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Chapter 5 – Love Simulation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Senpai, she still hasn’t come huh.”

Before, he was waiting for Mio in the afternoon at the front of the station. This time, he was waiting for Hikaru-senpai.

He designated this place in an instant, but like this, it was as if he….

{As if you are taking and replacing girls constantly, right? Exactly like a Harem King!!}

Leme came jeering at him through telepathy. However, it was exactly like what she said.

Next, he had promised to go on a date with Kaguya-senpai. He also had the feeling of wanting to lead Koyuki, who tends to shun other people, outside. He also needed to find a suitable time for Lotte, who wanted to check for the new productions of the workshops in Akihabara again.

{Isn’t it fine to have fun with everyone? When Leme looks at all of you, Leme too feels the desire to become human. …That’s right, I get the feeling that in the past too, I also thought like this along with the <King of Solomon>…}

Leme had said once before that she was [a Diva that harbored a longing for humans]. Because of that [she became a Diva that could materialize easily] also.

“Is that so…even for you to regain your memory, you have to recover your strength completely too right?”

{It’s fine even if you don’t worry too much about Leme though. Well, it’s a good thing to stay positive.}

That was right, he had to stay positive when he faced Hikaru-senpai.

Hikaru-senpai was a girl. She harbored a shirking feeling toward males. He had to correct senpai’s [distortion] that made her keep insisting that she was a male on this date!

{My King…you are really heated up for your proactive date, huh. Oops, looks like Hoshikaze Hikaru has come.}

“…I, I made you wait! Sorry, I didn't realize how much time had passed…!”

When Kazuki turned back while calling out “Senpai!”―right there, what he saw was a handsome guy.

Even in TV shows, there was not such a cool guy as the one before Kazuki now.

Not only a good looking face, the clothes were also so stylish that even Kazuki could understand. She was wearing a crisp black tailored jacket and denim pants that were not too formal. The denim was a slender thing for men, but there was room for Hikaru-senpai, who was actually not a man. It also went well with her small face, an extremely stylish appearance.

There was a stylish feeling that wasn't too rough. Having said that, it was also not too exaggerated. Right in front of him was one of the examples that men should try to follow in what clothing they had to wear on a date. Even Kazuki was taken aback in admiration, wondering whether he also should dress like this.

The problem was that this handsome guy was actually a girl.

“Ho, how is it?”

Feeling Kazuki’s stare, Hikaru-senpai fidgeted around. It looks like her injuries have completely healed.

“It’s very cool. For the first time, I understand the feelings of senpai’s fans. There is no doubt that if I were a girl, I would fall in love.”

“Really? Hehhehhe, as expected. I wonder if it’s like that~. But even something like that could also happen I wonder~”

Hikaru-senpai’s expression burst open brightly just like a young boy.

She was cool, but also cute. She had a smiling face that gave you an unknown throbbing inside when you saw it.

“Please don’t be happy! …Even though I said before to please go on a date with me as a girl, why does senpai look that much like a handsome guy!?”

To have nothing but men’s clothing to this degree, she was a prince that far exceeded his expectations.

“I was thinking about whether I should wear a jersey. But I wonder if it will make you ashamed instead.”

“Even if senpai came looking like that much of a handsome guy, I only got this huge feeling of failure you know…”

“I, I think you look cool though!”

“I don't really feel that I got praised. By the way, for the date, of course for today.”

“As expected, this is really a date?”

“Even I don't really understand something like a date, I didn't really plan anything but…the thing we should do first is decided! Let’s go shopping for women's clothing!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Kazuki forcefully pulled Hikaru-senpai, who repeatedly said, “It’s impossible, impossible you know―” and finally arrived at a Fashion Workshopboutique.

It was a boutique he had visited before with Mio. Saying it clearly, Kazuki didn't understand a thing about women's clothing, but if it was the boutique that the stylish Mio favored then there would be no problem, he thought.

Moreover, this workshop made western clothes by themselves to sell. Of course they also gathered [truly good products] from other workshops and sold them too. These kinds of business conditions were called [Select Shops], that was what Mio-sensei taught him. If it was here, then they should be able to look for various brands of stylish clothes that were not leaning on just a particular brand.

“I want to escape.”

The stylish aura that was emitted from the shop overpowered Hikaru-senpai and made her whisper such.

“No way. After this, I will dye senpai with my color!”

With forcefulness from the experience he had when he was led around by Mio, Kazuki pushed Hikaru-senpai’s back forward.

“Geez, you're really forceful―” saying that, Hikaru-senpai made a troubled expression. However, a skull mark didn't come flying.

When the automatic door opened and they entered the inside of the shop, the stylish shopkeeper Onee-san was,

“Welcome…?” she said.

Her words trailed off in the end, showing her confusion that was surely because she was seeing two males entering this store for females.

When the shopkeeper took a glance at Hikaru-senpai, her expression of confusion receded and her cheeks were dyed pink.

However, as expected of a stylish professional, she immediately saw through Hikaru-senpai’s real identity as a female and floated a smiling face as if having apprehensions toward this side. “Today, what kind of items are you looking for, dear guest?”

Kazuki felt relieved and was going to consult the shopkeeper, at that time―

“Eh, Kazuki? And senpai?”


Mio was inside the boutique. Kazuki unconsciously twitched in surprise like a man whose affair was discovered by his wife.

However, when he really thought about it, this was a boutique that Mio regularly visited after all. It was just normal to unexpectedly come across her on a holiday here in this store if he just used his brain.

After Mio tilted her head seeing Kazuki’s behavior, she pulled Kazuki’s arm suddenly and forcefully.

“…Kazuki, come here for a second. Tell me the situation.”

Trailing behind, Kazuki was dragged into one of the corners inside the store, leaving behind Hikaru-senpai.

“Are you taking Hoshikaze-senpai on a date to raise her positivity level for the sake of winning the battle election?”

Mio unreservedly cut to the core of the matter.

“I’m not taking her on a date aiming for her magic! It’s just…there is something distorted in the relationship between me and Hikaru-senpai. I want to correct that distortion so that I can create a bond with senpai in the true sense.”

“…Distortion?” Mio made a dubious face.

“The relationship between me and senpai has become completely wrong somehow. I understand that from Leme’s power. Because of that, I can't use Hikaru-senpai’s magic, but…I'm not doing this for that reason! I just don't want the two of us to stay like this forever!”

“Fuun. Certainly Kazuki and Hoshikaze-senpai looked to be on good terms with each other, yet Kazuki had never used the same magic as senpai huh.”

“For the sake of correcting my relationship with senpai into how it should have been originally, …first senpai has to be made to look feminine, that’s what I'm thinking.”

“I see. Then I'll cooperate too.”

Mio gave that response decisively. “Eh?” Kazuki was raising such a voice.

Because Mio talked with a small voice, Kazuki thought she was angry. But it seems to not be like that. Right at this point, she changed completely and made a lively voice.

“It'd be great if we could make Hoshikaze-senpai look cute using this store’s clothes, wouldn't it? It sounds fun! I too have been thinking for a long time that I wanted to do something about senpai!! If it’s about such things, then leave it to this Great Teacher Mio!!”

“If you say that, then it’s a great help! I really don't understand anything in this area! …But I, after this, I am still planning to continue the date with Hikaru-senpai though…”

“I don't really mind. I have been given a kiss the other day after all. Right now, I'll believe in Kazuki’s feelings. But the things that you do for senpai today, I will hate it if later on, you don't do it all for me too, okay?!”

Mio was not feeling jealous toward his other companion, but she was demanding for the same treatment or if possible, even more of it for herself.

Mio was the type of girl who used that method to make herself content.

“Nevertheless, Hoshikaze-senpai’s personal clothes are really cool, aren’t they? She looks like the second most handsome man in the world.”

“That is the second best you say? Then, who is the first?”

“That’s Kazu-nii without a doubt!”

Suddenly, Mio kissed (chuu) Kazuki’s cheek.

“Yo―sh, I'll show you Hoshikaze-senpai’s fresh start in life! Follow me!!”

Mio exultantly returned to the area of the store’s entrance where the vacantly standing Hoshikaze-senpai was left behind. After Kazuki was dumbfounded for a while, he followed along behind her.

By then, a lecture by Great Teacher Mio had begun.

“For the sake of saving money too, if I can, I want to make use of the clothes that senpai wears right now and spend as little money as possible but…this tailored jacket is completely men’s wear, so I wonder if it’s possible.”

“Don’t girls also wear jackets like this?”

When Kazuki interjected, Mio said “Chihchih. The silhouette is completely different” and waved her finger about.

“There is also a way to make use of this denim as boyfriend denim and coordinate it.”

“Boyfriend denim?”

“A somewhat large denim that looks as if it is borrowed from a boyfriend and when worn is called that. A boyish denim with the cuff rolled-up and then from there the slim ankles are tightly exposed while also wearing something like cute pumps. With that, the girliness would be all the more increased. It’s super cute!! Wearing boyfriend denim for the purpose of falsifying fat legs is no good! Slim ankles are the greatest!!”

“I see, I don’t get it.”

However, the shopkeeper kept nodding while making voices of agreement (un un) with a full, smiling face. It seems there is nothing mistaken in Mio-sensei’s words. Hikaru-senpai was staring vacantly with round eyes.

“But a first date with a boy should use a more orthodox style that looks as girly as possible, right? As I thought, rejected, let’s replace the whole outfit! …Hey, Hoshikaze-senpai, is it okay to let the hair down too?”

“Eh!? …No, no way, it’s embarrassing, it will become disheveled!”

“It'll be okay, we're going to use a brush after all.”

“Mio, so you carry around a mirror and brush? You really are a girl.”

“Fufu, this is only natural for a girl! Come on senpai, please don’t move.”

“U, uuu…” From behind, Mio combed down Hikaru-senpai’s curly hair.

“If we use this product, created by the greatest alchemist of the fashion industry, Junko Takeo…”

When Mio brought out a cream that looked to be very treasured by her and used it in the brushing, in the blink of an eye, Hikaru-senpai’s hair became silky.

“L, lies…” The person herself was the one who was most surprised.

“How great. So this is the secret behind how Mio’s twintails look so pretty.”

“Though this is really expensive you know~. Even though father is like that, he is really generous when it comes to this. At first, I too was hesitating, but he really had fun dressing up his daughter to be stylish. So like that, it couldn't be helped.”

‘Is that so?’ was what he thought. But as expected, it seems that Headmaster Amasaki was extremely doting on Mio.

“Yosh, looks good! As expected, senpai is cute! If it's like this, then senpai already looks extremely girlish and attractive! But still~, there are a lot of spring one-pieces with flower patterns, but it looks a little too sweet though~. On the other hand, now is still not the time to use summer colors.”

“Myon-chan, what if it's this newly arrived product, I wonder!? Although this is not something we made ourselves!”

The shopkeeper came bringing a yellow mustard one-piece in her hand. Myon-chan?

“There is something like that!? Masumi-chan, this is good!!”

So you too were calling the shopkeeper by adding -chan to her name?

Mio was like “Yee―ii!” and did a high-five with the shopkeeper. They're too friendly with each other.

“These clothes aren't good if they're not worn by someone like Hoshikaze-senpai, who would look like a college student or an office lady when wearing them. If that point is coordinated with this one-piece, then it would endow senpai with the combination of the impact of a leading actress with elegance! Yellow suits Hoshikaze-senpai, the fashionable color of the year!”

Mio checked the correctness of the sewing and then she fluently flipped off the tag to confirm.

“This is from a still nameless workshop!? This kind of great bargain…Masumi-chan, not only as a attire alchemistcouturier, but your skills as a stocking officerbuyer have gone up too, haven't they?”

“This is nothing big.” [1]

When Mio’s eyes shined brightly, the shopkeeper Masumi-chan talked strangely while rubbing her hands together.

“Wearing a one-piece means you don't need trousers or a skirt. Then only this is enough right?”

“Idiot! Just calling pants "trousers" already shows that you are an idiot! Kazuki, are you planning to combine this one-piece with the leather sneakers that Hoshikaze-senpai is currently wearing!? Isn’t it obvious that the footwear is the most important thing!!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

―Much, much later, Hikaru-senpai, who was holding a lot of items in her arms, and Mio entered the dressing room.

“Senpai, why are you wrapping something like sarashi [2] on you!?”

Mio’s scream could be heard from the dressing room.

“I, if I’m going to look like the appearance of a cool boy, then the breasts are just a hindrance so…”

“There is that but, please don't do things to the degree of pressing your own breasts just to look cool! Senpai, even though you have beautifully shaped breasts, they were completely crushed!”

“It’s, it’s going to be fine see, it’s not tofu after all.”

What a conversation they were having.

Before long, the curtain was opened swiftly. The figure of Hikaru-senpai, who was starting a fresh life, appeared.

A beautiful lady was standing there. This was not a handsome man, no matter how you saw it.

She looked like an adult. But for Kazuki, the fidgeting and embarrassed figure was cute.

“Senpai, you look really beautiful. I don't really get what Mio was talking about even a little bit, but it really suits you!”

“Th, that’s a lie~. There is no doubt that someone like me dressing as a woman will look like they're wearing a costume.”

“That's not true at all; even I have said that it suits senpai, haven’t I? Hey, Masumi-chan thinks so too, right?”

“It matches dear guest very well, to the degree that I want to have you as the exclusive model for our boutique aimed at the media.”

Even Mio and the shopkeeper said such things. Hikaru-senpai looked down because she couldn't deny it anymore than this.

“Kazuki, I'll bring the clothes that senpai wore before back to the Witch’s Manor. It would be a hindrance on the date, don't you agree?”

Mio held a paper bag while saying that. And then she quietly drew near Kazuki and whispered in his ear.

“My bra, I lent it to Hoshikaze-senpai after adjusting the size. That’s why right now, I am wearing no bra.”

And then Mio hugged Kazuki’s arm as strong as she could. Her breast was pressed on his arm as if mixing together.

(munyuu munyuu munyuu) Softness was transmitted almost directly across just one piece of cloth.

“Yo, you, what are you doing!?”

“Ehehe, Kazu-nii’s face is red! Yosh, I’m satisfied, see you later!”

Mio left the store while laughing mischievously.

“By the way, if dear guest is planning to purchase all of this, the total amount is as followed.”

Looking at the memo the shopkeeper suddenly presented, Kazuki almost screamed.

But to show the memo at Kazuki first was the nice consideration of the shopkeeper.

“Of course, I'll buy it all.” With that, Kazuki took out his wallet.

Kazuki had some savings. The Hayashizaki household was not a wealthy family, but Kazuki had also received some pocket money, just like Kanae. At first he was reserved to receive it. But his stepfather kept saying, “You are already my son.” and scolded him in return; it made him sad so Kazuki obediently accepted it in the end. But with no other way to use the money except for something like buying presents for his family’s birthday, he was doing nothing but continuing to save up the money.

He never imagined that western clothes were this expensive, but this was by no means an amount that he couldn’t afford.

It was for his long-cherished ambition that he was using this money, for the sake of making Hikaru-senpai beautiful.

“Wait, I'll pay for it myself! I won’t do something like making my junior pay!”

Sensing Kazuki trying to settle the bill, Hikaru-senpai tried to butt in.

“Isn't this something that I am forcing senpai to buy? Please let me pay for it.”

“I'm not really forced to buy it, this isn't something I'm grudgingly doing. I was thinking whether it would be better to have at least a piece of clothing like this…”

“Senpai says that, but will senpai really wear this kind of clothing by yourself if you buy it?”

When Kazuki pointed that out, Senpai went “Uu” and muddled her words. Right now, she is wearing a one-piece and has become a cute girl. But it's obvious that when they return home, she would go back to being a prince.

“Then let’s do it like this, at least please, let me pay half the amount.”

Kazuki proposed while taking out some bills.

“On top of senpai paying with your own money, senpai can't let these clothes just lay around uselessly. At the same time, with me paying half the amount, I will have only half the right to meddle with what will be done with these clothes.”

“Half of the right…? It feels complicated somehow, but what kind of meddling will you do?

“When senpai is going out together with me, I beg you to please, absolutely dress yourself like now. It’s already forbidden to look like a male when senpai is together with me!”

“Bu, but when the winter comes, this appearance will be cold you know?”

“When that happens, let’s come shopping together again for the season’s clothing.”

With an exhausted face, senpai went “Uu―….. Okay.” and nodded her head.

For some reason, a heart mark came flying from her chest.

For some reason... in other words, senpai didn't hate looking like a girl deep inside her heart.

Even for senpai, deep within her heart, there were feelings of wanting to become a normal girl.

That was why the [male friendship] that senpai was hoping to create was not actually senpai’s true feelings.

This distortion, he would rectify it throughout this whole day!

When they exited the workshop, the sun was still high in the sky. The date was still in the opening phase.

“What are we going to do after this?”

Hikaru-senpai asked helplessly while holding the short hem of her one-piece.

The moment they came out onto the street, the stares of men in their surroundings were nailed toward senpai. It was different from the usual female fans of Hikaru-senpai. Right now, she was in the state of being unable to calm down from the impolite and vulgar stares of men.

When he saw senpai, who was tightly pinching the hem of her skirt, he hesitated taking her to an active event.

“How about going to the movie theater? I think we can calm down and have fun there. I also think we can watch a romantic movie and ought to learn the thing called adult love between male and female.”

“…Until now, I have never seen any movie except for the hero or ranger squad genre.”

“Actually, I also have never seen any movie except for those kinds of things. Kanae liked that kind of thing since we were small.”

“Even now, I still like them you know, hero!”

Hikaru-senpai took a characteristic pose of some kind of hero with a snap.

“That's the reason why we need to learn from the romantic movie! Watching a romantic movie and learning the examples of dating from there…and then let’s try to imitate various things that are done inside the movie!”

“We're going to imitate it!?” Hearing Kazuki’s idea, Hikaru-senpai made a troubled face again.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

―Two hours later, both Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai came out from the movie theater while crying aloud together.

“For those two happy people to be torn apart from each other like that…I can't bear watching it, it was too heartbreaking…”

Hikaru-senpai wiped her tears while her nose kept sniffling.

Senpai, who was very honest in everything, had really great empathy.

“But isn't it great that in the last scene, they could reunite once more?”

Desperately surviving in the battlefield, the main character returned home to his lover.

Kazuki thought back upon that scene gradually, that was the best last scene without a doubt.

“But I have the feeling that the scene can be interpreted in various ways…for some reason the last scene was depicted in a vague shade. Don't tell me the main character at that time had been a ghost already!?”

“Pl, please stop it! It’s decided already that in the aftermath, the main characters lived happily ever after, okay?!”

Kazuki’s tears leaked out once more. He desperately wiped them away with all his strength. Shit, for a Hayashizaki swordsman of all people to become this serious just from a romantic movie…

“Love is great, isn't it…”

Strangely, senpai too was solemnly whispering what Kazuki was currently feeling in his heart.

Kazuki reflexively stared intently at senpai’s face from the side. When she noticed, she made an excuse in panic.

“No, for me it’s an impossible story though! It’s gross for someone like me to say something about love, isn’t it!?”

“It’s not impossible for senpai. With that in mind senpai…your hand is cold, isn't it?”

Kazuki chose the timing; when their tears had stopped for the time being, he said those words while walking.

“It’s not cold at all because right now, it's May, you know? Ahaha, what’s wrong?”

Hikaru-senpai said it calmly, so Kazuki felt like he was making a fool of himself.

“That’s not it, it’s about that scene in the movie! We were going to study the things that were done in the movie and imitate it ourselves. We talked about this before we watched, right!?”

“Ah, that! Are we really going to do that!? There are a lot of amazing things that were done in that movie, you know!?”

“We're going to do it. This is something that we currently need. This is the main event of today. Having said that…Really, why are you coming here looking that cold?”

While saying that, Kazuki grasped Hikaru-senpai’s hand as if wrapping it with his hand.

In the movie, the main character brusquely said so and grasped the heroine’s hand tightly.

“You're asking why, aren't these the clothes that you guys chose for me…no, saying that is no good huh. Eerrr…because, I thought if I came like this then you would hold my hand.”

Even while being shy, Hikaru-senpai still said it while looking a little happy.

Even senpai’s male phobia looked like it had become okay, even if she was holding hands with Kazuki.

When Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai exited the movie theater, they found a bench and sat down.

“Hey, your face might be cold too…aaa!”

Hikaru-senpai said that as if she had become the heroine completely. But when she noticed the meaning of what she was saying, her face immediately exploded into a red color. When the heroine was saying [your face might be cold], the main character kissed the heroine and said to the heroine whose face became red [now, your face has become hot], it was that kind of scene in the movie.

It stinks. It was just too stinky. Was it okay to imitate the scene this much?

A lot of agitation like [what should I do] was floating in senpai’s expression.

If senpai herself didn't stop, then Kazuki, as the one who was the first who suggested to do this, didn’t have any excuse to not continue.

“Senpai…is it okay, if I kiss your cheek too?”

“If you don't dislike it…but, are you really going to do it…?”

Hikaru-senpai’s cheek was soft and smooth, just like a snow field that had never been stepped on by anyone before. Kazuki brought his face near that cheek―and touched his own lips softly on it.

“Your, your face, has become hot see…”

It was extremely embarrassing saying that line himself. Hikaru-senpai’s face, which had already been red to the limit, didn’t change more than this. But from her chest, a heart mark came flying.

Hikaru-senpai’s positivity level, which was really hard to increase, had gone up again.

“This is really strange, to do something like this to someone like me…”

Hikaru-senpai averted her boiling face away from Kazuki and whispered.

“Ah! Just now those guys are kissing each other's cheeks! ‘chuu―’ at the cheek!”

Suddenly, a jeering voice was coming from the side.

“Che, how annoyin’…showing their flirting around like that.”

“That girl is totally cute eeh! Look here a little hey, Onee-san!”

“They look like they're in a romantic movie and then while reaffirming their own happiness they are ‘chuu―’, see?!”

“Happiness huh, oi you there! How infuriating!!”

When they turned to look at the voices that kept continuing, there was a group of four ill-bred men, who had just come out from the same movie theater. They were glaring at them without reservation.

‘Let’s ignore them’, Kazuki stood and took Hikaru-senpai’s hand and tried to leave this spot.

However before he could do that―

“You four men are seeing a romantic movie together?”

Hikaru-senpai tilted her head from wonderment deep inside her heart and asked the group of men.

…What a terrific reply that really hit the bullseye.

According to Kaguya-senpai, occasionally Hikaru-senpai would say thoughtless words in an airheaded fashion without any malice behind it.

“Al, all of us are fans of Koidzuka Nozomi-chan, the leading actress of this movie you knoowwww!”

One of the men screamed right from the depth of his soul.

“Don’ screw with us! You're only showing off and looking down on us, huh?!”

“We, we aren't particularly intending to look down on…”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 130.jpeg

It seems Hikaru-senpai really didn't have any ill-will behind her words. She shook in surprise.

“Don’ get carried away you shitty bacouple [3]!!”

“Waa, sorry! I’m sorry!”

The men were enraged without even noticing Hikaru-senpai’s apology, magic power was starting to be refined in their whole bodies. …It was a considerable Enchant Aura. Looks like they were fairly used to brawling.

They didn’t even show any sign of noticing the katana that was attached to Kazuki’s hip.

“…Kazuki, this is bad. We need to run.”

Even for knights and knight candidates, using Summoning Magic without reserve was a no-no.

It was similar with a katana, even though they were specially allowed to wear it freely.

If they used a katana or Summoning Magic on ordinary people outside of official business or quests, it wouldn't be recognized as legitimate self-defense, even in the case where the other side was the one who started the fight first. A strict punishment would be levied against them.

“We're going to make even you two bacouple taste the feelings of the protagonists that were torn apart by the fight!!”

“Hyaa!” Hikaru-senpai spontaneously raised a scream.

The man entered between Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai and then he tried to grab at senpai.

“…Don't touch senpai!”

Instantly, Kazuki was seething in rage. He gripped the man’s wrist as if he was going to crush it.

With strength that was almost crushing, “You, bastard…” the man’s eyes opened wide.

It was not only because senpai couldn't use magic because the opponent was a civilian. Her magic power still hadn't recovered from the match the other day; there was the danger of her getting wounded just from a little violence.

Moreover, senpai had a phobia of men. …This kind of event was undoubtedly scary.

“I, I can’t move. I can’t move at all.”

From the mouth of the man, a voice that seemed scared leaked out. Rather than saying this was because of the difference in physical strength, it was the difference in strength compared to the Enchant Aura of a swordsman that had been tempered earnestly.

Kazuki read the brute strength and the breathing of his opponent. He pushed the movement of his opponent and suddenly reversed his own strength.

“Uwaa!?” Swung forcefully, the man’s body lightly danced on the air.

<Aikido>―Kazuki didn’t learn martial arts until Aikido. But by reading the breathing and strength of the opponent, he could apply the principle of kenjutsu’s sword locking technique in this kind of way too.

“You bastard, what're you doing to Yoshio-kun!?”

The remaining men were coming to assault Kazuki too.

Fellows, who after they were able to produce and hold strong magic power, thought that they were a special existence and wielded violence against weaker humans without even batting an eye…this kind of bunch was not rare in this current era.

Even in the area surrounding Kazuki’s orphanage in the past, there were a great number of these kinds of delinquents and punks that went around looking for and demanding reasons to go wild, picking fights with weaker humans. Kazuki hated these kinds of people.

“Don't you dare think you can touch senpai with those dirty hands!”

Evading the strengths of the opponents, warding off and also using that strength to fling them away.

The men were pounded into the concrete in turn to their wit's end.

Against strength that was used only for the sake of trampling down other people one-sidedly, Kazuki had the confidence to ward them off and fling them all away no matter how many there were. With furious eyes that weren't cooling down, Kazuki looked down on the group of four men that were dropping down in line.

“Ka, Kazuki! It’s no good if you overdo it!”

Right at that time, Hikaru-senpai entered between them. She turned back in panic and lowered her head to the four men.

“Forgive me, I really didn't mean any ill will!”

The group of four men, who were scared from Kazuki’s demonic atmosphere, changed completely from there and looked at Hikaru-senpai as if they were seeing a goddess. With a puff, their faces turned red suddenly.

“Do, do you think it'll be all ok just because you didn’t mean anything bad? Besides, to flirt around like that as if to show off right in public.”

“That’s not it! That was because I’m really not like a girl at all, so he gave me intensive training to make me more girl-like, that’s all there is to it!”

“Not like a girl…you say…” With red faces, the men's mouths hung wide open.

“Aren't you absurdly cute already? Try to look in the mirror…”

“To say something like that with that face, youuu, apologize to your dear mother that gave birth to you with that cuteness…”

“Eeehh!? Tha, that’s not true at all!”

Hikaru-senpai waved her hands with feverish haste. However, that panicked state of hers was also cute.

“So today, I was thinking of trying to study about girliness from Koidzuka Nozomi-chan…I, I completely became her fan just now! She's cute, isn't she, that Nozomi-chan.”

“Is, is that so, if you are a fan of Nozomi-chan, then in deference to Nozomi-chan, we'll let you off this time…”

They averted their eyes from Kazuki while they hurriedly stood up.

“Remember this you two! Watch Nozomi-chan’s weekly highlight program every Friday for sure!”

Leaving behind that parting threat, those guys went away.

Hikaru-senpai turned back and “Ahaha” laughed.

“Sorry, Kazuki. Because of me, a troublesome thing happened.”

“Senpai, are you not scared anymore?”

“Yes…I’m scared, just a little. Ahaha, how pathetic.”

She was laughing, but the fear and upset were coloring her smiling face; it looked just a little stiff.

That is why Kazuki gripped those slender hands tightly and embraced her in his arms. Hikaru-senpai is terrified of men, that's why he hesitated; but there is no doubt that this is the way to treat a girl.

Now that he thought back, there was also this kind of scene in the movie.

“Senpai is mine. That’s why I won't let another man lay even a finger on you.”

When Kazuki whispered in her ear, blood came rushing to Hikaru-senpai’s head in a hurry.

“Wha, what are you saying! Sheesh, stupid!!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Senpai, looks like even being this close, your man phobia is okay, isn't it?”

While walking for some time with both of them glued to one another, Kazuki talked once more.

“Ri, right. If you're the companion, then as expected, it's fine…”

While Hikaru-senpai talked, she pinched at Kazuki’s clothes as if clinging on him.

“But the guys from before were scary. It’s not that my man phobia is healed, as I thought, it might be because you are the one that's with me…”

Kazuki strengthened the hand that was hugging Hikaru-senpai. A refreshing aroma drifted from senpai.

“Senpai. Certainly men are; essentially, they can be aggressive and commit violence against other people.”

While remembering the group of men from before, Kazuki murmured.

If senpai was a flawless prince, even compared to those men in that area, senpai was far stronger. And she also had guts from the experience of how she risked her life in the real battles of quests. However, the fear that senpai felt was not something of that level, surely it was something more instinctual.

“However, men aren't just about violence, there is also the aspect in them that wants to protect their important things and girls by themselves. I think protecting is also a man’s instinct.”

“The strength of men who are protecting something, reliability…”

Hikaru-senpai murmured as if she was noticing this for the first time.

“For a long time, senpai was, as a prince or as a knight, treated as [the substitute man who protects] by the girls around you, weren't you? While being told that you are more knight-like even compared to real men. That’s why in regards to men, senpai was seeing nothing except their one aspect of violence. The one that protects the girls is not the men, but the job of yourself, from that kind of thought. …For senpai, men are nothing but an object of fear. I have the feeling that is what senpai’s phobia of men looks like.”

“I wonder if this is about how I didn't know to [rely on boys]. But certainly, it might be just as Kazuki says. Boys are not just about scariness, right now I understand it from the bottom of my heart…”

Exhaustedly, Hikaru-senpai leaned her head on the area of Kazuki’s neck.

“When I'm inside your embrace, I feel a great persuasiveness that makes me think that being like this is something appropriate…. After all, you're stronger and cooler than me.”

From senpai’s chest, the shining avatar of a key was floating, it was absorbed into Solomon’s ring.

<Key of the Heart>―the proof of the bond that connected him and Hikaru-senpai.

Well, girls nowadays are…they are weaker in physical strength compared to males. But their magic power is stronger, so machoisms like 'men are stronger' are by no means applicable anymore though.

“Now that I think about it senpai, you were told that you are [cute] from other people that you didn't know, weren't you? Like this, in a certain meaning, you are certified as a girl already.”

“Sto, stop it okay! That was embarrassing! …Was everyone saying that seriously?”

Mio has the self-awareness of her own attractiveness, but Hikaru-senpai and Koyuki are troubling because they don't have such awareness of their own attractiveness.

“Of course they were serious. Senpai is cute, you are totally beautiful. If it's the usual senpai, then you might not need it. But this makes me want to protect you.”

“…It’s not true that I don’t need such things. I’m happy, really…”

Hikaru-senpai’s figure with her hair down and wearing a one-piece was fidgeting around inside Kazuki’s arms.

“…Kazuki, now that I remember, your speech from before…we're still continuing from the movie, aren't we…?”

In the movie, after the main character said [you are mine] to the heroine, as if to prove that, he kissed the heroine intensely and passionately. As expected, Kazuki wouldn’t imitate the scene until that far but….

Hikaru-senpai, who looked up at him with hope and fear mingling together, said such a thing.

“As, as expected, it’s nothing! What should we do next!?”

Hikaru-senpai denied her own words and changed the topic of the talk.

Part 2[edit]

The figures of the main character and the heroine exchanging vows that they would reunite again while looking up at the full starry sky on the hill, it was a scene from the movie that left a deep impression. That is why to bring a finish to the date, Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai went to a public park with a low-rise hill where they could see the night sky clearly.

[The power of the night was reinstated in the age of magic] ―The light of the town became small and the pollution of the atmosphere was reduced drastically. The current era’s night sky was thoroughly deep and dark, enhancing the radiance of the stars brightly. As if jewels were scattered everywhere on top of dark velvet.

“How beautiful it is!”

“Senpai is more beautiful though.”

“Jeez! Even if you say some borrowed words from the movie, I can't believe it already!”

Had senpai finally gotten used to it? Her composure finally recovered and she laughed.

“Bu, but in the movie, this scene was where the main character kissed the heroine once more, right…?”

Saying it extremely, that was the love scene of the movie. Hikaru-senpai broached the topic once more.

When Kazuki stayed silent, Hikaru-senpai revoked her words once again in fluster.

“Sorry! I suddenly said some weird things just now! …But it’s strange, from some time ago, since you hugged me so tightly, I'd been, until now…”

Even now, their posture was still where Kazuki was lightly holding Hikaru-senpai’s hips while they were looking up at the night sky.

While she was completely settled inside Kazuki’s arm, senpai murmured as if she was overcome with emotion.

“Since some time ago, I've been continuously…thinking to kiss you just like this, in this position…”

Inside Kazuki’s chest too, his heart was beating wildly (dokun).

Senpai has thoroughly become like a girl. She was so cute, he couldn’t stand it.

However, Hikaru-senpai separated their body with a hop.

“That’s not good, isn’t it? If we kissed with our lips, an important power that could only be used just once would be manifested and get used up!”

“Senpai, you know that much about my ability!?”

“Yes. Liz Liza-sensei said 'you all, as his seniors, have to become Kazuki’s strength…'”

Become his strength, they were simple words. However, he had the feeling that it was filled with a not so simple meaning.

“Please wait, senpai. I don’t particularly want to get along well with senpai just because I'm aiming for streng…”

“I know, if your feelings were impure, then you wouldn’t be this kind to a companion that is really troublesome like me. But, ahaha…it’s a little lonely that we couldn’t kiss like in the movie.”

Senpai said that and smiled wryly.

“If I am really a cute girl then…I want to try to do a kiss like in the movie…”

When Kazuki kisses someone, then just once, he could use the strongest level 10 magic of the Diva that is contracted with the person that he kissed and summons the Diva into a material body in this world.

“Something like a one-time use power is a trivial thing.”

Kazuki gripped both of senpai’s arms right from the front; he brought his face near.

“Are you…really going to kiss…?”

“These feelings for senpai are far more important than power, after all.”

Both of their long breaths approached. His heart beat wildly (dokun dokun dokun).

However―even so, Kazuki noticed. Even when his feelings for Hikaru-senpai were overflowing, his subconscious was sharpened to the limit.

Preferably, he didn’t want to notice, but Kazuki noticed it completely.

“Senpai…we're surrounded by something with a potent magic power.”

Kazuki didn’t whisper loving words, instead he had to whisper that fact.

“Eh!?” Hikaru-senpai immediately sharpened her senses too.

The low-rise hill in the park where Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai was located.

Multiple magic powers were whirling in a circular shape in the surroundings.

They were surrounded by a fair number of Magica Stigma…!

That circle of magic power was steadily narrowing and approaching Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai. Were they no longer planning to stay hidden? From the darkness of the night, from the gap between the park’s trees, one person, two people, their figures started to appear.

It was a distance where they couldn’t simply come assaulting with a sword immediately―with a radius of roughly 50 meters similar to a duel’s distance, female students clad in their magic dresses encircled and besieged them.

“…Students of the Magic Division? That’s, Miyamoto Reina-senpai?”

The moment he saw the opponent’s face, a shock ran through him. It was a face he remembered seeing. Miyamoto-senpai and Nagasaka-senpai had fought Kazuki in a match. Even the other people in the group were students that were participating in the battle election.

From the teams that had been defeated, except Kaguya-senpai and Hikaru-senpai’s teams, it was not all of members. But around ten Magica Stigma were spreading out around Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai…!

“O king of eagle and beastgryphon that crossed over the ocean, burst out the wind of the north pole and overturning raging waves with those wings …Northern Waves”

Miyamoto-senpai invoked Focalor’s magic.

“O loyal passionate worker, release the flame in that eye. Lion’s Fire.”

“Thy is the crystal spiritualist that discover the lost truth…gouged out the darkness of the absolutely sinful heart, pierce and tear with the gold in that hand. Golden Dowsing Arrow.”

Divas’ avatars were floating one after another inside the darkness of the night. Summoning Magics were flying here altogether!

However, the problem was not himself, but senpai whose magic power still hadn’t recovered yet!

“Watch out, senpai!”

Kazuki held Hikaru-senpai in a princess carry and dodged with his body from the barrage of offensive magic. A fierce impact ran through the place. Where they were looking up at the starry sky, a cloud of dust was rising.

“Lamentation of the fetus that could never grow, O Uruvaking of the grudge seed. That hand that scoops out the surge of resentment deeper than even Hades, throw it to that person. Slowing Curse.”

Even though it was all just simple level 1 magic, when several were coming in, even Kazuki couldn’t evade them easily.

With Hikaru-senpai in his embrace, Kazuki attempted to break through the encirclement. But with their movements in perfect order, the magicians changed their formation while continuing to surround Kazuki.

This bunch, what the…what’s with their atmosphere that felt like machines? Everyone…moved robotically with eerily expressionless faces…just like when he faced the Quad Core Magica!

In the first place, why were these students attacking altogether? Don’t tell me that all these students were spies!? Their condition was different from when they were fighting at the battle election!

“O my soldier with lion's face, thy fist is my fist. Light that fist with flame, become the agent of my rage. Spill the blood and sweat and tears…Lion King Hot Blood FistLion Heart.”

Toward Kazuki who was trying to break through the encirclement, one of the students stood in his way right from the front and invoked a magic exclusive for close quarters. In front of Kazuki’s eyes, hell’s soldier with a lion's face, Allocer appeared.

“FUN!” The soldier with a lion's face, Allocer swung the fist that was enveloped in flame at Kazuki.


Along with breathing filled with fighting spirit, he unleashed a barrage of fists. Kazuki abandoned trying to break through and was pushed back to the center of the encirclement. This Allocer was not summoned into a materialized real body, but more like a shadow clone. But it was not an opponent he could resist while carrying Hikaru-senpai.

“Kazuki, I’ll run by myself!”

“No way, senpai still hasn’t gotten her magic power back!”

Kazuki denied Hikaru-senpai’s proposal. He divided his attention toward the magic power in all directions and continued to persist in evasion.

Hikaru-senpai took out a cell phone from somewhere and began to operate it.

In regard to Kazuki, who was running from place to place, some numbers from the ten students began to switch from chanting low level magic to high level magic. From the scale of the whirling magic powers, Kazuki sensed that unfolding action.

This was bad…he became unable to defend!

“…Kazuki, I have reported this!”

Hikaru-senpai had sent a notification to the Knight Order. However the allocation of Knight Order’s personnel in the area around the Knight Academy had become thin. Even if they reported this, they weren’t supposed to be able to come help them immediately.

No, wait…

{Right now, we're just cooperating with Japan’s Knight Order in patrolling . For some reason, the Knight Order is lacking in personnel, it seems they don’t have enough hands for the area around this Knight Academy huh.}

Someone who patrolled around this area, existed…. By some chance, those guys were…!

“…Northern Wave.”

Kazuki continued to evade the attack magic that came pouring down on him.

“O soul that have been deserted, scream the curse from present to the future. Change that loneliness that you keep embracing into corruption, cover the sleepless night completely…The Night of the Forgotten SoulSilent Night.”

Bifrons‘ scream resounded. Kazuki’s surroundings were covered completely with chills like in a graveyard. The chills froze the people as if trying to steal all the warmth from the living person!

“Freeze Barrier!”

Against the large scale offensive magic that was finally activated, Kazuki protected Hikaru-senpai using defensive magic. However Kazuki himself was unprotected. It was fine if it just one shot, but it’d be bad if the situation kept continuing like this!

However, while he was doing this, from afar, [gigantic magic power] was dashing to their position.

“HA―HAHHAHHA! The war is calling us! You are slow Erii, Damian!”

“Captain Beatrix―, your legs are just a little too fast!”

The one who came dashing here with a voice of joy at the prospect of a fight was…!


“Fuhahahaha! Don’t tell me the one that called for help is you, Kazuki!? What a funny blunder, for my hope of a joint struggle situation to come true so suddenly!! …I will have a good fight, welcome a good death and further hope to participate in the fight in the heavens! The divine protection of red blood in my eyes! Berserk!!”

Beatrix who came running immediately chanted her spell and invoked it while charging.

The large western sword became a flash. One of the students was blown away like a ragged cloth.

“…h! Strong!” Hikaru-senpai gulped her breath.

Even though Thor of the Norse Mythology was a powerful Diva, to be able to exhibit such destructive power with just a level 1 reinforcement magic was originally because of the height of Beatrix’s ability as a knight.

“Erii, you go protect Kazuki and the girl! Seems like that princess-sama can't use magic! Damian, you follow me, we are going to kick them around!!”

Beatrix accurately grasped the battle situation. Her situational judgment as a knight with long military service was heartening.

“…We act in accordance of Hodur’s wish, I entrust my body to the exaltation of battle! The war fire of violent emotion running in the fat and blood on my sword…Stories Flame!”

Damian too enveloped her sword in flame and scattered the opponents.

“We are Ægir‘s, lend me the fear of the unknown bottom of the ocean! The raging waves toying the small people, to me….Himinglæva!”

Eleonora who dashed to Kazuki’s side summoned a tsunami, the lump of water fixated on that place. He had experienced how hard it was to break through this thick wall of sea.

“O divine protection of military men, double the Megin whirling in my body! Dashing to endless fights as the will of the gods, in this body! …Megingjord!”

Beatrix chanted a reinforcement magic even more and amplified her destructive power and turned unrivaled.

“What a bunch who aren’t even any challenge…what’s with you guys? Why are you all not looking at me?”

Beatrix murmured in wonderment. …Kazuki too noticed the abnormality.

Despite how Beatrix and her team barged in and rampaged around, the students didn’t look at anyone except Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai. Even when the situation had developed like this they still let their magic fly at Kazuki, though all of it was rebounded by the wall of sea.

“Target change!!” Someone’s voice was flying from between the trees.

There was someone who was concealing himself while cutting off his magic power and used the vast magic power the students produced to camouflage his own. Kazuki used magic to reinforce his sight and saw through that figure.

“Katsura Karin and Hayashi Shizuka!” …The assassin that aimed at his life and also her partner!!

“That girl is, Hayashi ShizukaLin Zhijing!?” At Kazuki’s side, Eleonora too raised her voice. …Lin Zhijing?

With the words [Target change] as the signal, the students finally directed their sight at Beatrix.

“I don’t really get it, but too slow! This is the end! O god Thor in the heavens! Applaud my blade dance and resound thy roar! The thunder of the sky resides in this sword, already not even fight is allowed, consign them to oblivion!! Fjorgyn Megin!!”

Thunder god’s power resided inside Beatrix’s sword―it pulverized one of the students defensive magic power.

“ORAAAAAAAAAAAA! Rot in hell!!”

Damian too stabbed her sword into one of the students, it destroyed all of the student’s magic power.

But―the two students who should have used up their magic power stood up while swaying like ghosts.

Their magic powers have completely recovered!

“What!? …These girls, what’s with them!?”

Beatrix too noticed the strangeness and raised her voice.

ShitScheisse! I’ll kill you one more time! I don’t get it anyway, so I’ll kill you no matter how many times!!”

While exchanging magic, without even caring about herself being bombed, Damian swung her flame sword. She was trying to defeat the students no matter how many times. However, no matter how many times she defeated the opponent, she kept reviving and standing up.

Her expression was empty like a robot.

“Damian, don’t keep getting hit! These girls are strange, this is gonna be a long battle!”

Even Beatrix was not perfectly unhurt, she had gotten hit with a few of the oncoming shots.

“I’m poor at something like that you knooooww! Scheisseeee!”

The small statured Einherjar, Damian tried to evade the magic coming at her and moved around restlessly while raising a strange voice.

“Captain! The one hiding at the shadow of the trees is Lin Zhijing!”

“Who the hell is that!? Someone famous!?”

Hearing Beatrix’s reply, Eleonora was taken aback and almost fell down.

“You have read the report from the intelligent operatives a few times already right!? She is a person from Chūkadou that requires special attention, the Magica Stigma who is contracted with the Chinese Mythology’s third emperor <Joka>!”

Joka!? The great god that was concerned with the creation of the world in the Chinese Mythology!

“Eei, in short, what is that girl!? For this bunch to keep reviving so many times, is it that girl’s power!?”

“In the disputed area in the surroundings of Chūkadou, Lin Zhijing’s figure has frequently appeared as the suppression army and shown a part of that power. She manipulated the enemies and added them into her allies’ own ranks, reinforcing that army’s power. Even further, she granted the Divine Protection of immortality…that kind of report was given to us.”

“Immortality!? That’s freaking impossible!”

Damian raised a scream hearing the shocking details.

“We don’t understand the particulars completely. But in Joka’s legend, there was this legend where they would be revived 70 times even if they were killed 70 times. It’s not a perfect immortality, it is thought to be such a thing!”

If it was a famous Diva, he could imagine such an ability from that legend.

“So in short, we need to defeat each of these girls 70 times!? Interesting!”

Beatrix exploded in laughter while swinging her sword.

“It’s not interesting at all captain! It’s totally impossible to do this 70 times, right!!?”

“Both of you, they are going to be revived 70 times so we have to defeat them 71 times! …It’s not realistic at all, don’t you agree? I want to defeat the caster Lin Zhijing, but it looks impossible to break through the encirclement of ten people. If we have nothing like a powerful purging magic, we won’t be able to break the deadlock of this situation.”

Besides Eleonora, a small misgiving was created inside Kazuki’s heart.

“…Is Germany sending spies to each country around the world and collecting information?”

Eleonora took a glance at Kazuki and replied coldly.

“I’ll leave it to your imagination. Well, Chūkadou have a lot of disputes in their surrounding area that surpassed the rest of the world, so there is no mistake that they are a country that is easy to collect information from though.”

In short, leaving aside Beatrix, this intellectual female―Eleonora while staying in Japan she was also gathering the information on Japan and Solomon's 72 Pillars. She was also working as a spy.

No, right now, what’s important is the enemy in front of him!

“Err, about purging magic…it’s going to be ok if I use [Mistilteinn II] huh!”

“Stop it Damian! That sword couldn’t go easy on the target, you know that!”

[Mistilteinn II]. That was a cursed sure-kill weapon that consigned the son of god Baldur into oblivion with one shot, even though he was blessed with a divine protection of absolute indestructibility in the Norse Mythology.

If it followed the legend, its strength would destroy all defensive effects and inflicted lethal damage on the opponent.

“Kazuki, these girls are mind-controlled by a Diva and made to rampage around, am I wrong!?”

“…These girls are students of the Knight Academy!”

Beatrix made a rare exhausted face.

“In short, if we kill these girls and they fall into severe magic intoxication, it would become an international problem!”

“How, how troublesomeeeeeee! What the hell's with that, aren’t we screwed!”

Even while they were talking like this, offensive magic kept flying toward Beatrix and Damian.

{O King. If it’s a method to do something about this, it exists.}

At Kazuki’s side―Hikaru-senpai’s contracted Diva, Baal’s avatar was floating.

“Kazuki!” Hikaru-senpai who was being held in princess carry shook and untangled herself before landing on the ground.

“Kazuki…, absorb my power!”

The next moment, without even giving Kazuki time to hesitate, Hikaru-senpai pressed her lips on his.

And then a terrific magic power was flowing into Kazuki. It was a sensation he had experienced personally a number of times. Their magic power circuits were connected by the kissing, the true power of his partner’s contracted Diva was flowing into him!

“This phenomenon…is this the special characteristic of Japan’s BasileusKing!?”

Eleonora was looking at them. However, this was not a situation where he had to worry about her.

“Violent but benevolent personification of mother nature, O the great god of harvests…however thy honor has been disgraced…”

Kazuki chanted that spell. Certainly if it was with this power, he knew that he could settle this situation.

At Kazuki’s side, the great god of the Ugaritic Mythology was summoned into material body with imposing air!

“O King…You’re going to release all of my curse! Become a figure that should be loathed!!”

“All evils were born in the Middle Ages. Faith of self-interest, false loyalty, those forsaken people demanded a demon. Corrupting the sublime Baal. From the falsehood the army of demons increased and increased, thy stood at such summit…”

Because of Kazuki’s spell, the golden king where the light of the stars resided, Baal’s form transformed into pitch black and vanished in tatters. Then a completely different figure was floating. Divas were…from the faith and imagination of humans, their form was changed from how they originally were.

I know thy disgraced nameShem ha Mephorash. Thy dishonored name is…Beelzebub!!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 04 140.jpeg

The completely different appearance of Baal―he changed into the appearance of <the Demon King of hell, Beelzebub>.

His brilliant figure was dyed with an ominous pitch black color. That black majestic appearance was dispersed without a sound. Those countless black fragments of the materialized body transformed into countless giant flies.

The large swarm of giant flies around the size of a human’s face were (bubububububu!) roaring out with their wings and blocked the night sky completely! They were the black boisterous clouds that summoned human’s disgust instinctively without fail!

“Liberate thy rage right here…BeelzebubKing of Flies!”

The swarm of giant flies assaulted the ten students―Kazuki looked back at Hikaru-senpai.

“Senpai, I didn’t wish for senpai’s pow…”

“I know, I believe in you. But you need power, you are our, everyone’s hero after all. That’s why…never lose your way.”

Hikaru-senpai smiled and embraced Kazuki.

“Something unbelievable is coming here!? That’s seriously gross!?”

‘Uwaa, I’m looking at something dreadful’, such tension overtook Damian. The giant swarm of the flies clung on the students one after another. The flies emitted red light. They sucked all of the magic power from the opponents. <Greed>. One of the seven sins that Beelzebub represented as it was, the swarm of flies stole everything from every enemy without leaving anything behind.

Yes, the dubious Divine Protection that Joka affixed was plundered completely by the flies. On top of that, the magic power of the students was also eaten untidily, the students collapsed one after another. However the flies that received Kazuki’s will wouldn’t suck their magic power more than necessary.

“Karin, this is bad! Your effect is also erased! We are escaping!!”

Hayashi Shizuka and Katsura Karin, who were lying hidden in the shadows of the trees, were also overwhelmed by the large swarm of the flies.

“Kyaaa!” Karin, who was crowded by the flies, raised a scream.

“O earth of Pangu [4], reveal all the possibilities of the abyss following my wish. ...Gush up from the ground, dance in ecstasy! Earth Violent FormationChiretsujin!!”

Besides Hayashi Shizuka, an unknown Diva’s avatar was floating vaguely.

Thereupon the surrounding earth shook violently. Countless cracks ran through the ground, bedrock rose gradually, the terrain undulated as if going crazy. The rising bedrock hit the flies, the raining down falling rocks knocked down the flies, layers of soil slide left and right and crushed the flies between them.

The earth crushed all the flies that clung to Karin.

“O five colors worthy to be Joka’s light, repaint the world! My desired sky is not here! Carry us to the destination of that compass…Sky Formation TransferKūjinhen’i!”

The vague avatar of the Diva on Hayashi Shizuka’s side put up the thing that it carried on both hands to the sky. From its right hand were red, blue, yellow, white, black, five colors of lights shined intensely.

When they thought the light had disappeared, Hayashi Shizuka and Katsura Karin had vanished from this place.

They got away, though rather than that, he felt as if just driving them away had been the best he could hope for anyway. But, as expected, those two were….

“Is it over? …In the end, you two are the ones that settled it. All of us look like idiots huh.”

Beatrix laughed while she went near the collapsed Magica Stigma students―she approached Miyamoto Reina, then “Oi, wake up Japanese” she slapped her cheek. But there was no reaction from Miyamoto-senpai.

“It should be about time for Japan’s Knight Order to arrive. After these girls get collected, we too will withdraw. Well, our role as freeloaders has been fulfilled! I want to get praised. Hahhahha!”

Looking at Beatrix, who laughed like an idiot, Kazuki once again thought about something unbelievable.

“I never thought I would really be helped by you.”

“Fufufu, it’s the responsibility of someone that is called a knight. There is no difference in just this much, whether in the east or west.”

Knight. ―Suddenly Kazuki felt a life-sized feeling of empathy toward the female in front of him, his interest was pulled onto her as a knight.

This girl who fought, he felt inclined against her circumstances.

“Beatrix and the Einherjar, for what kind of purpose are you all fighting?”

His question became something abstract.

Without even taking any time at all to think, Beatrix reflexively answered like this.

As if the [creed] inside her head came out from her mouth without anything unnecessary added, it was such a reply.

“War is something performed for the sake of proving the righteousness of the god’s selection.”

It was an answer that was very far from Kazuki’s beliefs.

Kazuki realized the confusion Beatrix’s unhesitating answer brought about to him. He made a face as if he was chewing a bitter bug.

“I’m happy that you showed an interest. But leave this behind with the answer that this is a knight’s duty. Against humans who have faith in a different mythology, don’t ask any question that pierces so deeply. …It’s nothing more than a confirmation that we couldn’t understand each other. You know, I like you, whether when it was fighting against you or when we talk about something stupid.”

He felt the presence of the Knight Order who were dashing here from afar.

“We're going home, Damian, Erii.”

Beatrix said that and turned her back to Kazuki.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. This is a reference to something though for the life of me I don't know what. The original phrase is ‘Oyasuku shito kimasse’/’お安くしときまっせ’ [EDIT: rather than a reference, it seems more like a set phrase or a customary reply]
  2. Wrapping clothes women used to wrap their breast, usually used by female characters who crossdress as males where they wrapped it so tightly their chest looked flat.
  3. Word play of baka(idiot) and couple. Couples that really didn't know the place and time and flirted around even in public.
  4. Creator of earth and heaven in the Chinese Mythology

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