

Mio and Kohaku turned to the last opponent and they were going to pour concentrated attacks on him.

―Kazuki stopped them with his hand.

At the end of Kazuki’s line of sight, Kazuha-senpai was fighting against Sagawa-senpai one-on-one.

Kazuha-senpai didn't notice that the other enemies had been annihilated. Concentrating only on swinging the sword, her swordsmanship was perfectly clear.

If they attacked four-on-one, the match would be decided in the blink of an eye. By all rights they should go with all their strengths, it might even be a courtesy for their opponent. However, this was discourteous for Sagawa-senpai, but Kazuki would have him as the stepping stone for Kazuha-senpai to take off her veneer.

…Mio and Kohaku too guessed that intention, they took a posture of observing the fight.

A large commotion was running throughout the stands. Surely it was from the students of the Sword Division. Kazuha-senpai, who was known as a quack swordsman, for the first time displayed her true strength on this grand stage.

“E, even though you're just quack Tsukahara!”

Kazuha-senpai’s single minded fierce attack made Sagawa-senpai raise a scream.

“Senpai! Please believe in yourself!” Kazuki was sending a yell of support even more.


Kazuha-senpai shouted, she repelled Sagawa-senpai’s sword with all her strength!

Toward the opponent who staggered from his loss in the contest of strength, Kazuha-senpai inserted a beautiful single stroke of her katana that fascinated everyone who was watching. The blown away opponent’s magic power was finally used up.

“The match is decided! The winner, Hayashizaki Kazuki’s team!!”

The referee teacher handed down the ruling, the field was wrapped in a loud excited cheering.

“I, I won…I won!?”

When Kazuha-senpai first returned from the world of the sword, her eyes were looking around restlessly as if she couldn't believe the situation that surrounded her. All of the loud cheering from the guest stands was mostly directed to Kazuha-senpai.

“Senpai, congratulations!”

“Ha, Hayashizaki, I…”

“Senpai, you were strong, don't you remember? You gained a complete victory in a one-on-one fight.”

When Kazuki approached her, Kazuha-senpai’s eyes were filled to the brim with tears from the overwhelming emotions and she flew into Kazuki’s chest.

“…Wait, who do you think would do something like crying in your chesttttt!”

Kazuha-senpai returned to her senses in a moment, she jumped back in a fluster. And then “D, don’t misunderstand, you!” she yelled again and this time she leaped into Kohaku “Hi―n!” and cried.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Continuing, the second match was started by Kaguya-senpai’s team. When Kazuki and the others went to take a seat in the guest stands, they passed each other as Kaguya-senpai and her team entered the tent that was also the waiting room.

“Kaguya-senpai, what kind of fight will she show I wonder.”

“Probably it would be the cooperation attacks just as I predicted, that’s what I think.”

Kazuki knew about Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki’s magic. He knew how terrifying this team was from long beforehand. Moreover Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki’s chanting speed was faster even compared to Mio and Kazuki.

“The second match, teams enter!”

In accordance with the voice of the referee teacher, Kaguya-senpai and her team entered the ground from the tent.

“We too have to root for Kaguya-senpai.”

“But we didn't prepare anything like cheerleader costumes.”

“Even if we had prepared it, how could I show myself as a cheer girl?“

Kaguya-senpai would explode in laughter and become happy for sure, but he had a hunch that Koyuki would look at him with total disappointment.

That was why Kazuki would at least yell with a loud voice.

“Kaguya-senpai, Koyuki, Kanae, Torazou-san!! Please do your best!!”

Mio and Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai who were at his side immediately covered their ears.

“Ka, Kazuki, what’s with that loud voice…”

“I reinforced my throat with Enchant Aura.”

Kazuki’s extremely loud voice reached them and Kaguya-senpai’s team was looking back in this direction.

“Otouto-kuuun! Look closely okay!” “Nii-sama―! Please look at my performance Nii-sama―!”

Kaguya-senpai and Kanae were hopping around (pyonpyon) while waving their hands at them.

The match’s curtain was first opened with a textbook clash between the swordsmen.

Kanae and Torazou-san who were in the strongest level at the Sword Division immediately stood in domination against their opponents.

“Everyone, Freeze Formation!”

At the same time Kaguya-senpai gave out such directions.

The flow of the match moved drastically after Koyuki who received that direction invoked her magic.

“O mermaid’s divine protection, stop the steps of the hated enemy, hasten the steps of the chosen people…. O ice blade, run! Moves in the Field!”

As expected, they used that!

“It really developed just like Kazuki said.” Mio raised a surprised voice.

With the rules of this match, there was no doubt that [Moves in the Field] was an effective magic for this battle. The cold that was produced from Koyuki as the center froze the ground’s surface in the blink of an eye. The swordsmen from the opposing team were slipping on the frozen ground.

In contrast ice boots were created for the feet of all the members in Kaguya-senpai’s team. They began high-speed movements by sliding on top of the frozen ground.

Kanae and Torazou-senpai glided with their feet and ignored the enemy swordsmen, they assaulted the Magica Stima at the rear in a straight line.

Moreover Koyuki also ran with her ice boots and joined the fight. Koyuki, who also equipped the ice boots became able to fight directly. The boots that were attached with ice blades released a fierce kick.

The panicked expression in the opposing team’s Magica Stigma were plain to see. Because their opponent was that Kaguya-senpai, it seemed those girls were aiming for a sink-or-swim and both started to chant high-level magic at the same time when the match began. However even faster than them, Koyuki had already invoked the [Moves in the Field] completely and decided their victory and defeat already. Kanae, Torazou-san and Koyuki, the three tore the opposing Magica Stigma into shreds with katana and ice blades. The magic that they were preparing was dispersed.

The two swordsmen couldn’t move directly on the frozen ground, they couldn’t go to help their teammates from the disastrous scene. They really were becoming useless in their function as the vanguard.

If it turned out like this, then this was mere bullying.

“S, shit!” Groaning, the opposing team’s leader showed her spirit and forcefully melted the ground using Pyrokinesis. Part of the ground started to melt, finally the vanguard swordsmen regained their freedom of movement somewhat.

However, in the field where some ice was still left, aiming for Kanae and the others who were moving around at high-speed was not a simple matter.

Kaguya-senpai on the other hand, stood imposingly at the rear.

The two swordsmen slashed at Kaguya-senpai just barely in the critical moment.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 077.jpeg

“Suicide Black.”

The moment both of them brought their katanas down, Kaguya-senpai chanted that with a calm and composed face.

‘Just as he thought huh’, those who thought that weren't just Kazuki. Everyone on this venue knew about that nastiness of Kaguya-senpai's as the Nightmare Bringer.

The two swordsmen who completely brought their katanas down on Kaguya-senpai whose whole body was covered with black mist were writhing about from the phantom pain of having their flesh split in two.

“Desire Tentacles.”

Kaguya-senpai summoned countless tentacles and restrained the writhing swordsmen.

While Kaguya-senpai was doing that, Kanae and Torazou-senpai and Koyuki were beating their opponents senseless in close range combat and finished dealing with them. It was the pitiful end of Magica Stigma who didn’t receive the protection from swordsmen.

And then the two swordsmen who were restrained by the tentacles were surrounded by four people.

It was evidently a complete victory without anything being a hindrance to them.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The third match turned into a strange showing.

That team of the Takasugi brothers and Ryuutaki sisters were fighting, so Kazuki was being attentive, but―

The Takasugi brothers were desperately protecting the Ryuutaki sisters, and then Ryuutaki Miyabi-senpai invoked her magic.

“O eternally pale full moon, forget the waxing and waning of yourself, become the mirror that illuminates the world! Rise right here O moonlight, disturb the human’s heart…Lost Moonlight Night PalaceLunatic Labyrinth!!”

The moment that magic was invoked, a strong light (ka―[2]) covered the ground completely.

When the light disappeared, a strange scene where the eight people in the ground remained unmoving could be seen.

Mind Encroachment MagicMind Hack is it? It seems like the heart of all the people in that place were dragged into the mental world of Ryuutaki Miyabi. Right now, those eight people are fighting in that mental world. To affect a large number of people with this magic at the same time is supposed to be extremely difficult though…as expected of her huh.”

With a tone that was mixed with a shocked feeling, Kaguya-senpai was commenting from the side.

The magic power of the eight people who were stiffening like an image that was paused temporarily were beginning to decrease. Just as Kaguya-senpai said, those eight were fighting in the mental world. They were fighting in the mental world, that was why they wouldn’t bear any wounds on their flesh, but it seemed like if they bore any wounds in their mind it would shave off their magic power.

The opposing team’s magic powers were decreasing very fast before their eyes. He completely didn't know what kind of fight was unfolding in there but it was obvious that Miyabi-senpai and her team was dominating overwhelmingly.

Before long…when time was moving once more, the four people from the opposing team were falling down with their magic power just barely on the amount of almost falling into magic intoxication. The Takasugi brothers were breathing roughly (zeezee), but the Ryuutaki sisters' expressions were looking calm and composed.

“The match is decided! The winner, Takasugi Shūsui’s team!” The referee teacher gave his verdict.

That [Lunatic Labyrinth] was a magic that dragged both ally and enemy into a particular battlefield. If the person had a high skill in Telepathy then it was most likely possible to resist being dragged inside, but putting aside those like Lotte or Kaguya-senpai, it was likely impossible for Kazuki and his team.

What kind of fight Miyabi-senpai and her team were having...that would become clear if it turned out that Kazuki had to fight them in the future.

Part 2[edit]

All the matches that were scheduled in the morning had come to an end. Now it was time for afternoon break.

Today had such fine weather too, Kazuki and the others spread a large leisure sheet at one of the corners on the grounds. In preparation for this afternoon break, Kazuki had prepared a three layer set of multi-tiered boxed lunch.

“If it’s fine for everyone from the Sword Division, then please enjoy.”

While giving that invitation, Kazuki opened the box lunch.

In the first layer was rolled omelet and sides of vegetables and fruits with a rich color scheme, the strawberry and mini tomatoes were beautifully placed inside the jet black box. The second layer was filled with standard goods like karaage [3], asparagus and mini hamburger, from there things like congratulation bream and fried shrimp for the side dishes were prepared plentifully. In the third layer, it was filled with onigiri that was shaped like an anime character’s face that Lotte liked, the face shape was reproduced with the free use of seaweed and fried tofu.

“T, the long missed Nii-sama’s handmade lunch―!”

When Kazuki called to the bunch from the Sword Division, Kanae unhesitatingly dove onto the sheet, Kazuha-senpai too opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“W, what’s with this family oriented lunch box? Are you really the one that made this?”

“I love housework and maids after all. I am a maid.” [4]

“I don't really understand what you're saying but, it’s unexpected…”

Contrary to his expectations, Kazuha-senpai didn’t even insult him with abusive language; but she obediently lowered her knees beside Kazuki.

However she sat in seiza [5] very formally, even though it was fine for her to relax more.

“Is it okay to eat even though I'm a man?” Torazou-san too finally came.

“Isn’t it obvious that it’s okay. I didn’t particularly make this because I have secret motives toward the girls. I am a maid-san. Torazou-san’s happiness is my happiness too, that is the heart of devotion…”

“I don't really understand what you're saying, but thank you, friend. As thanks for this time, I will wear a maid uniform too.”

That was unneeded. Don't you dare sully the maid uniform.

Kamiizumi-senpai and Kimura-senpai too, they sat in a place a little separated from Kazuki and surrounded Hikaru-senpai.

Leme was already eating without saying anything. Before he even realized it, she had already materialized herself.

‘Jiii―’, Kazuha-senpai was looking at Kazuki’s expression as if to peek at his heart.

“I thought you were a carnivorous man, more like those wild and delinquent types. Fuhaha―, all the women in this academy are my women―, making good use of that well-featured face which suits the occasion to forcefully do this and that to the girls in the Magic Division who are not used to men, like that.”

“I dislike a man like what Kazuha-senpai described the most you know?”

Kazuki made a bitter face. Just doing things as one pleases forcefully for one’s own self-interest without even thinking of other people and made a mess of everything…for example someone like Nyarlatoteph.

Why did he have to remember about that kind of guy in this time of fun? When that tentacle bastard floated in his mind the meal’s taste became bad.

“Otouto-kun isn't a carnivorous young man, he's the totally harmless pet of the Witch’s Manor. Loo―k here, cutie, cutie!”

Kaguya-senpai sat at Kazuki’s side, hugged Kazuki’s and pet his head repeatedly. That big and bouncy chest hit Kazuki’s face decisively and it got pressed like a soft marshmallow.

“He is a pet? This Hayashizaki?” Kazuha-senpai looked at him with amazed eyes.

“No, I don't have any intention of being a pet though…”

‘However’, Kazuki thought inside his heart, Kaguya-senpai treats me like this as if she isn't considering me a man at all, but actually, she is conscious of me as someone of the opposite sex.

It was Hikaru-senpai’s fault for telling him that fact, even an innocent skinship like this might, in reality, not be completely innocent. He became unable to calm his own feelings because of that.

“Senpai, please release me already.” Saying that, Kazuki slipped out from Kaguya-senpai’s hug.

“Kazuki got sulky when I’m this affectionate.” Without knowing what was inside Kazuki’s heart, Kaguya-senpai became disappointed.

“Things like Kazuki doing this and that to many girls is just an outrageous misunderstanding. Kazuki is a real gentleman. After all, he has never done anything that I dislike at all.”

“On the contrary, Kazuki-oniisan is a hero that risked his life to save mine desu.”

Both Mio and Lotte were sitting at Kazuki’s side and snuggled up to him.

“…Though he is a pervert that has a maid fetish.”

Koyuki said some twisted things while sitting down a little farther away. Because they were in a place where there were other people’s eyes, Koyuki didn’t come to him to be pampered.

“Koyuki too, don't be alone over there, come a little closer okay?”

“…Can't be helped. If you say so.”

When Kazuki called to her, Koyuki’s expression broke out just a little and approached closer to him with little steps (tokotoko [6]). She chose a place right behind Kazuki and sat down while gluing her back closely to him.

Kazuki’s surrounding had naturally became a formation where he was surrounded by girls.

“It became a harem posture like it’s the most natural thing to do…”

Kazuha-senpai was shocked once more from the situation. After that she picked a karaage from the box lunch and ate, “Ah, delicious…” her mouth broke out into a smile.

“You are really surprising…”

For the first time, Kazuha-senpai directed a relaxed smiling face without any tension to Kazuki.

“Senpai’s prejudice against me was really preposterous remember? Suddenly saying things like 'enemy of women.'”

“Right. Certainly it was like that, huh. Recently we were in the same team, you are strong but it is not a conceited strength, more like a strength that protects everyone and brought courage…looking at you from this close, it’s impossible to not understand the feelings of all the children that are all over you or perhaps I should say…certainly it’s not like you are unkind or not cool…wait, what am I saying!?”

Had she opened herself and talked like a broken dam? Or so he thought, but Kazuha-senpai covered her mouth with her hands in panic.

“Ee―err, what I want to say is…I misunderstood various things about you, but you are really not that bad of a guy, just that! Sorry for flaring up at you for various things!”

Kazuha-senpai joined her hands together and apologized. Because of that misunderstanding, it even became the cause of them crossing swords.

“Don’t mind it, thank you very much for recognizing me, senpai.”

“B, but don't misunderstand okay-! There is no way that I will be so lovestruck [7] like all these girls towards you! I mean, what’s your deal with these maniac onigiri!!”

“Eh, I have confidence in that work though…”

When Kazuki became despondent, Kazuha-senpai became panicked “Ah, no, it’s well made and delicious but…! But I want to say at least one complaint though!” and looked the other way.

A small heart mark flew at Kazuki. Her positivity level increased to 42.

“Nii-sama, Nii-sama, please feed me-! Aa―nn♡”

As if having waited long enough for the conversation to stop, Kanae approached her face near and opened her mouth.

“Here, the usual karaage.”

Saying that, Kazuki fed Kanae. When he did that, Kanae was “Eh?” and her eyes became round.

While Kanae was chewing (mogumogu) inside her mouth, her face completely turned bright red.

“F, for Nii-sama who usually acts embarrassed and wouldn’t do this kind of thing, to be doing ‘aa―nn’ this naturally…what kind of miracle is this!?”

Now that she said it, if it was in the past then he would be reluctant, for him to feed Kanae easily while thinking [it’s only ‘aa―nn’ anyway], even Kazuki was surprised. However, just when he was thinking about that, from Kazuki’s both sides,

“Otouto-kun, here I’ll give you aa―nn! Aa―nn!”

“Wa, Kaguya-senpai, please don’t shove the whole fillet of fish here, it’s huge!”

“I’ll show you my guess about what Kazuki-oniisan wants to eat! It’s onigiri right desu?”

“Thank you Lotte.”

Kazuki moved his neck alternately, he was being fed by both Kaguya-senpai and Lotte.

“Kazuki, rice is sticking on your cheek.”

From behind, Koyuki snapped at and ate the rice grain that was sticking to Kazuki’s cheek directly.

“Kazu-nii…how about mouth-to-mouth feeding?”

Mio stuck out her lips near him looking for a kiss.

“Are you an idiot?” Saying that, Kazuki chopped Mio’s head.

Seeing that situation, Kanae who was bright red and squirming around from some time ago erupted violently like a volcano.

“Nii-sama―! What in the world is this!? What’s going on with this smooth chain of events!? Is this what’s going on everyday in the Witch’s Manor―!”

When she was asking whether this is going on everyday or not…he really couldn't deny it.

“Th, then! Then please do even more vividly ecchi [8] things to me!”

“What’s with you? What ecchi things!? Choose your words a little more carefully!!”

“I can’t go on without Nii-sama doing lewd things to me! I hate it if Nii-sama won’t do lewd thiings to me!”

Kanae toppled over on top of the sheets while kicking around her arms and legs and threw a tantrum.

“Ecchi―! Ecchi―! Quickly do ecchi things to me!!”

Under the refreshing clear sky, Kanae yelled out outrageous words.

“…Kanae-oneesan, please don't do anything unbecoming when in front of other people that are looking.”

Kazuki looked at her with extremely cold eyes and spoke with an extremely cold voice.

“Wa, please don't treat me like an older sister all of a sudden! If I am changed completely from a spoiled little sister, I will look like a fool unbecoming of my age, won't I!?”

No, you weren't just looking like an idiot, you were a real idiot right from the depths of your mind.

“What ecchi things? We aren't doing anything ecchi here! Something ecchi is…must not be done yet, you know!”

Mio came and cut in between Kazuki and Kanae.

“What are you doing pretending to be innocent, this bad horny thieving cat!”

“Wha!? The cat in heat is you right!?”

Both of them were saying “Nya―!” or “Funya―!” while starting to wrestle with each other.

Kazuki didn’t want to be associated with them so he looked away, then he noticed how, when he thought about it, Kohaku was nowhere to be found. What was she doing…?

“Kazuki, actually this one also made a boxed lunch when coming here, but…”

Looks like Kohaku just got back from taking something from the classroom. She came bringing a large multi-tiered lunch box.

“…When everyone already ate that much, as expected you are full already, aren't you?”

It seemed Kohaku hadn't even imagined that this kind of banquet had already begun. Her shoulders fell dejectedly. Seeing that, Kazuki panicked and tried to encourage her.

“No, I can eat! I'll eat it all!”

“It'll be short work if everyone eats! Kohaku-chan too, sit, sit!! Oka―y, everyone, additional lunch box is coming!!”

Kaguya-senpai was being tactful from the side and made the smart move. She received the lunch box with a bright smiling face and called out Kohaku to an empty space. Kohaku settled herself there with a slightly relieved face.

“For you to be able to cook too is quite unexpected.”

Mio stopped her unproductive quarrel with Kanae and pointed at Kohaku’s unexpected side.

“Handling edged tools is this one’s forte.”

“What a comment that made the chest rumble with anxiety just now. Ah, but it’s great!”

When the lid was opened, the contents were grilled and stewed marine products, beans and vegetables that were finished with delicate seasoning in Kyoto’s style, chirashi [9] sushi and the like. All of it was the workmanship of an amateur but that was as good as a professional.

In contrast with Kazuki’s boxed lunch that was family-oriented, this was a boxed lunch that followed through the pure traditional Japanese-style completely.

“Kazuki, here, eat this.”

Kohaku held out food with her chopsticks to Kazuki. However a feeling of opposition was burning inside Kazuki’s chest.

“As a maid…there is no way I'll lose in cooking!”

“Why are you making such a scary face!?”

Kohaku’s hand that was holding her chopsticks that presented the food was trembling from shock.

“Ah, no sorry, I’ll eat. …Delicious. This, what’s this seasoning?”

“So it matched your taste! This one did a trick to this cooking so it will still be tasty even when it’s cold…”

When Kazuki asked about the food preparation, Kohaku started her explanation cheerfully. Finding a human that shared their same hobby, both of their eyes glittered together as if in resonance.

“How is that Kazuki, this one can become a good wife right? This is surely what people call a Yamato Nadeshiko [10], don’t you agree?”

Kohaku puffed her chest cutely with her face faintly dyed red.

“So Kohaku can become a good maid. Let’s put you in a maid uniform.”

“What the hell is that!?” Kohaku’s body was shaking as if she was receiving the shock of falling thunder.

“Kazuki…marry this one…please marry this one…”

Kohaku was entreating Kazuki with her in a state that invited pity.

Right there Mio was “What are you saying, even though we're still in high school!” and cut in. Kaguya-senpai said “Otouto-kun is everyone’s property you know.” and hugged Kazuki closely. Koyuki pulled Kazuki’s clothes in light tugs from behind and nonchalantly made her self-assertion. Lotte was smiling with a friendly grin.

“Somehow…what a cheery bunch just like usual…”

While picking the karaage that had completely become her favorite, Kazuha-senpai whispered while directing a look to Kazuki and the others that was mixed with amazement.

“That’s true, they are interesting people aren’t they?”

Hearing the husky voice that they weren't used to hearing, all members turned to the direction of the voice.

“Ryuutaki Miyabi!?”

When they turned to look, Miyabi-senpai was sitting in seiza on the leisure sheet of her own accord and ate Kazuki’s character onigiri as she pleased.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, for you to be able to even cook this skillfully, you are becoming more and more of a delicious boy. The way of fighting that was brimming with leadership from before was great. There is no way it won’t make my chest go ‘kyun [11] kyun’.”

“You are our enemy right!? Why are you just eating the onigiri with an unruffled face like that!?”

Mio immediately snarled at Miyabi-senpai, but she took it in stride and warded it off with a smiling face.

“When I was just eating silently everyone was looking at nothing other than Hayashizaki Kazuki and no one noticed, so finally I let out my voice. Being invisible is harsh, isn’t it? Even though I longed for such a cheerful atmosphere like this.”

“…Nee-sama! What are you doing in this kind of place…?”

Shinobu-senpai dashed here looking like she was in a panic with wrinkles on her eyebrows. She grabbed Miyabi-senpai by the scruff of the neck and stood her up while dragging her away.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki. I’m looking forward to the semifinals. So don't do things like losing to someone like Otonashi Kaguya, okay?”

Miyabi-senpai who was being dragged away (zuruzuru [12]) waved her hand at Kazuki with an elegant expression that didn't break at all while leaving.

Part 3[edit]

“So Hoshikaze-senpai’s match will be in the afternoon right? I wonder how their team will fight?”

Mio asked Kazuki while taking a seat in the front row of the guest stands.

“This team is going to fight without thinking anything at all.”

“If it’s Hoshikaze-senpai’s team, it might be like that.”

Mio innocently said such an impolite thing.

“There is that, but Lotte is also there.”

After thinking for a moment after hearing Kazuki’s words, “I see” she nodded.

“What do you mean?” Kazuha-senpai came seeking a clearer explanation.

“Lotte has use of Possession SummoningDrive so her chant speed is really fast. Moreover, the level of her telepathy towers high above the others; it makes you understand why she is so desirable as a teammate. Even if you aren't conscious of such things like cooperation, Lotte will always enter with the most suitable follow-up, wouldn't you think that?”

“That child, she is always really fussing about the people surrounding her…”

Mio whispered thoughtfully. Even Mio had a lot of memories of Lotte doing such things.

Being born and raised in the imperial court where a whirlpool of trickery was raging, it was a miracle that she could grow into such an angel-like child.

“Kazuki, you really value Lotte that highly huh.” Saying that, Kohaku pouted.

“Because, Lotte is an angel, don't you agree?”

While saying such things, Hikaru-senpai and her team exited the tent and made their entrance onto the grounds. Shrill voices of cheering that burst their ears were reverberating. No need to mention the students of the Magic Division, but even the female students of the Sword Division raised the voices loudly. As expected of the Prince…!

“HIKARU-SENPAI, PLEASE DO YOUR BEST!!” Kazuki raised an undaunted voice.

Hikaru-senpai who was waving her hand toward the surrounding cheers immediately heard Kazuki’s voice and winked stylishly at Kazuki. For Kazuki, who magnified his eyesight with Enchant Aura, he could see that clearly. …What style.

“In reality, she has even more popularity than me doesn't she…?”

Kaguya-senpai whispered dejectedly. As the student council president, because Kaguya-senpai touted around her wish for the Magic Division's and the Sword Division’s equality, she received criticism from a part of the Magic Division’s students.

However, the great effort of such a senpai was being passed over right now in this battle election that was being conducted.

On the other side, the opponent’s team finally came while somehow looking uncomfortable.

“I know thy forbidden name…thy true name is Baalzebul, all the evil is born in the Middle Ages. O disgraced god of harvests, in accordance with my life, regain thy shine!”

Hikaru-senpai’s form, switching into her Magic Dress, stole Kazuki’s eyes for some reason.

A shine of gold and silver that reminded you of the image of a star.

Gallant yet also beautiful, the figure of a dashing female knight that was like a hero.

“Well then―third match, begin!”

The opening of hostilities started with a textbook clash between swordsmen.

Kimura-senpai, who was added to the team later on, was quite good.

At the same time, even from this far, he could understand how the number 2 most powerful person in the Sword Division, Kamiizumi-senpai constantly paid attention to her team members so she could follow up the other’s actions. They had a nice, balanced combination.

In the meanwhile, the rearguard were chanting their Summoning Magic. The one who finished chanting first was, naturally, Lotte.

“Roar! Civilization brings destruction to humans! The howl of wisdom scorches thy body, break, that dignity is buried beneath the rubble!! Mitrailleuse!”

The bullets of the gatling gun were scattered amidst the opponent Magica Stigma who were in the middle of chanting.

The damage from the barrage was not so considerable, but it was a magic that considerably disrupted the concentration needed for chanting.

“O will of the whirling heavens' god! Gather in my hand, grant me the authority of judgment! O radiance of royalty’s divine gift, become the drawn bow that shines in splendor! Lightning Line!”

Hikaru-senpai’s lightning arrow also flew. One of the Magica Stigma in the opposing team was broken out from her chanting.

However the other person managed to invoke her attack magic in opposition.

“Lamentation of the fetus that is never able to grow, O king of Ralphagrudge’s seed! Scooping the wave of resentment from the realm of the dead with that hand, throw it to that man! Persistent Calling VoiceSlowing Gas!”

A demon with a jelly like shape of wandering will-o-wisps that was hard to describe―the avatar of the king of grudges, Bifrons was floating. And then it turned towards Kimura-senpai. A pitch black bullet of curses was flying.


Kamiizumi-senpai, who looked like she changed into a different person when fighting, embraced Kimura-senpai closely and evaded the magic. Kamiizumi-senpai was Kanae’s disciple so she could easily avoid a simple Summoning Magic.

With the opposing teams' first wave of Summoning Magic hitting none of the target, it became a severe development for them.

“This hand reached out to the height of Babel, now this hand grasped the thunder of god! In accordance with my life, O lightning, swirled by my will! Collider Field!!”

Even during that time, Lotte rapidly chanted her magic. For Lotte, the more she chanted her magic the more her whole body would be covered with even more armaments, raising the height of her battle power.

“Reaching my hand to the height of Babel, I gain total ascendancy! In accordance with my life, O lightning, praise to the human race’s foolhardiness! Blitzkrieg!!”

That hand of hers was equipped with a giant lance, Lotte faced the enemy and started to dash.


Lotte passed by the swordsman without stopping and charged into the opponent Magica Stigma with the electromagnetic lance.

“Lightning descended down to my body, earning me godspeed of lightning’s will…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

Furthermore, Hikaru-senpai also chanted the magic that made her physical ability raise into the superhuman and charged the enemy.

“Now that I think about it, those two are both [Striker Magicians]!”

Mio reflexively let out her voice. Mio was a magician that needed to receive protection to be able to fight at her best. However Lotte was different. Even without paying any attention to her, she would be fine; there was that kind of side in her fighting style.

“This team doesn't have any concept like rearguard or vanguard!”

Even from this far, they could understand how the opponent team had fallen into great chaos with Lotte and Hikaru-senpai’s charge. For those who had nothing but the Heaven and Earth Formation in their head, they wouldn't be able to cope with this team at all.

“Soaring wings, lording over eyes, invading world-destroying conflagration―manifest the authority of god right here, as the agent of civilization, deeper and deeper I advance! Deep Striker!!”

Lotte equipped herself even further with a large thruster system on her back, transforming into a robot girl. She flew to the height of the sky with enormous flames trailing behind her, and then she took a nose dive from an unprecedented height and sent her opponent flying like a traffic accident. After that, Lotte immediately withdrew back to the sky where her opponent couldn’t stop her.

“O stream of atmosphere, stretch out to my hand, become the lance that strikes the hateful enemy! What reaches my hand is the tip of the storm!! Wind God Violent Assault SpearAyamur!!”

Hikaru-senpai also didn’t lose. A storm blew violently at Hikaru-senpai’s surroundings. Those winds converged into one cylinder and turned into a huge spear. She wielded it with physical strength that had been enhanced with reinforcement magic.

Ayamur, that had the meaning <repulse>, caused a burst of violent wind when it was swung. It inflicted a terrific shockwave toward the opponent that attacked her directly. Looking at that destructive force reminded him of the peerless manner of a great man from the annals of the Three Kingdom.

“Looks like it had been mostly decided. They are a scary team when they get in the zone.”

Kaguya-senpai observed the battle with a serious look. It seemed that in a one-on-one battle, Kaguya-senpai had never lost against Hikaru-senpai; but…what would happen when it was a team battle?

Soon the opponents had fallen into the condition where they couldn’t chant their spells normally anymore… Hikaru-senpai and her teammates had a sweeping victory.

“Right now, they have won and advanced favorably, haven't they?”

Kaguya-senpai secretly brought her face near and whispered at Kazuki’s ear.

This battle election was by no means an event where they could innocently enjoy it.

The puzzling students and the faint existence of the puppet master behind them. It was possible that a scheme, with the purpose of taking hold of this academy within their hands, was squirming under the surface…one of the three people from the Witch’s Manor had to win this battle election no matter what.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Hikaru-senpai’s team returned to the guest stands relaxed and without even showing any color of exhaustion on their faces. Replacing them, two teams were entering the constructed waiting tents on both ends of the grounds.

Kazuki’s line of sight naturally concentrated on the tent at the other side.

Magic Division second year, Mibu Akira. Magic Division second year, Asamiya Anna.

Sword Division first year, Katsura Karin. Sword Division second year, Hayashi Shizuka.

Mibu-senpai who, according to Kaguya-senpai, had the leader status in the delinquent group, and Katsura Karin, who revealed her true character as an assassin aiming for Kazuki. They were both on the same team.

“Otouto-kun, are you really looking at them so seriously?”

Maybe Kaguya-senpai came asking because she sensed the strangeness in Kazuki’s stare.

Kazuki was lost on whether or not he should convey that the true identity of the assassin that assaulted him was Katsura Karin.

However, if he disclosed the whole story and explained, he might be scolded because he did some unreasonable things again. No, he didn't really mind being scolded; but even if he told the whole story now, it might just give senpai excessive worry.

“It’s really nothing. It’s just that I was thinking of how interesting Mibu Akira and her team are and only looking at them.”

“Eh, Otouto-kun likes that type of person!?”

“No way, delinquents and the like are scary. I don't like them.”

When he was in the orphanage, his fellow orphans often got tangled with the neighborhood delinquent group that looked like thugs. To protect his friends, Kazuki frequently got into fights with them.

He was joking about how delinquents were scary, but it was the truth that he didn't like them.

“They're similar to the ill-bred Einherjar, aren't they? Like Damian?”

Hikaru-senpai, who was back after the end of her match, came and entered the conversation while laughing.

If he decided to disclose the whole story, it might be better to tell it to Hikaru-senpai who might possibly meet them in the next match.

―The referee gave the signal for the contestants to make their entrance. The students walked out from the waiting tents in groups.

“Oh my…they spread out in a strange formation.”

Kaguya-senpai raised a surprised voice. The guest stands were also engulfed in a stir.

Certainly, a really interesting and strange phenomenon was happening at the ground.

The two swordsmen that originally should stand at the frontline were not moving from the front of the tent. Katsura Karin, with a determined spirit on her face, and Hayashi Shizuka, who looked quiet, the two were watching with an air of detachment while crossing their arms and standing fixedly at the edge of the grounds. In contrast, the two Magica Stigma, who should stand by in reserve at the rear, walked lumberingly with long strides to the center of the grounds. …The rearguard and the vanguard were reversed.

The delinquent student with a tall stature―Mibu-senpai held her Sword Division teammates back with her hand while yelling.

“Iyo―sh! Karin-chan! You two just relax back there and watch leisurely! The two of us are more than enough for the likes of these small fries of the first round zee―!!”

“Right right, aneki. A real strong Magica Stigma doesn't need any swordsman to protect them anyway―”

The delinquent student with a short stature―Asamiya-senpai followed-up with that big talk.

“Wa, wait Kazuki, aren't those guys strange?”

Mio gripped on to Kazuki’s chest with a horrified face.

The four people of the opposing team that finally came out from the other tent made vacant faces of astonishment, though after a moment it turned into fury and they glared at Mibu-senpai.

“I know thy name…thy name is [Astaroth]! Well versed in the history of human’s sins, O Diablosslanderer, show the dark power of the empress of terror!”

At Mibu-senpai’s side, an avatar of a female devil with an intimidating air straddling a large lizard was floating; then that body of hers was equipped with a Magic Dress. It resembled Kaguya-senpai's somehow, a blue and black Magic Dress.

“I know thy name…thy name is [Gamygyn]! Subordinate to Lucifermorning star of the dawn, O corrupted fallen angel, show the loyalty of hell!”

Beside Asamiya-senpai, an avatar of a beautiful woman with long hair straddling a large horse and covered with clothes of flame was floating; then her body was equipped with a Magic Dress. Her Magic Dress was red and black.

The opposing team also performed Access, sparking the start of the match.

“Fourth match, begin!”

“This is the beginning of the surprise zee―, hyahha―!”

While raising a strange voice for no reason at all, Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai charged toward the swordsmen with just the two of them. The swordsmen slashed their swords with the intention of teaching them a lesson but, the next moment,


Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai warded the attacks with a palm strike that moved like it was drawing a circle.

Warding off the katana with their bare hands was not an ordinary feat. However those movements were similar to Katsura Karin's movements who Kazuki had confronted once before. …That yell of ‘ACHO―’ before, unexpectedly it might not be them joking around; but these guys might be skillful users of Chinese kenpo!!

When Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai defended against the swordsmens' first moves, they slipped into the opponents’ bosoms and stepped into a position where they were hard to attack. If it was Karin, she would step hard on the ground in that position and unleash Hakkyouken, but it seemed those two hadn’t learned that skill yet.

In exchange, while they were defending against the opponents' attacks earnestly, they started chanting their spells.

However, before they managed to finish, the Magica Stigma of the opposing team had finished their chanting.

“O faithful and zealous worker, release that flame in your eyes! Lion Eye Heat RayLion's Fire!!”

A soldier with a lion face and burning red eyes that were gleaming dangerously―soldier of hell, Allocer's avatar was floating with a strange pose. From his eyes a bright red laser was fired.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 088.jpeg

“Thou are crystal exorcisms who find lost truth…gouging out the darkness of the deepest sinful heart, it was pierced and broke with the gold of that hand! Gold Pendulum ArrowGolden Dowsing Arrow!!”

A venerable gentleman wearing a crimson robe―a man from hell who saw through everything, Vasago’s avatar was floating; the gold pendant that was grasped in his hand flew like an arrow.

“It comes, it comes, it comes, I feel it ze! HOACHA―!!”

Laser and golden arrow were coming to attack Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai respectively. But as if they had completely predicted it beforehand, the two somersaulted backward magnificently and dodged.

“A, aneki―, this arrow keeps chasing me aneki―! Hiee―!”

“You idiot―! Keep dodging it with your spirit!!”

The swordsmen slashed at them from their flanks. As expected, the two of them couldn't evade while concentrating on the magic and their defensive magic power was scattered.

“OUCH―! This asshole!” Saying that, Mibu-senpai raised a stupid sounding scream.

“That movement…those two are reading the magic power, aren’t they?”

Kanae was whispering in admiration.

“Right now, they are just using it on defense. But compared to unskilled swordsman, they are still quite better.”

“Moreover, even when they were slashed by the swordsmen, they used Resist against the damage solidly. That’s why their concentration on their spells didn't get interrupted, though their efficiency has been reduced because they keep talking pointlessly while chanting their spells.”

Kaguya-senpai too was ooh-ing and aah-ing in admiration looking at those two’s way of fighting.


“I wonder if Otouto-kun and others haven’t learned it in class. What Resist means is to reduce the damage from the attack against ourselves by using the appropriate general magic.”

He never heard about Resist, but in actual battle there were some instances where he noticed something like that. He had always constantly noticed it when he fought powerful magicians like Beatrix or Kaguya-senpai.

Even Kaya had indirectly explained to him about Resist.

For example against physical attacks, the user could create an impact with the opposite vector using [Psychokinesis] that produced and manipulated movement energy and reduced the damage. Against fire attacks, with the use of [Pyrokinesis] that produced – decreased – manipulated heat energy, the user could steal the heat from the flame, create cold air and reduce the damage. It was such a defense method.

[Defensive magic power] instinctually poured out a large amount of magic power for protection, negating every phenomenon. It was an almighty defense, but the consumption was enormous. It was a state that was very inefficient.

In contrast with that, [Resist], which reduced the attack power with appropriate use of controlled general magic, had a good efficiency in magic power consumption. Kaguya-senpai and Beatrix were people who originally had large amounts of magic power in the first place; but with high Resist skill, they wouldn't easily fall into magic intoxication from damage.

“Though Otouto-kun has Foresight and defensive magic in a great variety of elements, so you might not need this.”

Of course defensive magic that resulted from summoning Divas had a much better efficiency than Resist simply because it could use the power of a Diva.

However for Kaguya-senpai who used defensive magic that was too temporary like [Suicide Black] that didn’t have substantial defensive power, a Resist skill became a lifeline for her.

Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai endured their opponents fierce attack with excellent Resist and continued to chant.

They were in the process of preparing magic around level 5!

“Arriving in the future from the past, O goddess that accepted the slanders of humans…change that darkness into deadly poison, vomit it everywhere! Slander the foolishness of these people!! Deadly Poisonous SpeechPoison Argument!!”

Mibu-senpai’s Diva, Astaroth made the lizard that she straddled vomit out a large amount of pitch black bubbles. When the opposing swordsmen got in contact with those bubbles, they immediately wobbled around as if feeling some kind of dizziness. Even their movement immediately dulled.

“O gathering souls from the calling voice of the god of death, armor my body, turn this body into hell’s tormenting devil…right here is the trump card against the heavens! Ghost Heavy Armor InfantryBlack Titan!!”

Asamiya-senpai’s contracted Diva, Gamygyn was crying {Ooooo…} with a hoarse voice that was in contrast with that beautiful appearance of hers. Pitch black mist burst forth from the bottom of the earth rapidly and enveloped Asamiya-senpai’s body. Asamiya-senpai’s figure transformed into a giant that was made from a thick black mist.


Asamiya-senpai swung those gigantic limbs while raising a strange voice. The fist and kick made from the black mist trampled down the swordsmen that were hazy in consciousness from the poison bubble.


Furthermore, the black mist on Asamiya-senpai's body was concentrating on her arm and stretched (GUGUGU) very long. It transformed into something with the length of dozens of meters and hit the Magica Stigma at the rear, hard.

The Magica Stigma on the opposing team were attempting to prepare a high level magic that could turn the tables in one shot, but…Mibu-senpai’s black bubbles were flying up to the rear area. They were hit by the black arm while their consciousness was hazy. The magic power they kneaded were dispersed because they couldn't continue to concentrate.

“That team kept missing with their level 1 magic and they allowed their opponent to invoke their level 5 magic. The match had been decided from that.”

Kaguya-senpai whispered. Just like Hikaru-senpai’s [Ride Lightning] and Lotte’s [Deep Striker] from the previous match, Summoning Magic around level 5 had the power to change the state of the battle drastically.

However there was also the miss in the tactic of the opposing team...the good balance of Mibu Akira and Asamiya Anna’s physical ability and magic skill also couldn't be overlooked.

“I wonder why they are intentionally fighting in that kind of way? Demonstration?”

Mio tilted her head in confusion. It was a way of fighting that was completely foreign and hard to understand for Mio.

“Didn't they just want to avoid having the damage focused on just the swordsmen? If they challenge the next match using the normal Heaven and Earth Formation, they could equalize the damage and the recovery period will be more efficient right?”

Hikaru-senpai expressed such an opinion. Certainly equalization of damage could bring a lot of merit if it could be done.

“But if they are that strong, I think they won’t get any damage at all even if they just fight normally though.”

That was what Kazuki thought. In reality, even Kazuki and the others finished their respective matches without bearing any damage that would carry over to the next match.

“…What I can't comprehend is their physical ability. I can understand that their chanting and Resist skills are high because they are Magica Stigma of the Magic Division. However in addition to that, to have Foresight skill up to that level and also Enchant Aura on their whole body? Do they have some kind of trick?”

Kanae made an expression of confusion. Not to mention about their Chinese kenpo, but is it also a trick?

They didn't even have any Sacred Treasures. Were they doing something else despite not showing any appearance of chanting any particular Summoning Magic?

“Certainly their ability feels too over-spec from here. But it has become quite interesting, don't you think so? I was getting worried that it would be quite unfair to Kazuki and Kaguya for me alone to have the path that is too easy until the finals, you know!?”

Hikaru-senpai made a fist and hit her own palm while making a cheerful smiling face like a young boy's.

“Ee~ going until the finals comfortably is the most fun though, prince~” “That’s right you know―, prince-sama―”

Kamiizumi-senpai and Kimura-senpai were complaining (buu― buu―) after listening to what Hikaru-senpai said.

“Ahaha, it’s fine you know? After all, I'm going to protect everyone!”

“Kya―, prince is so cool―!” “Hug me―!”

―The day after tomorrow, Hikaru-senpai’s team would clash against that team.

Part 4[edit]

Hikaru-senpai came to Kazuki’s room again. They passed the time playing games together.

“I―lost―a―ga―in―! Kazuki, for some reason, your response time is too dreadful. Even when I think of a new way of fighting, you completely adapt against it immediately. How do you do that?”

“That’s because the Hayashizaki-style is a school that puts importance in observing.”

“So it’s the Hayashizaki-style―, it’s the Hayashizaki-style after all so it can't be helped huh―. But except for games that we have to use our brains, I still have a better battle record against you in fighting games, isn't it―. I wonder if I’m too simple?”

Hikaru-senpai sprawled on the floor powerlessly. As usual she was wearing that stimulating attire that looked like body paint. Kazuki was still unable to take a straight look at her.

“Well if I can’t win, then I can’t win. Though there is some fun in the challenge itself anyway!”

She stretched her body while still sprawling on the floor; then she sat sideways and barrel rolled toward Kazuki (goron―goron―) and crashed into him. When she did this it seemed that she wasn't conscious that the other party to the skinship was a guy.

Kazuki leaned his body forward and turned off the game console’s power.

The reflection of the three dimensional game that was projected from the phantasmagoria vanished from the room.

“Senpai, it's quite late already, let’s go to sleep.”

“Mu, are you quitting while you're ahead!? Someone like that isn't manly at all!!”

Rather than games, there was a matter that he wanted to talk about.

“Senpai, I want to tell you something though…”

Toward Hikaru-senpai that was leaning her body forward (goro―) like a cat, Kazuki began to talk about the suspicious shadow that was associated with this battle election and about the assassin that came aiming for his life―Katsura Karin.

“…That’s really dangerous! To ask about the security cameras from me for that kind of reason!”

First, about when Kazuki’s heart got stopped and then after that, how he intentionally took a walk and got attacked once more, when Kazuki told the story, Hikaru-senpai sprung up and got angry with a serious face.

“I’m sorry, but I thought it would be more dangerous if we didn’t obtain more information. For a man, there are times when he has to do something even if it’s dangerous.”

“Mumumu! O―k, certainly it’s just like you said. There are too many unclear matters that feel ominous. If you are a man, then it’s not good unless you move decisively, that’s how it is!”

There were times where it was easy to make Hikaru-senpai understand as long as you told her [for a man~].

“Then if we put the story all together, Katsura Karin will use a dangerous Chinese kenpo skill in the fight the day after tomorrow against my team. By some chance there might also be that unknown Diva she is contracted with too.”

Shintoukei―a technique that inflicts damage directly to the flesh. When he imagined that kind of technique used against his important people, it felt like he was assaulted with a chill that made the hairs on his whole body stand up.

He was anxious. Far more than when his own heart got stopped.

“Not just Katsura Karin, the other person, that senpai named Hayashi Shizuka might also use the same technique.”

“It’s unnatural to think that she is unrelated in this isn’t it?”

“And then Mibu Akira and Asamiya Anna, these two learned Chinese kenpo from them too; and just like that they could fight like what we saw.”

“In short, it was like that. In the worst case, Mibu Akira’s team…all four of them are made of Magica Stigma that could fight in close-quarters with Chinese kenpo that possess the power of instant death. …Ahaha!”

“That’s not something to laugh at.”

Kazuki thought whether or not there was a method to remove those girls in accordance with the rules.

In truth, he was having this kind of discussion with Kazuha-senpai during the daytime.

{Kazuha-senpai, suppose that you're still hiding Futsunushi no Kami’s stigmata, how would you get away if the academy suddenly did a surprise stigmata inspection on a certain day?}

{Wh, what’s with that messed up question? Well…it’s simple you know. I will immediately cut my contract with Futsunushi no Kami. If I do that everything will be alright if I bare my body naked in the inspection.}

{So that kind of method exists?}

{That, it’s because the contract between me and Futsunushi no Kami is not done because he particularly seeks a compensation from me anyway. Though it will be hard to restore the contract afterwards because with no stigmata it becomes hard to Access the Diva.}

―Like that even if he informed the headmaster that [Katsura Karin was contracted with an unknown Diva] and a surprise inspection was performed, it would be useless.

Even in the assault before, she didn’t leave any proof behind. In the end, a fight with them was unavoidable.

“It will be fine, Kazuki. I don't think they are that formidable of opponents even with those things. Kaguya and your team are much scarier. Am I wrong?”

Hikaru-senpai floated an easy smile. Certainly…Kaguya-senpai’s team and Mibu Akira’s team, if someone asked him which would be easier to fight, he had a hunch that Kaguya-senpai would be the one that would still be more severe to face even after all that had been said and done.

“When I saw the tournament chart, I felt bad when I noticed that I'm the only one who would arrive at the finals with ease. But now that we arrived at this point, I get the role to stop the opponent that absolutely must be stopped from going further directly to the front. I’m really happy. This is a serious responsibility. A fitting event for a real man. I'll give the taste of defeat to those guys thoroughly. …That’s why, how about you just concentrate on defeating Kaguya?”

Hikaru-senpai timidly brought her finger near Kazuki’s forehead and poked lightly.

“If you lose to Kaguya here, you too will keep getting the cute little brother treatment for a long time after this, you know?”

“That’s…I don't really mind about that though. In reality, I'm the younger one, her junior in school.”

“Ahaha, because she said you are cute. However, it’s no good. As a boy you must properly show your reliable side. If you could do that, then surely you'd look aa―mazingly cool!”

He felt that Hikaru-senpai sometimes didn't seem like a prince, but a really fantastic big sister.

“…I’m going to do my best. Of course I don't intend to lose.”

“Fufufu, we are going to meet in the finals, it’s a promise!”

It was embarrassing, but for some reason, Kazuki averted his eyes from senpai’s straightforward gaze.

“Err―rr, that’s all for the talk, let’s get to sleep soon.”

“Right, right. We have to prepare for tomorrow’s practice!”

Turning off the electricity, both of them laid on the floor. Inside the darkness he felt the presence of Hikaru-senpai coming closer.

As though she was going to hug him from behind―.

“Ah, it’s no good…as I thought getting near while it’s dark is…still a little scary.”

Now that she mentioned it, the purpose of this get-together was to cure Hikaru-senpai’s phobia of men.

“Then senpai, how is it if I do this?”

Inside the darkness, Kazuki softly took hold of senpai’s hand. Hikaru-senpai twitched for a moment, but,

“Hmm? Even though we are touching, strangely I feel fine…” She was saying that with a relieved voice.

Hikaru-senpai trusted Kazuki with her reasoning, but she said that she was instinctively repulsed by the part of him that was a man. It is possible that she has a completely instinctive fear of the smell of a man.

However, the act of wrapping up their hands together was the exact opposite of such fear and repulsion.

The manly sensation of a boy’s palm, however he only did a [normal hand holding] that was the farthest thing from a dangerous action and did nothing else. ‘I wonder if it would be fine if it’s just this’, that was what Kazuki thought.

“Bu, but this…it makes my heart throb fast, I can't calm downnn…”

“That throb, does it feel bad?”

“It, it’s not bad at all! Things like this also have the feel of a man’s friendship right!?”

If male friends did something like this together they would feel revolted though, Kazuki thought inside his heart.

Part 5[edit]

May 17th. The day of the second round of the matches had come.

What was conducted first was the decisive match where Kazuki was challenging Kaguya-senpai. The degree of attention from the other students was also high.

“How are we going to fight?”

Inside the temporary tent which was turned into a waiting room, Mio asked Kazuki with a serious way of speaking.

“What’s important is to constantly cooperate and never let it get cut off. We are the ones that are losing in terms of individual strength. If the fight develops into one-on-one fights in four different places, I think we absolutely won't be able to win.”

Kazuki, who didn't bring his katana, would surely lose if he was careless against Kaguya-senpai.

If Kohaku, who didn't have her Sacred Treasures, was careless against Kanae, Kanae would surely win with almost no injury on her.

Mio and Koyuki were even; but against Torazou-san, even if he was careless, it would be severe for Kazuha-senpai.

If someone got defeated somewhere and their team fell into numerical disadvantage, just like that, the outcome would be decided already.

“It’s painful when Kazuki said it so clearly that our own strength is inferior, but…have you discovered a chance of victory somewhere?”

Kohaku who had her own differences with Kanae pointed out, made a bitter face and asked.

“Kaguya-senpai and Kanae have [absolute individual strength]. However, I don't think that those two’s strength is necessarily suitable for team battle. All of us are going to cooperate with each other and fight in the way that shaves off the strength of those two. If we can shave off their strength, we should be able to see a chance of victory.”

“How do you think we are going to do something like that?”

Kazuha-senpai inserted her hands into the pockets of her Sword Division’s battle uniform and said impatiently.

“Kaguya-senpai’s weak point is as the person herself said as well, the lineup of magic that she can use is too showy. And then Kanae’s weak point is…”

And then when the time came for the players to enter the stage, Kazuki and the others came out from the tent.

“How about we decide the conclusion, Otouto-kun!”

Coming out to the grounds, Kaguya-senpai made a declaration of war with a loud voice. Coupled with that Magic Dress form of hers, it was impolite, but he couldn't hear it with the mood as anything other than the speech of an evil female top echelon from a masked hero show.

“What conclusion? It’s not like there's any fate particularly at work here.”

“Not that! Otouto-kun might have had the belief of winning against me, who lost my sanity at that time, however I don't remember it so it’s a no-count―! I am the big sister, the student council president and the master. I will teach those facts to Otouto-kun! Right, Kana-chan!”

Kaguya-senpai moved the talk to Kanae who stood directly next to her.

“Such things are trivial!” Saying that, Kanae curtly threw away Kaguya-senpai’s words.

“However, I will block Nii-sama’s path right here by standing as the strongest enemy! Before Nii-sama spreads his wings as the leader of this academy, I’m going to become your final ordeal! If we talk about a conclusion that has to be reached, then it’s surely about the years long rivalry between Onii-sama and me! Come, it’s time to carry out the promise!”

Promise―the promise between him and Kanae at the school enrollment.

The strongest Magica Stigma and the strongest swordsman were, right now, standing in his way as the [Swordsman of the Magic Division].

““Now is the time to decide this academy’s strongest!”” Both of their voices overlapped together.

Against the statements of the two representatives of the academy, excited cheering that deafened the ear welled up from the stands.

“Even though this is only the quarterfinals, the atmosphere really feels like the climax of a last battle, doesn't it?”

Torazou-san scratched his head with a dumb face.

“…That’s true but I don't have any intention of losing against Kazuki either.”

Koyuki too glared at Kazuki with a composed look.

“This is not a personal battle you know? …Everyone, let’s ignore those overly hot-blooded people. We are going to fight with the bonds between us!!”

Kazuki called out to his comrades at the back. His comrades replied back to him “OOO―!” all together.

And then, the Magica Stigma from the two teams stepped back at the same time toward the rear and formed the Heaven and Earth formation.

Opposing Kohaku was Kanae and Torazou-san stood opposite Kazuha-senpai.

And then all the Magica Stigma performed Access at once, their forms were altered into their Magic Dress.

“Then the quarterfinal first round―begin!”

The referee teacher announced the match. The eight people started to move at the same time…!

“Everyone, Formation Dark!”

Kaguya-senpai gave some kind of instruction. A different tactic from the first match was coming… this was according to his prediction. Even its content was following his guess faintly.

“Begone Kohaku! Don't be a nuisance in my contest with Nii-sama!”

Kanae slashed at Kohaku with force that was filled with more than enough spirit!

“Here I go! Year in, year out, I’m always only getting made fun of by all the girls, I can’t keep getting looked down like that!”

Torazou-san too slashed at Kazuha-senpai!

““Self Burning!””

Kazuki and Mio matched their voice and chanted the same magic.

That changed the state of two battles in a big way.

First was the fight between Kanae and Kohaku―

Against Kanae’s high speed sword dance, the situation immediately developed against Kohaku where she was being pushed back. However after Kohaku held out and a slight time had passed after the start of the fight, the flame armor that Kazuki had chanted immediately wrapped itself around Kohaku.

“What impertinence!”

Kanae ignored the defensive magic and slashed down on the flame armor.

Kanae’s Enchant Aura extended to her katana, enveloping it with aura that turned it into a magic sword that destroyed all magic phenomenon. That aura and the flame armor clashed against each other, offsetting the other.

The aura of the magic sword vanished. If the aura of the blade was erased, Kanae’s sword attack would have no attack power behind it except the original strength of a powerless girl. For Kohaku on the other hand, beneath the flame armor there was the girl’s own defensive magic power.

Kanae’s sword whose attack power was killed by the flame armor inflicted almost no damage on Kohaku.


In contrast, Kohaku didn’t even think about dodging and swung her sword with first-class timing for a simultaneous strike. Moreover Kohaku was using Psychokinesis to move the flame to her own blade. As a flame sword, it was adding to its attack power.

“!?” Kanae leapt back in panic. She was unable to avoid it completely and got grazed by the flames.

“Freeze Barrier!”

From the rear Koyuki chanted a defensive magic for Kanae in a panic. The protection of the ice prevented the flames of the sword from reaching.

The two took some distance for the moment and glared at each other.

Kanae concentrated the cold that enveloped her body into her blade and attempted to increase her own attack power.

However, she failed. Compared to the flame that was visible to the eye, the cold in her blade was hard to sense; psychokinesis manipulation was hard. Seeing that, Kohaku laughed provocatively.

“Even after receiving the chant of defensive magic…from the beginning the powerless Kana-nyan-senpai’s attack power is zero anyway.”

Kanae, who secretly held an inferiority complex against her own powerlessness, distorted her eyebrows in irritation.

“Then I won't bother with someone like you!”

Kanae ignored Kohaku and slipped by Kohaku’s side.

“This one won't let you! Absolutely!!”

Kohaku barely Foresighted Kanae’s [next movement] in time and threw her own body in front of Kanae. Without even thinking about defense or offense, only obstructing the direction of Kanae’s travel mattered.

“Shit, you're annoying!” Kanae, whose path was blocked, swung her katana. She hit the defenseless Kohaku; but thanks to the flame armor, there was no damage to Kohaku.

Kohaku spread both her arms and blocked Kanae’s path. A swordsman like Kanae, who could release a great number of attacks, was the natural enemy of Magica Stigma. Consecutive attacks had higher effectiveness in disrupting the spell chanting when compared to a single powerful blow.

Therefore, Kohaku resolved herself to be the wall intently and exclusively.

On the other side, Kazuha-senpai and Torazou-san’s fight was―

“Don't you dare think that degree of flame armor could block my sword! TORAZOU SMAAAAAAAAAAASSHHhh…huh, wha, what’s with this flame’s force!?”

Torazou-san, who brandished his powerful sword with all his strength, raised an utterly astonished voice looking at the situation right in front of his eyes.

The flame armor that covered Kazuha-senpai blazed violently with the force several times the original power.

“I don't want to admit it but…I have talent in the way of magic―! I'm not really happy with this, but…I'm the same, a [Magic Swordsman] like Hayashizaki Kazuki!!”

Kazuha-senpai collected the oxygen in her surroundings beforehand. Within the highly-concentrated oxygen, the flame armor burned up beyond its usual fierceness!

―[Self Burning] with oxygen incited reinforcement. Perceiving the invisible oxygen and controlling it with Psychokinesis was a fairly high-level technique.

However, Kazuha-senpai showed that she did it within only a moment right after the start of the match.

“Yamada Torazou, I will do away with you too and elevate my name! And then become a popular person for sureee!!”

“I, I don't really get it, but you are incredibly burning up with tenacity! How can I looseeee!!”

Kazuha-senpai’s katana that was clad in fierce flame clashed against the Torazou Smash.

The flame drowned out Torazou-san’s aura and even melted the body of the blade. Torazou-san’s magic power was converted from Enchant Aura into Pyrokinesis, stealing the heat from the katana and cooling it down for protection.

The result of such magical counterbalancing was the loss of Enchant Aura’s effect on Torazou Smash, turning it into just a mediocre slash. (GIIN!) The sword of Kazuha-senpai, who was just a greenhorn and often made fun of before, magnificently repelled back Torazou Smash that was feared as the strongest attack in the Sword Division.

Torazou-san’s posture was broken; Kazuha-senpai immediately pursued him to keep attacking.

“Whoaa!” Torazou-san desperately rolled around to dodge.

“…This is looking bad. I won’t get any help from anyone in this Formation Dark.”

“I’ll win…and become a popular person for sure!”

Torazou-san was forced into a one-sided defensive battle by the fierceness of Kazuha-senpai, who was driven on in a trance. Kazuha-senpai, who had separated herself from her nervousness, turned into a flexible beast and stood in overwhelming domination.

The two [Self Burning] shook the two battle states greatly.

―Of course at the same time with that progress, the rearguard had also began the offense and defense of magic.


Kazuki checked Koyuki who protected Kanae with [Freeze Barrier] using attack magic.

Koyuki couldn't defend against the attack in order to protect Kanae; her defensive magic power was scattered.

“O nihility of ancient times, become the freezing deep breath that resides in the vacuum of this chest. In the flowing stillness of rejection, freeze and be silent…Glacier Wind!”

Koyuki invoked a magic for counterattack. However the one it aimed for was not Kazuki.

The target was Kohaku. Kohaku could dodge a simple attack magic, but she couldn't do such things while she was fighting Kanae. The wind that contained chilling air erased the flame armor that enveloped Kohaku’s body.

When it happened, Kanae’s high speed sword dance once again became a complete threat.

“Self Burning!”

With the swiftness that was accumulated from training, Kohaku was attached with defensive magic.

“Mio, Kaguya-senpai is preparing her chant!”

At the same time, Kazuki sensed a stimulation of magic power. He had anticipated this beforehand.

That was why he had given detailed instructions to Mio of the countermeasure for that. The problem was the difference in speed between the two.

“O formless mute shadow, become the fish that swim in the darkness that’s pregnant with obstructive thought! Origin of nightmares, vicissitudes of materialism, bite in answer of terror and hope…! Deep Specter!”

Kaguya-senpai invoked a level 5 magic with surprising speed.

The shadow behind Kohaku swelled up greatly, became a huge monster, and attacked her!

However, Kohaku had heard from Kazuki beforehand about his guess that Kaguya-senpai would chant this magic. The girl evaded the shadow monster’s surprise attack as if she had an eye attached on the back of her head.

In the middle of that offense and defense, Kanae finally slipped by Kohaku’s side. And then she headed to the rearguard, Kazuki and Mio, dashing at full speed. There was no doubt that this move was something that they had arranged beforehand.

The Formation Dark that Kaguya-senpai instructed was to create a numerical advantage with the use of [Deep Specter] and directed Kanae to the Magica Stigma. There was no mistake that this was that kind of tactic!

However, he had read their move beforehand- that Kanae might be coming to them like that. The magic Kaguya-senpai could use that was orienting towards teamwork was around something like [Deep Specter] after all.

Even how Koyuki might not use [Moves in the Field] also could be predicted. Because there was the flame magic specialist Mio on this side, this side could melt the ground's surface immediately. Kazuki could also chant the same [Moves in the Field] and affixed his teammates with ice boots to oppose them.

Kanae, who became free, rushed to his position. To protect Mio, Kazuki made an interception against her.

Currently, Mio is chanting, so a disturbance against her Summoning Magic must not be allowed.

That’s why I'll stop Kanae…with this fist!

“Are you saying that you'll stop me bare-handed, Nii-sama!”

“If I can’t do that, then we won't be able to win!”

This match was about how he would fight to protect the Mioprincess.

This was because Mio was that kind of child, so it couldn't be helped.

“My wicked thoughts are filled with curses, I beseech for thy pain…. I have no shame for my ominous thinking! Feel Pain!”

Kaguya-senpai who had finished chanting Deep Specter sensed Torazou-san’s disadvantage and launched a shooting magic of pain illusion to Kazuha-senpai. Unfortunately, Kazuha-senpai didn't have the perception power to just dodge that attack.

“UGUU! …No, no way I'll loseee!”

However, Kazuha-senpai’s talent in general magic was a cut above other people. She had already learned the Trance technique through training in order to soften the pain as the countermeasure for Kaguya-senpai.

Her inherent will-power should be enough to endure around two or three shots of [Feel Pain].

“Nii-sama, prepare yourself!”

Kazuki foresighted Kanae’s slash and repelled it away with his fist. However, Kanae was fast at any rate. Moreover, in order to prevent her from heading towards Mio, Kazuki had to constantly move in a way that blocked Kanae’s path. But…,

“Without hesitation even if cursing, thou also wounded myself…shared pain is my joy! Cry and shout in the mirror's reflection! Suicide Black!”

While Kazuki met Kanae right from the front, he invoked that magic.

“Wh!? For Nii-sama to do such a dreadful thing!?”

The Storm Cat couldn't press the emergency brake even when the red light had turned on. The swing of the katana that was moving toward the black mist fell. It resulted in a raised scream of “NYAAA―!” from the reflected pain.


The one who reacted towards that scream was Kaguya-senpai. Kaguya-senpai, who struck Kazuha-senpai with several shots of [Feel Pain], was undoubtedly aiming for [Ultra Violence] next.

However, if she made the evil sound that doubled the pain resound right now, then Kanae would also get affected with its effect. There was no function of allies and enemies identification in [Ultra Violence] after all. …Though now was not the time, was Mio’s chant still not finished yet!?

The magic power of Mio who was advancing her preparation for high level magic, swelled up on a grand scale.

―Koyuki sensed that situation. Noticing that Mio hadn’t invoked any magic since she chanted the [Self Burning] in the opening of the match, she had strengthened her vigilance without doubt.

Koyuki invoked her magic preceding Mio.

“O singing voice of the mermaid, manifest the freezing thought of yours. Sadness to ice flower, loneliness to light snowfall, cover the world with cold white…White Album!”

The invocation rewrote the space itself with the world of a blizzard that was attacking, a large-scale magic that was impossible to avoid.

Besides Kazuki and Mio, Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai too were also locked up completely inside the alternate dimension of blizzard.

“Freeze Barrier!”

Kazuki had to protect Mio at the very least; he chanted defensive magic to Mio.

The other three people ate the damage of the blizzard completely.


Still inexperienced in its usage, Kazuki desperately attempted Resist. Even so Kazuki’s defensive magic power was shaved off by a lot. The flame armors that enveloped Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai were also extinguished and they bore the damage directly.

When the freezing world used up its energy completely and collapsed, Kazuki and the others returned to the previous space.

Koyuki distorted her expression. Due to Kazuki’s [Suicide Black], the phantom pain was reflected back to her.

[Suicide Black] also exerted its influence toward Kanae’s aggression. It was very useful in this match.

“Only this much pain! …For Kaguya’s countermeasure, I secretly trained the Trance technique to reduce the pain! I'll show you that I can endure this much!!”

Kanae came slashing at Kazuki with an expression of pretended endurance.

Is Mio’s magic still not ready yet…! He couldn’t hold out for too long anymore!

“Blooming flower of blood tearing the skin, eternally resounding scream…awaken the hell right here and fell the betrayer! Cochytus!!”

Didn't your [Ultra Violence]’s chanting get interrupted just before this!

With a speed that made Kazuki spontaneously scream inside his heart, Kaguya-senpai invoked her level 4 magic.

Wide scope offense magic―In the area where Kazuki and Mio were standing, wind of freezing hell was raging mad.

“Freeze Barrier!”

Kazuki immediately chanted a defensive magic. The target was of course Mio.

“Even like that, you will still keep protecting Mio-chan!?”

Kaguya-senpai who had the pain of freezing reflected back to her yelled while grimacing.

“Kohaku, Kazuha-senpai, now!”

Sensing that Mio’s magic was in the verge of getting invoked right at this moment, Kazuki gave out his instructions.

Going along with those instructions, Kohaku led the shadow monster into a straight line between Mio and Koyuki.

Kazuha-senpai guided a lot of oxygen towards Koyuki with Psychokinesis.

“…Don't tell me!?”

Noticing what would happen next, Koyuki chanted a defensive magic in panic .

“The light of heaven residing in that body, O bird of paradise, following my accusation reduce to ashes the sins on the earth! Israel Judgment!!”

The highest level of magic that Mio could use, the level 6 magic was invoked!

Light element offense magic―lasers poured on the shadow monster who was weak against the element, it was vanishing like an evaporated shadow. With momentum that showed no sign of declining at all, the laser charged Koyuki!

“Freeze Barrier!”

Instantly Koyuki defended herself with defense magic, but―around the girl’s surroundings was a gathering of highly-concentrated oxygen.

With the laser pouring down on that area, a terrible flame explosion was bursting out. The ice defensive magic was immediately torn apart, Koyuki was blown away to the corner of the ground while the blue light of her defensive magic power was scattering everywhere.

“Koyuki-chan!” Kaguya-senpai shouted.

With the shadow monster obliterated, Kohaku, who became free, charged with the intention of pursuing Koyuki.

“I won't let you!” Kanae left Kazuki alone and dashed away in panic to protect Koyuki.

However, he mustn't let Kanae protect Koyuki. They had to defeat Koyuki with this momentum and obtain numerical superiority.

Kanae and Kazuki, who was pursuing, traded blows of fist and katana while running.

“Kuu…although every bit of the pain is reflected back to me, how could Nii-sama compete with me using only fists!”

Kanae groaned in frustration. In actuality, the state of the battle was not even. Kazuki was accumulating damage again and again from Kanae’s sword that he couldn’t block.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 100.jpeg

However it was fortunate that he had seen the example of how to repel a katana with a fist before from Katsura Karin. Owing to the reference from that, he could do something like this even more than he thought!

“Five stars shining in the interval of life and death, turning, turning, pillaging on the god of death’s shim, become the silently wretched clay doll…”

At that time, Kazuki sensed an awful spell being chanted.

“Near Death Roulette!!”

Kaguya-senpai brandished the god of death’s scythe and assaulted Kazuki from the side.

…Senpai, isn't your chanting just too fast!?

Striking at the opening in his high-speed sword dance with Kanae, the scythe was swung down at Kazuki.

[Near Death Roulette]―it steals one of the human’s five senses with each hit, in the sixth hit it would sever the entire magic power of the target.

The moment he got hit with that scythe, Kazuki felt the pitch black magic power flowing into his brain. Sparks were scattering in his brain, some kind of sense was destroyed!

Just like when a breaker was halted, Kazuki’s sight was shut inside total darkness. What was stolen was his sense of sight.

Kaguya-senpai fluttered the long blade of the scythe, the returning bladed tore apart Kazuki even further.

This time, Kazuki became unable to feel anything on his whole body’s skin. His sense of touch was stolen too!

Kazuki couldn't see anything already, even the sensation of the ground beneath his feet was lost. It was a sensation that felt completely like there was no earth or sky and he was drifting around in outer space.

“The match is decided! Prepare yourself Nii-sama!!”

Kanae came lunging at him with the total conviction in her victory.

However, Kazuki was able to sense her action.

“With that confident voice believing in your victory, hasn't your sword become extremely rough instead, Kanae! Even when I can’t see I still can see you know!?”

Kazuki poured his whole force of will into Extra Sense and took in the magic power in his surrounding area. As if looking at a thermograph image completely from the difference of strength between magic powers, he was able to grasp the situation around him.

The human model silhouette that was covered with Enchant Aura on its whole body and was coming at Kazuki thrusting with a kodachi―Kanae was thrusting at him in a large swing that was really sloppy for her.

Kazuki dodged it with a paper-thin difference. Moving like that, he grappled with Kanae who was leaping at him from the side.


Lifting up Kanae, he looked for the silhouette that was holding magic power in the shape of a scythe in its hand―and he threw Kanae, who crashed into Kaguya-senpai.


“Kyaa, Kana-chan!?”

The voice of the two falling into pandemonium could be heard.

Koyuki was…which way!? Had she been brought down just by Kohaku already!?

“Moves in the Field!”

Koyuki was running from place to place with wounds all over her body even with Kohaku assaulting her. She invoked the magic that made it possible for herself to fight the close range. However that was just a desperate move.

“Barrett!” Kazuki fired a flame bullet aiming at those ice boots.

When Koyuki shook violently and her balance was broken, Kohaku came assaulting.

“O immortal bird soaring from dusk to dawn, grant those wings of hope on my back! Destruction for the sake of rebirth right here in this place…! Blazing Wings!”

Furthermore Mio fluttered her wings of flame, she headed to Koyuki and took a nose dive.

“At the very least, the conclusion will be given by me who is the rival!”

He could hear the voice of Mio who got really carried away, Kazuki breathed out in relief.

“Hiakari Koyuki, that’s the end!”

The whistle of the referee was sounded, pronouncing the exit of Koyuki whose magic power had been shaved to dangerous levels from the stage.

―How is it going with Kazuha-senpai?

Kazuki magnified the range of his sensing power and peaked at the state of battle in the far away.

“Win…with this, becoming a popular person…”

“I don't get what you're saying at all, but to lose against a female again…”

Kazuha-senpai, who was clad in a flame armor that Mio newly chanted, was getting the better of Torazou-san.

“Yamada Torazou, that’s the end!”

And then, Kazuha-senpai too finally came this way.

“This is four against two now you see, senpai.”

Although those two were almost uninjured, this difference in numbers was big. If they tortured these two severely with a large number of attacks, as expected, even for Kaguya-senpai she wouldn't be able to freely chant her spell in this situation.

“…I never thought that we would get cornered this far.”

Kaguya-senpai took a deep breath in resignation.

“That’s why I told you already, that in any case it’s better to aim for [one shot instant annihilation] with you chanting [Galaxy] while everyone protected you to the death.”

Kanae was grumbling incessantly with a dissatisfied face.

Certainly, if she invoked [Galaxy], with one shot the four people in his team might bear catastrophic damage.

But even at that time when they defeated Nyarlatoteph, even while everyone was in anguish from [Psycho Noise], they protected Kaguya-senpai desperately from the fierce attack of the tentacles. Only with that the grand magic was finally activated. In a team battle where both sides were in equal conditions, they had no intention to let that long chant succeed.

“Even if we win using that reckless way of fighting, the damage would still remain in the semifinals right!? Didn’t Kana-chan also agree with that!?”

“Trying to win against Nii-sama without taking any damage is just too greedy! Besides, don't you just keep chasing the ideal too much and keep failing all the time!!?”

Even though they were in the middle of a match, Kaguya-senpai and Kanae began to shout at each other unanimously.

Kaguya-senpai simply couldn't be stopped from chanting her spell. In addition, she put a counter attack using [Ultra Violence] and [Desire Tentacles] after invoking her [Suicide Black]. That combo would create a dreadful strength when facing Kaguya-senpai one on one. That was why to defeat her there was no other way than to gang up on Kaguya-senpai with a large number of people and beat her senseless.

Kanae had astounding evasion ability but her attack power was low. If someone challenged her one-on-one imprudently, then they would be played around with mercilessly and get slashed continuously in a one-sided battle. But in truth, as long as one put up tight defensive magic, they wouldn’t receive any considerable damage even if they left her alone.

That was why the strategy was to not attack these two until the very last minute.

And then from there on, Kazuki stood in Kanae’s way while Kohaku, Mio, and Kazuha, attacked Kaguya-senpai simultaneously.

“Otouto-kun you idiot―!”

“Otonashi Kaguya, that’s the end!”

Kaguya-senpai’s scream, which felt like incomplete combustion, echoed. Kaguya-senpai left the stage.

And then the four people headed to Kanae’s direction altogether. Kanae twitched with a startle like a cornered kitten, but even Kanae would be unable to escape when she was chased by four people.

“Nii-sama you moron―!”

As expected, Kanae’s scream, which also felt like incomplete combustion, echoed. Kanae had also used up her magic power.

“Match over!”

The referee teacher blew his whistle and proclaimed Kazuki and his team as the winner.

“…We lost.”

Right in the middle of the grounds, Kaguya-senpai’s shoulders dropped dejectedly.

“Even though this side is using a few magics to get by somehow, Otouto-kun had predicted everything and came up with countermeasures for all of that. It’s really not fair. How dirty. I totally feel that I'm only spinning my wheels uselessly.”

“Even if we clashed against senpai’s team right from the front, we understood that we wouldn't be able to win, that’s why.”

‘Thud’, suddenly Kazuki felt a light impact on his back.

When he turned back, Koyuki was lightly poking Kazuki with reproachful eyes.

“…Isn't it fine even if you take it easy in that match?”

“Is, is it really that vexing? But it’s strange to take it easy in a serious match right?”

With a pout (pui), Koyuki turned her face to another direction.

“Arara, Koyuki-chan is sulking. Or perhaps I should say, 'how spoiled.' Koyuki-chan has pride in her fighting skills after all, so she is really shocked, see.”

When Kaguya-senpai pointed that out from the side, Koyuki’s shoulders twitched with a start but she kept her expressionless face.

“There is no such thing. …But I won't like it if Kazuki doesn’t give me something as compensation.”

Compensation. She really couldn't say strongly that she wouldn't forgive him, but how very Koyuki-like.

“Puu.” After muttering a word, Koyuki was walking to the guest stands.

Suddenly, Kaguya-senpai was staggering in her posture.

“Senpai, are you okay?” Saying that, Kazuki immediately supported her body.

“…I'm fine, it’s just that my body became a little hot.”

“Ha? Your body is hot?”

“Because, I fought using Asmodeus’ magic until all my magic power was used up. But I'm okay…I will be patient until tonight.”

“…In other words, senpai is planning to come to my room tonight, is that it?”

“You won against me after all; so take responsibility, okay Kazuki-kun?”

‘Ufufu’, leaving behind a mischievous laugh, Kaguya-senpai was also returning to the stands.

…Kazuki-kun, is it?

Suddenly Kanae was passing by beside Kazuki wordlessly.


Against that unexpected behavior where she said nothing, Kazuki called out to Kanae.

“…As I thought there is a limit…in my powerlessness…. Even though Nii-sama became a Magica Stigma, I have to succeed the Hayashizaki-style, but with someone like me…”

While she was looking down with a gloomy expression, Kanae muttered some words out gravely.

“Oi, Kanae. Don't brood over it too much. This time, that lack of attack power only stood out because of the rule’s limitation in this strict team battle, right? You have that personality that couldn't really get serious like this…”

Kanae stopped her steps like it was the first time she noticed Kazuki, then she turned back.

“Nii-sama! Nii-sama, Nii-sama, you are strong!! Your promise, it certainly has been fulfilled already. This time, I will recognize my defeat, but…next time it cannot be like this again―!!”

Kanae pretended with her usual bright expression and then she ran to the guest stands.

“…She is really seriously injured huh.”

In any case, the next match was being prepared, so Kazuki and his team returned to the guest stands too.

“Fufufu…with this, my friends too will increase…”

When returning back to the guest stands' seating, Kazuha-senpai leaked out a suppressed laugh.

“The Sword Division follows the doctrine of strength. …Now that I have beat the number four of the Sword Division, Yamada Torazou, it’s not an exaggeration to say that every student excepting the top three of the Sword Division have become my friend!”

“Kazuha-senpai. Senpai’s definition of friend is quite sinister somehow. What’s with that brute force theory?”

“Eh!? It, it’s not like that right!? What I'm saying is normal!?”

Against what Kazuki pointed out, Kazuha-senpai was shocked speechless and fell into panic.

Next, the match of the Takasugi brothers – Ryuutaki sisters team began.

However, their second match reached completely the same development as their first match, inviting the sigh of the spectators.

“Lunatic Labyrinth!!”

When Miyabi-senpai invoked that magic, all the movements of the participants on the ground was stopped―

―The moment they started to move again, the opposing team’s state had become unable to continue the fight.

If he had to say what was different with the first match, it was only that the Takasugi brothers’ degree of fatigue had been even more pronounced now.

“This battle election tournament is a place to show a way of fighting fitting for the Chief Student Council President, right? Even if they keep winning like this, there will be no one that would vote for them, would there?”

Kazuki spontaneously couldn't help but harbor such doubts.

Putting aside the Takasugi brothers…those Ryuutaki sisters might have a totally different objective.

Part 6[edit]

And then the grounds were moved after the afternoon break, this time the match of Hikaru-senpai began.

“Mibu Akira. Asamiya Anna. This time we are going to go out to meet the swordsmen. You two, don’t allow those Magica Stigma’s [armaments] to come out.”

While entering the grounds, Hayashi Shizuka said that with a chilly voice.

Even Kazuki, who reinforced his hearing ability, could hear that voice.

“G, got it! E, even without you saying it, we are going to do it for sure ze! Hyahha―!”

Toward Hayashi-senpai, who had the same small build like Karin and a quiet look, Mibu-senpai, who was supposed to be the team leader, responded back with a little shaking in her voice. …He caught a glimpse of a strange power balance on that team.

“I know thy name. Thy true name is Baalzebul, every evil was born in the Middle Ages. O disgraced god of harvests, in accordance with my life recover you radiance!”

Veritas me LiberabitThe truth shall set me free…Thy true name is Prometheus! The proud man is the man who had tasted all suffering! In accordance with my life, show that wisdom!!”

Hikaru-senpai and Lotte performed Access. The Magic Dresses enveloped their bodies.

“I know thy name….Thy name is Astaroth! O Diablosslanderer who is well versed in human’s history of sin, show the radiance of the empress of terror’s authority!”

“I know thy name…thy name is [Gamygyn]! O depraved fallen angel subordinate to the Lucifermorning star of the dawn, show hell’s loyalty to us too!”

Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai too were similarly changed into their Magic Dresses.

In Japan’s study of magic, the people changed where they paid respect only toward the Diva’s pure strength without paying any attention to the religious good and evil of the Diva. However Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai’s Magic Dresses which had black as their basic tone felt like the villain’s costume no matter how you cut it. On the contrary, Hikaru-senpai and Lotte, who had silver and pure white as their Magic Dresses’ basic tone, looked like they were the ones standing on the side of justice.

“Do your best, Hikaru-senpai!” Among the loud cheering voices, Kazuki also raised up his voice of support.

“Quarterfinals second match, begin!”

At the same time as the teacher’s signal, Karin and Hayashi-senpai dashed rapidly toward both swordsmen who were Kamiizumi-senpai and Kimura-senpai.

Both of them were…even though they took along katanas on their hips, it didn’t look like they were going to use them at all.

Empty-handed, they're planning to fight completely with Chinese kenpo!

“Can those guys really do that kind of thing!?”

Surprised voices leaked out from the students of the Sword Division. It had seemed like Karin and Hayashi-senpai were plain existences in the Sword Division, but that was nothing more than their fictitious guise. Only Kazuki knew their true identities.

Jūchouho―the speed of the charging Karin, who gained her acceleration power from the earth, was Foresighted by Kamiizumi-senpai. Even while she was taken aback by that unexpected swiftness, she evaded nimbly. It was hard for her to move against Karin who slipped under her bosom while striking with the palm, but that exchange between them was even. However on the other hand―

“Nii-sama, we were had by that girl called Hayashi.”

Kanae whispered so. It was not an ordinary matter to make Kanae surprised.

Hayashi Shizuka too was the same as Katsura Karin, she was using Chinese kenpo. However, her way of fighting was different from Karin.

That girl’s style was to wait and receive the opponent’s attack. When Kimura-senpai swung down her katana, Hayashi-senpai predicted her movement and evaded while putting her palm at where the moving katana was going.

Kimura-senpai's wrist, which held her katana, was settled inside Hayashi-senpai’s palm as if it was being sucked in completely.

Right before that happened, Hayashi-senpai stepped on the earth powerfully. At the same time she was grasping Kimura-senpai’s arm, she twisted her whole body like a spiral. With all that energy, she crushed Kimura-senpai’s arm in her grip.

At the same time, Hayashi-senpai created that ripple of mysterious magic power that spread from her palm.

Her efficiency was even better than Karin. It was a very refined movement.

From the mouth of Kimura-senpai, “AAAAAAAAAA!”, a painful scream was released. That one blow was an impossible attack that ignored the defensive magic power.

The spectator seats were stirred from the sudden scream. As long as there was defensive magic power, there shouldn’t be any wound inflicted on the flesh. Even though this was supposed to be an absolutely safe mock battle, the only one who could correctly understand the situation before them was Kazuki.

From afar, he could see that it was not a situation where a bone was broken, but Kimura-senpai’s bone might be cracked.

Toward Kimura-senpai, who endured the pain and restored her stance, Hayashi-senpai mercilessly let loose a kick.

Against Kimura-senpai who fell down on her backside, that dangerous palm was once more directed at her….

“Stop! …O god of whirling sky’s will! Gather in my hand, grant me the authority of judgment! O radiance of royalty’s divine gift, become a splendid and dazzling drawn bow! Lightning Line!”

However, Hikaru-senpai fired a lightning arrow at the critical moment.

Hayashi-senpai sensed it just right before and she swiftly leaped back.

“Yoooooo Prince-sama-chan! Your opponent is me zee! …Expelled from the crack of sunlight covered earth, O ugly beast smearing its lips with gore! Set free the worried pig on the surface with that big mouth! Snake Dragon’s Large JawDragon Bite!!”

Coming from Hikaru-senpai’s side, Mibu-senpai invoked her Summoning Magic.

The earth was split, from there a fierce face of a black dragon’s head came out. Its big mouth split open up and down like a crocodile and headed towards Hikaru-senpai.

“O stream of atmosphere, converge on this body, become the storm that rejects the resented person! The eye of the typhoon is my throne! Storm Fort!”

Hikaru-senpai immediately chanted defensive magic of the storm. The large dragon kept its big mouth opened while it was losing to the pressure of the storm area and was slowly being pushed back. Finally it used up its summoning energy and vanished.

The magic user Mibu-senpai was also blown away into the air.

Hikaru-senpai fired one shot, two shots with the lightning bow in her hand toward Mibu-senpai. Even that girl couldn’t dodge in the air, “Gyaa!” she raised such voice and got blown away.

“…Even though I said to restrain the Magica Stigma.”

Hayashi-senpai, who was obstructed by Hikaru-senpai, whispered with a flat tone of voice.

Kimura-senpai fixed her stance while her arm was suffering in pain.

―On the other side, Asamiya-senpai was aiming for Lotte.

“Right now sins are overflowing on the earth! O great arms of the god of death, O arms of fallen angel that sneers at the hollow faith, grasp the scythe of soul and reap the sins of this land! Empty Sky Revolution of God of Death’s ScytheSpinning Death Scythe!”

Asamiya-senpai invoked her magic―a giant scythe floated at her side, as if it was held by unseen hands. It glided through the air with its blade aiming at Lotte.

“O accumulating wisdom throughout human history, become many piles of armor that protect my body! Heavily, thickly, reject all brutality! Seusenhofer!!”

Lotte summoned a mobile armor with Prometheus’ defensive magic. It repelled the blow of the giant scythe.

While her small body staggered from the impact, Lotte fired a volley of gatling bullets from the [Mitrailleuse] that was equipped in her right hand. There was no person who could try to dodge and run away from that gatling gun.

“Ngagugugugugu!” Raising a yell, Asamiya-senpai was thrown back by the bullets.

“I reached my hand to the height of Babel and become the oppressor! O lightning, in accordance with my life, praise the brute force of the human race! Blitzkrieg!!”

Furthermore, on the electromagnetic gauntlet of [Collider Field] at Lotte’s left arm, a lance unit was added and equipped.


With the lance that was filled with electricity, Lotte pierced Asamiya-senpai vigorously.


Huge blue defensive magic power was scattered, Asamiya-senpai was blown away with a muffled scream.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 107.jpeg

Seeing that situation with a side glance, Mibu-senpai clicked her tongue “Che!”.

“Reaching the past from the future, O goddess that accepted the slander of man…change that darkness into deadly poison and spit it all around! Let us slander all those foolish people!! Poison Argument!!”

Mibu-senpai made Astaroth’s avatar emerge, spraying poisonous black bubbles everywhere.

That magic was also shown in the first match. The black bubbles discerned between allies and enemies and flew only at Hikaru-senpai’s team.

“Storm Fort!”

Hikaru-senpai spread out a large defensive magic of storm as if to wrap up both swordsmen on her team.

That magic could be applied to not only a person, but it looked like it could be magnified so the effect radius could even include up to two people. The black bubbles looked weak against wind, all of them were blown away in all directions and repelled.

However―the defensive radius couldn’t spread to Hikaru-senpai herself and Lotte. Even armored, Lotte couldn’t defend against the poison. Both of them were afflicted with poison.

“The situation looks bad right now…even if Kimura-san has to be sacrificed so that she leaves the stage, maybe Hikaru-chan should have protected herself.”

Kaguya-senpai whispered such a thing calmly. But for better or worse, Hikaru-senpai was not a person that could make such a decision like that. Even himself, could he decide something like that…he probably couldn’t, Kazuki thought inside his heart.

“Soaring wings, glaring eyes, invading world-destroying conflagaration―manifest the authority of god right here, as the agent of civilization, deeper and deeper, I’ll advance! Deep Striker!!”

Lotte equipped a thruster system to her back and soared to the sky so that she wouldn’t inhale even more of the poison. The machine’s movement compensated for her body, which was staggering from the nerve poison. Even her sight and other senses that grew hazy from the poison should be compensated for by the radar unit that was loaded in the flight unit.

After fixing the electromagnetic lance securely on the machine arm, Lotte prepared a charge toward Asamiya-senpai and took a nose dive.

“Soul of the dead gathered by the God of Death’s calling voice, armor my body, turn this body into hell’s tormenting devil…the trump card against heaven is right here! Black Titan!!”

Black mist was coiling about around Asamiya-senpai. It coagulated and transformed into a black giant.


Asamiya-senpai's yell shrieked while blocking Lotte’s charge, which had surpassed the speed of sound.

However, even though the charge was blocked, Lotte had the superiority in the way of the elements. Electricity was produced from the tip of the lance, pouring damage directly into Asamiya-senpai, who was at the center of the black mist.

“Ju ju ju ju ju, just this much, won’t work―!”

Even while she was shocked by electricity and defensive magic power was shining inside the black mist, she pushed down that recoil by willpower and struck Lotte with a giant fist.

Against the severe blow, Lotte was sent flying while her armor was smashed up.

Lotte soared high to the sky once more―she was once again going to make a decisive charge in a nose dive toward Asamiya-senpai. This was the highest level of magic that Lotte could chant. Asamiya-senpai blocked the assault and hit back while eating the electric shock.

And then finally, both the giant body made from black mist and Lotte’s armament were both pulverized into tatters and vanished.

Lotte, who was staggering from the poison, and Asamiya-senpai returned from the poor condition and glared at each other.

“Lotte-chan and the others became wrapped up in melee combat, didn’t they?”

Kaguya-senpai muttered. Whoever won this fight…they wouldn’t recover completely for the next fight.

“I ascertained the human’s nature with my own eyes. Thy bowel is hell’s crucible, the vomited slander become the indictment toward the children of heaven and men. Fill the earth with anguish of the end! Snake Dragon’s Emesis of Ruinous ScreamApocalypse Venom!”

Astaroth, who was straddling a giant lizard emerged at Mibu-senpai’s side. Red and black liquid was spewed out from the mouth of that giant lizard onto the surface of the ground.

…A different kind of poison!?

Astaroth―This influential empress of hell was a [poison user] Diva. She created even more nightmarish and vicious poisons inside the body of her lizard servant that couldn’t be compared even against the artificial combinations of all poisonous substances.

That black and red vomit passed through the allies without effect, pouring only to those who had been confirmed as the enemy by the empress of hell.

“Storm Fort!” This time too Hikaru-senpai protected the frontline swordsmen and received the poison herself. Lotte also couldn’t defend herself against the poison. Both of them were afflicted with two different kinds of poison.

Even though both of their magic powers were in the situation where they weren’t doing anything, it was gradually beginning to decrease. The poison this time was a poison that gradually erases magic power. The situation would increasingly become worse if this became a protracted battle.

“…Hand down lightning to my body and grant me the godspeed of lightning’s will…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

Hikaru-senpai circulated accelerated electric currents through her whole body. The electric signals that ran in the nervous system revitalized the body and the mind, negating the effect of the nerve poison. And then with the accelerated movement, she hit Mibu-senpai hard.

Mibu-senpai tried to handle the attack with Chinese kenpo’s movement. However Hikaru-senpai’s full speed was not something that could be defended just from offhand training of Chinese kenpo.

There was no doubt that Hikaru-senpai, who thought that a protracted battle would be unfavorable, was trying to decide the match in one go.

“O flow of the atmosphere, stretch out to my hand, become the spear to repel the resented person! What is extending to my hand is the tip of the storm!! Ayamur!!”

Hitting while chanting a spell, furthermore that hand gripped the repulsing spear tightly. Mibu-senpai, who kept getting hit by Hikaru-senpai was blown away even further from the storm creating spear.

“I’ll come to help you now, Tomomi-chan!”

And then Hikaru-senpai attempted to go help Kimura-senpai, however―,

“Kimura Tomomi, that’s the end!”

Just before she could do that, the voice of the referee teacher sounded out.

“…My bad, but it’s already over.”

Hayashi-senpai’s palm strike had already erased Kimura-senpai’s defensive magic power as she writhed in pain. Even though normally, you had already won when the opponent’s defensive magic power was gone, Kimura-senpai, whose whole body was covered with wounds from having her flesh beaten up in bad taste leaked out a pained moaning voice.


The enraged Hikaru-senpai swung down her repulsing spear silently!

“Black Titan!!”

However Asamiya-senpai, even while being exhausted from her fierce fighting with Lotte wore the black mist on her body once more as she covered for Hayashi-senpai, blocking the attack with that giant body.


From the back, Lotte prepared her electromagnetic lance and charged.

The lance pierced deeply in the giant’s back, pouring electricity into the internal part.


That instant, Asamiya Anna’s magic power decreased to dangerous levels.

She was already on the verge of magic intoxication. Kazuki could clearly sense her condition.

Even the black giant's body couldn’t be preserved anymore and was starting to flicker and vanish like a heat haze.


But Asamiya Anna shrieked with a voice so loud; as if it would rip her own throat.

The moment she screamed, her magic power, which should be empty already, exploded, overflowing throughout her whole body once more. Receiving a new supply of mental strength, the vanishing black aura was regenerated once more and re-materialized.

“…Such a thing!? How!!”

Lotte’s eyes opened wide in shock. There was no doubt that she had also believed the opponent to be defeated already.

The arm of the black giant body mowed Lotte’s small body down.

“Charlotte Liebenfrau, that’s the end!”

In a reversal, Lotte’s magic power hit rock bottom with that attack. She, unavoidably, exited the stage.

“Wait a second! Isn’t there something strange just now!? This is not something that someone can get through with willpower! For sure, just now…Asamiya Anna’s magic power should have become zero!”

“R, right…I felt it too.”

Hearing Kazuki’s words, Kaguya-senpai also expressed her agreement as if doubting her own eyes.


The revived Asamiya-senpai screamed as if she was going crazy while waving about both her legs and arms. Kamiizumi-senpai, whose fight with Karin was unfolding into an even battle, was sent flying. Even for the former vice-president of the Sword Division, if an interruption butted in right in the middle of an even battle, then she would be helpless to do anything.

“Kamiizumi Iori, that’s the end!”

Kamiizumi-senpai’s magic power hit rock bottom too. In the end, Hikaru-senpai was alone.

“…How dare you!”

Hikaru-senpai thrust at Asamiya-senpai with her spear. The body of black mist was destroyed.

“I said it already that your opponent is me, right―! Dragon Bite!!”

Mibu-senpai’s magic was invoked. A giant dragon’s head appeared from the flank and came attacking.


However Hikaru-senpai, who had superhuman abilities from Ride Lightning, released a series of thrusts with speed that couldn’t even be caught by your eyes.

(DOSUDOSUDOSU!) The large jaw of the dragon that was opened wide, the upper part, the bottom part, the inner throats, all were gouged with countless holes consecutively. The dragon’s neck became covered all over with holes like a lotus root and terminated.

“I, impossiblee―! How the hell did a bastard like you have battle strength like that!?”

“That’s why I ordered you to not let her get a weapon!”

Hearing Mibu-senpai raising such a yell, Hayashi-senpai threw a scolding at her.

In a flash, Hikaru-senpai got near Mibu-senpai and released a series of thrusts like a meteor shower. Her speed had already transcended what human eyes could perceive. Countless lines of light pierced Mibu-senpai over and over again.


Each of those blows possessed the destructive power that were produced from the Sacred Treasure that was produced from Summoning Magic. Helplessly Mibu-senpai’s magic power hit rock bottom. Kazuki sensed it happened. Without doubt she had no magic power left.

“Do, don’t think you can beat me just with that muchhh!! YOU HONOR STUDENT-CHAAAAAAANN!”

However, with a scream filled with fighting spirit, the magic power that was supposed to be dried up already welled up explosively from the depth of Mibu-senpai’s body. …An obviously strange thing was happening right now.

“Karin, after this I’ll leave it to you two, ‘kay.”

For some reason, Hayashi-senpai and Karin stopped fighting at that point. They stepped back to a deeper part of the grounds.

“You guys, what are you planning! Why are you not going to fight yourself!?”

Seeing that, Hikaru-senpai tried to give chase.

“Spinning Death Scythe!”

The scythe that Asamiya-senpai summoned came attacking as if to obstruct Hikaru-senpai’s path.

Senpai blocked it with her spear, but her body that was afflicted with poison staggered.

“MOVE!” Even while staggering, Hikaru-senpai thrust at Asamiya-senpai using her spear.

Furthermore, even while fighting in close-quarters with her spear, senpai had been chanting her spell for a long time.

“Know the fury of god with the roar of the sacred flame! The roar of the sky, all of it resided in this hand, grant me the hammer that smashed the world! Break apart the boundary! Yagrush!”

In her left hand, she grasped the wind element spear, and in her right hand, she grasped the lightning element hammer tightly. A battle style that truly symbolized her as the contractor of Baal.

When that hammer was raised overhead, the sky raged thunderously. Gigantic thunder clouds were created above Hikaru-senpai’s head.

“I have had enough with you guys already! Get smashed up…!!”

That large hammer was brought down onto Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai. A storm of electricity broke out where the hammer fell. A giant explosion broke out with light and sound as if it would burn the spectators’ retinas and burst their eardrums.

When the light settled down, a giant crater with a diameter of several dozen meters was gouged in the ground. Inside it, Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai were collapsed. Naturally, their magic power was supposed to be dried up already.

However…even so, the two stood up unsteadily like ghosts.

Despite bearing the amount of damage to the degree that it wouldn’t be strange for them to fall into magic intoxication not only once, but two or three times, vivid magic power was regenerated on their whole body.

“My, my head hurts―…but I won’t lose―…hyahha―…!”

“So tiresomeee…. But, but, it's after this you know, anekiii―…!”

The ones who felt a shuddering chill running through their body was not just Kazuki. The students in the guest seats had already forgotten to raise any cheers. They were just watching the ground while holding their breath.

“Stop the match!”

At the side of the ground, an old man’s hoarse voice was resounding.

Headmaster Amasaki and the other teachers were struggling with each other in an argument.

“There is obviously something strange that is going on, don’t you see! Forfeit the match!!”

“On what basis can you say such an unfair thing!?”

The one who replied back was a man with glasses on his slender face. That man was board chairman Takasugi.

“Isn’t there any obvious foul play that is happening here!? As I thought, you are showing favor to particular students, aren’t you headmaster!!?”

Headmaster Amasaki was grinding his teeth while he drew back.

Certainly…there was no suspicious [action] at all.

However, there was obviously a relation with a Diva’s power with this situation.

“This is, as I thought, the deed of the Divas that are contracted with Katsura Karin and Hayashi Shizuka?”

“Eh? Those two are swordsmen right?”

When Kazuki whispered so, Mio turned and looked up at him.

“Yes but…those two, at the very least Katsura Karin is contracted with an unknown Diva.”

Kazuki, who had been attacked by Karin, held a conviction in that fact.

“However, those two didn’t show any sign of chanting Summoning Magic…”

“Then, is it [Divine Protection]?” Kazuha-senpai answered in a sigh.

“Divine Protection?” Kazuki spontaneously asked back.

Words he didn’t have any recollection of…No, he had heard it before just once.

“Divine Protection is the manifestation of a Diva’s power in a different shape from the Summoning Magic. Those Divas like Japan’s Solomon's 72 Pillars that are contracted with multiple humans and have [weak relationships] with each other cannot really manifest it. But those like me and Futsunushi no Kami, who have a deep contract one-on-one, can manifest it. And then the contractor and possibly the comrades in their surroundings could be granted with a special effect. For example, if it’s Futsunushi no Kami…he can grant me and my comrades a Divine Protection to [use the Battou Kaikon of Sacred Treasures that have the form and nature of katana masterfully].”

“The power of Divine Protection, you don’t need some procedure like Summoning Magic to use them?”

“Just as you understand from seeing how Kohaku used her Sacred Treasures, it’s basically invoked continuously without any pause.”

“There is really that kind of thing?”

Even Lotte, who could operate all kinds of machines when she obtained Prometheus’ cooperation, that blessing probably should be called Divine Protection too.

“But Divine Protection that can revive humans who had used up their magic power completely for however many times, no matter how you see it, that’s just too powerful…”

Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar emerged out beside Kazuha-senpai.

“It’s not an impossible matter though. For example, there are also Divas that specialized not in Summoning Magic, but in Divine Protection. Otherwise, if it is just a [simply powerful Diva] that is reigning in the upper part of the mythology’s structure, they too could possibly bring about such a powerful Divine Protection as this. Perhaps…that Divine Protection is looking very powerful, but in truth there is a large weak point in it, something like that?”

A simply powerful Diva that reigned at the upper part of the mythology’s structure…?

Such a Diva like that was possibly contracted with Katsura Karin or Hayashi Shizuka…?

On the ground, Hikaru-senpai had used up the power of [Ride Lightning] and [Ayamur] and became unarmed. Even while being afflicted with two varieties of poison, she was still standing and facing Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai upfront.

“You all…if I stop…I cannot fight with Kazuki.”

“Feh…if you want to try that hard, then how about you try until the last moment?”

While floating a cruel smile, Hayashi-senpai who had stayed back temporarily approached Hikaru-senpai, who was already mostly paralyzed from the nerve poison.

“We are going to play now, Karin.”

When Hayashi Shizuka said that, Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai were the ones that stepped back this time.

Karin’s fist directly hit Hikaru-senpai’s side.

It was a fist that was accompanied with the magic power of Shintoukei. With her step onto the earth and the spiral movement, that strength was magnified.

(Bokii!) A sinister sound rang out and Hikaru-senpai’s body jolted.

Something was broken, probably her ribs.

The wrist of Hikaru-senpai, who was staggering from the impact was grasped by Shizuka. The girl released a wave of magic power and she twisted the fist that wrapped Hikaru-senpai’s wrist. (Buchii!) Sounds of the tendons getting damaged could be heard.



Seeing Hikaru-senpai scream and fall down, Hayashi Shizuka released a laugh as if she couldn’t bear with her enjoyment anymore.

Kazuki’s spine froze. Even though she could make Hikaru-senpai use up her defensive magic power until it hit rock bottom if she just hit her normally, those girls penetrated the defensive magic power and hurt the flesh directly.

On the back of Hikaru-senpai, who was leaning forward from enduring the pain, two more fists were striking. As if breaking wooden chopsticks casually, one piece, two pieces of senpai’s ribs were breaking.

Hikaru-senpai’s scream reverberated.

The students in the stands were looking with eyes as if they were seeing an unrealistic scene performed in a theater. They were looking down in blank amazement. For the humans who were blessed with defensive magic power in their everyday life, this reality was something they were unable to understand. Even the referee teacher, he was making a face that showed his inability to understand what was currently happening. He was showing his lost behavior whether to stop the match or not. …Even though this kind of thing had to be stopped an instant earlier!

“Stop it already!!”

Kazuki spontaneously stood from his seat and started to dash heading to the ground.

“…A, Ayamur!”

Hikaru-senpai who was crouching to endure her pain invoked a spell.

And then all of a sudden, she swung the spear with her one remaining healthy hand and launched a surprise attack at Shizuka. That one strike was not filled with strength already. The unsteady and unsure tip of the spear grazed Shizuka’s cheek.

Small wind shook Shizuka’s hair bangs.

“…You bastard.” Inside Shizuka’s eyes, a shuddering violent emotion was flaming ablaze.

And then Shizuka’s fist was…Hikaru-senpai’s chest―her heart was hit.

“…Stop!! Why do you need to go that far!!? Stop―!!”

The only one who understood the meaning of that action was Kazuki. He dashed down the stands while yelling.

“Cut it out already right nowwwwww! M, my head hurts like it will split! I’m already at my limit hereeee! It’s the endddddddddddddddd!! Dra, Dragon Bitee!”

However, the one who was screaming was not only Kazuki. Mibu-senpai, who was watching the gruesome tragic event that Karin and Shizuka interweaved from the side for a while, all of a sudden was yelling a spell.

Summoning a dragon’s jaw, it crunched at Hikaru-senpai who had no power left to resist already.

But that attack only wounded the defensive magic power, it was still better than having her body destroyed.

Thanks to it, Hikaru-senpai’s magic power was finally shaved down until the dangerous area where the match should be stopped―

“...Che. How dull…No, maybe I also played too much.”

While clicking her tongue, Shizuka looked down at Hikaru-senpai, who fell as if she was going to crumble.

“That’s the end!” After saying that, the teacher who took the role as referee finally blew the whistle that signaled the end of the match in a too late fashion.

Part 7[edit]

“Haha…just this much isn't really a big deal, you know!?”

Because of how Hikaru-senpai said that with her cheerful and wide grinning face, the surrounding people relaxed their nervousness.

“There's no way what you said is true, Senpai! Your bones are broken and your tendons are snapped apart after all!!”

Mio scolded her harshly at the end of the bed. After that fight…Mio immediately descended down to the grounds, treated Hikaru-senpai and Kimura-senpai with [Anti-Aging], and brought them to their respective rooms.

Even after that, the next match was still performed, but it was out of the question for Kazuki and the others to watch it.

It was his first time entering Hikaru-senpai’s room, but the room was like a boy’s room. It could even be seen that she deliberately excluded girly things from here. Shounen manga [13] were lined up on the bookshelf and finished products of plastic models were lined up on the cabinet. It seems she painted the plastic models herself. There was even a booth for painting here. On the wall, men’s clothes were hanging and posters of soccer players were pasted.

“[Anti-Aging] is a magic that instantaneously magnifies the recovery power that humans personally possess. It’s not a magic that makes the wound nonexistent. The bones and tendons are already starting to stick together but…please stay and rest for the whole day.”

Mio gallantly said.

“So I can do whatever I like tomorrow?”

“…For the moment, the doctor has also said so. Though there might be some uncomfortable feelings in the tendons left for a while.”

Just before, there was also a doctor that came, though he only injected something to stop the pain because it looked like there was nothing left to be treated medically.

Mio and Liz Liza-sensei talked about the effects of [Anti-Aging] to the doctor. The outcome of those three’s discussion was that if they repeated the treatment in a fixed interval, then Hikaru-senpai would be recovered completely by the next day; that was the conclusion that came out.

“Complete recovery in half a day…it's unexpectedly easy to get healed, isn’t it ? It’s a wasted effort to worry like that. I didn’t even get to see Kimura-san’s condition.”

In relief, Kaguya-senpai also relaxed her expression, which had been tense with worry for quite a while. And then, all the concerned people in the student council that were jam-packed inside Hikaru-senpai’s room simultaneously started to leave the place.

“Eh, wait a second, everyone is leaving!?”

Seeing everyone leaving the room one by one, Hikaru-senpai raised her voice in a fluster.

“Who will become my talking partner, just relaxing is boring! I’m lonely here! That’s right, Kazuki! Kazuki, become my talking partnerr―! I’m an injured person after all, so be kind to mee―!!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Sorry, Kazuki. You got stuck with accompanying the injured person. It’s really disheartening to become alone.”

When she became alone with just Kazuki, the smiling face Hikaru-senpai showed became distorted.

When he looked more carefully, of Hikaru-senpai's hands that stuck out from the futon [14] were slightly shaking.

“Senpai, does it hurt?”

“No, the medicine for the pain is effective…probably the injured body itself too has been healed greatly, so I think even if the medicine stopped it won’t even hurt anymore. However, truthfully, from a while ago, I’ve been scared.”

Hikaru-senpai hung her head down frailly.

“Strange isn’t it? Even though I have experienced a lot of real battles in quests, despite having experienced a life and death situation before, yet…the sensation of having [your physical body get destroyed], at that time, it was scary, it’s unbearable when I remember it…. Even though I won’t die from just having one or two of my ribs broken…”

Hikaru-senpai's trembling hands gripped each other. Even so her hands still continued to tremble (katakata [15]).

“How pathetic huh…Thank you, Kazuki. I’m happy if you're going to be at my side for just a little more.”

The frail figure of Hikaru-senpai, who was always so lively, was heart breaking for Kazuki.

Kazuki went near the bedside, he wrapped Hikaru-senpai’s trembling hands with his own.

“Aa” Senpai, who had a phobia of men, leaked out her voice.

“Is it scary?”

“…It’s not scary. The sensation of being wrapped like this…somehow it makes me feel at peace.”

A small heart mark came flying at him.

Through the hand that was being grasped, from her heart, Hikaru-senpai came to rely on Kazuki, despite being male.

This situation probably came from the long time Hikaru-senpai had spent in getting used to Kazuki and also, it was probably the fault of being in a particular mental state from having herself concentrating intently on her own fear and loneliness.

“Senpai’s man phobia, it might be cured already now right?”

“I, it might be so, I wonder…. But even if that's true, I have a feeling that it’s because it's you.”

For a while, Kazuki stroked Hikaru-senpai’s hand, Hikaru-senpai accepted it with rapt attention.

“How vexing…Despite my plan to beat those guys and sever the future trouble they might bring. And then with a bright feeling, I would enjoy the final match with you, even though it was supposed to be like that.”

“It’s going to be fine. I will avenge senpai without fail.”

In that match―Hayashi Shizuka was without a doubt evil. No, its not about whether she was evil or not, but rather that she was someone unforgivable for Kazuki. For her to do such a thing like destroying human’s flesh with a playful feeling.

“Vengeance. …How cool! When I think about it, it’s such a heated development like in shounen manga!!”

The light that was like a young boy's passion returned to Hikaru-senpai’s eyes.

“In that situation, Kazuki will use my magic―[Ride Lightning], and beat up those guys! Using the technique your dying friend left you behind and defeat the bitter enemy…intense, it’s just too intense!”

“Senpai is still not dead yet right? …Besides, I can't use senpai’s magic, you know?”

“Why? You can use the magic of someone you get along well with, right?”

Hearing those words, Kazuki was taken with surprise.

“So senpai also knows about Lemegeton’s power!?”

“Yeah, I heard it from Liz Liza-sensei together with Kaguya. Something like positivity level as the key to use magic. Then there is no reason why you can't use my magic.”

Amasaki Mio―147 Lotte―120 Hiakari Koyuki―119 Otonashi Kaguya―92

Hoshikaze Hikaru―60 Tsukahara Kazuha―49

“No, the positivity level from senpai is…still not enough.”

When Kazuki told her, the widely smiling face of Hikaru-senpai turned into a pale white expression in the blink of an eye. Her voice became upset in total disbelief.

“Wh, why!? Th, tha- tha- tha- tha- tha- that’s stupid! I like you very much! We are best friends that are bound by hot friendship!! Aren't we!? Why can’t you use my magic!?”

Senpai swung around Kazuki’s hand in a buzz.

“Senpai, you're still in recovery so please don’t get so excited!”

“Uuu―!” Senpai groaned fretfully. “This is treachery! Something is strange!!”

Certainly with how good the relationship between him and senpai, it was strange how he still hadn’t obtained the proof of the connection between their magic power, the <key of the heart>. Even Kazuki actually felt such doubt too.

…Just as he thought, was friendship not good enough?

The relationship that senpai sought from and gave to him…was it insufficient to build a bond between them?

No matter how long the time they spent together, it was as if something like a membrane was dividing them, obstructing the exchange of their feelings. He had a hunch like that.

The relationship between him and senpai, couldn’t it become a genuine bond?

The relationship between him and senpai, was there a lie in it…?

“Kazuki?” Looking at how Kazuki had become quiet, Hikaru-senpai leaked out an anxious voice.

…Senpai, was not a man. Even if she said that she wanted to tie a friendship between fellow males with him from her mouth, senpai is a girl. Inside our relationship, there was a lie and deception.

Perhaps deep inside their hearts, he and senpai were connected with a far different relationship.

The number of the positivity level might be the proof of that.

Kazuki unintentionally put more strength into both hands that wrapped Hikaru-senpai’s thin and graceful hands.

“Hikaru-senpai, I have a request.”

“Wha, what is it so suddenly? If it’s your request, then I'll more or less listen to it though.”

“Senpai, please go on a date with me tomorrow!”

Tomorrow, senpai was going to be recuperating until her condition returned back to normal.

“…Eh? You want to go play together? I don’t really mind.”

“It’s different, not playing, but a date.”

Kazuki corrected her with a strong tone.

“I, isn’t it strange for us to go on something like a date? For fellow males to go doing something like that is…”

“That’s enough, please recognize it, senpai is not a man. I don’t think of senpai as a man. I, as a man, want to go on a date with senpai as a woman!”

“Th, that kind of…. But, I mean why so suddenly…”

“Senpai, the thing that you said when you were wearing the maid uniform, you said that you will listen to what I say for just one day, right?”

“I, I certainly said that, but! You will use that one favor right here!?”

Senpai might dislike it if he talked in this way.

…No, there was no skull mark that signaled the drop in positivity level.

Senpai was only looking down with a face so red that it wouldn’t be strange for her to spit out fire.

“Senpai…let’s meet in front of the station tomorrow at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. I will wait for senpai there.”

“If, if I don’t go, are you planning to keep waiting for the whole day there?”

“Yes. Just like that, I might catch a cold and become unsteady in the next match then.”

“I’ll get troubled if that happens you know―. Don’t threaten me―!”

Senpai raised out a shrinking voice.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Nii-sama, I’m making a fresh start in life.” Across the cell phone, Kanae said such a thing.

Being concerned with Kanae’s state in the afternoon, Kazuki called Kanae before going to sleep to talk with her.

“…What do you mean?”

“If I stay like this I won’t become a suitable successor for the Hayashizaki-style. I have thought about this for the whole day.”

“Oi, don’t worry yourself too much about this. What happened in the afternoon was because you got caught in our plan until the very end after all.”

He had to choose his words in order to cheer her up. Kanae’s powerlessness was…a problem that was hard to resolve. Even when using the Enchant Aura to magnify physical ability, if the original physical ability was low from the start then that magnification value would also become small.

If a person just kept being side-tracked by a field that they were poor at, they might meet a dead-end and stop growing.

“I understand that I also shouldn’t hope for <attack power> beyond what I have right now. However, I might be too fixated on the stereotype of [kenjutsu as something that created physical destructive power]. If I perceive the opponent’s magic power more closely and alter my own magic power according to my image, it might be even possible to [sever the magic power of the opponent itself] with my magic sword. Severing the spell’s chanting or the source of the magic phenomenon…while fighting together with Magica Stigma, I noticed such a possibility…”

The power that distorted reality―magic, there were still possibilities lurking inside it that the Hayashizaki-style hadn’t seen yet. However much the magic distorted reality…there might be nothing that couldn’t be cut using the magic sword depending on the image.

“I am a powerless swordsman. Nevertheless, because of that very powerlessness, I’ll show Nii-sama my pursuit of an entirely new kenjutsu, a new technique for the Hayashizaki-style. I won’t lose to Otonashi Kaguya either. I will immediately train starting from tomorrow!”

The conclusion that she arrived at after her struggle, by no means did he think of it as something mistaken.

“That’s why Nii-sama, I’m happy that you called me, but you don’t need to worry about someone like me. Because from now on too, I will keep continuing to become Nii-sama’s rival as the strongest swordsman!”

“…That's true, isn’t it? My step sisterbig sister wasn't a person so fragile that she would need something like my encouragement in the end.”

“I’m not the older sister but the little sister! That’s why Nii-sama too, please become stronger and stronger, okay!?”

Her usual bright voice returned in the end, then the call was cut.

…But the strength that I was pursuing was heading in a different direction from Kanae's stoicism.

The power of bonds―it was by no means something that he would need to be ashamed of.

Right at that time, as if it had been long-waiting for the call with Kanae to be over, the door of the room was knocked on.

“Good evening.” Kaguya-senpai showed her face.


Senpai entered the room while her body was wrapped in her Magic Dress.

He was not conscious of it while in the middle of battle, but her appearance was very lascivious. The slight areas of the body that was covered, rather than hiding the minimum portion it clung to, emphasized the beautiful white skin and the sexy body line instead. Maybe it was because senpai was adjusting her magic power, but the decorations of her Magic Dress was simplified―as if to say, so all of those wouldn’t be a hindrance in what they were going to do after this.

And then her eyes were…different from usual where it had already changed into a violet color.

“Senpai…, did you use too much magic and now you completely have an odd mood?”

The Diva that Kaguya-senpai was contracted with, Asmodeus, was the demon lord that governed lust. Using Asmodeus’ power too much made senpai unable to hold back her own feelings. Kazuki also accepted even that kind of Kaguya-senpai…because of that it became the role of Kazuki to diffuse the mood of Kaguya-senpai who had become like this.

“That’s because Kazuki-kun, you've beaten me completely after all.”

Kaguya-senpai lowered her body on the bed besides Kazuki and came near him closely while sitting.

Usually, she always came hugging at him so suddenly and she would get satisfied with just squeezing him for a while.

For some reason, tonight she didn’t appear to be like that. He felt the calm before the storm from senpai.

“Senpai…come to think of it, why are you suddenly calling me [Kazuki-kun]?”

“Because I already, can't be [a reliable senpai] anymore. I completely lost against an impertinent first year that had only enrolled into the academy for a month and a half after all. My pride as a senpai had been broken apart into small pieces.”

While leaning slovenly on Kazuki, senpai puffed out her cheeks ‘buu’ in a pout. Her hair softly clung on Kazuki. From there, Kaguya-senpai’s characteristic chest pressed on him with a dense sweet smell.

“So, sorry. But for me, senpai is still senpai…”

“It’s okay, actually I too…wanted to [submit] to Kazuki-kun after all.”

“Su, submit!?”

“I've decided already, not to pretend to be tough or be patient anymore. I’m going to stop restraining myself.”

Slowly, Kaguya-senpai’s hand was moving; she put her finger on the front button of Kazuki’s sleep-wear.

“Se, senpai, what are you--!?”

“Just a little. It’s just for a little, so…”

Kaguya-senpai’s passionate finger gently exposed Kazuki’s upper body,

Kaguya-senpai, whose pupils had turned violet, was spellbound looking at Kazuki’s chest. With a gulp she swallowed her saliva.

“To gulp like that, senpai…what do you mean by just a little…”

Mutually staring at each other’s exposed skin, the two were enveloped in an obscene mood.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do anything perverted at all! Only just a little, I just want to hug while our skin meets together, that’s all! It’s wholesome! This is a perfectly wholesome thing to do!”

On Kazuki’s bare skin, Kaguya-senpai’s huge breasts that were mostly exposed from her Magic Dress was pressing so tightly (munyu), that it changed shape. This was not something felt from across the uniform or shirt, it was a direct sensation. This was, surely this bulge was where all the [pleasant softness] in the world was packed into.

No, that wasn't right, probably what was packed into a girl’s chest were dreams and romance.

“You said you weren’t going to do anything perverted…this is already perverted enough you know, senpai!”

“Stop calling me senpai! Call me Kaguya!”

Senpai puffed out her cheeks ‘buu’ once more in a pout.

“Ka, Kaguya…san.”

“No way, no way! It’s fine to call me Kaguya without an honorific!!”

“Ka, Kaguya…”

It was strangely embarrassing, Kazuki felt heat filling his face.

“Kazuki, you too, embrace me back from your direction...”

Hesitatingly, Kazuki hugged her back. Senpai’s naked back felt very smooth.

“I like you, Kazuki-kun…”

As if getting delirious from the passion, Kaguya-senpai rubbed her whole body against Kazuki’s body continuously. When Kazuki’s hard body and Kaguya-senpai’s soft body rubbed against each other, an inflammatory sensation was created between the two. Moreover, their skin gradually became damp from sweat. Even while feeling the softness of the body, a slippery smooth pleasant feeling became mixed inside.

Smoothly smoothly, Kaguya-senpai time and time again rubbed her body against him.

“N, no…it feels good somehow…. Also Kazuki-kun’s nice smell is…”

With a dreamy expression, Kaguya-senpai pressed her face into Kazuki’s neck and sniffed his aroma.

“It feels like I’m going crazy to death inside senpai’s lewd smell and softness…”

Kazuki too unconsciously pressed his face onto Kaguya-senpai’s wet skin. As if both of them were fawning at each other.

“Not senpai, Kaguya!”

He got scolded.

“I’m not perverted, okay? Kazuki-kun’s hopelessly strong and manly…extremely indecent smell and body is the cause, really. It makes me unable to endure. I’m not the one who is bad okay!?”

Kaguya-senpai who had entered a totally peculiar state of mind started talking about some absurd things and rubbed her body on him even more intensely.

Each time their skin rubbed, seductive heavy breathing was leaking from Kaguya-senpai’s gaping lips that looked like flower petals. Senpai’s breath became rough from pleasure.

“If I kiss Kazuki-kun’s lips, you’d be able to invoke a special power that can only be used once right? …I want to kiss. …I really want to kiss. This is unsatisfactory…”

Kaguya-senpai, who knew about Kazuki’s ability, raised a sorrowful voice while avoiding Kazuki’s lips, she passionately pushed those lips on his cheek.

“Uuu, this is really not enough! I want to feel Kazuki-kun more! More, I want to become one even more! Sorry, Kazuki-kun. I will return back to normal soon! So let me fawn like this on Kazuki-kun just a little more!!”

…Kaguya-senpai had wanted to cling on someone for a long time. Being treated as experimental material by her father, being pushed to become the strongest, always continuing to fight…. Kazuki won against that Kaguya-senpai, liberating her from her burdens.

That was why now, she completely became [just Kaguya].

“I’m sorry, you hate it, right? A girl like me that so suddenly becomes this indecent…”

“…I don’t hate it though, Kaguya.”

Kazuki resolved himself to accept Kaguya, he whispered in her ears.

Kaguya’s body trembled in a shiver. A large heart mark came flying at Kazuki.

“I love Kaguya, that’s why it’s okay.”

While Kazuki whispered, he caressed Kaguya’s sweaty back.

“Th, that feels good!”

Kaguya-senpai’s damp body trembled (bikubiku) like a fish that was washed ashore. She raised a high-pitched voice.

Even though he just touched her back…probably the senses that were magnified by Asmodeus made her fall into lewd sensations no matter which part of the body he touched.

If it was only caressing her back, then it was still wholesome. Kazuki assented himself like that. This was a really wholesome action. Kazuki stimulated Kaguya’s back many times over, the back that was damp from sweat made wet voices (guchuguchu)!

“Th, that finger movement is amazing! More! Strum my back more! FuaAAAN!!”

Kaguya-senpai raised a conspicuously strong voice and trembled―after that, she weakly fell into exhaustion.

“Ju, just now…it felt like I passed through a mountain…Otouto-kun.”

“Eh, senpai returned to Otouto-kun. And what mountain?”

“I have a feeling that I have done something really embarrassing…”

Kaguya-senpai averted her eyes from Kazuki and talked in a whisper. It seems she returned to herself.

“Right, it was extremely amazing, Kaguya-senpai.”

When he peeked at Kaguya-senpai’s face, her eye color serenely returned to normal.

“No, don’t stare at my face right now like that.”

Kaguya-senpai averted her boiling red face. Looks like the end of the midnight game had suddenly come.

“It feels like I was seeing a perverted dream. But it was real, wasn’t it? I’ve done a really embarrassing thing…. But I'm happy! I want to enjoy the lingering sensation just like this for a little while.”

Kaguya-senpai exhaustedly kept leaning on Kazuki absentmindedly.

“Funya funya” When Kaguya-senpai moved her lips vaguely, her Magic Dress came apart along with lights and transformed into the appearance of black lacy adult underwear. The exposure rate didn’t really change at all.

“Hey, Otouto-kun. I have been concerned for a while but, sometimes Mio-chan or Koyuki-chan are staying in this room, right?”

Kaguya-senpai said while drawing circles on Kazuki’s back with her finger. It made Kazuki shake.

“No but we didn’t do anything strange! We are just sleeping together!”

“Then I too want to sleep together like this.”

“U, understood. …But I'm a little tired…”

“I feel refreshed somehow. Fufufuu.”

“Senpai, can’t I change my shirt before we sleep? If senpai can, how about wearing some pajamas too…”

“It’s fine like this. I want to sleep while hugging Otouto-kun’s chest―”

Kaguya-senpai was happily rubbing Kazuki’s chest. While that behavior of hers was just like how she usually acted, there was also the feeling that something had changed a little from how she usually acted too.

However senpai was feeling refreshed by herself, while this side felt half dead from what they had just done.

“Otouto-kun, tomorrow, by some chance are you going on a date with Hikaru?”

“…Why do you say that?”

“For some reason, I was wondering if such a development would happen like that. It’s nothing bad though―. Though it’s nothing bad, but―. Kaguya-senpai has never gone on a date with Otouto-kun before huh―, is what I am thinking.”

“I, I’m sorry, that…”

Inside the darkness where the light had been turned off, Kazuki was flustered.

“After this, go on a date with me too, okay? I too wish for a single princess escort.”

“Yes…” when Kazuki strongly answered, Kaguya-senpai laughed strangely.

“Otouto-kun, do your best. You won against me, so take responsibility. You have to take the overall victory. Become even stronger and stronger. You are going to become the symbol of the Magic Division and the Sword Division, growing as the strongest magic swordsman…”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Looking blankly with mouth half open when people don’t know what to think. SFX for being surprised
  2. SFX of strong light being created. Imagine flashbang bomb.
  3. Fried chicken
  4. Kazuki is using polite speech here, like a maid.
  5. Formal way of sitting
  6. SFX of walking, where someone walked briskly with little steps. Showing some eagerness to get to somewhere.
  7. The original words in the raw here is deredere
  8. Lewd. At first I put a direct translation here. But it doesn’t really go well with the next part.
  9. Sushi rice in a box or bowl with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top
  10. woman who displays the feminine virtues of old Japan
  11. Momentary tightening of one's chest caused by powerful feelings
  12. SFX of being dragged away
  13. Manga aimed toward young boys, primarily for those under 14
  14. Quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor
  15. SFX of trembling

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