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Chapter 6 – Trial of the Moon[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hikaru-senpai, will doing this really quicken the magic power recovery?”

“Yeah. I heard about this somewhere before. When fellow Magica Stigma get into close contact with each other, their minds will increase their activity mutually and heighten their magic power recovery.”

On top of the bed in Kazuki’s room, the two took a seat and huddled their bodies together while Hikaru-senpai whispered.

Today is Sunday, the day after their date. Despite the semifinals match that was waiting for Kazuki on Monday, he had consumed a considerable amount of magic power in their date last night.

He could take a break this Sunday, but with only this much time, it would be hard to completely recover.

Thereupon Hikaru-senpai said something about a strange superstition. She came clinging to Kazuki’s side.

Until now, they had passed their time together for quite a while under the pretext of curing the male phobia. But since Hikaru-senpai had the male phobia they never stuck this close to each other meaninglessly like this.

“Senpai said somewhere, where exactly? How vague.” Kazuki murmured shyly.

“Your consumption of magic is my responsibility, so let us both pass this day clinging to each other like this!”

“It’s too late to say this but, can senpai stop looking like that if we are going to cling to each other like this? The truth is, I've been concerned for quite a while, but that appearance is a little lewd you know?”

Today too, senpai was in her usual thin and tightly sticking fit-wear appearance.

“…Actually I have noticed Kazuki is troubled over where to stare. But I’m really happy that you're being conscious of me as a girl.”

“So senpai is actually doing this intentionally!?”

“Yes. I was being obstinate and said that I’m a man, but deep inside I also felt that even though Kazuki was looking at me with that kind of eye…”

Senpai looked down with a red face, she did an unbelievable coming-out [1].

“…I, I was aroused.”

“Senpai…are you a closet pervert…”

Hikaru-senpai touched her fit-wear covered breasts pointedly to the area around Kazuki’s elbow. Kazuki spontaneously stiffened his body, making senpai peek at that expression with upturned eyes.

“Senpai, weren’t you also saying that you aren't very good on my bed? Right now, you're sitting on my bed though.”

“I was embarrassed so I said that, but actually, I don’t really hate the smell of a boy.”

Now that she mentioned it, senpai had never said that she hated the smell of the bed. She only said that her heart kept beating hard and she couldn’t calm down. Hikaru-senpai took Kazuki’s pillow in her hand and hugged it hard while burying her face in it.

“Rather this smell might become a habit…”

“Wa, please stop it senpai!”

Kazuki forcefully confiscated the pillow from Hikaru-senpai who kept sniffing it.

“I, became unable to understand my condition but…by some chance, do I look like I’m becoming a deviant?”

Senpai, whose pillow was confiscated, lowered her eyebrows and made an anxious face.

Was this so? For a long time, she had killed her feelings as a girl. Senpai, who for the first time had been liberated, now had her feelings completely running wild because she hadn’t found her balance as a girl.

“That's not true, I don’t think a beautiful person like senpai is a pervert at all.”

“Is that so? I’m glad! Then I have a request though, Kazuki. I wonder, could you take off your clothes?”

“…Eh?” Kazuki froze.

“Actually, I have an interest in how the shape of the symbol of a man would change when it got aroused…I was treated as a male but I didn’t have something like that attached to me…that’s why, I wonder if you could show it to me!”

“Senpai is a pervert! Pervert prince!!”

Against senpai, who was coming closer with a red face while trying to take off his clothes, Kazuki reflexively shouted.

“When you say it like that, for some reason, I get excited you know.”

“Please don’t be delighted when you're called a pervert!”

“Of course it’s a joke. By the way, I remembered just now, but I had also heard before about how entering the bathtub together would also stimulate magic power recovery. Why don't we enter together? Take off your clothes.”

“Senpai, you said magic power recovery, but from some time ago, you've just been saying really irresponsible things, right!?”

“How about playing games like usual for a bit then. The one who loses will take off one piece of clothing as the punishment game.”

“Please stop it with the undressing! Rather, if the senpai right now lost two times, then you'll become nude!”

“Whatever is fine. So come on, show me your penis♪”

“Hey, use indirect expressions at the very least!”

Kazuki knocked Hikaru-senpai’s head with a snap. Hikaru-senpai said “Ahaha, it’s a joke, a joke” and laughed.

He had the feeling that half of it was serious.

From there, the breasts that kept poking at him from some time ago was pressed at him while Hikaru-senpai said “Breast attack!” and made fun of Kazuki. And then, wondering whether there was no change that happened at Kazuki’s lower half, she kept throwing glances downward. As a Hayashizaki swordsman, Kazuki had to resist by freeing himself from all worldly thoughts. The prince was a pervert in reality.

Heart marks kept flying at him without pause from Senpai, who had been liberated as a girl.

Part 2[edit]

May 20th―The day of the semifinals.

Now that he looked back once again, unexpectedly and also terrifyingly, Kaguya-senpai and Hikaru-senpai had been eliminated on the road to the semifinals.

The only one remaining from the Witch's Manor, who has the chance to grasp the championship, is Kazuki alone.

There was no more uncertainty left about the existence of a dark shadow of someone who was lurking in this battle election. On that subject, the investigation of the students who attacked Kazuki and Hikaru and had been recovered by the Knight Order was supposed to be performed steadily. But there was still no information that had been sent to Kazuki or Headmaster Amasaki.

It would be better if he could understand something but…. In any case for now, he should concentrate on winning this semifinals match.

“I should have said it already! A sword without ideology is powerless!”

Going out from the waiting tent and entering the grounds, the moment they faced the opposing team, the Takasugi brothers came pouring disparagements on them.

“Looking at the cowardly face of a bastard like you, I can't see any meaning to your fight! From the very beginning, a bastard like you was a human who entered the Magic Division grudgingly just because an enigma appeared on your hand!”

―The purpose of his fight.

Since he enrolled into this Magic Division, he had the feeling that he kept continuing to think about such matters.

But then he noticed he had already naturally found what was important to him. Then in order to protect those important things, he entered many battles. Right now in this moment too, if he let these guys, Hayashi Shizuka and her partner do whatever they pleased, then his companions in this academy, possibly even a far greater number of people, would all fall into some great predicament; this is something that he understands.

The answer that Kazuki found was also Headmaster Amasaki, who spoke for him in the form of written opinion.

He had no more hesitation in battle. By no means was he fighting without possessing any purpose at all.

“My strength is not something so powerless, just so you know. Enough with the tedious talk, let’s decide that in the match.”

While thinking of his many bonds, Kazuki replied.

“…Fufufu, it’s just as you say. It’s troubling for my leader-dono to be big headed.”

Miyabi-senpai laughed with a low voice. Her fluffy, wavy, silver hair swayed behind her.

“There is no doubt in your strength. That has been proven in your battles until now. It is a different strength that had never existed until now in the Magic Division. However…I wonder about the strength of your heart?”


“I’m going to test the strength of your heart, okay? Prove the strength of your heart and make my heart go kyun-kyun [2] too! …Shem ha MeforashI know thy name! Thy name is…Gremory! Become the moonlight that is affection! O goddess who puts a smile on the moon, light the bottom of the heart!”

While the long silver hair glittered and fluttered, Miyabi-senpai’s body was wrapped in light. What floated beside her was <the countess of hell Gremory>. However, she was once known as <the moon goddess Levana>, but it was said that in later years, her existence was repainted.

But as if proving that her essence was by no means stained, Gremory’s avatar floated a smile filled with affection and granted Miyabi-senpai a lovely Magic Dress.

What was created was a rare dress with little exposure rate as a Magic Dress. The Prima Materials that were forming it one by one were releasing spiritual silver light that shined like stars.

According to what he had heard from Kaguya-senpai, Gremory’s strong point was in mental attack and reinforcement magic.

Shem ha MeforashI know thy name…. Thy name is Marchosias. O gallant hell’s bombing beast, spread the contradicting wings on your back, display that longing.”

Miyabi-senpai’s twin little sister, the black wavy haired Shinobu-senpai also performed Access. What was floating beside her was the female wolf with wings made from red crystal Marchosias. The wolf pup that lost its mother and wandered the forest was picked up by Gremory, it was said that she was a beast that received that power and brought up by Gremory.

At first, she was nothing more than a mere wolf. Nevertheless for the sake of Gremory, who was swallowed in a war with the heavens, she built the war exploits of the greatest demon of the sixth realm with furious vigor, <the strongest Demon Beast>. She didn’t even heed king Solomon, only fighting for the sake of Gremory. It was reported in the mythology that her offensive power might be the strongest among Solomon's 72 Pillars.

The avatar of Marchosias granted her contractor, Shinobu-senpai, a Magic Dress consisting of armor that was constructed with mysterious red and blue metal decorated with fur that made the one seeing it think of a Demon Beast’s pelt.

As if to protect those two, the Takasugi brothers moved forward to form the Heaven and Earth Formation.

Shem ha MeforashI know thy name…Thy name is [Phoenix]…Become a poet that is a magician! O singing bird that plays with reason with its sweet tongue, show that strength in accordance with my life!”

Kazuki’s trusted partner also wrapped her own body with Magic Dress.

As if to oppose the Takasugi brothers, Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai moved forward.

“Then without further ado…Semifinal match, begin!”

The referee teacher announced the start of the match loudly.

The swordsmen clashed against each other in two versus two at the very front. Kanae said before that the Takasugi brothers were nothing great. But even with a glance from Kazuki, he too knew that they were no match against Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai.

That was why the ones that Kazuki and Mio should be aware of were the Ryuutaki sisters.


Kazuki and Mio matched their voices and invoked the attack magic that they were both most proficient in. Their aim was―Miyabi-senpai. In all their matches until now, this team was always using Miyabi-senpai’s [Lunatic Labyrinth] to fight. First, they had to make her unable to use this magic.

The flame bullet went past the Takasugi brothers, directly flying towards Miyabi-senpai.

Those lines of shots were predicted by Shinobu-senpai, who wedged herself in to block.

Shinobu-senpai covered Miyabi-senpai and blocked the bullets using Resist. With excellent Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis, the heat and force of the flame bullets were killed and the damage reduced.

“Mio, one more shot at the same time!”

“Understood! …Barrett!”

“Glacier Wind!”

With an instant flash, Kazuki matched Mio’s timing and attacked with magic of cold this time.

Simultaneous attacks of flame and cold. …If it was like this, then Resist wouldn’t be able to be used. If she tried to steal the heat of the flame then the consequence was the power of the cold would be heightened.

Even if she chanted a defensive magic, she shouldn't be able to defend perfectly no matter what element she used!

However Shinobu-senpai chanted a defensive spell and invoked it.

“Thy wing granted from Belphegor, O <icicle of flame>! Cover and hide me, become an irrational wall of contradiction! Wings Fall of Flame and IceCross Conflict!!”

From Shinobu-senpai’s back, wings made of red crystal spread out widely, wrapping around herself and Miyabi-senpai. It was something impossible but―those wings emitted heat and cold at the same time.

The bullet of flame and the stream of cold were perfectly blocked at the same time.

While being protected by the wings of red crystal, inside it Miyabi-senpai was chanting her spell.

“Kazuki, if it’s me I can't break through that effectively!”

Reluctantly, Mio moved her target to the Takasugi brothers.

“Understood! …Lightning Line!”

Kazuki chose the magic of Hikaru-senpai which he became able to use recently.

The bow and arrow of lightning pierced the defensive wall of wings. The <electric heat> possessed by the lightning was erased completely by the power of cold owned by the wings. However the <electricity> that flowed through the wings and was transmitted to Miyabi-senpai couldn’t be blocked. On the other side of the wings, the blue light of defensive magic power could be seen.

However it couldn’t obstruct Miyabi-senpai’s chanting.

“Lunatic Labyrinth!!”

With a flash, a light so bright it dazzled the eyes flickered. The light didn’t permit any Resist, it invaded the heart of Kazuki and the others.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

…When he came back to his senses, Kazuki was in a world of pure white. Inside the light, countless images of himself were floating. He soon noticed that he was surrounded by countless mirrors.

He was surrounded by walls of mirrors in every direction.

The mental world of Miyabi-senpai where Kazuki and the others' hearts were dragged into―it was a <labyrinth of mirrors>.

The mirrors that surrounded him from four directions reflected the scenery, putting close-quarters combat out of the question. He couldn’t grasp at all whether in front of him, there was a wall of mirrors or a road to proceed forward.

There were none of his comrades around him. He could guess that the initial positioning of the allies and enemies in this alternate world was controlled by Miyabi-senpai to a certain degree. And then their attempts to regroup would be blocked by these walls of mirrors.

If he didn’t hurry to regroup with his comrades, they would be picked off one by one. This place was a labyrinth with a terrifying time limit.

Kazuki dashed with an impatient feeling, but his face immediately crashed against a mirror.

His current self should be a <spiritual body>, but it felt completely similar to his original flesh and blood body.

Even though it's a spiritual body, it doesn’t seem like he can make anything he likes using his imagination.

The flesh and blood body and the spirit were bound to each other at an atomic level. Something that couldn’t be done in the actual physical body wouldn’t be able to be performed in this spiritual body, both were tied with each other. …Magic should be able to be used just the same as usual too.

From afar―he could hear the scream of Kazuha-senpai.


He spontaneously ran in the direction of the voice, but the direction where he was running to was a wall of mirrors which Kazuki crashed hard into with his face once more.

Even with the defensive magic power erased it didn’t mean it was painful but…how dare they look down on him with this child’s play!

Kazuki tottered for a step or two and looked around his surroundings, he discerned that this magic couldn’t be torn down with a feat of strength.

Then―with his own magic at hand, how would he break down the deception produced by the mirrors.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

At that time, Kazuha, who was abruptly summoned into this alternate dimension, suddenly found herself standing in front of the Takasugi brothers and Ryuutaki Shinobu, that was why she spontaneously raised a voice of terror. These three people in front of her were a group with scary faces after all.

During the moment when she still couldn’t even grasp the situation, the Takasugi brothers came slashing at Kazuha.

“Kuh…what cowards! Even though I’m not going to lose in one-on-one, to do this kind of thing!”

When Kazuha blocked the attack on one side, she got slashed on the other side. She immediately kept getting hit repeatedly. The mirror world reflected irregularly the blue light that Kazuha emitted from her defensive magic power.

At the same time, Shinobu was chanting a spell. To defend or the like against that was something that Kazuha couldn’t possibly do.

“O lonely wolf wandering the forest, thou art bestowed with moonlight from the goddess. That light is the power of soldiers…change the sharp fang into blade, show that valor! Twin Sword of Beast FangBlade Tusk!!”

At Shinobu’s side, the avatar of a female soldier holding swords in two swords style was floating.

It was said that Marchosias could also take the form of a human soldier.

The avatar of the female soldier vanished in a moment, with only the pair of swords remaining behind floating in the air. As if they were being manipulated by an unseen swordsman, both swords flew at Kazuha.

Counting the attacks by the Takasugi brothers, Kazuha was attacked by four swords in total. Her chance to defend against those swords didn’t exist.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Watch out! Kazuha-senpai!!”

With timing exactly on that verge of a desperate situation, Kazuki came running.

“O wisdom piled up in the history of the human race, become the armor that armored my body in many layers! Heavily, thickly, reject every brutality! Seusenhofer!!”

He immediately protected Kazuha-senpai with defensive magic that was effective against physical attacks.

The armor reliably repelled the four swords.

“Ha, Hayashizaki! Thank you!!” A heart mark came flying from Kazuha-senpai.

“…How, to arrive this fast.” Inside Shinobu-senpai’s expressionless face, a look of surprise was mixed.

Kazuki had his body covered with faint wind. It was [Storm Fort] with its output suppressed. The wind that spread and swirled around Kazuki was pushing the walls of mirrors and only flowed into one point of the surroundings.

The direction that the air current indicated―that was the path that the irregular reflection of the mirror masked.

Furthermore, with the help of Leme’s Magic Dress <Solomon’s Ring>, it not only showed the graph of his companion’s positivity level, but it was also equipped with a map function to display the coordinate of his companions that were a target of conquest.

With these two abilities, Kazuki headed to help Kazuha-senpai at full speed.

“We, we are retreating from here!” “Ou Big Bro!”

He didn’t know which one was the big brother, but the Takasugi brothers quickly leaped into a mirror while raising pathetic voices. Both of them weren't colliding with the mirror, but instead they were absorbed and vanished.

Wordlessly Shinobu-senpai too followed them from behind and vanished as well.

“Kazuha-senpai, we are going to search for Mio and Kohaku and regroup!”

Kazuki took Kazuha-senpai’s hand. It was so they wouldn’t collide against the mirrors, that was all, he didn’t have any other intention. With a little shy expression, she grasped back that hand hesitantly.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Kazukii―! Kazuki Kazuki Kazukii―!! Kazu-nii! Nyaa―!”

While they were running, they immediately heard Mio’s loud voice reverberating.

“Amasaki-san, she is shouting so recklessly but…”

Kazuha-senpai made a face that was wondering what in the world Mio was shouting, but…there was no way Mio was just shouting around without thinking. Most likely, she was yelling loudly to echo her voice against the walls of mirror. Then she read the wave motion of the sound with Extra Sense and grasped the structure of the surrounding labyrinth like a sonar.

At the same time, it looked like she also had the intention to notify her comrades about her current position. It was also like this when she healed his heart which was stopped, but Mio was surprisingly clever when in a fight.

However, he could feel what kind of route Mio was taking with Solomon’s Ring, but her steps were uncertain. Even Mio, who was said to be a prodigy in magic, she couldn’t possibly dash ferociously like Kazuki while using such advanced Extra Sense.

[Lunatic Labyrinth] was a magic that originally couldn’t be smashed if they didn’t go until that far.

And then―Mio was probably being chased by the enemy.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai ran with all their strength for a while, they found Mio’s figure at the end of the road turn.

“Kazu-nii!” Mio noticed Kazuki with a bright voice.

Kohaku was also in that place with Mio. It seem Mio was able to link up with her while running around.

The place where the two of them were located was not a narrow path, the space became a slightly open spot like a plaza.

From the opposite side…The four people of the Ryuutaki sisters and the Taksugi brothers were coming in pursuit. From the katanas of the Takasugi brothers and Shinobu-senpai’s [Blade Tusk], Mio and Kohaku had already bore considerable damage on them.

“Lightning Line!”

As soon as Kazuki came running, he attacked Shinobu-senpai who was manipulating the twin swords with an arrow.

“Kazuki, rather than this side…Miyabi-senpai has been chanting some kind of high level magic since some time ago!”

After listening of Mio’s call, Kazuki finally directed his attention toward Miyabi-senpai. However, it was already too late.

“Oh, you are surprisingly quick. But your expression when you came running so desperately was so cute.”

Miyabi-senpai turned her face to Kazuki with an elusive smile and calm voice.

“However I wonder about this next one? …The maiden offering prayer every night, be that as it may, the moonlight illuminates the beast in thy heart. Expose thy true nature…Moon Mirror Heart GnawingLunatic Luna Light!”

At Miyabi-senpai’s back, a gigantic moon was floating, looking like a halo that shined, and releasing silver light!

Kazuki who received that light...was just fine.

“…!? Everyone is”

However, looking at the companions around him, Kazuki was startled.

The face of Mio, who was looking at Kazuki…turned into a sullen look in the blink of an eye.

The eyes of Kohaku, who was looking at Kazuki …turned into teary eyes in the blink of an eye.

Kazuha-senpai who was looking at Kazuki…gritted her teeth grindingly and glared at him with a terrible look.

“Kazu-nii you idiot! I don’t know you anymore!!”

Mio suddenly yelled and came attacking with “Barrett!".

“Mi, Mio, what are you doing!?” Kazuki yelled while evading in panic.

“Kazuki…why, why are you acting cold only to this one! Prepare yourself!!”

“Hayashizaki Kazuki! Filthy! Pervert! Harem king! I won’t hand over Kohaku to someone like you!!”

Kohaku, who was half crying, and Kazuha-senpai, who looked scary, came slashing at Kazuki altogether.

At the same time the Takasugi brothers also came attacking.

“Blade Tusk.” Furthermore the twin swords that Shinobu-senpai summoned were also dancing in the air and came attacking.

“Wha, what the hell is this!? Mio, what are you doing! …Seusenhofer!!”

Kazuki Foresighted and evaded the flame bullet, the remaining everything were fortunately only physical attacks coming from all direction that he repelled using Prometheus' heavy armor that covered his body.

“You asked me why…just ask that question to yourself!”

“Do you really think I can ask myself in this kind of situation!”

Tears were slowly gathering in Mio’s eyes―she suddenly yelled out some inappropriate things.

“Kazu-nii only pampered Koyuki and Lotte, calling them cute, cute! You never called me cute except just a few times! Even though I also want to be pampered, Kazu-nii you idiot!!”

Wha, what the hell is this! What is this girl saying in the middle of battle!?

“You, you misunderstand Mio! Because Koyuki looked lonely, Lotte’s situation is where she’s all alone in an unknown country…I can’t just leave them alone so…”

“Compared to those two, you think someone like me is just inconsequential, right!?”

“Wrong! To have Mio as my partner…I unconsciously feel really relieved! I didn’t intend to make light of you but I unconsciously feel too comfortable…if I hurt Mio’s feelings, I’m sorry!”

For Kazuki, Mio was a companion who he could come into contact with a relaxed and open attitude next after Kanae.

However, that carefree feeling in reality might be him taking advantage of Mio.

That’s right, because Mio was always wondering anxiously how Kazuki was thinking about her.

At that point Kazuki noticed it. …The magic just before, was that a magic that magnified the dissatisfaction of his companions!?

“Cornering all of you into this plaza and chanting this magic just as planned. Now it’s seven versus one. Well now, what will you do?”

Miyabi-senpai grinned widely. Certainly this would still be better if they were still in a narrow corridor.

In this plaza of mirrors, Kazuki was surrounded by the hostility of seven people.

However…there was no way their bonds could be torn apart with this kind of magic!

From the hostility that surrounded him, Kazuki immediately fixed his face on Mio.

“Mio…I like you! It’s embarrassing to say it like this, but there is no way Mio is not cute!”

Mio’s spell chanting suddenly stopped. “I’m cute? Really?”

“You are cute! That’s obvious, you always keep making my heart beat so hard! No matter whether it's your angry or smiling face, even your rapidly changing expressions are cute, each of them is my precious treasure! You are also the one most suited in a maid uniform! Even though I didn’t like maid uniforms that much, it’s your fault that I turned to like them so much before I even noticed! Besides, when you hugged and fawned on me in stimulating appearances like your Magic Dress or racing swimsuit, before long…my male instincts were always at the limit you know!? Why are you always feeling anxious so willfully, stop bullshitting me! There's no way in the world that you are not cute!!”

While Kazuki shouted with all his strength he hugged Mio tightly. Immediately after he did that,

“Kazu-nii…I like you Kazu-nii! I love you too!!”

Mio hugged Kazuki back. Mio had returned to her sanity!

Right there, Kohaku’s sword, that didn’t forgive their negligence, came flying.

“This one will kill Kazuki and then die together too―!”

Kazuki took Mio who fawned on him in a princess carry and nimbly dodged.

“Kazuki…why are you being cold only to this one!?”

Kohaku blamed him with teary eyes.

“I’m not being cold to you or anything!”

So Kohaku thought about things like that. But…,

“Isn’t Kohaku the one that doesn’t try to face me right from the front!? I don’t have any intention to go out with a girl just for the sake of a sword school!”

“Bu, but, because…!”

“There is no but or because! All this time, wasn’t Kohaku just pushing your own convenience onto me!!?”

He properly understood that Kohaku liked him in her true feelings. However, he had been thinking all along that if Kohaku acted like that, then there was no way Kazuki could accept her feelings.

Even between that kind of conversation, the Takasugi brothers were still attacking. Shit, don’t be a nuisance!

“So I beg you, face me right from the front! Don’t hide behind something like the sword school or the like! The starting line of our relationship begins from there, right!?”

“This one was…running away even from taking the normal first step on the starting line…”

The color of sanity had returned back into Kohaku’s eyes.

“Kazuki…until now, this one only kept saying unreasonable things, forgive this one! This one is incompetent, but let’s start back from friends!!”

Kohaku too came hugging Kazuki. Looking at that situation…Kazuha-senpai flared up even more in fury.

“Youu―! How dare you seduce even Kohakuu!!”

“I’m not seducing her!”

Carrying Mio and Kohaku in both arms, Kazuki continued to run from Kazuha-senpai’s sword while talking back.

What an absurd battlefield…!

“If you're saying this is not seducing, then what do you think this is!? You are liked by a great number of girls. In the meanwhile, you keep tottering, saying things like harem with a lewd look on your face! E, even me…. But, do you think I can trust someone like that!?”

“Certainly I might be in a harem situation…. But I also don’t have any reason to betray anyone!”

He might be running away from the matter of choosing just one person. However the truth was that there was no need to choose one person.

It might be cowardice. No, I’m not doing anything cowardly.

“What are you saying!?”

“Everyone is important to me! I don’t want to make anyone unhappy; I want everyone to laugh together! If it’s for that sake…I will offer my everything to everyone until the very last!!”

“You, you are prepared to go that far…if it’s like that, then it’s as if Hayashizaki is not having a harem, doesn’t it look like Hayashizaki is everyone’s pet instead!!”

“Harem or pet, it’s the same! It’s not a relationship where I make everyone my servant and everyone is also not making me their servant, it’s only…the connection of our bonds are our happiness, that’s all!!”

Right now with this situation right now…I can accept it just as it is!

{My King! …Right now, in a certain meaning you have attained a great enlightenment!}

Against Kazuki’s determination, Leme came and transmitted her voice in delight.

“I, I don’t get it…are you a man with great caliber, or are you just a simple good-for–nothing…”

“If senpai wants to know, then regain your sanity and please ascertain it with your own eyes.”

“…Okay. I will be by your side, only to make sure of that with my own eyes okay! Remember that I’m not the same as those other girls!”

Kazuha-senpai suddenly made a reversal and slashed at the Takasugi brothers. She also had her sanity returned!

Kohaku too separated herself from Kazuki’s arm and gave her assistance. Mio too launched her offense magic.

The order of the battlefield had recovered to how it was originally.

“Kuh, to persuade your comrades while running away from our swords.” “Ryuutaki Shinobu, use even stronger magic!”

“Useless…” Shinobu-senpai murmured. “…I am already doing it.”

Using the opportunity while Kazuki and the others fell into pandemonium―Shinobu-senpai was chanting her spell.

From the scale of that magic power―just from a glance he understood that it was a dangerous magic.

“Thy wings granted by Belphegor, O <icicle of flame>! Grasp the air superiority of hell, hand down the inescapable contradicting bombing! Icicle of FlameBurning Icicle!”

The space split apart with ‘bikibikibiki!’ sounds, then a gigantic wolf with red crystal as its wings flew out from it. That wolf should not be the real materialization of Marchosias herself, but it looked like a clone body that contained some percentage of Marchosias’ strength. When Shinobu-senpai and Miyabi-senpai rode on its back, the wolf flapped its wings and flew.

“You, you're not going to let us ride too!?”

The Takasugi brothers that were left behind hopped up and down (pyon pyon) from below.

“My bad, but this wolf is for the exclusive use of only me and Nee-sama.”

“Fufufu, oh Shinobu. …You two run away so you won’t get swallowed into this.”

The wolf smoothly evaded Mio’s [Barrett]. From those wings, countless red crystals were scattered toward the people below in drops. Those red crystals were explosive. DON! DON! DON! Explosion roars were ringing one after another, the surrounding area was swallowed into the explosions’ blasts.

The explosions’ blasts were inconsistent but―they possessed both sides of mighty heat and cold.

Resist was ineffective! That explosion didn’t permit any defense and reliably gouged large damage on the target. Kazuki and the others desperately ran from place to place away from the red crystals―[Burning Icicle]. However the wolf Ryuutaki sisters were riding on flew in the sky as if there was nothing like a wall of mirrors in their way. In regards to that, Kazuki and the others had to run around the mirror walls so they wouldn’t collide.

When they slipped out from the plaza they had been fighting at since a while before, Kazuki and the others entered a narrow path.

Even with red crystals exploding, the walls of mirror didn’t break, instead the narrow spot made the blast from the bomb’s explosion even stronger. The explosions that kept arising one after another shaved out Kazuki and the others' magic power rapidly while they were running with their bodies close to each other even though they couldn’t possibly escape.

<Burning Icicle>. Marchosias who boasted unrivaled strength in spite of being just a mere wolf was transplanted with a weapon called <Burning Icicle> by the Demon King Belphegor. She was remodeled even further as the ultimate fighting beast. That terrible strength was right now becoming reality and raining down at them.

Think. What kind of magic did he have that could defend against these explosions? To defend against this magic…!

But even faster than Kazuki could work his brain―Miyabi-senpai invoked her magic.

The girl was again concentrating on chanting for quite long.

“O heart locking mirror, open…the reflection of the moon shoots out the illusion of ostentation until everywhere deeply! Illuminated his true nature as a person in this place…Moon Mirror SealMan in the Moon!!”

Suddenly a mirror appeared right in front of Kazuki who was escaping. Kazuki’s face was largely rising to the surface in that mirror, that face grinned widely on its own accord. At that instant, Kazuki’s consciousness became distant…,

“Wa, wait Kazuki!? In this kind of emergency, just wait!!”

Kazuki fainted.

His mind sunk down deeper and deeper.

Kazuki had a similar experience of fainting like this―when he fell into magic intoxication.

The bottom of his own mind. The border line between his own mind and Astrum. In the lowest strata of his unconsciousness that was far separated from the consciousness, forgotten pasts were precipitating as if being thrown away,

A deep memory that he already couldn’t even recall anymore even if he willed it himself.

Inside the darkness, only the reminiscence was shaking.

Suddenly among those memories, one memory came back to life on its own accord inside the darkness of the mind.

The sounds, scenery, and touch of that time were being reproduced as it was.

That’s right, this magic forcibly made the person remember their [trauma]…!

The drawn scenery was a snowy night. The orphanage Kazuki once lived at, <Nanohana Institute>, in front of its gate there was a lone woman holding a baby.

The moment he saw that woman’s face, Kazuki’s chest tightened.

If right now, there was a physical body along with his consciousness, he wouldn’t even be able to try to bear it before shedding tears.

His mother. His mother had this kind of face.

He remembered. He remembered about this day. The coldness that pricked the childish skin just before the dawn. My mother deserted me at this time in this place and was gone!!

Why…what kind of situation made her do this…?

Around this time was an age of chaos immediately following the birth of magic in this world.

Tokyo was destroyed because of the illegal magicians; this country was just in the middle of pandemonium. She might have had some kind of circumstances. However, what kind of circumstances made her do this kind of thing….

{After all your reason for fighting is this kind of thing.}

There was a woman’s voice. It seemed like the voice of Miyabi-senpai, but it also sounded similar to Gremory’s voice.

“A pitiful child that didn’t even get loved by his own mother. That is you. In actuality, you don’t think of the other person as important or anything. Your true essence is servility [3]. That is not kindness. You fight only for your own sake in the end.”

While Kazuki was seeing off his mother’s back that became farther from Nanohana Institute, he heard that voice.

Isolation without end. Yes, the former Kazuki was always crying.

But suddenly inside Kazuki’s head, a voice reverberated like a flash of lightning. Mio’s voice.

{But I’m an orphan after all…, no one needs me anyway…stop that kind of thinking already! Because I like Kazu-nii very much! Because it makes me sad if you are just ignoring my feelings like that! Because it’s not just me, surely everyone else also thinks so too!}

…That’s right, right now is different! I’m not throwing a tantrum continuously at everyone asking [give me love] from them! The feeling is not a one-way street, didn’t Mio just get worried about him not long ago!?

Certainly, the me in the past was without a doubt desperate about wanting to be loved by someone.

Even right now, sometimes there were moments where he got close into desperation without thinking of his own well-being.

However, if I say something self-deprecating, I’m going to be scolded by Mio.

Even Kanae would say something like “Nii-sama you moron―!” and sock him hard.

Even in the Nanohana Institute, even in the Hayashizaki house, everyone loved me like a real family.

That was why I got back on my feet already from this kind of traumapast. The past is the past, now is right now.

If he got caught in this kind of past, the words he said to Koyuki and Lotte would become completely irresponsible.

Kazuki looked back at the back of his mother that became more distant.

…Kaa-san [4], I don’t know what kind of circumstance you had.

However…I’m fine now.

At that moment, the world of darkness was filled with light in a flash.

…Though someday, why did Kaa-san throw me away, I want to know that reason….

While leaving a trail of such feelings faintly, Kazuki returned to the world of reality.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

How much time had passed?

After the world was overflowing with light once more―Kazuki returned to the former world where his companions were waiting.

It seems that in the time Kazuki had lost consciousness, [Lunatic Labyrinth] had used up its energy and the battlefield revolved back to the original grounds. Kazuki’s heart returned to his real body.

And then the first sight that entered Kazuki, who just awakened, was a wall of flame. Mio invoked [Blazing Wings], as if a parent bird protecting her chicks, those gigantic wings enveloped and defended everyone.

Over their head, even now too, the Ryuutaki sisters were still riding on top of the huge wolf and flew in circles while dropping bombs of [Burning Icicle] repeatedly.

His companions were in a tattered condition with their remaining magic power almost used up. While running about trying to escape, it seemed Mio finally succeeded in chanting the [Blazing Wings].

However, even that was nothing more than buying time. The contradicting explosions of [Burning Icicle] emitted heat and cold at the same time. The wings of flame protected them from the heat but the cold was encroaching inside little by little. Even the wings of Phoenix were already on the verge of decaying. He woke up with that kind of timing.

“Kazuki, you're awake!?” Mio’s expression brightened.

Kazuki immediately exerted his brain, groping about for a means of protection against this bombing with the magic at hand. Even armor of flame, or divine protection of cold, or armor of steel, all of it couldn’t defend against this bombing. To protect themselves from this…!

“O stream of atmosphere, converge on this body, become the storm that rejects the resented person! The eye of the typhoon is my throne! Storm Fort!”

Kazuki remembered what was probably the single most optimum solution. In the surroundings of the four people that were huddling together under the exposure of aerial bombing, fierce wind was whirling about forming a typhoon.

The raining down of red crystals was blown about even before they exploded by the typhoon.

The typhoon also counterbalanced the blasts of the explosions from far away.

“To return this fast…you really make my heartbeat become increasingly faster.”

Miyabi-senpai, who was riding on the wolf flying in the sky looked down at Kazuki leisurely.

The bombing stopped. Maybe the Burning Icicle was finally running out of bombs.

When he looked around, Takasugi brothers had exited the grounds. Had Mio and the others made a frantic effort and defeated them, or had they possibly gotten swallowed by the aerial bombing of the Burning Icicle…?

“Kazuki, that…” Mio’s eyes opened wide looking at Kazuki.

Suddenly, Kazuki noticed how he, before he was even aware, was currently gripping a thing he had no recollection of in his hand.

It was a sword transparent like water and emitting a magical gloss of rainbow color.

Where in the world did it come from?

The sword constantly released weak magic power, little by little its substance was fading. Before long it would vanish. However right now Kazuki’s palm felt it, the fierce strength it possessed.

“With your victory over your trauma, Gremory gave that proof of your spiritual purity. That is the shape of your spirit’s crystallization, your symbol.”

Miyabi-senpai informed him from the sky.

“Gremory is a goddess that changes those with a strong heart into a true warrior. A warrior that can prove their strength of heart would be granted power, it’s that kind of magic.”

Kazuki was baffled inside his heart. …Why did she use that kind of magic on me?

Was it because she had the confidence of deciding the match while I was being tied up?

The fact was, Kazuki recovered with just a paper thin difference in timing.

“It’s troubling for a magic to do things like empowering the enemy. But we too were also chanting a spell while your heart was restrained though. If you can do it, try to protect your important comrades with that sword…Right here right now I will test the purity of your heart!”

Miyabi-senpai stopped the idle talk and restarted her interrupted spell chanting.

“”Moon at the sky, wolf at the ground, the fierce howling voice prosecuted the sin above the earth loudly!””

That chanting was not from Miyabi-senpai alone. She matched the magic power’s wavelength of Shibobu-senpai beside her. That magic was something spun by two people. …Chorus Magic!!

It couldn’t possibly be level 10 Materialization Summoning!?

…No, no matter how long Kazuki had fainted, that magic was supposed to need an even longer time.

Moreover this magic, he felt how the magic power of Gremory and Marchosias were mixing and overlapping with each other….

<Union Magic>. Mixing the strength of two Divas together and realizing a single magic.

…There is that kind of magic!? There was no doubt that this was only possible because of the connection possessed by Gremory and Marchosias that was really strong to the degree that could be said to be unique even among Solomon's 72 Pillars.

“”O moon that shines even above the sinful person, transform that light of motherhood into anger, squash this surface! The nightmare of the setting moon is right here…Panic Setting Moon DestructionMoon Strike!!”

The clone body of Marchosias faced the moon in the sky and howled as if calling for someone beloved. Gremory was the goddess of the moon. In the clear sky of the broad daylight, a faint white full moon was emerging.

That white moon gradually became bigger, filling up the sky completely. It grew bigger vividly until he could make the distinction of several craters on it with naked eye…the moon was falling!!

GOGOGOGOGO! The celestial sphere falling down with reverberating sounds as if crushing flat the air resistance had already made it obvious to Kazuki that there was no defensive magic at his hands that could possibly do anything. If they got hit, Kazuki whose damage was relatively small might be able to hold out, but the other three's removal from the fight would be inevitable.

In the end, Kazuki brandished the sword held in his hand.

This was Kazuki’s spirit in the form of sword. Its power was inferior compared to the katana produced by Prometheus’ [Olympia Forger] but―if you call yourself the crystallization of my spirit, then show me how to rescue my companions!!


Against the falling celestial sphere, Kazuki brought down his sword. There was no other resistance he could offer.

A light that made everything else vanish. A sound that made everything else seem far away.

Like the legend of Moses splitting the sea with his cane, that slash of Kazuki's parted the approaching celestial sphere that was covering up the sky in two. The largely bisected moon and the sword inside Kazuki’s hand scattered apart into particles of rainbow light like a momentary dream.

In the audience stands, loud cheers were raised from their witnessing of the embodiment of human’s spirit to protect their comrades.

Ryuutaki-senpai was watching that with her own eyes. The clone body of Marchosias that flew in the sky used up its power, it put down the sisters on the ground and vanished.

“I had hypothesized anything and everything, but what an unforeseen result.”

Miyabi-senpai, who went down and stood on the same surface, faced Kazuki and talked.

Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai prepared their stance with their katanas as though they were about to attack.

Seeing that, Miyabi-senpai turned to Kazuki and raised both her arms high.

“I surrender.”

“Nee-sama!” The one who reacted first was Shinobu-senpai, who was on the immediate side of Miyabi-senpai. She flared up hearing that declaration.

Kazuki and the others were dumbfounded too hearing that sudden declaration.

“It can’t be helped, can it? We have no chance of victory anymore, right? The Takasugi brothers have left the stage, our greatest offensive magic that was invoked by sacrificing those two was also defended completely. If it has become like this, to spin a new magic from zero with these four as the opponents without a vanguard of our own, it’s impossible with our chanting ability you know. This is unexpected, but it’s also my expected conclusion.”

Miyabi-senpai shrugged her shoulders. The referee teacher that watched over the situation also agreed with that point of argument.

“Winner, Team Hayashizaki!” The referee declared.

The watching students, who were satisfied with the flashy offense and defense at the end, raised loud cheers. Even the voice of blessings from Kaguya-senpai and the others were also audible from here. However for Kazuki all of it felt very far away.

He was not fully satisfied with Miyabi-senpai’s intentions.

[I’m going to test the strength of your heart], that was what Miyabi-senpai said before the match.

Certainly throughout this match, there were many things that he was tested on, he thought.

Because of that, he had this strange feeling that he wanted to thank the opponent rather than the victory itself.

“Why didn’t senpai fight normally, rather senpai behaved as if senpai was testing me, wasn’t it?”

Within the loud cheers, Kazuki asked Miyabi-senpai who had become the loser.

He didn’t think that she had pulled her punches. That miraculous sword that Kazuki received was from Miyabi-senpai's magic, but at the same time if she didn’t use that magic, then Kazuki’s team wouldn’t allow them to finish chanting that Union Magic.

On the other hand, the Takasugi brothers of the opposite team had been defeated by their own doing before Kazuki’s team even noticed. By no means could they say that they were the ones in the disadvantaged situation in this battle.

However, he had the feeling that Miyabi-senpai had another way of fighting that she was more used to.

Like this, everything was shrouded in mist.

“Nee-sama, what are your intentions?”

Shinobu-senpai too, she asked Miyabi-senpai because she was unable to surmise Miyabi-senpai’s intention.

“Ryuutaki Miyabi! Why didn’t you fight until the very end!!?”

The Takasugi brothers, who had been removed from the match and had taken refuge in the tent, glared at Miyabi-senpai with burning eyes.

Judging from how the Takasugi brothers were the sons of Board Chairman Takasugi, they were most likely complicit with the scheme behind the scenes of this battle election. However Miyabi-senpai, who was solicited by the Takasugi brothers, might actually hold a totally different objective close to her chest.

“My plan was only like that, you know. Fufufu, things like the reason for my plan, even I myself don’t understand, in the end, this plan is just something like a whim, don’t you agree?”

Miyabi-senpai laughed and dodged the question about her true intentions.

“No, it must not be like that.” Kazuki shook his head and denied it.

“Before the battle election began, senpai was despairing against this country and this academy. 'It doesn’t matter whatever this country becomes', senpai said those words carelessly. However, humans who have truly despaired won’t ever think of trying things like testing someone else. Something comes into mind. Surely, it's because someone can't give up hope that they planned this, not merely on a whim. Senpai…what are you expecting from me?”

Hearing Kazuki’s straight to the core question, Miyabi-senpai showed a surprised expression for the first time.

“I give up. …When my true feelings are seen through so completely up to that point, as a contrary person, it feels really embarrassing. Yes, certainly I have an expectation of you. But for someone in my position, it’s not strange to discover hope in you, right?”

Miyabi-senpai is an elf. ―And Kazuki had defeated the sworn enemy of every elf with this hand.

At the center of the grounds, Miyabi-senpai, whose body was covered with dress-type Magic Dress slowly approached Kazuki. She gently brought her face near Kazuki…’chuu’ and she kissed his cheek.

“””Wha!?””” Mio, Kohaku and Kazuha-senpai opened their eyes wide.

Kazuki too made an amazed face and looked back at Miyabi-senpai.

Miyabi-senpai’s cheek reddened, then she made a bewitching smile and stared at Kazuki.

“Onee-sama!? Wh, why did you do that kind of thing to that kind of man!? Even Shinobu, even though I never got a kiss or anything from Onee-sama!?”

Shinobu-senpai, who had been wrinkling up her eyebrows the whole time, suddenly had her expression crumbling. She clung to Miyabi-senpai while tears were falling down from her eyes in big drops.

“What are you saying? There is no reason for sisters to kiss, you know? Kissing is something to be done to good-looking guys you know.”

“Onee-sama is recognizing that man as a man!?”

“This person overcame the trial. There is no way I can't feel my heart going pitter-patter for him.”

Miyabi-senpai said while brushing up her silver long hair. What on earth is this trial she was talking about?

“NO! NO NO NO!! Shinobu doesn’t approve that kind of thing! Shinobu and Nee-sama will be together forever just the two of us! Onee-sama must only look at me…If Nee-sama is not, then Shinobu…”

“This person is the savior of elves, my heart is charmed by him already. It’s going kyun-kyun right now.”

“That’s why- what is nee-sama saying!? Onee-sama is not an elf or the like at all!”

…What? Kazuki felt like his breath was stopping. Even Mio and the others, who were flaring up at Miyabi-senpai even now because she suddenly kissed Kazuki, now had their expressions frozen with a start from the surprise.

“No, I am an elf you know, Shinobu.”

Miyabi-senpai floated a bitter smiling face and turned back to Kazuki.

“We are twins with a really intimate relationship after all…when I became an elf this child was shocked and she became unable to recognize [the real me]. She can’t hear words inconvenient to her. This child rejected reality and shut herself in a world where she is together with a false me, just the two of us. In the eyes of this child, my hair still looks pitch black, it reflects me as her older twin sister that is her spitting image.”

Miyabi-senpai stroked the head of her twin with sadness, but Shinobu-senpai’s pupils were empty. She made a face as if she didn’t hear any of the words just now.

“But thanks to this child, I was saved. When I became an elf, just like all other elves, I was treated by the world like a monster too. But only this child stayed by my side. If this child was not there, I wouldn’t have been able to get back on my feet like this. But even though I stood back up like this, this child is still unable to see reality. She keeps seeing only the false me, locking herself in a world of just the two of us―where she is actually just by herself alone. That’s sorrowful, isn’t it?”

Kazuki was also saved from solitude by all his companions from the orphanage and everyone of the Hayashizaki house.

For Miyabi-senpai, Shinobu-senpai was the only existence that had saved her.

The feelings of Miyabi-senpai, who wished to save Shinobu-senpai, Kazuki could understand it so well it was heartbreaking.

“Hey, Ou-sama [5]. I wonder if this girl’s heart could be conquered if it’s you?”

…How does she know my ability? This person, isn’t she really too well informed…?

{Oi, Gremory. You gave unneeded hints to your contractor, right?}

Leme materialized besides Kazuki.

{…Forgive me Leme-chan. Because these sisters, they are really pitiful even though they are such good children, see? That’s why I wanted to teach them that there is a great person called BasilleusKing.}

Besides Miyabi-senpai, an avatar of a really neat and clean young lady, even though she was called <The Duchess of Hell>, was floating. She was wearing a silver dress that had a similar shape with Miyabi-senpai’s dress.

{Right now is the testing phase for the humans, that’s why we have already decided not to get too involved, haven’t we?}

When Leme was scolding her with cold eyes, Gremory vanished as if to run away.

“That was the hope I embraced. Does Ou-sama not have an interest in a sister sandwich?”

Sister sandwich. A terrific word came out, Kazuki was losing strength and faltering halfway.

“The merit of conquering both of us is really big, you know? Marchosias is a powerful Diva and probably, if it’s you, you could also chant the Union Magic of Gremory and Marchosias, other name [Gremory-neesan Great Indignation Pun-pun [6] Full Moon Fall], by yourself alone.”

Miyabi-senpai proposed while raising her index finger. What’s with that other name where people could do nothing other than make a tsukkomiretort.

“…I won’t do such a thing like conquering a girl just for the sake of power.”

“Don’t say such a lonesome matter like ‘for the sake of power’. You are a king that I recognize…”

While whispering with a sweet voice, Miyabi-senpai once again brought her face near Kazuki―

“Nee-sama, please stop!” “Kazuki, what are you doing in a public place!”

―However Shinobu-senpai and Mio cut in between them and put a stop to it.

Just like they said, they were in front of the eyes of the students from the whole school.

“Fufufu.” A heart mark come flying from Miyabi-senpai who laughed in amusement. …Don’t tell me!

Amasaki Mio―150 Lotte―120 Hiakari Koyuki―119 Otonashi Kaguya―100

Hoshikaze Hikaru―87 Tsukahara Kazuha―55 Ryuutaki Miyabi―40 Ryuutaki Shinobu―2

Both of their positivity levels was displayed! Even with positivity level of 40, could a person do all these kinds of bold things? Also Shinobu-senpai’s score of 2…

With a glare, Shinobu-senpai’s teary eyes were stabbing at Kazuki while she made a terrible expression. It was as if she was a wolf pup that stood in front of the enemy of her mother wolf and growled [gururu]. It was absolutely impossible, wasn’t it, to conquer this girl.

“You have seen it right, the positivity level? Gremory is an existence that also governs the love between males and females after all; I wonder if there is a blessing from her?”

Certainly the positivity level of Mio and Kazuha-senpai had gone up in a casual manner. Especially conspicuous was Kazuha-senpai’s climb in numbers.

“…Even though I challenged the match with the intention of fighting seriously, as I expected, I can't be fully satisfied when it looks like I was only made to dance on top of your palm the whole time.”

“There is no such thing. Without a doubt, this victory is something you should be most proud of even compared to all your victories before this, right? You have proven your strength in all your battles until now, you have proven your quality as a leader with this battle election, and you have proven the strength of your heart with the trial of Gremory and me. If it’s said by me, then right now you had become a King in its truest meaning.”

The meaning of strength, the reason for fighting, the significance of bonds…Such things couldn’t be expressed clearly in words. However, its forms were built little by little inside him; such feelings clearly existed inside him.

{Uh huh, when you spoke sharply to Tsukahara Kazuha and made her return to her sanity was also excellent. Leme too has gotten a better opinion of My King. That is for sure, Leme’s contractor…the Harem King.}

“However, enemies who are threatening against that kind of you are still remaining.”

Even now, Miyabi-senpai continued her words that were as if seeing through behind the scene.

“Win through the battle election and take the first step as a King. Regarding your true enemy, saying it clearly, those like the Takasugi brothers are just pawns that look like a joke. The star performer is the opponent that you are going to meet in the finals.”

Final…the team which Katsura Karin and Hayashi Shizuka belonged…. At that time, Kazuki had an auditory hallucination of the most unforgivable enemy who tormented Hikaru-senpai while raising an evil laughing voice.

The semifinals was nothing more than a trial. The enemy who he really needed to defeat was waiting in the final.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Become honest. Confession. Like when a gay person made their disposition known to their family and friends.
  2. momentary tightening of one's chest caused by powerful feelings
  3. The real meaning of the word is humble. Really humble, so humble Kazuki is looking down on himself, not valuing himself at all and putting other people before his own self. He really has a low self-worth. I don’t know a suitable word in English for this.
  4. Mother
  5. King
  6. Sound of hitting thing
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